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Do vou realize there is no longer any reason why
vou should use a coal range? Oil is cheaper than coal; it
is liehter and easier to handle, and gives an intense
heat Provided you have the right stove, oil is more
economical, cleaner and less trouble. Have you seen the
Oil Cook-stove
Theaccompanying illustration gives you only a rough MfJloJ
its appearance. You really can't appreciate< *: untfl[^^
useityourself.orulk to aomeone who has ""^"^^oil Cook
a coal rango will do-esccPt heat the^oon^ The New Pe.cctton ^^ ^
kcttle of water to cooking a course
dinner, but it won't heat a room. It
docsn't "smell," it doesn't amoke- U
can't get out of order. Light it and it
is ready. Turn it down and it ia out.
Only a woman who knows tho trouble
of carrying coal and cooking In a hot
kitchen can appreciate what it means to
bave a clean, perfect stove that will
ccok anything, boil, bake or roaat, and
yet won't heat tho kitchen. How ls lt
done? The flame is controlled in tur
quoiae-blue enamel chimneys, and
directed against the bottom of pot, pan,
kettle or oven, and only there. Tbe
flame operatea exactly where itis needed
-and nowhere else. With this stove
your kitchen is cool.
The niclcel flnlsh with the brlght blue
Of the chimneys makes tho stove orna
mental and attractive. Made witb 1,1
and 3 burners; the 2 and S-burner
stoves can be had with or without
Cabinet. ?.???
ETpry1??lfreTarywliere; !f dc*atfonryrrltetor
? cirmlartoth" neareatagaacjr ol tae
that the name - plate
reada "New Perfcctton.',
Standard Oil Company
??a a. xiu e?j.~?+? intheGardenSub
Buy at the otart Urb. Lots $200,
$10 cash, $5 per month.
Virginia Highlands
Scientifically planned for refined people of moder
ate means.
Come Saturday or Sunday afternoon.
See the Morrill style damp-proof cement houses,
poured in steel moulds.
Live at Virginia Highlands and save time and car tare
Inquire of A. S. Doniphan, A. J. Wedderburn and
Harrie White.
Washington Sales Office, 621 13th Street, Northwest.
Clip this ad: it leads the way.
* porTLANd .J
KeeJeraia Cement, Llme.Halr. (Wcincd h?m.t. \\nli iMnstcr.Terrottotta Scwer
Plpeand Flue Linlug, Flre BrlekajFtre ciav.Ae.
The Cool Breezes
Blow at
'When you live at Rosemont, your family
can spend the summer at home, and keep well
and cool, and not make you lead alonely bache
lor life for two or three months.
Everything Clean and sanitary. No dirty
gutters and smelly cesspools. Everything new
and up-to-date.
Delightful Night Breezes
Let me show you one of those beautiful new
Sold on Satisfactory Terms
Seeing will make you appreciate them.
Wc Have in Our Window on Dis
play a Line of
? iv. an\ ruling. comblnctl < ash and
tournal. nionthly atatoment U
liiiul.i- holriera, roemorandum booka
and iirit-e bo
Call ;ni?l let ua shoa you aampl.
of ull atvles antl rullnga.
[i a Creatn and Iceeof all
Bavora and of the pureat
qualitiea alwaya on hand
or farniahed to order.
Special prices on large quantities
Cakes and Pastry of a!i kinds
and of the best quality.
S.F.Dyson&Bro. H. Bloch ffi^
Iiiaiiuiir.aii.ii Pullman <>li?t rvatfon l h
lt i- atated at an eariy datc ttic v
ern Railwaj \\i;l laausumto 10 section
l'ullit: u observation cars i
York and Blnnlngfaam oa Ita Binning
hiim ai eoial leaving Waehingtou 4:h"> i>
ni. uaily.
Chamberlain'a stomacli and Liver
ta LV.itly stimulatr the livn and
i>.>\vi!< to expel poisonous nrtter,
clcanaa tba ayateaa, cure constipation
and ^i.k hcadache. Sold by W. F.
Creigbtoo and Richard Oibaon.
The Alert Man.
?-Calmiie-.s is a tiue trait," sald Mr.
Bllffly, "Unl -: m it always gct there?
