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2dtf&nbria (5azettt\
Sun and Tidc Table.
Sun rlaea tomoirowal laWandaeta7r21.
High water at. 7:Ma. m. and 1:12 p. IO.
Weather Probabilitiea.
For this s,.,-ii,,n ndrtoolghl andTbura
da\: nol i.ini-h ehange Intempeiaturej
lighl variahle a Indi
Bubacriiiera who |,a\. tbe city lem
porarily nhoukl nol fail lo have tbe
Oa/ette folloW th. III. A. I" 111-'> Will
be ch.'ui:-.il aa cdten as requeated with
out extra cliargc. Tbtate who are nol
regulai wibacribera can have tbe Oa
7-ette inail.d to th. in al ihe rate of 10
centa pei Week. Before leaving call or
teliphone y.mi addreea to thia office.
William Baumgartner appeared at
the station le.iis laal nigbl and recited
to Ihe otli, , i: on duty a ihiilling c\
perience he liad prevkmaly paaaed
through. I'..-.gartner'a clotbingwaa
wet from be bt ing compelled, be atated,
to jiin.p int< Hunting creek in order to
dodge the hullete of highwaymen. I
cordiqg lo his wuternent, he left New
Alexandria with thia city as his objec
tive |i,,int, and when near the aouthern
approa.h to tbe electric railway bridge
be waa accoated by three men wbo aud
deiily appeared acroaa his paih and
commandi d bim to atand and deliyer.
The in, n diecharged their piatobi into
the air, al Ihe aaroe time ordering
Baumgartner to plaee his money on
tbe frround and then decamp. There
waa bul one thing to do and Baumgart
ner did nol heaitate; ao taking all the
money be bad in hia pocketa($6.50)he
placed it where tokl. Then, nol atand
ing on th. ? irder of going, he moved
off aaqtiH'kly as poaaible toward tbe
bridge, Anothcr thrilling experieace,
bowever. awaited him. He bad pro
oaaded bul a few yarda when tbe high
way.nei. began to diacharge their pia?
tobi a. him, and, in order to es.-ape the
bullata Baumgartner jumped into the
creek. After retuaining in tho water
nntil he w is aatiafted the footpada bad
left the vicinity, he emerged from the
creek. w, ul to the station houae and
toid h.s atory. He doea nol know
wheih. i the robbera wt re white or eol?
A well-attcnded meeting of the Reli
anee Steam 1'iie Engine Company was
beld last night. Conaiderable routine
buaineaa waa tranaactcd.
The coiiiuiiltee on iniprov einents re
qui st, ,| an appropriation aufficienl to
oomplete tbe work now in progri
theengiue houae, and their requeal was
granted. This \n..ik will be puahed
rapidrp, and tbe houae when compleu .1
Will !?? W?eolld to llolie III the State.
M. \ l) (.iiin.s. \v. M Gbu
gow aud W. N Nowlin were appointed
a coiiiin.'t.ei.ake neoaaaarj arrange
ments for the parade n, \t AiilmisI \
large tiinio.it of membera of the oi
ganization ia expected.
\ uiimher of new uniforma have
been pur. has. .1 b) the eompaliv dui
ing the year and aeveral new membera
ii, d th.- nrgaiiixation.
l'ii- \iine\ Pire Company Monday
night perfe.i.d arrangementa for the
propoaed trip t.> the Piremen'a State
Convention al Alexandria. The com?
pany baa a memberabip >.f aeventy and
Willgowith fiiII raiiks. A Land has
been engaged in Washington toaccom
pan\ the organiiation to Mexandria.
[Norfolk Landmark.
The Phoebus fircmen have completed
arrangementa for attending tbe annual
convention of the Yirginia state fire*
men in Alexandria nexl month. The
Phoebua laddioa a.mpanied by the
Fort Moi. hand will leave Old Poinl
on the Waahington ateamei on tln
eveniog ol kuguat 2\ an.l will reach
the convention cit) early the morning
,.f th.- 25th. It ia now expected lhal
the .oinpaiiv will take 80 men on the
trip. Tlie new uniforma f..r the un
uniforni. I in. ii will be readj fpr the
lireineii before the trip. [Newporl
News [>,c,
[Judgi l C Barle) preaiding.]
on \ii.,s oi vmterday's no
, i i niNos.
Minor Jackaon iv The Providence
ReNef Aaaociation >>f Washington.
D. C, removal from a juaticeof the
peace; jury and verdicl for f7s,7^ for
plaintiff. the anioiint alleged to hc dtic
as s|,k hcllelits.
