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That the United BUtea ia facing Uie
mori aarioua crkaa ia it- biatorywaa lhe
declaraUon of W. C. Brown, preeidenl
,,f the Ne? york Central ayatem, in a
M-nsati..nairad.|i - delivcred yeaerday
at thetwenty-Arat annual eonventionof
the Minnesota State Banket-.' Aaeocia
tion ai St. I'aul. Hedeclared thal the
food conaumption of the nation i- rap
?iu eaceeding ita produetion, thal ihc
g?id wpplj i increa ing, w thal iu
porcbaaing powei ii being materiallj
redueed, and that tbe devekipmenl of
the faraas of th.- country i- tl"' moat
imperative problem now before the ua
,,??. if tbe converging linea ..f pro?
duetion and coii-iin.pti..n in th'. United
BUtea ...ntinue t.. approach eaeh
othei as thej have during the laal
tl.? yeara," be said, "before th.
middle of thedecade u.which we
IKIV1. j?st entcrci has been reached,
the laM reeael loaded with agricultural
productaof thia country will bave left
ohi ahorea, th.' graal grain exporting
elavatora in our ?eaboard citiea will
,,and e.upiy, and thia greal nation,
likt. ,i??. ,,f the old worM, will Im
looking wiih anxkmaeyeafor a place t..
I,1IV the neeeaaariea ?.f lif-'- When the
dav comea thal thia nation faibto pro
doce siilli.-i.-nt tood to eupply our own
lH..,ple, When we no lOOget scl.d thc
productaof our farma ahroad bringing
l.a.l thegoW from foreign nationa
what will he the coal "f !""'? '" l,,ia
country, and wbere will thc money
come fi.'in i" nieet iln- c.-t_;
_g waa etated veaterday the repori
of the Seoate committee appointed lo
roveatigate the high coal of living wa*
preeented lo the Senate thal day
oator Lodge, chairman, whoaaid
that the ultimate conaumer ia a myth.
The committee declarea thal increaacd
ptieea are dueto many cauaea to in
I coal of produetion, lo trusta,
combinatioM of aellers and coW atoi
age pJauta, e\pcti-ne methoda of dia
tril.uttou. bul ii! no senae to apecial
privilege legialation or the intentional
lailute of Congreea to aafeguard the
pufalie againat exactiona and depreda
An attempl waa made toprove thal
the Aldii.h lariff law haa had nothing
whatever to do with any increaaea in
pricee, and alao thal none of the ad
xaii.es in the laal ten yeara haa been
attnl'iital.le inany senaeto tanfl iniqui
ti.s. The committee ahowa a readinewi
to blame alni.>-t any one or anythin .
ezcept legialation foi the apecial inten ats
and the abuaee which have been buill
upon such legialation. Becauae of this
the report, while it will funii-h material
for diseus.sioii and may produce BUg
gestions by whi.h exiating evila can !??
fouirht. is bardlya valuable contribu
tion t.. the literature of preeenl day
eeonomks, but ia a potitical documenl
Intended t?> belp the reactionary (orcea
iu the ooming caiupaign.
ALTHOUOH Hall.y'- i-Minei is now out
of atgbl and many hundreda ..f mil
liooa of milea away from thc eartb,
echoea from ihe wanderer are atill
beard. The prevailing bol wave is
laid at ita door by many aweltcring
mortala. Bupenrtitioua f>.lk in the
neigbborbood of Gettyaburg, Pa., be
lieve that the recent visit of lhe coiiut
is affecting the growth <>f vegetablea
aud Riaiii. One farioer exhibita a
radiah baving a tail "<> inchea long.
Pea poda si\ inches in length are com
mon, ahilepata areaaid to beof unuaual
aaae, "Oornet egga" are >.. numeroua
that they are no kmger a curioaity.
The record i- otie baving a lail -i\
inchea ia lenmh.
Thk Bwiae, ao a Paria paper reports,
uivent all kinda of curea to attracl visi
tors to their country. .'n-t now il is
the asparagus cure tn Valaia. Tiianks
to alluvium, there ia aa abundance .>f
itsparagus in the land of the Rbone
Valley, and looa areexportedtovarioua
fountries of Burope. The curea begin
iboul lhe end of May. and tbe patienta
make aaparagua their principal dtet.
Meat ia rigiousiy beniehed It iswide
lyheialded that thia vcfetaiian diel ba
BKMt effeetive cleanser of the BJ
und uioieover the eure has ch. :\\
reeointtietid it.
,Correspoudeueeof Ale\ indv. i Oaaette
A delegati'on reprtaenting the United
.Mine tVorken of Lmerica called on
ihe pre>ident toda] to tfrge the aelec
ttonofDr, JohnA, Hohneaaa the head
, f the newly create I bureau of mini s
The rVilfajatiori tir--, urgi d lhe selection
of David Boaa foi tbe poat, bul being
informed thal he waa diaqualified,
through lack of certain teohnical train
ing. they urgcd Dr Holmea
The Vanderbih family waa today
eariched to tbeextenl I which
was made due when the Benate |
the naval claitna bill. II.> yachi
Oaprice, belobgingto A.C, Vanderbih,
eoUided witb a naval barge in the har
bot of Kewport, A claim for damagi s
was tiled and the ainount indicated
AJanro 1'. Garrett, Anierteaa conaul
in Lar do, infornie I the St:il<
|),-p.iii.Ill yeaterday thal Weodluig,
tbe iiiiming janitor who ia wanted ln
l.i,ui-\illf autlmritles for t e inurder of
Alm.i Krllner has beenlouated between
Niiivi. Laredo. which iaontbeafexican
Bordei and Banantonio, Texaa. Tlu
informattou waa leJegiapbed to the
Louiaville authoritiea. The aearcfa
inii.-t be undertaken by Texaa offlcteJa
aa tbe8tate DeparUnenl naa.no juris
diction in thi> territory.
Bicbard Parr who haa baan awarded
00 foi hi> pari in diaooverlne, the
fraudulenl underweighlnf of the sugar
truate al Naa Vork and who was bere
yeaterday to oollect tbe money will
have towail until nexl aeaaiofl of Oon
gn aa lo aecure the full ambunt Comp
troller Tracewelll today decided that
the only money available waa that in
the moiety fuuda which now ia barely
over 110,000, lt ia probabni thal Itati
suni will be tiinird OVer to 1'arr but tne
lial.itirr ol the aword will have to be
eppropriated by Congreaa at Ita nexl
-.- ion.
