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MAs.uKKsand rowdiea in fcfinneapolia
parka will be ipanked inetead of ar
rested. There will be IK) fast ride to
the atation, do arraigninenl in police
eourt, notine and DO WOrUlOUae. Tb?
adiet waa iaaaed yeeterday l>y tli<- chiel
o' the park poliee. "I bave ilistrueled
my ortieers," aaidthe chtef, "firel t<>
hit tbe nia-her or rowdy and theii lay
him aeross the knee and give liiiu a
aouutl apanking. Poaaibly apanking ia
not the techoical duty of a policeman,
bllt 1 have studlcd the ritliatioB, and I
thmk pul.lie apaoking will aolve tbe
probleu). Should the niashei or rowdy
ahoa Ight, tbe apanking will be all tbe
iin.re tltorougb." The chief ia a ariae
inaii and a good judge <>f liuinan
nature. His examplu should be fol
|owed by otbera:_
Tiik late>t annke atory comea from
San Hernardinn, Oal. Binging, "Nearer
My <iod, to Tllee." three Wolneti
charmed a rattleenake wbicb had ju>t
erawled from betieath a cushioii upotl
wbicb oneof tliem was seated at a raneli.
Mr.s. V. \'. Dnnlap, atra. Harry klliaou
and atra W. A Vale were aeated on a
lOUnge Ullder the Irees when Mis. Dun
l.ip pereeived tbeanake. Instantly ahe
thougbt of miisic charming reptilea,
and ahe whiepered "Let'a aing." Bhe
oooamenced lo bnm the aacred air, and
the others not knowing why. took it
up. The snake with head poiaed,
paused, and Mis. Dnnlap alowly arose
Htld beekolled the olhels to follow,
whuh they did. After having gained
a safe distaix * tl.tbera diacovered
what their danger had been. Ariued
with ohiba tbe women tben killed tbe
A DUTPATCB from Waahington
publuation of tbe belief of tl"' auh
eomillittee appoinled Ly tbe tni-tres of
the 1'ostal Bavinga Bank thal 1,000
bookkeapera will be neoded to keep
the booka of tbe bank when it baa
10,000,000 depoeitora, has caused in
tense aetivity OQ the pait of the job
hontingbrigade. Bomedemand joba,
aoone aal Ibt joba, o*bera are willing lo
Uke e.vaminatiotis to get them, and
wtill others ask Ifr. Hitohoock to poinl
out to them tbe manner moal
agreeahie lo him by whieh they
ean eiiter BDOfl the WOrk. Iiiasmucli as
the estiniate of tbe aul coinmittcc waa
baacd on proapeeta <>f the diin and dis
tant future, an order haa gonefortli for
thatbody to-quh thinking out loud,
else the Poatoffice Departraoul wiP
bave to work overtime attending to ita
iiwu mail.
Thi qnarterly st itemenl of the
I'nited Btatea Bteel Corporation for
three nuontba ending June 80 laat,
aaaimrl yeaterday, abowa total earninga
$40,170,900, an amoanl far inexceaaof
utiorheiul estitnates, and greater tlian
e:iiniii^s of the tirst quarter by 68,564,
084, Xet earninga for the quarter
188,680,756, or 82,877,661 greater than
the flntquartar'a returna. Both groaa
and net earninga are vaatly larjier than
thoae of the correaponding quarter laal
yeai. whi.li were 829,840,401 and
688,828,896, reepectively. Theee vaal
aarninga by the ateel trual are
directly the result of thc tariff imposcd
for tbe benelit of the trual and
wrenched from the pocketa of the peo
ple. These eoiiditiotis will never be
changed antil tbe republican party i
tmsted. _
Wii.t.iAM .1 BaYAR received a tem
porary aetback in the democratic con
rention at Grand laland, Neb . ye?b i
day. While the nian\ poUtical enemieu
?aderitioa of the Nebraakitn are dU
poued Uj inaki- a inountain oul of the
lli.idellt, other-: see a mole blll oiilv.
it waa merely a fasaily iaaue in tbe
daaaooratk camp. SVbile the anoounce
ntent of tbe rote waa being made wbk-h
ahowed Mt Bryan'a riewa were not
aattertained i>\ a majority of his felloa
deiegatea, the republican convention at
l.iiu'oln waaengaged in paaainga reeohi
ih.ii htdoraing county option, \\ ?'.
Bryan'apet klea, whieh thedemormtM
of (irand Hand had reje? ted.
\, the approacb of the dogdaya,
when tnotlu r earth is o\ .ih.ated and
man and beaal are aweltering, with
vokaooca nctivein far-awaj iap.ni and,
in scriptured langnage, earthquakea are
in divera placea, the atudy of geoli
not caknhUed to prove entranciog to
the oaaeaea. Hoar)'*headed sagea, not
withatanding the prevailing uncomfor
t;tbic oonditiona, are < aeit ia< d concern
ing the age of this terr. >tual aphere,
and yesterday tluy gravei) announced
that our planet has been tuaki
?idarial )ourneya during tbe p iat seventj
miUiooa of yeara.
Thk Bnti-h preaaia manifeeting ''"
livehest intenst ia tbe reporl that tbe
I'nu- i Btaaei ii bem r< rth i
a practical coiitrol of the allau.- of the
republk of Liberia, on tbfl west ooaal
of Afliea. The Kvening (ih.be Inlieves
tito mote will !?? a good thing foi [i
boria, bol doubta whetheritwill benefll
the I'liit.-.f States. "The slatesmetl of
the Unitfld Stat.s." il Myfl, "aregrad
ually leaving aafe patha to* tkfl atormy
proviace bt worid poJitka, and tbey
Bnd tlollble ahead. If the I'nited
Htatea expand* to Afrioa <>r arbflrevfli
abfl may elnM.se, the wofM'flahtfflnnii
will begin toqueation bowfarthe Moii
rofl doctrioe apphee." The Bvflnrng
Btandnrd saya: "No one will gmdge
the United Btatoa tha 'white maa'a
burden' tli.tt it baa undertaken. We
bave eiioiiifh of Q'lr owii."
(orrespondeiieeof Alexandria (iazette]
Gov. Hugbea,of .Ww York and Mrs.
Hughee are here today on a house
hunting i.?. Br!gh( and early. the
(Sovcrnor and Mra. Hugbea atarted ool
in a tnuring car with Maj Oroaaatt, tbfl
governor's militarv aid, Mr*. CrOflflflU
and Cbarlea Henry Butler, rcporter of
the Silpiellie Court, who is the govern
or'? boat. The reaj eatatfl mon Bnd
the Hughea family a aomewhal rJifBculi
oui to snit, for the governor wanta a
librnrj arith the wnole bovflfl built
aioiin 1 thal and Mrs. Hugbea wanta a
garden with lota of trees, the house to
li.r being a aeoondary <<>nsideration.