You tal.e Ihe (aae of two men staud
Ing up ln a ttir I; ildlng on to m
botb the !?;. ' al one of tbcm
qulet aud Ihe utu i qnfck, and now Ict
the man lliey are Btaodlng ln front of
get up to leave tli" rar at n stntion.
and Buppose tbeae iwo men are bot'.i
at exactly the r-ame distance from tbe
seat, eaeb with Ihe - an e cliance as tbe
otber for seizing it, which would get
tbat seat? Would it be tbe calm. cool
man who moved deliberately and al?
ways with Koute th.mght for other?, or
would lt be tbe ever alert man, qolcli
to move and always on tbe lookout.
not carlog a contlnental for what any
body tbitiks nnd always ready to Jomp
in any seat be can nah? Wby, wblle
the culm man la tbluktnaj it oTer about
what be ahall do and begirawjg to turn
that wa.v Ihe alert man ls m tii" seat.
I certately do admb-e tbe calm, tran
qull uian 'nnd his good raanners, l.ut it
ls the man ever on the alert that gets
the aeat in the ear-and otber tbings."
?New York Sun.
The Baek of a Glova.
Tbe maanlnn of tbe three marks on
the baek of a glave aud the clocks on
a stocklng were two of tbe little mys
terles of dress explalned at a lccture
on clothes in London. The lecturer
aaid that the three marks on the baek
of a glove corrcspond to tbe fourcbetto
pleces between the fingers, nnd in otd
eu days tbese pleces were contlnued
along the baek of the hand, brald '>???
ing used to couceal tbe aeama A
somewbat simllar orlgln waa aaalgn
ed to the ornamental clock on the
stocklng. In the days when BtOCl
were made of clotb the aeama cami
where the clocks do now, the orna
mentation tben betng us.-d to bM
seam-s. The useiess llttle bow in the
leather hand linlng a man's bat ls a
siirvlval of me time when a bal
made by taking a plece of le.alhcr
ing two holes through it and drav.im,
lt up with a plece of atrtng.
Faahions ln Borneo.
Aecording t<> the rules of P.orneonn
fashion it is deemed Deeeaaary to mold
one's limhs into n more sbapely fonn
than that bestowed by nnture. This is
done really etTectfvelj i>y windlng
atrong brass wlre round the aoklea, the
wrlsts, under the knees and BDOVC I'1''
elbows of cbildren. Growtb at tbeae
poiuts is, in coeaequence, greatly bam
pered, with the restilt that the llmba
come to he deformed or. aecording 10
Dyak Ideas, brought into proper abape.
The headdress conslsts of n CU1
headwork cap, and around bls neck a
brldegroom to be wears bangles of
plalted fiber and stringa of cowrie
6hclls. These shells, by tho way, as In
otber parts of the world, are used as
curreney. A yard of flber or twenty
to thlrty cowrlo shells represent tbe
value of a penny. Tbe wbite armlets
are made of another speciea of shells.
?Wide World Magazlne.
What a Toad Enjoya.
There nre few thlngs more amusing
thuu to watch a toad submlttlng to the
operations of a baek scratehing. Ile
will at first look somewhat suspicious
ly at tbe twlg which you are advanc*
ing toward him, but after two or three
passes down bls baek his mauner on*
dergoes a marked change. his eyes
close with an expresslon of tnfinite
rapture, he plants bls feet wider apiirt.
and his body swells out to nearly doo
ble its ordlnary size. as if to obtaln
by these means more room for eojoy
ment. Thus he will remaln until yoo
make some stiddei movement which
startles him or until he has had as
much petting as he wants. wbe:i. with
a pufT of regretfttl delight, he will re
duce bimself to his usual dlmenslons
aud hop away, bent once more on the
pleasures of the chase.
ln Hearing.
They stood upon the crest of the
mountai!) and gazed off through tbe
purple dlatancea,
"Darllng." he whlspered. bending
closer, "glve me a kiss?just one!"
"No, Clarcnce," she nnswered tlni
idly; "some one will bear us. There
may be other ears around."
"Other ears! Wby sbould you tblnk
so, dearest?"
"Ob, because I bave so oftetr hcard
of roountalneers 1 thousbt perhaps
there raight be some around. nnd" -
But Just tben there was a migbty
crasb. A mouutain goat had beard
tbe awful pun and jumped over tbe
cllff.?London Tatler.
