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Failed in Health
"My mother died six years ago," writes Miss Ruth
Ward, o? Jerseyville, 111., 'and left me to care for six
children. I had never been strong; and this, with the shock
of her death, was too much for me.
"I failed in health. 1 was tired all the time and did
not want to go anywhere, nor care for company. 1 had
the headache all the time and such bearing-down pains.
"A very dear friend advised me to take Cardui, as it
had done her so much good, so I commenced to use it
and now I am in good health."
The Woman's Tonic
Women's pains are relieved or prevented and women's
Strength is quickly restored, by Cardui, the woman's tonic
You yourself know best if you need it, or not
If you do need it, do not delay, but commence to use
it at once. Every day of delay, only lets you slide further
down the hill.
Don't wait, then, but begin to take Cardui today, for its
use, no matter how prolonged, cannot harm you and will
surely do you good.
Write to: Ladies' Advisory Dcpt.. Chattanooga Medicine Co., Chattanooga, Tena.,
lor Special Instructions, and W-pagc book. "Home Treatment lor Women," sent free.
p???? 13:11 ??p??p??p:??:a??p
of Alexandria, Virginia
CAPITAL. $100,000 SURPLUS. $125,000
Edward L. Daingerfield, President.
Carroll Pierce, Vice President.
Richard M. Green, Cashier.
Edward L. Daingerfield
J. C. Smoot Jas. W. Roberts
Worth Hulfish Carroll Pierce
M. A. Ahern Urban S. Lambert
The Citizens' National Bank has been directly identified with the
mercantile, manufacturing, and jobbing interests of Alexandria for forty t
years, and. with its large capital, ample surplus, conservative directorate. L
progressive management and convenient location, is equipped to satisfac- p
torily handle new accounts and to accord them that same courteous at?
tention which has been a vital factor in its steadfast and continuous
????????????????????????????????????????e? rm1
O.... ~4 *UA CtnHt in the Garden Sub
Bliy at the otart urD. Lots $200;
$10 cash, $5 per month.
Virginia Highlands
Scientifically planned for refined people of moder?
ate means.
Come Saturday or Sunday afternoon.
See the Morrill style damp-proof cement houses,
poured in steel moulds.
Live at Virginia Highlands and save time and car fare
Inquire of A. S. Doniphan, A. J. Wedderburn and
Harrie White.
Washington Sales Office. 621 13th Street. Northwest.
Clip this ad; it leads the way.
An Overland Did It
Miss Blandii - - It bas just finished a cross country tour from New
York io San Francisco, having driven without masculine aid a model X<>. 88
Ov< rland < ar tin? whole distance ?.ver deserts and mountains, ln-r only compan?
ion being a lady friend, thus demonstrating t.. th, world that the Overland ia
the mosl wonderful combination of mi chanism ami comfort in the whole ooun
try: eimpli si and easiest t.. operate and adjust. Twenty thousand ol the?
M'hl thiN \t ,u
Myers Brothers, 115 N. Pitt Street
Makes The Best Concrete
Hers in Cement, Lime Hair (alciiu-.l 1'lsMer. Wall Plaster. Terrs Cotta Sewer
Pipe and Hue Lining, Pire ?ricksJFire Clay. Ac
2drtanbna (Sezetfe.
Th? Castle of Despond.
One of the finest French renaissance
buildings in Fraacs la the ( satis ot
Despond, famous in the legendarj lore
of the Toulousain country In which It
stands. Over the window of one of
the inner courtyards Is sculptured in
the stone a bend above the motto.
"Plus d'Espoir." These were tbc
words of Uose de Martial, whose BtOTJ
has been sung by the poets of Toe
louse. She was the daughter of tin
house of Martial, to whom ?he castle
belonged, and she was courted DJ ti
lord of Castelnat, whose manor sin
could see from her window. Hut. al
though sh'_> was beautiful and lender
hearted, the lord jilted her, and she
fell Into a melancholy. She sat even
day by the window, whence she could
see the fickle lord of Castel nat's
manor. One morning lie passed by in
the valley below. She sang to him.
but he never looked up. "Plus d'Fs
polr!" she cried and threw herself out
of the witulow on to the flags below.
where she was killed. The manor of
Martial was known thenceforward M
the Castle of Despond. The fine build?
ing was falling to luins when M. Fe
naille bought it, and he had it com?
pletely and skillfully restored before
making a gift of it to the nation.