Tbey hopo, howover, to complete their
louitodiv and t.. return to New York
, it I???: tonighl or t.rrow morning.
Open warfare against the I'ullman
Car Coiiipany for a reduetion of the
rates for upper bertba waaopenedto
|aj b) the atate <>f Kanaaa and the
Kansas Railway Commiaaion in a com
plaint liled with the Interstate
Ciuiiiii. 'iv Coinmissioii. In a gen
,-i il complainl it ia atated tbal tbfl
upper b.rili "at the mosi ia not arortb
inore than half the price of alower."
The plaiotjffs aaked the commiaaion to
make an inveatigation and enforuothfl
followillg r.du.iions- Where $2.00 ia
eharged, redure to $1.60; from $8.00 or
to 12.60; from #4.tH) to *o.lX> and
where chargea of more than fivfldot*
lara are madfl, a rednctiou M $1.60 ia
The United Statea in its trade during
tbe ii-eal yeai 1910 abowfld an in
ereasing tendency to beoomfl leai i
World eeliter for r:\\\ materials anil food
stuffaand inore i manufacturing natioo,
according to a repori iavned by tbfl Da
partmenl of CSooameroe and Labor to
day. [mporta of manufaeturers.
niateiiils for thal period increaeod 116
million dollara over tbe figurea for 1900
Rxports of inainifaetured materials in
creased, from672 million to76s* million
dollars while foodatuffa decreaaad 60
million dollara.
The Board of Army Engineflra, who
im to apportion tbe twenty million
dollai appropriation for reclamatioo
projecta allowed by tbe last Coogrflaa,
bave completed their work here and
leavc totnorroa foi Chicago. Then
ihey inet 1 Qeneral Marshall, eoiisult
iii;.' engineer to Seeretary Ballinger foi
tbe re.ianiaiioii service, and proeeadal
on... to l'r.nie Dam, Wyoming. No
t \a. t itiiienry b*flbcflfl laid out and
no time -ei for any examination. Thej
will wind up tbe lirst atage of ih< ir trip
atSall l.ake City. Tbej bopetocom
plete their taak by the lir-t part of
Tbough Poatmatter Qeneral Hitch
eoek bas not had time yet t<. lack up a
governmeiil Bhingle :h a banker, a de>
poail was reeeived today at tbfl Poal
Ofliee |)e|.artmeiit for the new pofltaJ
-^:i\ m>rs l.ank. It was a tiii kel and
eauie si'iuiely pasted into a holfl in a
pieeeofcard board. fdoreover, tbougfa
stocka be falling in New York, the gov?
ernmeiil i- receiving promiaei ol de
poaita from all over the land, One
eame today from the mother of two
bovs who wrote ihat her "mmis were
auxious to deposil a few dimea in your
nea l.ank." Theletter waa addreaaed to
tlie Bond Vault, Treaaury Department.
It will not he long before tbfl countrv
lieare tbe Bral rumblinga of activity in
the new pl'ojeet. The eommittee whieh
is formulating plana for tbfl organiaa
tion ofthe banking ayatemare working
nights and Poatmaater Qeneral Hitcb
cock, a- soon ai be returna from Ku
rope, will take off his own ooal to th
Tbe army engineera will prooeed at
or* e to r.ii-e Uie hattle-hip .Maine, and
a commiaaion will be aenl to Havana
immodiatel) t?. inyeatigate tbe poaition
..f the hattleahip and repori ns to the
besl ineilnid i.f ai .?oiiipli-hing tbe work.
Ueneral Bixby today received an opin
I'.n from the attorney genera), holding
thal be may uae the $300,000 appro
piiai.d bj Congress. nahedeenu boat,
in "raisitig the Maine aml burying the
d.-ad. expected to be laken from tbfl
wrei'k Thia eliminatfla tbe toebnical
dilticultiea which bave broeked the
work. With tlns autbority, Qeneral
Bixby today began preliroinary
iii.asiiii.-. and tbe commiaaion will aooo
be on ihe way to Havana. It ia ex
I >? <-t.-il thal tlie actual work of raiainc
il... chip will be pul under way a^ ?.
i |M>asible. ThiTe is greal doubl
wli.ih. i the monoy will be sufflcienl to
eoiuplete tli?- hig taak, bul if il ia onoe
put undet way and tbe roopey givea
out there is little doubl thal addUional
funds eould lie eaaily obtained from
Congreaa, aa noeded, Poi tbfl Bral
time it now appeara tlial tbfl long
<tanding (piestion of wbetbei tbfl Ifaine
was blown up from the kwide pr tbe
outside will l?e settle.l and it will ba de
terinined wbelher this oountry was jus
tiii. .I in blaming the disaatet on Bpain.
It is belived that inore than one hun
lled lnhli. m w.'ie lodged inthe wreek
age and that their reniajoa will bfl rfl
covered when the ahip ia raiaed, Tbay
will be hroughl to vVaahington aud
bm i,'.i in Arlington.
William .1. Carver, a Waahiagton
in w>p.ip. i man, wint Buddenly inaane
ihia morning al his h< me. He picked
up hi^ ehjven-monlha-old ^<u aml
hurled Inin tbe leiiL'th of the hall.
fraduring his akull and to badly in
..iii ii.;; tbe ehild th.it he died aOOfl ttU r
Mrs Winalow'aBootbing Svrupisthe
iption nf one of the beat temalfl
i>11> -~i.? i:111 au.l nuraea Ia tha i'nited
oui bas been uaed fbr Hfty \ wa
wlth ih'vit GUIing suocom by million- oi
rnothen fbr their childrca. It relieves
the ehild Irom pain, curea diarrhoea,
? i*..n. in iin- boarala, and whad eolic.
l-ii i ? .!.. ? bild it reata tbe'
moiiicr. i wt-nty-livu ccuts a bottie.
CarBeia l*ailtirwt rfnarr aaal sfaritng
i? Nomlnated.
Columbus, O., July 27.?Op lo the
last nainute before tbe reoonvening of
tbe republiean state eom.etitioii this
mornfaag the governorahip oonteal
araa anybody'a flght Bverybody was
guessing, I'Ut oiie guess was as good as
of all tbe men who puahed and
jil.ed intO the eonveiilion hall. the
big leaders of the party appeared the
moH befuddled. It waa tbe firel time
in many many yean that they didn't
have a death grip on a < ?hio repiililiean
eoiiveiition, with all wir.s laid and
everything planned like dockwork.
The last Ihinf that three of the four
avowed (andidates for goveruor said
before leavillg the hotel for the eoii?
veiition hall was that he wonld be the
nollilliee. The i\-?)>t i< .ti was .lames
i;. (iartield. (iariieid refuaed to put
his eandi l.'ey aliead of the tight for a
progreaafve pfatform, and be was not
arilling to make any predictiona: be
wanted to wait and BBC whai aort of B
platform the eoiiveiition wOvU adopt.
