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titta ?ttzetfo
Sun and Tide Table.
Siin rise- tomorrow at ."ir.'J and HOUG42.
Iligh water at l2aVa. m.
Weather Probabilitiei.
Kor this BB.Uaa imsettled wialher.
with abowera toalght or Prtdny; eooJer
Iriday; moderate to lirisk BBUtfc and
sollthwe.-l wi.'ul
Alevandrians who reached this city
last night on the steamer QwBM Anne
from Ookmial Baaoli told of a aad
drowtiiug aecnleiil at that re-ort yes
terday mormng. Tbe victim was
Coiirtney B. Taggart, i yoimg man of
Washirigton, who gave his <>wn life
that two of his girl frieiids might livc.
The hodv had not heell foutid when
the steamer left at <'. o'cJock ye-terday
eveniiig. The yoimg woineii the im
fortunate man aaved are Lena and
Obra Thomits. aiatera of his fiance,
Miss Fdna Tfaomaa, and daugbten of
Ifra M.nv K. Thooiaa, of vVaahington.
They were all niemUrs of a eanipmg
party. Taggart, who was :.'?_' years old.
was , iiiploved a- a < leik by the Ameri
I ,n Seenrity and Trust Cotnpany.
He waa ihe aoa of WilUam B. Taggart,
a retned merehant, of Washmgtoti.
Tbe drowning eame at a time when
the gayety of the eamping party was
at it- bighest, and se.n.- of persolis
laughrd at the fiantie effoit- of the
yOUOg people to BBV? tl.einseK es.thllik
ing they were merely having their us
ual morning apotl in the river. The
young women had been in a eaiioe
and left the boal and were diverting
tln inselves m the water wheli they
g..t beyond their depth. When they
cned for belp Taggart ruahed to their
reacue. He aaved tbe girl.' livea, bul
sank bim-' If Taggart wa- to have
mained Mha Kdna Thoma- next Oo
Several inotorboal md rowhoal caaea
were h. ard before Colle.-f Cuatoma
Btone, in Bartimore, yeaterday, foi
violating the lawa regulating motorand
rowboaia. Tbe tir-i caae wa- thal ol
the ownei of m rowhoal who operated
the aaaae on Bunday nighl afteir dark
without baving any hght at hand to
?bow in caae of neceaaity, and . fine of
|90 was impused under Articlc 7, ol the
pilot mles, whieh reada:
'Kowing l.oats, whether under oars
oi aail, ahall have ready al hand a
lantern ahowtog a whita Hgld whieh
ahall b> tomporarily exbibited in aufhV
eient t i111? - I" preveiit eollisioii."
In tlie ea-e of a inan who was oper
ating a lowboal whieh had no owner
ahip, the boal was aeiaad. In the caae
of anotber man who was rowing a boal
afler sunset withonl a hght, the club
whieh owns the boal waa flned 1900.
The owner of a gaaotioe boal wbich
wa- operated after s?nsel ou Siinday
nighl withonl ligbta were Hned 1100.
There are many motOI and other
boatsownedin Alexandria al nreaant.
Thoae operating tne aame anoura -??>?
that all requirementa of the preaent
laws are oomplied with.
[Justi.v II. H. Caton presiding.]
Tbe followmg eaaaa were diepoeedof
tbis inorioiig:
Kufus Rohtnaoa, cofored, charged
with lar.eiiv ..f gro.ei les, WM lined |5.
.lames Mdlei. cofored, charged with
?jamulting Jack ihggle. akw cofored,
bad his ease eonlinn.-.1.
A white inaii, charged with uejng
abusive language toward a i)eighl,,.i.
was dismisse.l.