A. J. Wedderburn va. FamouaCloth
ingCompan) auil onanadvertiaingcon*
traccjurv aud wrdnt for plaintiff for
I.vman v~. lnt.i national BuildiOR A
boan laaociation, of Waahington; arg
umenta heard on petition and caae con
The lawn pariy givcti last night at
the home of Mr. <i. R. Keiinch .
ncr of Wolfe and Fairfax atreeta, by
Miss Loula Bmoot'aSundbyachool claea
of the Becond Preabyterian Church was
a delightful affair andgreatly enjoyed
by th. large number in attendance.
nable refreahmenta ?
during the evening, The proceeda will
V devoted to the relmilding fnnd ot
Ihe church.
The s, i.,,., Charlea W. Church in
it Britannia
with a cargo of i, ,? from the Keni
for the Mutual Ii .? Company, ar
rived at thia porl late laal night. Bbe
waa docked al a.. early houi thia morn
I her cargo ;s now being dia
The temperatore h>st nighl waa1
unuaually cold f..r July and blanketa
ft It comfortablc,
GUanoe over the luri ofHighGradc
Bhot - JOl i ? KChlsivel] hv us: J. & T.
Couaii - ?; n o.ialnv, Red -
linde - N. Heaa I Bro. (The
M : Co. (Tailor Made)
Brocti ?i Co 0] ei l re Co., Walk Over.
Jlegal, Exceli or shoe Co., and many
Other?. J. A Mcsjjgll & Bro? W
Kirg atroft.
The Cardinal Athletk Club WOB
their scvcnieenth victory of the eeaaon
yeaterday when they took thc Bwift
nine i-. camp by thc acoreof
g p, 4. Kcttlcr startcd thej ganie for
the butobera bul wa- knocked out. tbe
boz in the tecond. Kcrr, who re.red
bim Btruck oul 1-' "' 'bc Oardmala,
and allow-d :'< liils. eoiintm< for OVC
runs. Trcnary pitehed iinebill for the
Cardinala up to the aeventh, ahen the
Waabingtonianaconnectedfor live bits,
reaulting in four rune. Tbe Cardinala
nelded well. making many dimcull
The Cardinal- record. lUCludinBj
terday'a game, ia 17 woo, ?? loat, sad
-1 tied The acore
Three baee btt Keane. Two baae
hit smith. Baaeonballa oflT Ketler2,
Kcrr 1. Stiuek out by Trenarv -. Kcrr
i::. Ketlcr j. Runa aeored ofTKetler I,
Kcrr.. Trenary i. Left on baaea Car
dinals i.swiiuvVo.il. Umpirea Meaara.
Aatryke and Ketlcr.
This evening al kfarahall HaU, the
Cardinala will battle with the Linwortfa
A. C, "f Waahington.
Capt. Jamea F. Webater being quite
indiapoeed and tbe death yeaterday of
Liout. Jamea Smith recall thal it was
on Tueaday, July 19, 1870, thal the
Qazette publiahed tbe namea of tlie
twenty-one peraona who had been
elccted by tbe City Council to poaitiona
on the poli.-e force th.- night prior, so
laeut. Jamea Smith'a deruiee followed
his aelection aa one of the twenty-one
forty yeara ago almosl lo the liour.
Tlie acl ol 1870creating a police force
provided for a captain al a aalary of
6660 i>cr annuiii, a lieutenanl al 6600
and twenty-one privatea al 6500 each,
Capt. Webater and tbe late John L
Smith, sr.. were elccted Friday, July
1;;. l-7n Laeut Jamea Smith makei
thc eighteentfa of the twenty one Brsl
elected who bave anawered thc inevi
table roll call. Th.- three dou living
are llcniy C. Crump. WUhain Mulh n
and (iilbcrt Simp-oii. and thc-evciilecii
who preceded Lieul Smith to tlie
tomb are John C. Nigbtingill, Joaeph
Horai man. Atbert < '? Fm'. 1-aac Kcll,
John Bt iw ti-. Jamea T W alker, Au
cn-nis ,i (denaon, Wm. Jobnaon,
Iciemiah Franka, Jamea P, Bbrakea,
Bmanuel Webb, Baail Warring, John
i \\ ttkina, Patrick Hayea, jr., Qeo.
H. l.\Ics. Wm. Clapdore and John II.
3ipple, Truly itcanbeaaid, "rJbadowa
we are. and ahadowa we puraue."
The will of the late Park Agnew was
admittcd to probate in the clerk'a office
of the Corporatiou Courl today. 1 he
will i- wholly in tbe handwriting of tbe
deceaaed and ia dated April 22, 1908.
The deceaaed leavea ail ol bia eatate,
real, peraonal and mixed, to bis widow,
Mrs. J.aura V. Agnew, during hcr hfc
with icsi.in, over al hcr death to be
.sjually divided among his four chU?
dren -one soii and three danghtei-.