Beoator Burton aaid he waa Roing to
keep banda ofl the gorernoeahip and
I, t the Cuyaboga delegatea vote aa tnejf
pleaaed. Thia waa immeneely pleaaing
to the QarAeld men, who daiin a auv
jority of the delegatioo for him on a
free ballot Many are indined to take
Burtoo'a annoainoBBienl with a grairi of
aak, bowever.
W'alter F. Brown, of Toledo, wai r.
etectad chainnaa of the republiean
State eentral eommitte.- last ?igM.
Oppoaition bad been tbreatened if
Brown did not ot. into line for Coa'i
man. Brown of hayton. bul the Toledo
Brown refuaed to make anj promiaea
and tbe oppoaition did not sIkw np.
On third ballot Wairen (i. Ilardine-.
was iioinin.it.-.| for goveruor, be re
ceiving 746 rotea, neeoaaary to a choice
K. B. Ni'vin. of MoiitL'otnery eounty.
moved to make the iioinin ation of
Harding unanimoua, and it waa carried
with cbeera. Paul Howtand preaented
I.i. uteiiant GoveruorFrancia W. Tread
way for re-m.minatioii and he w;e
choaen by aoclamation.
Convention Hall, Oolumbua, (>..
July 27.- Jaroea B. QarfieJd this tnorn
ing dropped bia Bghl againal tbe efl
doraemenl by the republican state bon
rention of thc Payne-Aldrich tariff bill
and a straight OUl eiidorsem.nl of
PreaJdenl Taft. At tbe aame time he
aenl out the word that his nann- woukl
not gO before the eoliVelil ioli as a
candidate f<-r governor. Ili- ropporl
era aal mute wbik the atandpattara,
led by Benator Di<k, preaented t.> tbe
convention the atrongeet etandpel plal
foim that the < Ibio convention baa aeen
in many years.
It was the failure of <ome of Qar
Held's leading aupporten to atand up
and tight that eitu.-ed him lo with
diaw and allow the -tandpatt. i- lo have
their way.
Garfield's withdtawal put the al md
patters in higb glee, The other ean
dtdatea for goreroor?Judge Brown,
Warren ('. Harding andOarroi Tbomp
oii eaefa -et uptbe cJaim that In- would
gel the bulk of (iarlield'.- -upport.
Tbe platform preaented by Benator
Dick was adopted by tbe convention
wilhout the sign of a tight from tln
progreaaireforcea. Onlyafen 'noea"
were beard wben a viva vocevote waa
(alled for.
The platform endoreea Preaidenl
Taft'a adniinistiatioii, endorses him for
renominatton in 1612; endoraea the
Ohio delegatfou in Oongreaa, and the
I'ayne-Aldrich taritl bill. Particular
empbaaia is laid on the new taritl oom
tnissioii. _
l?eleal ol ltr>aii'? IMailk.
liiand bdand, fffeb.,July27. vYilliam
Jenninga Bryan, for ISyearatbe leader
of the democratic party in Nebraaka,
and a nationai ligure in democratic
polities, was literally tbrown out of bis
party bere early today when the state
democratic convention refueefl to inaerl
Bryan'a eounty option plank in the
party platform. The convention re
jeeted the plank by the Vole of 168 for
lo ii-17 igginat,
Bryan, for years the idol of his party.
as curaed and called a liar by oppoai?
tion oratora, and the delegatea cbeered
men wbodenounced the oJd leader.
Bryan waa otterly cruahed by the
aetion of his party. "I espeeted it,"
was all he would say afler tlie pOUVeil
tion, wbicb did not elose until 1 :80t|)ia
Bryan had been placed on Ihe com
uiiiiee on reaoiutiona. He broughi
into the i-oiiventioii a initioiity repofl
for the adoplloti of a eounty Option
Bryan'a raaojutfon on the liqnor
queetion waa;
"We favor eounty option a- tbe boal
method of daaling with the liquor
On this resolntion I'.ryan made the
spee. h that waa expected to awingtbe
convention to bia favor. Bul when he
aroae to talk, he kii.w he waa beaten.
He apoke for an honi and a half. 11 i
ipeecfa was a plea lo the deiiiiMiatie
paitv to nve iis.lf.
llr d.-alt with the mkaakea the partj
bad made and warned ii notto make
ihe mtatake of avoidiag the liquor
At the doae of the addr.ss, Bryan
intimated that he waa througb with
dh-tcting tbe party. Heatated tbal be
had put the queetion up lothem, bul
they had turne.l him down, and DOl
ihey eoilld take the eons.-.|n.-lii'.-.-.
Ihyaii today made the followiiiir
staie ment;
"1 axpeofa u niv di.feat. It is iiow
u|> to |he democratic party tongbt it
out. I bave pointed onl the dangera
of not endonring eounty option Mv
duty has been diacharged, and I feel
bettar on |hal v'v futnre
jilans are not inad.- I have a nuin
har of rhatnawpia dataa thai 1 will till.
But I inteiid to ( oiitinue a .?aiupaisjn
of education in tlii^ roattj '
Hnndreds Slalii.
ConsUmtinople. July 27?A battlc
in whieh the caaoahHea anntb rcd bun?
cnada, baa been foaghl by ihe French
and J'urkish tro>p*oii tlie Tunis-Tripail
When tbe stomach fails to perforni
its fnnetions. the bowela become d^
raogad, tln- liver and ihe kidn. y- eon
gasted eauaiag nBhaeroua diaeaeee, Tbe
atomafh and Hvei mual be reetored lo
a hoaltby eondition and Ohamber
lain's Stotnwband Ia\. r Tabletsean bl
dependod upon to do it. Ea?y to take
and n.i-t effective. BeU by W. F.
Creigbtou and Bicbard uibson.
(i.untr> on Braaf Ravaiatlaa ?aJaaata
liMitde *>palii i.n l-'rlday.
Qarbfltfl, PVanoo Bpoiiiafa Prootier,
.luly *J7. ?BflVflVSl thousand well-anned.
deaperate Bpaniah exilea wen gabbared
today in this vicinity on the Prench
ajdfl of tbfl fri.ntier, rfljuly to invade
their own coontrj on .lul\ 29.
In Baredoiia. tbe irtduaV i;il eentre of
Bpain, a geoeral Btrikfl and a mammoth
aiiti-goveriiment de monMration has
bflflO planned for the aaOM dato The
invaden intflnd to ntarefa itraigbi t<>
liareelona to join forees with the >tnk
era. The govflmntenl baa baan oon
?eiitrating troop.s for two we.ks, and
the aendiog ol 10,000 ratamna nato
Maieeloiia yeMerday was probahly the
lirst atep toward putting rJown the
reliellioii with an iroli hand. There is
every proapaci of deaperata Bgbting
between the exilea aml the governrnflnl
for.es, aml the dix.rders that are ex
pected all out CaUlonai wiil probahly
exceed in bloodabed laet sunnner's riot
ing. Manv peoplfl doubt, indeed, if
I h is y.ar's ravolt will be eru-died out
before the picsent Spanidi dynasty is
In>t how many exiles will join in the
rharch from bere upon Baroalona it ia
inipoaaibk to detflrnHoe. Senor&an
inolit. the leadei of the rebeb.
tlnr.be will 20,000, Hise-timate is prob?
ahly 100 bigfa, but il l- a faet that the
ineii bave bei-n raporting here lormore
than a tnonth aml that already 8,000
.., 10,000 are on the BCflBfl. .
