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About the
Woman ?
The Man's telephone
is at liis elbow all
day. He doesn't
have to move to an
swer it.
The Woman, per
haps, walka up and
down stairs or from one end of the house to the
other to answer the
An Extension Wall
Set connected with
the Bell Telephone
i u your residence
will save these un
necessary steps.
$1.00 per month.
(all (ontrait Departmrat
Southern Bell lel. S Id
Company of Virgima
in the Garden Sub
urb. Lots $200;
Buy at the Start
$10 cash, $5 per month.
Virginia Highlands
Scientifically planned for refined people of modei"
ate means.
Come Saturday or Sunday afternoon.
See the Morrill style damp-proof cement houses,
poured in steel moulds.
Live at Virginia Highlands and save time and car fare
Inquire of A. S. Doniphan, A. J. Wedderburn and
Harrie White.
Washington Sales Offlee, 621 13th Street, Northwest.
Clip this ad: it leads the way.
?. pORTLANd ^
lealen bo Cen , nt, Lime, iiair. < ai.in.-d Plaater.Wall Plaater.TerraOotta Bewer
Plpeand Flue Lining, Kire Brlcka^l lre< lav.-etc.
The Cool Breezes
_ Blow at
When you live at Rosemont, your family
can spendthe summer at home, and keep well
and cool, and not make you lead alonely bache
lor life for two or three months.
Everything Clean and sanitary. No dirty
gutters and smelly cesspools. Everything new
and up-to-date.
Delightful Night Breezes
Let me show you one of those beautiful new
Sold on Satisfactory Terms
Seeing will make you appreciate them.
We Have in Our Window on Dis
play a Linc of
I.i dgers, nn\ ruling, roiiilrinctl ca.*h and
louroal, niouthlj- statemeni 1
hinders. holtlers, mernoranduni booka
:mtl pi i, o booka,
(all and lei 118 ahowj oil aamplc shoets
ofall atj Ica and rulinga.
I c t'roaiti and [eea of all
t!a\t,rs and Oi the pureat
qualitiea alwaya on hand
or fumiabed t.? ordor.
Spccial prices on large quantities
Cakcs and Pastry of all kinds
and of the. best quality.
S.F.Dyson&Bro. R Bloch ?*:
TeaufjuratJou Pullman Oba? n atlou t ar
It Ia atated at an eerlj datc the Soutb
, Iway will Inaugurate i" aection
I'i 'nanobKivationcara between New
1 kundBiiniingharn on it^ Binnlng
lan .* i ct iai leavinglYaanlngtcn -j.jo p
ui. dailj.
Chamberinin'a Btomacfa and Liver
Taoleta gently atimulate the liver and
tvpel poajonoui ttialter,
cleanae tbe system, curu constipation j
and -i< k naaejaaonak &>ld by W. F.'
Creightun and JRichard Gibson.
^Irxfcttb tta j&aztttr.
Shootlng Jack Rabbitt.
"Jack rabbitt In Kansas are just aa
aumeroiis as they 'vere the day the
flrst covered wagon muved across lt
tovrard the Rocky nuiiiitalus," said a
Kaasas faruier. "lt appears to mo
they are galloplng nnmnd ln greater
numbers than e\er I>id you ever try
to externiinate a Jack rahblt? If you
never dld you'v* bomcihlDg to learn
about shootlng.
"A Jack rabblt's movement starta
with a sprlng in the air He lands
on all fours, and the intervening space
from the tlme he jumps nnd the time
he llgbts is just about ootfalug, hut he
covers from tan te fifteon feet with
every Jump. There's only one way to
take *em allve and that is to leave the
top off a pasture well overnight. Next
morning there'Il be plenty. because
Jack rabblta will Jump Into any klnd
of a hole thafs opcn. They aeein to
have a fondness for drled out wells.
They outrtm tbe nverage dog with
ease, but can't beat tbe greyhound
Shootlng them on the run is ns difli
cult as shootlng hlrds on the wing,
possibly more difhcult. Possibly 23.000
are killed Ia Kaaaaa every yenr. and
yet they seem Just aa numeroua as
ever."?St, I'uul Dispatcb.
A Dr. Johnson Story.
Dr. Johnson had some ideas on edu
catlou. especially on that diversion
kDown aa "learnlng a plece by hcait."
One dny Mrs. Gustrel set n little gtrl
to repeat to him Oato'a aotllonuy,
which she went through very a
ly. The doctor. nfter ? naaae, aeked
the chlld, "What traa to brloaj
to an end?" She aald it was a I
"No. my dear, it was nol BO." "My
Aunt Polly said lt was a knlfe."
