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THE republiean coiiventioti at Rocky
Mount yesterday, which nominated
Mr. J. II. Paraona for Congreea f<>r tbe
Fifth distriet, like tliat lield in the
Ninth distriet last week which iiomi
naU.IMr. I?. C. Slemp, was con
largely of governinent office b<
who did the bidding of their b
The pennaoenl cbairman of Ihe party,
Ii. W. Dtckinaon, >>f Mr. Slemp'- con
vention, was poatmaator al Clintwood,
while W. C. Pendleton, permanenl Bec
retary, was poetmaete* al Caatlewood,
Ku-.ll county. T. J. Munaey, "f
rlhuid. who reiioininated Mr. Slemp,
was assistant I'nited BtafcM attorney,
while Mr. Sumniers, who had the Boor
most of the time, was collector of in
ternal revenufl. Concerning tbe con
veution thfl Norfolk Pilol says :
Had Mr. Taft applied tb Virginia the
view he axpreaaed at Qreenaboro, thal
'it would be better for repubiicaniani
in North Carolina if all the federal of
teflfl were tilled l.y democrata,'1 it may
be doubted whetber there would have
beeti any eonveiition in the Ninth dis
trict this year._\_
Thk latest itl.i in tlie inauranoc Unc
iavaoatioo weather indemnity. This
unique selieine comea from England,
where it is being widely ezploitaaj and
is gaining popularity among. pV
seekers who do not ariah t.. take
cliances of having tluir vacation trip*
to tlie country or watcring plnee
marred by unexpactod ahowera. The
iamranee companiea thal have adopted
the plan agn-ed, for a aubelantial pre
iniuni, to pay vaeatioti lakers a certain
amoiint of moiiey for eaeh day thal ia
nnnloaaant while the policy ia in force,
usually a week. Chicago inaurance
men who bave talked to the I'ailv Newa
about the innovation do not tliink mucli
ofitand do aotbebeve that America
will iaaporl it. "It looka like a merc
gamblei'- chana and I d..ul>t whethcr
it eoadd be made a practical paying
proposition Ibr the underwriter," aays
one ..f the leader-.
It is gathered from bia remarka ;i
laar daya ago al Pbrtlandthal Mr. Tafl
SOIlietiines fitlds il dilticult 1<. ivnieinber
wbether he is president of tho United
States or tlie "titular Ina.l of the re?
publiean party." It baa occaaionally
been diltleult for the public to diacrimi
nate betweeii tlie two rolea. However,
aays the PhUadelphia Record, il doe?
Mr. Taft credil thal be reoognizea n
differenee in the t\\<? factions and tries
to reineinlM-r whieli parl it i- that lie in
playing. As nearly as we ean make
out from the I'oitlati I RJX ecn Mr. Tafl
is the president of tlie Uuited Siiie
when he i< traveling around it public
expense, bnl be is the leader <.f the re
publiean party when he i- in Wa-hing
ton direetiug Qongreaa whal legialation
to enaet and refuaing all patronage to
insurgeiits. And yet he waa making B
presidential tour when he -topped 111
Winona long enougb to praiae tlie
handiwork of l'ayne and Aldrich,
wherean Ihe thrifty Aldrich gOi eii
banontl duttea br tbe benefii of the
rubber trust and the cotton milis in
whieh be is a ahareholdcr,
HajfJ BMLAKD, New York, and Bal
timoie inill owtiers. l.ank. rs and eapi
talists iii.'orp'irated in N.w York yea
terday the Ititernatiotial Cotton Milla
Corporation under the lawa of New
York, with an autborized capital of
flO.OlHI.tKHl 7 p,r cent etimulative pre
farred st.H'k and 110,000,000 oommon
atock. The eompany will acquire
aiUaar by diroct ownerahip or by atock
oontrol a large imml.er of mills and
fompanies which haiidle sales and dis
tributioiis in C'anada, as well M thia
countiy. And Boch combinee con
tfliue to bfl made dc-pl'.e law- I" th>
t ontrary ! _________________
VVe have r.ceived througfa the cour
tesy of the Neale Publiahing Company
of Waahitigtoii and New York a oopj
i.f the oration delivercl by itfl author,
Alr. Walter Neale. Ofl July 21sl at tbe
annual reunioii of Confflderak veteraiis
lield on thfl battle ground of Mauassas.
The address was delivered al the invita
tion of tbfl sunivors of the Eighth Vir?
ginia Regiment and of other organiza
uotis; thesubjeet was; "The BoWflignty
of the State." Tbfl oration ii brilliabt,
foroefn] and loiiviiicing, tbfl author
pertineatly demanding, Bhall th.
pritu'iple for which the aonthern Btatei
fought be forever lost: shall state line
coiitinue to be oblilerated; aball th.
principle of bomfl rule bfl kflt forever:
ahali the abeolute monarchy that has
been made while the Aineri.an people
have slept much kmger enduref Mr.
Neal, president of the Neale PuWiahina
Company. author, critic and editor, bi
a Virgituan by birth and is a man ol
wide culture and intimate familiarits
with poiitical and histoncal flVCOta
The oration is bandaomely bound in
okaaV, is prmted on tine paper in ei
cflttflatf type hael45 pagea, and ia a
dictinct eootribution t.. Houtbern Ins
torical literature.
iuaaoatluig to adiapatch recetVed in
Baltimore from Prflfleott, Arirona, Joe
Oaua, erstwhile colored champioo in
lightweigbt claaaea, ia dying of con
Oorreapondeneeof Alexandria Oaaetaal
Thirty paintera and leo laborera are
today acaling Ihe dome of thc Capitol.
rith the difflealt taak bafnra them oi
removing tifty layers of paint. stopping
up every l.:ik iii the structure, and re
ii.hl' it I n'li iaaide and out. In
ill nv?re lhan a million doUara worth
.,f repaira are to be made al tbe Capitol,
the Senate and Houaa ofhoe bniWinga
be qow miinicipalbuikbng. Four
il offleea an tobe fltted
in 111 l.a-enieiit of tlie Senate
omce boilding. The coal of tbeee ia
estim 1,000. Dpoo tbe Honae
building 180,000 is to be <pent in
refitting and painting, The work on
? .ipiio! dome ia moel baiardotw.
tbe tip top of the Goddeaa of
Liberty, .''"f1 feet above tbe ground, to
the Bupreme Oonrt room tbe paintera
<:>, over every inch with chtael,
Bcrubbiog bruah, pntty and paint.
