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A LEX ? NI > IM A, VA.
Tu. republican ship ha- been re?
tarden by stoini warnings lately, and
there has been more or Ics- (?infusi
among those at the helnV In the midst
of the anxiety in el ut lo the funnel
s!iH|M-d cloud of insurgency thai did -
mach damage in portions of the west?
ers) country this wick and while manv
standpatter- were about to emerge
from storni cellar-, ft ? nor (lore at
Muskogee yesterday precipitated a sen
niton by bsa charges against oseu
"higher up." naming Vice President
Sherman among several lesser lights
in the republican party who had.
the senator alleged, been plan?
ning to add to their private capi?
tal by accepting considerations for
their influence in connection with coal
lands belonging to Indians. The
chnrgcs were made openly before a
congressional investigating rommittee,
and Senator Gore mu-t have realized
the responsibility of such allegations.
The vice president and others against
whom tlie-e shaft- were aimed have
positively denied the charges and have
bedecked themselves with the white
roses of innocence. The country will
await with interest the outcome of this
last clap of thunder which has driven
the accused to shelter. This ?- the sec?
ond time a republican vice president
has ??-eii charged with i#n?-' hi- official
position for hi. own aggrandisement.
Schuylcr Colfax over a third of ? cen?
tury ago was cast into the same bed
with those who had fatti ??<1 on credit
mobilier. He failed to live down the
odium cast upon him. Will Mr, Sher?
man piove more fortuna!?
?? ? negro pugilist ?- -?ill causing m
noyance. He is about to invade the
fashionable section known as Brooklyn
Heights, it being, it is said, his purpose
to become s resident of that section
which has maintained its exclusive
character fm more than ? century.
Johnson i? negotiating f"i the purchase
of a house in that locality It i- un?
derstood that Johnson, if the deal goes
through, will maintain the bouse m a
style corresponding to the prevailing
fashion m Brooklyn's exclusive social
community, should be '? ?eluded
from participation m affairs at the
Heights Casino, hi- prospective home
ha.s a terraced front, -loop large enough
to accoinniodale an ? iditiaiv sized or?
chestri and leave m mu for a cotillion or
a cakcwalk. Anothei pro pective
neighbor will be Rev. Dr. Newel!
Dwigkl lldhs, who fills lleiny Ward
Bescher's old pulpit in Plymouth
Church and who on ? - lid thai he
would U? willing to lii ? k ? Book e
Washington's bed. It may Is that
some of the olhcr neighbors, who.
with Henry Waul Beechei fought for
the emancipinoli ,if the slaves, will
now feel thai tlnii predictions of a half
century ago regarding the possibilities
of negro advancement have been fili?
li lied. _
Thk adjournment of the British
Parliament will probably facilitate
rather than embarrass the nego?
tiations for an amicable settlement
nf the great constitutional questions
which have been vexing the United
Kingdon. Between no? and mid
November statesmen on both side
will have opportunity for deliberate
and dispassionate thinking, and it is
scarcely conceivable thai such con?
sideration of the matters at i-sue can
fail to produce useful results. The
''.Mother of Parliaments" is noi going
to stuliifv parliamentarism.
Tiikki- seems to be considerable un
ensilles- among certain people a- to
whet bas ?? not Mrs. Alice Longswortli
?mokes cigarettes. Many nappi
?ire lieing recorded daily of far more
Importance and interest than the pri?
vate habits of an ex-president's daugh?
ter, Suppose she does smoki ? ?garetti"!
of what importance is tin- faci to the
World at large'' Let her contiruje U>
smoke if she wishes to. bul it is hoped
her example will not be followed by
the refined women of tin- country.
Tukkk is wide difference of opinion
in Washington among persons in close
touch with the administration
whether or not Bacretary of the Interior
Ballinger will resign Few die and none
resign is applicable to the case of Mr.
YlCK PRv.sinK\i'Siin:wvN- will stump
the United States in the interest of the
republican candidates. It may 1
embarrassing to Mr. Sherman if be i
asked Question- concernine the Indian
lands steal
Edward Simmons prestdenl of the
Fourth National Bank, of New York
president of the chanib. rof commerce,
and a potent factor in the financing of I
the Panama Railway Company, died at
his summer residence. Lake ilohonk,
V. Y.. early today.
pondenc of kn uutdrts Qasettel
The famous "McMurray contract" i?
iiiriihle for Svnatoi < ?ore's -cu-a
nouai charges of attempted bribery
to involve ti ? pi sposed saie of 450,000
m ir il land belonging
? ? iw ai I Chick asaw Indians.
?. ??'. M .Murray, an attorney of Mi
Uk a., .1 I his associates had
h ? ?.acl with numerous in
di ? lu il Indi ms by which the
? io :. iene ten per ceni.
! In- land sales. S-na -
,?,..,- d the McMunay con?
ni I introduced a measure in tb
pro? iding thai all contracts with
Indian- iiiu-i be confirmed by Congre.-s
It was this measure that caused the
trouble. The possible "attorney's
fee- under the McMurray contracts
.lioiisly estimated from 93,000,
000 to $10,000,000 Il is understood that
there ?- a standing offer of $80,000,000
for ? In? land, wbih the Geologica)Survey
has estimated its value al 1100,000,000.
?? Murray- agents, it is charged,
ha-teiied to Washington to oppose the
(ion measure. According to flora the
bribe vva- ottered to him in an effort to
induce him to withdraw it The Gore
measure was favorably reported and
well mi its way toward passage. Dur?
ine, the absence of ( iole from the Sell
ale on .lune 24, 1910, il came up in the
course of routine business and its en?
emies bad practically killed it when
(idre rushed into*the chamber, Reali/
ingthat only the most extreme measures
could save the bill at that stage of the
-e-sj,,ii ? ,. ?,? made hi- sensational speech
m which be charged the attempted brih
i.id that various members of
Congress were interested in the deal.
