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JKIfxfciiitta (Sazettr.
Sun and Tidc Table.
Sun rises tomorrow at ">:.IT an.l s.-i
Btgbvrater at 11:37 a ra. aud 11:57 p. iu.
Weather Probabilitiea.
For this seetton Balr tonight Wednee
daj unaettled, probabljp followed bj
ahowern: not mueh ehange in tempera
tnre. II hl vai ?i.i. m in is, becomlng
soiilberly .
A called inetl.i.. of tbe lower Ih.aid
Of Coum.il was Ii. I I last Dighl to eon
sid.r tbe malle of making ecr
taiu repitis t<. th.-. itj jail. There w<
ten rnembera prcaeni when council
caine to order al v nVluck,
The pie-l.lel.l -i.lled tbe objCCt < -f
tbe meeting and said thal under ihe law
lie bad iiwucd lh<- ?lll al the re.piesl of
the joini conimitteeon financeand pnb
lic property.
The elerk then read the reaolution
| b) tbe i..int commiibe appro
priating 110.000 for this work.
Mi Marahall made a atalemenl in
wbi. h be reviewed the eff.-rls of his
r,,111101. P. have liiis work done.
He boped thal tbe work would be done
al once aa the priee ol ateel was ad
ranoingand if delayed the coal might
be greater.
Th.- chair agreed with Mr. Marahall
that thia wurk waa very neceaaary and
that the expenditure of 110,000 would
give the eity a mfe and nmdern jail.
However, under tbe law no appropria
tioll of $1.IHH> or III.>ie eould b.- ]ia--ed
at tbe meeting al whieh it is firet intro
duced. He read tbe law under whieh
Lc baaed bis deebuon.
lt was de, ided to let tbe niattei lie
over iiuiil tbe nexl meeting and council
then adjouroed i" ineet Tbureday
night. _
Mr. Marafa ill aaid Uial the plana
pra.iicallv adopted l.y tbe commitlee
provide for ateel eelb wilhin tbe prea
, ni jail walb?, with arraiigementa for
the aearregation ol tbe racea and the
aexea, a- wrellaa aeparale eompartinenui
lot jiiveiiil.-. nil.. n ul.-i- ).ii-..i..i-.
and thoae Buffering from contagtoua
dis. a-e,. Tlie c.ll> will be in tWO tiers,
with i oapecity of 90 priaouera, and
will i.e conatructed <>f too), aaw, and
drill proof steel. The doora to the coi
ridora will be mobp.f. and the lateal
arraiiireineiit for lorkingand unlocking
the celta, nunreillance, rentilation,
neatiug and other oooveniencea will be
lllstalled. ^_
A J OUng colur.d mau. ill charpe of
u borje and buggy, appeared in tbe
north. a-i.iii Bection of th.- city yeator
day, and los Buapicioua action caused
the police lokeeptbeireyeaon him. lbe
dark.v exlnl.iled a wound from a pistol
ball bul faded to tell the the circun.
atancea in ponnection with bia injury
He had a j11u' ?.f uhi-ky in the bugg)
and tokldifferenl laleaconoeroing bim
self to eveiy one with whom he eoir
rersed He ? ? Bnallytaken in cbarge
aa a Buapicioun charactei by Officera
(iarv.y. Sini|.-oii and Talhott. It was
found' thal the borse and buggy be
tonged t" i reterinary aurgeon who had
entruxted them io ihe darkey. He
wa- broughl before the Police Courl
this i.ning when he gavehia name aa
Will Suiilh and said he came from M;r
II.' was diamhwed
The race riota cauaed by the Jeffi ies
Johnaon priae fighl were suggeated yea
terday by a petition foi wril of habeaa
corpita flled by two memhera of Troop
C, United Btatea cavalry, atationed at
ffort Mver, following the ahooting ol b
im.ir,o natiK il Oraj un Julj 18, Thomaj
j. Molyneauxand Clifford 1 PeMheim
are the |?'til loiieis. They ask thal the
Will Ik- dlieeled lo Wardeli TbOB. II
licKee, ol ihe Diatricl of Columbia
jail, where they aie vet eonlined.
Tbov allege tbat the ahootiog ofUray
was the resnlt of an attack made by
bim and other negroenoutheni becauae
Of disagreeioeiils ,.\er theflgllt Moly
neaux, il b related, was knockeddown
and be thell liied his lelolvel ...lee.