"Why. Aunt Polly's knlfe may do. hut
It was a dagger, my dear." Be then
asked her the mennitm of "bane" and
"nntidote," which she waa noable to
give. Mrs. Gastrel said. "You eaonot
expect so young a chlld to know the
meanlng of sueh words." He then
said, "My dear. how many pen
there In alxpenceV' "I cannol tcll.
glr." was the half terrified reply. On
this, addressin? hlniself to Ifra
trel, hc said, "Now, my dear lady, can
anything he more rldlcoloua than U)
teach n chlld Cato's aoltloquj who
does not know how many peiice there
are in sixpencej'"
Pepyt and the Comet.
They were watchlBg B comet ln
Pepyt* day, taoagti Balley at tbe tlme
was but eight yeara obl. "My Uird
Sandwlch this day," says thc illaiN:.
Dec. 21, ltit'l. "writcs nic word Ibal
he hnth seen at Portamoutb the i
and says it is the rooel extraordinary
thlng he ever eaw."jr*Agaia Ot the
24th: "Htivlng sat np :* nlgbl tlll paal
2 o'elock this morning. our porter be
lng nppolnted. comea and tella na that
the bellman tells him that the slar Is
seen upon Tower hill; so 1, thnt had
been all night setting in order of my
old papers ln my ehaaber, did now
leave off all and my boy and 1 to
the Tower hill, lt being a most tlne,
bright, moonshlne night and a great
frost, but no comot to be seen." Later
the same day, however, Pepyi "aaW
the comet, which now. whether worn
away or no, 1 know not, appears not
with n tall, but only is larger nnd dull
er than any other star."
The Geese Were Duck'a.
The following little Incident took
place awhlle ngo nt a Northeastern
statlon ln Yorkshlre:
Some geese had strayed on the rail?
way and were observed by a traveler,
who, fearlng that they mlght be run
over, sald to one of the portera on tho
"Who owns the geese, my mau'-"
"Them's Duck's," the porter replled.
Again the question was aslced. with
the same reply. Sotnewhat anuoyed.
the traveler called the statlon maatei
and told him the story, statln^ that he
full wcll knew the dlfTerenee between
geese and ducks.
The statlon master laughingly re?
plled: '"The mau Is qulte rlgbL Thoae
geese are Duck's. They belong to Mr.
John Duck, the farmer."?Lotidon Tlt
Blts. _
Rose to the Occasion.
Mr. Kajones, who hanpened t,? atep
lnto the parlor while looklng for a
book, was Just in time to aee some
body sllp hastlly off soaieb. -?!y
"Ah, Bessle," he observed plcasantly.
"this ls a morner, ls It? Or ls It a
llmlted partnershlp?"
"Neither, papa," sald Bessle recovcr
lng herself instantly; "George ls my
holdlng company?that's all."?Chicago
The Best She Could Do.
"We've got to cut down our ex
penses," sald Woodby. "We are iivlnc
ln n style that makes every body Inlnk
my lncome inuat be twlce as blg as 11
"Well," his wife replied. "what more
do you want, seeing that there is no
chanco for you to double your lncomeV"
?Cblcago Record-IIerald.
The Fidgety Bachelor.
"But why do you put your frlend's
thlngs ln the dlnlng room'.-"
"Oh, he ls so used to reatanranta that
he won't enjoy his dinner uuless ne
can watch his hat and coat."?Louls
ville Courier-Journal.
The Curious Pair.
Mrs. Rubba? I wond>>r wuy that wo
man keeps wntchlng me so? Mr. Rub?
ba? Perhaps she's trylng to flnd ou;
why you are atarlng at her.?Phlladel
phla Preea.
Pretty Slow.
Howell?Rowell ls pretty slow?
Powell?Slow? He'll make a snni;
look as lf lt had been ?zceedli
?peed llmlt.?New York I'ress
The world's moel auoceeafuJ medi
cine for bowel complainta ia Cnarnber
bjtin'a Oolic, Cholera and Diarrl
Remedy. It has relieved more pain
and suffering, and saved more UTea
than any other medieino iu UW. In
valuable for children and adulu. Sold
by W. F. iraighton^and.Kicbard Oib
A Lcnoir Lady, After Two Wecks
Grinding Labor, Feels
Bettcr Than Evcr.
Lenoir, N. C?"I am not tired at 8ll,
and amstoutcr than I have evcr been,"
writes Mrs. Kate Waters, of Lenoir, N. C,
"although I liave just finished a two
wceks' wash. I lay my strength to
Cardui, the woman's tonic. I have taken
a lot of it and I can never praise it
enough for what it has done for me. I
can never thank you enough for the ad
vice you gave me, to take Cardui, for
since taking it I look so well and am
stout as a mule."
