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Failed in Health
"My mother died six years ago," writes Mtss Ruth
Ward, of Jerseyville, 111.. "and left me to care for six
children. I liad never been strong; and this, with the shock
of her death, was too much for me.
"I failed in health. I was tired all the time and did
not want to go anywhere, nor care for ccmpany. I had
the headache all the time and such bearmg-down pains.
"A very dear friend adviscd me to take Cardui, as it
had done her so much good% so I commenced to use it
and now I am in good health."
The Woman's Tonic
Women's pains are relieved or prevented and women's
strength is quickly restored, by Cardui, the woman's tonic
You vourself know best if you need it, or not.
If ydu do need it, do not delay, but commence to use
ft at once. Every day of delay, only lets you slide further
down the hill. .
Don't wait, then, but begin to take Cardui today, for its
use, no matter how prolonged, cannot harm you and will
surely do you good.
Write to: UdicV Adviiory Dept. Chattanocga Medicine Co., Chattanoora. Teaa.
lor Special Instractions. ?nd M-Ptte book. "Home Treataent lor Wornen." ?ent Irce.
Greatest Selling of
All Worsted Two?
and Three Piece i
? Regular Prices, $20, $22.50, $25.
Ever Knownin Alexandria
We are selling them at $14.85 .
402-405 King Street. VS
Kaufmann Bros.
i-? j. iu* Ca?-* intheGardenSub
Buy at the otart Urb. Lots $200;
$10 cash, $5 per month.
Virginia Highlands
Scientifically planned for refined people of modef
ate means.
Come Saturday or Sunday afternoon.
See the Morrill style damp-proof cement houses,
poured in steel moulds.
Live at Virginia Highlands and save time and car fare
Inquire of A. S. Doniphan, A. J. Wedderburn and
Harric White.
Washington Sales Office, 621 13th Street, Northwest.
Clip this ad; it leads the way. _
Makes The Best Concrete
geelera In Cerni nt, Lime. Hi i r, \\ all Plaeter.TerraOotta Sowcr
I'n e -i .11 -. 1 ii>'' ":iv.?$?<?.
VIRGINIA In tbe Clerk'a <>nV?- of
Oorporatlon Court <if tbe city ol
Alexandria, on the Bth day of .luly,
Emma M. Morriaon ra, Ilarry II Mor
risoii. lti ohaneery. '"*
Memo. Tho objeet of iliis suit is to
' obtain an abaolute dlvorce for tho defea
dant on the ground of bta wilful deaer?
tlon and abendoninent of herfora perlod
<.f more tban three yeara befbra the
bringlng of thlaault; for the care and
ru-iody ofthe in&nt cbild of the rnar
rlajri": and forgeneral rcllef.
It api>earlng by an affldavit flled In
this rauae iii;ii the dcfendant, Hany B.
Morrlaon, is a non-realdent of thla Btate:
lt i- Ordered, Thal snid defenda.nl
npitear liere wttSln fifteeu du a after due
punrfoation of t ila order, and do whal Ia
Deoessarj to proteet nla Intereat in this
Miit.and that a copy of thi> order be
forthwith Inaerted in tin- Alexandria
r. anewapaper publianed In tho
Cltj of Alexandria, once a areek for four
Riiccesalvc weeka,and poetedat the front
the Court Houee oftblaclty.
\ eopy tfsti'.
\1 Vl.l.l. S. GREEN WVAY.Clork.
Chariea Bendheim, p. q. j\- w i\\-f
Laurence Stabler
Room N i. 4. Burkc tf Hcrbcrt Bldtf.
The eompaniea represented In thla
oi over -
Among othei i
Hartford Firc InsuranccCo.
Livcrpool & London &? Globc.
^Etna Insurancc Co.
Korthern Assuranec Co.
Spiingflcld Firc & Marinc.