He appointa hia widow executria of lus
will withoul aecurity and withoul ap
praiaemenl of the eatate. The execu
trix qualified today and gave peraonal
b.1 m tbe peiialty of 6200,000. The
valuc of tbe eatate, real and per?
aonal, of the deceaaed in Virginia i
eatimated al 6182,000 and thal in
Washingtoo and elaefbereal 6120,.,
Thc buaineaa of the Brm of J. P.
Agnew & Co., of thc shi|> yard and ol
ihc Bromelaw Brick Company, will be
eontinued and it is understood thal the
buaineas will be conduded under the
peraonal Buperviaion of Mr. Frederick
M. it, ns, ol Cumberland, Md.. a long
time friend of Mr. Agnew.
Thc funeral of the late Luthet
Carter took place this afternoon from
the re-ideiicc, on Hctirj sttect, be?
tween King and Prince. The scrvnes
were conduded by Be?, W, F. Wataon,
of tbe First Baptiat Church. The
pallbearera were F. J. Pollard J. K.
M. Rortoo, Qardner L, Boothe, L H.
Machen, K 1. Payne, C. B afarahall
?il Silas Devera, Thc intermenl wai
in Bethel cemetery.
The funeral oi the late Lieutenanl
Jamea Smith will take place from the
reaidence, on Fairfax street, near
Queen, tomorrow evening al 6 o'cJock.
Tbe Bervicea will be conducted by Bev.
H. M. Canter, of the al. K. Church
South, Tbe pallbearera will be; I'
Lrtbui Ssowden and Tbomaa B.
m, Lieutenanl B F. IJcttis. Officer
W. A. Ferguaon and kfeeerg. W. A.
and C. Haddox, the two la-t named
being from Front Royal.
[Justice H. B. Caton pre.-iding,]
Thc foUowing caeea were diapoaed of
this moroiug:
Harry BroWB, charged with being
drunk and diaorderry, was fined 65.
Matv Cockrell, charged with im
proper conduct, forfeited hcr coll tl
bv failing to appear.
Sp.Mtv Clav. eolored, chaiged with
being 'drunk and disordctly. WM
tincd $?">.
Thc Knigtsand Ladiea ofthe M
beea of thia dty will givean excuraion
W rshall Hal! Thursday. Childrcti
under 12 years will be cared for on tbe
10:30and 8p. m. boataand each clrild
giVen a Bouveoir. Thc laal boat will
have bere al 7:15. On thearrival ofthe
lastboal at Marahall HaO thc Ratkmal
Hivedrill tearn, I- 0. T. al.,of Waah?
ington, will guc an exhibltion drill
on the pavilion.
Mr. L Shuman scnt to thc alms
bouae on Bundaj a bountiful aupply of
ice cream and cake for whicli thc
-uperiiitcinlcn: and minates of tliat in.
"Q rriura lienny \hmYs,
The <;../.-it.- will be pleaaarl lo reeelie
itcnis. sueh as weddlnga, partlea,
ai rivals or departnres from the eily. ai.d
other news ofpenaonal Intereat, f?.r tbe
>Peraonal" eolumn. The Itcmaahould
be indoi-s.-.l with the liame and address
of the aender nol nw publieatton, i.ut as
a maUorof good faith.
Mrs Mary J. Lawaon, who, accom
panied hy her soii, Sainuel, li;e 1.- ? u
viaiting her unde, Mr. Jonathan
Matthewa, in thia city, and rebUivea
and frienda in Loudounoounty, baalefl
f,? her bome in Matagorda, I
\ ia tireensli.no, N. C.
Mra. Edward Walker, who has been
viaiting Mra. J. P. Walker. of Marahall
has returned to her home in thia city,
accompanied by her rjbnain, Miaa Kilith
L Walker.
Mr. laaac Bicbberg and family bave
gone I" Atlanlic City tO sjm-ii.I a few
Mra B. K. Valbtrd baa gone to King
George coqnty to apend a law weeka
Miaa Qrace Beid ia tbe guaal of the
MJHsea Poster ;it their home in Fre.l
.11. k-l.un.'.
Mr. Joa. 11. Raraaay, Managerof the
Alexandria Glaaa Worka, and family are
sp, ndiiig tbe summer at Lewea, Del.
The glaaaworken have a oofony tbere.
It i, a beautiful apoton theccaat, about
I l railec from Cape May. MoK of the
Alexandria Glaaa Workera will go there
this week.
Mr. William Graney, of Alexandria.
aud Miss Martba Grove, of Remington,
were married thia mortring by Bev.
W. F. Watson at tbe paraonage of tbe
Fiist Baptial Church.
Mrs. Artbiir Beklon Lloyd, of Alex?
andria, who baa been the gueal of her
aiint. Mra. Jamea L White ?.t "Green
field" near Ablngdon, k now riaiting
her annt, Mra.Triggof thelatterpJace.
[Norfolk Ledger.