OnViali of the Ifaura admmiatration
m Bpain admitted rooentlyintbflOortea
that 10,000 Spaniards were exiled from
Baroalona for oomplicity inbtataom
mer'a outbreak. Paaj of thom wflnl
furthflr than the Prench frontfer,
-elllim: here in the hope that BOflM dflt]
tliey migbl re-anter Bpain.
The main qneation i- whether Oare
niont aud his aides ean hold ihe rank
and lile togetber in the face of the
formidalde abowing AHoney'a leaaoned
trOOpa are BUrfl to mak> The ganflral
opinion here ia that tbey will ?uecofld
I in- rebel band oonaiata iiiainl) ofCata
niana, the beat flgbh-ra k> all Spain,
aml most of them havfl already Iflfln
aervice in the King'a army
'I'li. pmapactive imraaton is to follow
a formal demand frotn the evile-lhem
elvea for a gcnfltal amneety f..i laal
?ummer's outbreak. Knowing thal
Ihe exilea are madeupofirrecoacilabrea,
the governmenl refuaeil. Olaremonl
ihereupon gavfl notica that nnleaa tbi
governmenl yielded by July 29, h.
would iesi.it to force. The general
figbl at Mareeloiia waa de. kJfld upon for
the Bxprflaa purpoflflof aidingtbc move
meiil by gifing tbfl governmeiit troithl.
to look after hoine tbfl MIM tiniethe
invaaiop begina on the Ix.rder. The
energy with a/hich the ?? it> ra popuh)
tion gflnflrally condncta a strike leave*
no doubt that it will be an exoaedingly
langcrons affair. Large qitaotitiea of
ai rna, ammunitioos and bomba are aaid
to have beell eolU ealed III tlie eity, in
readineaa for uee againal the troopa
Altogetber tbfl lituattori is ominona.
Qeneral vVeytor, the captain>gfln?ral at
Barcelona, deelarea he dooa not believe
ihe exilea will dare er<>-s the frootier or
tbal ihe Btrikflra will resort to riolence,
but the sending of 10,000 troopa and
'J,(tM> gelidarmes to Uan eloiia, tOgwthflr
with the extend and oompleteneaa of
the tnilitary prerautions he has taken,
luggeata that he ipealfBfar more opti
miatically than he feels.
New Vorft Mtork Market.
New York. .luly 27.?Fir.-t aaJea :i
the openilig of the stiM'k market today
were at advancea ranging frotn aitb
atantial fractiona t<> ai much aa four
potntfl, but Mlbsetpietltlv -ome rflCfll
sioii- were notod.
Yeeterday'a "near panic.' in th.
atock exchange, dnring wbich it aaemed
the bottora bad dropped oui of ralnea,
was followed at tbfl ODflOing today by
many lubatantial gaina wbich abortly
afterward gave way before the bear at
i.nk of the biggoal opemtora in the
liiianeial distriet.
"The niarket waadecidely active, tbe
opening followiog Loodon'a lead and
showing good gaina, in adme caeea
rraching aa rouch as fovjr pointa.
Th.ll raille the report that the big
Hnanciera hadnotonly wHbdrawn their
r.lief from the uiark.t, bul were thein
aelvea big eeHen, Valuea begao falling
fast. Kariiings of the ['. S. Si.-el Corpo
ratloll VV.ls tlie ellii f ilicelilive to th.
buyjng III llie early lliollleuis. At the
opening ateej aold el 68.706, bul roae
io i.i ". 8 m 16 niinutea, tben receded
i,, G8 I - lii-e'e of a quarter <>f an
hour the bear iatereata were attackug
pii.es vigoroualy and for.ing th.in
dovviiward at a -liarp elip.
1 he o porti im uiat.d veeterday <>f
djapoaition "f bjg pool boJdioga con
tinued today, aaeuming the sbapc tbal
important | banking and raUroad in
t.n -t- had ae.pnr.d a line of sioek, in
cluding 850,000 ebaree of Bock laland
preferred. Thin siorv found many be
lievera, and aome of them becaroe ooo
fidenl buyera a'l aronnd the room.
in th<- tirs! hour a nunber of im*
poiiant bouna t.>ok aa aggreaaivi
posilioli on ihe bnll si.|e of th.- markel
f..r tbe lirst time in five week>. belping
io hold pricea ateady. In the late tora
i.n, the majority of .stoek- sbowed
subatantial gaina over yeatenlay'acloee.
Qaaaral *trtke in.i.i..!.
Chicago, July -7.?A geajeral atriki
of all buibhngtradea workera waa today
ordered by the building tradea council.
Ihe siiikr order i- lo take effed im
inedialely on all biiildings where t'ti
EJevatOI C.paii) ha> eonlraets. From
1,500 to 1W,IHM) men are affe.ted.
Agents were imiiiediately sent out (<
, all ..ff the atliliat. .1 men on fifteen
btrge buildings. including the new
nortbweatern depol
iroiibl.- i- th.' out.onie of a juri
dictionaj 6gbj between the lelevatoc
conatrpction men and macbini#s em
ployrd by the ottis concern wbicb baa
been brewtng for about a year. An
ultiniatuni to tlie (tti^eonipany to with
dr iw abeir maefaintat, baa buep refuaed
,it) 1 the reauh is the geiterai strike
At th.' meeting of buahaeaa agents
bbe radjial element prevailed over the
. inservatives who djd not care to >top
v?ork. but ia many of the RfijofN b tva
dedared they would not -trik.. th<'
sitnation is involved
llNi ptJl ladiestint slux-s worth ??*.'>"
lod $4.00, They are our U-st m ik>B.
bert a bttle off as to Hfjb), ?6
J. A. Marshall <fc Bio., ayfrkinf- streeta
N'ei.raska daageoral at Qrand udand
last mght wreated the teederahip of their
?Uttfl oiganization from William J.
Bryan on tbfl ipflne ofcounty iption.
By dfleadve votea tbfly regietered
their imbelivf in his prt selit |polieie>,
after listening to an inipas.-ione'i ap
DflflJ from Mr. Bryan, whodecland tbfl
liqnor intereata were in anorganiaed at
teuipt to se.ure poiitical eonirol of the
-tate. The minonty plank stibmitted
by Mr Bryan was brief, and his oppe
n.-nts .leelaied t! WM an afJOrt tO recedfl
from his fottner radical attitude. Hut
the wotkflra egainet tbfl eonnty option
plank were unappeasi-i' and stood hrm
ly against it.
