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KiV ??-ViiV.e.
ll WXI.
o^rf Henry
George cigar
*and you've begun
to do yourself and
your nickel fulljustice. 5c doesn't
usually have a chance to mistake*
itself for a *//>#?. Any
5* Cigar
. is'good enough for anybody, but theinew
Ifclub Shape)has the habits, taste^nA
appearance of a "two-for-a-quarter.
e'very case in town and a-Head in every
case. Demand Jhe b_and.
Wm. Delches & Sons,
in the Garden Sub
_p-% _. xi_ CaMM4. mtneuaroenouD
Buy at the otart Urb. Lots $200;
$10 cash, $5 per month.
Virginia Highlands
Scientifically planned for refined people of mode*
ate mcans.
Come Saturday or Sunday afternoon.
See the Morrill style damp-proof cement houses,
poured in steel moulds.
Live at Virginia Highlands and save time and car tare
Inquire of A. S. Doniphan, A. J. Wedderburn and
Harrie White.
Washington Sales Offlce, 621 13th Street, Northwest
Clip this ad; it leads the way._
An Overland Did It
- Blanche 8toart 8cot1 haa ju8t fioiahed a croaa eountry tour from N.-w
j ven without maaculine aid a model No. 88
Overland Car ih.- ? - and mountaina, bet only compan
ion being! lady friend. thiia demonatrating to the workl that the Overland is
nderful comlrination of mechaniam and comforl in the whole coufr
try; aimpleet and < adjuat. Twenty thouaand of theeecan
soid thi- viar.
Myers Brothers, 115 N. Pitt Street
MakesThe Best Concrete
alerg in Cenu-r.t. Liuw l'laster. WaU Plaatcr,TerraCotta Sewer
Plpe and Fluc Lining, Fire Bricks,}Flre Clay..?e;
2drtanbria Qbcattte.
\vi:i)NKsn.\v BVKNINO. AUG. 10
Reid and ingalla.
*TVhy doal you gmwY" said Tom
Reed to Senator lngalls some yeara
ago, when both i:ie:i were ln the serv
ice of the people al Wushiiigton.
"Ah." said lngalls. arbo was of very
alight stature, "1'u) 100 raocb interest
ed iu my fellows' llfe and property to
assurae to your magnitieent he.ight and
"And is not thnt my c.ncer.i. too?"
asked Reed deliheratoly.
"Imoosslhle!-' said Ingalle. "Wnlk on
the edge of a board waik and you li"t
up the other end; Btand ln tlie mlddle
and you break throvgh. Tlie people's
snfety lies in your being a raiddle of
the road man."
Some days after Reed found lngalls
in a state of mentul dlstractlon. "Just
swallcved thc goM .'illings of this
front tooth." ezplalned Senator lngalls,
pomttng to tbe eapoaed cavity.
Reed larjfhed Iminoderately. He
drew hlmself np to his full belght. As
a vlctor he stood; bls time of rcvenge
had come.
"lngalls, I cougratulate you. You
are now worth your welght in gold."
Ought to Have Known Him.
"About tbe limit of nerve that ever
camo under my observation." said an
ex-prosecutor. "bappened a few days
ago when a man walked into my offlce
and soliclted n small loan. Thal be
wns drunk and had been for sevcrnl
days was evident at a glnnee. Dlrty,
blear eyed, unshaved and with handa
that shook llke those of a prufeaalooai
roman candle shooter. be aaiared me
with easy famlllarlty, calling me by
my first name. Ilis faee was raguely
familiar to me, but I could not mall
where I had seen him. Be nsketi for
a rjuarter. I eomVromiscd with a diine.
He took it with profuse tlianks.
" 'Let's see.' I called to him as he
turned to go. 'I can't qulte place you.
Who are you?'
"Ile trboelod and looked at me with
an expresslon of palned surprise.
'What! Don't know me! Why. good
Lord, John: You put me in jail tbrne
tlmes for wife beatlngr "-Kansas City
Star. _
Some Measurcs.
Herbert Bpencer acoraed the matrlc
system because it rests solely 09 the
fact that man has hut ten Bn
However, a mile Is but a "mllle pe>
suum," or n thousand pacee, The
leugth of the foot was used for dis
tances long before it was tixed at
twelve inches. A "furlong" ls only u
furrowlong. The breailth of the band
became tlie standard heoause the eaa
iest way of ineasuring tlie beigbt of
the horse. The lengtb of lbe anu gavc
tbe leugth of the "ell." aud from lbe
elbow to the tlp of the middle ftager
was the "cublt." By stretehing out
both araaa as lf on a cross man lnveut
ed the ineasurc of tbe "fathom."