Pronapt atteation glren toadjuatment
of losse* and all mattera eonnected with
Don't Take Any Chances
With Mosquitoes This f
Summer. Fight
Them With
10c bottle.
lil tTER reeetvedevery areek, and we
will Kuarantee thlabutter to eireaatia
t.-ntion. We also keep oooking bntter
II Ahweountrj atore bntter all
: tho time. Fresh Country I
.do/.. S]iriii^' Chlekena, ^.v fbT, Haking
Chickens 30c Ib.
TAYLOR'S PHARMACY. a? g. thomas
616 King Street. W
leH u
"Tha Changt of a Latter.
At the peiiud when British ColumbU
wa? tfaraaleanog to witbdraw from the
i Domiuiou of Cauada becaaM tho Car
'? aarvoo aelilenieol bad bee'j i^nored
? by tbe Mackeaak' adnn_datratlon tbe
!ate Ixird DutTorln loofc part in a pub?
lie fanctloo in Qncboi\ Wblle the pro
cesslou vvas movtug tbrougfj the prin
cipul strects n genilcman. brcntblcsa
vvltb excitcnieut. hinrlod up to bis ex
cellency's carriagc to aay a "rebel"
arch bad been ptoced ncrosa the road
so as to Idcntlfy tbe viccroy wltb the
approval of tho disloya! Insorlptlon
tbercoo. "Can you icll me what words
there are on tbe areh?" quictly asked
Duffcriu. "Oh, ycs." replled his lu
formant; -they are Carnarvon Terms
or Separath.n..Scnd the committee
to me," oommanded his cxcellency.
"Now. gcntlemen," said he. with a
6iiille, to the committee. 'TH go under
i your beautiful arcb on one condltion.
! 1 WOB'l ask you to do much, and I beg
i but a (rlrliug favor. I merely ask that
i you alter otie letter in your motto.
j Turu tbe S into an K-make It 'Car
I narvon Terms or lteparatlon'?and I
will gtadly pnss under it." The com
i mlttee yie'ded. and oventualiy DuiTcrin
j contrived 10 smooth over Ibe difllcul
tiea and to rcconclle the malcontenta.
Odd Street Namea.
In Clerkenwell. England. there Ia a
street caUed Plcklcd Rgg wnlk. It
j takes Its unme from Plcklcd Bgg tav
i eru, which formerly stood there and
tnade a apecialty of aervlng plckled
1 eggs. An interesting Loodnrt tboronglt
I fare ls Baoghlg Bword nlloy. which
Is mentloned lo Dickcns' "Talo of Two
Citles." I.ondon has nlso Pkkloher
ring street. In Lcicester Is a street
cnlled the noly Boucs and anotber
called Oallovvs '1'roe Ciiic Hull has
a street with the cxtraordinary rjaine
tbe Land of Green Oingc; Corydon
has a street natned I'uinp I'nll. and
there some yeara agO llved Pcter Pot?
tle. a dcalcr in furnlture. The ino.st
dnring of faree vvrilcrs might wcll
bavc beattated to lovent ;> combtnation
of nama aad addnoa so irnprobabte as
tbat which really bekrnged lo Pcter
Pottle of Punip I'iiil.-St. James" Oa
r-ette. _
Squaring the Circle.
The origin of tbe prohlcm squaring
the circle is alrnoel lost In tbe mists of
antiquity, but there is a record of an
uttempted qiiadraturo in Rgypt oOO
years beforc tbe axodoa of the Jcws.
There ls also a clalm. accordlng to
Hone. that the probleih waa aolved by
a discovery of Ilipprocatos, the gOOBa
etriclan of Chios-uot tbe pbyslelan
500 B. C. NOW, tbe offorts of BUppOC
rates were devoted tovvard converting
a circle iDto a cresccnt. becaoaa be bad
found tbnt the area of a Bgore pro
duced by drawing two pcrpcndicular
radii in a circle is cxactly equal to the
triangle forined by the line of Jnnc
tlon. Thia Ia the famoua tbeoreiu of
tbe "lunes of Hippocrates" nnd ls. likc
gtauber'a salts out of tbe p_0oaopber*a
stonc. au example of tbe useful reMilts
| which soinotimcH follow a scarch for
the unattaiuable.