Twelve years ago Bryan prevetited
llennsentative il. M. HHcbcock, of
Omaba, from being ebjctfld I'nited
Stales senator from Nebraska. Yes
terday afteiiioon Bryan BtOOd 00 one
flidfl of the big tent in which the demo
eratie state eouvention is being held
and heard Hiteheoek intioduce the
laaolution wbich aent the onoe peflriflai
leader into poiitical oblivioti.
\> the vote wbichdepoaad Bryan from
the leadership of tbfl party whieh he
baa inamtained for twetity years, was
aloniy taken. Mr. Bryan sat witboul
moving a mttacJe, his motttfa tightly
etoeed, but tbere were aaaaJl beada of
pflrapiratiua on his lorehead. When
the nsult waa annouoccd, 466 to 894,
and a trflinendoufl roiind of applause
rOUowed, Mr. Bryan folded his arms
and lookfld about him.
The npponflota of Mr. Bryan aaaorted
that if individual iutrodiietiou of plal ?
form pians had bflfln prmitted, with a
apeech orapeecbeaon each one, il would
bave materiallv delaye.l tbfl PWagTOaaof
Um b'xly While tbey aajertod their
willingness that he ibOttM speak on the
minority report. whi.h it waa BXpflCtfld
to liitrodme, the a.tioii praelieally pro
hibit.d any other apeech from him in
the oonveotion.
In his speeeh Mr. Bryan said
"I am not willing to admit that this
i i tin.d Mitleiiieiit of thi.s queation,
"and on a inoial qoflfltioa 1 am nol
afrakd to expreea rny opinioo and atand
on it, if I bave to stand alotie."
Mr. Bryan referrfld to tbfl poiitical
ii.iiti. ~ be had waged, and decfared thal
he had bflflO fearless when his own
future seemed at stakv. Continuing.
he said;
"I bave beeii ealled a di'tator forex
preaaing my opinioo, Yourcandidete
liere today bave BXprflBBed their aanti
menta. By wbal Inw am I compelled
to remain siletit, when [ f.el that tbe
L'ood n.itiie of tiiv natfl is at rtakef It
baa beeti said that I am aggriewd bfl
canae I bava be?n aoM out by tbe
liqnor intereata in my own state. I
bave been sold out by these h(|iior
democrata in my own state and aaved
by tbe votea of aelf-reapecting repub
Ijcana who refnaed to tid in it I ?
peet to be in politicaa for many years
yet. I e.vpeet to aid in tbfl work of
the deinocratie party. but I will not
remain itJenl when a band of politto l
a?sassins altaek me."
C. J. Smythe, |eni|ioraty ehairmaii
of the convention, in bia addreaa re
ferred t.. William .1. Bryan, witboul
mentioning bianame, aa foUowa:
"Il may ba Deoaaaary today fot
?Ome of u- to lefnse to follow a lead
erehip wbich fot ahnoal 20 years baa
given lustre to onr party in the state
and the nation. If it abould, l.t no
maii say thal it argues any abateinent
in the eateem of him who embodiea
that leadership. When this COOVflfl
tion shall bave adjourned onr dil'fer
eliees, I am sure, will be forgottell. and
we will all fall into oor accuatomed
pla.es, the leader in his and tht
?ubordinatea in tbeira, to flghl for onr
platform aml OUT party. "
Miuker trvaagned.
New Yo.k. .luly 27.?Charlea W.
Chapman, broker, was today arraigned
before Jodge rVerren W. Poetar,
general aeaaiona, and held in $6,000
bail for trial. Chapman was indictfld
on eoinplaint of Chailes K. vYflUborn,
who charged that he gave Chapman
300,000 aharea of itock in the Titue
rilled rfortbern Bailroad, of Pennayl
rania, to aecure a loan >.f 126,000 and
that Chapman borrowed from the Car
negifl Trust Oompany, *i;7.ihh! on ">ihi,
imhi share of the atock, pocketiug $42,
000 aml the other lltO.INSI sberes.
Ilein/.e Arre-leil.
New York. July 27.?Arlhur P
Heinze, brotber of Frit/. Augustus
Heinze, the Moiitana ''Copper King,"
was arrewtod today by I'nil.d Stal.?
Ifarahal Heokel when he appeared in
the I'mied Btatea Circuil Court upon a
niotion for Mav of e\e. utioii of the len
day seiitene..' in the peniteiii iary, im
poaed on him by Pederal Judge Hougb.
Ibui/e was aeotenced on a charge of
interfering with tln- adminiatraHon of
iustice in that he is said to have muti
lated and concealed the booka of tbe
nipper oompany wbicb arere wantad bj
the pro~. utioii in tne recent trial of
Fritz Hein/.e. His attorn.ys aa
iKMinced that they would immcdiately
make a niotion to vacate the ..rrest.
Bhortlj after Heinae'a arreal ln
torneya appeared before Judge Haod,
iu tbeOfrruil <ourt. aod Heinze waa
ordered released oiifa 62,500 boUd until
tive daya after tbe l'. 8, Bupretne t'ourt
convenea iu Waahington in October
Heinze'i appeal to th.' bigheH coutl
will probably have be, n d.-ided by
ilial time.
lOugoiu- v. iieaa a 11.
Koehester. Minn., July 27.?Fug.ne
V. Deba, aocialial leader and one time
. andidate for Preaident of ?he I'mied
stat.-. is iu Boebeater aeeking medkal
treatmeiit from the .Mayo Brotbere. It
ia reported that hiacondition i^ serioue,
althoiigh the eause of bia Irouble ean
not I.e leariied. and tio otie is allowed
to >.-.? him ^_
Saiiiph- Bhoea, worth $"..oo, $6.00
and r7.tH); yoin ehoiee, #L> M
our wiodowe. J. A. Marshall & Bro.,
i?2 Kini? a)reaa?
Teetliing eliildren have mon 01
diarrhoea. wbicb ean l? cootrolled by
giving phfmberbtin'i Cobc, Ohotera
and Diarrhoea Beniedy. All that R
neerssary is to give the pn seribed dnse
after eai h op.ration of the hovv.ls niore
than naturil and than caatOV ofl t<>
deanaetbe lyatent It is aafe andsure.
S<.ld by W F Oreighton and Bjcbard
Ti*iiilnaadaj. '"ly jt, teta, :,t St
Mary'i paraonage, bj Rev. Fatber
Kelley, I.KW IS l> CREEL, of Ar|
, ,? ,,,| \|, v| \|:<; \IIKT MAHV
I>W VKR. of .-jeimnarv HilJ,
m;\\s oftiie day.
Jaek Johoaon, the (olored pugilist,
did not make his debut yesterday in
Washinglon M cxpcetcd.