Cloth measure slill deerees that two
and one-half Inches make l "nnil,"
and this is the width of four flngers
held together and ineasured .ncross tbe
uails. The ajiothecary's ?Mram-' origi
nally signiried "only as mueh raw spir
lt as can be held In the mouth."
Edltoria! Pleasantries.
Two editors quarrelcd, and one rc
ferred to tbe other's early enreer ln
his paper.
"As for our coutempornry,'' he wrote,
"what can we expect from n man who
was five years ago bawking from door
to door with n donkey, and an ill eon
dltioned beast ot that?"
His rlval did not deuy it, but ln his
nest issue appeared the following:
"Our contemporary says that five
years ago we were 'hawklng from door
to door with a donkey, and an ill con
ditloned beast at that' He is qulte
right. "SVe were so occupied. But we
are surprlsed to find the donkey bas
such a good memory."
Won by a Nose.
"Bernard Shaw," said a dramatlc
critic, "always does the origlnal thlng
1 went to see ?Caeaar and Cleopatra'
with him once, nnd as we stood in lbe
alsle? tbe house was erowded?a stran
ger behlud us persisted in potdng bia
bead right over Shaw's shoulder.
"Shaw then did the original thlng.
Taking out his baudkercblef. he wlned
the man's nose, patting and twlattog
it pretty vlgorously.
"The man, with an ugly oath. jerlced
bock his bead.
" 'Oh, I beg your pnrdon,' said Shaw.
'I thought it was mlne, you know.' "?
Wosbingtou Star.
Ready to Bargain.
Sultor (to her fathen-Str, I love the
very ground your daughter treads 00.
Father (grimly)-Well. young man. you
aln't the first party that's had nn It
tachment for it. Howsomever. if you
love it well enough to come and help
pay up the mortgage on it you can
marry Sarah.?Exchange.
Lawyer?Tou don't llke the jnrv?
Defendant?I do not. No. 1 Is my
tailor, No. 3 is my grecer, No. 5 is my
milk and egg deaier and No. T is my
tvife's first husband. What chance
Lave I got?-St. Faul Dtapatch.
E.-oressed Differently.
"Madam, you ought to go to a warm
?r climate."
"For once. doctor you and my hus?
band are agreed. but be expresses the
idea ln more emphatie lauguage."?
New York Press.
He Contributed.
Mlssionary?Do you ever contribnte
money for the beathen in feretgn
londs. sir? Mlllionaire?Oh. yae. Botl
my daughters marrled foreign nohle
Tbose who are greedy of paafaa
prore thnt they are poor Iu rtKr?_~
Be aurc and take a bottle of Oliain
berlain's Colie, Cholera and Dtanoeba
Rrmedv with you when starting on your
trip this summer. It cannot l>e 00
tuinetl on board the trains or steamers.
Changes of water and climate often
oauKtt sudden attacka of diarrbova, and
it is beat to be prepared. Sold by W.
F. Creighten and Kichard Gibaon.
A Versatile Gard?rl.
tfbe dwellers ln n scaport town of
Massachusetts are justly proud of thelr
gardens. It remained for a visitor
from a tiny village "way round tbe
Cape" to say the first alightly dis
paraging word "f tbuBB gardens.
"Isu't this beautifulV" his hoateaa U8k- !
cd as she paused under a rosc arbor '
and lookcd back over the stately ranka
of larkspur, monk's hood, hollyhocka {
and many other favorltea.
"It's a handsotne gardln?of Its :
klnd." said the visitor dlspassionatcly, ;
"but lt aln't qulte up to the mark .
when you consider our gardins."
"Indeed!" and the lady looked at
him, too aaaaed lo i>o angry. "What
sort of ajaroena have you. pteaaaT"
?AV.-ii," said ber Cape visitor calm
ly, "what \vo call a ajaod Bjaedls ls one !
where you can Btart Ottt with two blg j
baskeos nnd a baa, Btep throogh the j
flower gardln pert past the vo^etahies.
down to the water: dtj your clarus
fust, pick your swoet coin. lay your
posies ou top o' that and haud the
whole lot over at tho Idtcben door.
Thore's your aaota fluracr and trim
niin's all from one gardln."?Youth'a
The Wise Woodpecker.
