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BAKES bread, pie and cake ?
bakeo them perfectly ail through,
and browns them appetizirgly.
ROASTS beef, poultry and game
with a tttady heat, which pre
serves the rich natural flavor.
BROILS steaks and chops?makea
them tender and inviting.
TOASTS biead, muffins, crack
er3 end cheese.
No drudgery of coal and
ashes; no stooping to get at
the oven; no smoke, no dust,
no odor? just good cooking
with greater fuel economy.
Irons and water in wash
boiler always hot. The
Ttf eto l?er/?ctioit
Cil Cook-stove
It has long turquoise-blue enamel chimneys. The nickel fimsh,
with the bright blue of the chimneys, makes the stove vcry attrac
tive and invites clcanliness. Made with 1, 2 and 3 burncrs; the
2 and 3-burner stoves can be had with or without CabineL
tttrnOJIAIY NOTE: Be sure ,o? get " StBSt-eei ??-? ?* ""-e-plate reada " NEW rEBFECTlOV
Ivery dealer everywhere ; if not at your., writefor Descrlptlve Circular
* to the neareit ?eency ofthe
Standard Oil Company
g?a ai riA1j, intheGardenSub
Buy at the otart Urb. Lots $200,
$10 cash, $5 per month.
Virginia Highlands
Scientifically planned for refined people of moder
ate means.
Come Saturday or Sunday afternoon.
See the Morrill style damp-proof cement houses,
poured in steel moulds.
Live at Virginia Highlands and save time and car tare
Inquire of A. S. Doniphan, A. J. Wedderburn and
Harrie White.
Washington Sales Office, 621 13th Street, Northwest.
Clip this ad: it leads the way.
Ai.l.x VNPRIA, \ A.
ieelera Ia Ccaneat, Ltme, Ilair.l alclned Plaater.Wall Plaater.TenaOotta Bewer
Ptpeand I'ltif Linlng, Flre Bricka^FlreClav.age,
The Cool Breezes
Blow at
When you live at Rosemont, your family
can spendthe summer at home, and keep well
and cool, and not make you lead alonely bache
lor life for two or three months.
Everything Clean and sanitary. No dirty
gutters and smclly cesspools. Everything new|
and up-to-date.
Delightful Night Breezes
Let me show you one of those beautiful new
Sold on Satisfactory Terms
Seeing will makc you appreciate them.
Wc Have in Our Window on Dis
play a Line of
Loose Leaf Goods
Ledgorv, any rullng. < ouibined cash and
iournal. inonthlj auitenient ItHljjerx,
bindcrx. holdere. raemorandum books
and priic books.
tall and l*-i n- ahow j ou sample sbeets
of ail atylea and rullnga.
1 ? Cream and loaa of ail
flarora and of the purest
qualiUea always on band
or rarnished to order.
Special priccs on' large quantities
Cakes and Pastry of ail kinds
and of the best quality.
S.F.Dyson&Bro. H. Bloch K^
laauguration Pullman ?n> ?n atloa ('ar
n earlj daU i
will iuaugurati
Pulln lon cara b
nd Birmingham on its Birmlng
bara ug Waahlngtoa 4:ij p.,
ui. daily.
Chamberlain'a Btotnacb and Liver
TabhHa gently atuntuate the liret and
- to expel poiaonowa neatter,
cleanae tbe syatem, cure eonstipaticn
and sick licadachc Sold by W. F.
CreigbtOO aud Rkhard Ciibsou.
Clyde Fitch't Jokc.
"Clyde Fltch was aa lndefatlgnble
worker," snld an nctor who haa played
In many of the Fltch comediea. "When
he bad n ptaj ? n the atoefn he would
labor over it daj aod night, ofteo
ccarcely pnusing foi iiis meals and
gettlng very little BMwp; consequent
ly his healtb suffered Ue would work
untll od thp verge of a ncrvous brenk
dowu. and then his physlcian would
Bten. In aud force hitr to koock off.
"During one of ih^st periods of eo?
forced Idleuesa he was lougi'ng in the
Playera club one day wherT llnrry B
Smith, the prollflc comlc opera llbret
Ust, strolled in.