Tweiity-iive pevaoai pariahed in a
tlood that followed a elouldburst at the
town of Deaa, Hungary, yesterday. The
daraage io property and aropa was
Aurora III., reaidenta have been
ordeie.l lo take a bath onee a week in
a list of iegulation> iaaued by the bealh
department. The order is aiined at
foreignera, the ctty ofBejaia aay ia ea
Axcident oompaniea with wbioh the
laie [ra ti. Bawn, president of the
Meiion railroad, carried over 8180,000
iusur.iliee, announeed that the polieies
would not be paid until it was proved
that Mr. Ravvn did not eoinniit suieide.
Dr. Frederiek C (iraves, one of the
beat kiiown praetitioners in llridge
port, Conn., yesterday died at the
Qalen HotpHal as a result of poisoii
lakeii wilh suieidal inteiit. Two vveeks
ago Dr. (iraves suffered a stroke of
apoplexy. He reeovered, bul told his
friends that he knew that atiother was
eoming, and lhat it would stirely be his
elld. He said he frlt iinequal to the
Darvoua atrain of awaiting death.
Klevn men were killed at l.a Tnque,
Canada, yesterday. Oneof the men
was Opening a ean of powder when an
evplosion occurred wbicb aet Bre to a
train of tlie explosive l.ading to a tun
nel in wbicb tifteen men were workiug.
The a.eideiit oreurred on the new
Tranecontinontal Bailway line.
All iiiventorv of the estate of (ieorge
t'ahot Lee, of Newton, afaae., who died
Mareh 21, showa n to be ralued at
$1,662,821, of whieh 61,666,821 is
peisonal and $'.?;>,Him real. Mrs Alice
Ib.osevelt Longwortb, wfaoiaa grand
daughter of Mr l.ee, reeeives one
tWelfth of the property. Mrs. l.ong
worlh's ineoine from her share of the
estate will be about $?">.."IHI a year,
Louia H. Di SSerega, a retired cotton
broker and one of the founders of the
New Vork cotton excbange, was found
dead yesterday in the nourtyard in the
rear of his apartmenta iu Madiaon
avonue, Ihe coroner reportad the
ease as suiiide. Mis | >j /.rega MUil
her buabaod had loog been a sufleri r
with asthma, and ahe believes he had
a fainting spell and fell out the window.
He was 76 years ob).
Wlnle raeing with a westbound
Denver and Bio Qrandepaaaengor train
in an aiii.miobile ne ir Grand Juuction,
Col., v.-i.i.liv afieinoon rValter Hod
gins, liiaa l.eona Adams and MiaB
GlndyaCarlyle, were inatantly killed
c H. Carmao and Cbaufleur Thoma
Rix'k were seriouely injnred, The au*
tomobile paaeed the train and Bock at
tempted to eroaa in front of tln- loco
motive. The foootnotive atrnck the
rear pf tlie automobile.
The platform eonvention of the re
pubhean party of Nebraska at LinCOln,
yesterday adopted i platform atrongl)
iudoraing the adminiatration of Preai
d.nt Taft, expreaaing unalterable oppo
aition to the "ayafem koown as Can
nooiam," and bearty aympathy with
the 'inaurgent" movement in and out
ofCongreaa. The platform indudeea
ijerlaration for eounty option aa tbf
llietbod of regulatlllg^the liquor tiatlie
and for an amendni. nt to the state
cnnatitutiun provkJingfor directlegia
A lubterranean roadway aoder the
narrows, connectiiig Btaten ialand with
Brooklyn, is propoeed by the NYw
l.i-ey and Btaten Island Junetioii Rail
road Conipany, wlii.li obtained a fran
ehise in 1890, bul has never ulili/ed it.
The eoiiip.iuy is novv in conferencc
with a tirm of eiigineers who say they
ean nonetruet a tunnal under the n.
rowa that will be aaboardaa Broadway,
from ourb tocurb?broad enougfa, in
fa.t. for automobilea, carriages, and
railroad tracka. The iliatance under
l!ie narrows is leea than two miles, and
the eiigineers say tbat tbe tiinnel ean
be eotistrueted in a year at a eost of
Becauee they wanted to be "bad
men" and also needed nioney to treat
their aweethearta, John Waruer and
Kav Metealf, eaeh 11 yeais ol.l, COffl
milled i'.IHI burglaries in different
pla.es in Obio, They were arreated
yesterday m ( anton, and after eoii
feaaing to their miadeeda led the police
to a dieueed coal eellar where tbey had
eaehed the major portkafl of their
plunder. Tbey were apparuntiy more
adept in houaebreakiug than crime,
for a diamond ring was reoovamd
wbich tbey had aokl for 20 eeata and a
gurd watch wbich had bean diapoeed of
for |."> eelits. Their Operatli.lls evtepd
.?d from Ka>l l.tveipool to 1-orain and
according to their cOMfeasion, borne oul
by police reporta, in one day tbey an
tered aa many aa 7"> bouaea.
The Searrh lor l)r. Crl|i|>cn and Mi?*
afontreal, luly 27.-The Canadian
pohce bave reqneatetl tba wir<
operatois at Rell Isle, 00 the coa-l of
Labrador, tomeke avflry effort to pfck
up the Ifootroaa, of tba Canadian
Pacific line, a^ aoonaa pnaaible by wire
IflH 10 deterniine delimtely whether
"Bev. Jobnaon Bobfoaoa aml aon,
John Bobinaon, jr.," who boardedtbe
Montroae al Antwfltp, are reatty l?r.
II. H. Crippen aud Ifbai Kthel Clare
Lenevfl, bia typiet, as baa baan re
Fatber Point, Qoe., .luly 27.?Tbe
Rljan l.io. (teamahip Barakaian, on
wbich Dr. II. H. Crippen and hti
Ethel ( l H I.etieve weie tirst rflported
to li. v li n Bflfltng to t'auaiia. gDt m
toncb with tbfl ariretflaa atation here
l!n afternooti. The Saidmian is near
the ehtiamv to tba Btraita of Belle bfe,
660 milea from here. Bhe doea nol i.
P>rt Crippen or Mis< Lenflve on board
The steamer MoOtroae, of tbfl Cma
han Pacihc Line, on wbtch ii i
thought tbfl rriissing pair i- aailing,
has not been picked up by tbfl
the wirelflfli rtatrmt yat, not baa tbe
Laurentic, on wbich [napoctor Dflw, of
Scotland Yard, is pursuing thfltt.
The rteamahip Royal Qeorge of tbfl
Canadian Northcrn line, whtch aailed
from Bristol. on July Ji, arrivea hfltfl
this aftcrnooo.
killtd in Mailroad \r< ident.
Huftalo. N Y .luly 87.?In B
ii two |oco:n..tiw i in
the N'.w Y?.rk Central yarda at Depew
earlv today Uavid B. (juinn. tireman,
of liuffalo. was killed and 1\ J. Kelly,
eagineer, and Augnat vyeaaei, Sreman,
were badly injured.