You are urged to take Cardui, that gen
tle, vegetable tonic, for weak women. Its
use will strengthen and build up your sys
tcm, relieve or prevent headache, back
aclie and the ailments of weak women.
It will surely help you.as ithashelped
thousands of others, in the past 50 years.
N. B.?Write to: Ladiei" At vi-ory D?p?.. Chatta
nooea McdicincCo.. Chaitano..?a,Tcnn., for Speaaf
Inttructions, and Gt-page book. Home Treatment
lor Womco. w :t ia plaia v/rappcr, oa reaueat
HotBread and RoHsDaily
at 4:30 p. m.. exccpt Saturdays. at
H.BIoch's, 615 KingSt.
Je20 im
Pbono281. Greenhouaes 8. PatrlckSt
D. R. Grillbortzer
Bedding Plants and Gera
niums, $1.00 per dozen.
linn r.ii nrork promptl) attended I
liv. iv,l toall porta ofthe <ity.
r.-iuj ir_
General Insurance Agency.
Laurence Stabler
Room No. 4. Burkc W Hcrhcrt Bldf.
Th.mpaniea repreeented In ibia
ufllcc liavc aaaeta oi over
Among otbera ar,-:
Hartford Fire Insurance Co.
Liverpool if London (tf Globe.
ALtnz Insurance Co.
Northern Assurance Co.
Sprintfficld Firc (f Marinc.
Prompt attention given U> adjustraent
orioaaeaandall mattera conneeted with
Just Received
Stenographers' Books.
50c Per Doz.
S.F.DysonA. Bro.
508 King Street.
VIRGINIA. ln thc Clerk'a Ofllee ol
the Corporatlon Courl of the City ol
Alexandrla, on the 11 th daj ol Jaly, 1910
John llouanl Rlchardaon \-. Della
Rlchardaon. In cnaneerj.
Memo. 'I'lic objecl ofthla ault Ia to ob
tain for the compUlnanl anabnolute <li
vorcc from the defendanl on thc ground
of wllful de.sertion and abandonment
; f,,r more than ihrce j eara prlor to tbe
? iiiMitiitic.n of Uiis Bitft, and for jeneral
' r, llef.
lt appearlng by an affldavlt Bled ln
thia cau?e thal the defendant, Della
IticliardHon, i- a non-realdent ol tbui
Slate :
lt i- i irdcn il; Thal said defendanl ap
l>ear hcro withln flfteen daya after due
publication of thia order. and do arhaj Ia
irv to protecl her intereat ln Ima
suii. and thal a eopy of this order l>e
forthwith Inaerted in the Alexandrta
c, tzotto, a newMpapor publiahed ln the
(*lty of Alexandrla, once b weefc for fom
si\,' weeka, and poated al the fronl
il ?,r of the < 'iirl IIousc of tliis city.
\ eopj Teate.
M.\ II I. ? GRl i \A\V.\Y. < lerk.
< hai lo llcncllieim, p. q.
jyll w-iw-m
VIRGINIA in the Clerk'a Ofllee ol
Corporatlon Court of the City ol
Alexandrla, on tbo 8th day of .July,
Emma M. Morrh >n va. Marry. II. M>r
i iaon. I n chanecry.
licmo. The objecl of tbla buII is to
obtain :ni Rbaoluto divoroo for the d
dant on the ground rtf hia wllful deaer
tion and aljandonment of herfora perlod
of more than three yeara before thc
hringing of ihixisiiit; for the eare and
cu-toily of the Infant chlld of ihemar
ueral rellef.
lt api>earing bj an affldavlt tiicci In
thia cauxe tlial tno defendant, Harry H
Morriaon, ia a non-realdenl of thia Btate:
Ii i- Ordered, That aald defendant
appcar here wlthln Dfteen daj "after due
publication of thia order. and do n |
neeessary to protecl hia Intereat ii
Hiiit. and thal ?> eopy of thia order lie
fortbwlth Inaerted In the Alexandrla
te, a new tpaper publisbed in the
Cit <. of Alexandrla, once a week for four
suc'cesslvi weeka, and poated atl he fronl
door of the < tourt ilouse of thia city.
?Tiarles Bendheira, |>. q. Jy8 w<rw-f
[R<. inia in the ? lerk'a Offlee of
the < 'orporation ('onrt <>r thi i
Alexandria, ?.n the 29th day of .inly.
Jeasie < erj Fillingame n. Denid B.
Filllngame. In enaneery.