A young white man. anapeetad ol
Steahng a waleh. ha.l hia ease .011
Bjaw. B. R White, ol Ihe Baptiat
Cbureh offkiated the marriage at
Bockrille, kld.,oo Monday evenlng, of
Mi-s Pearl Cbrietiau kfaupin and Har
m v i...,. \llen. ii..ih of Alexandria,
the eereux.nv being DerfOfTOed m the
parl.ir <-l the Mi.nlg.M.i.rv Hotel Al
thougfa the young peopte deoied being
runawaya, thev broughl with them
only enougb money t" pay car (are
and buy the liceoae, and bad to promiee
the niinixiei to aend In- l.e i.v mail.
|V I'leiniial conventi.f the
An.ient Ordef of Hrberniana of Vir
ginm oompleted the aecond an.l final
aaaaioo in ihe Marphy Hotel in Bicb
nioud v.st.i.lav. The folfowing oflfoara
were eleet.d Fie-idelit, Cliarle- A
McHugb, |{..am>ke. Yi.v-l'i.sid.-nt.
John T. Rnrigbt, Newport Newa;
ffocretary, Francja T. Quinn, Afoxan
dria; Tre.x-uier m iiiiani mvwwun**,
Boanoke. Boanoke is the next ptaoa
of meetinii __^^ _
Kenii.tli Baggatt, who sh,.t Oerkoa
Aeton in ihe left foot io a public bouaa
last Moiiday afternooo, this moming
furniabed beil io the aani of $:,,'? f"1
his apptareii.e in tbe Bohce Courl
wheo Actoo ahall have aufBciently re
covcred io appear.and waa refoaeed
The cai.aciiv of the big tents i<
Iways tested dtirmg WeJOOn boouj
)\\ Shows' eiigagtment. and if l DCk
.Ivin and Aunt Mu\ daaiM mu.h
jnifort and more peaoa of mind. it
ould be beet t.. ailoei the childreo to
ring tliem tuthe afternoon axhibitfona,
here the 00* tnenagerie OHO b
>a nmchbettei adranUg*. and more
itue given to ahaorb tbe deacriptive
uowledge BO pfc aeantlj nnfolded by
be gentlenianly le.ture)-.
Tbe new meiiag. 11, is :\ raet collec"
ion of the earth s moal intfircelilig and
narvel.'Us wcexdere. Nea cagea, n.lling
tock aqoiptneot, all hright in gold
,nd silver, will be Men for tbe lirst
ime after a full winter s etohalhah
nent by acoraa of expert artisans.
["he circus department is< anb
riany new and novel aota will attiaet
ttention in the big tent. where hun
Ireds of skilled performtrs will vie in
hendly cooteeta for awpreanaej The
lig shows will exhdnt in the north
restern sevtion of thi- citj . on Friday.
lept i _
Bample Shoes, worth $5.00, $6.00
tnd $7.00; your choice, $2.24. 8ee
mr windowa. J. A. Maraball dc Bro.,
k?2 King itreet,
What catne near l?i<ig . sermiis BC
ident oecurred .1 tbe oornar of Wa-h
igton and King BtreeU bua niant.
lr Rohlev D. Bii.mhaek boardeu a
rainat that poiut and while tlietiaii.
raa in motioo a membor ol tbe l**
aglon Fire Oouipany aHrtad In ge
n He miss.d his footaog and
?as grabbed by Mr. Brnmback, bwl
einga beavy man his weighl was teo
.ocbforhimtoboWand befell under
?. ,ar Mr. Finest 1 >.ahl was stand
ig near bv at tbe time and rBBCUed
ic -tiaiiger from what inight have "'?
iirred to bim a daawtrowa accideat.
Miss Joaephiae Nalls has as her
neal kfiaaea NYllic and Fanui. Owena,
' Keeto-town. and Miss Mary Turby
II, of Culiicper.
Mr. Fllwood S. Wheatley, of this
ty and Miss Clara 1'rice were married
Rockv Moiint, N. t'., Sunday last,
,- Father Wharthy. Aftei agMtdmg
icir botieymoou the bride and groom
ill make their home in this city.
kf is- Bva B. Oowling ia viaiting her
other, Kev. Kdward W. Cowling, at
ia eottage at Willoiighby Beaeh.