In Callfornla tbe aroodpecker xtores
acorns nway, although be never
them. Hc I Hffer
Ing allghrjjp In ;;izo, at the fall of the
year invariably In a pine tree. Then
he flnds an acorn. whieh he adjusts to
one of the bolea ptaparad for Its re
ceptlon. But he does not eat the
acorn, fcr. ns u rule. be bi BOt B
taiiai! B t iu Btoring awanr tbe
acorns exbibtte Eoteatgbl and a kaowb
of reanlta more akln t.. n
than to tnatJnct. Tho aucceedlng arhv
ter the acorna reaaaln Intact, but, be
COming saturated. nre predatpoeed to
decay, when they are attaefced by
maggota, wbicli secm to dcllgbt In this
special food. It is then that the ?
;- reana tbe barvaat his waadom
has providod at u tliue when. the
grouinl being covercd with snow. he
would experlouco difllculty otherwise
ln obtaining sultable or palatable food.
?Cleveland Leader.
Not Terding to Business.
A eountry doctor was roconlly called
upon to visit 8 p.itlent some wa\
from his ofOce. Drlving to where the
sick man llvod, be tled bla horae to B
tree iu front of the bouae and etarted
to walk acroaa tbe gnmnd. lt bap
pened that work was _ progrcss on a
new well. of whieh the doctor know
nothlng until be found hlmaelf sink
tog into the eurth. He feh just fur
eimugli to i.e unable to get out of ih ?
hole unassistod and lustily yellod for
When he was finally pulled up the
hlred man remarked to hlm:
"I say. doe. you had no busines;.
down there."
"No; I don't think I had," replled
the doctor.
"Don't you know," continued the
hlred man, "you otight leave the well
alone and take care of the sick?"?
Inherited Dresma.
A mcdlcil s.'ienti-t eUlma tbat many
dreains are really lierodltary-that is
to suy, they come OOWn to us from au
ccstors. Many petaona have a dream
whieh they dream over aud over
again. This and aoaae otbera tbat are
frequent, accordlng te the antbority
referred to, are Inherited Tho doctor
obaarred, for Inafanea, that a cbUd of
six years after Bfl attack of typhoid
! feve'r saw in Its slumbcr a flgure clad
j in biack, whieh advanced to tbe foot
I of tbe bed aud Ozad upon hlm its
: fihiulug oyos. It was found thal tba
father of tbe chiid had froquently
dreemed that dream, altbongh be had
nerer mentloned it t<> bis cbifd.
I grandfather droamed tbe same dream.
1 although he had told M OM about it.
: Kvldently there li more than our phi
' losophy can fatbom lo "the stuff that
dreams are made of."
Penaions From Napoleon.
l'avis has a dotefl oM soldiers who
draw pensioiis thal come to them from
the great Bmperor Napolaan I. ?
nre not heroea of his epoqh, 8
last of thoae died Kmg years ag.>. Bul
Napoleon by his nill devlsed aeveral
iniiiions of franea to his comp
in arma, and thia capltal In ilefa
heirs of the grand ariny was deti
ln tho publie traaaury. Today the rcv
cnue this fnnd prodocea is paid oul In
the fbnn of p"io-i..ns of 200 francs
o.'.eii to oid BoMttra ln Frei dh terri
tory, and Parls has twelvo of tlMM
beneuclariea to arbom at tba tirst of
tbe year tbeee llttle penatona are re
mltted.?I'arls Plgaro.
A Wiae VVoman.
Mr. Snaggle (snappishlyi-Don't be
correctlug that boy always. Sarah.
Lct uature take its . ..urse. won't youl
Mrs. Bliaggle (laying aside the sliin
gie)-rn do nothlng of tbe aort, Mr.
Snaggle. I don't iutend thal any wo
man sball bave sueh a buabaad as l've
got lf I can prevont it.
A Paradoxical R*ply.
'?Doctor, do yoa think cycglaaaea anll
r.lter my appaarancar Inouired Mrs.
i.uiison anxlously.
"I i-hall al least expect them to 1m
prove your looks." replled the physl
The Boy'a Bit.
"You seem to have got your boys in
tcrcstcd in mythology very nicely."
"Yes; I explalned to them that Iler
cnles held a champlonship."?Washing?
ton Flerakl.
Sure TesL
She-They held I mlrror over her
faco to see lf she was alive. I don't
understand that. He?-Why, you r.w lf
ahe was allve ahe'd open her eyaa an 1
took in it.
Fine Stationery
By the box, tablet, or
pound, with envelopes
to match.