The family <>f I'mted Stated Senator
William P. Frye deiiy that he will re
sign froni pubiie life.
It appears thai CbL Bohert <;.
Dyrenfortb, who made an unique will
alteeting the life of his adopted soii,
left little property.
n King
Qeorge eounty yeaterday aocom
by hail. The hail stoiies range in size
from that of a pea to a waluut.
Mr. Wm. Haislip Hetidcrsoii, deaf
and duiiib, died at his hoine near
I'a-apatanzy. King Ueorge eounty, Mon?
day of liria^'a dkanuN), agnd 76 years.
The n. xt aniiual nieeting of the
(irand Cauip of Colifederate Veteransof
Virginia will be held a' Newport KeWB
Oetober 18th, 19th and 20th.
Owing t<> the unsettled eonditioii of
the eotton niarket, the l.yneliburg
CottOfl Mill will shutdownfroii) Tliur
day upjjl September 6, throwing nearly
600 operativea out of work, who have
been on short time for sPveral months.
Miss l'earl .1. Tavlor, of Rorryville,
and Beverly R. 1'idliam, of Washing
ton, were married in Bockville, Mon?
day by Bev. 8 R. White. a retired
Baptial miniater, at the minieter'a
Mayor Rlddiek. of Norfolk, last
nigbt iaaued an order auapending Tbee.
s. l'uidie, chairman of the board of
cootrol, for :5ii daya, as the raauh of
his invesiigatioti of the manage.ueiit
of thc city water d.paitliienl. wlliell
is under the aupervhado of tbe oomp
Krnest F.liner I'urvis, aged forty-six,
pioiiiinent in fraternal < ir.les. a paat
grand <>f OharlottavUle Lodge No. '.'7,1.
<). (>. F.. and anofficer in tbe Junior
Order, United American Mechanioa,
died Monday mght of tuberculoaia ii
his hou e at Charlottesv ille. after an ill
ness e-.teiiding over tWO vears.
The radieals, after a conference
with Deputy Derroux, chief of tbe
republicana of Barcelona, abandoned
their eatlier deeisioii to de.lare a gen
eral sirike \esterday, the aiiniversary
>f the revolt of 1909. Tlie troopa
ihrougboul Oatalona province were
held at the barracka during the day.
Ili- head fearfully erushed, a inan
BUppoaed to be .1. 1'. Kpps, about 40
years old, was found iu Aqua ereek,
near Ivirhmond, v.-l.iday. A COTO
ner's jury ren.lered, a verdiet of
aeeidintal dealh by falling from the
railroad bridge or by being knocked
from the struetiire by a pasMtTg train.
Mrs Agnes Bcana Lyneh, wife ..f
William l.vn. h. of Bound Hill. did
;? ber hoine Monday morning follow
ing an operattoo for appendicitia.
She vva~ thirly-four years old and .
aurvived by her huaband, rnotbar, four
brothera and four aiateta. Bbe was tbe
daughter of thc late Humphrey Beene.
The farmera in tln- Prederickaburg
lection who make a buflinesa of raising
pickles for the pickie factoriaa are
laving i very rooceaafu] year. Tbe
aeaaon has been just the right kind
to make ihe little eueilllllieis coine
out over night. The a.reage devoted
to pukles in that aecttoa ia aot as
large as usual, but the yield is fn
beyond the average for the ia>i Bve
Mrs. Alon/o Burrougha, 80 yeara
ld. wife of a Kaherman, waa struck
nd killed by a northbound freigbt
train 00 tln- New York, I'hiladelphia
and Noifolk Railroad at IfachipdOgO,
near Cape t'harl.s yeaterday morning.
She attempted to croaa the track imme
diately in froiit of au approaehing
train, Imt became bewildered and was
unai.li' t.. get out of barm'a way, II.
bod) waa tbrown 1"> feet.
Kxplaining that they had no time lo
lose during baymaking aeaaon, Levi B,
Pletcherand Miss ohle Buggett noti
lied l{ev. S. II. dreelie, of (iailiesboio,
Kiederi. k eounty, to be ready to marry
them iinnieiiiately upoii their return
froni Wini hester. They obtained Uiu,
licenae there yeaterday. The ceremony
was accordingty performed, while 'he
bride and grooin were aeetod in a
buggy yeaterday afternooq in front <>f
tbe (iaine boro paraooage, after which
they proceeded homa, the groom t<>
complete mowing a field in-fore aun
Mrs. rraok BonaMi, wifeof aweil
known Bichmond aalooa and roatau
i.nit ke.per, was inurderously assault
ed by a negro wbUe sitting before ber
hoine yeaterday morning. The negro
Bttacked ber with a btackjack, inflicl
ing a leirible woumlon her head. The
ittendiug pbyaiciana fear her skull is
fractured. Her condition ia gravfl
Tbomaa Ligbtfoot, oolored, was arreat
ed -hortly after, cbargfld with tbfl
crillle He ?;|. p.?itivcly ideiitilied
by Mr. Bonaidi, who eitneeaad the i
sault throiudi a wimlow. Am.th.r
negro. Jamea Bpeyflr, baa beea irn atad
aa a material witot
Ifflflara. pnvhi a Davia, vYaahiiMrton
paietit attortiev, repori tbfl grant, this
wflflk, to citi/eiis ,.f tius atate, ..f tba
follpwing patsota Wm. I> Uount,
Saitvilie. barnl hcat.r; U B , .1. B.
anu W. D> Pelot, Norfolk. COmpound
for makiug artilii i.il atOBM building
bricka or btocka; I. A. Pfekett, Pnlaeki,
freigbi-oar-dooroparator; II 1) Smith,
Briatol Citv, Ixixdi I faau
in a rear-end coUiaioa yeHorday
morning betwoan two Norfolk and
Western extra freight traifli on | eunre
aboot lilty milea veal of Roa
Plagman J. II Davia and htinter Pore
m.in T. H Tanner, of Kadford, who
were aslc.p in thecab ofthe forward
train, were killed aml Kngiiieinan .1. D.
Doutbat had hisankle badly spraiiied
by jumping w ben he >aw that the ci aah
was iiievital.le. The OolliflMM is said
tohave been dne to ihe fect that Plagy
inan DaVH had fallen asleep and failed
t. Bag ile- - cood aacttoa.
Allaging thal deputiea of tbfl btta
. iiv lergeant, Jamea C, Smith by aeg
led of oanoial duty. allowed Albert
Qtiff, jr.. her dehnquenthnaband, to
flacapc frotn the citv and flvadfl
meiit to her ofalKmony, counael feta
and costs, Mr- (Jatherine \ Oliff
yeaterday enterfld aah j<>r #?"> i'imi dam
in the law and eqflitg couri of
Bichmond againat Johd B. Wcl-h.