Tbe bullei Btruck Qray, il b alleged,
and the ii.'.'in was ii-nn-ved to a hoepi
lal and they tO jail. The uegTO, they
rolaic has been declared t.. be out of
dangar of deatb, bul they are stiii held
inpiison. They atate that noehargea
are pending anainst them and tbat 110
cbarge can p-.-sii.lv be maintained
against Petitioner Peklbeim, becauae
bc bad nothillg to de) with tbe sbooting
of tiray.
Theparting aenrioa forthoae who are
going to the miaaion BeW waahald in
the Epiaeopal Churcb miaaion house in
N.w Vork today, when an addreaa was
delivered l.y rhabop A. B. Uoyd, ol
this city, Tboae going to the uoiaeion
ary tield from the Eptoopal TheoJogi
CaJ Seniinaiv near this cily are Hev
arenda B k. <i.Iwinjr., T. K. Nebon
and II B. O-hurn. Tbej l<ft New
York ahortly afur the aervice for Yan
oourer whence they wiB aail neat week
for China. |_
Thc ram Katahdin. iu tow of a tug
hoatf poeorrl down tbe river thia morn*
Th.- steamer Dennk Bimmona from
William-t..n. N. C, with lumbei to
Henry K Field A Company has ar
lulu T. Bentley yeaterday ia the
Rupreme Courl ol the WatrictofO
luml.ei instituted proceedinga for an
abeolute Jivoroe from Jobn D. Dentley.
The Bentleya were marned in Alexau
dna. .Inlv 14, 1908. and slie says he
Thc Vinegar lli" bateball team haa
iworganiaed under the nan.e of the
BlueSUr. Yeaterday theyptayedtwo
ntaw, winuing in both, the flrat with
theTunnel Towna, by tlu- aooreo. 10
to B and the ..th. r with the Oorpoa
tion'b __ '?4
Hi?..- leaa than half price?900 pain
Misses' Shoes that ooal to manul
*1 BOaodll 75 indajojdfd fJtOOand
?... -?i willbi ? i.-nticed at 98c per pair.
jobnA. Marshall A liro., 422 King
Mr John s. Greene, aa old and weU
knownciuxen, died al tbe Alexandria
Hoapital yesterdav afternoon, after a
long ill.icss. Mr. tireene was lK,rn
in Alexandria o.er 70 years ag,,
Ho was a son of tho late Kdward
Greene, president ofthe tfanaaaaaGap
RaUroad Company, noa a pwl <>f Ihe
Southern Bailway Byatem. 'ihe d.
eeased was for many yeara employed
in the S.ulb.iii Railway Company ?
office. He waa Bobaeqoeiitlj employed
by W. A. Smoot A- Co., aud later aa
bookkeeper for the F. .1. Ifiller Com
pany, dealera in queenaware. W bile
connected with tbe latter company Mr.
Greene fell dowa an efevafaif Bhafl and
reeeived injuriea from whieh bc never
fully reeovored. He is sin.ived by a
son?Kdward Greene, rnd four Btatera
kfiasea Jane B., Ballie B., Uraula 0.,
aud Elixa Greene, of Alexandria, and
a brotber Maj. W. s. Greene, of Co
luiubus, (ia. Mr. Qraene was ? Con?
federate vcteraii. having been a nieiii
berof B, K. !-??,? Camp. The ftfneral
will take plaoa tomo rrow morningfrom
St. Mary's Church, the scr.iees being
cooducted by Bev. flntber Kelley. The
pallbearera will be: Paal Oommandara
W. A. Smoot, 1'. F. (iormaii and (i.
W. Ramaay, Adjutaul ('has. s. Taylor
and Messrs. M. Ahern and S. L. MOO
roe. Th.' incmbcrsof B. K. Lee Camp,
who will attend thefuneral in uniform.
will in.et ai 817 north Waabington
sire.-i tomorrow morning at 8:80
A well-atte'ided meeting of ihe Ro
tail Mcrchants' Associatioii of thi
city was held last night at whieh COU
si.lerabl,'business of inlen st to tbe or
gani/.ation was transaetcd.
A coiiiiimnieatioii was reeeived from
tbe Piremen'a Aaaociation of thia eity
asking co-operation m the preparationa
now in progreaa for the entertainmenl
,,f the Firemen'a Clonvention whieh
meeta ia Alexandria this month.