Power of Imagination.
"Tbe Imagination is vvondcrftil," said
a college professor. "1 know a Chi
cago man who went last summer to
Asbury Park. Be in a rjoaint way
proved my point. Se dkln'l reach As?
bury Park till 10 o'clock at night, and,
j very tired, be turncd in nt oncc. As be
! settlcd his bead comfortably on the
' plllow he said to his wife:
"?Llaten to tbe thuuder and hiss of
the surges. Maria. 1 bavent beard
tbat glorious sound for forty years
No more insomnia now!'
"And. Indeed, for the lirst time in
three montha tbe man slept likc a log.
', But when hc awokc lu the morning he
i found tbat tbe uproar which bad lullcd
him to slccp was the noise of a garage
in tbe rear of the hotel. Tbe sea xvas
over a mlle away." - Detroit Free
Press. _
Runciman and Henley.
It ls relatod that abortly after Runci?
man. the wcll known vvritor oa sea
farcrs and ?trmgglen and poacbers.
bad bltterly fallen out with W. R. Hen?
ley be lay dylng In Londou. To Hen?
ley in Edluburgh, lame and ill, came
an indlrect message that Buncimai)
believed tbat if Henley would come
and look on him hc would get wcll.
It was a dying man's whlmsy, but
Henley took the train from Ediuburgb
and arrlvcd In London to flnd his
frlend dead.
Under the Spell.
Dasbaway?A few abort hours ngo I
was sltting with a girl. telling ber sbe
was the only oue In all the world I
eru- lovod, and so fortb.
Clevertou - And shc bolicvcd you.
didn't sbe?
?TIow could sbe belp it? Wby. I be?
lieved It mysclf."~I.ifc
Without Trimminga.
Payne. an naoalner at Oarabrklge
univcrsity. wboae qneafhraa were al
waya of a pccullatiy oxasponiting nn
tnte, nuce asked a student at ? sneeial
exnmlnation to "pive a d-linitlon of
bappiness "
"Au excmptlon from Payne," was
the reply.
Setting Her Right.
afaJtiaaa" I'n you waal to leave,
Mary? Wltb vvbat niotivc are you
leavingV ijuok-lt ain't a molive,
muro; it's a polioeman.-Boston Cou
"Wby are statues eroctod to famoua
men, fatberV" said a child.
"9o that they tuay become known,
dear," was the answer.-Exchangc.
Who by aspernlons tbrow a ^tone at
the bead of others hit tbeir own.?
Tbe world's nio-t njOCeagfoJ medi
cinc for bowel complaints b.Chamher
lain'a Ootic, Cholora and Hiarrh,-. a
Rcmcdy. It has relievcd more paiti
jand suffering, and aaved ntoro Ihrei
Uhan any othax medacine ia nee. In
j valuable for children and adult*. Sold
(by W. F. Creighton and Richard Gtib
Think ol Last Summer
You can remember u?/s when the heat inside your
kitchen was so great you could hardly bear it. with the
right stove you would have made a bctter hostess. Save
your health, Don't put up with the drudgery of a coal
range. You can have a clean, cool, pleasant kitchen. The
Ncw Pcr/Sction
Cook stove
does away with all drudgery of
cooking. Why should you be a
slave to a coal range when you
can have an Oil Cook-Stove that is
cheaper than coal, cleaner than coal,
docsn't "emell," doesn't emoke, lights
inatantly, can be put out instantly, leaves
no ashes, and doesn't hcat the khchen.
With one of these stoves you can boil,
bake or ro?.st the most elaborate dinner.