"'Wbat nre you dolng now? asked
" 'I am In my doctor's hands,' repllcd
Fltch. 'He tells me I'm ln a bad way
and has nbsolutely forbidden me to do
any brain work.'
"That'8 tougu,' said Smlth. 'How
do you mnnagp to put ln the time?'
"Oh. !'ni writlng the llbretto of n
muslcal coiwdy!" replied Fitch. with
one of his cynlcnl smlles."--New ?ork
Hair Monatroaitiea.
French tbeater munagera in the
elghteenth century bad worse evils
than plcture bata to contend against. ,
Marie Antolnetle. who was short cven
accordlng to French standards, set the i
fnshion of hlgh coiffures, and ultra
fashionable women prided theniselvcs |
on measuring four feet from thelr |
chlus to the tops of their I
These structuros took aboot si.x Boora
to erect, the hairdresser inounting a j
ladder ln the proress. Botae coiffures j
were almost as broad as they were
long, with artnga atfekhuj out about
ebjht inchos on ead side of tbe haad.
For the "frigate" colffure ihe halr was I
rippled ln ? huge plle to reprcsent tho
wavcs of an augry sea acd surmount
ed by a fully rlfged ablp As a eon
sequence of these inonstrositles dls
turbancesi in tbeatera oecorred aimost
dally until an ordlnaoce was issned
aejalnal tln- admbwlon of aronien with
hlgh coilluies 10 tbe floor of the house.
?Chlcago New*
Yet He Meant Well.
Just as tbe triiln was icaving the
Fifty elghth street elevated sialion n
man who had got oll tbere hurrlcd
along the platform aud spoke to ti pns
senger silllng by an open window In
tho smoking car.
"Qulck!" he crled. "Pleaaaj hand me
that nackaga. I left it on the seat
when 1 got out Just now."
"Sure." said the passeuger, plcklng
up the hundle nnd tosslng It out of the
"Hey. there! Wbat are you dolng
that for?" demanded tho wrathful, red
faced man slttiug next to him.
"Wby. he"
"You double dycd Idlot. that packago
belonged to me! It was $15 wortn of
laces and rlbbons I was taking home
to my wife!"
Over the scene that followed let us
draw a veil.-Chlcago Tribune.
"All Things Come."
Tho magnate looked up lmpatlently
from his work.
"Well. my good man," he snapped at
the dlffldent rural person who stood
twlrling his ruaty bat, "what can I do
for you?"
"I gueas ye don't remembcr me,
Hank," faltered tbe callcr. "But you
on' me use ter go swlmmin' together
ln th' ol' town. Then you got a job
in th1 bank, an* 1 got n Job in tb' gro
cery store."
"This is all very lnterestlng, and 1
seem to remembcr your face. But
come to the polnt-my time ls valu
"Yes, Ilank. You got a better offer
and left the old vlllage. I ataycd plug
glng along ln th' grocery store."
"Well, well?"
"Well, Hank. when you left you
owed $73.G2 on a grocery bflL Ilere's
where you pay up!"-Cleveland I^ader.
Perfumea In Anciant Daya.
Old as the history of the world itseit
is that of tbe queen of flowers. The
anclent Greeks and Romans revelcd in
roses. They were used lavlshly at thelr
feasts. ln the time of the republlc the
people had their cnps of Falernlan
wlne 8wimmlng with blooms, and the
Spartan soldiers after the hattle of
Cirrha refused to drink any wino that
! was not perfumed with roscs. while at
the regatta of Balae the whole surface
of the Lucrlue lake was strewu wltb
flowers. _
Making a Lawn.
On his FriRllsh tour an Amerlcan
was ndmiring the velvety smoothness
of a certain swnrd. and. being pos
sessed of land and an overpowerlng
confldenco that witli inoney all things
nre possible, he asked the heud gar
dencr how to produce aueb a lawn.
And the gardener said: "It's casy
euough. sir. All you ueed do ls to
remove all the stones, plow up the
ground. plant it with grass seed and
roll It for 300 years "
Our Frienda.