By virtue of a deed of trust datcd <><?
lober I recorded Noveml.er
T. I90C, in lil.er 111. folio 236, et MH). ofthe
land reei.nl- of Alexandria eounta. Vir?
ginia default baving oocurred under tha
provlaioni of -ai.l deed ..f trust), the
undersigneil trust.vs. at thc rOQUeai of
olderofthe note leeured tbereby,
will sell at publle auotlon on the prnra
i-e- (.11
ai l ..'cloek p. in.. all that traet of land
located ln Alexandria eounty, Virginia,
lii'ing lot numbered four ( I iu the par
tition ofThomaa Dawaon'a lami among
hi- helra and whieh waaallotted to Annte
J. Chumasoro, afterwarda conveyi
?Tberon Thompaon and iiugh ii.
lluteliison, and being deacribed aa fol
anlng ai -I'." a planted atone in
the north line Of tbe traet aud ai the
northwett eorner of lot numbered three
:t); tbenco with tbe line ofthe traet s.
'2 degreea 10 minutea W. 9.84 chalna to
"F", a planted atone, aeomortotho traet
ofWhalen B. l degreo Wminntea E. 20.76
eh.iiu- to "ii." :'. ["iiiil iii tlieeeni,.r..f the
?leorgotown rona;theuce along thecenter
: road N. 7:? degreea 20 minutes E.0.16
cbaina to "O." tbe angle oftbesame;
thence along the center of said road B.
s.; degreea 5C minutea E. 3J0 chalna to
?I." the eorner of lot numbered three
(3 . thence with the lineof lot nunil
three (3) N". :t degree- 51 iliinilt.
hajui to tho beglnning, and eon?
talnlng i- ? u. r.-. inciiiding one-half of
the Georgetown road, or !-. 101 aerea
cluaiveof aald road. sui.je.-i. however,
totbe rigbt of way of ihe Great Falls and
uld Dominion Railroad, whieh traet ol
land i-nov, known as "Cllfton/'a* pera
Riibdivlaion thereof recorded In deed
book 117, pagi - 7sand i ?? exoeptlng and
excluding, nowerer, from aale here.il
the following lota which have beretofore
i.,-, n -..ld and tbe aame reieaaed from
the liell Ofaaid deed oT tlll-t tO-wit!
Lota numbered one (11, three 3), four
, i . ii\. aeven 7.. elghl
nluc (9), i.-ii (10 , eleven n I. twen
(Jfteen (iu . twentj (20), twenty-one
twenty-two(22),twenty-four(24 .twenty
, . twenty-al* (20), twenty
Dtl the following partaoflot num?
bered siMeeii 16 a- mentioned and
deacribed In deed* of rel< aae froin < . \
Hutohiaon et al., dated Aprll 10, 1907,
and deacribed bj men- and bounda a
lat Beginnlng at the aoutheaat eorner
i lol numbered aixteen 10) and
running along the wi itlinepfPark Lane
N. 2 degreea |> minutea W. W feei to a
-take: theneeS. -T d.-gi .a - IJ ininiit. - U .
130 feet to a atake: theneeH - degreea i
minutci 17. 10 feet
K7 degreea 12 minutea E. 130 teel to the
ning. containing.'>,200 squaru feei.
2nd Beginnlng al a -take at thc north
eaal eorner ofthe land of Louiaa Frank
lin on l'ark Lane and running thence
along tho westaide ofaaid laneN. 2 de?
greea i- ininut. - W . I7.H3 feei to a
thence along the south ?ide of said
ti. I.'. degree-01 lllillllte W. lOl.OH fcel to
a atake; tbenoe along the aouth sida of
-ahl lane X. M degreea 19 minutea,w.
7-2.48 feet to a atake; thence 8. 2 degreea
46 minutea E. 180.94 feei toa atake; thence
N. 87 degreea 12 minutea E. 130 feei to
tbe beglnning, eontalnlng 10,543.69 square
3rd. Beginning at a stake at the Boutb
rroal eorner of I'laiiklin- lot and run
ning thence N. 2 degreea 18 minutea W.
170.94 feet toa pointin the sonth line of
the roadway; thence witii said line of
roadway N. ?''?' degreps \'< minutea W.
17.69 feet; thence N. 67 degree 32 min?
utea W. ii. i- feet: thenoe 82 degree- n
minutea E. 199.52 feet toa point; thence
N. -7 degreea 12 minutea E. 66 feei to the
beginning, eontalnlng 10,240 aauare feet,
and alao tho following piece of land de?
acribed in deed efroleaac dated July -.
