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Thi political opponenta of Pn -
Taft are reoetviog reinforcementa daily.
The inmrgeota aecuied negro a I
Waahington laal nighl when the prea
dellt was eoiidellilied at a meetil:;.' ol
the Waahington branch of the Nationa
Hcjrro Independenl Political L
for his attitn.le toward the OCglO.
Those attending the meeting aaaertetl
that tln- independenl elemcnl among
eolored voters haa been st,,,dily ill
Ofaaaing and Mr. Taft'a poltcy of re
fuaang <<> appoinl negroea lo ol
l.H'alities when white peoplc ol
has greatly a*igniented the numberi! ol
such voters in every seetion of ibl
country where the negro ia of any con
sideral.lc si/e Th- ... eting was hcl.l
with tln- apecial objecl of giving ex
pi.ssion to the oppoaitionof the leaguc
t? president Taft'a "aouthern policy"
and t<> eleet delegatea to the annual
meeting of the leaguc at Atlantic City
August 4 and 5. The national leagut
h-d tbe oppoaition of "independenl
negro voters" in tlie laal national cam
paign againal Mr. Taft and the repub
lican jK.ity and urged the negro race to
vote f.-r Mr. Bryan aathe aureal way o
rebuking the republican party. On.
of tbeapeakera said:
In ihe aouthern st.it. - 95 per cenl ol
the 9,000,000 negro citizena of th<
United Stat.s are depri.ed of tlie ballot.
Ihe executive hcad of .he tcleial gov
ernmenl within 16 montlis fflhYially
admitted thia diafranchieemenl in his
inauarural addreaa and pallinted the
violation of ihe federal cenatitution,
iostead of rjcclarina hia | urpoae tocn
for.e the law m obedicnce to the onlh
ba bad ju-t aolemnly taken. Preaidenl
William II. Taft eveii intimated the
legality of those devicea for iiullifying
the rifteenth amendmenl bj atak- law*.
which are as imi.Ii worse lli in fraudu
lent practieea aa law i- atrongcr than
custom. The legialative bntncli of the
federal governmenl haa viewed with
apathv and inaction tlieir Hagranl vio
lation. The judicial braneli h w dodged
the issin in all caaea broughi involving
southern diafranchiaemenl lawa
One raaaon given oul by the powers
that be foi the recenl diamiaaal of Col.
J. S. Mosl.y from the poaition he held
iu the Departmenl of .lnsi.ee was tbal
hc was auperannuated and could nol be
depetided upon. Bul the real reasoii is
that Col Moahy known loo mu.rh alwul
the way the governmenl haa '??' ?>
awindled by tbe land and eattle bnrone
of the west and othera holding promi
nent positions. Col. Ilosby haa alwayx
looked after the government'a inU'rcaUi
whetiever he has been in iU employ.
Kur forty jreara beforehe waa appointed
consul at Hong Kong.ihe collectiona al
that port were $40,000; during his aix
and a half yeara' aerriee then aa con
?ul tbe collectiona netted the govern
nient 160,000 after every expenac of
the coiisulatc was paid. including aal
ary, reota, etc. Buita were also inati
tated id his inatance againal formor
consnls from which 140,000 waa recov
crcd. making a total of $100,000 re
ceived by tbe governmenl for his
aerrioaaduring hissiv and a hall
?? consul in Cl.ina. It is also und.-r
?tood thal when he waa rccalled as
ajaaaanl agent it. the northweal and aenl
to Alabama t.> look aftet governmenl
ti.nl.cr lands hecollected 140,000 for
tbe government, which would nol have
Ihi-ii collectcd save for his acth
vices. It is now said that the aame in
tlueiiec which causi.l Col. Moaby's dia
aauaaal kapl bim from reot iving an ap
pointment undcr McKinlcy'a adminia
tration. When BenatOT Gore begina
an examinatioii into the Indian land
?teal valuable informatiou will be
pleced in his poaaoaaion.
Tn proapectivc riae in thepricc of
Ital.ati win.s in this county liecauac of
the abrogatioa of a tariff agreemcnl
between Italy and tbe United B
will not be for the?benefii of tempcr
nnce. aaya the Providence Journal,
which adds: "The rintagea which h ivc
baooma ao popular in recent yean
?t oooa palatable and bealthful, and
those who are aocuatomed to uee Cheni
are far laal likcly todrink to exoeaa than
if they took more fiery atimulanta."
Cooceroing this the New York Tribune
says: "MoatOfthe Italian restaiirantsin
thia oonntry would l>. able to fro on do
iag baataeaj if no wine were irnported
frcmltaly. for tbe bulk of the wine
which they BM ia made in California.
It is good wine. too, if aufficiently
weakened. California vermoutb is
even replacins tbe onoa celebrated rer?
mouth of Turin."
Ma. T.wr haadechled to appoinl fl
eolored man coUector of cuato
WaabuagtoB. Hethua makea himaelf
?olid with the negroeaof the country
by an appointimnt in a diatricl where
the people cannot vote: bul it ia nol be
lieved thathc would bave ijiiada any
auch appointmeiit m any Borwern city
pf 300,000 inhabitanje,
Fosrthe worst violationa <?f theGet?
pore food law. aaya a reeent con
Miiar report, offenders maj be obligi
to cno tii.ii- days in priaon. Tbe (fi
Voik Tribune suggeata that Qermany
one of tboae eountriea in which a
liighci n u.iiioii i- pul on liumaii life
than < i: property._
M, ?!,,, are erowded oal of em
ployiiieiit b; women Bboukj ajoin for
Jome ii. ,-eivicc. says tbe Omaha
Be- . which addi the aJraring sug
, tbal tWO afteriioons off would
i iin two ball pnnea ? wei k
iu Minimer and tWO inatinccs in witttei.
jn ., apeecb yeaterday declared tbo
inuckrakrrs traitors of tlic Btate and
juilty of ihc blackeel of crimea. How
the* f> I'.ow- bear up againat botli
ihc foi mer preaidenl and \ ice preaidenl
i brnwpondeneeof Alexandria (ia/ett.