If we CBOOM our fricnds for whnt
they are, not for what they have, and
If we deserve so great a plaaalpg, then
they will be always with us, preserved
In absence nnd cven after death, 1d the
amber of meniory Clcoro.
Couldn't Talk.
De Style-You say that loving pair
of deaf mutes were slttiug ln the parlor
I and dldn't earrj m a waareiaaOool
Gunbnsta-Tbey couldnt. for they were
fcolding hands.-New York Praaji
1 nevor knew hd enrty rtalaa tsard
work'.njr. prudent man. careful of Ms
earnings and strlctly honest, who com
plalned of bad Inck -Addison
The world's moU luoouarful medi
cine for l>owel rjoanplainta is ChaimVr
lain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy. It lms relieved more paia
and suffcritig. and siv>d DBOre Ihrei
than any other medicine in yae. ln
valuable for children and adult.-. Sold
by W. F. Creighton [and Richard Oib
Hia Athlatic Naighbor.
A young man inruate of a boardlcg
house bad been disturbed night nfter
nlght by thc hoardcr In tbe next room
dolug thlnga with a punching bag be'd
rlgged up In tbe room souie way. At
brcakfast each morning tbe youug man
would look over the crowd and won
der wbo the bag puneher mlght be,
but tbere was no one in sight but a
buncb of women nnd elgbt or tcn men
wltb narrow cbests and retreatlng
chins. One nlght he made up his mind
to knock on tbe bag punchlng room
er's door and ask blm to put over bls
exerclse until dnylight when ail tbe
world's awaae, The man mlght bc
small cnough to buildoze even with ail
his atblettca Tbe door opened and
tb^re, clad in a tlgbt fltting red Jereey,
wals n robust, buxom womau of per
bapTTTilrty sunimers.
"And what dld you say to ber?" tbe
young man was nsked
"I was so startlcd," replied he, "that
I nsked What nfterward seemed to mc
the most natUiml request I cotild have
made. I nsked ber If sbe'd lend me
ii eoupte of matcbes."?Clevelnnd I'laln
The Persiatency of Colda.
Why Is It tbat we are so beavily
aubject to colds? Otber epldemic dls
eases-measle.s. typlmid. soiirlet fever.
dlpbtberla-mny get hold on us once
nnd tbera Is aa eud; it is not usuni to
bave any of them twlce. We brew in
onr blood Iniinunity. Thc poison of the
dleeaea erokea In us Ws proper anti
dotc. Our blood cells make a sort of
naturul nntitoxin and keep it In ?-:
?0 that we are henceforth protectcd
agahwt thc dtaaaaa a weii raeclnated
uma, for ezample, worae wltb aafetj
In a amallpoi noepftal, where the refj
air !- Infectlre, bul her blood Is s<>
ehaofcd by raednatloa that the small
pox caanot nffecl her. By scarlet fe
ver, ngnln. we are, as it were, vnccl
aated against pcarlet fever. The rcnc
tion of onr blood ngalnst tbe disease
iintnnnizcs us. No sucb rcsult follows
Influenaa ai a eonasoa coici. We brw*
nothiiiR thal is permanenL We ajre
just ns Bnaceptfbte to n Iater Invaslon
as we were to the Invaslon tbat Is Just
over.?Londou Spectntor.
The Feative Codfish.
A corrcspondent of tlic New Vork
Poat saya tbat thc radflab freqaeota
"the tablclands of tbe sea." Tbe cod
fisli no oonbl floea tbis to sectire as
nearly as poaefblf b dry. lna.lng nt
mosphere. This pure nlr or the sub
martne tablelaoda gives to tbe codtisb
that breadth of chest nnd depth of
Itings that ?*c bave so often uotlced
Thc glnd. frea smile of the codfish is
largeiy attrlbutcd to tbe exbilnratlon
of this oceanic nltltoodleum. The cor
reapoodasat further aaya that tbe "cod?
fish subslsts largeiy on the sea cherry."
Tbose wbo have not hnd tbe pleasure
of seelnr; tbe codfish climb tbe cherry
tree ln scarch of food or clubbing the
frult from tbe beavily laden brnnehes
wltb chunks of coral bave mlssed a
vcry flno slght The codfish wben at
homc rambllng througb tbe submarine
forests does not wenr bls rest uubut
toned na be does wbUo loafing around
the grocery stores of the TJnited States
-Bill Nye._
A High Priced Fricasaee.