1009. and recorded in Uberl20, folio 568,
ofthe aud reeordaof Alexandria eounty,
Virginia, as followa: Beginning al a
plante I iron pipe at thc northeaal eorner
Oflol ?lUmhered MVellleeii | 17); thOUCC
ho we-t Une of a thtti
roadway S. - degreea W mlnuti
?,'i to a pipe: thence 8. -7 degreea
12 rrHnutca \V. 90.70 feei to a pipe on tbe
north line of lot numbered aei entcon
(17 ; thence wltb the north Une oflol
numbered aeventcen (17) s. 64 dc
04 minutea E.12X96feet to the beglnning,
eontalnlng .':.7."^i square feet;; aud alao
the rlghtofwaj ofthe Oraai Falla and
i iid I.linion Railroad, and alao tbe
rightof* ij mentioned and deacribed ln
deed dated November 26, 1908, and re?
.orded in lil.er li.'.. folio230, of Ihe land
reeprds of Alexandria countj . Virginia.
? .iu -tliir.l of the |.ur
eha-e i.i,.iie\ to be paid iii ,-a-li. I.alan. 0
ln two equal inatalinenta paj able In aix
aud tweive montha, with Intereal at -ix
percent per annuin. payable -cir.i-an
nually, aocured by deed of trual upon
in, property aold, or all caab at th<
tiou of tbe purcbaaer. A dep
will be required ai the time of aale. All
eonvcyancing, n eordlng, ete., ai eoat of
purcbaaer. rorma ofaale to be complled
with rrltbln ISdaj - from daj of?ale,other
wi-e the truateea r, -erve the ligbt tO
r.-eii the property at tbe rlak and coat
ofdefkultlng purcbaaer after advertialng
tlie -ailie oliee a Week I'or tWO ueeks ill
aome newapapcr publiahed ln Alexan?
dria eounty, Vlrrlnla.
ARTHUR W. NWi' .11:
aug.". ? l>v_ Tru-..
u intei Uaaaea i'..i<iei. Daaaaa I01O-19I1
it Ia luggeatod thal any ofour readera
wiio dcaire io entertaln boarden for the
ensulng wlnter monthi fumlah Mr. !.. 8
Brown, Ocneml Agent, Southern Rall
wa\. 7a". Fifteentn atreel northwest,
W'a-liingion. D. c. imme.liate informa
11..ii a-1>. iiaine ..f reaort, poatofnoe ad?
dreaa, at or aear what atation, what dis
tanee from atation, eonveyance from
atation to bouae, nnmber of gi
terma per day, week and montfa.
\\"e all would be pl :-d to .,. the
eountry full of boarder* i.ex t wlnter and
would "l>c glad iftliis notice will indc.ee
increaaed numbor of peraona who wUl
aecommodate them f?.r the < omlng win
ter montha ,.
Thia inforinatioii ihould reaeb Mr.
Brown not later than Augual I, I
folder goei to presi on Augual 3, and any
requeata rt?c ilvcd lat.-r than the i-l will
not be able to be inaertcd. _
Mutiial lee Company
Wholesale and Retail
Dealers in lee.
Carload Lots and Country Ord?ra a
Mico Water
Excepiionally pure. dclicioualy palata
ble.'clear aa cryatal.
Cameron and L'nion lUaeta, Alexandria,
Bell Telephone No. 51.
jyl J tf_
SPECIAL NoTICE.?Thoannual me.-t
Iiisj ?.f tlo- Btoekholders ?.r tl.,- BltAT
I'AN'V. Iu. orponited. for the elo.-tioii ol
dlrectora and Ihe transaction of aneb
biiaineaa as may property com.- i>. for
leeting will l.e held at tlie
north Falrflvx
Alexandria. Va.. on I
p. j. whu'EIIlal. Buuiataiy.
Southern Railway.
Train-; loave l'nion Slation. Alexandria.
ln eneetJune IS, I8*tt
N. B. -Followingacbedule figureapub?
liahed only as iiiformation. and are not
7:17 A. M.?Dally loeal between Waab?
ington and Pnnville.
s:!7 a. lf.- Dally -Loeal Ibr Hairtaoa
burgandwaj atatfona.
807 A. M. -Haily-l'. 8. Fast Mail.
n l\ forpa-asengeraforpointaaoutb
al whlch sobeduled to Btop. Plrat claaa
coachea; aloeplng eara to Blrmlngham
an.l drawing room aleeplngoara to Kew
Orleana. Dinlng car aervioe,
ni: \ M. Dally Malltraln. Cob
for Manassus.L'harfotteavllle.Lynchburg,
!>a:i\ ;!!.? and < J r.ensboro. Sleeping car.