A rcsoluiioii was adopted urguii' all
atorekeepera in this eity to cfoae tbeir
r wpective plaoea <>f buaineaa on the
afternoon of tbe 28th instant. tbe day
On whieh the parade will take plaee. m
order that tbeir euiployees may ha\e
an opportunity t.. paiii-ipatc in the
Tbe aaaociation als.. reaolved to vie
with the liioinoii in pronaraUona now
iu progreaa.
Oertiflcatee of atock were last nighl
delivered to membera ol tbe organiza
[Juatice H. B. Oaton preaiding.]
The following caaea were diapoaed of
thia morning:
Claude Jackaon aud Frank William
?on, charged with treapaaaing upon the
property ol Agnua King, were fined
15 each.
Will BmitH, arr.-ted as a BUapiCIOtM
character, was diamiaai d.
Agnea Holmea, colored, charged
witfa aaaaulting Jobn vVaahington, col
ored, waa diamiaaed, tlie complainant
failing to appear.
Barbara Watera, charged with dur
orderl) oonducl waa diamisaed.
W C. T. U.
\, rterday the Lortoo Camp Meeting
was iu charge of the Alexandria W C,
i'. r. and i \> iv pleaaanl and proflt
ahlc day was apent kddreaaea were
made i.v Bev. Dr. Holmea, ol thia ity,
Bev. C. Bydenatryker, of Occoquan,
and Bev. Ilvdiale. of Lorton. Dr
Holmea'a lecture waa declared the l>< -t
ever delivered on the aubjec-l in th t
locality. Boloa and readinga were
nuich" eiijoyed. Mrs. Mailhews, of
thia city, preaented tbe working <>r the
W. C. T. U. and aaked for membei .
after whi. h a v.-ry promiaing union
waa organued witfa Miaa Eva Duvall
preaidenl and Mra Efaue Harrover coi
reaponding aecretarj.
Bome excitemoul waa caueed in the
neigbborhood ol Pranklin and Oolum
bua street- this morning l.y a dog aup
poaedto beauffering from bydrophofaia.
,1 shots werelired al the animal.
iome of which took ci'fcct, bul the dog
i.ui ui ihe directioli of lliiiitin" creek
and made ils escape.
The funeral of the late Mrs. Marv I,.
Waddey t,?,k place this afternoon.
Tlie-ervice- were coiiducted by Bev.
\Y. K. vVateon and the intermenf waa
made III lliloll . emelelV.
Ihe remaina >>f Jobn K. Bailey, who
died at the Alexandria Hospital Mon
dav night, were today forwarded l.y
\\. Demaine A Bon to Buabrood
wharf. St. Mary'a eounty. Md.
Tlu- (;<>re Caargea,
McAlc-ter. Okht., Aug. 10. Tlie
congreaaional coromittee inveatigating
tho bribery chargea broughl by
Benator Qore, has thown its wrlliug
nes- to get out and trauip throogfa the
duet, if such action i- neces.-arv. t>.
lekrn all that is to l>c learned regarding
the Indian land af fairs of Oklahoina.
Jacob L Ilamon, whom Benator
Qore accuaea of offering him a 150,000
bribe in connectionwitb thc McMurray
in thc Indian land oontracta on the
?tand before the congreaaional inreati
gating committee, tflay teatmed that
Congreatman Creager, of Oklahoma
made what he eoii-ideied a dii..
queatof J, K. McMurray for $1,000
Creager had teatifkd thal Ilamon
"improperl] approacbed" bim.
Hamon requetted thal Creager be
called and aiked aa t<> wbether he did
ool aolicit Uirge loana from McMurray
He aava two witneesee will leetifythal
, r took such a.tion.
Hamon teetined thal be waa in
Creager'i office tn Washington onJune
2 when luncheon waa auggeeted. M
Mmray appearod when luncheon was
over. Oreager suggested to McMurray
tbat be oeeded 81,000 badly in his
campaign. Alusrwarde, Hamon said.
be (Hamon) aaked McMurray why be
did not let Oreager have the 11,000,
aaying: "You bave lota of money.