His First Taste of Discipline.
Admiral Jouett, probably one of the
jolliest seadogs our navy ever knew.
once U-ld au r.musing story of bis
early days as a cadet.
"I was a sociable youngster." lie
says, "and when 1 went to my hi
signaient, the Independence, and saw
the stars and stripes Moating over it ?
remembered my mother had tanghi
me that my first duty was t?; tin? Bag.
so I attempted sorno conversation .mi
this line with the executive officer wbo
had received me when I came on board
and who was one of the strictest disci?
plinarians In the navy of that day
" 'Silence, sir!' he roared at my tirsi
question, his face red with anger. ?Si?
lence, sir! Who gave you permission
to speak? Let me hear only six words
from you, sir, while you are On toll
ship?"port," "starboard," "yes. sir,"
and "no, sir." '
"And this was my first discipline in
the navy."
A Ludicrous Word Twister.
Professor William Archibald Spoonsr
of Oxford university became famous
?SS a ludicrous word twister. Once at
a special service, seeing some women
standing at the back of tue church
waiting to be seated, lie rushed down
the aisle and addressed the OSbSI
follows: "Gentlemen, gentlemen.
these ladles into their sheets." Being
asked at dinner what fruit he would
have, he promptly replied, "Pigs.
fleas." This is the way in which I?r
Spooner proposed to his wife: Being
one afternoon at the home of her fu
ther. Bishop Harvey Qoodwln of Car
lisle, Mrs. Goodwin said, "Mr. B|.a
er, will you please go out into the
garden and ask Miss Qoodwln if she
will come in and make tea';" The pro
fessor on finding the young lady said.
"Miss Goodwin, your mother t..|.l me
to nsk you If you would come in ami
take me."
Method Is the very hinge of busi?
ness, and there is no method without
punctuality. Punctuality Is important
because It subserves the peace and
good temper of a family. Calimi'
mind, which it produces, is another
advantage of punctuality. A dssor
derly man Is always in a hurry. lie
has no time to -speak to you because
he is going elsewhere, and when lie
gets there he is too late for his busi
liess or he must hurry away before be
can finish it.
Siamese Tobacco.
The best tobacco in Siam is grown
at Petchabtin. r\ Is planted in open
fields near the town after the l!oods in
September or October, and the first
crop, or tips, which is considered tbc
best quality, is gathered about Febru?
ary and the last about the beginning
of May. The very beat quality camini
tie purchased, as it is reserved for tbe
special use of the king and sent down
to Bangkok, where it is smoked in the
palace and distributed to the chief of
fleers of state.
Never Learned How to Live.
There are people who go through
life looking for slights, an.l tbey are
necessarily miserable, for they tind
grievances everywhere. One has th??
same pity for such men as for tbe
very poor. They are the morally Illit?
erate. They have had no reni educa?
tion, for they have never learned how
to live.
Still In the Family.
Jack?My grandfather had a very
fine collection of silver, which he be
queathed to my father on the condi?
tion that it should always remain in
the family. Ethel?Then you have it
still? Jack?Well?er?my uncle has It
His Suspicions Aroused.
Reggie?I beat you've broken It all
off with Edna. Archie?I SbocM MJ
so. That pet parrot of hers is all the
time saying, "Kiss me again. Jack."
That isn't my name, you know.?Lip
Parts of Speech.
Teacher?Thomas, what are the parts
of speech?
Tommy Tucker (after au exhaustive
mental effort)?It's the way a man
talks when he stutters.
The Better Scheme
"The man who knows Just what he
wants Is bound to be successful."
"Not half so much as the man wr.?.
knows how t,. get whft he wants.''
Cleveland Leader.