Heroiara in the anny runs in
drange streaka, aeoording to the li-t
, rtifiuatea of meril awarded !??
lllisted men for hravery during tbe
? year ended June 90. ln th
uo li has just been made publi
by th. departmenl four men are from
,,i-i arlillciy coips. one from
infaiitry, one from the aigna] eorpa,
are oooka and one a musician
|l,-pite thc fad that cooka and mu.-i
cians are not expected to diaplaj
ial courage, tbeyoccupy ooe third
ofthi li-t for hcioie reacue. Tbontae
Willi iiusoii, who is oook for company
\ ol ibe 20th infantry, saved a native
Filip].boy from drowning. Henrj
ii yook m the coasi artiller)
coiuiiany al Forl McKinley, afaine,
jumped <'ff a ileck into icy water to
nave a comrade. Victor Turner, a
muaician with company C 17th in
fantiy, did tlic same thing al Bwee
Water Creek, Qeorgia, Of the othei
si\ exnmples of heroiam three wen
foi rescuing drowning oompaaiona,
two for saving governmenl property
in a burricane, and one for di.-tin
guiabed servicceTn an ungagement.
li - W. Kigdon. the man who
ihol Mrs. Anna Thereaa Young, es
tranged wife of Alexander Young, .
Pbiladelphia lawyer, in Chicago las
FriiUiy, waa well known for aeveral
n Waahington Hnancial circles.
He livi d with Mra. Young at varioua
Waahington botela for several yeara
and at one time gained notoriety bj
~\.ting a negro porter o* a hotel who.
|;, ,|,,n elaimcd, iiisidtcd Mrs. Young
|;,,-,|,,n wa- known to Washingloii
broki i- a- a plngger both in thc atock
markel and the whe.it pit. Hard luck
;,i one time attended bis atock playing
and he lost s-veral liundtcd (liou-an I
dollars i.? Bcaeon Imt apparently thc
I nol -train his icsoiirces.
Thc Assisiant District Attorney aaid
todaj lhal thc work of preparing the
- agaiusl the handbook men.
I laal S.ilurday, is much heavier
than anticipated, henee the delay in
thc papcrs. Pormal chargee, ii
rMt-ted, will be filed on Friday.
Presidcnl Tafl reeeived the follow
legram today from tbe Bmperor
,,r Japan in r ! ition to the recenl viail
made by Secretary of War Dickinson
lo lhal country: Thc preaidenl <>f tlic
: Btates, Waahington: "I thank
you for your kind telegram. lt has
been my greal pleaaure thal I had
ili, opportunity <>f Beeing Beeretary
Dickinson.- "Mutauhito."
The |Hipulation of Jackaon, Mi?..
iveii at 21,262 againsl 7,816 in
|o ,i Thc populatiou of Corpua
I'hn-ti. Texaa, has increaaed in ten
\,ai- from 1,708 to 8,299.
ln i. apoiise lo a llood of prote-t- from
promiiient residenta of Bouthern Cali
fomia over the arn-t of 1?. W. McKaj
by the Mexican authoritiea al Ti i
.liinna, near Hantiago, thc Btate l>e
paiiuicnt has directed Ambaaaadoi
Wilsoii at Mevico City t<. make a
tliorough inveatigation of tbe inctdent,
McKag waa arreeted, according to re
|,oii< from SantiagO, f<>r baving CUl a
gatc iii a wire fence. I!:iil was offered
by a number of his frienda, but tbe
,\i, \ican authoritiea,inaocordanee with
u-iia! praciiee. refu-cd to relca-c hiin.
A revolution has brokon oul in Hon
iluras, aecoiding t i advices to the Btate
IVpartineiit today trom PagU'igalpa,
with thc upriaing of 50 men al Ceiba
-unposcd to be in -ympalhy witll thc
former Preaidenl Manuel Bonilla,
nmenl troopa have been diapatcli
od io the s -ctie of the outbrcak. It ia
also rcpoitcd from Honduraa thal the
ill.i-ts -ignalled the steamer
l't-iem on the way to Bluefielda and
also that tlicj had -ignalled an armed
Behooncr l\ ing it wail in tbal vieinity.
The revolutioii has been expected for
-oinc lime, as there have been rumora of
mysterious military preparations in
variotis parts of the country. Tlic
Statc liepaitmeut uas ollieially inform
cd lod iv lhal the gmibo.it Yacoioa had
-.iM from I'.luelields to Cape
l.i.nia- i l>i< - to protect American in
teie-t- there and eapecially to I.n
lian I in c.isc of an attack upon Consul
Tiimin r. who waathreatened by Mad
ii/ synipathi/ers.
An agreemenl reached in ;i confer
enoa with railroad offlciala by the
interatate conjroerce commiaaion con
cerning the handling of the propoaed
increaaes in freigbl ratea, is bc4 forth
in thi- Btatemenl baraed by tbe coaa
nii-ioti today: "lt being understood
that the coiiiinission cxerciscs authority
under the new law and Buapenda ail
general and importanl rate advancea
made for the purpoae ol increaaing
revenue, theprincipalcarrierain offlcial
n tcrritoty. through a cotn
mittec appointed for tbal purpoae, pro
.,; j to voluntarily poetpoueth'j
effective date <>f such advanced ratea
until Nowmbcr 1 next) and an
arrangcmcnl to thal effed w.is made
after conferenee with Ibe commiaaion,
This will not delay inveatigation and
decision as to the reaaooableneai ofthe
Ivaneea, but will obviate tbe
i this lime for niimcious
i-ii.fi order- which o'lnrwis,
would be made "
1 aurpriae waaaprung ontbeattor*
neys for the trustec of the Waggaman
when the hcirs of Thonias F.