Sydmy L. Qilliam and S K. Kwing,
executore of J 0 Bmith, and Ifiehaol
i'. lly. bopdaman for the jata citv
geant. Tbfl fCtfOB ia brougbt in the
name of the t 'ommouwealth of Vir
gminia, wbich stands as plamtiff f.,r
Mr-. Oliff.
Georgetown Wbeaf Market.
Ueorgetown.p. 0 JulyZT-Wheatyrjaloa
If IcfCream rntiM
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of mcutas tli,-s?il>
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of iiioiity wuulJ
Ice Crrain. wlii.h
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coMldartd a Inx
111,1'U' llolll
than tneat. IU actual cost is aMut on.?
c?nt a.ltsh.
An.t ii is eoo?l, guhst.inti.-il foml. too.
o.ssolve Joll-O In- v'i< un Poirdtt in
nelV. and ftcese. Tliat is ail therri-to.I...
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ifal Krrlpe ri... I
Thr Grne*a' Porr lood (o., !.e Rov, H. Y.
sf.k OUB BOLIT \n:i.
Diamond Rings
$20 to $50
Their piirily and l.i ilhaney
is aiua/.uig.
Jewetera and Rilveranilth*.
35c Pound.
I giiaranlee every p..d to :i\ e - iti
la.ii.Hi. I i.?li and Ninoked Meata,
Gtroeeriea and Pann Producta ..i :'ll
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NirriCK Hav lug i|ualilied .- ad.
Ia! rator of the .--i.u.- <>t l.mli.i l
ter, deeeoaed. all pemona havlne elal .
againat tlie aald eatate are hereln ihi
lied lo pii-i-nl the vl II n- lo in.-. .1.11 v \ .
lied I'ni- aeltleiiient, and all iiemous J
debted to -aid <--tai<- are herehi notill i l
to make pitmtpt payuieal ..i iii. ii .
debtedneaa lo. ' i: I. PAYXK,
SI<m'MI.?I.IH.i;> \||.| i |\..
. i.ih. Bj order of the Buanl ..i |)i
reetora there a ill i" ? .? -. i.
oftlie Mmkholiler- ofl III. i'i ?!.i M RI v
HOTKL i <i.\ir \\ \ al theoffl.rthe
eompanr, 123 aouth Royal Ireel In tlie
.-il i of A I. vonlr. i, -iu.- ol \ 11 .ii
llil BHI) \ ^ . the lir-t dav ..I Mi pl.-ni
l..i. 1910, al In :?:i. iu.
At thi- ineeting ihe pnrp.. . of tbe ?
enlargement of the llot.-l Kaleigh out
.-iilililioiis ili.-i-i-i... :? in| in,- im in. im of
the aune entervd upon b) the Board of
Direeton under the uuthorltj glvi d bj
the l.v lan- n ill be mibmiti? -? l
WALTEB s HARB \N. Heon larj
.l.v "-Ol _
We l.e:; lo .-all v our altenl lotl lo
our NI.U I'.l.l \l> ..I ?>. ? \ I H\
i ii.ip i V\ I i:i -II LVF1 M-- .
I.n?l :.,-.
I' 11?? eoll.-i-s ,-lilerillir IHl" Uila
l.l. n.I are --p. i-illv -.i.-.-i. .1 al the
pia.-i- of -rr..i\ th i-.\ ouroa il i
ror i h.-ir a real Int rln i.- i ilue In
the .-up. Tlii ? blend i- gimi ui
lo |ile-I-- the . I Ia lidloii I ? .i
l-'i i: drinker. i.l .\y
-i rengtk.delieioiu A roina i i
and -I rengt Ii "ii ii im.. .1.
Best Eltfin Crcamerv Diittcr.:l2c ih
I'inU Ala-k.i s.ii.i : > ii, z >?
Prunex, reg, pi lee -.- .Ih
i II.- . .:??
A a P Baklaa Powder. j i>u^'- i'.">
l.aiiiuli v Sl.ir. Ii. T lli
( I.-.-.'liill . i-.-ain. a III . I-.
Baker'a <'.a, ? oaa
< 'liv e-. pliin or -lulle.l. a l.ol
lle... Ih
Oeorgte liem (*anlalon|?en ufor
The Great Atlantic &
Pacific Tca Co.,
Ho For Colonial Beacfi
Atlantic City on the
Second Bapttst Sonday Sciifli-I
Thursday, July 28, 1910
Boating, Bathing, I mhing and f'ral
Boat le IV ' Xllllllal lee ( '.|l IIU V II all'
i m.
Childn n
jj ...a
W\N ! I |. \l...u '. ...,., .1 U .m.|.
broii iit from !'?? Im >ni
..ii.ln i i.- - i in > ? ? l?
W.W I in \ ....,...- i. i. I W)K
K i i.l-i-.ll tppli i
KXKi ti i . i,;i King Ktri
W\\ i it. \ ..in. i ? ? ; : i l>
WOMAN todo m in.II
faunl? and for r.u, ri' ho
[tly ll :i sotlth I i,i> v
W.\N l i l> I I ior
Alexandria i Its ? tppi).
UUin refen n.iiib .1.
P. O. 1)1 ivn-r No 247, iloxan.il
W\ NTJ U lluall.
aud aaal -i inl bousektt'|H.>i in ,11
lles- (o a--i! -alary n,,l -,, uiiiel, pillINid
er,d a> t plea- Oll liollie \,|,|i 11 P.
neral Deliven. P O., Cltj
je-T .tt?_
\ in i|...i,- II ir.i , , ,i. ... per '!?? ? ii 't
the i ipera ilotwe < al'e s?.rt and !>??? il. d
i r.ibs, Bpring < 'liiek.n- and spi ii>
F>i: ? \i.i. i llnrt idaaa rldlm
drivlng IIORME. Appij ? " ""''
Pitt atr. _______ *
c?abBJe and klnd: ruaal. I har
l nee -- . Appl. l i:'- I -! '
llllilill: l ?> louth rui " :
i p m N
WAVl i.D \ tJERA ? *
ral work: I., i ,,i _
required. Apply atXo. i *> Prlnce tre< i^^
ii u in .c- ia ?..:.? \IK?S?.
The siimmer examinati on\ rwi lec-li
MB Wfaftfl au I eolored a III Is le
b ? .1 building, l*i"" '" ' '"'"
tue.ii Patrick and ll m? -"? ? '" '"
Jllly J-il,. .-ll. and 'oll. Im ifinn >?-' ?' ?
o eloek sharp .?act.?I ? \ .
\i-o at aarae abve ' ? ? ? ?"""?'
for profession.il eerti .llowa :
l-t years flOfUte Jul> -it1'
Zd \. ar s eoiir-e - .luly iS*tn.
CNBrae July *Hh.
Appll-allt- Will lUIIII h | " oid iiik.'w
The superintendeni will ni n; Ii paper, ^
U II. ? U I I \M
juij lot tfupt. of Publk >cUool?,

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