Mi-inu. Theobjectof this suit Is to ob
tain for the .-.'iiiplainan: an sbsolute <li
vorce from tbe defondanl ,>n the ground
of uilltul desertion and alxtndonrnent
fora period of more than ihr,-.- yeara be?
fore the brlnging of thi> ^uit. and for
gen< ni relief.
ppearlng l>> an aiSdavlt flled ln
thlsi-atue that tbe defendant. Daniel K.
Filllngame. laanon-reaidentofthisl
(t Is Ordered. That -aid defendanl ap
pear here within fifteen day? afterdue
publieation <.i thia order, and do ,
ueceasan to proteel bia intcreat in thia
suit, and thal aeopyof thia order be
forthwith inserted in the Alexandria
n.-.- paper publlsbed in tbe
i it\ of Alexandria. oneea week for four
auccessive re*ks,and postedat the fnmt
iii,. < ,,nrt House of thia -it>.
\ _^_
M,\ , lWAY, ( l.-rk.
Charlea Bcndheim, p. q. Jy? wlw-f
rouypEBa and machini8tb
J. & H. Aitcheson
Agents Gray Gasoline Motors
Engineer and Machinists' Supplies.
Pipe. Pipc Fittings. Valves. tfc.
Blacksmithing ?? Repairing
Promptly Executed.
Alexandria Iron Works
We make a specialty in rcpairs to
Gasoline Engines. Motorcyeles and
We solicit your orders on all kinds of
Iron Work.
Bell Phone 53.
514 Evans Buiiding. Phone Main 7324.
By Satnuel n. Lunt, Auctioneer.
tered In the chaneery caiise of Josiah
? - Georga J. Ellfa .-t als. on th.
IBth day of Jury, 1910, and pending ln the
Dorporation < 'ourt of the olty of Alexan?
dria, Virginia. the undendgned commls
si.r. a|>pointed l". sald decree, will
oflerforsaie ln fronl ofthe Royal atreet
entrance to the Markel Bulldlng, in the
elty i,f Alexandria. Virginia, on
\M,i 8T, 1910,
at twelvc o'clock M.. tbe followlngde
tc sltuate in the elty ol
Alexandria, \ Irginia:
That ci-iain brick I- 11,10,11! and lol of
ground in the elty of Alexandria. Va..
sltuate on tbe east ?ide of Waahington
ntreet, between Duke and Wolfe strcets,
and bounded on the north bj an alley,
and on the south i>.\ th<- property for
' merly owned bj Thomaa Swann, dc
I, running eai hX) feet, II Inchea,
moreorlc -. being tbe aame property
whieh waa eonveyed by Phineaa Jan
ney'a exeeiitora w D. Fl. Blacklock bj
dated Julj 2rt. I ?>.?.'?. rccorded In liber
P, X...:;. folio -j':-.'. land rccorda of
andria eounty, Virginia, and alao tin
samo propertj eonveyed bt D. I!. Black
loek toJaa. II'. Grubb bj deed datcd the
-1I1 da\ of Xovember, iMffi". land recorda
0? Al: \ lll'lll 1 .-"lllll 5 \ lE&tnl l 'II .!: : :l
l?,uk V. N... -??. page I.tU. and bequeathed
Im the aame Jas, II. Ombb to the aald
l.'ll.i M. Marbury by will datcd Ihe Tth
day of N'uv.'mi" r. IKT3, and probateil
Bcptember 13. 1 *?"?"'?
Terma ofaale: < ine-thlrd eash and 1I1.
balaner in aix and twelvc inontha and
the rctention ofthe titlc until deferred
payinenta are paid, the purchascrglving
lii- notea for the deferred |,-i> inenta wlth
intoreal al ~i\ per cent until paid.
SAMI I.I. (i. I.i
( oininiasloner of Sale
[.KerellS. Oreenaway. ("lerk of (he
1 orporation Couri ofthe ?-i<> of AI
dria. Virginia, doci rtifj thal BamucI (i.
I'nni. co ?lmlaaioner, has ;i\ en the bond
requlrcd by the deen.iitcred in thia
eause on the ltith daj of July. 1910, with
approrcd sccuritj
\i.\ i;i.i. s. i;i:i;i;n \\\ \ v.cierk.
j> ji 1.1_
Roberl P. Knox, tuctioneer.
BIllABLE T II A <"l OF LA S 1'
U | MI r.l I LDl v- OH VXD IM
.\i.i:\.\M'i;i.\ COI S'TY, VIR
01VI A.
Pursuant to the terma of a deed of
trtial bcarlng date on June 29th, l90R,and
<liil\ recorded in the land recorda In the
countj of Alexandria, Va., In deed book
N >. Il?, page 601, glven bj Ada B. J.