.ncn's falher-in-law. througb
\- M iddox and Gatley, objected
io iin - the estate on tbe
tcrms-et forth by Truetee H, Rn/icr
Thc J'., ..',1 of Atmy Enginuer? aji
iKiint.d by President Taft to make re
?omniendatiois for tbe apportioiiment
of the recent 120.000,000 appropriataon
among the varioua reclamation pro
jechi convened at the office of Beeretary
daliinger t. day. It is expected that
in a few days they will bave Igreed
upon their coiiise. Beeretary Baltinger
hopes to have the reoommeodatiooa of
theeagineera batotbe bandaof tbe preai?
denl byOctobkr. Beeretary BaUhigeria
viatung Mt. Rainigf national park thia
Weah with a vi.w ,,f aajtUing -everal
idmimstrati\e mattei- Yati II. Man
aingof Mis.sissippi. who baa ainoe 1866
baan in the emplo\ ..f th,- QeoglogicaJ
Survey, was today appointcd chief clerk
of the Hiireau Mines.
A decision l.y the audilor for the
War Department diaallowing i daim
for $10.80 for rappliea t<. rapairthe
.nitonioliile of ('..I. H. L Sc'.tt. auper
mtendent of the Wari I'oitit Militar\
A.adeiny. was siistained l.y tln i.|.
troller of the treasury today. 'Ihe latte.
aaid tbal there was aothority in laa
for the repairs of WagOOa, . arts and
drayage ueed for military porpoaaw
but iioiic for the repairs of automobile*
for th.- peraonal uae of an officer.
1'he ipiartern.a.stcr qeneral of the ami\
seiit the autotnobik i?> ihe quartei
master at Wcst Point and reseiited th.
diaallowance of the repairs clainted by
the auditor. The OomptroUer, bow
ever, upbeki the auditoi and aome
furtber action will be rweeaear] to paj
the li.ll.
The Wtrike in Baglaaak
London, .luly 80/ Today's earl\
additiona t.. ihe atrike on the Nortl.
eaatern Railway broughl tlie tota
Dumberof men up to 25,000. A large
number of firemen joined the atriking
iwitchmen today, forcinglhe company
to ahaiiiion praclically all ila trains cv
, ijit the most importanl mail connec
tions. Kven theae are being run wilh
greal difficutty, and ifmany more men
walkout, a tolal tie-up on the road i~
expected. The men wenl oul witboul
warning, atartiug in the Newcaath
district and apreading to all portion
of the lille. They have not M yet ipeci
tied their grievancea, bul doclared they
have atruck to "proteat againal tln
tyrannical methoda of the officiala."
London, .luly 20.?Tbe strike ,,f the
trainmen of tbe NQrtheaatern Railwaj
has reacbed aerioua proportiona, 80,000
railroad men being out aud man)
tbouaanda of men being forced to lay
down their tools as a reaull of th.
stnke. Most .,f the collieriea, docka,
sbipyarda nnd factoriea reacbed by the
Northeasleill Were today .oinpelled to
siispend operaiione, owing to thoir
i.ial.il.ty to receive auppliea or to make
shipmenta. More trainmen are goilig
out every hour and a completa tieup
s.en.s piolial.le.
Laaor [Tnloa Bajolaed.
New York. .luly 20. Labor uniona
aretermeda "trual inimical tothal free
dom wbich the lawa of Ihe atate guar
antee t<. every citizen," hy Judgo
Kichardaon of Boaton, in an injumiion
granted to the Meade-Morrieon Cora
pany, of Cambridge, <>f which Con
iian Eugene N. Poaa is preaidenl,
againal the officera and membera ol
Boaton Lodge, No. 264, of the Intei
national Ass.,. i.it.'o.i of Maehinists.
The illjilliclioii lesli.iilis the Utlioil
membera from maintaining the pickel
or patrola in front of the oompany'a
ahopa bere and from interfering b)
threat.s with the workmen whodeai're
to remain m tbe emploj ?.f th.- firm.
ln granting the injunction Judge
Richardaon aaid:
"Every man is entitled to work f.>.
any liuiiili.r ..f houis for any wragf
thftt is satisfa. tory !?? him without in
terference or tbreata of viotence. The
combination of capital mt" what i~
known :i- truata baa aio.is.d iniieli
criticiam througboul the<.ntry Bul
it seenis to me that the lal.or uniona
bave foi in. d a tnist inimical tu thal
freedom which the lawa of the atate
guarantee t<. every ritixen."
Aeraplaae Mrack aj Ltghtlag.
1'a.is. .luly 20, The most i.mark
ahle acei.l.iit in the hletory ofaerial
navigatioo ocenrred todaj when an
aeroplane in which M. Ehrmann was
tnaking a cross country tlight. WW
ittruck l.y a holt of lightning and com
pletely deatroyed, Ehrman bad a
miiaculoiis cseape fioin dealh, falliog a
conaiderable diatance in bia acorched
Those who aritneaeed the accidentde
.laied that Khrniann. at a fair beight,
was flying along tbroegb a thuuder
loud when the ligbteningboltdeecend
d. The aeroplane instautly burst in?
to tlan.es, and fcll, turning over and
over. All expected to tind Ehriiianii
criished iinder the ruins and w.-regreat
v Bupriaed t.. aee bim crawl unburl
,ui of the wrecka
Eye aritneaaea aay when tbe lightning
atruck the machine ita greal canvaa
Winga seeined U> d.sappi ar, while p.n
tions of the inetal a/ork were fuaed l.y
the greal beat,
Vflll loillnu Jeliiis.