Entered into reat Tueaday afternoon.
lugust? JOHX S. GREENE, aon ofthe
hucEdward andAnn Qreene, I'uneral
froniM. M.-irv aCburebtomorrow rhura
,l,\ morning al 9 o'eloek. Prienua <>i
the family Invited._
100 pair ladies fine shoe worth $8.60l
and 8400. They are our best makes.
but a little ott as to atyfe
J, A. Marahall & Bro., ittlLmf Wta.
Mr. Steiihcii Taylor, aceonipanied by
hi- wife, lefl today for Colonial Iiee.h,
where be will stay during tlie next ten
daya. Mr. Tayfor'a poaHion aaadrirer
of tbe Columbia boaewagon willbelill
,d by Mr. Harvey laiiisfordduririgMr.
Taylor'a abaeooe
Slr K. K. 0' Hrieti, formerly of this
city l.'nt nowof SeiK.i, Mich.. who has
been riaiting bia parentehere, w.II leave
l4>morrow for his home. He willbe
acco.ni.auied b) his fath.-i. Mr. K. ?.
O'Brien, who for the Brettlme ln many
will lake a monlh ofl toenjoj B
u, II , .rned vacaiion. His many
fneiid- wi-l. him a pleaaanl trip
Mrs. K. H. O'Brien aud Mr. Blfaotl
O'Brien will leave tomorroa to apend
a few weeks at DollOB, l.oudoun
eounty. -
Mr. Milford Self is very siek a
at his home witfa typhoid fevei.
Mrs Jofaa Harlow and daugfatera,
Mrs M. P. (ireene. Mk* M. V. Har
lowand Miss Maie Hoy Ufl today for ?
tw.. weeka atay al Atlantic Citv.
Mr K. Gortnan Bidgely and Miss
Frank Carlin. of this city, were mar
ried in Waahington this afternoon by
Bev. ?!. Reece Bhanaon, of Trunty M.
B. Chorch. . ,
Iir. .1. H. Btteer lefl thia evening for
a -hoil visit to Northtield, Mass.
Fftagerald Oouncfi, Knighui of
Columbua, will meet tonlght
There were showers of rain at in
tervafai up to noon today bul m the
afternoon fair weatber prevailed.
Tbe pohce bave been reqooated to
k.ep a lookout for A. W. Murray, who
is miaaing from bia home mCambridge,
At the meeting ofthe lahfax Apart
iii.-ni ii..use Company beM on M.lay
nifffal Mr- T. C. Sniith. and not Mr. ('
C. I.cadl.eal.l. Waa elected vice presi
d,nt. Mr. Leadbeater was elected
.-...retary and tnasuier.
Edward Truat, colored, eighteeo
yeara old, employed at the Boutbern
Railway roundbouee, had his fool
hadly maahed while at work last night.
He waa conveyed to the Alexandria
Hospital, where his Injuriea were
s.ie.i Sofi stieil Cmba on toaat a id
[levlled I'imI.s at S|.inks'? Cafe, 1'rilice
and Ku.val Mreels.
\i a ealled meeting of tbe Oommoa
Council of the eity of Alexandria. \a.,
hold Vuguat8, 1010, there were preaent:
llnbeii ML.u.l. n Esq., Preaident, and
M.ssrs llrill. baad. r. Itirrell, 1 lellinilth.
ilurriaon, ( hler, Marahall and Spinka
The Preaident atated thal tbe object ol
the .iting waa to eonsider a report
iv..ni the joini Commlttee <>n Publie
Property and I'niaiiee.
The I'iii'i Commlttee on Publie rrop
ertj un1 I oialiee reported. rceommelld
|ng ii, ,i ii,11.i..\ eraenta be made to tlie
c-lt. jail aceording to plans and specil
,:,ii..n- prepared by tbe Clty Engineer,
an.l Ibal len tboii-alid dollars (810,088] be
mproprinU-d for the Improvementa.
ThoChair ruled tlial the approprlation
eould not be made on the night of its In
iroduetion, and upou motlontbe report
waa I lid on llle lable.
\ ,-. -,,luli,.ii bv Mr. HriH tbat wlien
council adiourus tonigbl II be to meel
on Thuradaj night, Auguat 11,atelgbt
o'eloek, t.. .-..nsider the reporl or the
joinl Committeeon Publie Propertj and
i-'inaii.-e for Improvementa to the eity
|ail, was paaaed.