Lord Alvnnley, n noted wit and high
liver in Bngland ? hundred years or ao
ngo, inslsted on baving an applo tart on
his dlnner table evory day tbrou.
the year. On one occaslon he p.aid a
cntcrer $1,000 for a luncbeon pul t
a baaket tbat sufflced a small bu
party golng up the Thames I
one of a dozen men dlning togetber ai
n London club where cacti waa r
qu'.red to produco his own dish, a
lcy's, as the most expensive, won blU
the adTantage of being cutertaiic d
frcc of cost. This bencfit was ajaUV
nt an expense of $540. that being IIm
price of a Kimple fricassee compoaed
eutlrely of tbe "noix." or small |
nt each slde of the back, taken from
thlrtcen kiuds of blrds. among them
being 100 snlpe. 40 woodcocks and '20
phensants-ln ail nliout 300 blrds
Our Eccentrio Phraaea.
Why do we always talk of puttlng
on a coat nnd vest? Who puts aa I
coat before a vest? We also say pul
tlng ou shoe3 and stockings. Wln<
puts on aboea before tbe atoeainga>
We also put up algoa tclllng people to
wlt>e their feet whea wa niean their
boots or aboea And a fathcr tells a
boy be will warin bls Jackci when be
means to warm his pantalnons We
are a Ilttle ecccntric In our phrases at
An Odd Ep taph.
Tho followlng cpitaph ia to be found
In n cemetery within seven mllcs of
New Vork's city liall:
Itc.ider, paaa on; don't waato your time
O'cr bad blography and bitter rhymo,
For what I am this crumbllng clay ln
And What 1 waa ta no affalr of youra.
In the Game.
"I rm In the bands of my frienda."
said tbe pollttcal Bldeatepper,
"Ycs." replied tbe aarab critic, "and
cvery time your frlends look over theli
bands they aeetn bapatJawt for a aew
deal."?Wnshlngtou Star.
The Proper Tree.
Curious Chartoy?Do nuts grow on
trecs. father? Fathcr-Thcy do. my
son. Curious Cbarley-Then what tne
doea the doughnut grow on? Fatber
The "pantree," my son.-Purple Cow
Never Good.
Pogg?That's I bad cold you hnrc.
old man. Fenderson - Dld you ever
hear of n good cold. you ldlotV-Bos
ton Transcrlpt
A fooPs henrt ls in bls tongne. but a
wise mnn's tonguo Is In his heart.
Soreneaa of ibe muacles, wbether in
duced by riolens excrciaaa <t mjnry, i
quickly relieved by the frcc apnlication
of ( hamberlain's Linimcnt. This Ihv
ment is equally raluable for rrmaenlaT
rbeunutaam, and always affords quick
rehef. Boad by W. V. Creighton and
Rjehard liibson.
Colonial Beach, Va*
- Woodlawn -
Second Street from B$at Landinjj.
Mrs, S. Taskeh Prop.
Mrs. Shephcrd Was in Bad Shape
When She Could Not Stand on
Her Feet.
nurham N. C?"1 am a farmer's
wife "wr'itcs Mrs. j. M. Shepherd, of
this city, "and have a heap to do.
"Four monthsago I could not stand
on my feet, to do anything much, but at
this timc l do the most of my work. I
took Cardui and it did me more good
than all the doctors.
"You don't know half now I thank you
for the Cardui Home Trcalmcnt. I wish
that all women who suffer from womanly
trouble wouldtrcatthemselvesaslhave.
Lidics can easily trcat Ihemselves at
home, with Cardui, the woman's tonic.
It is easy to take, and so ger.tle in its
action, that it cannot do anything but
Being composed exclusivcly ofvege
table irigredients, Cardui cannot lay up
troublc in your systcm. as mtncral drugs
of'en do. Its ingredients h.ivtng no
tu r >h, medicinal eftects, and being non
poisonous and perfectly harmlcss, Cardui
is absolutely safe for young and old.