New Vork, .luly 20. .lo.Wooilman.
anagerofSam Langford, tbe Boaton
tar baby, who has arrived here trying
to forca a matcli with Jack Johnaon,
declared today he intended lo foilow
the chanipion all over the world. if
"I am raady to iccept Johnaon'a
ultimatum and ]>ost #10.<H>0 the instant
the ehampion slu,ws a willingneaa to
aignarticleaof agreement," aaid Wood*
maa today. "1 knoa Johnaon is a
great fighter. but Langford. though
forty puiinds lighter, can beat him.
Johnaon has not forgotten the battle
Langford gave himat CbeltM, afaaa., a
few yeara ago. He backed down cold
after agreeing to fighl Langford before
the National Sporting Club in London.
Bul I inteinl t.? foilow everywheraj be
goe? and make him light or crawl."
Strike <>n tirand Trunk K. K.
Portland, Me., July 20.?After
hours of industrial war. not a freighl
train up to todav baa stirre.l over any
of the Ghrand Trunk orCentral Vermool
lines in New Kngland, the railroada
ahandoning all aitctnpts to handle
freight for the jiresciit and devoting
their entire eflortJ to maintaining their
paaaeoger aclieduk i
Mootreal, JulySO Both -;,!,?- tothe
la'u.r oontroveray on th.- Qrand Trunk
Railway wenl on record today as re
fu-ing arhitration. Tln- railn-ad is
still operating its most importanl trains
altbougfa all are late Then has bfjafl
no disorder reportcd on the aystem
Kailway Presidiut Murdered In III'
Hoinc As?assiii beaaaaa,
Chicago, July BD. Ira (i. ILivvn,
president of thc Monoii Kailway. and
.me of the beat known railway men in
the country, wasshot and killed by a
burglar at his homc in Winnctka, 111.,
a siiburb of Chicago. early today. The
?i eacaped,
Hcaring a noisc al?.ut 1:.".(> a. in.
M: . Bawn awakened bet huahand and
t..ld liiin that BOtne one BAta iii the
hoii.-c Bawn, aHhougb iaapkwed by
bia wife not togo downataira, alipped
on a bath robe and invcst gab-d. A
inonieiit aflcr hc reachcd the f,.,,t of
thc -tairs. t\so shot.s were hcard.
Balph C. Colmrn. son-in-law of tlic
dead man, who lives at the Rawn
reaideaee, was flrel to rearti Rawn after
the ahota were Bred. Hc found thc
railway preaidenl in adying eonditiou,
blood Bowing from a wound in the
breaet. Rawn attempted toapeak Imt
could not. Hedicd live miiiute- Iater.
Thc Rawn roetdtiiice at Winnctka, a
faabionable auburb of this city, m
cupied by Mr. and Mr-. Kawti, Mrs.
Bigelow, a married daughter, and Balph
0. Ordburn with hi- wife and two
ehildren. Boberl C Brinkley, another
-oii-in law. oceiipied a scparatc bome
ii.-ai the Bawn r.-idcncc.
BawW, who was 66 years old, was
born at iVlaware, (). He became
preaidenl of the afonon sy-tem la-t
i tctober.
That Rawn was thc victimof abur
glar and not somc per-oiial cnemy Waa
-hown by marka on thc door of the
bouae, where the intruder bad UflBJM a
"jiinmy" to force an ciitiauce.
Ihscovcry of blood Btaiueona aidc
walk near Ihc Rawn h.mic and the fact
lhal one ahoi had be m lircd from thc
rcvolvcr. led thc police lo belliiv? that
the burglar i- wounded. Ifra. Rawn
-.iid ahe beard two ahota, and tbinks
that her hiisband lircd at ttic inlrud.i
before hc was shot doWll.
Thc Chicago police dectare thal tbe
murder was probably committed bya
negro, as coloied burglars as :: nile are
bunglers and Bhool more white men
Winnctka has been lcirori/i 1 for a
areek bya gangof negro toughawho
have in-ulted woinen. robbed men and
committed aeveral burglariea.
Suordlish l-'ight- l-'lsliera.
Boaton, July 20. -John Henry, of
the li-hmg achooner Alice Palmer, lella
of a nghl for lifc he and his dory malc
\dain Waltera, had with a iwordfiah
ofj th.- Georgea Banka, laal Friday.
I'he li.-h waa aighted in the afternoon,
and iii a short time two harpooiis wen
stii king into Iii- haek and he was ia<
tflg away with the barpoon biioys.
Henr) and Waltera manned a dory and
startcd after the Inioys. Infurialcd by
the pain of the iron barfae the li-h turn
cd on the dory, li drove ita powerful
aword through one end of the eraft and
then thc other, while the two men leap
ed back and forth to eacape the driving
blowa. Thc dory begafl to lill a- thc
repeated attacka of thc flsh opened up
li,,!, .. and it looked as thougfa ihc
li-herinaii would be hfi entirely at tbe
mcrcy of ibe lish iii the water, Bol a
I dory fl. the scboollcr swepl
iip and with barpoona settled thc fateof
the lish and reacued the two m ihc
ainking dory.
Thc Haefca fJeaapaaj and \. i'. f..
Ciiicipnati. <).. Juljf l".'. ? "M i
underatood tnal thc agreemenl we bave
reachcd with thc Hucks Btove and
1,'aiige Company does not affed the
? landmg of the caaea ag.iinst Jobll
Mitehell, Frank Iforriaon and mj -< II
in which are an- charged with ooutempt
of i ouii for baving publiabed Doticea of
the boycot in the American Federatiou
,,f i ib..i Journal after the courl had
enjoined aa from doing ao," said Banv
iid Qompera, in a atatemem following
ihc annoiiiicincnl of the agrecineiii.