Making Money Two Waya.
Our 11 v. cent pleces. of course, are
merely t ikens. deriving their purebas
Ing powe- from the fiat of tbe treas
ury. Tbe meta! bhmkfl for them cost
only about II cctits a hundred. When
tbe expeuse of stamping the designs
upon them ls added they come to
something like $3,610 a mlllion-that I
to say, for this amount tbe governnient
produces $50,000 wortb of nlckels.
making a clear profit of $40,490 on the
transaction.-Suturday Eveuiug I'ost.
Not Surpriaed.
Real Estnte Agent- I tell you. slr,
tbe death rate in this suburb is lower
than in any otber part of tbe county.
Near Victim - I helleve you. 1 wonWn't
be fouud dead here myself.? Chieago
Journal. _^^____
Not Much.
She?'Well. 1 bope you are going to
write n letter to the man who Insulted
you. He <an aeton-Whai. make bim
apreeentof my autogrupb? Not mueb
-Tele Mele.
Whntver dlsgmce we have mrrited.
lt ia almost always ln our power to re
eatabllsh our reputation.-La Roehe
The world's most succcssful medi?
cine for bowel complaints is Chaniixr
lain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Reniedy. It has relieved more pain
and suffering, and saved mori
than any other mcdiciiic in use. In
valuabie for children and adults. Sold
by W. F. ?reighaon and.Riehard Gib
J. & H.Aitcheson
Agents Gray Gasolioe Motors
Eugineer and Machiniata* Supplica.
Pipe. Pipe Fittintfi. Valvea. (Jc.
Blacksmithing ?? Repairing
Promptly Executed.
Alexandria Iron Works
We make a spccialty in repairs to
Gasoline Engines. Motorcyclea and
Wc solicit your orders on all kinda of
Iron Work.
Bell Phone 53.
514 Evana Building. Phone Main 7324.
rABLISHED 1832.]
Henry K.FieId&Co.,
JOSLAH h. i'. SM00T.
OF ALL KlN'lis.
Lumber, Cement and Plaster.
OtBee and Yard 115 N. Dnlon atreet
Paetor) No. m N. Loe atreet
Ifaterlal DellveredFBEEia tho city.
By Bamuel il- Lunt Auetioneer.
tered In tbe chancwy eauae of Joaiah
i.lii- va. George ?' Etlis el als. on the
16th day of July, I910,and pending in the
Cor]>oratlon Court oftbe olty "f Alexan?
dria, \"ir^ini.i. tbe underaigncd ooramia
?ioncr, appointed by said docroo, wlH
offer for sale In front <>l" the Royal
cntrancc to tbe Markel Bulldlng inthe
olty of Alexandria, Virginia, on
ATJOU8T, 1910,
:.t twelvc o'eloek M.. the Ibllowing de
scrlbed rcal estate situate in the city "i
Alexandria, Virginia:
Tbal eertaln i.rirk tenemenl and l<>t of
ground in tbe city of Alexandria, Va.,
aituateonthc easl aldo of Washington
atreet. betwe< n Dukoand Wolfe atreets,
and bounded on tbe nortb by an aDey,
andontbr aouth l>.\ the propcrty for
iin rl\ owncd bj Thomaa Bwann, de
ceasctl. runningoasl 100 feet ll Inchea,
more or less, being the aame property
which ?.i- oonreyed by I'hlneaa Jan
ney'sexecutornto l>. K. Blackloek by
deed dated July '26,1853,recorded in llbcr
|?, No. 3. follo 232, land rccorda of Alex?
andria county, Virginia, and alao tbe
aame property conreycd bi D. K. Black
locktoJaa H.Orubbby deeddatedtbe
8th daj of N'owmli.r. 1887, land rccorda
of Alexandria county, Virginia, In deed
book V, No. 3, pago 150, and bequeathed
i.\ the -.iin,? Jas. ll. Ontbb to tbe aaid
Klla M. Marbury bywlll dated tbe fth
day of Novembcr, l-T:!. and prohated
Septembcr 13. 1875.
Tennsofaale: Ono-thlrd eaahand tii?'
balanoe in aix and twelve montha and
tbe retention oftbe title untll deforted
paj monta are paid, tbepurehaser glrtng
bia notei f<>r tbe deferrodpaymenta wfth
Interest at Bia per cent untll paid.