Be sure and take a bottle ..f Cham?
berlain's Colic. Cholera and Diarroehl
I!? oc'lv will) you when starting on your
trip this summer. It cannot 1*? ob?
tained on lioard the trains or steamers.
Changes of water and climate often
cause sudden attacks of diarrhoea, and
it is best to be prepared. Sold by W.
F. Creigbton and Richard Gibson.
HI? Perfect English.
"Did you ever notice anything pe
culiar In Professai IF/i speeckl" in?
quired a friend of tbe professor's.
"Why, no; I don't think I did."
"Well, he would never be guilty of
saying what you said just now."
"ile wouldn't? Wliat did I say V"
"iou said ? don't think 1 did.' "
"Is there anyth'ng out of the way
about that?"
"Yes. You didn't say what you
meant at all. You didn't mean that
you didn't think, but that you thought
you didn't. Professor W. is so careful
that ho says exactly what he meaus
and nothing else. You do not mean
that you do not think when you Bay
that, but that you do think that such
and SWCfa is DOt Nearly everybody
does that, so it sounds queer ?rboa
people speak as th.? professor does and
?ay ? think I don't' Instead of ? don't
Ihlnk I do,' as tbe average Individual
WOOld say. Another of ihe prof.?,
idiosyncrasies Is to say 'I'll not' where
you or I would say ? won't.' All those
HtfJc ways sound queer, but they're ab?
solutely correct and irreproachable.
The professor uses more perfect Eng?
lish thau any one else I know."?New
York Press.
Bribery In English Elections.
Bribery Is a term which every candi?
date for a seat in the Imperial assem?
bly dreads, for the law visits offend?
ers against it With \ery heavy punish?
ment, and more than one politician has
realized that the game is not worth
the candle.
Tbe would be M. P. must be very
careful not to give, lend or promise
money or money's worth to induce
an elector to VOtt f?>r him or abstain
fron voting fot an Opponent Neither
must he pay the day's wages of any
voter or give him money for railway
fates or Iosa of time. If he does and
is elected the candidate loses his seat,
and both he and the recipient of bis
ill advised gift are liable to twelve
months' imprisonment or a flue not ex?
ceeding ?200. Even treating the wives
or relatives of electors may constitute
an offense, and the quantity is imma?
terial if the intention is corrupt.
The withdrawal of custom from a
tradesman, if done with a view to af
fectlng the man's vote, constitutes un?
due influence, for which the punish?
ment is the same as in the case of
bribery.?Pearson's Weekly,
The Australian Stock Whip.
The stock whip in th.? skillful hands
of the Australian is not only an article
of the greatest utility, but also a for?
midable weapon. Owing to Its great
length the ?ash varies from twelve to
thirty fed and Hie shortness of the
butt, which measures only eighteen
in- lies, ?t is an extremely difficult and
awkward thing to wield, and the be
glnner is apt to hurt himself If he does
not exercise car.? when practicing. A
well trained .stockman, however, can
hit a cent every time at ten paces dls
tance and with the dreaded lash In his
hand, cracking like pistol shots, can
keep a ni"h of wild cattle In ?heck. If
osed with full force it win .ut through
skin and flesh like a knife, ssfys th"
Wide World Magazine, but un'
beast shows distinct flee the stockman
uses it more for the purpose of instill?
ing fear than of causing pain. It can
also be used as a bolas, a Patagonlan
fin-in cf the lasso, ami an adept can
catch and hold a beast by causing the
lash to curl around Its legs.
Luck of Peacock Feathers.
The peacock's feathers superstition
is nothing like s.. common as It used
to be. Perhaps Whistler*! celebrated
peacock room helped to break ii down.
At any rate, peacock's feathers are or?
dinary enough articles of dee..ration in
many happy and placid homes. There
are shops in London that keep large
Stocks "f them, and y.iii may buy tbe W
bringen "f misfortune at a shilling a
bundle. Did Ih.? superstiti.ni originate
bei "?se of the reported pride of the
k on the "prid" shall have a
fall" theory, or Is It that the
Of tlie? feather is supposed t" see un?
desirable happenings which somehow
gel published upon the housetops? One
rather feels thai the beautiful tall was
nature's compensation to tbe bird fur
giving It the G???? abominable of all
voices.?London Chronicle.
