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Pale-Faced Women
You ladies, who have pale faces, sallow complexions,
dark circles under eyes, drawn features and tired, worn
out expressions, you need a tonic. - j"
The tonic you need is Cardui, the woman s tonic.
It is the best tonic for women, because its ingredients
are specifically adapted for women's needs. They act on
the womanly organs and help to give needed strength and
vitality to the worn-out womanly frame.
Cardui is a vegetable medicine. It contains no min
erals, no iron, no potassium, no lime, no glycenn, no dan
gerous, or habit-forming drugs of any land.
It is perfectly harmless and safe, for young and old to use.
The Woman's Tonic
"After my doctor had done all he said he could for me,
wrifes Mrs. Wm. Hilliard, of Mountainburg, Ark., I took Car?
dui on the advice of a friend, and it helped me so much.
'"Before taking Cardui, I had suffered from female
troublesforfive years, butsince taking it, I am in good health.
"I think there is some of the best advice in your book
that I ever saw." Your druggist sells Cardui Try it
Wrttt to: Ladies' Advi?onr Dept. Cuatlanoo?| Medicine Co.. Chartanooga.JTenn*
lor Speeial InHmctions. and M-pa?e book, "Home Trcatment lor Women. unt Iree.
a?a a as e^i,-*.** intheGarden Sub
Buy at the otart Urb. Lots $200;
$10 cash, $5 per month.
Virginia Highlands
Scientifically planned for refined people of modef
ate means.
Come Saturday or Sunday afternoon.
See the Morrill style damp-proof cement houses,
poured in steel moulds.
Live at Virginia Highlands and save time and car tare
Inquire of A. S. Doniphan, A. J. Wedderburn and
Harrie White.
Washington Sales Office, 621 ISth Street, Northwest.
Clip this ad: it leads the way.
' pORTLANdj!
Makes The Best Conerete
taten I ?u Cement Lime. Hair, < aleined Ptaster, Wnll l'laster Tcrr? Cotta Sewer,
Plpeand Plue Lining, Flre BrlokaJFIre Clav.dc.
The Cool Breezes
Blow at
When you live at Rosemont, your family
ean spendthe summer at home, and keep well
and cool, and not make you lead alonely bache
lor life for two or three months.
Everything Clean and sanitary. No dirty
gutters and smelly cesspools. Everything new
and up-to-date.
Delightful Night Breezes
Let me show you one of those beautiful new
Sold on Satisfactory Terms
Seeing will make you appreciate them.
We Have in Our Window on Dis
play a Line of
LooseLeaf Goods
mbincd eaah and
loumal. mouUily Rl >'.< inenl ledgers.
hiiider-. Iioldera, nae uojamlum I
and iu-ii e l.ks.
i :ill and lel us ^i<>\-. \ ou aaiuple sheeta
ofali atyles and rulingx.
li i i reaiu and Icaa "f all
flavora and <>f tlie ptnaat
qualitiea alwaya on hand
or ftirnislieii tO order.
Speeial ptices on large quantities
Cakes and Pastry of all kinds
and of the best qoality.
S.F.Dyson&Bro. H. Bloch&%?*;
fhaaguratii u PuTlaaau <>ti?.?-r\ ;\tii>u (ar
It i- atated at an early date the Sontb
ein lL.ilw:i\ ?i!l inAujgUrate 1"
ii obrerrsUon eai - i etw< ( d New
Ycik and Birmingham on Its Birining
: 11-in 1 lea^uj; W.lfiiin i .< i
iu. daiiy.
Chamberlaiu'a Stomach and Liver
Tableta s.? ..'.!y Btimutate tlie liver and
boweh in expel poisouous niatter,
eleanse tlie system, cure constipation
and Btcfc hoadache. 8old "by W. F.
Oretghton and Bicbard Gibson.
ri;ii>.\v i;\ KN.'.v.. Jl i.v j:'.
NoBh'a Anehora.
A story ol a palr ol anchor* Is told
ln tbe book entitied "To Kalrwan the
Kalrwan Ia the Mecca ol the weat.
It Ia a city eo aacred that women are
allowed to move about id It but rery
Uttle. One ol tbe mtereating sigbts
Is tbe Moaqoe ol BwM Bod Said lion
Mopbtab. This mosgue. with its six
melon ehaped domes. i? tbe tomb of
a most amusing old Moslem who died
about the mlddle ol the laat century.