Charged with shooting a negro in a
quarrel, which waa the outgrowtfa of
the Jeffriea-Johnaon fight, Clifford L.
I'.ldh.iin and Thomaa B. Molnyeux,
privat. s in Troop C, Fifleenth C. B,
Cavalry, atationed at Fort Myer waa
arreated thia afternoon.
The victim. William Sniith. is in a
critical condition in Georgetown ll..s
pilal, a hullei baving paaaed through
his abdomen. Capt. William D. Nea
bill, tempor.'iry coniniiinder of th.
posi. inatitutod a thorougb inveetiga
tioti and through hia efforta tbe arreata
The two eavalrj men deny theirguirt,
bul |...li. ein.ii who gaw tbe twoaoldiera
who shoi the negro as they lled from
the bo ne today identified them. Al
the boapital in Waahington it was said
tliia afteri.n thal there waagravedan
ger ot the negro dying. Tbe abootiug
took place Monday night on the Aque
ihi.-i bridgi and aaa the outgrowth of
race riots 0n the night of Julv^-4.
Mosi of ihe wheat arriving in this
i ity is damp and inuius elcaning.
Tln' akiea cleared laal nigbl and the
tu..ahone reaplendently.
Tln- Board <>f Police Ctommiaaionei -
will hold the,, regular montbly meel
ing tonight
The report that Mra. Cbriatie bad
been taken to the Alexandria Hoapital
for treatmenl is incorrect.
Tl.e atation honae has been draped in
mnurning in roaped to the memory of
the late Lieut. Jamea Bmith.
Seveli applieiltlolis foi lll.lllhel-hip
were received at the meeting of 8erapU
Lodge of o.ld Pellowa laal night.
One application for memberabip waa
received al ihe meeting last night of tl.e
Young Men's Bodality Lyceum.
The l>uke atreel boya eaaily defeated
th.- Bull Town baaeball team hy the
aoore of M t., o ou the old fair grounda
thia morning.
Th,- baaeball teama of tl.e Paff Sl.o.
Co. and Poilner's Hofhraus will play a
game on th" north Alfred street grounda
tomorrow afternoon at "> o'clock.
The store ..f Mr. Oscar F. Cartei.
on King atreet, near Pitt, was enfored
laal nighl and about tifty poatageatampa
Mra. II. I. n Willia, wife of Mr. John
Wiihs. Ilving on Fairfai street, between
Franklin and Jefferaon, who i- aeriou*
|y ill. was taken n. the Alexandria
II igpital thia afternoon for treatim nt.
A hois. altai hed lo a wagon heloiig
ing to Mr. J. W. Roberta walkedover
board from the dock at the f.,..t of
Cameron atreet this morning. Th
animal was goon broughl toterra firma
Beleel Bofl shell Craba on toast and
IVviied Craba at si.inks's Oafe, Pnjnee
and Royal atreeta
Bgga ti-oiii siberla.
Philadelphia, July 20.?Fort y-four
thouaand pouiida of Biberian eggs. im
poited from Ruaaia ria Liverpool, were
placed in bond yeaterday, baving ar?
rived here on the Ainerican liner Haver
ford. The eggs w.ie opened in Siheria
and placed in eans and hernieticallv
s.-aled. They were s,nt from Notth
easi Biberia in winter timc, and, on ar?
riving at Liver].I. were pla.ed in oold
atorage, and from there taken to tlie
refrigeratingdepartmenl in the hold of
the Haverford, arriving here on Mon?
day in good condition.
Oaaaaaaaa ta iioiding up a Train.
Fairtield. Cal.. July l*l>.?Cal Biabop,
aliaa Jamea C. Brown, who *ays hia
home is in New Haveii. Conn., hcld in
the local jail on suspicion of bOTN
atealing, has oonfeaaed to holding up
th. KasthoniidChina-Jaj.ian.se train on
the Bouthern Paciflc on April 16 laet
When llishop WM arrestcl a nvlver
was taken from him. It> nuiub.r WSI
found to I.. aarne u a revolvet atolen
from the baggage car of the train at tln
time ..f the hoidup. Biabop is believi d
to have given infoiniatioii that will re
ault in Uw captiire of the real of ih.
ltHl pair ladies liiieshoes worth $8.50
and t\ on. Ibej are OUr beal niak. s.
bol a little off ;is |o style. 98
J. A. Marshall A Hro.. 4:>-* !?*??? atreet
u edneaday, Julj 20,at the par*
..f ihe Baptial Church, hy It. v. W F.
Wataon, \\"II.I.IAM URANEY, ..! this
city, in.1 Miss MAIM'IIA i.K"\ 1 ?'.
On | urs.l.v. .luly ?, tttO, JAM1 -
SMIT11, aged <-'? yeara. Punetal from
late reeklence, 221 north Pair i
Thuraday evening at t; o'clock. Rebv
tlvei m\ fricsfls iavlit4 w aitcnO,
IM.I GCBM ??< *U ?*? ,; '*?