Prosidonl Qompera today received
\.,nl from N.w York indicating that
ihereiaa atrong poeaibility of a eettie
? icnt i eing reaebed aoon between the
-irikiiii; g.iimcnt \wu k.-r.- and einpl<>\
Pollowing adviee given by Uonr
i?i- when he viaited rfew York yea?
terday, i' atrikcra met the amployera
oday and conciliatory niea.sures are
tieing conaideredi
ll.,i areather, aa a canae for the long
infanl death roll, was rindioated partly
by l>>. \\.|.\. chieffood exparl of Ihe
Departmenl of Agriculture in an inter
riew today, The inoopenl aacrinoea
arecauaed, in a rargi meaaureby arti
ficial food.-. Stattetica abi w said the
doctor, that high temperaturea are
generally aocompanied by high infanl
mortality, but, it i- the babtea who are
obligod loeal artincial fooda who are
..-iicially effeeted. Tlieonly'food
for infanta is tbe milk of bealthy
mothera. The next bealthy food is
freah milk given by bealthy cowa,
properly modified, but as thia ean be
obtainod '>v only a few peraona raeonrae
iniist be had lo the general supply.
in this liot weather it is apt
to be \. ry i.ad. eapeoiaHy, for in
fiiits. tending to produoe that moal
fatal diaeaae known as diarrhea. How
ever, the danger ean be avokJed u>
aome extenl by keeping the milk cool
from thc time of it.s pro.luctioii to its
Announcing that he oonaidered Ibe
attack a coniplinietit, President fJottl
?-f tbe A. F. of L.. today issned a
replytoa statemenl made in Danver
by Preaidonl Ifoyer, of the Weatern
Pederation of Itinera, in wbicb he i>
quoted aa having aaid that tlie retire
meiit of Oompera mighl be a benencial
r.-tilt of tln- propoaed aflHiatiun of the
weatern mioera with thc A. F. of L
Gompera aaid: "There is no contro
verey between Preaideot Ifoyer and
myself Tbere ia nodenrfl to turned
.he Weetern Frederation from its
policy. Moyer ia rigbl when he aaya
thal the nnners can h.-lp change the
policiefl of the A. F. of L, after they
have alliliated but flVflO Moyer
?liialilies this by adding 'if the
federation is wrong.' "Il is very
thoughtfi.l of Moyer to flXprflfla
the opinion that I OUght to be
letired 011 a pension but as to my re
tiiemeiit eilher with or witlioui a pen?
sion, that ia dependableupon tbe judge
meiit <,f tlie men in thfl A. F. of L..
who have kii.nvn of the servi.es which
I have rondered in the intereat of the
working pe ?pk and whether theee a*r
vices have been faithful aml effectire.
It i- all a m ilter of view and in my
opinion, Moyor dtd not make to at
,:i me at all. Il was coinpliinen
tary in the extreme."
A new high record for the exporta
tioii of niatiiifactureis was made by tlie
United suUea in the fkcal year 1910
with a grand total of 768 million dol
lars in valm- as atrainst 7.">0 million dol
lara in 1908, the former high record.
The greateal percentageof increaae in
ex])orta by the United States during the
year was with Canada, Trade with
Europe as a wbole declined aboul 11
million ilollars in expork as cmpared
with the previoua year. A general in
ni ghown in importation of mer
chandise. Taken as a whole ligures
s'i ,w tli.it iln- country is ezporting I.
f,.,.,l and more inaufactures.
11,, W.ii Departnient this aftomoon
announced the appointment of the foi
lowing as membera <,f the special board
to raiae the battkahip Maine: Col. Wm,
I'.la.k, now stationed al New York;
Lieut. Col. Maaon N. Patrick. now al
Norfolk and Capt. Harlev 11. FflrgUflOn,
now at Montgonaery, Ala. All are offi
, it- in the engineer corpa ..f the army.
The tbree men will bave conipkte
charge <>f the preliminaryaurveyand
ihe actii.il raiaing of the Maine of the
Dopartinenl deckka lo rake Ihe abip it
s, Ii and m.t Ict the work OUl to coii
tractora. They will h.,l.| a meeting al
the eaili..-t poeaible dak and begin
work on the big lask.
Preparlng t.. Raaaaie Bervlee,
Columbtu, 0., .luly 29,?With three
regimenta of infantry aml eavalry.
Troop A, of thfl Ohio Natipnal OuardS
iliding the < ivil anthoritiea in preaen
peaee. slleet ."ll service Wa- CXpottd
to l.e r..-imi. d l.y the Columlius Rail
w.iy and Lighl Coinpany today.
N,, . ai- ha\e been operated bioj e ln
oVIock Wedneaday night, whenMayor
Mar-hall ilecnled to call out the militia.
With militiamen patrolingtbe tracks
and detachm.iit- of soldiers statioiied
ahoiit the ear l.arns and in the
dangeroua diatricta, the authorifi.
prepared to eurb any outbreaks result
ing from the reaumption of aflrvke,
rernor Barmon waa due to arrive
today from Charlevoix, Mieh.. where
he has bflflfl spending his vacatioit. In
tlie nieantiiue the situation was still
in the banda of Mayor Marshall.
A run on the Lincoln batik, looatfld
in a unioii distriet. has reanhfld from
the street ear strike. E. K. Stewart.
? I managerof the railway com?
pany. is a director of the bank, and it
waa because of this that many deposi
tora L'lcw out their money.
New ^ ?rk stnok .Market.
New York. July 28.?Tbfl upttirn in
tbe atock market thal baa been in prog
iv" -in,.,- Wctlneaday morning oontin
ued today. opening prieea ahowiag Bnb
stantial galnaln nearly all the aetlefl b>
-n. s After holding -tronp for ?.c
tiineat the opening the markel ykkkd
uod. r r. ali. in,' - al.-and at the eiid of
the lir>t bour the iii-ljorilv of iBBOfla re
taiiie.l onli a mj.jII |iarl Ofthe advam-.-s
ic,-,,i',lc,l iu the lif-l fcn minutes. with
-..in.- atocka tl.cn ahowiag slij,-ht nct
ii.--,-- \ hcavier tone developen In the
la-t half ofthe forenoon with Uttie de
maml in c\ i.lcii. e.
Towanl the nfternoon, tbeeeUIng again
i..??.,iu.- a.-ti\ e. wlth few buyera, ana the
ic-uit wa- thal prieea alumped all along
the line.almoal the entire iisi aeUlag bfl
jow reaterd I'hcre
waa liuie -ui'pprj iu evid
Captaili ol the Ntt-aint-r M.mtro-e IJe
llevesThey are A board ol HbiXteanuT.
Montre.il, July -'.'.- A ariaaleaa incs
sage, relaved over thc land wires from
("aptairi Kendall, of tbe Canadian
PadAc liner Montraaa, aayi that Dr.
H. IL Crippen, with bia mnatache
shaved off and with other attempted
disguises. ia one of the p.:--ctig.-rs, ac
mmpanied by Miaa F.tln-1 OUre Leneve,
his typist. S'eithcr Crippen nor Miss
Leneve knows that they are under
auapickm. They have been altowed
every lilcrty. Thc other pas- '
of tlie vessel, Capt. Kendall wires, are
alao in ignoiaiice of the idenity of
Crippen and Miss I.eiiev.-.
Captam Kendairs message says: "I
had my titst anapteiona after the Hon
bad been out tWO hours from Aut
w.-ip. I aratehed tbe oouple etoeely
and .anie to the (onclusioii that the
inan waa Crippen, He waabooked as
a iii.-ichaiit, and tlie girl, disguised as
his son, as a atudeni, Crippen has
been readina ronatantly, is rary nar
vous, and doea n.a ,-leep well. Hfan
Leneve is g:t\ al lini.-s, and at others
appeara worrktl, and watcbee Crippen
with tcarful eyi
"I bave waiched ihe man cloaely
OVer -inee he < :in.e ..ii board the l.uat,
and I am surc today that he is Crippen,
I had read fulty nl the caae irlian in
England and had -e. u picturea of both
the fugitives ,t- ptllited in tbe I.loti
papera when I wai in Antwerp. There
i- no donbt of the identity of the oouple
as Dr. 11. H. Crippen and Mi-s Kthel
Clarc Leneve."_
The Pear-.ui >\inlir;itc.