Ask your druggist. He will lell you to
try Cardui.
N. R-Write to: LadifS* Advlsonr DepJ.. Chatta.
Boosa Medicinc Co . Chattanooa ttnm. for?t?*a.
Jnuructiens. and ?*-pas ! book. "ome Tr.atmen.
for Women.'' scnt in pbufl wrappcr. oarcqucit
the reason the trade of Al?
exandria is always growing
the surrounding country?
Because the merchants sell
straight goods, and
customer once gotten is
easy to hold. When the
consumer wants aflavoring
extract and remembering
Leadbeater's, the order goes
to Alexandria, and indi
rectly helps the whole
Establishcd 1792
at 4:30|p. m.. except Saturdays. at
H.BIoch's, 615 KingSt.
|. .'.! I 1 tl
[ Phone >|. Qreenbonaea 8, Patrlek Bt
D. R. Grillbortzer
Bedding Plants and Gera
niums, $1.00 per dozen.
l-'uiienii work promptly attended to, Da
livercd toall parts oftlie eity.
Rab33 if
Qeneral Insurance ftpcy.
Laurence Stabler
Room No. 4. Burkc U Herbert Bldtf
The eoanpaniea r? preaentc I Ii
DfHce iiave asseis of Over %U?J00OfiOO.
Amonaj otbera are:
Hartford Fire InauranccCo.
Liverpool 13 London t) Globc.
yttna Insurance Co.
Northcrn Assurance Co.
Sprintftield Fire W Marine.
Promptaiteniioti giren toadjuatment
.siunlall mattera oonnoctedwith
Don't Take Any Chances
With Mosquitoes This
Summer. Fight
Them With
10c bottle.
616 King Street.
ViK'.lN ia in tbe Gerk'a Office of
Corpontton Court of tbe ' itv ot
Alexandria. on the -th day of .luly,
Kiniiia M MorriaOB \s. Harry II. Mor
rbion. I" i haneery.
M, imo. The objeel of tlds auil
otitain an abaolute dlvorce for tbe defen*
dant on tbe gnrand of hia wiifiil deaer
ti,.n and aliandoiiiii.nt oflnr I'ora period
,,r more than three y,?;,,?- l..? i"..r.? tbe
hrincing; of tbtaault: for tbe eare and
<?ilsto.lv Of tbe illfaill ehild of the mar
,ul f.,r qeneral rellef.
It appearinsj bj an affidavit filed in
thia eauae that thedefendant, Harrj II.
Morriaon, i- a non-realdenl of this state:
It is Oraered, Thal aald defendant
appear here arithin Bfteen daya after due
publieatlon of thla order. and do irhal Ia
ii,.,-.ss;,r\ to protoot lo- inier.-t in this
snit. and' that a eopj of thla order be
forthwitb Inaerted ln tbe Alexandria
Oazette, aneirapaper publlahed in tho
<it\ of Alexandria. e.n.e a areek for four
?rHysaadir-'1,1:,! t'1'1 fr,jllt
j^pa^T. ot this city.
Mtm, i>.'{. jji wiw-f
Southern Railway.
Tralna leave UoiOO Slation, Alexandria. j
ln eflect .Imic 13, l?Ift
N. I>. - Pollowhagaebeduleflgurespub
liahedonlyaa information. and are not
7:17 A. If.?Dally loeal between Waah
ington and Daaville.
8:47 A. M.?Paily?Loeal for Ilarrison
burg and way stauons.
:.:17 A. M. Dally?U. S. Fa.-t Mail.
Stopaonly for nnsscngcrs forpointaaouth
at wiiieh acheduled to stop. l-'irst ehus
coaohea; aleeping oara lo Blrmlngbam
and drawing room ateeplng oara to New
nrleans IHning ear -eiviec.
iii7 \.m. Dally afalltraln. Coaohea
for .Manassas.i harl'oUesville.Lyncliburg.
Panvilleand Oreenaboro. Bleeplngean
areenaboroto Atlanta.
1:17 P M. -Week days?I?cnl for YAar
renton and Qarrisonburg.
132 P. M- -Dally?Birniinghaiii l|.
ia!. Bleeplngean between New York.