(ireeiis|...ro to Atlanta. , .
1:17 P. M. Week days Loeal for War
renton and Elarrlaonburg.
p, >i. Dally Blrmlngham spee?
ial. Sleeping ears between New Vork.
AiU.ii and .la.-ksoiivillo.
rto Birmingham, Through flrat
- between' Waabington and
Jaeksonvlllo. Dinlng car aervloe. Tour
ist to laliforuia t'our liim-s ne.-kiy.
::?;:: P. M. W eck days- Loeal t'or Har
riaonburg and way atationa on Mana
branch. Pullman buflet parlorcar.
:>-.]?: I. M. ? Dalty Loeal for Warren
lon an.l Charlotteaville.
1027 P. M -Dally?Waahington and
Chattanooga Limited i via Lynchbt
ooach and sleeping a
ike, Knoxville and Chattanooga.
Rlecperto Now Orleana, Waabington to
I -if ing .-ar aervlee.
11*72 P. M. Dally tfew York, Atlanta
and New Orleana Limited. All Pullman
tniin. club and obaervatlon eara to New
Orleana. Bleeplng ears t.> Aahevllle,
i. Mucon and Now Orleana Sleep
ra to Charlotte. Dinlng ear aervlee.
127 A. M. Dally Memphis Bpecial.
Sleeping eara and coachea Ibr Roanoke.
\ille. N'asliville. Chattanooga and
Mviopliis. Dinlng ear servi.e. Waab?
ington deeptng eara opea rono P. M.
Through tralnafrom tho aoutbairive
at Alexandrla 6:13 and 829 and 1023 a. m.
2:13, 723, 10:13 and 11-58 P. M. dally, Har
riaonburg 1138 A. M. week days and9:18
i'. M. dally. From CharlotteavUIr 828
A. M.
Leave Alexandria (W. ?v 0. Statlon
week daya at 321 A. M..i:in. 428.and
".'.", P. M. for Bluemont; 6S5 P. M. week
days for Leeaburg; 5:15 P. M. dally for
Bluemont and 9302and922 A. M.. loeal,
and 9*72 A. M. ( Ltd. on S.indays only for
Fordetailcd achedule flgurea, tioketa
Pullman reservation, etc, apply to
l'nion Tlcket Agent, Alexandria. Va.
!?;. II. COAPMAN. General Manager.
8. FT. HARDWICK, Paaa. Traf. M^'r.
11. V. CARY. Oeneral Paaaengcr Agent
L. 8. BROWN, Oeneral Agent,
Washington, D. C.
Washington, Alexandria &
Mt. Vernon Railway.
Ill eileet May 1.1910.
i.i:avi; ai.i:\amiiiia.
Por Washington, from oorner Prinee
and Roval street*, week days. at ?"< K>,
? ; 06, 8 29, "i 30, 6 40, 6 56, 7 06, 7 ].'.. 7 9
?'. - 16, 825, 835, 869,9 10,939,950,
10 10 1030, 1060, II 10, II 25, II 89, II 50 a.
m.. 12 10, 1225, 1289, 12 50, I 10, I 25, 1 30
I 69, 2 10, 2 i'>. 2 80, 2 50, '?'> o-">. :i 25,:: 35, " 69,
I 10, 1 25, I 39, 1 40, 1 56, 5 10, 6 25, 6 36, 5 0,
(',(..",. G20, 839, G 15, 700, 7 15, 7 25, 800, 830,
900, 930, 1000, 1080, 11 lo and 11 68 p. m.
Sundayi 700, 785, 8 10, 830, 840, 900.
9 20,9 !". 1000, 1020, 10 lo. II 00, 11 20 and
11 iu a. m.. 1200 m., 1220, 12 10, 1 00, 1 20,
I 10,200,220,2 10,800,820,3 10, 100,4 20,
I 10,500, 520,540,600, 820,6 I". 709, 7 20.
7 10, 800, 839, 900, 830, 1000, 1030and
II 10 p. in.
KOtt moiwt vi:isv>\.
Leave Alexandria for Mount Vernon
ucck daya,at .'.!?'.. 856, 766, 861, 1025,
ll 25a m., 1225, 1 25, 225, 330, 1 1". 685,
? ... 1060and 11 ?p. m.