On tin- la-1 night of the session, just
before linai adjournment, special com?
mittees were appointed by both the
House and the Senate to investigate
the matter. Gore had succeeded ill
having his lull reammended and adopt?
ed in such shape as to be satisfactory
to him. Under the previous law it was
provided thai all contracts with Indian
tribes required the approval of the
presidimi and President Roosevelt in
1908 refused to "(). K.'' tribal con?
tract- mad. by .McMunay. The Ml
Hester attorney then proceeded lo ob?
tain individual contracts which led Gore
to introduce his bill.
Horace A, Taylor, assistant secretary
of the treasnry under Presiden) Mc?
Kinley and for many years a promi?
nent citizen of Wisconsin, died here
today at the age of 7?"..
Postmaster General Hitchcock re
sinned his duties here todav sitting on
tin? lid as the only personal represents
live of Presiden I Taft's immediate of
iicial family.
Figures made public by tin Bureau
of Statistics, Department of Commerce
and Labor today, tend to show that the
prune food necessiti!'- an- shrinking
and thai the United States ? gradually
consuming ani not exporting her food
\ linale sufficiently comic to have
ended a 'Illi-C of II. M. 8. Pinafore
v.a- today suggested by Major Wil?
liam S. Hodges, judge advocate genera!
of the Districi National Guards, to the
deserting sailors from the District
Militia Ship O/ark and to tin? disgrunt?
led oflieers who have been threatened
b) their men with an investigation.
After a deep consideration of the n
guliii'iii- governing tin? Districi militia
Hodges dei land that if the men
returned to their -hip within ten days
he vva- ,,f the/opinion that a charge of
imi would not hold against them.
The O/ark is destined to arrive at the
naval militia wharf lure tomorrow.
Consequently twenty-five "tars" are
??. mil' th? itu-t gathered during
their long hike home after deserting
the-hip ch ailed from their uniforms
preparatory to lining up on tin? wharf
tomorrow foi ? scramble aboard to re
port before ibe |,?|? ,|a> - have expired.
An oflicial summary of appropriation
made bv ? In- second session of the i;i-t
Congress, completed today by Thomas
P. Chaves and .lames C. Courts, chief
clerks of the Senate and Mouse ap?
pi ipriations committees, shows a grand
total o? $1,027,901,029.18. Contracts
authorizi I requiring furture appropria?
tions . $70,945,550 which is
an increase - ? ? 11,864,680 ( "ver the
contrait liabilities authorized by the
preceding session.
The statement shows thai '.',707 new
government employes an annual com?
pensation "f $8,944,325, were provided
G?? and thai ? 41s previously en?
rolled wen? omitted, making a net
increase of 4,259 employes aj an ad?
ditional cost of $4,459,878. These m-j
creases included 978 postal clerks and
?"..oiiii naval apprenti? ? - Nearly all
the depart meut? increased their em?
ployes except the Treasury wbicb was
reduced by 1<>I and the Pension Office
winch wa- reduced by nearly 100, It
is pointed out that a comparison of the
total appropriations of the (second
-???ion of the 80th Congress with those
of the second Session of the il'?it, shows
a redil? lion of $16,500,227,94.
The belief thai a tidal wave, or pei
ha]?- several such manifestations, oc
? un.??! in the Atlanti. Ocean about
i-'oihi miles southeast of Washington,
wa- expressed today bv Father Torn
dorf, ot Georgetown University, after
examining the seismograph record
made bv th.- extraordinary disturbance
last night. 'J'h?? tremors continued
from v Hi I" 9:88 ?. H), uni the most
remark ible feature of the icon) WM
that it showed a vertical movement
is pial t.. tie? horizontal disturbance.
The needle, which registers upheavals
of the earth's cms) moved almos!
simultanemsl\ with the needle vvhicli
records horizontal disturbances. It is
estimated that the temblors probably
occurred at a depth of 2,000 feet below
ft was announced today that Post?
ma-tei General Hitchcock will goto
Beverlj next Tueedaj at the invitation
of President Taft. While it was stated
ihaMorniH! matten regarding tin? Pott?
nffll^&epartmctit occasioned the visit.
politicians lure look upon the summons
-mu?. mi in connection with the
. ? nonal campaign. That
Hitchcock should b. call.-.) t?. Beverly I
s.?.,? after his return ye-tcrday from
Europe is g? nerally looked upon here
as the resili! of the political crisis,
which the republican party now faces.
Attorneys for Mi- Alice Hallowed.'
1 mie Sun-lune Poetess of Amer?
'?"cuis,? of her illni -- tOtfaci asked
for a continuance of the case which she
brought in the ???.-lvV die Coyrt against
Cfarcnee L. Gilpio charging cruel ;
ment, li was represented by the at
torne\s thai Mi? Hallowed was too ?11
m court today, Postpone?
meni w is ask??, until next November.
The railroads ol the United States
killed 1,100p< i-oi,- ,.nd Injured 21,282
during the t'ir-t ih-cc month- of this
year, accordirig to a bull (in issued by
the Interstate Conii.i. .?,? Commission
today. The electric railroads in the
-ame period killed I'.' and injured ?. |?
persons. The figures -how an increase
of 4'iii killed and <?, 1 H> injured over the
Casualties for the sann? period of last
year. The great increase was to a huge
extent atttibfitable ?.? an avalanche in
the state of Washington ?1'"l ? derail?
un HI in Iowa, both in Manli. In these
two disasters 111 perseas, were killed
and 52 injured, Eliminating these ac
cidentS the record sliovv- do remarkable
difference from the corn -ponding quar?
ter of last year.
senator Cere's diaries.