Be had great power ovet the bey and
nmnaged affalra according to bia owd
pleaaure. This Moslem got posaesslon
ln Tunls of foor large anebors wbicb
probably belonged to aoroe old men-of
war abandoned on accoant of stress of
weather. Tbe gentlemau wltb tbo long
name waa not content wltb any sucb
proaalo explanatlon of their ortgln. By
meaoa of tbe labor of 600 Araba be
bad tbe anebors drugged from Tunls
and deposlted ln front of bis bouse.
Tbe tranaportation took flve months.
He then declared tbem to be tbe an?
ebors by whieb Noab faatened tbe ark
to Monnt AraraL The relies are now
ln tbe moaque ol tbeu fonnet owuer
and are regarded as ooiy.
Hic Rule* of Golf.
A lawyer of considerable promlnence
took np tbe game oi golf. Some of
bia frienda vonmteered chnptera of
advice. while another preseuted to the
beginner a book of rulea. After com
pletlng bia first round tbe counselor
was asked lf he had mastered ihe
rulea. Tbe persplrtng .awyer raattaad
tbe sarcasm ot tbf remark. unl proved
equal to tbe occaaion "ihe mleal On.
they are qulte slmpie.' tie rvptleA
"There are two I know pt and " ??)
mlnd they are tbe most tmportaut
Yoo muat hit the oaU wltb your cinb,
and after you uave hit lt you mnst
flnd it, of eourse. before you hit lt
agalu. lt will take an nonest man sev
eral weefcs to master tbese two ruies
After drlving tbe Dail you mnst hit It
wherever It lles. <Jood lles are af im
portant tn goiJ as ln tisiilng. Ixistng
a oaji costs rou two atnakaa and me
priee ot tbe Dall UlttltiK a caddle
wltb tbe oali is lustihaDlt fccmlclde."
?New Iferk- irlbuue.
Btrtler't Reply.
There wa? u time.. while Lyraan
Trnmbull was chalrmau ot tbe senate
comrolttee on Judlelary. thnt Beiijamin
Butler was ehalrman ot the Judlelary
commlttee ot tbe nouse. lt was at
thia perlod that a delegatlon from one
ol tbe southern states vlslted Wash?
ington with a destre to seeure the im
peaebment and removal ol the federal
Judge ot tbelr state. ibuy uitervlewed
Mr. Butler as to the probabllity ot car
rylug sucb a measure through that
"1 don't know," was Mr. Butler's re
ply; "I am cbatrroau ot the Judiclary
commlttee ot the house, The neces?
sary action caD be bad here. But Ly
man Trumbull la cbairman of tbe sen?
ate commlttee, and Judge Trumbnll la
troubled wltb two thiugs?the dyspep
ala. wtucn makes him miaerable, uud
conscJeuce, whlcb makes him uncer
taui." _
Qinseng's Growth.
Tbe tnanner ol tbe glnseng's growth
gives It a queei ahnpe ano m some
casea tabuious value, There Is tlrst
a waln rool ot trunk. Tben on the
sldes there will be smaller roota, one
on a slde, and by a curlous tormatlon
tbe offsboots resemble armt and legs.
90 that the full grown glnseng looks
fot tbe worio llke a humnn tlgure.
Tbe more tbe fancled llkeness to tbe
human form u? devetopeo tbe greater
tbe value, accordiug to some ot tbe
Cblnese. Tbe root as an herb has
wonaertui propertles. but, too, so
mocb oeyonfl is tbe voloe ot one that
looks oumari. Ihe others will cure
cancera ano all sort? ol othet dlseases.
bot the preclous one navlng the uu
man suape will ueep ofl devlls and all
bad ruck.?Argonaut,
Not His Fault
A story la toin ot a well known
ShetfleM tenoi who when asked to sing
at a dmuer. altbough he had uo muslc
wltb hirr. went on lo tbe platform to
He did his best, bnt he broke down
ln the mlddle nnd retired.
H*. waa cneered up by an elderly
I man sltting next to nlm, wbo tapped
him od the abouldei and ?:i)il:
"Nevet mina. wd; tha's done tby
bea', but *' fellet at asked tbee to slng
owt to be ahotl"?l^oudon Telegraph.
Had to Oo It.
Bogao?Phwat makes> ye swaJly all
yout dlnner iu two minotes. UrognnV
Are yez adn' on a bef? (Jrocnn-lt'a
tor the good av me dyspepsy. Moike.
{ Sure. the doctber touid me to rlst an
boar after atin, and now else am 01
gotn to get the houi to rlst tn onlesa
!0i ate mike the dlvllr-Boaton Tran
The Hio^er Court.
i "Tbe courts nave decided that a wo
man naa no ngbt to open ner hus
bflnd'K inall."
-My wife reversed thnt declsion be?
fore It waa made. -Honstoti I'oaL
Still Young.