Hundaya -700. 889, 930, 1039, 1180 a.
m? 1280, l 80,230,330, l 89,680,630,780,
nd 10 n; p. m_
Washington Southern Ry.
Etohadttle Ia eflaet May 16, wo.
Tniiis ioa\o l'nion Statlon for Waah
Ington and polnta north at 7 i:.. 808,
nd - 32a. m.. 1201, 239, B07, 8 18and
ll 33 p. m., dally.
Por Prederlckaburg, RIobmond and
polnta aoutb al 137,7 53 (loeal) and 1022
a. m.. 12 16, I 22, .'. 17 (loeal, 7 B and 907
p. m.
Aeeommodation for Frederiekabureat
11 28 a. m., daily. On week days this
train runa through to Mllford.
.\'..i i : Time ol'an i vals and departures
an.l conneetlonfl not guaranteed.
W. P. TAYLOJt, Tratne Manager.
Kichiiiond. Va.
:13rd Annual Tcmperance ??llusli"
Meeting, IMircellvllle, Va., Aiigu^t
2-1U, 1UIO.
Southern Kailway announccs aeeount
m very lon round trip
lar.-s from Waabington, Alexandrla,
Blucmonl and intermedlate polnta; datea
ofaale Augual lat to lOtfa Inelualve, flnal
return limit Auguat 11, 1910.
Speeial train will l.e openttcl from
Waabington and Alexandria to Pureell
vllle and return Auguat 3 (Wedneadaj .
leaving Washington 7:10 a. m. and Alex?
andrla (W. <fc O. Btation) 7.46 a m.. atop
pingat all pointa; returnlng leave Pur
. .-llville ...no p. m. same day. .Nullioieiit
. \n:. equlpment will i>e attaebed to
regular trama duringcourae oftbo meet?
ing to properly take eare oftravel goinf
:,n.l returnlng.
Special train will also be operated
Leeaburg to Pureellvllle Sunday, Au
7tb, leaving Leeaburg 1030 a. m.,
returnlng leave Pnreellville 7:05 p. m.
aame day.
OnTneadayand Wedneaday, Auguat
0 and 10, train 119, reeebing Leeaburg
H15 p. ni. will be oonUnued through to
Pureellvllle; returnlng leave PurcellvlUe
1025 p. m.. each night for Leeaburg.
Por I'lirther iiiformation call on near. st
Southern Railway tloket agent or irrite
L. s. Brown, Oeneral Agent, 765 Fif
teenth itreet nortbweat, Washington,
1-. < .
Virginia llorsc Show: l?IO.
Southern Kailway begB t0 atue
that low round trip fares have l.een ntt
thori/e.l on aeeount of the followinr
llorae Showaj
AJbemarle Horae .Show. C'harlottes
ville. Va.. Auguat9-10
iroiit Royal Horae Show, Front Royal,
Va.. Augual 16-17.
Warrenton llorsc Show, Warreiiton.
Va.. AugWlt :.1-Sepleml>er I.
l-'or furthor Informatlon ooncerning
?ntliori/ed. terrilory from whieh
applylng, datea ofaale, final limit. etc,
.-all 'upon BCUreot Southern Kailway
Williams "Empress"
Bath Soap
Best for the Bath.
Speclai, 6 cakes for 25g
Taylor's Pharmacy
616 King Street.
A good WHITE MAN for tbe atable
t Uavenaworth. Wti?? to Mra. LKFf
Burke, Virginia. marll U
Why Swelter in Town?
When you might be living in one of those cool,
comfortable, up-to-date homes in
They have every modern sanitary conven
ience, with wide porches and green lawns on
all sides.
Terms Right. Prices Right.
Ask any residents of Rosemont and they
will tell you how delightful a place it is.
Come out any evening and let meshow you
these beautiful homes.
Any Gentleman
who is foiul ..f a good snu.ke v.ill pie
fer a Cigar, tlie r< putation of whieh lia.s
been teated (or year-. Thia i- tha
with our
Choice and
A IMCe, cleail Sllloke. made "f tlie lie-l
tobacoo to be bad on tlie market, aml
made by alcilled and ezperii oced work*
Piedinont Cigarettes at $3.95 per thousand cash.
Hamilton and Co., 323 King St.
New Shows New Rides
Come Out and Dance
Music by Band of Fifteen Pieces
Free Gate Special Inducements to Picnics
iei 2m
Virginia SafeDeposit&TrustCorporation
Authorizcd Capital. 11.000.000. Paid in Capital. 1300.000.