New York. July ?. That the
Pearaon ayndicate, wbicb waa aecuring
iinineiise bloek-of atockj in Ameriean
railroada for tbe purpoaa of organixing
a new traiis-coiitinenlal systetn, ua
not Sipiee/.ed out and forced to sell U)
Kiihn, Loeb ? Company, ia a atatemenl
made today by well informed financjera,
These aame autboritiea declare furtliet
thal the I'carsoti syndicite i- still e\
tant, and that Kiihn. Loeb k Company
has ineiely id.ntitied itself wilh the
syndieate ill fnrtheraiice of a Well organ
iaed pbui to aecnra oootrol .<f ihe roada
necded for the new systetn. The im
meiise bloek of atock takea over by
k'uhn, Loeb k Company it is aaid in
W'all stre.-t, did not OOroe froni the
Pearaon Byndicate. bul from other in -
Pearaon is still lo bein the syndieatc.
.ind still to liold an immenae bloek ol
Rock Island prefcrred, whieh he will
i-e iii accord with thc plans foiinul.ited.
Wbicfa included an alliance wltfa K'uhn.
Loeb k Company. It is also said to be
iinlikely to assuine that K'uhn. Loeh k
Company appear in the deal for tbe
firel time, merely ).. -ave the market.
As a malter of fact, \\ all atrflfll bellCVflB,
tbat Kuhn, Loflb .v Company has long
been idetititied with tbfl foreign -ymh
cate iu its efforta to afloniepoaBflaaion of
thfl Anieriean railways needed foi the
ttans-cotitiiieiital line and has been a
heavy bnyer of Book faland, Lehigb
VaRey and Miaaouri Padfk.
It is said in tbfl street that tlie bank?
ing firm and its foreign connectioiui
have taken over immeiise boldinge
of these atocka, the owneraof which
had tO Bell in view of the reeetit hreak
in the market it i- also said that
thfl way down. the hank and ikallka
accomukted other large blocka of these
Btockfl, which. they will vote in har
tnony with those held by the IVarson
It is said, furthe rinoie, that thfl
-ymlicaie imw in oontrol ia not a new
one, l.Ul the old one with impoitalit
new eininectioiis. l'.icival Farquhar
is said to have liec.une a tneiiil.er of
tbe new ayndicate, and ii is under
atood thal the origiual plana will iihortl)
be carried <>ut.
Dr. F. s. Pearson, who baa been
credited wlth engineeringthe operationi
of th.- Byndicate thal endieavoml to buy
in half B scoie of railo.ad-. today s:
that whika "bad market'' had forced
ai extetisioii of ihe Byndicate, ii woi
undouhtedly be al.le t.. Ii?,ll ns atock
in the varioufl lines. Me .'idinitieil that
Kuhn, l.oeh A Company were to Ia
closelyaaaociated with the workoftbt
Byndicate from now ..n.
"I am under aokmn pkdge wlth
Kuhn Loeb A- Company," aaid Pear
son, "not to discuss any of our re
lations. You will have to axcnai from
nkaking any reference to these gentk
men by whoru I haVfl been trcat.d
with tne greateal conrteay, and for
whom I entertain the highest reapect,
and with whom I shall probahly COO
tiliue to be :issociatei|. "
Ilcclarc-. < harge l-alvc.
Denver, Coio., July -"?'? "Tln
cbarge that frienda raise.l a fund of
$65,000 t.. l.rii.e democratic legialaton
to rota for nie is pnre rot. The lii-l
intimation J had ?>f tln- tbing waa three
wceks ago. when Jamea Keejey, man
uging editor of the Cbicago Tribune,
oalled nie up and asked about the
story. I told him I had newr he.ird
of it before and Ibai ii naa abaured."
This was the siatetneiit made by Al
bertJ. Hopkins, formei DnHed Btatea
-enator frotn Illinois, before leaving
here f. >r Cliicago
"Ofcourae, I do not knowall thal
happencl at Springffeld," he added,
but if the facts were as widely known a
the story indicataa, it is atrange thal
I did not baar al leaal a rumor of
Hopkins asserted that the wbole
tory enianated from Roger Sullivaii.
iVinocratic Ik>.ss of Illinois,
?..|.Ik r- Preitllted Invaaion.
Madrid, July 2!'.?By lining the
Franco-Spanish frontier with soldicrs,
thegovammenl auooaedad in prevent
ing the Invaaion of Bpaln by ?eraral
thousand cxiles, whieh wa- BCbednled
to take place today. The cxiles are
cfimped along the frontier for many
milea and it is expeoted that they wiil
reauma their advance. Barcelona be?
ing their objective point. as aoon aa tbe
|.n--cnt guard i- reduced. The inain
t. nance of this guard for mon- than a
few days is beli.ved to bt iiupo-.-ibie
Don Jarnie. the pretender. and Other
prominent Carlists have been BWfl in
the vicinity recently. indicating that
the inva.sion movenient is being avper
inteaded bythem. A aerjona cJaen i
. \|.. eted witbin a few d
Aithough badly buataw tot tbe <-.>n
trr,-si..nal iioniination from the Little
r.ills. X. i'., (li-triet on the fa.e ..f ,-,.ni
pleto primary returns avail.tl.le todaj .
rheodore Douglaa koi'in-oii. nepbewof
Theodore EtooaevcH, will go int.. tIm
.-onveiitioii tomoiTOW aml make a for
k>rn hope tight. < ongrc--mai> Milling.
a candidate for renoinination, who is
l.aeke.l !>y Vi.-e President Shvrtii.tn. will
p.ndoublcdly be the eMffi
The CflOfOI hiireau IflpOft shows that
the rate of batflVflflt paid by citiea for
.ney borrOWfld ? gradu tlly Im
Huthrie has bcflo re esteblisbed aa
the capital of Oklahoma ifl piacti.ally
tll iflapflcto, following th.- aeciflion of
the state Supreme Court.
The N.w York ageney of the B
t'lniiese Rank aiinounccs thal the theft
of stocks .Tnd bonda by Cashier Erwin
Wilder will not excflfld 1600,000.
While other mflflabfln of the family
WflTfl at the hreakfa-t tahle yesterday
Mrs. Marion R. Jflnninga, daughtflr-ia
law <>f R. II. JenniiujB, of Bpartana
Imrg. B. C, state treaaurflr of Bouih
Carolina. coinmitted sui.-ide by shoot
Mrs. Melville Brooka, Mrs. Charles
Thorning and Melville Brooka were
ktlled when theiraiitoinoliile was stiuck
bj an eaatbound Peuiasylvank frcighi
eiigiiie at Ktna (ir.-.n, Ind.. yesterday.
charl.s Thorning, buaband <>f Mrs.
Thorning. aacapfld uninjured.