Muskogee, Okla., Aug. ?">.?When
the investgation into the M< .Murray
land contracts and the bribery charges
brought by Senator Thomas p. Gore
was resumed before the investigating
committee today further details as to
the alleged attempi of .lacol. Hamon lo
give Senator Gore $50,000 bribe and
high officials'alleged interest in the case
were expected to be laid ban?. Before
the Committee convened today Senator
(?ore declared the denials of Vice-Presi
denl Sber ? ? . ? ? nulor Curtis and Bird
MoGuire, whom lie named a- being in?
terested in th.- contracts, wen? not en?
tirely uuexfMi-ted .Isjjpob Haiinui.
named as attempting i?> give the bribe,
declared he, wanted to go before the
Committee. There, he said, he thought
he could a* square himself," and ex?
plain in detail lus connection with the
land cases.
Following Senator Gore's testimony
yesterday. Congressman Creager, of
Oklahoma, vva- called to the stand and
told of having liecn approached by
Hamon on the land nontracts. NO
mention was made of money, Creager
declared, but Hamon toid him he could
have a substantial "?nicest" in the
McMurray contra?is, if he would with?
draw hii opposition to their approval
in Congress. Asked directly as to
whether any figure were mentioned,
Crearci -aid he did noi let it go thai
Congressman Creager was the tir-!
witness called today and immediately
launched into a., story SS to what he
knew of the connection with the Mc
Murray contracts of Jacob llanioii and
Congressman Bird McGuire.
Jacob L. Hamon was called to the
stand, following abrief executive set
-ton of the committee. Hamon denied
that be had offered any bribe to Sena
tor Gore.
Bik Moos.?, N. Y.. Aug. ?"> Vice
president Speratati said loda) The
?tory tiri conies to me about the
charges mad.? by Senator (lore al
Muskogee i- absolutely witboul ? h?
slightest shadow? of fouunation.
Denver, Aug. ?>.?United States Sen?
ator Charles J, Huches, jr., who moved
in the Senate the appointment of a
committee to investigate Senator Gore's
charges of attempted bribery, declared
today that he had nevei before attach
ed any importance to these charges,
and had never before heard the name
of Vice Presiden! Sherman menti.d
in connection with them.
On account of Gore's blindile?.
Hughes said, he read all tile Okla
horns senator's leiiers received in con?
nection with the bill whi.h Gore intro
dnced designed to preven! future frauds
in Indian lau j-. lie -aid (ene told
Inni the persons Interested in the Mc?
Murray deal offered him $25.000 and
then $60,000, if In.aid stop a favor
able report in the Senate on the bill
designed to prevent undue fees being
paid by the Indian-. Hughes aid
con-idi red ibis bill a strong one and
that he made a favorable report on i
to the Senate.
Big Moose, V Y.. Aug. ?'? The
following additional statement was
made today by Vice Presideiil Sher?
man, regarding Senator (?ore's testi
inony at Muskogee, ' 'kla. :
"I never heard my name mentioned
in connection with the contract which
wen? the subject of Benator Gore's tesi
imony yesterday, I never had any
interest of any kind in the Indian con?
tract, other (han the interest I have for
years had in the wclfaae of the Indians
and which I -hall ever have no per?
sonal interest, I mean. The story, so
fai as my panic i- concerned, is witb?
oul ans foundation whatever, if any
person has said I hau? any personal
?nteres! m this case or in any other
Indian contract be has stated what i
not true."
????????! Clivciled.
Proiincetow?, Mas-., Aug. ?">.?Im
niedi.iteiv after Presiden! Taf! landed
from the Mayflower, amid the cheers of
llmUSands who lined the streets behind
the -,?i>n unUoft 'rom the fleet, the
chief executive and in., party vveiit to
Town Hall,above which loom-, 250 feel
m the air, the great gray lowei on the
-pot where the tir-i sight of American
land gfe.'Ud the sea-weary Pilgrims,
Hen? the formai dedication exercises
began with an invocation by Rev.
James De Normandie, of Boston, Tin n.
after tl/e Harvard quartette had rendj
tied ? "Hymn to the Pilgrims," J.
Henry Sears, preside?l oj ali? Memorial
Associsi ton, introduced Charles iV.
Eliot, president emeritus of Harvard,
the orator of the day.
William K. Lawrence, of Modford,
Mass., of the memorial association, ac?
cepted the nioiiunieiit on behalf of liis
society. H?? ?a? followed by ex-Con
grcssman Janu-s L. McCh-ary, of Minn
esota, and Governor Draper, of Mass?
achusetts. The latter introduced I'le-l
dent Taft. At the conclusion of the
president's address. Mi-s Barbara Hoyt.
a direct descendant of that KM. ? I'.revv
ster, who was a power among the pil?
grims, unveiled a tablet in the ride of
the monument to the virtues of tin
Pilgrim Fathers.
A banquet followed.
The monnment cost nearly $100,000,
of which the national government ap?
propriated $40,000. An Impressive
naval spectacle preceded the formal
Local week end ticket- Washington to
Somerset. YVarrciiton. Ilarrisonburp
Bluemoni and Intermediate -iati.mi- -..i.i
on Saturdays and sundav-. valid for re?
tase on Monday at very low lire-, will
i>e pia. ed .??? aale bj Southern Railway
at Washington,!?. < '.. ?>? ginning SATUR?
DAY, -Ma.v 28th, and eonflnuing until
Oetolier -. inclusive.
L. S. BROWN*. General Agent
Georgetown Wheat Market..
Georgetown!?, p, Aug, ?-Wheat?VW&1
Prrrautiiiiiarv MeaMUrw in Spalu.
San Sebastian, Aug ?*? -The govern
or of San Bebastian ? ..lay ?noed a
proclamation against any but the
regular Catholic gatherings on Sun.lav
and prohibiting oni.si.|. : ? b.-iiing arms
from en!, ring the town
Thi- last pp cauli..11 vva- taken as
? ?.-ult of the rep.p that the village
priests in the Bssceyan provinces were
giving arms and ammunition to their
parishioners and urging them to march
on San Sebastian. The authorities
ibi..Helmut all the northern provinces
today ix-gaii seising trains and Ix.at.s
In prevent a general moverne?)! against
San Sebastian on Sunday. The pros
pajd now is that only a few thou-atid
people will attempt to carry out the
plan for a deiiioii-tiaiion against the
government's course in the Vatican
dispute. The authorities have ailed
with such dispatch and have the city
so well guarded that tin? public gener?
ali) teem? deterred from making a vio
lent d. nioii-tration.