Preaidenl Tafl turned his energiea
toda) towards patching up the differ
fiH-if- between the Houae and Senate
in the reclamation bill. When th<
Houae \oi.d 120,000,000 in bonda for
the conipletion of reclamation projeeta
a proviao waa inaerted thal the money
dioiild only be available on projeeta ap
1 tiret by army engineera, and
mt-oiid by the preaident. In the Bea
ate thia proviaion was changed so aa to
r_M\, ihe executive greater freedom.
ln ,?.,i,i, i. in f the matter has developed
Preaident Tafl had tbe oon
? ihi w hite Houae today for
luncheoii, aud ia trying to pave tbe way
in ti?- Houae for the adoptiou of the
s natf iiiiiiiduii-m. Thoae at thi
luncheoii were Benatora Lodge, Bmool
and Bailey and Beprcecntativea Payne,
D.i'i/ill nnd Clark. Jturi before tbe
Cabiuet the executive had a talk on the
aame aubjecl with Bpeaker Oannon.
II, al-o >riit the White Houae auto?
mobile for Benator Benator Hale, with
wliom healao diacuaaed the matter.
I iif interatate commerce commiaaion
today decided thal it has no authority
or juriadiction iti Alaaka, bolding thal
Alaska ia nol a territory ->f tbe United
Rtatoa in the aenae in wbichthal phraaa
ig u?ied in the acl regulating commerce,
The deciaion is a roluminoua docu
ment. lt n lievi - theafqrgan-Guggen
beira railroad and abiplinea in Alaska
of auy auperviaion by the commiaaion.
Tlie rifi ision of the comroiaeion thal it
has no juriadiction over tranaportation
in Alaska ia baaed upon the failure ol
c.re** to eatabliah a legielative form
,,f governmenl there and conaequent)}
it i,maiiis an unorganued territory or
Contracts for four submarine boata
of ali >ul 160 tons each were awarded U>
daj bj Becretary M< yer. One will go
, , he likf Torpedo B ?al Co. and the
,, her three to the Electric Boat Co,
Owing to the preaenl diatribotion of
eubmarinea the Becretary of the Navy
i- conaidering the queatton of having
three of theae boata oonatructed on the
Pacific coasi and the fourth on the At
lantie coaat.
N'o formal application haa been made
to ibe State Departmenl for the ex
tradition of Porti r Charlton, according
to the siaieineiit of one of the offlciaia
today, Although the aecretariea are
extremely reticenl in diacusaing the
situation, it is ijuite evidenl that the
laugle ariaiug out of the arreal of the
fugitive liriaiiM' of thr- diaagreemenl
i? tween tlie two countriea over the ei
tradition treaty ia abaorbing much at
t, ntion. If the Italinn governtnent,
eontrarj to the courae il has alwaya foi
lowed in the ca*c of ita own citiaena,
aaka for Charlton'a extradition the >le
mand will be made by the charge of
the liahan Embasay who is reported to
be in Nr u Vork in peraonal charge of
After tin- conference reporl on the
general deflciencj bill waa adopted in
the Benate today, Senatoi Hale, con
Bdently pnnlicted thal Congreaa would
ndjourn either tomorroa afternoon oi
f.nl> Monday morning. Benator
lioiali. doubted whetber a concluaion
would be reached so aoon. He aaid
the reclamation bill aml aome
other meaanrea of greal intereel
to the wesl were still out,
II, believed tberc would be no ad
joiiiiiineiii until they become lawa. Tbe
adjournmenl of Congreaa haa never
been dclayed by n conference report,
Mi Hale fsaid and Mr. Borah hoped it
would provc tin,- in tlii^ ca-f. Mr.
ll.ili plcdged liimaelf thal the greal ap
propriation billa would nol delaj ad
joiiinineiit aml intereeted aenatora
slioiild -ff that their reporta were pre
pared in time.
A return to nearly normal weather
coiiditioii.H fni the nexl tbirtj ?i> boura
i- the L'lad promiae held oul today by
the foif.a-.ifr at the Weather Bureau.
Tlie l-iitiifi white alave bill paaaed
the Benale this morning withoul oppo
nitiitn nnd withoul commenl from any
iiuart( i This bill providea for tbe pro
lection i'f girla in the Diatricl l>y inak
ing jKiiidering, detention without con
Bcnt, aud trnffic in women a crime,
punishnble by a priaon aentence or
11.- iv v tiiif.
The Benate aubcommiltee to invea
tigat*1 the Lorimer charges decided to
iu, ,i in Chicago, Beptember 10,
The fatn 'ii leak" cases
came practically to :? cioac today when
f guilty were entered by afoaai
Haaa, ol New York City, and Fred
erick Peckbam, of Cincinnati, 0,
il wai flned $<<A\) nnd Peckbam
0 by Ju8tice Oould in the Db>
trici Criminal Cour, Thay admitted
that they were techntealry guilty of
having conapired to cauaa miaconducl
iu oftice on tbe part of Kdwin S.
Holmea, jr., who. in 1906, waa a*
' statiatii lan in the Interim I>i -
ii nt in i harge of the cotton re
porta An indictmenl atUl itandi
ag^inat Holi
aaare to Commandar
Prank K Hill. of the Marietta, and
l.i. ui Wiliifit Smith and a li tter of
oaution to Lieul Paul Dampman, were
signed todaj b) Bi irctary of the Navy
\|, <? eaull of the tindings of the
courl ol inquiry which reported theae
thri, oflicera guilty of oertain derelic
tiona in duty. bui reoomnjended that,
in vi( w of the publicity given the ih
ti.i.nt. no furtht r judical proceedinga
be taken, bnl ih-it h be r^anaured, The
Bureau of Narigation, in reviewing
I the nndinga recommended that the
cenaure m thecaseof Lieot. Dampman
tbe modifled toa lettei ol caution. The
?ecretary acted ln accordance with thia
recommendatiou and aenl <mt letten
The chargcs of BCandal in the adniin
istration of fhe puhlie latids of tbe
I'hilippine Uandaara lo be iaveetij
l.y a f'..iit;re.-sioiia! eoiuioittce. Th
Houae comaaittee on inanlar nffair*. t.,
day favorahly reported to the Houae
a re-solutioii providingfiir it.