('Dinmissioiirr ofantle.
l. N.-vi-n s. Qreenaway, Clerk of the
Corporatlon Court oftbe city of Alexan?
dria, Virginia, do ecrtify that Bamuel 0,
Brent, co amissloner, hasgiren the bond
requlred by the decree entered In thia
eause on tbe ICth day of July, 1910, with
apnroved aecurity.
y-'l t.l
Rebert F. Knox, Auetioneer.
Pursuanl to tbe terma of a deed of
trust bearing date on June 20th, 1908.and
ilulv rocorded in \\<c land recorda In tbe
.?(ui"nt\ of Alexandria, Va.. In deed book
No. 1M, page 601, glven l.y Ada H. J.
. trustee. and Etta <?. Bbielda, to
Carroll Plerce,delknll haring heen made
in tbe paymenl oftbe notes aeeured by
aaid deedoftnist. the underaigned har?
ing been requlred to do ao by the bold
eraofaaid notes, will offer for seJeatpub
lleauction on tbe premleei, on
:it !.:>> o'eloek p. m., all thoaa two l"ts <>('
ground with the buildlngaand Improve
menta thereon. known aa Vlllaa N
andaoin Braddock Hclgbts, Alexandria
county, Va., as shown upona plal duly
of reeord In the land rccorda of tbeaald
county of Alexandria, Va., indeed book
i \.. I, page 00, togetber with all the
appurtenances; being the aame propertj
convct ed to tbe said Ada B.J. Parrarbr
:i doeil duly of reeord in tbe land records
In deed book in-'>. page W0, In trust f<.r
tbe aaid Etta *?? Shlelda with full power
to her to mortgage the aame.
Terma ofaale ( aah. All eonvej ancea
:it ,-,>-t <>r tho purel
jy.'l nl
St. Anne's Episcopal School for Girls
CiiAr.i.oin-\ ii.i.i \ \
Opena Beptember 20th. Full eorpa of
teachera Prcnaratory and Aeademic
Denartments. Miuie, Laoguages, Art.
)elA8m Priiielpel.
Episcopal High School
Neai Alexaaadrla, Va. POB BOYR
Tbe72ndyear opena skptkmmkk j-.
i:.io. Catalogue aent
L M. BL \< Kl ORD, LL I>.. PrinelpaL
jvu il-tn 2m Assoclste Piteatpal,
Colonial Beach, Va,
- Woodlawn -
Sccond Street from Boat Landing-.
Mrs? S* Tasker, Prop.
\> iutt i lliiinc- loldir, ?ic:i<.iin I'HIUIMM
lt i : :,.it any (.foiir readera
n ho deaire ?o pntertaln fxatrden for tho
enauing h Inter montha furnlah Mr. L 8.
Brown. Oenerd Agent, Bouthern H.til
way. 505 Elfteenth street n^rt1
Washington, D. C, immedaUe Infbrma
tii.ii as to nameof reaort, poatofltee nd
dfeas. at or near what station. what di>
tanee from station, eonreyanee from
vtaiW'ii to house, number
t-rui^ p.r day, week aad month.
We all woiiiil be pk e the
country full of boardera ii>-.\t winter and
would be gtad if tbls netiee will laduee
tsednumber <<f peraona who will
nmodate them for the eoming win
Thia inforniation shonld reaeh Mr.:
Brown not latt-r than Augu-^t l.aa tbe
folder goea to presa "ii AucnstS.and any
reque-t- reeeiTed later than the i>.t will
not be able ty be inaerted.
After The Grippe
"I am much pleased, to be ab!e to write and thank
you for what Cardui has done for me," writes Mrs. Sarah
J. Gilliland, of Siler City, N. C
"Last February, I had the Grippe, which left me in
bad shape. Before that, I had been botliered with female
trouble, for ten years, and nothing seemed to cure it
"At last, I began to take Cardui. I have taken only
three bottles, but it has done me more good than all the
doctors or than any other medicine 1 ever took."
The Woman's Tonic
For the after-effects of any serious illness, Iike the
Grip, Cardui is the best tonic you can use.
It builds strength, stcadies the nerves, improves the
appctite, rcgulates irregularities and hclps bring baek the
natural glow of healtli.