'Ui.- only cbange will be in thc bad
ihat thc Bucka Company'a attornej
will drop oiit of iin
Qompera declared thc American
Kederatioc of Labor would akj the
itriking railroad men in Oanada, al
though 11!?? v do not belong lo thc organ
"The Qrand Trunk men had no
other OOUree than to strike wlnu the
railroad refuaed to accedeto their de
niands. Nothing hnt dcath can kecp
them from winning and deatfa does nol
o>iiii- in auch grcai numbera.
Ilcbl llenrt in llands.
Philadelpbia, July 80. For tbe
-ccoiid time iii tive weeka Dr. Francia
T. Steward, of the Pennaylvania Hoa
piral, has taken Btitchea in thc throb
i>ing bearl of a man Btabbed in a
light. Yeaterday he put five BtHchea
in the bearl <>f Jeeepfa Bpence, a negro,
who reeeived a knife thruet in a
tight early in the morning. Thc man
was tieailv dead when rusiicd to thc
boapital, Ihree souares away. I>r.
BteWard look each atitch between a
pul-atioii, and coolly beld the tbrob
liing organ in his haiidv In a few
hours ihc victim had regaincd ron
ack>uaneea,and la-t eigbl then- waeevery
indication of fnll recovery. A negro
-imilarly opcratcd on fivc weeks ago
baa been diacharged from tbe hospital
a- cured.
Chlld ln MnakeN Neat
New Orleane, July SO.-^HSuapected of
baving lowered a white infaai into an
old well within which was a nest |>f
reoomoua aaakea, LucJnda BiohardJaoo,
an clcvcti-ycar-old ncgre-s ,,f Jeffer
-on pariab, on the outskirts of New
Orieana, ia now aotcght by the authori
tiesof the parish in connection with
the dcath of littlcll/mia Parr, h nine
bsen-roonth-old white child, whosc
awollen, fang marked body was found
in a well in the rear of tbe -haek in
which thc negro faniily livedJj
Aviator Fatallv Injured.
Bome, July 20.?Advicea reeeived
today from I'dinc declare that aviator
Harmatin. who waa mjiired, in an
aeroplane aicidcnt Moliday cvening,
probably will dJe. Harmann was llying
at the rate of-ixty niilea an bour when
his motor broke, hurling him to the
ground, ? distanre of eigbty feet.
When'hc gtOtnaeh faiU to perform
it* fwnctiona, the bowela beconie de
ranged, thc liver and tbe kidneya con
Bjeeted cauahtg Duaaeroaai iliscaaca. .Tho
atomach and liver niuat be restored to
a beahhy condition and Chamber
lain's Stoinachand Liver Tableta can be
1, (.ended npon to do it. Easy to take
and moat efffttive. 8old by W. F.
Craighton ?Dd Richard Giiwon,
Twci s*teamor<t Searrlied for Dortor
Crippen?I'rcarher Sliaih.w c,l ao a
New York, July 20.?Two incotning
liners were sear.he.l today m an effort
to loeate Dr. M. H. Crippen. The
boata aaaayhed were the Kroonjand from
Antwerp and theCartnania from Liver
POOL N'o one who re.Senililed Dr.
Crippen was on either slcaniiT.
The Dover ''aaaapaet'' inaaaected by
BcoUand Yanl, turaed out to In' the
Bev. William H. Laird, of Wilming
ton, Delaware, returning home from
his racatfon. The miniater is tall and
extren.ely thiti and in no way r, seinble 1
the mis.-ing doctor. I.aird was mueh
ainiised when it was explained to him
that ln- baaj been anoer nrvatUance
aver aince Ihe captain of tbe Kroonland
received a wueless telling him that l>r.
Crippen was on board his ahip, ' It h
.ertainly a good joke on me," declared
the minister^
On board the Cartnania was Thomai
Harliiidge, a Philadelphia detective.
When the wheleea maaaage was re?
ceived telling the ship's ofioara to
watch oul foi Crippen, Harbridge araa
told about it. U?' make a lyatematk
s.anh of ihe vcssrl and re|Mirted to the
police when they hoaided bef at
Quarantine that Crippaq was not on
London, .luly 20. - Ollicialannoiince
inent was made th.s afteinoon at Boot
land Vard that the arrest of Dr. II. H.
Crippen. aranted In coooaction with the
murder of his wife. is expected tlii.
Mow Vork to Have tlie IMrture*.
New York. .luly 20. -New Yorkera
are to see tlie reprodtictioii hy inoving
pietiiies ,.f the .lohnson-.Ieffries figfat.
When kfayor Gaynot paaaed the quea
tion on to the Board of AJdermen with
a reoincieiidatioii that it adopt an
oidinaiiee prohihitilig the pictures, it
was siated that a majority of the niein
bera of the board woukj vote for aucfa
a measiire. The liheral meinliers of
tlie board, bowever, phtyed truropa in
rjueationing the tegality of auch a pro
.eeding. Bo the matter was tvfered t..
a i oinmittee to report at the next neet
iuL'. My Bgreemenl there will not !?? a
ipioium at another meeting ot the
Ald, rineii until th.- latter ].art of Bep
leinl.er, and iu tlie ineantiiiie the pic
turea will be pul on bere.
vVaaaaa aad gaa *ak IMveree,
Boaton, .luly 20.?Mra. Gertrude
M:iy Phillips, wife of Harrv Fiaher
Phillips, a young Marl.l. head mil
lionaire, has aued for divorce iii the
Salem courls. Their marriage, four
yeara ago, caueed much ialk. owing to
lile dllferellce ill their so.ial sl.indillg.