An Insinuating Missive.
He was a German student, and this
was the letter be addressed to his un?
r Uncle?A very strange tiling hap?
pened yesterday 1 frlcn.1
of mino nt the bank who kn?iws your
handwriting very w.-??. an.) he thought
you wore in, ss ? hsd sot lately pu
any checks signed by you. He bogs to be
remembered to you. as also do 1. and you
mltrht let my friend se-e your signature
again. If you aro very busy, you might
send a blank check, and I will fill It In.
Yours affectionately, KARL.
."Don't you like the book?*
"Xo. I think the heroine Is a most
Impossible creature."
"Is that
"Yes. She doesn't appear to have a
single 'gowu of some simple material
that enhanced rather than hid her
graceful figure!' "?Exchange.
The Worried Manager.
"What's the trouble''" asked the Im?
presario's friend.
"I can't keep my people down to
their own lines of work. The prima
donnas will kick and the ballet won't"
?Washington Star.
The Installments.
Patience?The.. got all her
furniture s? the Installment plan? Pa?
trice?She did. She has had four hus?
bands, and she got a little furniture
with each one.?Yonkcrs Statesman.
nwi t
han no reeling of fear has reached the
seme >r Impndpncp.-MpnaiiJpr.
Just Received
"Flat Opening"
50c Per Doz.
S.F.Dyson & Bro.
508 King Street.
J. & H. Aitcheson
Agents Gray Gasoline Motors
Engineer and Machinists' Supplies.
Pipe. Pipe Fittings, Valves, t?c.
Blacksmithing ?> Repairing
Promptly Executed.
Alexandria Iron Works
We make a specialty in repair.? to
Gasoline Engines. Motorcycles and
Wc solicit your orders on all kinds of
Iron Work.
Bell Phone 53.
514 Evans Building. Phone Main 7324.
i'-y Bamuel ??, 1.1 m. Auctioneer.
tcr.'.l in tb.? chanccn can-. ofJoslah
Rills vs. O conce J. Uli- >-i sia. on the
I?,lh day of July. 1010, and pen.ling in the
Corporation (Our! of the city of Alexan?
dria, Virginia, tbe undersigned commis?
sioner, appointed by -aid decree, will
oiler for sale in (Vont of the Royal street
entrance t.. the Market Building. In the
elty of A lexandria, \ Irginia, on
M ?.I 8T, IMO,
at twelve o'clock M . th.- G.,??.,uin- ,1,?
scribed real estato situato In the city ol
Alexandria. Virginia:
Ihat certain brick tenement and lot of
ground in the city of Alexandria. Va..
situate on tbc casi -id.? of Washington
-Heel, between Dukeaiid Wolfe streets,
?nd bounded on the north l.y an alley.
ami.mi tb?.lib by th.- properly for
merly owned bj Thomas Swan ?, de?
ceased, running essi 100 feet, il Inches,
more or less I..-ing tbe -am.? property
which wa- conveyed bj Phlneas Jan
ney's executors to 1), R. Blacklock by
deed dat.il .liih Hi, 1833, rc.-.irde,I in liber
?'. ?... :;. folio as, land records of Ales
sndria county. Virginia, and al-., the
-am.- property .nvi ..I In n. R, Black
lock i.. Jas il. en,?, by deed (laud the
-Hi .lay ot' November, I8B7, Ian,I record*
of A lexandria eoimly . \ irginia. in deed
I.k Y NO. ::. page la?, and liequcathcd
l.\ the -ame Ja-. Il r, rubi, ?, ||,.? said
I.t?a M. Marbury by w ill dated tb.? "th
?lay df November, l-, ' and probated
Sept.?.?ber 13, 1*7"..
? errai of -al.?: One-third cash and the
balance in -ix and twelve months and
the retention of the title until deferred
pay in.iil- are paid, the purchaser gi\ ing
hi- notes tor ib.? deferred pay ments with
I ? te resi at -ix per cent until paid.