Farrar, irustee. and KttaG. Bhielda, to
1 arroll Plen ..defaull having heenmade
in the paymenl of the notea aecured bj
iaid deedof trust, the .lerslgned hav?
ing ii.-.-n requlred to do ao by the hold
era ofsald notea, n ill offer for sale at pub
lic auetlon on the promisea, on
THI RSDA \ AUG1 8T I. 1910,
at LS) o'elock p. m., all thoae two |
ground with thc buildingaand improve
meiits thereon, knownaa Villaa Noa. 19
and'JOln Braddo<'k lleighta, Alcxandrla
countj . Va., a< nhon ? upon a plal rfuly
of reeord In the land recorda of the mid
countv of Alexandrla, Va., Indeed book
I -No' I, page '>'. together with aH the
nppurtenancea; being theaamc propertj
conveycd to the aaid Ada B.J. Parrarbi
a deeddulj of reeord In the land rccorda
in deed liook 105, page 100. In trual fbr
the aaid Etta G. ShieTda with full power
to her to mortgagc the nme,
Termsofaale Caah. Allconveyancea
at cosl of the purohaaer.
Jy21 td_
Wintcr llcnu s lo.l.lcr, Sca-c.n IOtO-1011
It i~ auggeated that any ofour readera
who dcvlre to entertaln boardcra for thc
ciiNiiin-,' winter montba flirniali Mr. I.. s.
Brown. Oeneril Agcnt, Houthcrn Rall
wav. To', Plfteentli strcel nnrthweat.
Washington, l). C, Inimediate infbrma
tion as to namc of reaort. poatofflce ad
it ornear what station. what dla
taiice from atatlon. conveyanco from
atation to houae, number of gueata,
terms per daj . v ei k and month.
w ,? all udiiid be pleaaed to ace tbe
countrj fullofboardcranexl winterand
w.mlil berlad If thia nolice will Induce
incrcaaed number of persona who will
accommodate them for the comlng win?
ter lllonths.
Thia Informatlon abould reaeh Mr.
Brown m.i btter than Augual 1.1
folder goea to preaa on Augunt3,and anj
requesta recelved later than the lat will
nol l'c able to !"? Inaerted.
Mutual Ice Company
Wholesale and Retail
Dealers in Ice.
Carload Lots and Country Orders a
Mico Water
Exceptionally pure. dclicioudy palata
ble. clear as cryjtal.
! I' 1
( Bjneron anci i nlon rtreeta, Alexandria.
Bell Telephone No. 51.
jyi- tf
Colonial Beach, Va*
- Woodlawn -
Sccond Street from Boat Landing.
Mrs. S, Tasker, Prop.
I..-ailbcat--r - ?_'?! tr.i:i!. ? -.11 Icrry i oii^'h
|j to eure eough. w
oryoiir money back. becauee there's
no need. lt curee: 25c bottle.
Southern Railway.
Tralna leave t laten Btatioa, Alexandrla.
Iu effecl June 13, IMO.
N". B. PeUowlngsehedulengnreepub
llihedonlj aa Informatlon, ami are not
; gnaranteed.
7:17 A. M. DaUy loeal between Wash
i ington and DanviUe.
! \i; a. M Dally Loealfbr Harrlaoa
i burg and way atationa.
:ci7 A. M.* Dally?U. 8. Paet Mall.
stopsonly for paaaengera for potntasoutb
at which acbeauled to atop Pinrt ohuw
i s; Rleeping oara to Blrmlngham
and drawing roora uleeplng eara to New
Orleana. Dining car aervlce.
11:17 A.M. Dam Mall train. Coachea
for M.iua^as.rhariottesville.I.ynelibiiiLr.
Danvilloand Greenshoro. Bleepfng eara
Grcenaboro to Atlanta.
i:i7 l*. M. Week daya?Loeal for war
renton and HarrlBonburg.
iu p. m. Dally Birmlnaoam apec
lal. Sleeping car* between New York,
Augusta, A iki-n and JackaonvtHe.
Slceper to Blrmlngham. Through flrst
ciass coachcs between Washington and
Jaekaonvlilc. Dining car Bervlee. Tour
? alifornla tour tlmea weeklv.
p. m Week daya Loeal for llar
riaonburgand way atationa on Man
branch. Pullman buffet partorear.
5-J2 !'? M. I'aily--I.ocal for Warrcii
ton and Charlotteavllle.
1027 P. M. Dally?Waahiogton and
C'hattanooga Llmlted (vta Lyuchburg).
Firat-claas ooach aud aleeplng eara to
Roanoke, KnoxviUe and Chattanooga.
Hleeper to New Orleans, Washington to
Roanoke. Dining car aervlce.