A gypaj a..d hcr twelve chiklren
,,' :l 128th street cro.-towu cai
from tbe Fort Lee ferrj to Eghth
avenue New York laal evening witl.I
payingaoyfare. Thenenreet ahecame
topaying was wii.-i ahe gave tbe con
ductoronc piugged nickel to paytbe
tran-portation rbarges for thc party.
When thc condudor refuaed th<
and demanded thal ahe erther nay J"r
hcr-elf and three of the ebildi -h who
were of suitable age or accl other
meana of getting to her deatination ahe
oalnily ignored Wm.
Aft.'-r a wail of aeveral minute* al
|?ay the conductor deeided lo
proceed before traffic gd "do such a
snarl thal thc temper of the boine
goingcrowd would I- lo-i Al I
avenue an inapedor boarded tli
and when he saw tbe condil. of
affairs ail theavailabieapace oerupicd
by thiilceii L'\p-ic- and tficil K.I- and
chatteb hc wa- furioua, When be
found that they were not even paying
for thc aeeoiiiiiioilalioiis ln- was more
furious. A number of oonductora and
inotoriiicii Ir-fi tbeii cara and aaaisted
in DUtting thc woinaii oll. Thc chil
ilrcn followed,
The conductor explaincd thil the
gyp-ies goi into tbe car before he had
taken his poaition al the pntraiK
that tbey comj.nded their failure to
pay as you eiitcr by refueing t" pay
at ail. ' _
-?\? MOTIH.K 111 l?M.I> * ? SEA.
When ihc American line steamship
Ilavcrford wa- docked al the fool of
Waahington avenue, Pbiladelphia, on
Monday, Bve little ehildren, the oldesl
but 11 years old. fell aobbing into tlie
arms of'their fathcr. Jankcl (.oldman,
after a scparatioii of a year. for thcii
joy at meeting their parenl waa alloyed
with the thought that their mother
,-uiild not -hare it. Bhe had died tWO
daya before at aea,
(?,|dinaii i- an iiidu-trious Russian.
A year ago be gave up the atruggle in
bia oative land aud concliided to cpmc
to thi- country, or which be had bi ard
-,, iniieh. His mduatry brougbl him
proaperity, and he oatobliabed a home
in Mountaiii slrcet ticai Becond, J'hcii
fro??; his aavings he aenl to his lovcd
oiics tbe moiicy to hiing them lo hini.
Bul acarcely had the Haverford lefl
Liver].I when Mra, Ooldnian waa al
tacked with erysipelaa. Medieal atton
lion failed to savc her. The eaptain
eould not bring the body to port, so a
Jewisb rabbi performed Ihc burial aer
vice nnd thc body wa- given a aea
burial in sighl of her live little onea,
Paaaengera took tbe little onea fr.
Ibe Bteeragt and gave them hetlcr
quarters aud apeeial attenlion. Qold
man -adl\ thanked thosa? who had la'en
kind to thc little on,- and then look
the iiioiherle-s ehildren to the bome he
had prepared foi Iheni.
Sa>s Hc t>a? Wlaaaderal.I.
Oyater Bay, July 20. Mr. B.ovell
ann lunced toda) that hi bad b en nn
understood yeatertlaj when hi
quoted aa favoring the adoption bj
atate republican coni'entions generallj
this fall of "progreasive platform
He had meaiit lo limil bi- expn d
dc-iic, be explained today. lo Ohio.
in ai- Twlaa Three Ttaae*
Winsted, Conn., Jul) 20 For Ihc
third time Mrs Klof p( teraon haa pre
? snted her huaband with rwin . Tltej ire
i?,\ t!ns time, weighiiig ix and .?
balf pounda and acven and one balf
pounds. Ui and Mrs, Peierson
89 year- old and have had 1 I ehildn n
during their 17 yeani of marrii i lifc,
Seven i,f them, si\ l.ovs and oii, girl,
in living.
;i:?nl taaaal Tesaawraaee "liu-h"
Heetlag, Pareellvllle. \ a., leguafl
t-tiK IMIO.
Southern Railwaj announeea aeeounl
the aiiov. oc-eaaion \ erj low round trip
larea froni Waahington. tlexandria.
Bluemonl and Intermediatepointa; datea
ofaale Augual i-i lo loth Inelualve, Snal
retiini limil Augual II, 1910,
Bpeclal train will be operated from
Waahington and Alexandria lo Pureell
\ [Re and return Augual 3i Wedneadnj .
leaving Waahington 7:10a m. and Alex?
andria U . A ' i. -i ui.-n , I- a. m.. -to|>
plng at ail pointa; returnlng leave Piii
i-ellville !>W p. m. aame day. buflleieni
extra equlpmenl will be attaehed lo
regular tralna duringcourae ofthe meel
Ing lo pro|ierl] lake uare of i mvel going
and returnlng.