Messrs. Joaeph H. Il.'amsey, Heiny
?hnell and J. B. Wells have just re
irned from a plea.-ant ernise on Mr.
anisey's y.n ht on the Helaware river,
inking headquartera al I^'wes, Del.
Mr. Henry Bchnell, wholawell and
voial.ly known here. has piin?hased a
indsome home m Spring City, I'a.,
id will move his family to that ( ity,
ucli to the regret of his frietid- here.
Mr. Joel M. Coehran of the lirm
.locl M. Coohraa, A Co.. of this.
ty, a resideiit of Cbai lottesville, i- m
a; city a guest of his partner, Mr,
baa. K. Jonea.
Cliief Robinson and Mr. Val l>an
dl, of the city of Fredei iekslmrg,
e here helping to elihven tbe oeea
in of their fire laddie- vi-it.
Mayor t?. B. Boller, who has been
ii- executive <?f Harriaonbnrg aince
$96, excepl foi two yeani be spent in
arama, ia attending the convention
ith the company from thal city.
,. is one "f tbe only two republican
ayoi- in Virginia. The otbei pre
I,- OVer the ile-linie- of W'vtlieVllle.
Mr. and Mn l i Davkfeon bave
tiirned from a vi-il tO Warnn countj
Colonel .lohn s. Moaby reacbed Har
aonburg on Tueaday afternoon and
i-nt iiiinndiat.lv to Rawley Bpringa
.I a -hori atay,
Col. Morton Maryi, auditor ol pub
? aei iiimt.-. waa al lns offlce in Rich
ond Tneabay, after being eonfined to
is home for lliiee w eks by illlie
i- repdrted thal CoL Marye will nol
I a candidate for re-( leetioii.
Mr. Qeorge Wiae ha. returned from
twowaek.' vacation rpental Ocean
Mrs K. 1, l.ainheth i- Bpending .
w weeka in Atlantie City,
Miss Mattn Jonea is \ uiting nei
int, Mis. .1 B. BheRon, near Frede
Mr and Mr*. Alexamler Bowie and
ildren are spendinfL aone time al
e borne of Ifr, J, Ii. SheHonat Frede
IJre. w. K. Lynch and .Miss Ruth
Hiiian, of Culpeper, Ifiaa Erelyn
nimer. of Johnatown, Pa., Miss
paaa Wiight. ol Bbepherdatown, w*.
t., and Misa Lena Lynch, of Ifanaa
i, are sisiiing Mi-s Margarei Ureene.
Mr. (leorge H. Tyler. has gone Io
lieago wbere be is eogaged in bui
Miss FforenceJenkina, ofHerndon,
tirfax county, and Mi-s Beaaie Cuok,
Waahiogton, were amongthe rbntora
this eily Inday.
Mr. Claiide I'uims. of Cliailull.sx ille.
bere attending the contentioo. II.
a.eonipame.l hv Mis I 'ii t v is.
Ifr. Qeo. Hantimon, formerly of
i- . it\. is >>n a ahort \ i-n to hia old
Mrs. H. M. Foltz an.l daughler.
i- Linnie KIkins. is \isitingin thia
Among the tormer /klexandnana in
ns .ity today waa Mr. Jamea K
Former Ifayor Downham has re
irned from a vi-it Io Allanlie City.
Mr. .1. M. Johnaon will atteod ihe
eetingof the National Bai Aaaociation
Chattanooga, aa a deJegate from the
irginia Bar Aaaociation.
Kev. T. F. Ackerman, of Pfymouth,
eaident of theEaaternWuconain Fin
ssot iatii.n siuee the oi gani/ation in
100, i? among the visitors in thia city
Dr. Julian T. Miller, V. B. N.. is in
iis city ..ii a \isii I,, hia faniily.
Thera waa a falae alarm ?.f lire ahort
? after ten o'elo.k lasi night.