Vuguata, Aiken and Jackeouvllle.
Sleeper to Birmingnam, Through Brat.
idasa coache* between waahington and
.laeksonville. l>ining ear-crviee. i'oiir
ist to Callforaia fbur Umee weeklv.
p \i. -Week daya?LoealforHar
riaonburgand way itationa on Manaaaaa
branch. Pullman buffet pariorcar.
5:12 P. M.--Paily--Loeal for Warrcn
ton and ChariotteaviUe.
1027 l'. M.?Dally?Waahington and
Chattanooga Limited (vla Lyncbburg).
Pirat-claea eoaoh and aleeping oara to
Koanoke. KnoxvUle and chattanooga
Sleeper to Xew Orieane, Washuigton to
Bonnoke. Plnlng oaraerriee.
lltr> p, M. - Dailv -New York. Atlanta
and New nrleans Limited. Ail l'nllman
train. clnband obseivation cars to New
Orleans. Bleeping oara to Aabevllle,
Atlanta. Maeon and New < Irlean-. Bleep
iic cara o> Cbarlotte, Plnlng ear aervlee.
ir:7 A. M. Dally afemphla speclal.
Sieeplng cara and ooaohea for Roanoke.
KnoxvUle, Vaahville, Chattanooga and
Mempbla. Plnlng ear aenriee. Waah
mgton sieeplng ear- open IOjOO P. m.
Through traTnafrom the aouth aarive
at Alexandria6:13and628and 1023a, m.
?I:; 72fl 10:13 and 112?P. M. dally, Har
rlaonburg 1138 A. M. week daya and 9:13
P \| dailv. From Charlottcsvi!!
A. M.
Leave Alexandria (W. <v <?. Slation
week daya at 822 A. M.. 1:40, 128,and
6 ia r. M. for Blueraont; 635 P. M. week
days Tor Leeaburg;5:15 P. M- dally for
Blueniont and 0:02 and 822 A. M.. loeal.
and 902 A. M. I l.td. 00 Sundays only for
detalled tcbedule flgurea, tiekets.
Pullman reservatlon, etc.apply to
LTnlonTieket Agent. Alexandria,Va
i;. il. (ti \ I'MAN. General Manager
S. II. IIARPWICK, I'.)--. ?l'nf. Mgr.
il r i AHY.General Paaaenger Agent.
i - BR< >\VN. General lecnt,
Waahington, P, C.
Washington, Alexandria ??
Mt. Vernon Railway.
In elleet May I. ?10.
i.kavi: .M.i:\AM>riiA.
Por Waahington, from oorner Prinee
and Roval streeta, week days. at ?"> 10,
fl 05, li 20, 6 30, S k), 8 66, 7 06, 7 15, 7 30, 7 I".
7 .Vi 800,8 15 8 25, 8 35, 8 80, 9 10, 9 30, B 50,
10 10, 1030, 1060, II 10, 11 25, 11 30, II
in.. 12 10, 1225, 1230, 1260. 1 1". 1 25, ' '?*>
1 60, 2 1". J 25, 2 30, - 60, 3 05,:! !?'>. :t 35, " S0,
I 10, 1 25, l 30, i K>, I 65, 6 10, ?'? i">. 5 35, 5 50.
605, 0 20, 6 30, 0 46, 7 00, 7 15, 7 26, 800, s 30,
900.930, 1000, lo:so. II 10 and 11 Sfi |>. m
Bundaye -7 00, 7 35, 8 10, 820, 8 K>, 900.
920,9 40,1000,1020,10 40, 1100, 1120 and
11 loa. in.. 1200m., 1220, 1240, 1 00, 1 20,
1 10, 2 00, 2 20, 2 10, 3 00, 3 20, 3 40, 100, I 20,
I 10,500,620,6 10,900,620,6 10 700,720.
7 11. 800, B30, 900, '?>&. tooo. 10 80 and
II lo p. m.
Leave Alexandria for Mount Vernon
week days,al 546, 668, 756, 861, 1025,
II 25a ni.. 1225, l 25, 226, 330, 440, 585,
630, 7:s.V B60, 960, 1060and 11 50 p. m.