Bpeeial train will alao i.iwratod
Leesbiirg lo Purcelh illc Sund i; . Au
erlls-t 7th, ha\ in- l.ee-l.lll' UI II a. III..
returnlng leave Pureelh llle i p. in.
aame day.
i,. tueadaj and Wedneaday. Aiigual
:i and i". train 119, reat'hin ! ?. d>urg
s i., p iii v iii be contlnued ;: x h ln
Purcellville returnlng;leavePiire \iile
1025 p. m.. ach nighl for i.e
For fuxthei infonuatlon eal unn -aresl
Southern 1! ii wa tloki t age or arite
1.. s. Brown, <i -w ral Agen 11 Plf
teenth atreet a ir bweet, W ington,
l>. ('.
Wholesale FricesJ of Produce
Flour. extra.... 6 25 ? 5 00
Pamlly. ?'??'' :1 ?? "?'
Fancj branda. o 0
Wheat. longberrj. 0 96 a 0 01
Mixed. 0 W a 0 . ?
Pulta. 0 W a i? m'
Dampand lougfa. 0 80 a 0 00
Corn, white. 0 70 a 0 ??>
Mixed. 0 88 B 0 70
YeUow. 0 ?? :i " :"
i orn M- ii. <> 78 a 0 *>
Ry, . 0 73 B I' 80
Oata, mixed. new . u l-"> B 0 ?'-'
\\ blte.new. '? BO a I
I lover Seed. - 00 I
Timotby. i "?> a z oo
H;n . 23 i" B -
l.lg'in I'rint Butter. 82 '?' B :;
Hmt.-r. Virginia. packed 1- 00 B -
i lioiee Virginia. 20 00 a -
Oommon ui middling.. n v a I
rm. 22 00 n Zi W
LiveC'biekena (hens).,
. Chiekena. 0 '^>
ea, per bu. o 19
Bweet Potatoea, i>i>i.
< Mliolis. per bu. I UI
Apples, p.r bbl.
Dried Peaehea. pealed... 0 08
Pork. per 100 Iba. 15 ," a 16 00
Baeon, country bama ,. 0 '.
Beal Sugar Cured liama. 0
llrcakla-l bacti. :?> 0 a 0 I
Bugar-cured Sbouldera o n a 0 nlt
Bulk Bhouldi r> . u U ao n
? -? di - . n II
Sugar. . B '? <?
otVA. i -"
E\l.i i i ? ii: -- \i 11 li l il n ing qual
m exeeutor ol the will ol the
late Mr-. ELIZABETH I. Mi ?+d<;li. I
i jlve notiee to ail peraona indebt
cil to hcr eatate to make paj menl to m<
withoul di lay, and lo ail peraona baving
claitn- Bgalnat the aame to preaent them
io me, properly authentleated, for settle
ment. 1.1.w W il. MACH1 S
16 lOt_I
Coal Coke Wood
Order your Oaal befon Um advaaee al
loweet auntnaet prlaea. Beat quallty
pronapt dettverj aacl bettona prlee.
Phone;. io H ai il in8)011 MRaautb
Washington. D. C.
Women's Low Shoes
Al! $5 Shoes now $3.95. All $4 Shoes now $3.45
i iiii-lud,-s all i. iiiainine; s|\ 1,-s of our vv, II know il line of I'ora"
$3.50 Low Shoes Now $2.95.
i his i,,i iiniiid.'. manj at/leaorourFmmouaOokmfal LowBhoea )
White Duck Pumps, $2.95 pair.
Newsiiipin.nl. All sj/is. w.-ii.-.i golea. Leather baela v"ery aty
lish have llal white li.ni. Seeuiid Floor.
of Alexandria, Virginia
fl CAPITAL, $100,000
SURPLUS, $125,000
Edward L. Daingerfield, President.
Carroll Pierce, Vice President.
Richard M. Green, Cashier.
Edward L. Daingerfield
J. C. Smoot Jas. W. Roberts
Worth Hulfish Carroll Pierce
M. A. Ahern Urban S. Lambert
The Citiicns' National Dank has been dircctly identified with the H
BMrcantilc, mjmifacturing. and jobhintf intcrests of Alexandria for forty Q
yeara, aud, with ita larfc capital. ample surplus, conservative directorate. M
?ive ntanegemcnt anJ convenient location. is equipped to satisfac- *"
i indlc new aecouata and to accord them that same courteous at
urntion which has been a vital factor in its steadfast and continuous M
Our inioaiimmoi priwaon AntliraelteCoal beoameefTeetlve Mooday, May
There linn never Ii
liin.- ;tl Ihe hisloi v ofoUl hllsines. when we lelt that
ln \i,ii,ra.ii.????:.! than we can thia senaon.a*
i .,,, ,,, s,,,?v ourentlro aupplj rromtwoor
, tho Ai.iraeiiere-ion. and will tiaveaeoa which
iRuuifi'mi in quality. well prepared. and coal that will glve *r better reaulta than
, .,,,,? irad.- Ihe 1.,-si values thal ean l-e had. and we earil
I Olir lii.'ii.is an I .il .II i ?