Yon can change from a slow to a quick
fire, or tne other way about, by slmply
turnJng a wick. Apply a match, and In?
stantly the heat from an intenee blue
flame shoots upward through the tur
quoise-blue enamel chimneys to the
bottom of pot, kettle or oven ? but no
where else. The stove has every conve
nlence that can be thought of: Cabinet
Top with shelf for keeping food and
dishes hot, drop ahelvca to hold coflee
or teapots, towel rack; in fact every
convenience possible.
The nickcl finlsh, with the brlght blue of
tbe chimneya, makes the stove ornamental
and attractive.
Made wtth Li anl 3 burners; tha t and 3-burner stoves can be had with or without
KT?-yd?l??TerTwfc??. If not at yonn. wrlie . ,r exheneareatageneyofUie
Standard Oil Company
you get thla Btove ? ee?
that the name-plate
reade New Perfectlon."
The Giant Bible.
There Is in Ibe Royal llhrary nt
Storkhohn iiaoag otber curiosities a
m-nuscript worfe kuown us tbe pinnt
I'.i'ule on account of its pxtrnordinary
dimensions. It measures 90 centime
ters In lengtb and Is 50 centimeiers
In breadtli-that is, about 33 by 19
lacbaa It reqalrea three mea to iift
it. Tbera are 800 pagaaj, bat scven
have been lost. The parchment of
which the book is eoniposod rcipilrod
the sklns of 1G0 bbbbb*. There are two
columns on each page, rad tho book
cont;iins tho Oti'i and Xew Testaiueuts.
with exttacta from Juaephaa. The
iniiinl ktten ire illuminated. Tbe
Mndlag is of onk, four and onc-half
ceutimeters In thlckuess. The book
narrowly eacaped destruction in tlic
fire In the royal palace of Stoekholm
Iu 1097. It W*a saved. but somewhat
damnged, by being thrown out of a
wlndow.?Loiulon Globe.
The English Manor Houae Bathroom.
a wrlter in tbe Ainarteao Ifagaalne
firea the following dlrectJoaa by which
a visitor niay always find ibe BJ
hold bathroom ln nu old English mnn
or house:
"The boaaehoM bathroom mny be
reaebed by deaeendlag tho narrow
Btone atepa from tbe aerond fjoof back
of the north battlemeiit. Follow Ibe
fall in a eootboaaterly directlon ontll
yon eome lo tbe armor gallery, Iben
tuni aharply to tbe left and follow tbe
corrtdor to Ibe ton. Open ibe door at
il:,. i nd of Ibla long hnll and I il
balf fllgbl oi alone atepa lOIIver Crom
well once klaaed a aervtog mald In thi
,];,r|; ; :; I!..' rfgbl Ifirl
into tbe oi en uall al tbe end. Von will
eaafly dtoeover tbe batbroooi, be
it is the fourih door from Ibe tnnfllon
wlodow, a beautlfal pfece of glaea ef
Chariea ll.'a HmeV'
Didn't Like Course Dinners.
A rolon-d romau. uati\>> of tbe
soutb. bad been worklog for a ftai
dwelling famlly ol moderate meana in
tbe eaal pnd, bol reelgned recenrty lo
nccept a placc brtngfng hlgber a
with a weaithy famlly who ilre In a
Itrge bonet. EnelM helghta and
have ibelr dinner Berred In e m
every Dlgbl loal as if ibere was com?
pany. Tliis (oloivd v.otnan. bad been
broofbl t.p to put prerytblng on tbe
table at onee. with ibe eaceptlon poi
.?il. and did DOl take
klndly to th.nrae Byateax A few
daya ago ber former rnlatreea naet her
on ibe atreei aad loqolred bow abe
llked her new place.
??Oh. not re*y wii." abe replled. "I
dOO'l like this hyah way of sti'vln'
thfwge in coa'eee. Tbe'a I
Bbtftln' V tbe dlabea fo" the fewaeaa &
tlie vltlles '- Cleveland I'laln liealer.