Sunday- demonstration is being
financed by a number of wealthy an
troc?ate, who, now that the govern?
ment ha- seized the trains and Ixiats.
are hiring all available horses and au?
tomobile! for the u-e of those who wish
to reach San Sebastian.
Further reinforcements for the local
garrison arrived today. Tin? soldiers
arc supplied with ball cartridges, but
the government has instructed lee
commanders not to tire nule? the sit?
uation assumes the gravest aspect.
Tb,? reported insurrection in several of
the Biscayan province- provesto have
been only personal clashes between
republicans and < '?rlists and republicans
and clericals. These clashes are be?
coming more frequent and it is
feani they may yet lead to widepread
? h-? infer.
Heves Pel-sun? Parish,
Jamaica. I.. I.. Aug. 5. Five men
and two women were burned to death,
two mortally injured and a score of
other- seriously burl in a tire, which
destroyed a wooden h >iel and employ
men! agency here earls today, Most
of the dead arc Polish and ????-sian im?
migrants, WOO had errived only yester?
The wooden lire trap house I 40 men
and women, most of them sleeping on
cots. Tin- barking of a dog aroused
neighbors and efforts were made t.. get
'In? sleeping immigrants out of the
1111 r 11 i 11 <_r hotel. Most of them were
...nip. lie' to jump from sec.IwtOT]
Window -, the Step! bav?llg been burned
sway. I'm men mad.? neveral daring
rescues. All tb.? dead were asleep in
tie attic from which then? vva- no es?
cape. None of I he siirv ivoi- -aved anv
clothing or money.
Ma vat?- id l-'ore-l Pin?*.
Mi?mila. Montana, Aug. 5. lie
fores! service bureau here estimated
today that fond lin- an- now burning
over' at leas! 100,000 seres m Idaho
and northwestern Montana with a p<>s
poesible loss of timber estimated at
The situation is most serioii- and
inore than 1,400 men an- now fighting
the flames on the lire lines in slternat
?llg lela ? -.
The known damage already is esti
mated at $225,000, of this amount the
I...? topiivate holdings is believed to
be about $175,000. Aboul 7?>,????? of
the 100,000 acre- now burniti?; is pri?
vai. !y owned
Train Jump- Hie G?,ok.
Sraiiion, Pa., Auk. ?.?On.? of the
Wol-I wrecks m recent Veals oli the
l.a.'kawaniia Railroad occurred early
today at \naloiniiik, mar Stroudsburg
Fifty-five freight cars wen? smashed.
Tin? flagman is in a hospital at Strouds?
1. 1 ..I 1.. f.....II. _I _ I L'..
I lnlc|nmil nls t\ii| in Teline?ce.
Na-liv ill. Til?n., Any. ?. Id can-e
republicans jollied forces with the in
dependen! d?mocrate, returns today
indicated an easy victory for the inde
jiendenl candidates m the Tend ossee
judicial election yesterday. Tin- part)
was badly split because of the felld of
the Patterson machine followers ami
il?. Supreme (Ou?t judges over the
pardon of Olile.ill Cooper, slaver of
Senator Carmack,
The independents claim a majority
>f 411,nun at lea-t There ate many
allegations of fraud mi ImiiIi sides.
Train Strikes laeSSSUte.
Middle!,iwn, N. Y., Aug. 5?Three
trainmen were instantly killed when
refrigerator train 2527 on the Km?
Railroad, running 50 miles an hour,
-t link a |andslide mar Nevvells. N. Y.,
early toJjpy. ? mi? of rock weighing
several .hundred ion- slid down the
bank upon the tracks, tearing them up
fol a distillile of 600 feel.
Barthsjuake HisVsa,
Cleveland, <>.,' Aug. 5?St. Ignatius
College today reports the record of an
earthquake of serious magnitude
which occurred la-t nigh! between 4.????
and 5,000 nule- di.-iam The lir-i pre
liininary Occurred at 7 :?^ ? m ff> ?
main disturbance a! 7:50:8$, the nasi?
mum at 7:52:15 and the end a! V41.
?learner sinking.
- .tile. Wash.. Aue. ?">. ? wm-i. ?
dispatch from Janean, Alaska, today
states that the Canadian Psiciflc steam?
er Princess May, carrying 100 ?a?.?
gyrs, is sinking off Centre I-lainl. Tin?
Princess May was bound to Victoria
from Skagway and was due in Janean
today. HO delails of the disaster have
been rateivi
*tas*acre? In *yrla.
Constantinople, Aug.5.?Fully 1,000
Christians and Mussulmans have
been slain this week in the massacres
in Syria, according to dispatches today
from Damaseli-, The situation is some
what relieved today, the dispatches
say, owing !.. the arrival of the van?
guard of the troop- that are being d*?*
patched tO the s. ( lie.
If your liver is sluggish and out of
tOXM and yrui feel dull, bilious, consti?
pated, take a dose of Chamberlain's
ich and Liver tablets tonight be?
fore retiring anil you will feel all right
in the momirig. Sold by W. F.
Cnighton and Richard Gibson.
The biennial Stale convention of the
Ancient < >rder of Hiberians will Ir? held
in Richmond AufWsi 88 and '24.
The contrai ? for the administration
building of the Frederick-burg Normal
School has been awared SO J C. Curtis,
for ?G??.????.
Tin-board of supervisori of Fairfax
county Wednesday passed on the
deliquenl tea list, It was determined
also to a-k for bid- for the new poor
house to be built on the recently ac?
quired -He
The town council of Occoquan, con?
sisting of Messrs. W. S. Lynn, Tyson
Jaimcy, Harry Slack. George Allen
and B. W. A-lecmaii. nut recently and
elected L. Led mas mayor, and A. B.