Cardui is your best friend, if you only knew it
Think of tlie thousands of ladies whom Cardui has
helped! What could possibly prevent it from helping you?
Remember you cannot get the benefit of the Cardui
ingredients in any other medicine, for they are not for sale
in any drug store except in the Cardui bottle. Try Cardui.
Write to. Ladies' Advisory Dept. Chatlanooca Medicine Co., Chattanooga. Teon.,
for Special Instructtons. ard 64-page booit, "Home Treaunent for Womca." seat free.
the reason the trade of Al?
exandria is always growing
the surrounding country?
Because the merchants sell
straight goods, and
customer once gotten is
easy to hold. When the
consumer wants aflavoring
extract and remembering
Leadbeater's, the order goes
to Alexandria, and indi
rectly helps the whole
Establishcd 1792
at 4:30|p. m..exccpt Saturdays. at
H.BIoch's, 615 KingSt.
Je20 lm _
Phone2S1. Oreenhonaea8. E-atrlekBt
D. R. Grillbortzer
Bedding Plants and Gera
niums, $1.00 per dozen.
Puaeral wort promptly attended to. De
livered to all parts ofthe .-it\ ,
f. ? I?2 t f __________
General Insurance Agency.
Laurence Stabler
Room No. 4. Burke fc? Hcrbert Bldtf.
The eompanlea repn ? nted Ii
ottce have a-.-et- of over sl.io.i
Among other- are:
Hartford Fire Insurance Co.
Liverpool V London it Giobc.
zttna Inaurancc Co.
Northern Assurance Co.
Sprintfficld Fire it Marinc.
Prompt attentioii given toadjuatrnent
of lossesancl all niatters e.uiiicetcd with
Don't Take Any Chances
With Mosquitoes This |
Summer. Fight
Them With
10c bottle.
616 King Street.
Viki.i.via in ll"' (-aa?*'? "tiiee of
OratioU Court of th'' Cltjr ol
Uexandna, on tbe -th day or July,
' Kmiua M. Morri-on VB. Hairy II. Mor
rlaon. in chancery.
Mi-mo. The objeei ,>f Ibla aoil
obtaln an abaolute dlvorce for th.- del -u
dant on tbe ground of i>i- wllful deser
ti-.n and abandonment ofherfora period
of more than three yeara before the
bringing ?f thia ault; for tl
ciistodv of the infant eblld of tbe mar
"nd for general reii, r.
tpearbag bj an affldavil flled in
this i-ause that the defendant, Harry H.
Morriaon, is a aon-reaidenl of thia State:
It is Ordered, Thal ndant
appear bere wlthin Rfteen day a after due
publicatiou of this order, and do whal la
arv t) protcet his inti rest in tbi ?
ault. and' that a i opy of IhM
forthwith Inaerted in th. Alexandria
Oaaette, a newapaper puDliabed ln the
i itv <,r Alexandria. once a week for four
doorof IbeOourl Efouee of thli
A ronv?t.
Charles Bendheim, p. q. jvs w4w-f
Southern Railway.
Traina leave fJnlon Btation, Alexandria.
in effeel Jane 19, 1910.
V. B.?FollowingBcheduleflgurea pub
lishcd only as information. and are not
7:17 A. M. !>ai!y local between Wash?
ington an.l Danvtllc.
\. m. Dallj Local for Harriaon*
burgand way atationa.
907 A. ftL?Dally?U. B. Paat Mall.
Stopaonly forpaaaengera for points aouth
at whleh seheduled to atop. Flral eJaaa
coochea; aleeping ears to Blrmlngham
and drawlng room aleeping eara to New
Oricana. Dining car nt r\ Ice.
11:17 A. M. Daily Malltmln. Coaches
for Maiia--a-.<'liari.,ltesvill.-.I.yn.hliur-,
Dani nl. and Qreenaboro. Sleeplngcara
to Atlanta.
i.i7 P, M. Week daya Loeal for War
icnti.n and Harriaonburg.
132 l'. M. Dallj Blrmlngham apce
lal. Sleeplngcara between New York,
Aiken an.l Jackaonvllle.