Mra. Phillips. whoae maiden name was
Mace, was the daiighter >>f a l.yn.i
expreeainan. Mr. Phillips ia the s,,i,
by a previoua marriage of Mra. Eben
H. Phillips, ivli.. ia now also siiinu foi
divorce. At the time of the marriage
Mr. Phillips waa eighteen and hia bride
two yeara younger. As an amateur
actreaa abc bad won, conaiderable auc
?ess. Phillipa in. t her at a baakef ball
ganie in Marhlehead.
Naaaerlal xer\ Icea,
Bome, Jul) 20. Pope Piua, with
all the Cardinala al preaentin Bome,
presided today al the ineinorial scr
\iecs for Ihe late l'ope Leo in tlie
Sisiilie Chapel. The ilnpressive cere
llloliy was atlelldeil by lliost of the
diplomats aeeiediled lo Kolne. tOgethei
with a large numbei ..f the nobilit)
and Catholic pilgr.ms from all 0V0I
B worl.l.
At a aubnequenl meeting, the Pope
and Cardinala decided to poatpone in
deiinitely tln- removal of Pope Leo'i
body from St. Petera, where u now
liea, to st. Johna, becauaetbe preatni
anti-cleiieal eveiteiuent in Rome |s n
Iul'Ii aa to tbreateo diaordera during
tbe removal. No time has yef been
s.t for the ceren.ony.
NaaMea Deata*
N.w Vo.k. Julj 80.' William A.
Plunk.tt. one of tbe hest known tele
L'l.aph operatora In the United Btatea,
dropped dead of hearl diacaao while at
w..rk iii tbe brokerageoffice of B, R.
I'hapin a Company today. He was;;;;
arsold, Plunkett was formeily chief
operatof for tbe Aaaociated Preaa in
Louiaville, Ky,, and was ejao in charge
of broker wirea in Bt. Louia and Chi
cago fo. several yeara.
BftriGf frTAfrn IOW.
A duinniy, attired in a wr.tpper aml a
siinhonint, hanging in a backyard in
Beading, Pa., in full riewofthe wbole
neighhorhood, started a right yesterday
between Mrs. BridgetO'Maraand Mrs.
Mary Flanagan, neighbora, which
ended iii Mrs. O'Mara accusing Mrs.
Flanagan of throwing a hmket of ice
oofd water over her and slap
ping her with a dishrag. The neighhor
IhumI has been at odda for aome time
and as a elimax Mrs. O'Mara titted up
the tigure in her haekyard and .said it
was Mrs. Flanagan. This was more
than Mrs. Flanacan could siand and
|be l.e.anie very active. After the al?
leged as?aiilt, Mrs. O'Mara swore out a
warrant for Mrs. Flanagan, who en
tered bail for a hearing.
CharlcH Wood. of Red Bluff, Cal.,
eoofadered to be waaftby, having $10,
000 in the bank aud owning valua.Ue
farming property, was obttged to take
a bath, pay a ftne of $10 and serve five
dayi ta jail for oaing profanity in pub?
lic The order for the jail sentet.
and bath eame after Wood declared in
court that he would pay the fine, but
DO court COuld send bim to jail. make
him tnke a bath or ipiit profanity.
Chariea \V..o.l was forced into the lub
and thronghly acrubbed. It was his
firal bath ln ten yeara, ao ba said. He
b| gOM about ihe streets for yefjaj;
fagged and m a filtliy condition. This
is th. aecood.time ba has been arreatcd
for profanity and aaaMaanead to pay a
fine. _^^^_
T.ething children have more or
diarrhoea, which can hc cotitrnlled by
givmg Chamherlain's (Jblic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Leinedy. Al! thal il
necessary is to give fhe prescribed dose
after aaeboperation of the bowala more
than natural and then caatov ofl to
ofoaajetbe ayateia. It is anfe andsure.
Sold by W. F Creighton and Riehard
Georgetown Wheat Market..
Oeorgetown, D. C, JulyjO-Wbeet **$
Thc latc John A. Beiison. land
operator of Ban Franciaco, cootinuea to
be ehumed by women who would fain
appaar on tbe ofBchtl reoord as his
true and lawful widow, despite the faet
thal thc Benaon eatate, which was
OOCe cstimated to bc worth $1,(KH),000,
has ginofj depreciated to 16.40.
Finger niarks found on a riled safc
in liege, hVlgium. but January, and
diiplicated on B little pbotographio
print -ent from Liege to thc ffew
York police, led to the detcntion of
a young man giving the naine of
Loula Matiilelbaum. He is chargcd
with robbery.
(iertrude Moiisen is dying at (I.
town Ho.-pital from pcllagra. Bhe ia
one of thc four while womell who foi
lowed Kev. Jonab Bamuel sturdivant.
a negro prcaclici, to Washington just
before be was arrested for marrying
and ill treating a pretty Rorwegiaa im
migranl girl. Thc Bev. Jonah ama
-ent to jail for thrcc years in Raltiinorc
latc in February, Butee then his fol
lowara have been expecting bim to es
cape tbrongli a miraclc Thc girl 08O?
tracted pelagraby faating and acourg
ing her body in tbe tirm bclief that
Qod would open the priaoo doora for
iin- negro prophet.
Ex-l'nited Btatea Benator Thoa. W.
1'alnicr, aged 80, waa thrown from his
automobilc by an intermboii trollcy
ear in Detroit yeaterday afternoon and
is said by his pbysician to bc dying.
Mr. 1'alnier was returnlng from Bir
iniiighain in his touring ear with a
friend and had almo-t reachcd tbe
city at ? point where the road is
Lioaaod by the trolly tracka at u
angle, when the ear atruck tbe auto?
mobilc from bchind. The macbinc
WM -mashed and Sctiator I'almcr was
thrown to thc pavcmcnt, aligbting on
his bcad.