The Houae joint leaolulion creating
a universal peace cornmjaaiori waa
paaaed by the Setiate today.
It has been (reqoeotly inliniated that
ex-President Roosevelt will he nuuk
the head of this oommiaBion, It is
proposed to perfect an inlcrnaliotial
disariiiamcnt plati l.y which war will 1*
prevented, The life ..f ihc commiaaion
will run 2 years and *>10,(MK) was ap
propriated for its ezpenbea.
The Benate paaanfl thc Houae joint
r s ilution anwtnting a joim congreaa
ional coniniittee to ioveetigate the quee
ttoti of cmployes' liahiiity and work
men's compen.satioii :111?? I to auggeat
sueh legialation as maybe neceaaary.
A hill was paaaed regulating the l<>s>
on third and fourth claaa regiatered
naail matter, It ia provided that in
ilemtiitication may he made on th.se
two ela-ses iu a suni ii"t exceeding $2").
The Houae bill relieving th.- aub
treaaurer at8t Louieof reaponaibility
for the loss by einlie/./lctiiint of $7:1.
(mm) ofgovernmenl funda waa paaaed.
Senator La Follette introduced a
reaolution directing th.- Interatate <''>ni
meiee ('oinllii.-sioti to iuvest ig.ite alid
reporl t>. the Benate tbe coal >.f buikl
ing, inaintaining and operatioii postal
mai! cars.
The Setiate adopted a resolutioii
offered by Senator Qore inatructing
the apecial committee doiailed to iu
veetigatc the adminiatration of thc
police ordeal "third degree" by judi
eial and police authorlty, lo ajao in
quire into the alleged crueltiee per
pretrated during ihc Creek-Indian
town lot sales.
A bill for the relief of sueh soldier
and tailoraaa aorved during tbe wir
uuder aaaumed naniee or aa minon
Waa passed. A plan is provided by
which they may e^tal.ii-h their identity
and gain a penaionable Btetua.
In a reporl bp thc Benate today Mr.
Lod^e said that the conference com?
mittee on the bill for tlie isslle
of bonda for th.- reciamation aa .
rice had been unable to agn e upon
the provnrion that made apportion
ineiit of lhe nioney stibject tO report
by army engineera. lhe hill was
referred back to the conference com?
mittee and a meeting waa called i
ta.kle th.- problem again,
A i.ill t.< piiin-li thoae who Btaal
paaeage on abipboard l.y becoming
atowawaya waa paaaed It makea
atowingawaya miademeanei A*pen
alty of ^KK) line or f..ur wveks' im
niiieiii is provided for violationa
of the Bi I.
The Benate adopted the conference
report <.n the Campaign contribution
publkaty bill. As accepted ihc bill
st:uid> as paaaed by thc Benate, pro
riding only for publication after and
n,,t before an eiection. The amend
nient to that effect added l.y the com?
mittee on privflegea and electiona, waa
agreed to by the Houae coufereea.
Poi two boura today there araa a
tttice in the the war ovei thc Appal
achiati mountain reaen ation bill and
then the fulibuBter waa renewed. Tbe
friends of the I.ill had held OUl Utttil
7 o'clock last night when they gave up
the atteropi t.. wear oul tlu- filibuatera
l.y aii all-night sessir.ti and took a re
.- antil lt? a. m.. two boura earlier
than th.- regular time for meeting. Only
a few setiatois were on band and they
began t" paaa minor I.ill- on th.- calen
dar. About 60 of th, e billa were run
through the niill. Meaiitime the l.aders
ofthe tWO si'les coiif.-rred with their
friends and apeculated aa t>. ihc oul
There was a diapoaition among aome
of the friends of the hill to give np the
attempts t.> paaa it at thia ai Baion and to
re open the conteat aexl arinter.
Senator Crane had a long intarview
with Mr. Burton, bead of tbeoppoai
tion to the bill, with a \ uw to calling
off the nlibuater, but he made do i>r>.
gress toward that end.
Mr. Brandegee in charge of the bill
mighl bave called n up at any time.
but waited until before be demanded
Thepoinl of noquorum was promptl)
raised by Senator Jonefj '.nt 68aenatora
Iu reauming his long apeech, Mr.
Burton expreaaed great aurpriae that
ihe opposition i<> the i.ill waa char
Bcterized as a "fUibuater."
Aa Mr: Burton began diacuaaing
Senator Bailcy said: "I think there
should bfl a qil'iriiin her.- t,, h.-ai
thia intereating apeech,"
Wbere upon thc roll was called aml
Mr. Burton took a reat
.Mr. Burton reaumed his apeech
when manj aenatora lefl th.- chamber
and anotber demand for tbe quorum
aaa made.
When a quorum waa demanued at
1:80, tbeluncheon period waaon and
aome time was required to bring in 47
Senator Burton coiitinued his dis.-us
aion ..f eeooomy, aayingthe appropria
Uonaof last yearequalied all the money
used for inaintaining the federal gOV
ernment from 178? to the outbreak of
the Mexicnn war in 1845, He gave
figures ahowing how axtravagaoce baa
The HottM ado)iterl tlie cooiereoci
rejiort 00 the public huildings bill.
As aooepted the bill is increaaed over
th.- original House appropriatioti by
fcV2o'>,iH'0. auttoritatJooa f?.r the
etrction and cotnplc-tion of huildings
b.ing increaaed $3,81,").(XXI and con
tinuing eontracta 11,460,000.
Det.ate was begun on the anti-option
Rcpresentative Moore. chairman of
|the svibcomniittee of the Diatrict of
Oohtmbia committee. for the mvestiga
tion of food storage in Washington,
introduced a bill to regubUecoM -torae,
The coniniittee on inaular affan
porte.i the rfsoiiitioii of Repreaentatrfe
Martin. of Colorado. calling for n
thorough Ihveatigatioc of the aale of
tlu- Friar iaoda in the Philippines.
Thirty-SeTen Per-nn* Killed.
>[, gicoCity, June M --Thirty -
peraona were killed and tifty mjurad
when a troop train was wreeked on the
National BaUwayin the State ofOolima,
ipatcbea received bere
today. Four cara came uncoupled from
, the engine and juniped the tratk while
rounding a curve od a sharp gradc,
The llutsrliland *aiN with Tivrnty
Paaacagen?i?uii< t Memfcaaet Aboard.