< 'omini.-ioiier of Rale.
I. Novell B. l.i'e.nauay . ? ?- ?? of the
Corporation Court of the elty of ?.? ? an
?Iria. Virginia, do certify that Samuel ?,.
Brent.... iimissioncr, lias given the bond
required In the deer.?.? entered m this
cause on the bah day of July. 1910, with
appro\..I securilv.
??.\ l.l.l. ^. OREEN VWAY. clerk.
iyJI Id_ _
J'MI s I'. ROBIXKOX, I ?I ... S. ?'???.??.
President Secretary.
ria Fertilizer and
m am ? \? 11 ein
Fertilizers, Fertilizer Materials and
Sulphuric Acid.
Ask yOUT dealer for the Alexandria
Fertili/ rand Chemical ??.? Products.
Capacity: 50.000 tons per annum.
Prim-ess street ami Potomac River
Wharf. Alexandria, Virginia.
? inter Hastes PeMer,Measen I9IO-18H
It i- suggested that any ..four ?
ubo desire to entertain boarders for the
ensuing winter months fuini-h Mr I.. 8
lb-own. (.cneiil Agent. Southern Kail
ua\. 706 Fifteenth street northwest.
Washington, I?. ('., Im.diate Informa?
tion ss to name of resort, postofflce a.?
dr.?--. :il or near w hat -tali..11. wh. I
lance from station, conveyance from
station to .hou-. . number of guests,
terms per da\ . n eck and month.
\\ e all wool.1 be plea-.?.I to see the
count ry f?ll of boarders next winter and
would be glad if Ibi- noti.?.? will indue,?
Increased number of persons who will
accommodate them for tb?? coining win
ter monili-.
This information should reach Mr.
Ilrownmit later than AtlgUSl I. a- thl
folder go? - lo pr.-- on A ugii-1 ::. and any
requests received later than the 1st will
not be able to I..? Inserted.
Mutual Ice Company
Wholesale and Retail
Dealers in Ice.
Ca.-'.cid Lots and Country Orders a
Mico Water
Exceptionally pure, deiiciously palata?
ble.clear as crystal.
Cameron sod Unto* iticela, Alesandria.
Bell Telephone No. 51.
1*13 tf
Colonial Beach, Va?
- Woodlawn -
Second Street from Boat Landing.
Mrs. S. Tasker, Prop,
Leadbeater's guaranteed ? 'lierrv (.'migli
Remedy to cure cough-. We don't say
or your money back, because there's
no need. It cures: 25c bottle. ,
Southern Railway.
Trains leave Union Station. Alexandria.
In effect June IS, IMO,
?. ?.- Following schedule figures pub?
lished only SI information, and ar?
gua nintecd.
7:17 A. M. Daily local between Wash?
ington and Danville.
-:I7 A. M. Daily Local for Harrison
burg and wsj stations
9:17 \. M. Daily I >. I'a-t Mail.
si op-, m I \ for passengers for points south
at Which "scheduled to Stop. Tirsi class
coaches; sleeping cars to Birmingham
and draw ing room sleeping cars to New
< Ml.ans. Dining ear service.
11:17 a.m. Daii\ Mall train. Coaches
lor Manassas.Charlottesn Ille.Lynehbuig,
Banville and Oreensboro. sleeping ean
?rei ii-boro to Atlanta.
1:17 P. M. Week day s Local for War
renton and Harrisonburg.
l::rj P. M. Daily Birmingham spec
lai. Sic-ping ears'between New York.
Augusta, Alken and Jacksonville.
Sleeper to Birmingham, Through first
class coaches between Washington and
Jacksonville. Dining car service. Tour
- california four times weekly.
3*2 P. M. Week days Local for llar
rison burg and way stations on Manassss
branch. Pullman buffet parlor ear.
5:12 P. M Daily Local for Warren
ton and CharlottesvlUe,
1027 P. M. Daily Washington and
Chattanooga Limited ? via Lynchburg).
Dirsi eia-- coach and sleeping ears to
nke. Knoxville and Chattanooga.