John Bchenk yeaterday afternoon
wen! to Buatburg, nearLynchburg, and
Burrendered to Bberiff Perrow, aayfng
tbat be bad given Qeorge Burnett a
bcating laal Tburaday, from the effecta
of which the latter died Sunday. He
was bailed in 1600. Burnetl and
Bchenk were frienda. They lived t<>
gether on tbe farm belonging to a
brotbe: of the lalter, 2 milcs from Rew
London, in Bedford oounty. Thura?
day mghl while goinghomc in a WBgon
from tbat city, botb being druiik they
quarreled and Bchenk beal Burnett
over the bead, fracturing his akull.
Burnett loavea a wife and live chUdren.
Bchenk will allege aelf-defenae.
IOKI>T lll?l>.
Trapped in their little bomeetead
cabin on Mill Creek, in thc dry pinc
forcst near Bpokane, Waah., and aur
rounded by flamea from the foreatflrea
which have raged there since Friday,
Miss Pearl Breweii, aged -- years,.a
Bcboolteacher, and her young eiece
lierished Moiulay.
Near Kaslo, B. ('., four men fled
from the tlanics to thc inouth of a
miiie. where they were siifl'oealed, thc
wind driving the smoke from the Bn
into thc mine.
A diapatch from Winnipeg, Man.,
aaya buab Brea are again bbiaing fierce
lv iii the K'ootenay diatrid of tbe
Rockiea and bave causetl live death
and enormoua damage to property.
The most scrioiis loss is in thc Kaslo
Thc town of Whitewatcr bas been
deslroycd. Ail buildiligs at Mcliuigan
were burrw d. Thee liundred minera with
their familiea loal ail their poawea
Tbe Qroai Rorthern Bailway bas
luffered, brtdgea and freighl cara bc
mg burned and tUKi.tMKi worth of tim
ber belonging to the company con
Beacoetrainadiapatcbed from Kaslo
Were unahle to naaa Bear Lekeaod re
turned crowded with panio-stricken
men, women and chiklreo who are
being cared for h> citiaena of Kaslo.
Buah flreenear Kaalo are atill blax
ing Beruely and other lires are burning
at MerriorLake and in the vidnity <>f
V l)\ltl\(. IIAI.
Ran- preaonce ol mind was dtaplayed
Moiiday when t). W. NVIson, arriving
iii an automobilc with Miss Kllcn
Bmackel, aeized his companion in his
arms and Icapcd to safety on thc piiol
of a train that threalcncd lluui with
dcath. I'he incideiii oeciirrcd at Roaelle,
III., where thc Elgin electric road
crosses thc Chicago. Mtlwaukec and
Si. I'aul tracka. Thc couple were driv
ingtOWard Chicago and as sooii as th.\
were on thc tracks a defect in incchan
isin abruptly atalled the car. A frcight
train was running toward them. Tln
engineer applied the brakes, but thc
train m.iiiitaincd ita velocily. A- it wa
ahoiit lo crush the automobilc and its
iccupanta, Relaon graaped Muw Bmackel
abOUl tlic waist and le.iped for the
engine, dutching a rail and hanging
on. The autoinobile was puabed off
tbe track and tbe train was not Btopped
inaide of 800 feeti Relaon was only
slightly bruiaed. Miss BnaackeJ'a only
injury was a nervous shoek.
Two hundrcd Catholics sailed from
New York yeaterday on an American
pilgritnage to Rome. Of tbese 125
were passengers on tbe Cunard liner
Pauonia, wbieh was under chartcr to
the party, There were about 70 more
in tlic steainsliii) Knrope, of the La
Yeloec line. Tbe pilgriniage, as heie
tofoic stated, is under tbe spiritual di
reotion of the Right Bev. A. Van Dc
Vyver, bi-hop "f Bichmond, who wa- a
Dger on the Pauonia. It was an
DOUOCed that tbe two steamers would
lie kept within spfaking dkftance,
wcatlcr and other condrtiooa permit
ting, during the trip lo RapkM, Tbe
pilgriins are to see tbe popc early in
August and Iater go to Oberarimiergaii
Hj 1',is-i,,ii Play.
New York Htock Market.
Rew York, July 20.?Pricc BaOve
meata m tbe early tradiofcri the atock
exchange today were mixed, aoute
- makiiig fractional gains while
oilier- \ i.-ldi-d under modi rate selling.
After the tir-t few miliilte- thc drift of
priccs was downward.
Altboiigh busincsawaaextreniely dull
ail Ihrotigh thc tii-t bour a lirm tonc
prevailedabortlyafter theopeahag and
maiiv i?iics made tlight gaina.
After B long period of diilinc-s the
market beeaUM a little more aetive alter
Qoon and ibowed prononnyed etrength
|n aorae nmr^m,
Mrs. Annie R. Robertson, widow of
the late J. W. Boberteon, for 85 jrean
a Icading merchant of Charlo'.tesville.
died yesterday after a bnef illness ..f
Bright's ilisease.
William P, Hamilton, for :!4 yeara
proprietor of the Hamilton House, in
BristoJ, tlied in I.ynchburg last night
at the resideiice of his soii, Rev. Dr.
W. W. Hamilton. pastor of the First
Maptist Church, aged 7l years.
Thomas (Jrcshain, vicc-president of
the Westinoreland Luniher Corpora
tion. with ofBcea in Riclimond, bad a
diamond ring, valued at 1500, takcn
from his pockef while he was asleep in
a Piillinan car on his way from Wash
ington to Ricbmond yeaterday,
Messrs. Davia A' Davia, Washington
patenl attorneya, reporl the graat, this
areek, to citizenaof thisatate, of ihe
following patetits: Frcderick W. Bull,
Norfolk, propaller blade macbine;
ciaude H. Davia, faancbeatar, etoth*
hol.lcr foi brooins and hrushes; Daniel
W. Jonea, [Aacaaaar, aawmiU.
Represeiitative C. Hascom Slemp,
of tbe Ninth Virginia district, who has
been in New York to see Theodore
Booasvalt, aayebe baaaecured Rooee
veh for a speeeh in Hristol on Octobcr
7 in connection with bia aouthern tour.