Dusseiriorf, Jiin.- 94.?Tbe Be*
aerial inp for purery bommerdal pur
in tbe history of aviation began
bere today when tbe Dnutacbland, tbe
gtam dirigible owned by tbe Hamburg
Atn/rican Bteaaiabip Company aud tin
Qermao AbwhtoBtock Oompany, aailed
for a three boni trip earrnng twenfj
paaaengera who had paid $50 each for
their tiekata
The trip was in a aoutheasterly di"
reetion. and was the Hrst Btage of tbe
l>.iit-r?hland's return voyage toward
Friederiehehafen, from which city abe
made a wonderfnl oruaM lo Dnaaaldorf
last Wedneaday, oovering tbe route of
nearly 800 milea m leaa than ten beaua.
Had the rarrying capacity of tbe
Deutachland been tr-n tusea as great,
?be still would have lieen unahle to bC
commodate thoae who wiabedtoaail on
her today. Tboae who aaflad today
bougbi iheir ucketa more than two
Wffk-' ago.
Tbe nond atage of the joarney
acheduled u< l*-gin this aftemoon with
twenty new naaaengiira. Thia, tob,
will be a 100 inile jaunt. with a rinal
and ihiid trip of this length bringing
tbe airahip to Friederriacbafan aad a
revenueof $3,000. All tbe placea in tbe
iihjp are booked for the nexl twelye
On the tir-t cemniercial voyage of
the DeutBchland there were twelve
(ifinian paaaengera, six Bngliabmen
and two Mollandera. The? ocenpied
tbe "saloon car" and anjoyed ? buffel
breakfaal sbortly after tbe cruiae began.
The Deutaehland corapleted the
atage ol her trip, l<x* milea' withoul
miabap, desptUi tbe fact thal abe en
countered had wealber al her bmding
place and was foivcd tO niakf an opeil
aiH liorat'f. Thf hundreil milea were
completed in three boura, tbe abip
matntaining an areragc apeed of x:',
miles an hour.
(.room Kelled by Cepe' (liib.
Coate-villf, I'a.. June 24.- "Stop
that man '" ihonted a groupof yoong
iii.ii t,, I'oli, eman Jaca Allen, arhile
purauingJobn A. Duffy, a well-to-dc
real eatate reaiden! of Bharoo, I'a ,
who had just married Miaa Helen A.
Walah, yoong daugbter of Mr. and
Mra John Walah, thia borough. Dutrj
araa trying to dodge would 1.x- batera
Policeman allen was not aware that
linit\ h i l iii-i been married, and
thougbl that ln- purauera wanted him
f,,i sometbing ebe. s,i be Btopped
[hiftj auddenly by tapping him oh thf
bead a ilh hia m ice.
"We're only foofing; don'l bil me
agaiq" explained tbe brklegroom.
I don'l know anything about that.
The nifu following you aaid to catch
you, aml I bave done my duty," aaid
Tbe blow from the poUceinau'i cbxfa
atunned Duffy, and when his friendi
arrived ln- "a- litting on the curb,
holding hht bcad. "I feel atck," be
aid. and waa taken to th.- bome of bia
bridee's parenta where a reception waa
being beW.
Ill KM'.I) \iivi:.
John .Mitihfll. a ateel aotker in the
\\,t Penn ateel fManfal Brackenridge,
I'a., was Buddenlj precipitated into
a -oaking-pii. eontaining a whita-hot
ingot, yeaterday, and before his borri
tird aml belpleaa millmatea tlu- body
ua- , iiiisiiinerl by th'' tiietal, into
which it slowly sank.
Mitchell waaal workal tbe <oakuu:
pita, where thf ateel ingot- are treated.
Btnuding on tbe door of one which waa
covered, ln- gave the lignal foi the
opening of another pit, Through a
miatake thf wrong UrVei waa pulled
ind Mitchell fell 18 feel t>> the bottom
of tin- pit. alighting on thf ingot.
To tbe Edltor ofthe AlexandriaQaaette.
I know that you are tond of a little
joke uou and then; bere is one from
London Punch many yeara old. "An
Engliah clodhopper,meeting the village
u n on a nea teiegraph line, loq:
'Mr. Dixon, wbal be them polea for,
pleaaef Ana: "To bold ii|i tin- wirea
Oarge.' And wol I"- th'' wirea for. Mr.
Dixonf "To bold up the polea, eer
tainly. Oarge;" Au example of thia
paradoa may be aaen in practtce twice
oa the Weal End (near the church)
io.nl whereby threatening overbanging
polet thf livea of paaaers under are iti
peril, Who i- reaponaiblo, Teiegraph
Co., Teleph*. Co., or road eonlmia
rionei E. F. A.
Beminary Hill, June 22.
?Tew Vork Ktnrk Market.
New York. June 2 l?Although there
waa some irregularity in the prics
changea al tbe opening of Ibe itock
markel today the majority <>f ibe lead
ing iasuea diapitayed a fair afbounl of
atrength and made moderate gaina over
\ esterdaj 's cli ee.
New Vork .liinr- Jl After the ItrM
nrifin miioitfs thf market bi e iffle
heavj and a few i-iif-.th.il badahowna
tair degrve of atrength auatained rrec
tional loeaea before the end of tbe tirst
The tnne in the last balf ofthenn
n,.nn became decldedly weak, losaea
ranging from one to more than twi,
polnta being anatabied aiithrougb ilm
tlM. ___^_
I^ft en.tMKl.OOO to Famlly.
South Belhlehem. I'a.. autie 24.?
I'tider the will of the late E. T. Wilbur,
-r.. a waahhy Rnancier aml one dme
preeidenl of the Labifh Valley Rail
road, bia entire eatata, anxmolinglo
about $17,000,000, waa baqneatbed tu
his family.
Hoka Sniith. of Alabania, announced
yeaterday thal be would anter tlu
againn Oovamor Jccph Brown vbo
mnounced his eaariidaey for re
BevaraJ week? ago we pubhabed tL>
fact that a turkty gobler OWUed b|
Mrs. Joaapfa Deaanaey, of tbe WDder
wima, was setting on
an and wa? still stir king (0 tbe
The gobler stuck to his job and
batched oul 1* flne young turkeys. He
i< i-arrying tluin arouii'l and feedipg
tlu in during tbe daj anrl at night shr-lu r
them beneath bia wings.?[Frcderieks
luirg Star.