IIjOQP.M. Daly New York.Atlanta
and New Orleans l.imiled. All Pullman
train, club and obeervatlon oan to New
Orleans. Sleeping eara t<> Aahevllle,
Atlanla. Macoii and New Orleans. Sh-ep
ira to Charlotte. Dining car servloe.
127 A. M. Dally Memphla apeclal.
Sleeping eara and coachea for Roanoke,
Knoxville, Nashvillc. Chattanooga and
Memphla. Dining car aervlee. Wash
ington aleeplng oara open 10X10 P. M.
nyrh tralna from the louthurive
al Alexandrla 6:13and 628and 1023a. m.
2:13,72s. 10:13and 11:68P. M.dally, Kar
risonburg 1138 A. M. week daya and9:13
p M. dally. From Charlotteavllle 928
A. M.
Leave Al< xandria (W. A 0. Stetlon)
week daya al 823 A. M..i:i". 128,and
5:15 P. M. for Bluemont; 636 P. M. week
davs for Lecaburg;5:15 P. M. dally for
Bliicmonl and 9:02and922 A. M.,loeal,
andOiOSA. M. 'i.td. onSundaysonly for
Pordetalled acbedule flgurea, ticketa.
Pullman rcacrvatlon, etc.. applj to
inion Tiekel Agent, Alexandrla, Va
i: II. < ii.\ I'MAX. Gencral Manager.
s. II. HARDWICK, Paaa. Traf. M-r.
II. P. f \ RY. General Paaaenger Agent.
P.OWN, Geoeml Agent,
Ington, D. c
Washington, Alexandria 6?
Mt. Vernon Railway.
ln effecl May i. I8RX
il vvi: \t.i:x AMiiit v.
Por Washington, frenn corner Prince
and Roval Btreela, week daya, at 540,
j>, ,; no, fi (0, c, 55, 7 06, I 15, 7 30, 7 lo.
7 50, 8 00, s 15, - 25, 8 35, - 60, 9 10. 9 30, 9 60,
10 10. 1030. 1060, II 10, II 26, II 30, II 50 a.
m., 12 10. 12 25, 12 30. 1250. 1 10, I 25, 1 30
I 50, 2 10, 2 25.'.' ::<>. 2 50, 3 05,:: :?'>. 3 a
I 10, I 25, 130, l I". I 55.5 10,525,535
605, 6 20, 630, 6 15, 700, 7 15, 7 25, 800, 830,
?:?, 1000, 1030, 11 I" and II 55 p. m
Sundaya 700,735. - 10, 820, 840, 900,
9 20, D I"! 1000. 1020, I" 0, II 00, II 20 and
11 Hia. m.. 1200 ni.. 1220, I- 10, I 00, I 20,
1 10, 200, - 20, 2 10, 300,:'. 20, 3 10, I 00, l 20,
I 10. 5 00, 5 20, 5 l". 6 00, 0 20, 8 H), 700, i 20.
t 10. 800, 830, 900, 030, 1000, 1030and
II 10 p. m.
rm: moi vr vaaxov.
Leave Alexandria for MountVernon
week daya,al ?". !">. 656. 7 58. 861, l'>--">.
II 25a. fh., 1225, I 25, 225, 330, I K>, 635,
6 30, 7 35* - 50, 9 50, 10 50 and n 50 p. m.
Sunilaw 7eo. 830, 9 30, 1030, II 30 a.
iu.. 12 30, 1 30,230, 330, 130,630,680, 789,
9 16 and I" 16 p. m.
Washington Southern Ry.
Bchedule ln effecl May 15, 1910,
Tralna leave Unlon Station for Wash?
ington and points noith a! 7 i::. 808.
823and 8 32a m., 1201, 2 90, 807, 8 1- and
n 33 p. m., dally.
For Frederlcksburg, Rlchraond and
points south al 137, 7 53(loeal) and 1022
a. m . 12 16, I 22, ."> IT (loeall 7 12 and 957
Aocommodatlon for Fredertcksburg at
II 28 a. ni.. daily. (>n week day- thia
train runa througn t<> Ifllford.
N',,-ii:: Time ofarrivala and departurea
and eonnectiona not guaranteed.
\Y. P. TAYLOR, Trafflo Matuurer,
Rlchraond, Va.
VIROlXl \. ln the Clerk's Offlee of
the Corporatlon Courtofthe City of
Alexandria, on the 29th day of June,
I.illian E. Mansfleld vs. Robert X. Man
fleld. ln cbancerj,
Mi-iiio. The object of this suit Ia toob
taln for the complainant anabsolute di
voree from the defendant on tbe ground
ofadultcry commltted by him, and for
.,', neral relief.