IVtll:. U';i...... ,iulA?mi Hubaiu
culored coiiple, were man ied last
?ht by Bev. Fatber Cutler.
Bxtenaive big*gun teata are to be
ndticted oti the lower l'olomar with
b Taltehaa.ee and the ram Ka
A marriage luen-e was iaeuad m
aahiugton yeaterday to Balph F.
ane, .it Fali- Church, and Cl
Wrn. Carter, colored, who was ar
ated on Baturday at Biveraide, Fair
x oounty, charged with cruehy to
imb animala in ovei driving a horae,
is fined *7 70 by Juatice Wright at
outit Vernon on Tueaday
QmM Wardeii Payne, of Fairfax
unty, on Tueaday arraated John
DOng, colored. on tbe cliarge of kill
g hirds in violatioii of the law, He
ii carried before Juatice \\ ngiit, at
iiunt Yernon, oleed guilty and pakj
tine and 008t of 16 80 for one bird.
Seleet Boft Bhell Craba OB toaat and
rrited Craba at Bptnka'a Cai'e, Prfnee
d Royal streets._
As tbe eompeiition between the hands
the grand atand tonigbt will be con
ied to the visitorsfrom different DOtnta
the Itate, tf is UM intenthn of the
Howing muaioal organizations t<> take
rt in tbe coateat for the priaea:
arrisonburg Band. Eagle Xo B, Xew
irtNewe; Annex ttose Co.. Xewport
;ws: Fort Monroeand Suffolk band-,
>e rule of the eommittee is that th.
ashington city banda or local bands
ill not be allowed to enter the eonteat
Tomorrow afternoon OO the Alfred
raat giovnda the Oardinal Athlelie
lub of this ,ny will play a game wsth
le Charlottesville nine, A good game
A eharterwasissued yesterday by tbe
late Corporation Commission to the
hfinri l.and Improvement Company
Ine.l, Chftoii, Fairfax county. R. C.
lickey, president; W. H. Mathers,
,,-e pi'esidetit: R. R. Buckley. secre
,i\ and treasurer?all of Clifton Forge,
?a. Capttal: Maxiinum, 115,000;
,,i,inmm, *f>.(XX>. Ohjccts: (i.-ni-ral
?al e-tate, qwarrying, lumlier and
lerehandise hiisincs-i._
Mi-. Helen Bin kmaster, wifeof I>r.
k. ii. Buckmaater, of the Univeraity
f Virginia. dted in Rew Vork city
Dnring the paat eii montha, from
mnaiv 1 toJuly 1, #ir?t?,<MH> is said
. have been sent out of I'etersburg for
n- purcbaee of autonmbiam
Mha Minnie D. Harrell, of I>ela
lan. . and Mr. W'illiani .1. Harrell,.of
?ashingtoti. were married in BockviUe
i-sterday by Rcv. B H. Wbite. of tbe
aptist Clnirch.
Qeneral Thomaa T. Mnaford, of
ynchbiirg. has been appointed chair
iaii ..f the history eoininittee of tbe
rand Camp of Confederate Veteians
' Viigmia to fill the vacaney caused
f the deatfa ?>f Benator DaoieL
The atate board <?f baaKh will Band
i. Br.iy. a typhokl fever expert, to
, Vall.v toiiiake an mvestigation of
nuliiions caaaing the disease. He
ill make his headquarters in Har
Bev. Jacob Thomaa. 87 yearaold, a
?tind ininister of the Chureh of the
rethren, faiiner, taimer and mill
vner, died yesterday near Spring
reek, Rockingham ooonty, after an
Iness of live vears.
H Skipwilh Coles died in Cbar
tteaville yerterday after a brtef illnaa.
i,l the body was aentto Bkhmond for
irial. H. was a aoo df tbe late
icker -s ('oles, of Qreen Mountain,
Ibemarle county. He was born and
ared iii Ali.einarie.iiiitleft tbe county
. yearaago to engage in farming in
ecktenburg county.