The board then adjourned.
ui p.i.i; i HNOWDEN, Preaident
Tkhti Immii. I.Si anshi iiY.CIerk C.C
New York Sturk Market.
New York, Aug. 10.?Tbe atock
mark.-t contiuued aelive an.l strong in
tbe earlj dealtnga today, many hanea
making aubatantial gaims over the ad
vancea yeaterday.
There was ? reactionary tendency
after the flral few minutes and at the
tiisi hour priceeof the leading jaaoea
,ilv sbowed declinea of a point or
more from the higheaf of the morning.
After icecssions noted in tbe early
for.no..n the market devdoped B
hanlei tone and after inidday some re.
eoVelles Were liolcd fll the lin|.ortant
I'loods iu Japan.
Tokio, Aug. in.?The tloods. now
sweeping over the eountry, following
th, heavieat rainfall in many >?
Ihrealeii to bceonie one of the greatest
diaaatera Japan has known, In Ccn
tral Hondo province the rain fell is
increaaing, aud enougb damage has
already been wrought, At Bhidxueaka
near Yokoharoa, forty peraona bave
been dmwned and more tban 200
boueea have I.n deatroyed. All over
Japan the rice cropa have beeo de
vaated, and aa a reeult, the priee "f
rice on the exchaoge here |n rnung by
leapa and bounda.
The govermenl bbecoming ahwmad,
and laking nieasiires to afford i|iiiek
relief. If the rice ctop is deetroyed
ihe empirewill faceanotherlong period
..I hard timea
TheTokaido Railway, the Oentral
bighway of the empire, liap anelainad
tbe great damage of all the railways.
Th. tiacks are overywhore inundat<d,
and tunneb :in-l bridgea bave collepaed
by the Bcore. The tolrgraph linea to
many pointa a*e proatrated, and it b
impoaribfe to aawertaJn dctails of the
PtetaOaee BaJB iivnamiun.
Cambridge. O., Aug. 10.?Yeggmen
dynamited tbe aafe in tbe poatoBee at
Byeaville, aeven milea south of here,
today, and se.ured 1800 in eash
-1,200 in siamps. The eraeksnien
atole an aut.obilc from the garage of
Arihur Hoopman, but abatidoned the
maehine near here and stole a lu.rs.
and risj I'.loodlioiinds are OO the trial.
ITaapnea laltu'a Fiight.
Berlin, Aug 10.?Diapatchea today
from Adi- Abeba say that Empress
Taiiu. ,.f Abyaaiuia, recentryatternpted
Highl from ihe capital, disguised in
male attire. she waa captured on the
,.ui kui- ofthe capital. and forcibly re
Inrned totfae paJaoa.
It wa-Taiti. - mtetition to seek refuge
with her brotber, BaaOfaa, whoiagov
ernor and pnctfcaUy tbe. independent
liilcr of the Southern province- of
Al.\ -i-iiua.
sin ia auapocted of deekjon on the life
of Lidj Jeaaau, the boy Bnaperor, who
baa reoently aacended the throne in
,.!,,,-. ol tbe <1- crepil Monejik, and is
the oi.ject of bitter batrad on the part
of the preeenl predomidaut party.
Sample Sboes, worth 15.00, 16.00
and $7.00; your choice, $2.24. 8e<i
our windowa. J. A, Marahall & Bro.,
422 King fttWt,
sriri: i IBMBftaPlaWTffl "
H?- Baventh annual aaaeton of tbe
Virginia State Farmer-' Ins.iMi.ebegan
inlVtersburg yesterdav ...tl-A. :-l--My
?fM?s,c. Tbe,,-are alHiut iUHifarmers
!,.,?.??, represen,ineallse.,,,,on
MUite, and some fioin W?rt Virgma
and North Carolina. Thebodj Wfll be
iu aaaaion three daya.
Qc-aruot Iton delivcred an tuhlreaa
()]l ,|?. advance,,,.-,,. ,,f ib- a-iclima
1llt,r,s,s of the atate. Hcpn-dK-tcd
thatwithin te.i yeara tbe land vnlut* ?
tbe atate would be quadrupled, and tna
land would Ivelhehcslherila.'.a '"""?'
,,,,,1,1 bequeath to bbcbiMren rne
governof dacfered hra one amhit??|n to
1?. L.a.haiieotheaericultnr.-.lm
?f tbe state and thal bbadmn
,i?? .bould be devoted to thal end.