Teaeber-I am surprtsni thnt you
ire not furthet advaneed ^ou utt e%
' tremeiy oaraward foi rour nge l.lt
; t|e (jin?lesm Mamma wants to
marry agaln.
A Medical Oplnion.
"Doctor. now no you arcount for
tbe existence ot rheumatlsmV
"Tbe mlnd. my deat slr. pvolved the
diaeaae to flt the word. '-Chlcago Trib
Tbe beat roaebuah. after all. la not
tbat whlcn nas the tewest thorns. oat
that whirh r?eara tbe DDeat roseB.
Benry ?an iryke.
Tbe votid'a ni'>>t auoceaaful aaedi
eine for Uiwel eafnpUinta i- Cnamber
hin's Colii'. Cliolera aml Diarrhoea
[ Remedy. It has relieved more naja
and suffering, and aftffd BOOre Uvai
than any other medicine in use. In
valuable fur children and aduks. Scild
by W. F. Creightori|auil|l<ichar;l Gib
i SDEB8 AND M.\rlllM.-l
J. &, H.Aitcheson
Agents Bray Gasotine Motors
Enfincer and Machinists' Supplies.
Pipc. Pipe Fittintfa. Valve*. (fc.
Blacksmithing & Repairing
Promptly Executed.
Alexandria Iron Works
We make a apecialty in rcpairs to
Gasoline Engincs. Motorcycles and
Wc iolicit your order* on all kinds of
Iron Work.
Bell Phone 53.
514 Evana Building. Phone Main 7324.
By R iratiel I f. Lunt, Vu< tloneer.
v \ iit'i i i: OF i HE deckkk i:.v
ter.'l in the chancery causc of Josiah
Kllis vs. l.corge .1. Kllis et als. nn tbe
16th .lav or.luly. 1: lo.aiid pendlng in th.
iration < 'ourt ofthe city <>f Alexan?
dria. Virginia, the umler-igned eommis
uloner, appointed by said deerce, will
otler for-ale in front ofthe Koyal street
entranee t.> the Market Building, In th,
citv of Alexandria. Virginia. 00
S \ll Kl'A V. THE ''III DAY OP
\i QU8T, 1910,
at twelve o'eloek II., llle follow illg (le
-, iil? ,1 real escne siuiate iu the city ol
_lexandrla, Vlrginnt!
Thal eertaln brlc- tenemenl and loi <>r
groim.l in the elly Of Alexandria. Va..
sitn:, , : -i'lc of Waahington
street. between Duke and Wolfe itrceta,
aml lioimded on the north by an alley.
and on the south by Ihe |iro].ert.\ r.ir
inerlv ownd bj Thomas Swann ? !.
c-easetl, running ea t 100 feet. ll loehea.
inor.-or l. --. being the sarae property
which w:m eonveyed by Phlneas .lan
ney'a cxeculora io l>. R. Hlaekloek by
deed dated -iitl\ -<'?? 1853. rccoidcd in llber
l?. No. 3, folio 2S2. land reeorda of Alex?
andria eoiiuiy. Vlrglnk, aml also tbe
-ame propertj eonveyed by 1?. R. Blaek
loek to.las. ll. Orubb by deed dated the
-th dav of Novctiilicr. i ?>?.. land reeorda
of Alexandria county. Virginia. ln deed
book V. No. ::. page IS0, aml bequeathed
bv the -line Jaa II- Onibh to ihe said ,
l-.'ll.i M. Marl.nrv by Will dated the 7th
i Sovember, IS73, aml probated ;
Scptember i::. 1-T-'..
Terins of-ale: Ono-third ea-h aud the
lialan.-e in -ix aml twelve month- aml
the retentlon ofthe tltlo until deferred
paymentaare paid. thepurcbaaergiving
his notes for the del'.-i iVtl paymelits with
interest at alx per cent. until paid.
< ommissioiier ol'Sale.
l.N'e\eiis. Otvenaway, Ckrk of tbe
< 'orporatlon Courl ofthe city .>f Alexan?
dria. Virginia,doccrtlfy IhatSamuelG.
Bront, e,, rimlssioner. haagiven tbebond
required by the deerce enterc.l iu this
,-au-e oii tlie Ifltfa day of.lnly. IMO, with
:i|,|,r,,ve.l -ceurity.
NKVl.l.i. S. rjREEKAWAT.CIark.
j,\Jl td _
Beberl P. Kaoz, Anctkmeer.
l'i;..\ KMI.VI's III EREON, IN
Pursuant t>> the t.-rnis ol a deed Ol
tnist bearing date on June 20th, IflrjB.and
dillv iveorded in the land records in the
county i.r Alexandria. Va., in deed book
No ii*:. |,age 861, glven by Ads B. J.