A heavy alflCtric -torm 11it l'ompton
aml neigbboring towna in Pa
county, N. .(., boforedaybreak >,
day. Tbe drying-house of the DoPofll
,ie Nemoora Powdei Works at llaskeii
was stru.k by ligbtning and oxploded
with a loud iioise that awakened every
body within a radiua <>f flve mOfla Th,
houae was Bvc st.ni.-s high and was
11-.-,I for drying gUn-COttOfl after tlie
tili.r baa been impregnatfld witli nhro
glycflrin. No wa- was injured.
fJovemor Crothera of Maiyknd yes
terday refuaed to pardon I>r. Kdward
l>. Dawaon, ihe rkntkl who was ooo
\ icted <>f assault on a girl inmate of the
Kelso llotiie aml .-, nt.ii,,-.] to lt> y.ar
in jail. Th. governor also lefuflfld t<,
flZtend exeeutive cleinency to Kohert
l.ec Cochraii.the former elerk in Build?
ing [nepector Proflton'a ofhoa aml who
iaaarvinga Bflutencoof tbrfle year-in
the peiiit.titiary for inisapi.ropriatioii
of |50o beioiiging to the city.
Insiead of being a mUhonaira Ira (;.
Kawn, president of the Monon Rail
road Company, who was foond abot t<.
death in his sinnnier bonw ncar Chica
ago a few ilays ago, died poss, ssed of
an estatfl valu.il at only |120,000. Bo
at least a petilioti til.il ye-lcrday by
his widow deelared. Mr. Kawn's will
was prorriptlyadmitted toprobate. Mrs.
Kawn waa appointed exhcutrix. Ac
OOrdiag tO the petition thflffl was uo
teal cstate. all of the holdings being
Ikkd a- peraonal psoperty.
Foniiei State Treasurer William 11.
Ilerry (dei.trat), of Dclaware county,
Pa., wa- iiominated for governor by
the [ndependenl State Corrvflntion tl
Philadelphia yesterday aft.rnooii. The
real cootflsl Bflflmed t<> !?? between
Berry aml Qibboney and the linea were
-o I'ghtlv drawn that Rtidolph Ulackeii
l.i! IL'. of I'hiladelpllia (illdependelit
republican), was brougfal forward aa a
poaaible compromiae candidate. Berry
who was eleeted state treasurer ill 1906
OU a fii.-ion ticket and e.vposed the
capital frau.ls after getting into ollice,
had a large followipg among tbe dele?
gatea from the interioi of Pennayl
On coinpl.iiiit of Mrs. Mary N.-vins
Mllll, of Newport, I!. L, widOW ofthe
diatinguiabed anrgeon, I>. William T,
Ilull. of New York, an.l N'ewpori. John
Qualey and Henry vYiley Oorbett, of
N.w York, were arreeted in that .iu
yeaterday charged with tbe larceny .-f
186,000, and beld iu 116,000 bail eaeh
for airaigiiuient. .Mrs. Bull'acoraplainl
recitea that sln- was induced by tbe
prisoiiers to inwsl #,'{.>. (HH) in an
aabeatoa company, wbicb, inatend of
doing the l.lisilles- Ol 1100,000 B Week
as repreaented, wiUi factorieaal Newark
N. .1. K.m-.i- <itv. Cbicagn and I?--1
ehe-ii i. tfaan . waa in realty a myth.
Nearly every bridge in Haneotrk
eounty, Ky.f waa carried away, manj
iniles of pul.lic highway rendered im
pa?ilile and the Louiaville, Henderaon
an.l St. Lniis Railroad waabed out in
many placea aa a reaull of a twelve
honrs' rain thal began \\'edne-day
nighl and eontjnned until daybrnak
ye-tei.la\. Tln- \M-st einl of Haweaville
i- under water. Lightning deatroyed
the depol of Ihe company al Lewjaburg
and a large chair faj -ry at Tell City,
Ind., acrbaa the Ohio river. Many
homes on hlr.-aius throughout thc
eounty have been abandoned. Lo? on
liveatock i- beavy. vYbaal and tobacco
have been deatroyed an.l oorn is Mat on
the ground,
riiniiteneii KaptarWi
Madrid, July ?_".?. I'remier Canaleja
is in oonference today with King Alfon
-.. at San Sehastian regarding the
ihreateiied rupliire of diplotnatic rela
tions between the Vatican and ihe gi?v
nient. It is not believed that tbegoeern
iii.iit will reoade from ita poaMon of
increased rcligion.s tolerain e.
Kl Libt-ral, the iiew-paper whieh yes?
terday announcad tbe reeeipt by tbe
goveriiinetit of a cuil nole fn.ni the
Vatican, today decbtrea that tbe oota
greally offeiid.-.j tbe cabinet, whieh
now piana a draatic programme againat
tbe atate cburofa in the event that tbe
king approrea the move.
"l'reini.-r Canalejas will initial.- a
?eriei of inea-ures," El Liberal aaya,
whieh will prove ? inost disagreeal.le
Burpriae to the Vatican." What these
moves are the paper does not intimate.
Diamoiid and (.old Kelt lor Johnion.
New York. July'J'.1.-The liiovement
to purchaae B 126,000 diannmd and
gold bclt. einbleniatic of tbe heavy
weigbt chainpionship of the world, for
J.nk Johnson, ia meeting with great
enthusiasm on tbe part of the eolored
population of the country, according to
the ncgroea who nre baek of the plan.
It is said there will be no ditiictiltv in
raising tlie money by popular subsenp
tion aud that the belt, one of the
handsoniest ever made, will Im- pre
lented to Johnaon upoti his return
from Europe iicxt year.
Jiutlre Moody to Retlre.
Magriolia, Mass., July 29?Associate
Juatice of the Oupiaaue c..nrt of the
L'nited Stat.-s. \V. IL Moody, has de
termined to take advantage of the
tl enabling act passed by Con
greaa, and retire from the bench, ac?
cording to information from the jus
-uninier home today. Justicc
M.ly baa ciicluded that his rheu*
in.iiic affeetton makes it impossible for
him to reeome hia work in Waabington
With his brains scatteredon the rloor
of the poreh <>f bia lonelybut in FfrJaon
c.iinty the body of an old man named
kf< i .aiin was found this morning by a
solititous neighbor, who bad bearn a
gunshot yesterday evening. Hi? deaiij
is | complctc mystery to jhe fMboritica,
CITY cor\( II.
Tbere wafl a brtef aaaaiofl of the City
Coumil Ixst night. The meeting was
cailfld by the Boayor to potrfifrw ? peti
tioo from th* apeetal eomnaiUee sp
pomtfld by thfl general cotnniittee
which is arranging for tbe eiitertain
ment of the State Firemen's CbOVflO
tion Dflxf month. The petitioners asked
an appropriation of f.300 to aid in de
fraying the flzpenflflS. The petitioii
was granted by hoili boards. Several
other papflrfl, roiitine iu their nature,
were pr.seiited and diapoafld of.
Bk alderman were present and thfl
board ooncurred by rntanimooa votea
in the actioii of the Coinnion Couneil
on all papflTfl sent in.
C.uincil waa called to order at eight
.,'clock with '.' memben present.