Ii appearing by an affldavit flled In thi
cauac that the defendant, Roberl N
Manaficld, ls a non-realdent of thia 8
li i- Ordered, That sald defendant ap
pear here witbin flfteen daya after due
publlcation of thia order, and do whal Ia
oeeeaaan t,> proteel biaini.-n-t-in thi
m.'l that a copy of tlii* order be
forthwith Inserted ln the Alexandria
Oazette, a ncwapaper publlahed In tbe
i in of Alexandria, oncea we< k for four
aueeessive weeka, and poated al the front
door ofthe Court House ofthlaoltj .
A ,->>|.\ TEUTK :
nv [iotTIS N". Dt'FFBI . I>. C.
Charlea Bendheim, p. q. JeSO w4w-thu
;i:ird Ainiual Teniiieraiire ??Itimir
Meeting, PureellTllle, Va?, Aacwst
i-ut, MIIO.
gouthern Railway announcea aeeount
tbe aliove ooeaslon rory low ronnd trip
fan - from Waahington, Alexandria,
Bluemonl and Intermediate point-: dalea
Augual Isl to 10th Inolualve, Bnal
return limlt Augual 11, 1910.
Hpecial train will I.perated from
Waahington and Alexandria to Purcell
villo and return Augual ?'> Wedneaday .
leaving Waahington 7:40a. nt. aml Alex?
andria W. aO. statlon) 7:45a. m., atop
ping at all polnta; returnlng leave Pur
eellvill.- oW p. m. aame day. Bufflelenl
extm equlpment will be attaehed to
regular traina duringcourae ofthe im-,-;
ing to property take .-are of travel goinf
and returnlng.
Speoial train will alao be operated
Lcealmrg to Purcellvlllo Bunday, Au?
gual 7th, leaving Lecsburg 1030 a.m.
returnlng leave Pureellvllle 7306 p nf.
aame daj.
On Tuosday and Wedneaday. August
9 and 10, train li:*. reaehing I.aburg
-.1 , p. m. a iil be contJnued through to
I'liret-llville: returnlng leave PuroellvUle
m? .-a.-ii night for Leeaburg.
For furtherlnformation call on nearesl
Bouthern Railway tioket agentor write
i.. 8. Brown, General Agent, Tn.', Flf
teenth atreet northwest, Waahington,
D ' .
Virginia HeraefAewi u>io.
Bouthern Railway begi to announce
that low round trip'fares bave been au
ihori/.i-d ou ai-i-ounl of tbe foUowing
Horse Sbows:
Manasaaa Horse Bhow, Manasaaa, Va.,
July 27-2*
Orange Horse 8how,Orange, Va., Au
Albemarie Uorae Bbow, Cbariottes
villi- Va., Auguat9-lft
Front Ro aow.FrontRoyal,
Va.. Augual 16-17.
Warrenton Horse Bhow, Warranton,
Va., Augual 31-Bentember I.
further bajonnaufon aouoernlng
anthorieed, territory from wblcn
applying, datesof aale, flnal limlt, ete.,
,-al'l UPOn ntar.-t S.-tith.-rn Railway
Bgent _
A good WHITE MAN for thestable
t Ravensworth. Wtii* to Mra. J/KKI
Burke, Virf inia, niarll U
of Alexandria, Virginia
CAPITAL, $100,000 SURPLUS. $125,000
M Edward L. Daingerfield, President.
Carroll Pierce, Viee President.
Riehard M. Green, Cashier.
Edward L. Daingerfield
J. C. Smoot Jas. W. Roberts
Worth Hulfish Carroll Pierce
M. A. Ahern Urban S. Lambert
The Citizens' National Bank has been Jirectly idcntiticd with the
mercantile, manufacturing. and jobbintf intercsts oi Alexandria lor forty
years. and. with it? lartfc capital. ample surptus. contervative directorate.
progressive management and convenient location, is equipped to aatiifac
torily handlc new accounts and to accord them that same courteoua at
tention which has been a vital factor in its steadfast and continuous
g rowth.
Any Gentleman
who ia fond of a g.lamoke will i
fer a cigar, the reputation of which haa
been teeted for years. Thia ia th
with our
Choice and
A oice, clc.in stiioke. made of the beal
tobaCCO to he had on thc tn.irkct. and
made by skilled and expeffenced work
Piedmont Cigarettes at $3.95 per thousand cash.
Hamilton and Co., 323 King St.
New Rides
New Shows
Come Out and Danee
Music by Band of Fifteen Pieces
Free Gate Special Inducements to Picnics
jci 2m
l .s.\y IIITIM.. MAN \?.i 1(
Virginia SafeDeposit&TrustCorporation
Authorired Capital, $1,000,000.
Paid in Capital. 1300,000.