Parrar, truatee. and Ktta <;. Nhlelds, to
Carroll Pierce. derault having been made
in the payment ofthe notes aecured by
said deedof truat, the underslgned hav?
ing been required to do -.. by the hol.l
,-r- ofaald not.s. willoflerforaaleat pub
lieauctlon oa the premkea, "'i
THURSDA1 AUOU8T \. 1910,
at UO O'eloek |>. m .all those tv.o loUof
g-round with the buUdlngsand Improve
ineiits thereon. km.wn aa \ illa ? bos. 19
andjoin Braddock QebjhtS, Alexandria
cotintj . \ a . ' -hown upon a plat duly
,r.l in the land reeorda <>l the said
count) of Alexandria, Va, lndee<l I ><??*?
I. page .'-?. togcther with all the
appttrtenaneea: being thesarae property
eonveyed to the -ai.l Ads B.J. Farrarby
a deed' dulj of record in the land n
in .1. , d l.ook 105. page 109, in trii-1 for
the said Ktta I.. Shields with fllll power
to her |o inortgagc the BflOW.
Termsofsale Caeh. AJlflonveyanflflfl
ai eoal ofthe purchaser,
jyjl td
n latef ii,.nn - i'..i.t. r. Beflsafl imio-WH
it i ? thal any ofour readera
w ho de-i.-e to entertain boardei - for the
enauing winter months farnlah Mr. u S.
P.rowi:. I.cn.ril Agelit. Southern Kall
v,a\. 703 Piftecnth atreet nnrthweat.
Washington.il. C., imraedtate Infonna
tioi. as to name of reaort, poBtofBec ad
dress, at or near whal atatlon, whal dls
tanec from -tatioii. conveyanec from
atatlon to house, number of guesta,
Lcrma per daj . week and month. |
\\e all would be pleaaed t?> boo the
eonntrv full ofJx?rdera next winter aml
Houldbeglad ifthi- notlee aill induce
iii.-rea-ed niiml.er of pcrsons who Will
accomniodatc them fbr the ooaning win?
ter month-.
Thia Informatlon abould reaoh iu
Uiov.n DOt lat.r than August I. Bfl the
folder goe i" press on August3,and any
rcquests received later than the Ist will
lio! he ahle to l,e ili-ertcd.
Mutua! Ict Comiiany
Wholesale and Retail
Dealers in Ice,
Carload Lota and Country Orders a
Mico Water
Exceptionally purc. deliciously palata
h\c. clear as cryatal.
i anieroti aml I'nion ?-ti n.lrift.
Bell Telephone No. 51.
Colonial Beach* Va*
- Woodlawn -
Second Street Irom Boat Landing.
Mrs. Sa TaskerT Prop*
l ulbeater'a guaranteed Chem Cough
,-. to cure '? e Jon'taay
oryoiir money back, i>ecauae there's
no need, It cures: '-5c bottle.
the reason the trade of Al?
exandria is always growing
the surrounding country?
Because the mercl.ants sell
straight goods, and
customer once gotten is
easy to hold. When the
consumer wants aflavoring
extract and remembering
Leadbeater's. the order goes
to Alexandria, and indi
rectly helps the whole
Establishcd 1792
at 4:30 p. m.. except Sattirdays. at
H.BIoch's, 615 KingSt.
jc'U llil
Phone?>!. OreannouaeaS. PatriekSt
D. R. Grillbortzer
Bedding Plants and Gera
niums, $1.00 per dozen.
l-'illienil work ptomptly allended to. De
H\ i-reil in all parta of tbe eity.
General Insurance Agency.
Laurence Stabier
Room No. 4. Burke V Herbcrt Bldtf.
The aompaniea repreaented ln thia
dlllce hav<
Among oilicr- are:
Havtford Firc Insurance Co.
Livcrpool tf London & Globe-5
ALtni Insurance Co.
Northcrn Assurance Co.
Sprintfficld Firc & Marine.1
?romiit atteniioii rirea toadjuatment
llld all lllatters eollliei-teil with
of los
"Flat Opening"
Stenographers' Books.
50c Per Doz.
S.F.DysonA, Bro.
508 King Street.
VIRGINIA. In tbe l
the Corporatlon < ourt of tbe City ol
Alexandria, on thelltbday of July, IMO
John Floward Rlchardson ra. DeUa
Rlchardson. In ehanoerj.