Ill thfl ahsence of the president and
viee president Mr. I^-adbeater was
elected president pro tempore.
The clerk read a couimiinieation
from the mayor stating that the meet?
ing was call.d for the PWrPOflflOf OOO
si.lering any matter prflflflntfld by thfl
cotiituittee on arrangements of the Fire?
men's Conv.ntion to he held here next
month and "other business which may
he preseiited."
A resolution was introdueed appro
priating |800 to be tis.-d for the e\
peasflfl of this coiiv.ntion and this wa
Mr. Rirrell asked that the appropria?
tion for the scwer in the s.piare hound
ed by King, Chmeron, Henry aml Fay
? Ite street- he made iniiiie.liately avail
al.le. Tbere is DOW 011 haml $106 and
the work und.r the original resolution
catinot slart until property own.rs pay
iu ?150. After discussioii this went
over. Mr. Rirrell later offered a reso?
lution eovering this matter and this
resolution was paflflfld,
Mr. Marshall did uot tbink it prop.r
for a called inecting to rcscind the ae
tioii of a regular uieeting.
A petitioii niiuierously signcd Bskitlg
ihe paving of Coiumbus street from
Queen to Cameron and proasntad by
Mr rlellmutfa was referred to thfl cooi
liil'tee oll StreetS.
Tlie petitioii ealla for a 86% foot
roadway at a coat to property hokkra
of I'J.fKJ per front foot.
The city eligineer Bflkfld that the ap?
pointment of .1. W. Mason as eaptain of
the chaiu gang he conlirined and this
was dpnp,
A petitioii fiom l>r. ThOfl. B. QibflOU
to reshitglc a stahle on Huke street he
tween Wa8hington and Sl. .Kipli was
,\ petitioii from W. K. .lohnsoii to
l.uild a frame kitchen aud hathroom in
the rear of his dwelling at the soiithea-t
corner of Hflnry aml Pendkton atrw ta
wa- granted after Mr. Harrison had
,'\plaim-d ihe condittona.
Deapite the heal Mr. Birrell apoke al
length in favor <.j a petitioo preaented
last April aaking a aewer on Pandfetoti
street h.iweeii Washington and Coluin
lius. The matlei after discii.-.-iofi went
OVt r with a pronii.-e from the chairinan
of the -In-el oommittee that a rcp.nl
Would be bronght in at the nexl meet
Cooncil then adjournad.
At a oalled meeting of ihe boanl of
Aldernien of tlie city ofAlexandria, Va.,
heldJuli **, 1810, there were present:
.1. It. N. (urtiii. esq., President, an.:
\b---r-. llill. Marluiry. Hallciigcr, l'iel.l
an.l Fitxgerald
The folTow ing were reeeived from the
('.illlllli.u I'olllieil and theiraetli.il c.ll
eurred In hi unanlmoua votes:
I '. iiiiiniiiiicatioti from I-'. ,1. I'.il), M:i\ ,,i
gi\ ing his iea-.ili- for ealling ll.et
ing of * ouii.-il.
IVtition I'n.'ii a speeial .-..iiiliiitlee ap
poilile.l li\ th.- general ...liiiiiittee wln.
an- maklng arrangumunta for pntortain
ing the Slale l-'iieiiieii 'a I onvenl ion a-k
ing an appropriaiioii offSOO to ai.l in de
I'rav illg the e.\ pell-e- illenlellt to enler
la iii ing Ihe Slale 1'irenien'.- I '. ,n\. DtiOD
in thia city during themonth of A ugu-t
I'elili.ili of \\ . K. Jobnaon for pelini
^,..n I.. i.iiil.l a frame bath room al hi
r.-.iileii.-e. aoutheaal eorner ol' I'endleton
an.l llenrj -tr.-et-.
t'etition iroiii Bnndry cltlens ooncem
i ,g pr..p.i-.<l iinprc.x. iii.nl- on ('oliiin
Im- -lie.-l. I.elueeli < ainei,,|i aml <Jlleeli
PetltloO ol III..-. S. Uil.-.m fol perinis
-ii.n to re-hiiigle his sial.h- on ihe north
nideof Duke street, between rVasbingtou
and Bt. A-aph.
<'. .m in on ieation from B. ('. I * im ii . Cltj
l-.ngilieer. .'iniioiilieiug the .1 pp.iinlinenl
..I'.l. \\\ Ma-on as i-aplain 01 the elniil
Ke-i.lution repealing a re-olulioli Bll
propriating Sl'?) for the eoii-lru.-li.ui ..I i
pipe sew.-i Iroin King street iiorlhwar.l
on Paj atte al reet t<> tbe Hrsl alley noi th ol
King a mi thoiieeeast ward Into aaid allex ,
wben f 150 sball bave been pald Into tbe
cltj treaauf) foi tapa. and maklng tbe
apprupriatioii iivailahle when ?<lu., -hall
ha\e been pald in.
The boaru then adlourned.
.1. a. N. n Kl in. President
r,-t, i.i ran H. Tbompsow,Clerk.
Ata eail.d na?tlug of the Cotnmon
Counefl ..f th.- eftj of Alexandria, \a.
held July -?>, 1910, thera were present:
Vfeaara. Leadbeater, BrIII, Baader,
Rirrell, Bnimback.Hellmuth, Harrtaon,
Mar-hall. aml Spinks.
In the ai.-eii.e ,,t the President aml
Vlea President, the ci.rk ealled tbfl
board to or.l.-r and Mr Leadbeater was
, -leeted president pro telll.
A mes-age from the UflJ >,r.-on vcliing
oouaeil to eonahkr a petltlon front t
loiiiinittee in ebargflof the Flremen'i
Convention t<i be held In this elty lo
August and other bnslnflflfl which may
i.e preaanted was reeetved.
A p. titioii from a special coinmittc
ai.poiiited by tbe gencnU oommhttes of
the Fire In-partm.-ut to make arrangc
menta for the entertalnmeatat the Plre
man'a < kxarentloa to bs held in this <-it \
in August and requeattng an apprnpria
tioti of SsMJ was reeetved and upon nio
iion$300 was appropriaied for the pur
pOflfl, Aves .Nfe-.r-. I.eadbcatcr.Brum
baflk. Brill. Baader Rirrell. Hellmuth,
Harrlaon, Marshall and Sptflka
BOflfl "
A petition from property owners on
ColumbOfl street. I>etween ( ameroii and
Queen atreeta, ronnnstlnff that a vRrlrkd
brick roadway be laid on aUd tquaifl was
reeeived and referred to the Committe,'
on Street-..
,,mmiinieatlon from E. C. Dtinn,
city Englneer, inlorming council that
he had appotntfld J. w. Maaon sap
tain ofthe ehain gang, was rt.ived and
eoneiirred in.
|'e,ini<-!on was granted Dr. Thos. s.
Oibaon to reshinglc Btabta ro..f aorth
,ide of Dokfl BtrSflt, l.etween Waahing?
ton and >t. Aaaati Btreeta; also to u i
JobflSOfl to rebuild a frame kitehcn at
the southeast eorner of Henry and Pen
dleton BtreetS, prOTtdlag there is no ob
jeetion from adjoining property owners.