Hogers clerk.
News reached RoaOoks from Rich
Valley, an isolated section of Smyth
COUnfV, dia! a boiler of a saw mill own
cd by John (i. Perry exploded Tuesday,
killing C. 0. Hanger. Luther Han
shaw. and Alex. Crigger, sod probably
fatally injuring Schaler Mcdellan.
At LovingSton yesterday the jury in
the case of Roben Johnson, colored,
who shot and killed Robert StatOQ, a
white man. in the kilter's .Inni ?? lower
Nelson county in May, returned a ver?
dict of second-degroe morder and fixed
lin? punishment at IS years.
A jury failing to convict Lini. H. W
Herwig, charged with pawning num?
erous typewriters which he had secured
from Norfolk agencies, entered a plea
of guilty yesterday and was sentenced
to serve one year in the penitentiary.
Bather than remain in jail ??eliding an?
other trial with an uncertain outcome
in October, he entered the plea. Il??
will endeavor to obtain his retes
th.- end of six months. He pawned the
typewriters to purchase In- release from
the nai v.
A network of grapevines which sur?
rounded his home was the means of
saving his life Wednesday night, when
Keller Bradford, a young man of l.u
ray, while in his sleep took a dive from
lin? -??.?.) story of his home. Young
Bradford says he remembers getting in
shape fora high dive in Ilawksbill
creek, a stream running through Eu
ray. The lient he remembers was the
awakening impact with tin? earth. The
grapevine gave Bradford his bearings.
Il?? had lorn through them und suffi'
cl only scratch) s .itili bruiate,
Lightning struck the pinning millo! H.
E (?ra-ty ? Bros, at o angs. Wednes?
day night, and tin-strile ras burned ?
to the ground. The peopfc ? ? e unable 11
cope with the lire, il bui ,?? ?! -o rapidi)
? large lot of undressed liimhci WSSI
burned. The loss cannot I ,? estimated
ju-t now. There ?- aboni $8,000 in-1
tiranne, '?ut tin- will hardly ever half |
of the loss ..f machinery and tools. The
lire wa- ju-l on the oul-nle o? the ho -
-how grounds, but no damage was done
lo ibi; building- of the association.
Wea?liag Iteclsres His laaeeeaee?
Denver, Colo., Aug. 5,?"Before
God I am innocent. I know nothing
of the death of thai little girl except
what I read in the papers, "
Jo-eph Wendung, captured in San
Francisco on a charge of connection
with the murder of little Alma Kellner,
in Louisville, made this Statement to
day while sitting in a cell of the Den
ver jail. Wendung arrived from San
Francisco last nigfal with Detective
Captain Carney, ?f the Louisville
police, and will resume his journey lo
Louisville this afternoon.
"If thai L'ili- bod) was found in the
lias.nielli of the Louisville church."
said Wcinlliiig. "it was placed there bv
the murderers while I slept. It will
all all be charged up when I get back
lo Lolll-VlIL?.
"When a man ha- a dear conscience
there is no fear for him. I am not
afraid, have never been afraid, and
never will. 1 am as innocent as you,
and God will lake care of nie. If they
want to kill me when I get back to
l.ouisv die, I cannot help it. If they
do I will di?? a wronged man and a
brave one. I never saw the little girl
Who WaS killed. We Will be ill LoiUS
v tlli- preti) -o,mi alni if then? i- any
justice in the world 1 will be a free
man. "
Silici?!?? ill a Held.
St. Louis, r)|o . Aug. h. - Robert
T. Keiiiion, a traveling salesmal, re?
cently divorced by his wife, who is the
daughter of the lai?? Congressman
David DeArmond, shot and instantly
killed himself in a room al a local
hotel today. I|e left an open |ettei
in his room, naming Brigadier General
Harvey Clark, of the Mr?oun National
Guard, to whom his former wife is now
married, a- the cause of In- trouble,
On a Culi) Trail.
London, Aug. .">. --The elation of the
police yesterday over the discover) that
Dr. Crippen, the supposed wife mur?
derer, had on Januar) 19, a few days
before the probable date of tin: mur?
der, bought live grains of hyo-cine al
a West End drugstore, vanished today
when it was learned Idas Dr. Grippen
frequently used this [.oison in the pre?
paration of medicines. Analysis will
now mike another examination of the
unidentified body supposed to b?? that of
Mr-,Crippen m the hopeofflnding I
of hyo-cine. I'nle- tiny can do this
the purchase Of the |'i"i-oii will be
worthless ?- evidence against the
?liter's Story.
New York, Aug. 5.? For the first
time since hi- arrest, Frwin Johann
Wiiler. cashier of the New York branch
of the Russo-Chinese Bank, who cm
Desalad foln.lXHi from the bank, today
broke silence and told of his stock aud
cotton exchange operations.
"I haven't a cent of the money I
stole," said Wider. "I lost every
single dollar of it. Why u one day,
when cotton dropped 10 points and
wiped out a pool of which I was a mem?
ber, I lost $200,000 of the bank's
money. 1 am anxious to get to Sing
Sing just as soon as I ran and I hope
there will no further delay over -en
tencing me."
Appalachian Expo-itimi, kiiuxville,
Tenu.. Sept. IS-Oct IS?
Greatly reduced fares sjowniet above
occasion on sale via Southern Railway
Beat 1? to net. ?. inclusive, from all
principal Yirginia points, including
Washington. I?. C. Final limit Oct. Is.
' -?lion nearestagcnt or write L. S. Brown
Teral Agent. 7i>j loth street northwest
-Inngtou. 1?. (' . for full particulars
it1 fares,, schedules, ete>
Society at SsjrragTrnsett Pier gastet
dad wiines.sed a t.tv-entatioR in moving
pn tuie- of the flL'ht S! Belio.
Dr. Crippen yesterday received and
accepted offers ,.f friends in London to
nance Ins defense Mi? La Neve re
fused to accept counsel to defend her.