Mcuio. Theobjectofthiaaull latoob
tain for the ecmplalnanl anabsolnte di
voree from the defendant on the ground
of wilful deaertion and aliandonmenl
fbr more than three years prlor t<> the
Inatitutlon ofthla auft, and for getferai
li appearlng by an afBdarlt fHed In
this eauae that tbe defendant. Della
Blchardaon, la a non-realdent of thi
, , - i
lt ii Ordei ?<!: That aaid defendant ap
pear here witbin fifteen daya after due
ptiblication of tln- order, and do nrhaj s
iicre-s.'irv to protect her intereal ln this
suit, and that a eopy of thia order be
fortbwith Inserted in tbe Alexandria
Oazette, a newspaper publishedin the
Citvof Mexalidria, oneea week R>r fOUl
-iu weeka,andpostedattbe lront
;).,? C'ourt House of thia oltj ,
A oonj Teate, . , ,
\i-.vi;i.i.s.i;l:i:i:XAW.\l. clerk.
tharles lleiidlieini. p. f|.
jyll w4w in ?_
VrROIKIA -ln the Clerk'i Ofll<
Corporatlon Court of the Cltar ol
Alexandria. on tlie -lli dag of July,
Kmina M. Morri-Mii v-. Ilarryi II. Mor
rison. In ohancery.
Mi-iiin. Tbe objeel of thia anit la to
obtaiu an al wlute dtroree for tbe defen?
dant on the |round of his wiiful -
tion and abandonmentofherfora \
ore than three years before the
bringing of thia luit; for tbe ean
custody of tlie Infantchlldof thomar
lind for general r.-lid.
ppearing by an allidavit liled ln
thi- , an-' that the defendant, Harry H
Mnrri-uii. la a non-resident of tl<i
H is Ordered, That aaid defendant
appear liere wlahin fifteen daysafterdue
publicatlon of tlii- order, and do arhat la
protect hi- Interest in thi*
-uil. and' tliai a copj of tuls order be
fortbwitb Inaerted in tbe Alexandria
Gnzette, a newspaper publlahed m the
City of Alexandria. once i week for four
(. and poHted att he ftont
?h,- Cxrart Honae of this city.
Cbarlea Bendbelm, p. q. j>* v.(w-i
liuiual Beaaloa ConfWerate Veteraia,
; ?- lllll. Va.. Saturitay. Aagvst *i.
Bouthern Railway am reatly
rediu ed round trip Ihrea August -th and
iith from all -'ation- Waabington '
risonburg, inelusire; tlnal return limit
\u.i Speeial train -
rrora Hairlsonburg.Edlnbnrgand Krunt
Royaland rsturn. '
lull particulan Bee flyers dii
ut,-.! ur wrlte 1- B. Brown, Oeneral
Agcu: -iiili -treet nortbwest,
W arbingttn. D.C
Southern Railway.
'J'niins Icave I'nion Station, Alexandria.
ln etl.et June 13, 1910.
N. B.?FollowinRacheduIefigurcs pub?
llahed only aa inl'ormalion. aud are not
guaraatced. ,,. ,
7:17 a. M. Dally loeal between Waen
ington and Hanville.
-:i: a. M ' Barrison
burgand wa> statioiis '
?ei7 \. M l>.i)x l . s. Past Mail.
Sloi.-oiilv for pa--ei:geis for pomts south
at v.hieh'schcdule.l to gtop. First elas
eoaches; aleeping eara to Blrmlnghain
and drawing room sleeplng eara to .\cw
Orleans. Dinlng ear aerrlco.
ll 17 \ \1 Dally Mailtraln. ( oachea
for.\i irfotteavllIe.Lynchburg,
I litii ville and < i reensl.oro. Sle.'|>ing cars
lircenshoio to Atlanta.
1:17 P. M. Week daya?Loeal for War
renton and Harriasnburg.
432 l'. M. Dallj Birminaham spec?
ial. Sleeplng eara between New York,
Augusta, Aiken and JacksonvlHe.
Sieeperto Hirmingham. Through hrst
,la-- eoaches helveen Washington and
.laek-oiiville. Diningearsei-vice. lour
ist toCalifornla f.mr times weekly.
8:53 P. M.?Week daya?Locaj tor Ilar
riaonhurg and way atatlona <>n .Manaaaas
i.niii.h. I'ullmaii buflet partorear.
5:12 p. M.?Dally?Loeal for Warren
ton and Chariotteavllle.
I,,- >7 p m. Dally -Waahington and
chattanooga Llmited <via Lynohburg).
l-'ii-st-,-lass eoach and aleeping ear- to
_e, Knoxville and Chattai
siecpcr lo New orleans. Waahington to
Koanoke. Dlning earservke.
ll-if P M. Kailv - New ^ ork. Atlanta
and New I irlcans Llmited. All I'ullman
train.elub and observatlon cars t?> New
Sleeplng oara to Asheville,
Atlanta. Ma.-on aml New Orleali-. Sleep
ing cars to i harlotte. Dlning ear serviee
127 A. M. -Dally Memphis apecial.
Sleeplng cars and ooeehes mr Koanoke.