\lr Blrrvll onered the following:
Wher.as th.-1 it> < ouneil of Alexan?
dria ha- b] r.-oiinion approprktcd WOO
to eoii?ii ii.-t a pips s,w. r from King
-treet northwanl ofl Fa\ ette street to tbfl
first alley nortb of King sireetand then.-, ?
into the said tlley eastward. the appro
priatioii to be made avalkbk when tba
sum of *i">o bs rflavj Into the elty treasury
by the propsrty oivtera for tape.
Be it hereby neeelved by the City
Council of Alexandria. that iheiraction '
IISO be pai.l i.ito the city treasury be and
is ii.rel.y repealed and he il rcsolved
that tbe sum of SajO be made avallable
for the eonatrootton of aaid aewer when
the sum offlOQ is paid into the eity treas
an for tapa t.. -ai.l aewer.
I pon niotion of Mr. Spinks, the reaO
llllioli was a.lopte.l.
The board then adjoiirued.
I - L?ADBEATER,Presidentprotam
I'l -I 1.. I?\MK1. K.Sl A.S-IU ni .< lerk C. C
The joint meeting of the Maryland
an.l Virginia Bar AaaocbUkma at Hot
Springs, eatne to a elose with a hatnpiei
last night. Thc addreaa Of the day was
delivared by Jnatiae bTorace t). Lurton,
of the (Jnited Statea Bupreme Court.
Justice Luiton- addreaa was a
scholaily el'fort bcaring evidence of
ieep ind careful reserch. The an
Dounoument ofbiatopic, "WhatShall
It Be, B (love uiiieiit of Law or a
Qovernment of Men,"' waa auAcient to
tix the attention of avat) lawyer and
especially of those not in accord with
certain modern political tendencies.
His theine was that the Supreme Conrt
abould simply cxercise its jndicial
powera, and that no courts abould as
sunie legislative poweja.
The Juatice held cloee to the line of
Constitiitional supremaey. This was
an oldfashioiied iirguinetit for the
atrioteal obaarvanoa of organic law?
natioiial and .State. He pointed out
that legialative bodiee muat notdiare*
gard Constitiitional limitatious, that the
oourt muat regard legiabUioo with
c..n-tiltitional line and that executives
muat pay due beed to both. He waa
e-pi.-iilly rigOTOUa in proclainiing that
one department ofgovernmenl should
not iniriide upon the funetions and pre
rogativea of anotber, and without uaing
names or being to.. pointed in his refer
encea indicated th.- danger <>f a too lax
regard for eon.-titutiotial prohihitioiis
and of iioii-agreeincnl with many of
the thooriee and BCttOna of the lioli
huiiter of Bagamore Ilill,
As the alternative to a go\eriiinetit
of law is a deepotJaro, wbetber th
dc.sp.it~ i?. many or one benevoletrl or
inaligraiit, the queetion admibi of bul
..in- anawer." the juatice said.
"But," be cotitinucd, "are we not
more or leaa oonaoiona of a reaaleaa
tuggiug against thc bonds of tlie law
and theyoke ofthe coiistitution'' I
there ndl i growing dianoaHioo ao
disregard the limiiations whieh we
have placed upon those in authority
and a tendeiicy to applaud the doing
of tbings which oue tnay wish done,
regardkss ..f whetber kwful or un
lawful ? If one in poWflT does things
which displease us, we are swift t,,
inquire into his authority; bul is thal
BO if th.- thing done meets with our
approval t"
Juatice Larton deciared that the
great tloo.l of imniigranls are unfa
iniliar with Aim rican coiistitutional
ideas, aml their iguorance of such i
the cause of mncfa popular <? .uiplaiut
agaitist tbfl court.s and the law. H<
urged simpie faith in tbe matitutiona
of this government and the mainten
auce of the independence of tbe legia*
lative, jiidieial, and exeeutive dcpart
IllelltS of ihe goveniinent. (ireat ::p
pbiuae greeited his utterance that the
law miist he changed directly, not in
Al the shoit husilless meeting the
Virginians eleeted as additional dele?
gatea to the Ameriean Bar Aaaociation
Prof. R. C. Minor, ofthe Univervity ol
Virginia, and Judge John \V. Priee, of
Bristol. An exchange of i.llicial coin
plimenta between tbe two aaaociationa
inarked tln cloee of tln- gatbering. <>n
motion of Mr. \V. \V. Olda, of Norfolk,
the Virginians ordered etitered upon
tbeir minutea an expreaaion ofapprecta
tion of thc visii of the Marylandera,
and thc latler, through their retiring
president, c.l. I?. Q. Ifclntoah, and
the sc.retary. Mr. JamesW. ('haomau.
reaponded feelingly.
W e-tliigli,.u-e louvcd Iroiii l*ic-hhnr\.
New Vork, July 29. QeOfge Uest
ingliou.se was forced from the preai
dencj ..f tbe vVesttngbonae Blectric k
Uanufacturiog Company at a meeting
of the hoani of directorf held bere h
day. Bdward F. Atkins the Iv Atkins
iV <'.paliy, of Halliuioie. wa-choseii
io auoceed Weatinghouee, with the un
dei.-landing that his ictelilioii of the
poaition ja to be bul temporary until
the board shall electa periiiaiicnt |iresi
Pecter an.i Caaipsalos Arrcstsd,
N.w York, July 29.? Dr. Harry
Bradky (Ceeler, and his myaterioua
companioo "Emtna," knownvarkmslj
as hissi-ter aml wife, were held fortrial
on a charge of graud lareeny when ar
raigned in Rrooklyn police court today,
Bail was lix.d at 110,000. The eom
plainanl is Mrs. Wilhehnina Lyneh, a
widow, who says Keeler marricd her
and disappear.il wilh 986,000 of her
money. Koekr aml "Emma" werflar
resicl recenlly iu Detroit after a search
of teveral months.
Rreinier Canalejas of Spain, sayslhat
an ultimatuin has beflfl recoivfld from
the vafican and that the governin.-nt
will not yield its porition.
KI-'.IM Hl ICAN < OM'i:\Tl<?\.
The Fifth distriet rflpub)kau conven
tion, at Booky Mount yesterday nomi
Datfld ex-State Seiiator John M. Par
s,.ii-. of Qrayaon county, for Congress
tOOppOflfl K. W. Saunders, the dfltnO
cratic DQmUMfl and present representa
tive. Flovd oonnty, which was taken
out of th? distriet two years ago by
legMativc eiiactment, had a big hand
in Hie convention, and Temporary
Chairman W. M. Sowder, in a speech
on republicnn prineiples, declared that
Floyd COOnty was still in the FifthCon
gressionai distriet, and that they would
?otitinue t<> resist the unconstitutional
enacttnent of theVirginia legislature by
st.'iinping on thfl ballots this fall the
name of the Fifth distriet, and also thfl
name of the nominee of the convention.
The convention was OOmpoflfld largely
federal offlcebolders,
Thesummer normal schoola at the
I'nu.rsityof Virginia and at Manas
sas have cloaed after successful ses
sions. _
__ - Winslow's Soothing Byrup is thfl
prev.rifitlon of one ofthe best female
physl.ians and nnrses in the United
States, and has been used for fifty years
with never-falling aucoess by millions ot
mothers for their ehlldren. It relieves
the ehild from pain. eures diarrhoea,
griping in the bowels, and wind eollc.