Cbamberfadn'a ftofliacb and Liver
Tibletn will brace apthapervai, bankdi
-i. k i,. i l.f ln-. prr-v.nt despondencyand
invigorute the whole ayatoin. Bold by
W. F. Creigbton and Bichard Gibaon,
The Wtfk Mur.leier Vf III Plea.l liisanlty
?Oaaaaal Baaptoyada) Beahaa*
Hobokeat, N. J., June -4. ?With his
fath.r and former friends rallying lO
ln~.lef.nse. I'crtcr I'harlton. who 000
feaaed thal be murdered his wife, Mai>
Caatle I'harlton, in the silla 00
LikeCoino, Italy was m.-re cheerful
lodaj then when be wa- arrested after
hia arrival on the Prince-s Ir.-ne. Al
ready phtoa for bia dafaoM have beea
made. He will not be allowed to pleed
guilty aa be declared be would. In
?taad a powarful fbrm of lawyera will
defend him, and it will be alleged that
he was inaane when he oommhied lhe
The tirst move made by Judge Char!
totl. the f.lther <.f lhe l.oV. UpOO ivacll
ing this city from Waahington, was t,.
engage a?torneya to defead his s.m. J.
FrcdClarke, B New York lawyer, who
leprc.-ctiled the elder Charlton. has
seeiited former State Baoator William
D Bdwarda, of Jaraey City. to repreaeal
the y..uth while be ia lo theJeraey jail.
\- -..on as Bdwardaenteredtbe caae be
nauedaoorderthal tbe rigbta ofthe
priaoner were to be raepected aud thal
he was not lo talk with anyotie. He
alao aramed th. accnaed thal be has
|,,iie anougfa talking alrcady.
Altbougfa Edwarda refuaed to talk
about the caae, it bcertainthal the de
fenae will be inaan^y. Alieoiata will
be engaged lo examine tbe youug man.
and his statemcnt made to the police
after his arrest yesterday will also l.c
taken as indi.ating lack of niental
The \ati..us divisiotis ofthe Italian
law bearing oo homicide correapood
to some extent with thoae ofthe Ameri?
can law. Attorneys who are familiar
with the Italian procedure declared to
day that if all of tbe evidence againal
young Cbaritoo ia of tbe orcumatantial
order and if hia confoaaion made yeater
day is adniittcl, he can haidly be COU
vi.tcd ..f any bigher degree than man
ilaughter, tbe penalty for which would
hkeiy not exceed au yeara1 impriaon
iii.-nt. That, bowever, would be cloaato
? deatfa setiteiicc. aa the Italian priaona
run laxgely to aolitary indoor conflne
M1,-i,i and charlton has tuberculoaia.
It developed today that Judge Charl
loll lliel lllS soll's wife ill a NeW Yot k
hotel ininiediately after ihey were
married. He called oo them al Por
ter's iiivitaii.in and queationed Mrs.
Cbaritoo regarding itoriea behadheard
aboul ber paat. The reauH was a
quarrel between htber and aon, and il
p ,> partbj I..-. iii-e of this thal the
eouple deeided to gO al.ioad for a time.
While tbe relativaa ..f Charlton
were rallying to his defenae Captain
Henry Harriaon Beott, U. s. A., who
was reaponaiblc f..i the capture, a a
prepnring to aid tbe Italian autbori
tiea ni puniahing the murderer of bia
lister, Captain Bcotl declared thal b<
m not actuated by any deaire for
revengein runniogdown charlton. bul
that be wanted to aee juatice dowe,
He ha.l already taken atepa to bave
lin Bcotl Charttona body brougbi
to ihi^ country for burial in tbe fam
ily plot iu Bao Prandaco. According
lo Captain Beott, tbe money with
which tbe < Ibarrton'a aet up their ?-.?>
tabliahmenl on the ahorea of Lake
Como bad been received by hfra.
Charlton from her former hiisband,
Nevdlc Caatle, who, on aecuring a
divorce from her aetUeda largeamount
on h.r in Ii. ii of aliuiony. Thia Btate
inetit takea iaaue with the dechuation
of JudgePaul Charlton that hefuniish
e,l the money.
Como, Italy June -4. -The Italian
judicial authoritiee today took the
preliminary atepa f..r the extradi
11, ,n of Portor Charlton, murderer of
his wife Mary Bcotl Caatle Charlton,
who waa arreated in New i"ork yes?
M. Quglia, the king's procuratoT,
who coiniu. t.-,| the Inveatigation ?.f the
murder, has rworn to an afhuavil
fottually charging Charlton with the
murder. This will be signed l.y tbe
judge and s.-nt at OUCe to the Italian
foreign office, through which the de
mand for extradition will be made
upon th-- United Btatea state Depart
iii< iit Tho feeling is atrong bere that
the demand for extradition will be com
plled W llll.
Charlton'a caae was called in the
courl at Hoboken thia morning, but at
the requeal ..f th.- priaoner'a counael n
was poatponed until nexl Tui
morning. Charlton baa beea pbvced in
th.- jail at Jeraey City.
Home, .1. 24. The tiial of Portei
Charlton, in lhe opinioii ..f lhe deputy
miniater of juatice, will take phv e in
theSupreme Couti at Como the week
of Augu-t 1
< ondltlons in Pnrtugal.
Liaboo, June 24. - Anearly culmina
ti,,n iu the general nnreal ihrougboul
Portugal will be pracipitated, il ia
feared today, by King Manui \'t de?
ciaion to inaugurate i pra.-tical militar>
dictatorabip in oonaequence of his
faihne tO fonn a n.-w cabinet. The
tailure to fonn the cabinet reeulted
from th.- jealousies ..f numeroua b-.i'l
:ftig politicians on whoin Manuel had
relied for support.
Mauu.-I has tired of thia opposition
and ia detemiined to uxpel from parlia
ment, byforee if necessary, the rioter^
and obatriK'tionists who have hindereil
the work of readjustment.
In aecordanee with hi- new plan, thc
tnilitary i l.tnent of parlianient is be?
ing greatly strctigthentsl and sweeping
in espaoted within Ihe next few
daya Boane of the more conaefratrva
of Manuel's advieereeare afraid that hia
eourae will paecipitate a general out?
break for which it i> admitted the COUII
try is ripe
Manuel (naaatf, bowater, thal be has
proaiiBel of "upport from enough of
the leaders to ensure th. BOOOMful
concluaion of his plans.