The agricuh_ral cutput oftheatate ten
yeara ago waa 887,000,000. Laat year
it waa 8180^00.000.
Mrs. Jamea MBMwyAwihBer,ofBaInr
moro, died yestorday afternoon Bl b*
boana, 8 eaal Praatoa atreet, bi thal
citv after an illneH* of several wveks.
Mrs. Anibler's father is ihe BL KeV.
A M. Kaiidolph, biafaop of the Epiaco
pal Dioco.se of Southern Virginia. and
who was with h.sdaughleral the time
,,f bar death. Beaidea ber husband.
Mrs. Ainbler b stirvived by tWO
daughtcrs. Mis-e- Sallie II. C. and
Virginia Ambler: her father and
IDOther, three sisters, Mrs. Tfaeodore S.
Qametl Mr*. Jamea Wrigbl and Hrt.
KichardTavU-r, all ofN'orf-.lk an.hu,.
brothers, Dr. Bobarl L, lUndolphjpro
fessorattl.o.fohns Hopkina l mvei'sity
Hedical Bdaool, and Mr. Alfred H.
Kaudolph, jr.. the Britiahrepreeenta
tive ofthe Wcetinghonae EhxtrwCom
pany at Jtancbeater, gngland._
j? AT j*
j* Colonial Bcach, Va. ,*
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mojt healthful location for a summcr
home on the Hi.?toric Potomac. Just
the place to aend your wife and chil
dren during the hot aummer day*. Ucau
tiful aitea
$50 up to $100
?1 caah?II per month.
Write or call for plat and pricc liat.
621-23-25 King Street.
Alexandria. Va.
Colonial Beach Real Estate
12th and G. Sts N.W. Washington.DC.
aug'.' .'It_
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ly on your re
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c^ld drink in
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Klevatorand all modern ini|.rov eiiiciits
Corner I'rinee and I'nion -tr.et- Apply
ailgslut A. II. IIKIK kl.TT.
Advice to the Judge.
a aoluied man araa brougbt betore a
potiee Judge charged with atealing
ehiekena. He pleaded gullty and n
ed aentence, when the iudjre aaked hoa
it ? i- be manaffed to lit'i tho*e chicki na
rtght under tbe windon ol ihe ,,..
house when there w i- :i dog iu thc >:.id
--II it wouldn t be DO USe lu.l ;?
the man.-to try to -plaln dl* tbing Ul
yo' all. F.f voii waa to tr> it you II
not would jrct y.-r hlde full <>' -h >t an
<:et no ebtekens, autber. Efyo1 wanl to
engage iu any raaoellty, Judge, \ i
teratiektode beaeb wbar* yo am u
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Boyal atreet t">f
Washington, D. C.
You'll be interested in the
New Fall Suits
* $19.75
Thev are a fororiiinier of what to expeet this fall m l;ul..ied suits.
M ule of hlaek ornavv l.lue aerge, with ihe eorreet :;i in. h siiietly nian
tallored ooat with iteereea triiie tmaller than but yearand side pooketa
skirts are In tbe pieated aaode and bang graeeruUy.
I'erlcel Bttlng and they are very low priced at ?1!'.7... Arell't you ill
lere-ted Mlllicicntly to Ukc ;i 1.x.k.' 2nd lloor.
Cozy six room brick dwelling, 821 Duke street,
with all modern improvements. Good eondition. Al
ways rented.
Desirable brick dwelling No. 904 Dukestreetcon
taining 8 rooms and bath with 20 foot side lot fronting
on Duke street. -??_-??. .?.
Two fine new two-story brick dwellings on north
Columbus street, Court House square, containing 8
rooms each and every modern convenience. Ready
for occupancy.
Further particulars at my office.
John D. Normoyle,
Drink beer. The great middle
chua of intolligent, industnous
workmen in tbe millioniof work
riiopa of tbe WorM lil1'1 ,,ml l,s
c|ieer makes their work ? pjeai
ure tl)d its etrengtb feeda their
muaclea for the taek thoy havo to
II is :i delicioiis l.rand, holiest
Iv brewed hy ihe labor of bigfa
paid workuicii. A gla*a or tWO
.,, ,?.brigbtena theluncb bour
and \..u will enjoy'it even more
during tbe evening bouri that
you Bpend with ><?ur family.