Few of the fornici sinkers were taken
back on the Qrand Trunk and Central
Vermont lines, and mm h dissatisfac?
tion was expn
The resource- of the 11:! nvingl
benkl in New York State increase.]
188,767 during the year ended
July 1
As stated yesterday Detroit was
ehoses a- the place for next year's na?
tional convention of the Knights of (?
Intubi'.-, and 'in? twenty-ninth annual
convention will open there mi ih- firs!
Tuesday in August, l'.M 1
Mis. Kdythc Tyson, widow of Jess,.
Tyson, a noted beauty and a leader in
Baltimore society, was married in Lou
don on Wednesday to Lieut. Bruce
Cotten, lUnited States army, who had
followed her abroad.
l>r. William II. Dull, a druggist of
Baltimore, recently acquitted in the
Criminal Court on the charge of suborn?
ation of perjury in connection with a
cocaine case, was yesterday presented
by the grand jury on the charge of
Spencer Lock row, of Grooms. Sara
toga county, N. Y., a farmer and
?m two harvest helpers. Andrew Ecker
and Simon Watson, were killed I y
lightning yesterday. The team the)
Were driving al-o Were shocked !..
Wednesday's earthquake m Cuba
was also fell in l'or! an Prince, Haiti,
tin- sin?k, which commenced a? 5;58
p. in. and lasted ~u seconds, being
the greatest felt in Haiti since the
great earthquake "f l-s; \,, damage
was done.
Postmaster-General Hitchcock was
gratified, on his return home yesterday
from Europe, to learn of the fulfill
nient of hi- prediction of a $10,000 non
reduction in the yearly postal deficit,
The report of the auditor of the depart
meni show.! tin? saving for the (?seal
year to be $11,578,000. The total
amount of the defiency for the 12
months, ending June BO was $5,970,000,
as against *)7,180,000 for the preced?
ing fiscal year.
CONDITION)1 i\ siv\i\,
An Insurrectionary movement, it is
reported, has started in the Basque
provinces of Biscay, Alava and Giu
pii/'ouavand in the adjoining province
of Navarro. Spain. The government
is dispatching troop- to tin scene of
the llollble.
The government has learned that a
pries! in one of the Basque villages i
di-tributing arm- to the populace.
V renewed and formal prohibition of
the proposed manifestation of the
clerical forces at San Sebastian, tin?
rammer capital, next Sunday, was i
-ii.-d yesterday bv the minister of the
interior. The organizers of the dem?
onstration, nevertheless, persist in their
plans, and ai the republican leader
are arranging an anti-clerical demon
?trattoli al San Sebastian on the same
? lay. gn at apprehension prevails.
A collision m which weapons were
used, tool; place on the ?(reels a! Bar?
celona yesterday between the Carlists
adherents of Pon Jaime ????? udei to
the throne of Spain, and republicans.
One of the republican faction wa
vvouiided with a knife
Mgr. VICO, the papal nuncio to tin
Spanish court, was given Instructions
from the Vatican yesterday to be read)
to leave Madrid at s moment'a notice
in case of an unfavorable issue to tue
STKCrk l?V Vl(.IITM\(.,
During a short, but severe thunder
storm which broke over Baltimore and
Vicinity shortly after - o clock last
night, lightning -truck the pavilion at
Hollv wood 1'ark. in the east cru Liiibiirbs.
where about HOD children and several
grown person- wen? congregated to
witness a vaudeville performance.
The lightning lire off the riverside
portion of the structure, demolished
several trees and temporarily wrecked
the win- bv which the grounds are
supplied with litrht. Two minutes
after the boll had done its work a
lie.avv gust of wind blew down the fron!
of the main casino building. ~
About ?' !, ?? M > persons, wen? m the
park when the storm broke, and the)
hurriedly -< altered to places of shelter,
The damage amounted toaboul #:>,.'iuo.
but no one was hurl.
The Druid Hill avenue sub station of
the United Railways was Hooded and
sonic of the car lim- were tied up for a
-hurt time.
WILL ???????. < ?si..
With a riewof filing toe record of the
proceedings of tin- Corporation Com?
mission with the Washington -Southern
railroad's appeal in the matter of re?
fusal to allo* the company to Increase
its rate to .'! cents a mile, Attorney Hill
Montague bai obtained a st?nographie
ci py of it. This will be submitted t..
in.- Supreme Court of Appeals, which
wftfbS asked to grant a new hearing
By the decision of the Corporation Com?
mission the Washington-Southern was
allowed to increase the rate from 2 to
2 ?-? cents a mile.?[Richmond Vir?
At a meeting of the executive com?
mittee having in charge preparations
for the reunion of Mosby's ??-??. it wa
dc.nled to change th?? date of the re?
union from Sept, ?I to Sept. 10. Com?
mittees were appointed on finance.
Mr-. W. I. Robey, chairman, on re?
ception: Dr. Russen, chairman, on pro?
visions; Mis. Lynn chairman, on table,
Mrs A. <,. Hut. hi-??? chairman, and:
on entertainment, chairman not de?
cided on. A meeting of the executive
committee with the chairmen of the
other committees will be held on Aug.
12. at 3 p. m., with Mrs. Hnddlesoo.
?[Herndon Observer.
Dysentery is laBngerous disease but
em be cared. Cbamberlsin'i Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy bai
been successfully osed in nine epidemics
ofdvseiitery. It ha? never ban known
to fail. It is equally valuable for chil
drenand adults, and when reduced with
water and sweetened, it is pleasant to
take. Sold by Way. Creightoti and
Richard Gibson. _
DRIA, \ II!'. IMA.