C. J. Rixey.John P. Robinson. Thomas J. Fannon. C. C. Leadbcat.-r. Henry K.
Field. Henry Baadcr, Geortfe S. French, J. K. M. Norton.
We act as Exccutor, Administrator and Trustec. Issue Fidcdicy. Contract.
Official and Judicial Bonds. Gencral Bankintf and Trust Busine^s Transacted
Intercst paid on Savings Accounts. We solicit the accounts of Banks. Corpora
tions. Firms and Individuals, and promtse liberal treatment consistent with
sound bankintf methods.
John Ahern & Co.,
Corner Prinee and Commerce Btreeta,
and dealers ln
Country produce received dally. <mr
stock of Plain and Fancy Oroeeriea em
braci - everj thlng t.. be had In thi- llne.
\\,- hold largely in CnitedStatesbond
,-d warehouse and carry ln -;-,<-k rarioua
branda ofthe
made. Have also In itore luperlorgradea
of Forelgn and Ameriean
Batlsfketlon Quaranteedaa to Prioeand
W. A. Johnson & Co.,
X.i-;.CornerCameronand Royal Stn
General Commission Merchants
and dealers in
Have .,n band Orbaon'a XX, XXX.
XXXX and Pure Old Rye, Old Cabinet
and Monograra Whiakies; also Baker's
and Thompson'a Pure Rye Whiskl
whieh they Invite the attentlon of tin
Orders from tbe country f<ir merchan
diac ahall recelve prompl attentlon.
Consignroenta of Flour, Orain and
Countrj Produce aolieited, for whieh
they guarantee the hlghest marketprieea
and' prompl retun
Manufacturer of
OPTICB *M> -t.ii-.l-: IIVH7 H. MOTALWt.
Dealer in Hardware. Paints. Atfricul
tural Implements.VehicIes.Harness.
Field and Garden Secda.
Also Grain, Hay, Straw
andall kindsof Mill Feed
Will aluay- kcep in stoc-k thc- hi
srach' oftbeee artteloa.
linl'o.S.U.s I'ropo-als u ill I"- rc
I until I'2O'elock iiooii. .Iilly i?.
1910, at thc city Bngiaeer'a ofllee and
then opened for the Installatlofl of
cloaets, urloala, A-caml for aewer pipe
connecUons, and for ?xmk rettog baee
Soors, earpentera' work. A-.-.ai the
Washington School for boys. PJaoa and
ipeclflcatlona ean '?? seen at the City
Engineer'soffice. The right Is reserved
to reject any and all l.id.s and extend thc
tlmefo Ktme.
Ciairn itee on bchool il
andi'urniture.' jyy.
Henry K,Field&Co,,
Buaeeeaora t"
OF All. KINliS.
Lumber, Cement and Plaster.
. ifflee and Yard HG N. Union street
Factory Xo. Ill x. Lee atreet
Mattrial Delivered FREEln tbe elty.
An electric fan will cool your
officc. atore. shop or any room in
your house.
Electric litfhts tfive off less heat
than any other mcthod of illumi
nation and do not consumc the
oxytfen in the air.
An electric iron doca not require
a hot fire in the room nor the
neccssity of walkintf back and
forth between the board and the
Call on ua for facta and fitfurea.
Alexandria Electric Co.
524 King St.
I've bad my UttleouUng wbere pli
and business <lid oombine;
And I'ra back again to buaineaa of tin*
shtid and r.-^'iilar kin.l.
yks, the senior rnenaber of Oanaeron
Dairy Luncb is l>a,;k again to regular
business. "REG II.A R." I>o you known
that I like thi- word? It meana th,- ellm
Inatlon of doubt and uneer.sinty. u
iiitans correct methods thal r.n-. i\ faila
to produce good rrsiilts. YJ-X I am back
from Atlantlc City havingleft"Hl M vV
LIFE" In the eapable handa of Mr.
K.W.I'H OLXV1T, who i? glving il"
v i-itor- of that reaort tbe bigjfes' iiieniry
value in rnajnuttaea ever oflered !?> the
reading publlc, Alexandriana viaiting
-orl will do \w-ll to .all 00 him.
Booth 145, Ezpoettlon Building, Board
walk and Kentucky Avenue, Bo l am
l.a.-k to regubur business and Invlte1 ou
all to be regular lunobera at the ' tMK
ERON DAIRY LUNCH, 806 King 8*.
Open all night.
-..our?'. ...
August 7. IMO. Spceial tr.tm
from Harrisonburg.Edtaburgand rrom
Royal and rciurn. ..
Korfnll partlcularssee Byera 'l'-'"'':
iitcl ,,r writc I.. 8. Brown '??
entb street nortbwew,
Washington, D. C.

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