K.ep a caae at huino. Our
nagona go everywhere.
Brewing Co.
'Phone No. 49-B
DKY 0001)8.
SHOP EARLY - Store Closes at 5 o'eloek
ln Extraordinary Bargain
$2 Cambric
Thia arM M extraordinary pieoe o(
1,,,-k We sectired BQ 00*80 Kllie l?lli
bric r-tlicont- at B very great ence^
lion iii price fromi ? aaiding maiiufac
,,,,,.,-. These are made of ? very line
quality cambric, and bave umhrella
rutlle. trimtned with line emhroid.ry
aud creetera of pm tucka, There are
;1l.,.u- ;i doaefl different styles from
Which voii can s.lect. Thry come Ul
all lengtha, and are cut full regular
width. The actual WOftb of these
iklrta is |2; bot through this extraor?
dinary purchaae we are able to offer
v,,u :i wonderful bargain QQa
"while the :>U dozen last?at www
420-426 Seventh Street.
Bragbt young MAN as stenographer.
excellentcbance for edraneement Aa
drcsH bv letter only. I*<>* 16, Clty I
offlce. aug8?w?
FlB REFT -A ten room HOUSE.with
bath, n ll^t Duke street: rent cbeap
togoodtenant Apply to Mrs. JAMhs
V.11TII. Ilaaouth Alfred atreet.
atigt iW
Hard Craba. Soft Craba. Deviled Craba
and Crab Salad
foot of King Street
Opeo itBtil 10 p,w. apr7f?
Swan Bros.
?_>.").? timi fancy iniill-. vard . I6c
16c fancy crepea aa kmg m they
last, Thuraday vard. 60
50c cotton lap robea, each. :<.".<?
One pieee pink china >ilk alight
ly damaged, 'eguhur 50c qual
i'ty. remiiaiii price Thuraday
yard.. 26c
One piece rcmilar 7-V white taf
feta silk. alightly aoiled, rem
nant price Tharedayyard. ;!"^<'
|1 lineti lap robea, each. 76c
89c 4'.?c and 76c tefcacopee,
Thuraday, each. 89c
nfiaaee' 60c mkldy bl.ea, each 89c
Mi-es' 7."ic middv blooaOB, each B9c
.Mi'.'-es-' $1 mkldy blouaea, each 69c
Misses' $1 middy bknue mita,
each.. 99C
Ladiee' $1 percale dreaa skin-,
1.. 89c
Ladiee1 ;">('<? ribbed reata aeconda
each.? 19C
Ladiee' 61.98 Dutchcollar waiata
each. W19
Ten do/eii ladi.s' nui-lin coreet
oovera, neatlj triromed, choice
" lnns.lav each. 15c
Childrcn's 50c eolored wash
dreaaea, each. 89c
Cbildren'a 26c atraw bata.. 19c
One *4.-r>o Battan snit caae.. 82.98
One 14.60 tiavoling bag. |2.98
One I'.t wbite, bfeck and fancy
ribbon. Tnuraday yard. . 9c
t\ sateeii araiata. Thuraday.- 69c
$1 wliite cannon cloth akirtl. 69c
ll black duck skirts, each... 69c
$1 .".li wliite cannon cloth skirts,
each.. 98C
Children'a $1 bfouae wash auita,
Thuraday. ,;'?,,'
on,- lot 60c braaaiera, Thuraday 89c
|1 suuiiik r |vortiers,'pair.
11.60 eumtner portiera, pair. 98c
*^.i!5 Bommer portiera, pair. 11.31*
Ladies' 12.60 while lawn waisis.
Thuraday.*.. 81.76
l'.i,- e.iiore.i Baxona, yard. I4e
Ladiee1 82.98 wash auita... 81.98
Ladiee1 68.60 wash auita, each.-. -
Ladies' 18.94 waab auita, each... I-'.O'.'
Ladies' |4.98 wash siiils, each... 68.26
20c whiie madraa, Thuraday yd. 16c
10c wbite cbeck mualin, yard...- ~%o
12>_C lotigcl.??byanl. 9c
12%C wbite porsian lawn. . 9c
10e dress ginghams, remnanu.-- 8c
12%c aeeraucker yard. 9c
?_'">.- fency poptina, yard. 19c
loe wbite madraa, yard. lie
26c whito madraa, yard. 16\
16clinen sniting, yard. . lOe
L9o fancy galaiea, yard. 14c
loe fancy madraa, yard.