B) virtue of a deed of mist dated ?*?
tober.'MI. lyorj, and recorded Noveinlier
7, 1803, m liber il I, folio 235, el s,?., of the
laud record- of Alexandria county . \ ? r
ginia (denudi having occurred under the
provisions of sod deed of Iriisli. the
undersigned trustees, st the request of
the holder of the note secured thereby,
will sell at publie Miction on the prem?
ises on
at I ..'clo.-k p. in., all that tract of land
located in Alexandria county. Virginia,
being loi numbered tour tin the pai
ti lion of Thomas Dawson'a land among
his heirs and w hie! ? w SI 11 lot ted to Annie
.1. ('liiunasei-.i, afterward- conveyed b.v
her to Theron Thompson and Mugli li
Hutchison, and iieing described as M
low s.
Beginning at "E,"S planted stone in
the north line of the tract ami at the
northvve-t corner of loi numbered three
3); thenoe with the Une of the trae! s.
ri degrees 10 minutes W, 6\84 chains to
I?'". I pia mei I stone, a corner to the tract
Of Wlial.ii S. I degiee |.i miliiltcs E. 20.7?
chains ? )??(;," a oui ? t in the ecu ter of! lie
( ? corgi-town road alienee along the ecu tei?
nt'sa id road N. 73degrees20minutes ?.?;. ??.
chains to -li.'' the angle of the same:
thence along the center of -aid mad s.
sii degrees 56 minutes E. 3.36 chains to
??I." the corner of lot numbered three
i:ii: thence w ith the line of lot numbered
three ?1 ? ? degrees 51 minutos W.
21,93 chains to the hngiiiiiing. and .?.m
talnlng W% acres, lnoitallng.-half of
the Georgetown road, or 18.164 sores ?a
elusive ol -aid mad. subject, however.
to the righi of way of the Orse! Palls and
Old Dominion Railroad, which traci of
limi i-now known as "Clifton," ss pera
subdivision thereof recorded In deed
i.ook 117, pages7Sand 79 excepting ami
excluding, however, from sale hereof
the following lois w filch have heretofore
been sold and the same released from
the lien of said deed of unsi to ? it:
Lote numbered one (1), three [31, four
ll. live ". . -I \ .i . -.'Veil 7 . cibili - .
nine (9), ten 111), eleven (II), twelve ? .
fifteen ? l.ro, twentj 2uj, twentj om- ?
IVVCIIl.V Iwo 32), tW.IIIV l'olii .'I ;. I w I'llt.V
liV" '??, IWclilv six ii.;,. iwelilv -even
(27), and the following parta of lot num?
bered sixte, u 16 a- mentioned and
described In deeds of release from r. A.
Hutchison e! al., dated April 16, hW,
and de-er?bed liv metes and bound- a
1st. Beginning at the southeast corner
of -aid lot numbered sixteen , ?in and
running along the west line of Park Line
V J degree- (S minutes W. W feel to :
-lake; thence S B7 degrees 12 minutes W
I...I feel to a slake; theliecS J degrees I
lllillllte I!. I I feet to a stake: thence N.
s7 degrees IJ IliillUles E. I'M feel to the
liegiiiniiig. containing ?..'> square feet
Jud. Beginning at a stake ai ihc north
.ast corner "!' the land of ?.???^a hank
lin ?m I'ark | ine and running thence
along the west side of said lane N. - d
grec- ?- minutes W. i?sa feel to ? slake:
thence along the south side of -aid lane
?. ?? .legre,?- 01 lilil? Ut ?- W- 101 ?? feet t..
a stake theiiei, along the south side of
said lain ? p? degrees l:i minutes \\
72.1h feci ton stake; thence 8. - degree?
i<: minuie-E, cm.'.ii leei toa stake; thence
N. s? degrees 1J minute- 1.. 130 feel lo
the I legi ? ? i ? g. ?-on laming 10,543.69 square
3rd. Beginning ata steke*a! thesouth
we-.nei- of franklin's lot and run
ning thellee N. 2 degree- |s minutes \\
170.94 feet to a point in the south line ...
the roadway; tbenee with said line of
road vva.? \. .'. degree- l:i minute! W
I7.it? feet; thence N.67 degrees 32 "ii.i
Ule- W. II IJ fcet: then.?. ? ?? :o . - I
ininulc- I ?:; ? .. ?. . ? to a poini : thence
V. s? degree? 12 miuu!,?- E, Vi fee! to the
l.cgiiining. containing 10,2W BOUare feet.
.I also th.- following piece of land de
scribed ill deed ol relea-e daled July s,
l'Ut?, and recorded In liber 120, folio ?>?-.
of the land records of Alexandria county,
Virginia, as follows: Beginning a! ?
planted iron pipe at the northeast corner
..I I.M numbered seventeen .17 ; thence
w Ith the west line of a thirt.v 30J fool
roadwav N. 1 degrees |s minute? W.
77.?7 feel to a pipe: thence S -." degrees
12 minute? w. :?;.7n feel to ? pipe on the
north line of loi numbered seventeen
117); thence ? Ith the north line of lot
numbered seventeen \~ s :,\ d<
iH minute? K l'?W feet ?, ine in winning,
containing :7?> ?filare lee!:: ami al-n
the right ofwav of the O real Palls an I
''Id In.mini..? Railroad, and also Hu?
ri gli t of u iv in in ii .?.?. I and described ??
deed dated' Nov. mlier 26 pu*;, and ???
corded in liber Ila, l'olii. *J9, of the land
le.-.M.I.- ol Alexandria county. Virginia.
Termi of sale: One-third of the pur?
chase monei to be paid In cash, batanee
in two equal Instalment? pa ? able in -i ?
sud twelve months, with interest at -i \
percent per annum, payable semi-an
Dually, secured i>.v deed of trus! upon
the propert) sold, or all cash at the op?
tion of the purchaser. A deposit of 9?"?.?
w ill be required at the time of -ale. All
conveyancing, recording, etc., at cos! ?.:'
purchaser. Term- of-ale to be compiled
With within I?, da ? s from da.v of sale.ol lier
?vi-, the trustees ceaerve the right to
re-ell tin- plop. 11 y at Ihe ri-k and coal
?f defaulting purchaser after advertising
the sanie once a W eck for tWO Weeks III
-..??.? newspaper published In Alexan
dril count ? . \ ii ginia.