Knoxville, Naahville, Chattanooga and
Memphis. Dlning ear Benrlee. Waah?
ington sleeplng cars open IOjOO P. M.
Through tralnafrom tbe soutb sarive
at Alexandria 6:13 and 628 and 1023a m.
2:13, 728, 10:13 and 11:58 P. M. dally, Har
risonburg nas A. M. week day, and9d3
P \I. dally. From Charlottesvllle :?rjs
A. M.
Leavfl Alexandria (W. A <?. Station)
u.ck daya at 822 A. M.. i:t<>. 128,and
5;16 P. M. for Bfhemont; 635 1*. M. week
days for Leeeburg; 5:15 i*. M. dally for
lliiuuiont aml 9:02and922 A. M.. loeal.
and 9:02 A M. (Ltd. on Stmdaye only for
Pordetalled Bohedule Ogurea,tleketa
i'ullman reservation, etc.,apply to
t'nion Tiekcl Agent. Alexandria. Va.
I ii. COAPMAN, Oeneral Manager.
s. II. HARDWICK, Pass. Trat Mgr.
II. F. CARY. Oeneral Paaaenger Agent.
l. 8. BROWN, Oeneral Agent.
Waahington, D. C.
Washington, Alexandria 0*
Mt. Vernon Railway.
ln elleet May I. 1910.
i.i:.vvi: ai.k.x \m>iua.
Kor Waahington, from eorner Prince
aml Roval streets. week days. at 5 10,
. J0.630,6 lo. ii."-",.a_06, 7 15,730,7 H>.
7 50, 800, 8 15, 8 '-",. B 35, H 50, 0 10, 9 30, !'??>.
10 lo rOSO, 1050, ll 10, ll 25, 11 90, ll M a
m.. 12 10, i: il. 1230, 1260, 1 10, I i>. I 30
I 50, 2 10, 2 i">. 2 :!<?.2 50. :i 05, :t i">. ?'? 35,.". 50,
I 10, I 25, I 30, I lo. 1 55, ?'. 10, ?"> i>. ?"> :*?">. ?"? 50,
0 05,620,6 30.0 I".. 700, 7 15. 725, 800, B30,
900 930 1000, 1030, II 10 and 11 55 p. ta
Sundays- 700, 7 35. N 10. R20, 840, 900.
? 10, 1000, 1020, 10 I". II 00, 11 20 and
11 loa. m.. 1200m., 1220, 12 lo. 1 00, I 20,
i 10,2 00,2 20,240,300,3 20,3 W, 100, 120,
1 ?, 500, 520,0 I". 600, ?"? -o. ?; -lo. too. 7J),
7 -lo. 800, ^:^>. 900, 090, 1900, 1090and
11 10 p. m.
Leave Alexandria for Moiint Vernnn
week daya,at .". 1">. 658, 7 56, 851, 1025,
II 25a m? 12 26, 1 i">. 225, 380. l 40, 636,
. 35' ?50. D50, lo.'jdaml 11 60 p. m.
Bundaya 7 00, 830, 990, l?>:?. II 90 a.
m.. 1290, l 30,290,390, 190,690,690
? rtfand i??16 i . m. _
Washington Southern Ry.
Seheduk ln eflaet May 1*>. r9J0,
Tralns leave i'nion st.aiion for Wash
ington and points north at 749, 808,
823and832a m., 1201,280,8OT,9 18and
ll 38 p. m., dally.
Kor Frederiokaburg, Rlehmond and
points south at487,7 53 (loeal) and 1022
a. m.. 12 16, I 22, .'. 17 (loeal) 7 I.' aml 967
p, m.
Aeeotnmodation for Fiederickaburgat
11 a a m.. dally. <?n week days this
ti-.iin runa through to Milfor.l.
Ni.ti . Timeofarrivalsanddeparturea
aml oonneetiona not guaranteed.
W. )'? TAYLOB, Trafllo Manager.
Hiehmond. \ B.
VIROINI \. In the Clerk's otnc of
the Corporatlon Court ofthe City of
Uexandria, on the S9tb day of June,
Lillian K. Mansfield vs. Uohert N. M:in
fleld. ln ehaneery,
Mcmo. The objeet of this sult Ifl toob
taiu for thfl complainant an ahsolute di
fiom the defendant on tbe ground
ofadulterj eommlttedby him. and for
general rellt t
It appearing byanafndavlt Bled In thia
,aii-e thal the'defendant. Kol.ert N.