12%c percale, 86 inchea, yard -?? 9c
7c apron gingbain, yard. 5c
16c wbite lawn, :*?; inchea, yard
12X<: dress gingham, remiiants 9o
16c fancy poplin yard-- ??? llf.
12Xc fancy ealatea, yard . Be
12%c wbite madms. yard. 10c
One ladies' *1 28 blue wash luit
slightly BOUed and fadod|Thurs
day. 81.10
One lot ladies' lawn kimonof,
lacb.?????. l'**'
35c Pound.
I guarantee every pound to give satis
faetlon. Fre-h and Sui.,ke.| M.ats.
Oroeeriea and l'arm Prudueta of s?II
kinds. Tel.piione order-^'iveu prompt
attention. tree delivery.
Corner Queen and Koval tb
'Phone. Bell V.L, Home BTW,
Jylft l.V_
If your liver is aluggiah and out of
tone and you feei dull. bilious. . on-ti
pated. take a dose of Chamberlain's
Stomach and Liver tableta tonight be?
fore retiring *nd you will feei all right
in the morning. Sold by W, F.
Creigbtoa tai JUckau. Giteon,
dry ooons.
Woodward & Lothrop
Special Summer Prices on
Upholstery Work, Wall Papering
and Decorating.
By plaeing orders nuw for the reuphohaering, repairing and retinishing 0?
rureitore, the decoratuitor papering of'roorna or apartaaente, or any work m
connection with the remodeling of the old or ruraianinAj of the new home, you
will tind everythmg satisfaetoriiy c.mpl.ted when you return from your racf
tion trip and, besides, tho eapeadatura will he cotisiderably less than if you
waited until fall.
A large and attraetive line of [mpOTted and Domestic Wall Papers now on
display. A rich display of Drapery and I'pholstery Materials. F.\]>ert de
signers and deeorators at your service, free <>f charge, to furnish pl: ns and sub
mit aathnatea. A poatal or phone maaaage will brmg our lupiaaantaaiva to your
Clearance Sale
Imported and Domestic Curtains,
\Ve offer for iiiiniediate clearance all small lot- and discontiuued pattern
now reinaining in stock at greatly i.duced priote, All are higli grade, perfet i
gooda, ineluding imported and duinestic pioductioiis, and rango froni 2 to 6
pairs of a pattern.
1-4 to 1-3 Less Than Regular Prices.
Window Screens,
The best Ready-made Adjustahle Boreena lo l>e had. and reasonably prieed.
Xo imperfect wood fratnes or niorlises to l.reeil il)-ects and pCBBa al.-olutvly
sanitary in every partieular. May l.e u-cl under the sasli or permanently ad
ju.-ted oti outside of window.
Fourth lloor?(1 st._
of Alexandria, Virginia
CAPITAL, $100,000 SURPLUS, $125,000
Edward L. Daingerfield, President.
Carroll Pierce, Vice President.
Richard M. Green, Cashier.
Edward L. Daingerfield
J. C. Smoot Jas. W. Roberts H
Worth Hulfish Carroll Pierce fcj
M. A. Ahern Urban S. Lambert
The Citizens' National Bank haa been directly idcntified with the J
mercantile. manufacturing. and jobbing mterests of Alexandria for forty j
1 yeara. and. with ita large capital. ample surplus. conaervative directotatc. 1
"? progressive mahagement and convenient loc.ition. is equtpped to aatiafac- .j
torily handle new accounta and to accord them that same courteoua at- j
tention which haa, been a vital factor in its steadfaat and continuoua 1
growth. H
Real Eatate Loans. Fire Insurance.
On the south side of King street between
Alfred and Patrick streets, a fine three
story brick dwelling, containing eleven
rooms and bath, with all modern conveni
ences, good dry cellar, large lot, with stde
and rear alleys. Special price for ten days
For further particulars see.
107 South Royal Street, Alexandria, Va
City and Suburban Properties. Stocks flnd Bond*
All our 12 l~2c, 15c and 18c Lawns and
Organdies at 9 l-2c.
Flowered Designs
12 1-2c and 15c Bates Ginghams at 10c.
Short lenfcths.
518-520 King Street, Alexandrla, Va.

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