By giving health to the cbild it reata the
mother. Twenty-flve eents a bottie.
VV. R. Lcwis, prnpriatof of the War
ren Qrean Hotel, vVarranton, baa
leased the I'rince William Hoicl at
Manas.sas, for an iinictinite period with
option of purcbaae, an.l will opaa it on
?letobar 15.
Rev. John C. Cornick. rector of
Trinity parish, Aceomac eounty, Dio
? >f Bouthern Virginia, has been
called to Trinity chureh, Ifana
with cbarge of St. Mark's Memorial
Chureh, Nokesville, iu succcssion to
Rev. F. Lesllc Kol.lli-oll.
Mrs. Sarah Oslmni, wife of Fayette
Oaburn, ?.f Bluemont, Loudoun eounty
died on Wednesday at her home, aged
68 years. She was the daughter of
the late Joaaph Washington. Her
buaband, three s,,n.s and tive daughters
While driving over thc Rcading Rail?
way traeka at Lebaaoa, l'a., yesterday
afternoon in froot of a rapkily moving
train, Mr. and Mrs. Wilham W
Hibschuiaii, of Myerstowri, were in
Btantly killed. Their bodies were ter
ribly mangled. Eaeh was 70 years of
Qranviile Hatton Boyater, jr., 19
years old, a liieinber of tl e Suffolk
Qraya, Company F, of tbe Vburtb
Virginia Infatitrv, yeaterday was con
victed of tbe larceny of nniforms and
o'hei property belonging to thc gov
ernmeiit. Royster pleaded guilty in a
civil COUrt IM was let off with a
Action toward the huilding of a
bridga lorom Occoquaa eraakatWolf
run shoal- between Prinoe William and
Fairfax eoutities was takeii at a meet?
ing ofthe Prinoa William eounty super
vi-ors Ifonday When the clerk was in
slrucied to advise the supemsois of
Fairfax OOUOty of the neccssity of the
At the Ifanaaaaa hdree show yeater
day an aockJenl occurred while the
buntera were on exhibition, when Louia
I.eilh, of Middlehurg, was pulhilg St.
Peter over one of the handicap juinps.
The horse stiiml.led, throwing his rider
\ioleiitly over his head. At rirst it was
tbought Leith had broken his neck,
but after aeveral physicians had worked
over him a while it was aseertaiii.-d BjO
bonaa were broken, Last night Leith
seemed to have (.retty well recovercd.
.1. K. Jofdan, an eniployeof the Nor?
folk waler department, was suininarily
diamiaaed yeaterday baeanaa in the rc
cent invcatigation into that department
he gave keetimony againal his auperior
olli.er which was not suhslautiated.
Judgfl llaiickel, of the Coipoiatioti
Court, yesterday announce.l that it
Would he some days before he would bfl
ahle to give lii- dflcisktJ in thfl DBflfl of
Thomas B. Pnrdk, a atentber of tbe
Ctty board of control, who was sus
peiide.i by Mayor Biddick for derefao
tion of duty aml miaconduct of ofhee,
following thfl iiiM'stigation instituted by
thfl mayor
lluiry l'a,-<>iis, at one time a rising
yoni'.g art.isl, proiiiinently known
througboiit Virginia andclosely related
t,, peraona <>f wealth aml ttandtng in
England, died in the Becond Poltcfl
Btation, Bicbmond, on Wedneadat
night. He was arrested on a charge of
drunkennesa. Several yegra ?.., > he re
ceived $6,000 from a weaithy relative
iu Kngland. He went to Old I'oint
Comfori, s|H'iit tbree montba aml came
back to Bicbmond broke. He was
about 66 years of agfl. His wife, a
beautiful Bngliah woman, died abcflji
llir.e years BgQ They had nochildren
Dallas W. Siniih was shot and in
atantly kiikd in Okjabomfl City yea
terday morning by Mrs. Daisy Fiacher,
ihe wife ..f B. \'. Piaober, Smith ap
p.-ared at the rear door of the Fi.-chci
hoine artned with a resolver. Mr
Piacber opened iir<- with a rifle and
ent tive abota into his bodf llrs.
li-cher and her hushand say that
Sinith was h,r auitor ten years ago in
llannibal. Mo. Smith cotitinued hi
attentiona, notwithstanding her mar
riagfl. Mra. Fis. her was pltued under
airest m charge of her hushaml.
John (.. < .ull-le III.
New York. July 29.?JohnO. Car
lislc, Secretary Of the Trcasury under
the seeond Clewland adinini.-tratioii,
is iu a dangeroua oontdition at tbe
Hotel Wolcott here today, followiug a
aerere attack of beart trouble. The
ag.-d atatesman was atrickeo last Mon?
day. and Drs. Iforria Caipenter and
Theodore Janeway have been iu al
moatoonatanl attendanoa. Cariude i<
7"> yeara pld, and has been failing
r.ipidly for the pasi year. The physi?
cians are doubtfiil of his ivcovery.
Meut. (ol. .*.me? Krecd.
Manila, P. L, July ?.?Frued by
the oourl tnartial whieh Iried him on
chargea bf conduct unbecoming aa of?
flcer, Lient. Col. Robert F. Amea today
was relurned to Ii s coiiirnand, ihe
Twelfih iiifantry. Ames was court
martialed incoanection with the auicide
of Lieul. Claretlee M. .iatllley.wlio shot
hiiiis.lf.in Amaa'l home. after a ipiar
rel with his wife at Ames'sdinner tal.le.
Aritiouncenietit of the OOUIt'l verdi. t
has not been made public. Am, -
sumption of duty practically ofoaaa the
Murderer Elertroruted.
Boston, July 2?.? For thfl murder of
his frietid, Joflepfa (iailloux, supposedly
for a $1,000 insuranee poliey in his
favor, Napoleon .1. BtVflt wasel.-cin,
euted early today iu tbfl Maflflflflhflflfltta
state p.rison at Charlestown. Knet
protested his innocenee, and walked to
the chair without a ipiiver. Gailloux
was l>eateii to death with an iroupipe
in LoWflU, Mass., and after his death
sulphuric aeid was potir.-d down the
month and throat, after which thfl
slayer turned on a gas jet in the mur?
der room to make his work sure. A
cigarette butt waa theclue whi.h Ifld to
Rivet's convietion.
flerlare Rawn Killed ?IflBSfltC
Chicago, July 28,?Ira G. Rawn,
president, of the MflBOO Radroad.
killed himself. This is tbe verdict of
the jury. after hours of dflbfltfl, rfl
turned at 3:30 this morning. But th*
jurors eould not d.-tt rmine, or at least
did not, whether Rawnshof himself ac
ridentallv or oonimitted suietde.
The Hiennial Movable tonference Df the
f.rand Order of Odd Fellows .Col;
Haltinmre, Md.. ?*ept, Vt-lf.
tir.-atly reduced far.-s via Southern
Rallway from prlneipal Virginia potnta
,:t al.ove oecaalon; datefl of __e
Beptember :<th and 10th, fu.al Unait
t.-inl,. r Jl-t. Consult agents or wriie |.