Mansfield, la a non-resldenl of thisStal i:
It is Ordered. Thal said defendant ap
pear here wlthln fifteen days after due
publlcalionof thk order, and do what is
neecssarv to protect his interesls in ihis
aillt, aml thal a copv of thi-order be
foi-thwilh Inaerted lll the Alexandria
i.a/eite. :. mwspaper publlahed ln the
t [t> of Alexandria, once a week for four
miccesalve weeka, and poated at the front
door ofthe Court UoOSfl of tliis citv.
A copv I'l sii: ;
l.V I.olls N. Iu iiiv. D. C.
Charies Bendheim, n. <t- )e90av4w-thn
;i:inl Annual Tcmperanre ??BflSh"
MeettBg, PurrelUIIIe. Va., Augu>t
?l-W. 11)111.
Southern Railway announees aeeounl
theabovooeeaaionverykrw round trip
from Washington. Alexandria,
Bluemont and Intermedlate points: datea
ofsalc \ugiis> lst to lnth inclusive, final
return Umlt August 11. 1910.
Spe.ial train will be opcraled from
Waahington and Alexandria to PuroelJ
ville and return August9(Wednesdaj
leavin:.- Waahington 7:toa. m. and Alc\
andria ' W. .V ' ?? station i 7:1.1 a. m.. atop
ping at all points; returning have I'nr
eellvillo5*0 p. m. aaroe day. SufBeient
extra equipment will be attaehed t"
regular trains duringooursfl ofthe meet?
ing tc properly tflkfl Ofllfl flftsavfll ^'ning
and returning.
elal tnun will also-be operated
I., , jburg to PureeUvllie Sunday. An
ih. I.-aving Leeaburg 10490 a. m.,
returning leave I'ureellville 7?tt p. m.
-am. day.
On Tuesday and Wedneaday, August
D aml lo. tnin 11!'. refloblng Leeaburg
K:i5p. m. will be eontuaued throuah to
I'lire.-llville: returning leave I'ureellville
10:'.'. p. m.. caeh night for Leeaburg.
Kor further infonnation call on neareat
southern Railway tioket agent or writo
l. s. Brown, Qeneral Agent. 7<n Kit
teentli street northwest. Washington.
__ _
Virginia Horse flhaWl I9IO.
khern Railway begs to announee
that lOW round trip fares have been au
thori/.ed 00 aecount of the following
Horse Shows:
Mana-sa- Horse Show. Manassas. \a..
luly "
show.i^range. \a- Au
Vlhcinarlc Ilorse Show. tharlolt.-s
Kront Royal Hors.-Show. b r.nit l'.<>\ al.
\ a.. August 16-17.
Warrenton Ilorse show. Warrenlon.
Va. Auguat 31-8eptember I.
K,.r further Intori-atioa coneernlng
raie- anthorised, territory fnon whlen
applvlng, dab - of nde, Dnal Umlt,
call upon neareat Southern Hailway
\\ ANTKI..
A eood WHITE MAN for the stoblo :
t Raveusworth. Wli!? to Mra. LKKf!
Burke, Virginia, marll u
of Alexandria, Virginia
CAPITAL, $100,000 SURPLUS, $125,000
Edward L. Daingerfield, President.
Carroll Pierce, Vice President.
Richard M. Green, Cashier.
Edward L. Daingerfield
J. C. Smoot Jas. W. Roberts
Worth Hulfish Carroll Pierce
M. A. Ahern Urban S. Lambert
The Citizens* National Bank haa been directly identificd with the
mercantile. manufacturintf. and jobbintf interests of Alexandria for forty
years. and. with its large capital. ample surplus. conservativc directorate.
protfrcssivc managemcnt and convenient lorat.on. is cquipped to satisfac
torily handlc new accounts and to accord them that iamc courteoua at
tention whieh has been a vital factor in its stcadfast and contmuous
Any Gentleman
Bfho is foiul of a fOod -iiioke will prc
fer aoigar, the repntation oi arhk'h lia*
been teated for yeara, Thia i- tht
witli our
Choice and
A nice. cleaneinoke, made o( th
tobacco to be had on tbe market, ?u<l
made by akillad and experienced arork
Piedmont Cigarettca at $3.95 per thousand cash.
Hamilton and Co., 323 King St.
New Rides
New Shows
Come Out and Dance
Music by Band of Fifteen Pieces
Free Gate Speeial Inducements to Picnics
iei 2m
,.>.? IHTIM-. M xvvt.i i:
Virginia SafeDeposit&TrustCorporation
Authorized Capital. $1,000,000. Patd in Capital. ?300.000.