Follnwing cl'js. Iv 00 the r.cent nier
ger of fourof Riehmond'sleadingbanks
into two baatitutiona ofnhance, oomea
thc annoutuenicnl tliat tcntntive plans
looking to still anothcr consolidatioti
are afoot. This time it is the Bank of
Commerce and Tnists and the Capitol
Baving" Bank that COOtemplate uniting
their auiianea
Chamherlain'sCough Retnedy ia
on a guarautee that if you are not nt*
i-ti.-l after using two Ihirda of a bottfc
lu:e to directioiis. your money
will be refund.d. It is up to y..n to
try. Sold by W. F. Creigbton and
Ridiard (iibson,
At a recetit meeting of the board of
dirertors of tin- Natioiial Bank of Fair?
fax a ,-fini-aiinual dividemi of ?">- per
cent waa deebued on thf capital a*oek.
Qeorge Colhne, 16 yeara old, was
killled by ligbtning while at work in
hia garden during a thundaratorta at
Bristol yeeterday afternoon,
Ernest Lynn Brown. a carpentcr. 40
years old. ooUapacd from tin- beal while
at work in Richmond yesterday after?
noon and died before he could be rushed
to a hoapital.
The Statr- ('orporation Coinmissioii
yeaterday denied thf petnaoa of the
Washingtoti-Soutliein Kailroad Gom
pano to inoreaee its paaaengerrate4rom
2 1-8 centa t" 8 i anta a mUe.
The tlrst <ase of liookwotin has just
been diacovered in Lyncbbnrg by Dr.
B, F. Yoiinger, the patifiit being a
white youth, who reaidea in weat Lynch
burg. The boy'aconditton waaqutte
aerioua when thf phyaiotan waacalled
In tlu- Federal courl at Koanoke
yeaterday Iburteen inerchanta were in
dirtrd for violation ofthe oleomargerine
atatute by aelling oleomargerine with?
oul Aml atamping thf name on tbe
|.I- Thr' I'. S. COUri nieets in this
r-ity during thf firat week in July.
St Thomai Bpiacopal church of
Orange waa tbe acei.f a pretty wed?
ding Wedneaday evening athalf after
eighl o'clock when Miaa Prancea Arm
atead Taliaferro, daugbter of Mr. aml
Mra. <'. <'. Taliaferro, became tbe
bride of Mr. J. Coiiway Masoii, fornifily
of Orange, but now of Pittaburg I'a.
Angelo Hamilton, aentencedto death
for the murder of Mrs. Ballie Hicka, at
Lynchburg, did not pay the penalty for
his riinif in the electric chair today.
iloi ernor Mann yeaterdaj granted a rea
pite for aeven daya in order that the
coudemned man'a aged moiher in
North Carolina may come to aee him.
Although ii has been generally con
ceded thal Mra. Porter Charlton waa a
native of Ban Pranciaco, ii waa laarned
in Bichmond yeeh rday evening that
ibe waa a Virginian. Before her Brat
marrlage to Neville Caatle, of Ban
Pranciaco, her name waa Mary Critten
den Bcott, born near Peteraburg, and
of a prominenl Virginia family. Hei
fatber was at one time an officud of
tlu-state. with headquartera in Bich?
COMPEMIOSI oi*' A *ii kdi.iu:h.
II. c. Nolaml, arreated Wedneedaj
morning on Buapicion of having mur
dered Alice Brown Litten, wboee
body waa found in the wooda below
Boutfa Cumberland, Md., with her
throat inl. has made a compiete con
feaai.f tbe murder, He gave a de
tailed accounl of how be killed the
yoong woman and the cauaea leading
up to the act,
He aaid the woman had attempted to
bil him with rocka and had threatened
his life. In a clear voice Nolaml toW
of going to the Brown bomeearly in
the evening wbere be aaw Alice and
bei child. Her motber and brothera,
and Cleve Barringer and Helen Low
ery, came in later. They aent out
for sonif beer and whiaky. Thf girla
had L'oiif oul on thf hill, Imt rctunied
later, aml were angry becauae the
nifii had been drinkiug before they
came in although some beer aml
whiaky were still left. He deecribed
minutely the eventa of tin- evening at
tlie Brown home. The inother and
othera aenl up ataira to go to bed aml
a quarrel took place between him aml
Altee. Pinally be left the houae aml
Alii' foUowed him. They were -till
quarreling, aml when near the fence
ahe threatened his life. They wenl
over into the wooda aml be seatfd
bimaelf on thf ground. When he
mentioned another girl'a name Alice
became furioua aml started to aaaail
him with rocka. He jumped to his
feet and mOVOd off. Th'' ^Tirl fol
lowed him aml be grabbed her and
choked her until abe fell to tbe
ground. Then he took the knife aml
. nt ber throat twice. Ib' waited until
she had breatbed her laal aml then
placed tlu knife on her breaal aml
walked oul of the wooda.
The murder was oommitted within
1IMI \ards of botfa the BrOWO and
Nolaml bomea. Bome think that be?
cauae of a report thal Alice waa about
t,, (?? reconciled to ber huaband with
whom she had lived bul one day, thf
feeling of jealouay Nolaml had abown
waa iatenaifled.
HBAT l>RI\ KS TO Sirit'lllE.
Exceaaivi beal in Pbiladelphia yee?
terday cauaed one man to fiid his life
with a bullel from a revolver. Another
was overconie aml fell in front of a
train, which killed him. in llnpi.
of bundreda of horrifled fellow-com
mutera. In addition a doxen deatha
were due to thf torrid weather itaelf.'
A horee, which was driven mad by
tbe heat. in South Chioago, Wednea*
day night. kicked its way out of the
barn aud ran about Ihe yard. H.