The Scolsman's English.
A Irne spec:iiie:i of the blfbUod
tnatr.s dilli'tiiiifs uitli the Knglish lan
l'armer (who had inMiucted his
Gaeik- abepherd to took fac a oombar
of abeep tbal had arandered from tbe
foldi -Well Pojaald, have you fotind
A.w, ini-;ler."
-Wbere dhj roa ajrt them?"
"Well, gol two by itself, one to
getber and tbree amoog one of afc
rii(arson'.s.',-I.ondoii Newa.
Growing Bananas.
Uaiiiiiias nre. as n rule. plnnted out
?yatematlcally In rowa, tbe ?suckera"
being Haccd at an average of ten feet
apart. The banana plant benrs only
ooo bunch at a time. but It is n qulck
grower, yVMlng its fralt In twelve to
fourteen montbe. When the plant Is
nbout hIx mootfa ood "suck
er" or shoot is allowed to sprlng from
tbe root, a Iblrd after Jbe nintii montb.
and so on. so that after Ibe first year
there is n contluuous crop being reaped.
For the grealer part of its llfe a
book Is an artitle of furnlture and
stands Bfjofl ibe abelf lo decorate the
llbrary wtth tta patch of ceter and
of kindly aaeeclatfoaa, but from
time to time there occor Hioh<? crtafes
?>f Hs eatateawe when it Ia takeu duwn
tad read.-I.ondon Athenaeutu.
"But why are yofl iu ?BoeraiBfl"
"Ob. for my slns."
"Opc: I dkfn'l know yon'd lost any:"
?Cleveland I.eader.
Som? Wisdom Left.
"Yon didn't lell tbe hnrber you were
in a burry '
"No 1 didn't want him to know it."
-Plttsbtirg Poat
Something Wrong.
Au Australian auetioneer who was
rcputed to bave more ednentloo thnn
profeaaional ablllty was endeavorlng to
scii aome cattle to au andlenca ol farm
aanda. "Cciitlcineii." hc hcgaii. "1
a particnlarly orce mt of tielfera
uud boIIOC-a, and I m.iy sa.v that the
beifera nradoBiluate.M
Hc was tnterropted b; a rery igrl
cultural voice from tbe erowd. "I
tbort there was aooJCthlng wronjg with
'cm," it said. "oi you WOOWll'l have lo
?all 'cm."
A Timely Trip.
I.ittle Brotbrr iwbo liaa Jnat been
1 given some catidyi If 1 were you I
aboalda't take alater yacbting this
Anieiit Boltor Wby <.'.. you aaythat,
??Weii. i beard ber tell motber tnii
morning tbat she feaivd abe'd have t.
tbrow you over. fJpplncoit'a
Finding Him Out.
Indlgnanl Conatltuenl -This ia tha
fourtb timc I have called to aee the
aanator by appolntmenl and found blm
out every timc. Privaie Recrelnry (of
eruiuent statesmanl-Oh. wcll, I WOttld
not make ? fnaa aboot that. Accord?
ing to what tbe papera say, ererybody
is Bndlng htm ont.-Cbleago Trtbnne.
Own Up.
A man ahotllri n--x. r be ashatuoil to
own he has n. In Ihe wrong, wbicn
js bul Kayh In oiher worda, that ho
ls vviscr ?? yesienlay
the reason the trade of Al?
exandria is always growing
the surrounding country?
Because the merchants sell
straight goods, and
customer once gotten is
easy to hold. When the
consumer wants aflavoring
extract and remembering
Leadbeater's, the order goes
to Alexandria, and indi
rectly helps the whole
Established 1792
at 4:30 p. m.. except Saturday*. at
H.BIoch's,615 KingSt.
lin _
PhonOl. (ircouhoiiscsS. PatrtckSt
D. R. Grillbortzer
Bedding Plants and Gera
niums, $1.00 per dozen.