. i- t.i Blrmlngham, Through Brat
cla-- eoaehes lielv.eeii Waahington an.l
Jacksonville. Dining car eervlce. Tour*
i-t to (alifornla four tlmea weeklv.
p, m. Week daya Loeal for Har*
rlaonburgand way Btationa on Manaaaaa
hranch. Pullman buffet parlorcar.
5:12 P. M. -Dallj Loeal for Warren*
tuli and Cii.-irlotlesville.
[0*27 P. M. Dallj Waahington and
Chattanooga Limlted via Lynehburg).
i-'n-i claaa ooaeh and aleeping eara to
Roanoke, KnoxviUe and Chattanooga.
I Hleeper to New Orleana, Waahington to
, Roanoke. Dining car lervlce.
11*02 P. M.- D.-iilv-New Vork, Atlanta
and NewOrleana Limlted All Pullman
traln, club and obaervatlon eara to New
Orleana. Sleeplng ears to Aahevllle,
Atlanta. Ma.-on an.l New Orleana Sle.p
' Ing ears to Charlottc. Dtnlng caraervlce.
1 127 A. M. Daily Memphla -i.lal.
i Sleeplng eara and coaebea for Roanokej
Knoxville, Naahville, Chattanooga and
Meniphis. Dining ear scrvi.-e. \\ ash
Ington aleeping eara open 1030 P. M.
Through traina from tho aouth airlve
al Alexandria 6:13 and 638 and 1023 a m.
2:13,728, 10:13and n>s I'. M. daily. llar
riaonburg 1138 A. M. week days and9:13
P M. dailv. F?om fharlottcsville 928
A M.
Leave Alexandria (W. A 0. suition)
week daya al 822 A. M..l:i'?. 128,and
5;15 P. M. for Bluemont: 035 P. M. week
days for Leesburg; 5:15 P. M. daily for
Bluemont and 9H2and922A. M..loeal,
: \. M. i Ltd. on Buddaya only for
For deiail. d Bcbedule figuree,ucketa.
Pullman reaervatlon, etc.apply to
UnlonTIcket Agent, Alexandria, Va.
i:. ii. ? iiaI'.man. General Manager.
S. II. UARDWICK, l'a-s. Trar. Mgr.
ll. P.CARY.General Paaaenger Agent.
L. s. BROWN, General Agent,
Waahington, l>. C
Washington, Alexandria &
Mt. Vernon Railway.
In effeel May 1. 1910.
u:\vi: vi.i.xanm:: \.
For Waahington, from oorner Prlnce
and Roval atreeta, week days. at ?"> M),
G05, 020,630, 6 K>, 655, 7 06, 7 15, 7 30, 7 10,
7 50, - 00, s 15, 8 i">. 8 35, - 50, 9 10, 9 30, 9 50,
10 10, 1030. 1050, 11 10, II 25, 1! 39, II 60 :>.
: m., 12 I". 1225, 1230, 1260, 1 10, l 25, 1 ?'*>
! l 50, 2 10, 2 25, 2 30, 2 50, 3 05, 3 25, 3 :.'>.:: 50,
110.4 25, I 3b, l lo. 1 56, 5 10, 6 i*>. 6 :t">.:, 50,
.; 05, 6 20, 6 30, 6 15, 7 00, T 15, 7 25, S 00, - 30,
900. 930 1000, ln:a>. II 10 an.l ll 56 p. m
Sundaj - 700, 735, 8 10, - 20, 8 ?, 900,
;. 2 ?. 9 lo, 1000, 1020, 10 10, ll 00, ll 20 and
11 40a. m.. 1200m., 1220, ij 10, 100
1 k), 200, .' 20, 2 W, 300,320, :t lo. 100, 120,
I 10,600, 529,5 10.600,620,6 K>, 700, 7 20.
7 M. 809, 890, 000, 930, 1000, 1030and
II 10 p. m.
roa Moi'M vmnrox.
Leave Alexandria for Miuint Vernon
week davs.at 5 15, 656. 756, 861, 1025,
ll 25a. m.. 1225, 1 26, 225, 330, i ?. .'>:(?*,,
: ;?*;? -.'.,. :.."->. lOCOand tl 60 p. na.
Sundaya?700, J30, 930, 1030, 11 30 a.
in.. 1230, I 30,230,390, 130,630,690,790,
- |.; and 10 16 p. m.
Washington Southern Ry.