AH ? IM i: \\ ? ?t?, JR.,
?ug?? w iw Trustees.
Very Best Coffees
( ,11 nani.-ed Presti ??:?-!??,|
fc}.-ci.I [y il.inking ERI TO.
lin? lA'P?ious leverage, orange
or lemon flavor.
? i;i i. di-monsiraUon ai our
?tore I all and I r\ il
Non canno! estimate the dii
ferellee between ,t.|i,? and lre-h
i ? ..?.?..- muli von bare
11 ied the ? ? P's Eresh roasted
Best Elgin Butter - - 33c
A A I' Ball Blue, ? lb. box.QBe
l-'.iirv Soap, cake .Ole
A A ? < Starch, pfcg
Toi lei Paper, ? pkg- ....
I'h I'aper, 3double sheets UCc
Hires RoOl Heer, bol .Ce
? ? ? ? dive Uli
Swift Silver Leal Lard 10e
l-'ull ( ream ( hee-e. lue
Lernens -'??
? ?ranges, -? edlem, ? lori ds
Sweets.... :ctc
Spedai premium with Baking
PoW der lilis ? eck.
The Great Atlantic d*
Pacific Tea Co.,
Phones H.-ll m. Home 171.
King Altease and Uncen Victoria
Southampton, Aug. ?.?-King Al?
fonso and Queen Victoria had a bad
just before landing at CoWeS,
when ? strong wind and heavy tide
drove tin? two tenders on which they
ami their mite were beingoonTsyed las!
evening from the steamer into violent
collision. The windows and chandeliers
of the tenders were broken, and the
\es,e|s damaged. There was great
alarm momentarily, but the tender
righted and pr.,rceded without
further mishap._
New York ?teck Market.
New York. Aug. .. The steak market
showed a strong lone al Ih?? opening.
prices especially of tin- active railroad i
hos Ing substantial fractional
many of them ringing al Hie highest
ligure- -o far ? his Week.
G??? strong tone coiiiiiiuedaiithrough
the first hour, pri?es of nearlj all the ac?
tive Issues moving one to two points
above yesterday- elo-e
Further gam- were established in the
market in the tir-t half of the forenoon.
but around midday some profit taking
a used fractional recessions from
the higlicsi, range in the. tiret two bourt,
made I rom
iVv Jell-0
Aro the easiest made nini sassi d??
licn ms ? ,r s. ?-v ed by t lie till.? -I ,-....ks.
Simply stir the powder into milk,
lxiil 11 few minutes, and it's iImi.-.
Any.'lie can do n. Direction?, printed
on the packages
Ice Cream mad?? from J.ll.O leo
Cream l'iiwder est? only one i.-nt |
Flavors: Vanilla, MiavuMir,
I.eiu.iii, Chocolate, and ?a?mrani
Al Grocer??, 2 macknotm 25 cent?.
beautiful BseSpt Hook ?-?. .?. A,|.
dr?? ? ,
The Gf nesc? Parr Food Co., I* Roy. V Y.
ThousaBds of yards of
Wash Goods Remnants
These include White and Colored
Wash ?,.,,,!- of all Itfnds, All lengths
from 1 vani to D> yards enough lor a
Colored Wash Goods,
Worth wp i" -?"
At 7 1-2c Yard.
White Wash Goods,
Worth up t" ..Oc.
At 12 l-2c Yard.
Remnants of Silk Worth
up to $1 yard.
Pongees, Poulard* i or. ia-. Mossatines
and Peau de Cygnes
All colo,,. Ad lengths. We a ini
In make this a linai clean up and ol '
all remnants of silk worth up to il t*J
a ya.d, at the special price O fi. f*
420-42? Seventh Street.
Fine Stationery
By the box, tablet or
pound, with envelopes
to match.
in selecting a flavoring ex?
tract just because the lahel
is attractive often
you wish you had just told
your dealer to send you
Leadbeater's, which you
know is good and pure, and
in which there is abso?
lutely NO
Established 1792
Wann i> H) gentil m in and wife
II.ree firs! Il-.oi? ? M I i!M HIED
Km iM.-s 01 | > ut ..fa house or :i modern
In. 11 e of sis room- in desirable locality,
with board ?,r board near tddre I With
parti.?,il:,,- J. \|. . |; v. \ |?;. Manas? is \ a.
aug ? :'.i
lit III III?? ( HI. VI?.
We have tvveiitv Porcelain lined Hath
Till?- Which m ill be -old eheip
.1. IMO.II I H ? ???'?
augi ?t Strand, mar \\ >
Wanted! hew ? ??, to rx
Borth Pill slrcl. at reasonable
11 -tt
F'.K RE? I \ ten room IKU sK.wilh
bath. It 1123 lUlke street rent cheap
to good tenant, Apply to Mrs JAMES
SMITH, 113 south tlfred stn
augiIw _
v> iMi:i).
B0Y8 and YO\ SO MEN to da un?
skilled labor, Men wiih two or mon
boy? mas also s**cure employment \ I
dress \l.l.V \\M:i A GLA88 WORK?.
Alexandria ? a not later than August
ang . ?
Fil{ s A 1.1 BED ROOM I : i:\i
l'I RE and contenti of In?
soliti) Royal -
1 ob l ii.iv log qualified si admln
isi rator of the estate "1 Luti
ter. dei ca-cil all DerSOUl having claims
against the -aid estete are berebl noti
tied to present the same tome, dui j veri
lied for settlement, and all per?.mm m
debted to add estate are beret? notified
t.? make prompt payment or ih.ir in?
debtedness to me. R. L. PAYNE,
lyffl in Administi iter
In buying a cough medicine, don't
be afraid to g.t Cbamberbun'i Cough
Remedy. There is no danger from it,
and relief is. sure to follow. K-p' ?ially
recommended for cough-, COMI and
whooping cough. Sold by W, i\
Creighton ?nd Richard (?ibson,

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