W. A. SMOOT &. CO., INC.
I:I ! I I I. ?? ' '
A Light Lunch
On tbe train. in the bome, or at
the cafe, i- doubly appreciated
aud twice a- benefieinl if you
The i.r i- a foed beverage, it
ia nutritive, and il helpa satiafy
tlic appetlte.
Predigested itoelf, i' ia strong in
digestive propertiea and haatens
the digestson and aaaimilation "r
the -.Iid fooda,
You do tioi have a logy, ilecpy,
,li,tre<s, ,| m I,- ;ti,,u afterward,
but feel alert, rtrengthened and
thoroughly rorofortable,
Bi member thc Hofbrau brand.
Brewing Co.
'Pbonc No. 4P-D
Go With the
To Marshall Hall
worth *o.in>. 86.00
and 67.00; your cboiee, 68.24
our window- J A Mo-hall & Bro-,
I Try our Fancy Tcas and Coffecs.
BxtraetB, Bakintf Powder and
Paney Grocerica. Beautiful
prcmium Fr?e with our Bakin;
Powder. They are the bestyou
c.in purehaae.
Beat Elgin Creamery Butter.32e lb
A. f P. Fancy Patent Flour.
Peanut Butter. - - - - -Uc
Japan Rice. b pounda - - - 25c
Cherriea. 2 cans - - - - 25c
Matchea. Parlor or Double
tip. 2 boxea, ----- 7c
Grape Juice. - - 10c to 20c
Iona Peachcs. a can - - - 10c
Cheese. full cream, - - -18c
PureLard.Swift'aSilverLeaf. 13c
The Great Atlantic #
Pacific Tea Co.,
citv Phone 1TI Hell Phone 27;
Special for
This Week.
Baal Silver Flatc and
Hawkcs Oul Qlaaa
Water Pttl hcr
Regular price W.
Jewelers and Silver.-miths.
FOR RENT. Excellent three-atorj
BBICK l> W EL 1.1 N O, oontalning
cieveii rooma and bath; large,dry cellar.
with good nirnaee. Large jraru. Po
geaaion after Augual lat For further
partieulara addreaa THOMP80N AND
\ PPICH, 107 aouth Royal atreet
jv ?!:?:?
PROPOSALA Propoaala will b
ceived until 12 o'elock noon, July ->
1910 at the City Bngineer'a oflfc
then opeiied for the iuatallattofl ol
elo-et-. urinals. ,Vc. and I'or sewer pip.
eonnectiona, and for eoncrettng baw
m.-ni floora, oarpentera' work. .y?-..at tbe
Waahington School for boj -. 1'lans and
Rpoeificationa can be aeen at the City
Engineer'a offlee. The rlgbl is reaerved
to rejeet any and ail bi.ls and c.xtcnd the
time for recelvina aame
Chalrman Commtttee on s.-i.i Houeei
and Furniture._jjrj
Hard Craba. Soft Craba. Deviled Crab?
and Crab Salad
footof King Street.
Qpen orUIWPi w- apr76m
Woodward & Lothrop
Clearance of Men's Neglige Shits.
The reduetionxolVeran opportunin for aeeurlag Hlgb-giaata Shirts for drosq,
luisiiiess and OUtlng wear at ahoiil one I lilnl Icoa ihan .iisiomarv .'..-t.
I...t 1 Ineludes noat eolored clle.is. vviih plaited aud soft fronts; attaohe.l or
detaobed eoflk
Special price. <!*? eaeh: :t loi ?".'.iii Keu'.llarly 81.00.
I.ot .'- Variotis plain colors and attra.iively Taney stripcd pattorus; soft an<l
plaited tronta, with attachcd or deiaehe.l oufl*
Bpeetal priee, |1.16 each. Rearularly 81..*).
Lot %?.I'laited and Soft Neglfge Sblrfea, ln many aeat and attraetive eolpftajgi
and desijjns. Bome plain, othcrs in vartoua plaited stv lea,
special aarlee, >U6 each. RegnhurlylMt,
Men's Leather Belts.
The newest effocts in imported and domcstie leathers are inehided ?oolors aru
giay, ian. aud black, with uickel, btaae, or fua m.tal Inickles.
(Oul.v one alae?32.)