Funeral work nroraptly attended to D?.
liv.red toall parta i '
SA i ! ABAX i ill).
?_M3 tr _
Insiiigumtion Pullnnui Otjaervataaa Car'
[t ia atnled at an eaurty date the Boutb
eni Bailwa) will Inaogtn-te 10 aection
Pullman observation cars between New
Vork aaid Blrminghain on Its Birming
liam apeelal leaving Waahington 4:10 p.
m. daiiy.
Southern Railway.
- leave Cnii.n Siation. Alexandria.
? .-.-t .Innv i:,\ I'aio.
N. B.?Followtng acbedulc Rgurea pub
lisln ,| only as InfornuUtoo, and are not
guaranteed. .
7:17 A. M Dalljr loeal between \\ ggb
Ington and DanviHe.
-17 A. M. Daily I.oeal for Harrisuii
burg and way atauona
!?:17 A. If. Dalty C. S. Fast Mail.
Stopsonly fbrpaaaengera for polnta aoutn
at which scliedllled to stop. I'n-t ela
coachea; alceping oara t<> Blrmlngham
and drawlng room aleepihg eara to New
Orieana. Dinlng car acrvice
11:17 A.M.- Dailv- Mail train. t'oaches
DanviHe and Oreenaboro, Sleeplng eara
Oreenaboro to Atlanta. , . __.
1:17 P. M. \\ eek daya?Loeal for W ar
renton and naniaonburg.
432 P. M. Dally Blrmlngham
ial. Sleeplng eara between New Yotk,
Auguata, Aiken and Jaekaouvtlle.
Sleeper to Blrmlngham, Through first
,-lass .oaehes between Waahington and
--.:,\ me. Dinlng caraen b?. Tour
ist toCnlifornia four limes v.vekly.
s__ P. _t.?Week daya LooaJ tor llar
riaonburgand way ataoona on Manaaaai
' braneb. Pnllman Lullct parloroar.
p. xi. rMiiy -LoeaJ for Warroa
i ton and <liarloites\ illc.
I |orJ7 P. M.? Dailv -Waahington and
Chatuuiooga Llmited (via Lyncbburg).
First-class eoach and aleepjng eara to
iioan..'??<?. Knoxvllle and chattanooga.
. sleeper to New Orleans. Waahington to
Roanoke. Dinlng car serviee.
11*2 P. M.--Dailv New Ynrk. Atlanta
and New Orieana Llmited All Pnllman
I train, eUibandobaenatioueara to New
Orieana. Sleeplng eara t<> Aahevllle,
Atlanta. Maeon and New * Irleans. si.Tp
Ing eara toCharlotte; Dbiing ear aervice.
127 A. M. H.iilx Mempllis soeeial.
Bleeping oara and ooaobea for Boinoke.
Knoxvllle, Naabville, Cbattafiooga and
Memphis. Dinlng car serviee. Waah?
ington aleeplngcara open IOjOO P. M.
Through tndnafrom the aouthairlve
at Alexandria 0:13and 628 and 1023 a, m.
??:l.!.7:> 1013 and 11:58 P. M. daily, Ilar
riaonbnrg II* A. M. week daya and 9:1.1
P M. dailv. From Cbariotteaville 928
A. M.
I.eavc Alexandria (W. i 0. Statioti.
ireek daya al 822 A. M..l:to. 128,and
5;I5 P. M. tor Bluemont; 625 P. M. week
daya for Lecebnrg;6:15 P. M. daily ror
Bluemont and PH2and922 A. M.. loeal,
andOXC \. M. (Ltd. on Sundaya only tor
For ilelaile.l s.-liedlllc li^'lires. lickets.
Ptillnian reaervation, etc., apply to
I'llion Tiekel Airetlt. Alexandria. Va.
I-: II. < t).\ I'M AN Oeneral Manager.
s. II. 1IARDWICK, Paaa. Traf. afer.