Btern, tbe ownar, judged th'- borat waa
mad. aml be llerl out of the yard and
ground to the front cntranee of his
bonae, followed by the horse. Stern
huriicd up the stairs of his house. The
animal pursued. When the hofM
raacbed the landing of the second
Boor it fell down aml became wedged
in the iiaimw inaca, Two patrolnien
were aenl tn tlie reacue of the now
terrifled family. They attempted to
pull the horse out of the ballway by
meani of ropea", but this proi d ui
ful, As a last resoit the animal
The turveying mrp-r of the new eler??
tric road from WaabingtoO to Rich?
mond raacbed ban the lattor parl of
?, k. and weut into camp. Aa
ttated in our laat iatue they are now
-urvfving a line from Waahington via
Falls Church, Fairfax aml Man
to Pradarickaburg. While thia line
may bfl BOUM eight or r*? ri milea I
than one that Would foHowcloaely the
line r.f tbe B . I- k P., road, tbe ad
rantagea derived from opening up a
new oountry, and pasaing through a
-eetinn thal would ruppry an ever in
ling amount of trafflc, would be
incalculable. Nor would it he tnuch
more costly to oonatract, becauae of
tlu- fcwi-r bridgea tO he built. Every
poeaible inducemenl aboald be olferedl
the road to come this way.? [Fairfax j
John L. BuUivan, visited UoM
Bpringa yesterday afternoon to see and
interview Johnaon'a coming opponeiit,
but was detiied adinissiou and l..1.1 by
Jim Corbatt that Jeffriaa would not
ahaka banda with him.
A nioi.ument is t0 be ereeted in the
Oonfederate Cemetery, near the poat
office ?.f Corntield Ilarlxu. in the
vicinity <>f l'oint J.ookout, St. Mary's
county. Marylatid, to the Coiifederate
priaonera <.f war btniod there.
Deteetive Raymoud A. Kleindeinst,
of Waahington, went to Berkeley
Bpringa, \V. Va., yesterday morning
and arreated Louin Wiobueb, colored,
a nurse for Mrs. .1. A. Matthews, of
Waahington. The aegraaa Ia charged
with being unplicated with her bue
l.an.l m the iheft of $2i>,(MKi worth of
jewelry from Mrs. Kebecca Hornsl.y.
of Waahington. Her hueuand was
arreated with 118,IHH) worth of jewelry
in his possessioii. When Deteetive
Kleindeinst Bearched the woman he
found one of the siolcti watehes in her
poaaeaaioo, which, she stated, bad been
given her by her husband.
The marrfage of Rt. Bev. l>r. Tbom
a- Augustus .laggar, bishop in charge
of the American K|)iscopal churchee
in Burope, and Mi-s Mary Elizaboth
Jelliaon, Of Portland, Maine, took
pla.e Wedneaday at St. Luke'a Cathe
dral, Portland, Bt Ber. Dr. Codman,
Btahop of Maine, ofnciating. Bishop
.laggar was bom in New York in 1889.
From 1875 to 1906 be was bishop of
Southern Ohio, resigning his see on
a.count of ill health. Later be be
came rector of St. Paul'a Church, Bos
ton. The btahop was married in 1862
t.. Miss Anua L l.awrenee, of Flush
ing, L. I. She died soms years BgO.
Among the ehildren is I'rof. T. A.
.laggar, jr., of Boston, the geologist.
THI. Pl HI.IC BUIUHtfQa 1111.1
Dkaoover] was made yeaterday that
thc publicbiiilding bill, carrying about
$20 (XXi.tKM) as it paaaed tbe Benate and
Houae, doea notcarry any actualap
propriation of money, but meiely au
thorized the purcha.se of sitesand the
. rection .>f buildings.
Thc bill originatod in ihe Houae and,
it was stated, it was generally under
Btood th'it there wa- to be no ininie.li
aie appropriation of money, although
a number of the membera worked ar
dently for the bill in tbe beHef that
their di tricts w-re to receive some im
mediate benefit In tbe Benate, how
ever, many aenatora' buaied themaelvea
in unuauai effort f..r their etatee, be
lieving that the bill provided for tbe
eaily erectioti of public buildings.
It was explained yesterday byastai.
ment from the llouse committee on
appropriationa that the auperintending
aichiiect of public buildings was M lar
behind witb his work that there was DO
uae "f appropriating money for anyad
ditional buildinga for at leaat 16montha
to come
The Senate late yesterday BOCepted
th- conference report on the bill. Chair?
man Beott, of me Senate committee,
declariog that the bill was one ofthe
b. ii public buildings bills paaaed in a
long time.
DflHD n\ \(.i<i:i:mi;>t.
Birmingham, Ala., loeiety was Btured
yesterday l.y. the auicidea of Quy R.
Johnaon, capitahat aml clubman, and
Mrs. W. P. 0. Harding. wife
,,f th.- preaident of th., Piret
Natiotial Bank of Biriiiingbam, lhe
rieheat bank of ihe state. Iu pureu
anee to an agreenieiit. tlie suicidc.s 00
eurred Wedneadaj aften.n at about
the s.uiie hour. Mrs. Harding ahooting
heraelf through tbe heart and dyiog
ioataotly, and Johnaon nutting a bullel
into his body just below tlie heart aud
lingering until yeaterday, wben the
etid came. The -uicides took place in
separate hoiises, two milea apart.
[h'rect connection betwean the two waa
indicated l.y tbe atatemenl ..f the Jobn
BOn ehaiit't'eui that he carried apackage,
in which a piatol was wrapped, from
Johnaon to Mi>. Harding half an hour
before ihc tragedy. Johnaon talepboned
the Hardmg bouaea abort while later,
and, learning that Mrs. Harding had
killed beraelf, at ooce ftred the fatal
bullel im.. bia own body. His dying
Btatemenl iaaaid to have been that lira
Hardmg was innocenl of any wrong
doing, l.ui that goaaiphad driven ber to
guicide, and. koowiog bia oatne would
be connected, be Bred the abot into bia
Mrs. Harding leavea three girla, the
eldest 14, She was BJg yt..tr.? (,f age.
regarded aa one of the moat beeuttful
WOmen in tbe south and tlu- simi.iI
l.-a.lei- of Birmingham.
Johnaon came t>. Birmingham three
vearaago from Pennaylvania t" take
charge aa rice preaidettl and general
manager ofthe Alal.ama Coneolidated
C.al aml Iron Company, from whi.h
poaition be was recently depoaed. He
leavea a widow and three youngboya
ttngland and Ifygft
Mnnchotter, Fnglaml. June 24.?Ex
churive cnbhni to tbe United Preai two
weeka ago to the afJaet that England
was conatdering a change of adminis
tration in Egypt are confirmed todiy
by tbe MaimhaaUr Ouardian.