It is underatood tbal he will diacuaa
poiiUci and urge tbe re-eleclion of
Jiidge Waddill, of the l'. S. District
Court, has ap|H>ii,ted Mr. Chas. I).
Foster, of Prederickaburg, V. B. com
inissioner for the Fastern District of
Virginia for a term of four yeara. He
succeeda Attorney W. W. Bntaner, of
Prederickaburg, recently aleeted oom
moowealth'a attorney for that city,
Prof. Doti I'arker, one of the prin
cipala of the Co-operattve Bobeol for
(iirls, Bedfonl .City, and Miss Fva
Martin, a graduale of Rawlings ln
siitute, Charlottesville. aud former
teacher in the Iiedfonl acbool, were
married yeaterday at the reaidence of
the bride'a paranta, Mr. and .Mrs. j. l.
Martin, near Carter's Bridge, Albcr
inarle coimtv hy Rev. K. K. Lunb,
of the Baptiat Churcb.
At a confereiicc, lield yestelday by
Governor Mann, Lieut. Gtov. .1. Taylor
Ellyaon and Attorney-General Bamuel
Williama, it was decided to accepl tbe
offei for bonding atate ofneiata, made
by a bonding company inside the
bonlera of the atate, at the old pre
vailing rate. An etfort bad been made
b) niaily all coinpanies to force the
rate up 85 per eent.
ln the Corporation Court of Char
lotteaville yeaterday the grand jury
returned an indietment againal Mar?
tin Jackaon, aliaa William Martin,
aliaa Martin Jaoobaky, the alleged
trunk thief, who has been lield in the
Henrico countyjail aince hia capture
in New Yo.k about live weeka ago.
Jackaon, who is also under indictmenl
in Orai.Le, waa one of the trunk roh
bor.S, so th,' police s;iy, who WM WHO"
eiated with Miller, who is serving time
in the peniteiitiary after a chase BOroaa
two continenta and involving a sen
sational jail-breaking episode in rfen
York city.
The Norfolk and Western paaneuger
train between Golumbua, Ohio, and
Norfolk was shot into at Yine coaling
atation from the Keotucky akleof Big
Bandy river Mooday night hy unidenti
lied pa.lies. and a hiillct froiu a Win
cheater rifle paaaed througli th.- body
of Lee Wirt, a aection foreman, just
alxive the heart, and cut off the Sngen
of Thomaa Maynard, of War Bagle,
\'a. Wiri was takell to the Wclch
hospiial, where he is in a serious way
with ehanees againal his recovery.
Pa lengora aaw the flaah <>f the gun
acruaa the river, Init as to who lired the
shot or what the motive was is not
known._ _
The frieii.ls of .leffries in California
an- miieli perturbed over reporta that
have been received for leveral daya
from Burbank in regard to the queer
a. ti ma of the btg man whom John
aon defeatedaodeciaively al Beno. All
ihos,. who have aeen Jeff aince he re
turiied any he is a ehanged man Ib
seelils to have aijed tel. \eais and to
have lost tl.e full oommand of his
facultiea. He has oever htlked gauch,
but he liked lo joke wit'i his friellds
and play tricks on thein. Now he
siis f.,r boura, humped over hk,- an
old man, never talking and oever
laughing, but gazing away to the far
distaine, as one in a dream. When
he talks he fre.pieiitly ramhles like a
f.ehled iiiinded old man. Aiiother
correspoinleiit, who used to go to sehool
with Jeffriea, compbuna that the big
felknv forgot his nanic when he wanted
t<> introduce him to another frieod.
Solue StiH clitlg tO the helief that Jeff
was "doped" at Retio, and that he
has not yet recovered, but most people
think that his praaent condition is
?implj the retun of the sh<K'k of
Oscar H. Stearns, a Rrooklyn law
yer, wa.s arrested yesterday at his ottice,
in the Arbuckle building. charged by
Mra, (ieorgiana Wiltshire, of ffo. 68fl
Macon ajaajet, with faiiing to make an
ae< ounting of $10,000 which she gave
him to invest.
Magistrate D toley, of the Adama
street police couit, lield him in 15,000
bail foi a bearing nexl Mooday. The
coniplainant is the wnlow of Frat.k (i.
Wiltabire, a furniture manufacturer.
Mrs. Wilt.slnre clain.stlie returtiof th.
principal and *1 .???'>?.'M in inn
Mr. Stearns had not h.-en bailed out at
a late hour last night. He i" sixty
sevn vears old. is married and lives at
No, 2187 Caton aveuiie, Flatbush,
where he is well known socially and in
church work.
Bolt ligbta i^hlrt B??om.
York. Pa.. lnIv 20 -A miabceivoua
holt of hghting whieh found it.s way in?
to the bome of John Wildeiniith, al
Shrewsbury. during n ,s<-vere storm,
ptayed a arefrd prank on Wildemuth.
wbowieaeeted in the kitchen, onaarm
resting upon a /inc lin.-d -ink. through
Which the Inilt appareiitly etjflM from
th. earth. The lightning not onlv
tbocked Wildomuth aajvarely, bwttaro*
d a cbeap metal buttOO worn by him
m a ahirt atad into a miniatura electrie
light. which shone brightly in the
H-mi-darkneaa of the room, frightening
IVilijemuth and othera of the family
prlio witneaaad, the phfnomerjon,
Swan Bros.
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tiful. dainiy lloral deeigne, in pinb
ligbt bluc, and mvetader; printed <>n
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