II. P.CARY,Oeneral Paaeenger Agent
I,. s. BROWN, Oeneral Ageut,
Waehfngtoo, D. C
Washington, Alexandria &
Mt. Vernon Railway.
Ill ell'eet M:IV I. U>1 k
ii v\ i vn.x wmtiA.
Por Waablngtons from oorner Prince
and Roval streets. WCek davs. at 540,
6 05, ? 20, 0 30, 6 ?, 6 55, '.' 06, '. 16, 7 90, 7 lo.
7;<>. s ? 10, :? 90, 950,
io |0, 1030, 1060, II 10, II 25, II 90, II 60 a.
m.. 12 10, 1225, 1230, I2fi0, I 10, 1 25, 1 ?'?>
? 10, 2 :?">. 2 30, - 60, 3 05, 3 25, 3 35, 3 50,
I io. 4 25, I 90, 1 lo, I 55,5 10,625,635
20, 6 30, fi I... 700, 7 15, 7 25, 800, 830,
000, 030, 1000, 1030, II M and II 66 p- m
Sundaya 700,736, 810,-820, ^-to. 000,
- 10, 1000, 1020, 10 io. II 00, II 20 and
II loa. in.. 1200 in.. 1220. 12 io. I 00, I 20,
140,200,220,2 40,300,320,3 40, 100, 120,
I io. 5 oo..". 20, ?"> 10. 0 00, 6 20, 6 K>, 7 00, 7 20.
7 40. 800, 830, 900, 930, 1000, 1030and
II lo p. m.
roi m.ii'n i \ i anoar,
Leave Alexandria tor bfount Vemon
week daya,at 545, 656, 768, 851, 1026,
II 25a. m? 1225, I 25, 226, 330, I K>, .'.:-">.
B30, 7 S5' 8 50, 9 50. 1060and II 60 p. m.
Bundaj a 700, siso. 939, 10SO, 11 30 a.
m.. 12 30*. I 30, - 30, 8 30, l 80, 6 V, 689, 7 30,
s icand 10 16 p. m.
Washington Southern Ry.
Seliedllle in ctl'eet Mllv 18, tftltt
Traiba leave Uolon Statlon tor Waah?
ington and polnta north at 7 4.'!. 806.
ndS.tla. m.. 1201, 230, 807,8 18and
n 33 p. m. dally.
I'or Frederickeburg, Riehmond and
polnta aouth al I 37, 7 53 loeal. and 10 2
a. m.. 12 16, I'--'. 5 17 i loeal i 7 Q and 967
p. in.
Aceommodatlon for Frederickaburgat
II 28 a. m., dally. <>n week ilays this
train nma Ibrougn to Mllford.
N..I i.: I'iine ofarrivaJaanddepaurturea
and connectiona nol guaranteed.
W. v. TAYL0R, Traffle Manager,
BJobmond, Va.
John Ahern & Co.,
Corner Prtnoe and Oommeree Btreeta
and ilaalori in
Oountn produeereeelved dailv. Oui
atookof i'ljin and Paney Orooerlea em
braeea everytbing t<> be bad In this lice,
Wo ln.1,1 largely in UnitedBtatea bond
ed warehouae and carry In atoek varloua
branda of the best
oiade. Havealao In atere auperloi ^mdos
of Porelgn and Ameriean
BaUafaeUonOoaranteedai to Prieeand
W. A. Johnson k Co.,
N. i;. (ioraer (nmeroa and Royal Btreeta.
Gcnor.il Commission Merchants
and dealen iu
Have oo band Qlbaoa'a XX, xxx.
XXXX and PuroOld Rye, Old Cbblnet
and Monogram Wblaklea; alao Baker'a
and Tbompaon'a Pure Rye Whlaktea, to
which they invite tho attctition or the
Ordera from theoountry for merchan
dlae ahall recelve prompt attention.