"There is good aulhority," the
fjruardian Baya, "f<>r the itatement that
the foreign oflice, despite Sir Krlward
Qray'i recant eujogyofBir Eldoo Qorat,
baa decided to n-r all Sir Elden from
Egypt and to appoint in his plaoc Mf
Arthur Hardinge. the mini'ter to Hel
gtiim, who is a . oiisui of Hir Charlea
Hardinge, tbe nawly appotnted rloaroy
of India.
Gorst is tbe Hritishagentand consul
general ia Egypt and there h.ts baan i
aemand bj many of the wuttrfativai
for hi- recall evor Bince he was infercii
tialiy attackad by Qolonel Tba
Booaevett m his buttOM Guild Hall
apeecb. nVtcaavalt urged a auongat
band in the rule of Egypt and Sir Ar?
thur Hardinge is beheved to hf the man
who will give Bueb ? rule
In order to make itappear. howcvcr.
that the contemplated adion is in no
inflnanced by Booatveft, it is aaid
that OoreJ tendi red bil reaafnaaloo ba>
fore tlu Gmild hall roeech.
Lame aboajlder ia alrnost invariably
! bv rbanmatbrai <?f 'he muaclea
md M-l'i- .piickly tothe ?re-> applica?
tion of Cbaaabarbun'i Lmmvnt. Th?a
liniment is not OOly prompt but effec
tual. but in no way disagreeable to uae.
Bold by W. F. Creighton and Bichard
For Iced lea
Use My 50c Mixed Tea.
Than you can buy af 75c
Cliquot Club.
U. S. Club.
New Potomac
50 Barrels
50 Halves
25 Quarters
100 Kits.
also 50 pails
90c each.
I!. P. Kiios. Vii.'ioii.-. i
PIRSl \ST TO A I'HI.I i 11 S
dered i>\ the < orporation! 'oun ofthe
elty of Alexandria, \ Irglnl i, on the l-i
daj of June, l!?10, ln l ie ehaneerj eauiM
therein iiending. pntitled Hopeweii II.
DarmHIle, who suea, etc. va tV'illiaina'
Watehman'a CUask l<om|wu) Ine ?rpo
ritf.l. a eorporatlon Incorjionited and do
Ing bualneaa under the lawaofthe atato
of Virginia, the und? rsigned. who, bj
aaid decree, *a> ?p|H)lnteaTOmmfi'Hloner
t'or the purpoee, will offer for sale at
publlc auetiofl al the Royal atreel ea
tranee to the Markel Building, In tbe
city of Alexandria, \ Irginia, on
TUBSDAY, II L^ 5, 1910,
at 12 o'clock nooii. theaaaeta <>( the vVil?
liama W alfliiiian s ( Ii, k i oinpirn ln
fiii-poratf.l. conalatlng of eertaln lettera
patenl ofthe t nitfd fHtatea ol Amerioa,
iiiiiiiliii. il aml dated aa foRowa:
Patenl No. ' *i K**, dated Deeeiuh
1-:<i. aml Patenl S'o. 6S1.0W), dated
Sfptfiniii i i\. i'.?il
wblefa lettera patenl now atand In the
n:.? of the W illiama' W ateliman'a
f'loek Company, Incorporated, cn tbe
r.inl- ofthe Patenl Offlee ofthe I nit
,.,! stai.r America, iu the eltj of
Washington, l?. c. aaid patents lielng
for watehman'a oloeka, flre alarm regls
tera, letter bo? lock -. and burglar alarm
locka; alao a patenl now |iendlng In the
Patenl 0111.?i" the l nlted Htatea of
\nif ri.a n hioh patenl Is pendina in 111.
nameof Erederiek VVilliama, wnlch N
the properti ofaald eoinpanj under aa
?I'iffiiifiii dated Januarj >?. 1908, 1)3 and
iiriwf.n Fredt rlelt W'illiam-. Hopeweii
H.Darneille, and Edward 8. S'orton
two iwlten boarda, ala elocka, twenty
watehman'a clockaand flre alarm b
two reglatera, four l< ttei box loeka, and
one burgbir alarm lofk. aml all booka
.oiri papera belong-lng !?? tbe dafbatdauH
...ilii|,:ill x .
Terrai of sale 0a h. < onveyanolng al
i!.,-i ofthe pnrehaaer or pureh i
Commiaaioner of HaM
I. Kevell 8, (Ireenaway, Clerk ol
Corporation ' ourl <?t the eltj of Upj io
,ln.,, \ 11..nn i .1" i.i>> ..I'Ifj thal
i iarrln.'r I. Boothe, commlaidouer of aale
ln tbe above entttled eauae, haa entered
ini,, bond, ?ith approved secWrity, In
;i,.fonlaiiff with the rcqulrenipntaofthe
:ii?,\, mentloned deeree,
NEVELLH i.KEEN'AN \^ ( l.rk.
nv Locn n. in 111 i. i>. c.
Look?The Place to Save Money
Sirloln Sieak . Ita
Porterbouae Steak.
Round steak. 17a
Kiii Boaat. I4fl
Chuek steak.
stew Meat.
3ir IfOBTB st. tSAPB al im-i i
H.. Phone s;_V
-?mr. pgimxG ?iio?/
Rkating rinka and daaelng halla and
muafo of many l.ras. hsnda
In thia"Vanlty Fair' 'mld dla and bUre
I iMUe this eoinmand
stop a momeat and bear me, pauae
rjrj^thoiiL'h pleaaore I
And B|iare from your frivoloi
adollarfor:. \. li.iiuan Lifc
Any Alexandrian vlaltlag Atlantie
City and aalllng al vVaahlngton l'o-i
SewMetaad. Young'* Oeeaa Pler. oral
Booth 113, Exlmsltton Bulldlag, Board*
walk and Kentueky Avenue, can
free a atmpte of thleexcellenl magaxlne,
Any patron of ( aineron Dmirj l.unch
dro'pping J. T. Henahaw a poatcard ean
have a oopy free rnalled t,. their addn aa
( \MI.HON IMIKt l.l \CH.
905 King Street. Open all night
LOBT ||,,[ HEBO VT Naturdaj in Po?
tomac nver: dark green;cabin about
!.*> feet: reward for Inforn?tlon of prenenl
,n J. HAKKIs. 124] (.irardSl. \,
W> Ww>ipgton, D, C ^u Jo?J3t?

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