C. J. Rixey. John P. Robinson, Thomaa J. Fannon. C. C. Lcadbcater. Henry K.
Field. Henry Baader. Georgc S. French. J. K. M. Xorton.
We act as Exccutor. Administrator and Trustec. Issue Fidclity. Contract.
Official and Judicial Bond.i. Gcneral Banking and Trust Business Transacted
Intcrest paid or. Savings Accounts. We solicit the accounts of Banks. Corpora
tions. Firms and Individuals. and promise liberal treatment consistcnt with
sound banking methods.
John Ahern & Co.,
Oorner Prinee and Oummeree Btreeta
and dealen ln
Oountrv produee reoelred dally.
ofrlalnand Fancy Oroeertea i m
bracea everything to be bad ln ilns line.
We hold largely in i nite.l Btatea bond
ed narehouae and carry Inatocb rarioua
branda ofthe beBt
made. Have alao ln itoreauperiorgradea
of Foreign aud Anaerleaa
Batudaetlon Qnarantaedaa to Prloa and
Quallty. _
W. A. Johnson & Co.,
v. E.ComerOameronaad Royal streets.
Gencral Commission Merchants
and dealen Ia
Have on iiand Qibaon'a XX, xxx.
XXXX and Pure Old Rye, Old Cablnet
and Monogram Whlakiea: alao Baker'a
:m,i -| | Pure Rye Wbiaklea, to
irbieh tiiey Invite the au.-niion of tha
Ordera from tbe eountry r..r merebaa
d ,11 reeeive prompt attention.
Conalgnmenta of Flour, Oralq aud
Country Produee aoliclted, for whieh
they gtiarantee the blgheat market prteea
and' 17r<>111}<t rpturns.
Manufacturcr of
oui. ? axo aroaaa: UMH ft, aoiai.ar.
Dealer in Hardware. Paints. Agricul
tural Implemcnts.Vchicles.Harnesa.
Field and Garden Seeda.
wajnaaocaaa, bocth i r, o.\
, im ,,t aorrnaaa uam.way.
Also Grain, Hay, Straw
andall kindsof Mill Feed
Will alwaya keep in stock the ii;
grade af these artii
Colonial Beach, Va.
- Woodlawn -
Second Street from Boat Landing.
Mrs. S. Tasker, Prop*
Txaillxatcr ?. uiuninteedlherrv Cougli
Remedy to eura eougha. We uon'taay
or your inoney back, becauae there a
qo need. It curee: %5o bottle.
LBLI8HED 1822.]
Henry K. Field & Co.,
Sueoeeaora t..
OF Al.l. kinhs.
Lumber, Cement and Plaster.
OAeeand Tard ii". N. i'nion ataeet
i'aetory No. 111 N. I.o-i-trect.
Material D. liver. d FBEE in tbe city.
An electric fan will cool your
office. store. shop or any room in
your house.
Electric lights give off less hcat
than any other mcthod of illumi
nation and do not consume the
oxygcn in thc air.
An electric iron does not require
a hot fire in the room nor the
necessity of walking back and
forth between the board aud the
Call on|ua |for facts and figure..
Alexandria Electric Co.
524 King St.
Var.??.-i7- bnlng the apiceof lil
V dtlClj are not going to conflnc
oiir-ehes to tlie ??eut and drled" II
of buaineaa falk. uweurere ln thefiab
buaineaa are would alm to give ii an odoff
of fiowera. We would elimlnate all that
araa dlaagreeable aud feature ii ln the
beal poaalble way.
\\ e invite you to look upourapaci
here at l.-a-t I I'ew tinn-- m u.-.-k. We
bave aome Jokea that are hcalthy and
wholeaome, aome thoughta that w, bave
pleked up from other- that are I
nritb atrength and force, and oneelna
while we unoork bottlej of our own
tilant wit. and ariedom. So look here
i.rteii aml oome oltener to
Cameron Dairy Lunch
Mf Kin-sir. ? ? Open All ffbjht'
Mi-. Winslow'aSoothing Syrupistho
preaerlptloa of ouc of tho haat toaaale
physieians ftnd r.uraes in tlie United
and has lx?cu used for fifty years
w it Ii i.ever-failiag succcas by millions ol
inoth.rs lor tlwlr ciiiidren. It rellevee
the ehild MnB pain, cures diarrhoea,
jfripinjr in the boweia, and wind nollc.
By giviug heaith to the child it reats the
motber. Twenty-flvo cenU a bottle.

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