Sleeper to New Orleans, Washington t<>
Uoanoke. Dining car service.
11*12 IV M. Daily New York. Atlanta
and New Orleans Limited. All Pullman
train, club and observation ears to New
Orleans. Sleeping ears lo Ashevllle,
Atlanta. Macon and ?? w Orleans. Sleep?
ing .-ars to ( harlottc Dining ear service.
?27 A. M. Daily Memphis special.
Sleeping ears and coaches for Uoanoke.
Knoxville. Nashville Chattanooga ani
Memphis. Dining <?:?? servi????. Wash?
ington -I...ping ears open M)j00 ?, M.
Through trains from the south a.irive
a! Alexandria 6:13and628and W23a. in.
2:13,728.10:13and 11 ?58 P. M. daily. Har?
risonburg 1138 A. M. week .lavs and 9:13
P. SI. dally. From CharlottesvlUe 928
A. M.
Leave Alexandria W. A 0. Station]
week .lav- at 822 A. M..I:lo. 128.and
5:15 P. M. for Bluemont; 636 P. M. week
day s for Leesbiirg?. .'cl'i ?'. M daily fo
Bluemonl and 0:02 and 922 A. M., local,
and 002 A. M. (Ltd. on Sundays only for
Por detailed schedule figures, tickets.
Pullman reservation, etc.. apply to
WILLIAM o. i.iTikw.
Ini.mi Ticket Agent. Alexandria. Va.
L. II. (T'APMAN. General Manager.
s. ll. HARDWICK, l'a --. Traf Mgr.
II. P. CARY, Cenerai l'a-seliger Agent
i.. s. BROWN. Cenerai Agent.
Washington, D. c
Washington, Alexandria &
Mt. Vernon Railway.
In effect May I. IMO,
II. \\ i: MIX VMHilA.
Por Washington, from corner Prime
ami Poyal streets, week day?, ai ".lo,
co:.. ? 20, ?; :?o. ?; lo. ?;.v.. 7 05, 7 ?'.'.. 7 30, 7 w.
7 ??, s ..?. - r,, s j.,. s :??,. s 50, :. m. :. -;u. 950,
10 I". 10 30. 1050; II lu. II 25, 11 30, II 50 a.
m.. L 10. I.: 25, 1230, 1250, I 1". 1 25, 1 30
I .vi. J 10. 2 J.".. J 30, 2 50, :i 05, :! !?'<. :; 35, :: 50,
l 10. ? 25, 1 30, I lu. I 55, ". io. 5 25, ."> :'-">. 5 50,
c o:,..; 20, D 30, c 15, 7 00. 7 15, 7 i">. s 110. 830,
900, 930 1000, 1030, II 10 and 11 .V. p. m
Sundays 700,735, s io. 820, -lo. 900.
?), 1000, h?-?. lo M. 11 no. 11 20 and
11 loa. m., 1200 m.. 1220, L l<>. 1 uo. 1 20,
1 ?, 200, 2 20, 2 lu. 300, 3 20, :: I". I 00, I 20,
I l". .'.uo. '. 20, ?'. M. 600, ?'. 20, ? I". 7 ou. 7 20,
7 to. sin, 830, 900, 930, 1000, 1030and
II lop. m.
Leave Alexandria for Mount Vernon
wck days,al 545, 656, 756. 851, 1025,
II 25a. m.. 12 23, 1 J.".. 'J 25, 3 30, I M. 535,
?; 30,7 '.'.? - 50, 9 50, i" 50and 11 50 p. m.
sun.lav- 7 00. 830, 930, 1090, II :*> a.
in.. 12 30, 1 30,280,330, I 30,630,630, 7 30,
s 16and 10 16 p. m.
Washington Southern Ry.
Schedule in effect May 15, 1910
Trains leave Union Station for Wash?
ington and points north at 743, 808.
?23 and 8 32 a. m., 1201,230,807,818 and
11 :?\ p. 111.. daily .
l'or I'redeiieksbiirg. Richmond and
points south at 4 37.7 53'(localj and 1022
a. 111.. 1J 16, 122, .".17 (local 1 7 12 and 9 57
p. 111.