Bundaya 700, 830, 930, 1030, il :*> a.
m.. 12 30, l 80, 2 :so. :i 90, t :so. 6:?, 6:?). 7 30,
8 46 and 1016 p. m._
"Washington Southern Ry.
Behedule Ia eflect May 15, ifiio.
Tralna leave Unlon Statlon for Waah?
ington and points nonh at 7 43, B08.
8 23and 832a m., 1201,230, 807, 8 18and
II 33 |>. m.. dailv.
Por Prederickaburg, RIchmond and
points aouth al 137,7 63 (loeal) and 1022
a. m., 12 16, 1 ?-"J. ?'? 17 iloealI 7 XI and 967
p. m.
Aeeommodatlon for Prederick8burgat
11 28 a. m.. dailv. On week days this
train runa through to Mill'onl.
N'i.ti:: Timeorarrivalaanddeparturea
and connectiona not guaranteed
W. P. TAYLOR, TrafflO Manager.
Rlcbmona, va.
Suceeaaon to
.lusiAil li. I). SMOOT.
Lumber, Cement and Plaster.
Ozaeeand fard ii">N. Unlon atreet
Paetory No. in N. Lee atreet
Uaterial DeliveredFREE in the city.
VIK<; 1MA. ln the Clerk's OfBee ol
the Corporatlon Courtofthe Clts ol
Alexandria. on the i^?tli ilay Of Jiinc.
Lillian i:. Mauafleld \ a. Roberl N. afana
ficld. In ebancery.
Meiim. Tlie objeel olthi-siiii is tOOO
i.ain for the oomplalnani anabaolute di
voree from thedefendant on tbeground
of aduUery commltted by blm, aad for
general rellef.
Ii appearing byanaffldavltfiled in tliis
cauae that the defendant, Robert N.
Mausfield, Is a non-resldent ofthlaState:
< irdered, That said defendant ap
pear here within fifleen days aftor due
publication of this order, and do what i
n, r, -v;in- to piOteol his inlcrest- ill this
siiii. and thal a OOpy Of this order be
forthwitii inaerted In the Alexandria
... a newspapcr publlabed ln the
if Alexandria, oneea week for four
Bucceaalvo weeka, and poated at thefront
door ofthe Court Bouae of this city.
A eopy Ti
c.v i.otis N. DCBTBT, I?. C.
Charioa Bendheim, p. q. jc:!" w4w-tbu
J.& H.Aitcheson
Agents Gray Gasoline Motors
Engineer and MachiniaM' Suppliea.
Pipe. Pipe Fittintfa. Valves. fifc.
Blacksmithing & Repairing
Promptly Executed.
ia Iron Works
We male a specialty in repairs to
Gaaoline Zu^iaes, Motorcyclea and
We aolicit your ordera on ail kinda of
Iron Work.
BellPhone 53.
514 Evaoa Budding. Phone Main 7324
Btrav Hata al 96c, arorth up to HM. All shapes.
Night BhirU at 46c, arorth 76c. ^<
Neckwear, 8 for 26c, arorth 86c
Knee Drairera and Coal Underahirti to go at 26c, worth 6fb
S.ft Collat Sliirts at 49o, worth 76c.
Buil Caani and Trnnka 26 per cent oif.
Negligu Bhirta at 98c, arorth #1 60.
'.? Shirts at 89c, arorth Mc,
Fan.y Hoaiery al 11c, arorth 19c.
Suits for man, boy?Trousers, Vests, Single
Licht Weight Coats, Linen Pants at a big sav
ing to you.
Kaufmann Bros.
402-405 King Street.
Summcr Shocs That Satisfy
in cvcrv partieiilar are leally hard to
tin.l wit'lioiit yoti knou ihe rhrht place
t? pnrehaae. That ia KAT/.s Mm>
rnakea of aboea may l>e aatialketofy In
every aray pxeeptcme, but tbal one tklng
spollaall. Butoneewear KATZ'8 aboea
?in,I i-oil will liavc foonvearlh.it is abao
luieiv perfeot arlthoal exeoption
foinfbrUble,craeeful,atyllab and tlcr
,...c,'?lv duralile. W*e liavcthein in l.la.-k.
llghl and dark lan. and white.