Bebedule in eflbei May 15, 1910.
Traina leave Unlon Statlon for Waah?
ington and polnta north at 743, 808j.
823and -:fJa. m., 1201,290, B07, - U and
11 :t! p. m.. daily.
For I're.lerieksburg. Richmond and
polnta aouth at 137, 756 (loeal) and 1022
a m . 12 16, I 22, .*> 17 | local i 7 42 and 957
p. m.
A.?eomniodatii.n for Efredericluburg at
11 28 a. m.. daily. (ln wc.-k d.nsthis
train runs through to Milfonl.
n.,ii:: Timeofarrlvalaanddenarturea
an.l oonnectlona not guaranteed.
W. P. TAYLOR, Ttafflc Manager,
VIIK.INIA. In the (lerk - Gfflce of
the CorporarJon Courtofthe <ity of
' Ahxandria. on the mh >lay of June,
'. ioia
? I.illi.in F. Manslield vs. Pvobcrt N. Mui
i;. 1,1. In obaneery.
! Melllo. The ohjeetofthi-suit is tOOD
i tain for tbe complalnant an abaolute di
vope from thedcl"endant on the ground
1 ol'a.liiltery conimitted l-y him, and for
. general r.-lief.
lt appearing byanaffldavit filed in tbia
that the" defendant. Robert N".
Man-iiei,i. i- :i DOB*readdent of thia State:
ii ii Ordered. That sai.i defendant ap*
pear licre witbin (ifteen daya after due
pUblication of thia order, and do what i
nutuaaaij In proteet bla Intereate In thia
-nit. and that a eopy of thisord.-r Ix
forthwith insertcl in the Alexandria
Gazette, a newapaper pubbahed bu the
( Ity of Alexandria, once a week for four
--i\?>? weeka, and poated at thefront
f tbe Court Houae of this city.
A eopy?Tl -i i
nv FoctsX. Difki:v, I). C
Cbariea Bendbelm, p. q. j.-rs?j wew-tbu
Appalaehian I'.xpo-iliuii, Knoxville,
I.mi.. scpt. I'i-<?rt. lt.
Btlj redneed raiea aeeount above
[on on sjile via Southr-rn Railway
s.pt |0 f> Ool l-'. ineluaive, from all
priii.-ipal Virginia pointa, inaludlng
Waahington, IX C. Ffnal limlt Oet 14
( all on neareat agent or write L. 8. Brawn
615th street northwe-t
Waahington, D. d. for fuil i>artlculars
alwut fcres, schedulee, etc.
Snaw Ilats at 96c, w-.rth up h? 12.60. All s-hapea.
rfighl Bhirta at 4-V. worth 7w. .
Neckwear, 2 for 26c, worth 26c.
K'niv Drawera and Coal UnderaWrti to g<> at 26c, worth N&
Bofl CoIIar Bhirta at 4'.v. worth 76c.
Buil Caa - and Trunka 25 per cent ott.
Iig< Shirts at 98c, worth 61.60,
Neglige Bhirta al 89c, arorth DOc
Fancy Hoaiery al 11<'. arorth 19c.
Suits for man, boy?Trousers, Vests. Single
Lv ht Weight Coats, Linen Pants at a big sav
ing to you.
Kaufmann Bros
402-405 King Street.
Summer Shoes That Satisfy
Ia I'V.'iy partiriilar ar,' rrally aaid t?)
lin.i withoutyou know tin> ri^iit place
to parchaae. That Ia K AT/s Many
makesof shoes maj be satlslaotory In
even u;*.v ,,,"','!,i one, but that one tbing
spollsall. Butonoewear KATZ'8 shoes
and you will have (botwear that U abso
lutefy perfect without exeeption eool,
comfonable, gn.fttl, atyllah and thor
oughly durable. We have thcm In black,
light and dark tan, and wblte.
400 KING
New Rides
New Shows
Come Out and Dance
Music by Band of Fifteen Pieces ?
Free Gate Special Inducements to Picnics
jit .in
i:.s.w iiitim;, HANAGEH
Virginia Saf 6 Deposit & TrustCorporation
Authorized Capital. ?l.OOO.OOO.
Paid in Capital, ?300.000.