S. Brown. Oenernl Agent. 706 Fifteenth
street northweat, Waahington, p, OL, far
full particmanj, ' ,m
A Two-day Rummage
Without an Equal in Our Hiatory.
Women's Ready-to
wear Apparel
150 Women- (Vaahable Priaeen
|lres-es. Worlhi
Two-day sale priee
93 Womeii's Bfatek lall.-la Silk I'oal-;
all-over braitleil. rVortb B12.50, Twu-daj
-ale priee
93 85
1,1*10 Women s I'lain \\ liileati.l l.incii
Colored Man-tailor.-.l skm
Those worth np to - ? 00 i?., >i ??
Those worth np toatea, Two-day aale
11 57
tOO Woinens Wool ( loih DreaaSklrta;
strietly inau taiiored: plain. I'aii.-.x an.l
gray uii.x turcs. W-.rth B7.50. Two-dkj
sale price.
300 Women'a Fine-t Plala White aml
Colored l-Aira Quallty Rep Coal Muitx
Worth915.00,at3JMand $10.00. Tu,..|i,
sale pri.-e,
$3 65
100 Uoinens All linen Plain W hite.
l).\ -ler W'liite. N.-itnral an.l l.in.-n < ra-!i
Coat .Suits. Worth up to M, ... Two
da\ sale priee,
420-426 Seventh Street.
WAN'IKIi About 28 eordsoiw ,,, m
broughl from Relmonl BaJ t,, Utvx
amlria. I'>H. Fairfax Street. ' j\ ; . !w
Alexandria eily trade. Applj .
Btatlng lefeieiiee- and -alar\ waut.sl,
P. O. Drawer N<>. 447, Alexandria, \ i
WANTED. Sii.iaiion *as eoiiipniiloii
aml assisiant houaekeepci -In III
aasfl to asslst; aalarj noi -,. _? ?., ,-,,n
ered as a plea-aiu honie. A.l.h -s|| \<
\Y.. Qeneral Delivenr, 1' >>.. . .
je.'T .1
FiK 8 \l.i . ! Bral ,l:i- ridiie- an ?
driving HORSE Apuly t
I'ill street. jy_7 H
F0R8ALK.?A gooddrivlng HoRKI
gentle and kiml: iimal>.,iit aml h t ,
uess. pii.-c ss, Apply i;i:\i:st i.
HERHERT./kkj south 1'iit atreet. aftei
I p. m. |j j: ai
ANTED \eat. aelive VOUflg COL?
ORED MAN f..i- nighl work
CAMERON DA1R1 l.l N. 11
streel. |\ - t
l'nll RENT. Two nlcelj furntahed
Rl H i.MS <>n hing atreet. Addrens M, I.
Bt lla/etle olli, e.
\\ e beg lo eall \ Ollr -?Itelllioll lo
our NEW HI. i:\li of ih.- \ l i:\
(?lliiKKsr j i:i;sii i ..ii i i
pound 25e.
'Ihe eotl.-es eiitering into tl.i
lileii.l are Bpeciall) -. l.-.-l.-.l al tlie
pla.-e of grovi i h i..\ our ?. ?? n i.
for their greal tntrlnsie \ ilu.- in
tlie ellp. Tln- l.lell.l l
t.. plea -. the moat raatidioui i
Fi'.K ilrinker. < lood t><?l>. jrre il
sl reiiglh. il.-lieion . \r..mi PlirilJ
an.l sirength guaranteed.
Be.it EitfinCreunury ButUr.^elb
I'illk Al.i-k.-i Salncn. I.aii- Zm
Prunes, rea*. prli e -<? (iK lo Ibi
in,- .
\ a p l:-ikin | Pom der, 2 pkga <.r<
l.aniulr\ Siareli. ; |l,s -j..,.
Cheese, full ereara, ? II. . i-.
Baker'a ? booa, a aaa 20c
<?li\ ,--. pl II.? -llllleil. | liul
tle- Im-. 2U
Oeorgie Qem ? on.-il,,iip.- ijufor ! ???
The Great Atlantie fc?
Pacific Tea Co.,
WA.NTED. A HERVAN I todo fc-cne
ral \\ork:l>e-i ofwagea: refereiifeH
required. Applj at No. 90ft Princentrect.
Hard Craba. Soft Craba. Dcvilcd Craba
and Crab Salad
footof King Street.
Open until 10 p. m. aprl 9m
VIROINIA Iu the Clerk'a Ofllea ?>(
thfl ('oi j.oiatioii < oiirl of the llt) of
Alexandria, on the 29th daj oi July,
Jesale Cary PHIIngame va Danlel E.
Filliiigame. In ohaflV
Memo. The ol.jeet oflhlssull b lool.
taili for Ihe eoiiiplaiiiant an al.-oliite ,li
Voree from the defendant on ihe ground
of WlllfUJ de-ertioii and ihamloiiuieiit
for B period of more than tbree J cars be
fore th,- bringlng of thl tult, andfbr
g.'lieral relief,
It appearing bj an alli.lavil flled ifl
this eaiise that the def. nd .111 1'iniel I .
Fillingame. laa non reaidcul -filii- ?state:
tl i- 1 >rder, (j 1 l,:,l .:.i,| ,!,-?'. iidanl ap
pear here w ithin Iilteeti <l:i.\ - d'lerdlie
pul.lieaiion of thia order, aud .'.. .
neee--ll.\ U] proteei hl-lllt... IllltlliS
suil. aud thal a OOpy of thl u ' r bfl
forthwith Inaerted Ia the Vlcxandria
Oazette, a newpaper publlah ?- ,n thfl
Cltyof Alexandria, oaeea w?vl I rfbur
tuccesslve weeka.and poated n 1 e front
door Of the Court Hou-e ol
A , onj Teate,
M-.\ I.I.I.s. OREENAW kY, Ckrk,
Ch.tlle- Ii, ml'iejm, |, ,,. f> J. i y, |w |
PIIOKK.K t!>lli:i>.
The most aaered treasnre iu fho
clerk'n olli.e of Fairfax eounty is thu
orill of Qen, Qeorge Washington, m bia
owti li.itidwriting, writtan in L7W, thc
year he died. Judge .1. M. T. Thorn
ton, on the 2'M inst.. laaued an order
in vacation. perniitting the librnnan of
Congrem to photograph the wBl. The
will will not be retnoved from there,
and tbe photognplis mum be made in
thepraaance of Ifr. Berwick, tbe ei
pert who baadonothework ofreetorinej
ibe will aa far hs pnaalble i.?ita original
conditton, and tbe eounty is to be inb
jected to oo expanea in tbe ta
Only 'our OODial of the photoffrapb
?"hall be made; two to ba placed ia tbe
Library of Congress, and Iwo to be d<
livere I to the oount; derk, t.< be kepi
in his. otllee. No dupli.af. ?-, litho
graphs, pririts or reproductions in any
forni or manner shall ln- made al any
llNi pair ladies line abosa worth $8.50
and $4.00. They are our beat makea,
buta little off aa to rtyie, 99 cents,
J, A. Marfball k Bro., i'UKiat X

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