2.5c, 50c, C9e. and BM aaeb. \ alues. GOe to fHO,
Men's Wash Ties.
a buDgeaad alliaallaw aaamlmiail nf Miin'a ifadraa and Oheriot Four -ua-hand
Wash Ties, in plain white, stripcd and Dgured palteius ollered at I speeial price.
The fabrlo is a tino qualitv?tbe aborl lengtha remalnlng from maalngMeaad
SOO ties.
We eonsider this a most exccptional value.
fae aaeb; ?; for 75e.
Maiu Iloor?F st.
Midsummer Clearing
D. Bendheim & Sons.
Two Fine Suburban Homes For Sale
On the Very Top of
Shooter's Hill
About one acre of (fround improved by cory aeveu room frame dwcllin(r. with
bath. and jfood dry cellar. all in fine condition. with new stable. Nice shadc and
excellent view, Price for a ahort time only
On King Street Road
(LeesburgPikc). Five acres of land. in hi(?h state of cultivation. improved by
excellent new frame dwelling. with six la.- 'c rooms and bath. with water plant
and concrete cellar. furnace heat: front. side and rcar porches. Thia propcrty was
built to be occupied by ita owncr. who ha:s smec Jied. Price.
Conault us about Real Estate Investments. Fire, Aecident. Hcalth and Disability
Get our lista1 of Alexandria City, Rosemont. Del Ray. Braddock Heitfhts and St.
Elmo Real Eatate.
107 South Royal Street, Alexandria, "\ .
Fve had my littleouttog when- plaaiara
and buaineaa dld oomblne;
And l'm baek agata to buatneaa of ibe
s'aid and regular kind.
,i is. tbe seninr member of cameron
Dalrv Lunefa is baek again to regular
buaineaa "BEGULAR. Do you known
tbat I likc this wotttf It meana tbe elim
Ination of doubt aud uueerininty. Ii
meana aorreet methods that rarely t'ail
to produee good reBUlts. YES, 1 am baek
I'rom Atlantie City bavingleft"ilUMAN
LIFE" ln the eapable banda of Mr.
KALl'Il ULIVIT, who ia givlng thc
viaitora of that reaorttbeblg-geatliterary
value in magazinea ever oli'ered to tbe
laadlng publlc. Alexandriana visitlng
tbU reaort wUl do wall to caii on blm.
Booth 116, Exposition Building, Board
walk and Kentucky Avenue. So I am
baek to regular busincsa aud iuvlte you
ail to be regular luuchersat the CAMK
' ipeii ail night.
Clearance Sale
Of HamnMrtba, Lawn Swing-. Ohalre,
Camping uuttits, Tents. Laanpa,
li.ithing Suits. i'ositively a grcat
rediietioii at cost to inake room for a
large onler of C'hriatmaa goo<is. Tbe
above meotloned gooda have to be
-old. Bome remarkable bargnins.
Lawn Swinifa at |3.oo eaaah; farmer
pi.HJO, hi one ofthe Irargain-. fof
62 \ -23-25 King Street.
WAN II.li.
A good WHITE MAN for tbe atable
at Ravensworth. Wil** to Mra. LKE
liuike, Vlrflnlg, marll %(
I AM ui I- Kbl U POR SALE i.\ I'EA
35c Pound.
Iguaranteeevery poundtogivi -
facuon, Freeh and Sinokeu afeata.
Oroeerlea and Parm Produeta of ail
klnda Telephone orderagiveu proinpt
aitcntion. !? ree delivery.
Cornei Queen and Royal streets.
1'hone, Bell tv>L, Home?7W,
ii \<in;R*?EXAHISATl0Si.
1 he simimer examlnatlona for teach
en white aud eolored-will l>e held at
bool building, Prinee street, be
tween Patriok and Henry streets, on
July 28th, Jtth and 80t i. begtauung at v
o'cloek sharp each day.
Also at -aine place ihc cximiinatioM
for profeaaional certiflaatea, aa followa:
Nt J car - aoUIM -luly WtP,
2d years eonrsc luly 20th.
;td year - eottIM -luly IBtb.
AppUeaata wlU lujwiahpeaa and nafc,
Thebuperlntendent will nirnieb paper.
jul-'i lot Suiit. of I'nbia- -ehoola.
PROl'OSALS I'ropuso- will i i- re"
eelvedal theomeeof thc <it.\ En
ginecr until LuVlwk noon Auguat 4,
felO, and then opern-d. for thc orectionof
!!- o .| aticralioii- ofthe Alexan?
dria. Va., jail. i'lan- and speeilieatious.
in beseenal tbe City Engineer'a office.
The right is reeervedao releetaay aaaa
ali proposals and U) accepl thc proposal
that tbe (.'(.iiimitlee on Inblie I'roperty
may deem beat for tbe batagsaat of tho
( it\ ( oiincil of Alexandria.
(hairman Com. on Pub. I'roperty,
jy w td |

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