400 KING
New Shows New Rides
Come Outjand Dance
Music by Band of Fifteen Pieces
Free Gate SpecialJInducements^toJPicnics
jel -II!
B.8.VI iiri'iM.. y\ w tii i<
Virginia SafeDeposit&TrustCorporation
Authorized Capital. ?1,000.000. Paid in Capital. ?300.000.
C. J. Rixcy. John P. Robinson. Thomas J. Fannon. C. C. Leadbeater, Hcnry K.
Field, Henry Baader. George S. French. J. K. M. Norton.
We act as Executor. Administrator and Truatee. Iasue Fidclity. Contract.
Official and Judicial Bonds. General Banking and Truat Busincss Transacted
Intercst paid on Savings Accounts. We solicit the accounti of Banks. Corpora
tions. Firms and Individuals. and proraise liberal treatment conaiatent with
sound bankintf methods.
Our fine grades of paper and
cnvelopes in boxes and by the
pound. You will be delitfhted
both in it? quality and price.
S.F.DysonA, Bro.
Book Sellers # Stationers,
508 King Street.
John Ahern & Co.,
C.n-n.r I'rin.'e and ( oininer.e Stn.-ts.
and dealera ln
Ootmtry produoe racelTed dalb
atock of i'lain and Fancy Orocenea era
braceaeverythlng to be had In this line.
\\ e hold largely i" Unlted states bond
od ararehouae and earry rn atoek rartoua
branda ofthe baal
made. Uara al-., in atore auperlorgrarlaai
of Foreigra and Arnerlean
Siiti-faetion Onaranteedaa t<> Prtaaaod
W. A. Johnson & Co.,
N. ELCornarOameroaand Royal Btraata
General Commis :.on Merchanta
and d.alei-s in
Have on hand Oibeon'a XX. XXX.
XXXXand PureOld Rye.Old Cabinet
and Monoeram Wbiaklca; alao Baker'a
andThompeon'a Pure Rye Wblaklea.to
irhlehtbey Invlte tbe attanttoai ol the
tr.nlc. . .
Ordera from tbe eountry for merabauv
dis,- ihall re.eive promptattention.
Conalgnmenta of Fl.mr. Graln and
Country Produce aollcited. for which
they guarantee tbe blgbeet market prices
and prornpt returns.
Manufacturer of
oKFKK \.-ri> aroauaa: 116417 .v iioyai si.
Dealer in Hardware. Paints. Atfricul
tural Implements, Vehiclea.Harnear.
Field and Garden Seeda.
araaanaocaaaa, aoi ra i tnam araanra, ox
I.INK Of "..I Illi.llV It.WI.WAY.
Also Grain, Hay, Straw
andallkindsof MillFeed
Will alaraj kaep ba atoafe the highesi
gradeof theae art".
Pure Food Store.
Fresh from the churn to
you. For yeara Midland
Butter has been recotfnized
as the best that comea to
Alexandria. Special deliv
ery every Friday.
Call. phone. or write.
St. Asaph and.Oronoco Streets.
An electric fan will cool your
office, store. shop or any room in
your house.
Electric lights givc off less hcat
than any other method of illumi
nation and do not consume the
oxygen in the air.
An electric iron does not require
a hot fire in the room nor the
necessity of walking back and
forth between the board and the
Call on us for facta and fitfures.
Alexandria Electric Co.
524 King St.
isoii ison and cveryihing is in a
|Mdy whirl,
And tfraodma baa fbrajot that ahe no
Ioukct is aarlrl.
Old folks sij.i,. ctown the baalatere and
slip tbrOUgh sli|:|..ry t.
And our eoiisins from the e.?intryyoii
would never lake for rnlies.
There are btiman WealB this atmoapherc
aoarlag beyond ourvtaloa'a reach,
And there an?'< \ lainatioiis from tho
watehera on tbe beacb.
T ironder what people will do next."
said a watcher from tln- bunch,
And I anggeated that thei abould goantl
-,-ta ( AMERON i.l \( II
905 King Street.
Open All Night.

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