Conaignmenta of I-'lonr. Oraln and
Country Produee aolicited, for which
they guaranteetbe btgbaat raai-et prleea
and nrompt returna _
Quality Ice Cream
For aocial eventi and picnioa will find
the faiilu.st. becanae ofRa gnaran*
leed inirity.
Speei.il pricee on btrge quantltiea, all
llavofs. Mail orderswill be prompt
|y Blled. Wholcsale and rctail.
H* BlOCh Both Phones!
Our fine g*rades of paper and
envelopea in boxea and by the
pound. You will be delightcd
both in its quality and price.
Book Sellers ^ Stationers,
508 King Street.
r*a guaranteed Cherrv ?
iv to cure coughs. Wedon'taay
or your money back, because there a
no n'eed. It cu/es: 2jo oottie.
For Summer and Vacation
Everything in ready-to-wear is greatly re
duced. Suits, Skirts, Kimonos and Trimmed
Hats are nearly cut to half.
Specia! for this week in stapte merchandise
42x36 and 45x36 good Muslin Pillow
Slips, regular price 12 l-2c and 15c. This
week only 1 Oc.
81 x90 good Muslin Sheets, with seams,50c.
81x90 Salem Sheets, without seams, 69c.
2 5-yard roll of good cotton crash with
smooth edges, $1.
Red Seal Ginghams, 10c a yard.
Matting Rug, 1 yard wide, 2 yards long.
Beautiful Patterns, 33c.
518-520 King Street, Alexandria, Va.
Authorizea Capital. ?l.OOO.OOO. Patd in Capital. ?3OO.000.
C. J. Rixey, John P. Robinson. Thomas J. Fannon, C. C. Lradbeatcr, Hcnry K.
Field. Henry Baader. Geortfe S. Frcnch, J. K. M. Norton.
We act as Exccutor. Adrmnistrator and Trustee. Isaue Fidclity. Contract.
Official and Judicial Bond.i. Gencral Bankintf and Truat Buaincss Transacted
Interest paid on Savings Aecounts. We solicit the aecounts of Banks. Corpora
tions. Firms and Individuals. and promise liberal trcatmcnt consistent with
sound-bankinjf methods.
Further particulars at my office,
New Rides
Come Out and Dance
Music by Band of Fifteen Pieces
Free Gate Special Inducements to Picnics
jel .in
(inr lPlOMimmei-prieeMin Anthraeiu-Coal beeanie elleetivo Monday. Ma.\ '
There has nevor been a time in tbe niatory of our bualneea wli.ii we felt that
we were able to give bettervaluea in Antfaracite Coal than we can tbla
webave eompleted our arraagemeota to eecure our enUre^aupply rrom tw< o
three of the v, rv bcal collieriea ii! the Antraclte reglon, and will have a coal wnien
Ia uniform In quality, well prepered, and ooal that artll ftre far better reeulta man
""'k'is'.'rilrdesireto give our trad-the l.est valtles that ean be had. and vvo laVP
eatlj Bolleit the ordera ofour friendeaJMl ouatocat
W. A. SMOOT 6\ CO., INC.
BEI i. TKLPIIOXE I9and 57.
If You Want a Good Medicinal Rye Whisky?the Right Kind
is what you want. Also try sorne cf our fine Imported Winea and [Cin.
Lowenbach Bros.,
Kine; and Altred Strceta.
Both Phoncs.
An electric fan will cool your
office. store. shop or any room in
your house.
Electric iights give off less heat
than any other method of illumi
nation and do not coniumc the
oxytfen in the air.
An electric iron doea not requirc
a hot fire in the room nor the
necessity of walkinf back and
forth between the board and the
Call on us for facta and figurea.
Alexandria Electric Co.
524 King St.
Pure Fooil Btore.
Freah from the churn to
you. For yeara Midland
Butter has been recotfniied
aa the best that comci to
Alexandria. Special deliv
ery every Friday.
Call. phone, or write.
St. Aaaph *nd.Oronoco,>reeM.

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