C. J. Rixcy.John P. Robinson. Thomaa J. Fannon. C. C. Lcadbeater. Henry K.
Field. Henry Baader. George S. French. J. K. M. Norton.
We act as Executor. Administrator and Truatee. Iasue Fidelity. Contract.
Official and Judicial Bonds. General Bankintf and Trust Businesa Transactcd
Interest paid on Savings Accounts. We solicit the accounts of Banks. Corpora
tions. Firms and Individuals. and promise liheral trcatrcent consistent with
sound banking mcthods.
John Ahern & Co.,
Oorner Prinee and Commeree Btreeta
aini de dera In
Countryproducerecelved dally. <>ur
itoek ofPJain and Faney Oroeeriea em
i everything to '"? had In thia line.
w e hold brgely In United SUites bond
ed warehouae and carry In atoek vartoua
brands oftbe beal
made. Havealeo In itoresuperiorgradaa
oi Forelgn and Ameriean
BatiafaetlonOuaranteedaa to Prteeand
Quality._ _
W. A. Johnson & Co.,
X. K'Corner Oameron aad Boyal Btreeta
General Commission Merchanta
and dealera Ia
llavr on band Oibeon'a XX, XXX,
XXXXandPureOld Rye.Old Cabinet
and Monogram Whlskles; also Baker'a
and Thompaon'a Pure Rye Whlsklea, to
which they Invlte tbe attenttoa <>f the
< ml r< from tbe country r?.r mercnan
dlse ahall recelve prompl attentlon.
Conslgnments <>l" Flour, Orain and
Countrj Produce sollcited, for which
they guaranteotheblgbeat rnarketprieea
and' prompt rcturns.
Manufacturer of
omca am rroaae: llMil a. nov.vi,.HT.
Dealer in Hardware. Painta. Africul
tural Implements. Vehiclea.Harneaa.
Field and Gardcn Seeda.
ii ia ??ni waa -'in vnom wnamt, os
uara or sovvtiaaa ? umtat.
Also Grain, Hay, Straw
andallkindsof MillFeed
Will ahraya keep In stock tho highest
grade of theso arth-les. _
- VLS. Proposals will !?<? r. ?
i unUI l2o'clocli ooon.July 29.
I'.ln at the Olty Engdneers orflce and
then opened for the Instauation of
closets,nrlnals,fte..and Ibr sewer pipe
connections, and for eoncretlng ha.w
menl iloors. earpentera' work. A<-...it the
,1 for boys. PJansaad
snecifieatlona can be seen at the City
Enelneer's offlco. The right Ia leeeired
to reject an v and all bMa and extend th.
tlmeforreceh , yR
Chaimiaii comuittteeon Seiiool Houaes
and Furniture. if? td
Pure Food Store.
Fresh from the churn to
you. For yeara Midland
Butter haa been recofnized
as the beit that comes to
Alexandria. Special deliv
ery every Friday.
Call. phone. or write.
St. Asaph andJOronoco Streets.
An electric fan will cool your
officc. atore. shop or any room in
your houae.
Electric lights give off less heat
than any other method oi illumi
nation and do not consume the
oxygen in the air.
An electric iron doea not require
a hot f.re in the room nor the
neceaaity of walkintf back and
forth between the board and the
Call on us for facts and fifurcs.
Alexandria Electric Co.
524 King St.
I'vc had my little outtng where pteaaure
and buslness did aombine;
And I'm baek agala to boalneas of the
staid and rearular kind.
'i l.s. the sciiior memher of ( aineron
Dairy Luneh is baek agaia to regular
buslness, REGULAR. Do you known
that I like this wont? It means the ellm
ination of doul.t and iin.-f.-r alnty. It
means eorreet metbods that rarely fails
to produee good resulta, YEs. I am baea
from AtlanUedtyhavtngleft"HUMAN
LIFE" In tbe capabte handa of Mr.
KAI.I'M OLXVTr, who ia givinf the
visitors of that reaorttbeblffgiesl literary
vaiu.' In maguhaes ever onered to ti"
reading publla. Alexandrlans visltlng
-ort will do weil to call on him.
Bootb 11".. Exposition Uuilding, Boerd
walk and Kt'iitil.'ky Avenue. So I am
baek to regular bunaesa and Invite you
all to be regular lunehers at tbe ' AME
Opeu all night.

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