C J. Rixey. John P. Robinson. Thomas J. Fannon. C. C. Leadbeater. Henry K.
Field, Henry Baader. Geortfc S. French, J. K. M. Norton.
We act as Exeeutor, Administrator and Trustee. Issue Fidelity. Contract.
Official and Judicial Bonds. General Bankintf and Trust Businesa Transacted
Intcrest paid on Savintfs Accounts. We solicit the accounts of Banks. Corpora
tions, Firms and Individuals. and promise liberal treatment consistent with
sound banking methods.
John Ahern & Co.,
Corner Prlnce and Cocnmeroe Streeta,
and deali rs In
Countryproducereoelvcd dailv. imr
atoek of Plain and Panoy (Irocerlea ein
uverj thing io be had in tlii* line.
Wa hold largely in United Htatea bond
cd ararebouseandcarry Irtatoek varioua
branda ofthe beat
made. ilave alaoln BtorcBnperlorgi
of Porelgn and Ameriean
SatiBftetion Ountaateedaa to Priee and
W. A. Johnson & Co.,
X. U. Corner ('nineroii and Royal Btt
General Commission Merchanta
and dcalers iu
Have on band Olbaon'a XX, XXX.
XXXXandPureOld Rye, Old Cablnel
and Monogram Whlskles: also Ba
and Thompson's Pure Rye Whiskies, to
Whieh they invif- tlie :vttciiti..li of tl"'
Order-from tlie eoiinln lor nierclian
,il receivc prompt attention.
i lonslgnmenta of Plour, Orain and
Country Produce Bollcitod, for wnicn
iii ?> guarantee the hlgneatnaarket priee*
and prompt rotumjk
Manufacturer of
emoa ua atoanat HM1I a. aaTAxaf.
Dealer in Hardwarc. Paints. Atfricul
tural Implements. Vehicles.Harncaa.
Ficld and Garden Seeds.
\\ \i:l ilu' -i - -?! Tir CSION STRBJBT, ON
i.ivi <>i -ni ran aa kau.way.
Also Grain, Hay, Straw
andallkindsof MillFeed
WUIalwa toek lha blgfceal
grade eftfaese arti*
PROPOSAL8. PropoaaJa will be re
.-eiv.-il until VI o'clock noon. .Iu )
1910, at the City Englneer'a offtce and
then opened lor tlie installatioii of
oloaeta, urinala, ?e.,and for aewer pipe
ctlons, and for coneretlng
.''mr-. narpeutenT work. ,\---..at the
,: i?- geen at the < >t>
Engineer's office. l be rlgbt i- reaerved
to reject any and all Mda and exteml the
time for receiving -
Cbairman Commlttee ou School ll
and Furnituro. jylt)td
Pure Food Store.
Fresh from the churn to
you. For years Midland
Butter has been recognized
as the best that comes to
Alexandria. Speeial deliv
ery every Friday.
Call. phone, or write.
St. Aaaph and,Oronoco Streets.
An electric l'an will cool your
office. store. shop or any room in
your house.
Electric lights tfive off less hcat
than any other method of illumi
nation and do not eonsume thc
oxytfen in the air.
An electric iron does not rcquire
a hot fire in the room nor the
neceasity of walkintf baek and
forth between the board and the
Call on us for facta and fitfures.
Alexandria Electric Co.
524 King St.
I've had inv little oiltin;,' wherc /.l.-a-un
and buaineaa di<l comblne;
And l'm baek agaln to bujjlneaa of the
BtaM and regular klud.
VKS Llie-.-lii-ir lii.-nilici- Of < am.-roli
Dalry Luneh is baek again to regulai
btislness. KK<il I.AH DoyOU known
that I like this word? K mcana the eHin
ination of doubt aiul uneer.aJnty. lt
ineiiis eurr.-.-t im Ihods that rarch DUlB
lo oroduec good re-olt- "> l>. I am baek
rro'n Atlantie City ha^ngleft'HUMA.N
I HI in the capable hand- of Mr.
ii M.l'il OLIV1T, arho is giring the
viMtors-.ru .-tliterary
valtiein magazincs ever pflored to the
reading public. Aloaandriann vislting
this reaort wifl do well to call on him.
n.i.iiiiii-. Kxpoaltlon Buildiog. B<*r*
walk and Keartncky Arenue. *> i am
ii.-e-.'-i lo regnlar bnainea?aud invitevou
:iii to in- regular lunebersat the < aMK
KK'.N DAIBI 1.1 >?< H 05 KinK HU
Dpen all night.

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