Accommodation for Frederlcksburg at
II 23 a. 111.. daily. < in week days this
train run- through to Milford.
Noli:: Time of a 1 rivals and departures
ami connections noi guaranteed.
W. P. TAYLOR, Trafilo Manager.
Richmond, Va.
:i:inl Annual Temperance "Hush"
Meeting, Pureellrflle, Va., August
-?-10. imo.
Southern Railway announces account
the above occasion very low round trip
fares from Washington. Alexandria.
Bluemont and Intermediate points: dates
of sale August 1st to 10th inclusive, linai
return limit August II. 1910
S|.lai train will be operated from
Washington and Alexandria to Put-cell
ville and return August3(Wednesday .
leaving Washington 7:40a. in. and Alex?
andria (W. A O. station) 7:45 a m., stop
ping al all points; returning lease Pur
cellville .v.m p. m. same day. Sufficient
e.xtni equipment will be attached to
regular traini during course oftbe meet?
ing l" properly take .are of travel going
and returning.
special train will also be operated
Leesburg to Purcellvllle Sunday. Au?
gust 7th. leaving Leesburg 1030 a. in..
returning leave Purcellvilb? 7*35 p. in.
-am.- day.
On Tuesday and Wednesday, August
' and 10, train 119, reaching 1.sburg
-I . p. m. u ill be continued through to
Purcellvllle; returning leave 1'11 ree I l\il le
1025 p. m., each night for Leesbiirg.
? ..? further Information call on nearest
Southern Railway ticket agent or writ.?
L. S. Brown, Cenemi Agent, 70S Fif?
teenth street northwest. Washington.
D. C.
Virginia Horse show: IUIO.
Southern Kaiiway begs t? announce
that low round trip fares have been au?
thorized on account of the following
I [orse Shows:
Manassas Horse Show. ManassSS, Va..
July 27-28.
o rang?? Hone Show. Orange. Va., A11
rusl ::-l.
Ubemarle Horse show. Chati
ville, V"a., August 9-10
l'ioni Royal Horse Show, Front Royal,
\ a.. August 1*17.
Warrenton Hors.? show. Warrenton,
\ a.. August 31-September 1.
Por further information concerning
rates authorized, territory from which
applying, dates of sale, fina] limit, ete?
call Upon nearest Southern Railway
Williams "Empress"
Bath Soap
Best for the Bath.
Special, 6 cakes for 25c
Taylor's Pharmacy
616 King Street.
A good WHiTK MAN for the ?table
t Kavensworth, Wii:* to Mrs. LKKI
I urke, Virginia. marll tt
Wl ? DOW
Window Shades made to order. Any size,
quality or color. A full line of Window Shades
in stock. Nothing but first class goods. We
do not handle seconds. Shades in stock, 10c,
25c, 50c, 75c and $1.00.
Carpets made, laid and lined free of charge.
We carry nothing but Wild's Linoleums,
which means the best Linoleum, 2 yards wide,
The best Inlaid 2 yards wide, $2.50 a yard.
518-520 King Street, Alexandria, Va.
Any Gentleman
who is fond of a good smoke will |.re?
fer a cigar, the reputation of which has
ben tested for years. This is ihe case
with our
Choice and
Plantation Cigars
A nice, clean smoke, made of the beat
l..bacco to be bad mi the market, and
made by skilled and experienced work?
tedxuont Cigarette.?* at $3.95 per thousand cash.
Hamilton and Co., 323 King St.
New Shows New Rides
Come Out and Dance
Music by Band of Fifteen Pieces
Free Gate Special Inducements to Picnics
Virginia SafeDeposit&TrustCorporatJon
Authorircd Capital. $1.000.000. Paid in Capital. ?300.000.
C. J. Rixey.John P. Robinson. Thomas J. Fannon. C. C. Leadbeater. Henry K.
Field. Henry Baader. George S. French. J. K. M. Norton.
We act as Executor. Administrator and Trustee. Issue Fidelity, Contract,
Official and Judicial Bonds. Cenerai Banking and Trust Business Transacted
Interest paid on Savings Accounts. We solicit the accounts of Banks, Corpora?
tions. Firms and Individuals, and promise liberal treatment consistent with
sound hanking methods.
John Ahern & Co.,
Corner Prince and Commerce streets.
and dealers in
Country produce received daily, our
stock ..f ?Main and Fancy Groceries em
| braces everything to be had in this [ine.
We h?.l?l largely In United States bond
i ed warehouse and carry in stock various
! brands of the best
ma?!.?. Have also In store superior grades
of Foreign and A merlcan
Satisfaction Guaranteed as to Prie.? and
W. A. Johnson &Co.,
N". ? Corner Cameron and Royal Streets.
General Commission Merchants
ami dealers In
Have on band Gibson's XX, XXX,
XX NX and Pur.? old Rye, Old Cabinet
and Monogram Whiskies; also Baker's
and Thompson's Pun? Rye Whiskies, to
which they Invite the attention of tb??
Orders from the country for merchan?
dise shall receive prompt attention.
Consignments of Flour, Grain and
Country Produce solicited, for which
they guarantee the highest market prices
ami prompt return -
Manufacturer of
otTtca awn btoub: I1M17 a. bjotalst,
Dealer in Hardware. Paints. Agricul?
tural Implements. Vehicles.Harnesi.
Field and Garden Seeds.
W.MII llol s|>. ,.,| ?|| im..? BTIISBST, ON
lisi; Of soi-1 m.u\ ? ui.way.
Also Grain, Hay, Straw
and all kinds of Mili Feed
Will ahvay - keep in stock the highest
grade of these arti.?!.?-.
Annual Reunion CoBsMsratS Veteran?,
l-i-licr". Hill. Va., ?-atuntay, Aiij?u-t li.
Southern Railway aniioiiiii-es neatly
reduced round trip fares August ?th and
??tb from all stations Washington to Bar
rlsonburg, inclusive: (?nal return limit
August '. 1910 Special train s.-rviee
from llarrisonburg.Edin burg and Front
Royal and return.
I-'or full particulars see fivers distrib?
uted or writ?? I.. 8. Brown, General
Fifteenth street northwest]
Washington, 1>. C. ,
Henry ?. Field & Co.,
Successors to
J08IAB 11. D. s\loof.
Lumber, Cement and Plaster.
? Uli.?,-and Yard II . N. I'nion street.
Factory No. Ill N. Lee itti
Material Delivered FREE In the elty.
An electric fan will cool your
office, store, shop or any room in
your house.
Electric lights give off less heat
than any other method of illumi?
nation and do not consume the
oxygen in the air.
An electric iron does not require
a hot fire in the room nor the
necessity of walking back and
forth between the board and the
Call on us for facts and figures.
Alexandria Electric Co,
524 King St.
Varii*tv ,"'i"~ ""' ?Ptoeof life we
? aiivij are not going to confine
ourselves t?? the "cui ami dried" modes
of business talk. If we were in the Ash
business we would aim to give il an odor
of (lowers. We would eliminate sii .'.at
wa- disagreeable and feature it in the
best possible way .
We invite yo'u to l?.ok up our space
her.? at least s Bsw time-a reek. Wo
bave-ome joke- that an? healthy and
? Idles.,me. -olile IboU^lllS that We have
picked up from Others that are li.-a\y
with strength and force, an?! ones la ??.
while we unoorfc bottle, of our own sein?
Ulani wit and wisdom. So look hen;
often an.i cime ottener to
Cameron Dairy Lunch
m King Street, Opea ah Night?
Mrs. Winslow's Sooth i ?? Syrup is tho
preseription of one of th.- best female
physicians and nurses '" tbe I idled
States, and has been use. 1 for (ifly years
with never-failing sueeSSS by millions Ol
mothers for their children. It relieves
the child from pain, cures diarrhoea,
griping in the bowels, and wind colic. -
ly giving health to the child it rests tb?
notber. Twenty-ove cents a bottle.

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