The rurvivora of the l.ittle Folk
angera, a famoua Cnlpeper military
,,i,p,ny iii the Confederate Bervice,
Id then fortieth annnal remiioii yes
rdaj -n Oak Bhade, in that county.
nt fea of the roemben were preaenl
ihe reunion, moel of tbem baviog
i--ed a\\a\. btll there was a large at
ndance of the poblic after the buai
-- meeting,
Foimer lioveilior Molllaglle, whosl
,,m. i- iii Richmond, left New York
r Burope veatorday oo board the
driatic, of ihe \\ Inte Star line. He
?- aboard a- an Arnerican dategate
the Inteinatioiial Congress of Mare
iii,? l.aw. wbich will convene in Brus
|g ,?, Beptember 12. The meeting
as t.. bave be.n held last October,
, . I|.d. lioveilior Monta
le Will lllll leimii ?".?, ????~.
The Chalata SitiiHtiui) In Kusitla;
st Peteraburg, Auguat Jf>.?The
lolera aituation in parta of Aaiaatic
us-ia is declared today to be aethreat
g u in BOutbern Buropaan Russin.
tong the Ural riw and io tbe Tomsk,
itiim an.l Ocnek disiii. is the dieeaao
tpreading rapidly, with only the
osi meagre fa.ilities at band for
rhting it.
W'llll. ili the eell rooll) of the I ?eea
r. Ali . jad todayBheriff Thomaa K
lipp waa attacked by two oegro pm
? i- uiin tried to focfc bim in acell in
der tO faeililate a jail delivery
bej we.e getting the bettec of
m, wlieii lns wife and daughter.
I,., had lieard Ihe struggle, ap|.eared
ui.d with a slu.t guu and an aulo
iati< pistol. They Bred a couple of
(Otl OVei Ihe heids ,,f the prisoners
i,| the lait.i prOmptly Bur.eodered.
he aheriff aJtboogh badly hurt, will
?eover. ^_
W.tliei V. Boyle, a clerk in the
u.-ioHi.e Departmeni in Waahiogtoo,
M Bled a complaint againat the Great
alls and OM Dominfon Railway,
larging .liscriniinati..n againat ita
iti.,11- in the third-fare aoneof tbe
impany between Waahingtoo and
reat Falls. hefore the Interslate <..iu
uree e.iinmis-i.,'i. In his eharges he
ates that Ihe passengers who ha\c t,,
, t, town every day ge4 commotatkio
iok.-, good for lifty-two rides. f..i
ln. Ii they mii-i pay $8.90, t<>o mucfa
.1 the distanee. In some of the
lonlhs three are only tweity-six work
ig daya, whicb meana that each paa
mgera has to pay ?"> ceota additional
tre f'" each remaining day. The
?Kt U l.'i|Ulie ..ia. .111 ii.. ....... ...
we.l hy Ihe eoiiiniiintation ticket
nst he niade wiihin a nionth or they
e valuele.s*. . _
Dysenlery is a dangerOUl dis.ajaa bul
n i? cured. Chaniberlain'i Oolic,
bolera an.l Diarrhoea ReuMdy has
?eii lucceaafull) aaed in nineepidemics
'dyaentery. [thaanerarbaao known
fad. It i- equally valuable for chil
eii and adults. and wheii redueed wilh
u.r and swet teiud. it is pleasant to
ke. BoM by \Y. F. Creighton and
ichard (iihson.
ard Crabf. Soft Craba. Devded Craba
and Crab Salad
footof King Street
,. uiiiil 1,1 ii m 'inr.iin
W are no*. jn-t abonl to roimd out
? tu-t year of our existence. Tbe
ing thal will kecp
ameron Dairy Lunch
er freah in your mind is H. parennaal
uth. Notbing ever gete oM or itaj.
re and.hke a lady carefol of her age.
inain- forever ".lu-t Bweat BtXtoeO.
Cameron Dairy Lunch
>en all night. M King stre.--..
CKOLD BRACELET, beartng the ini
la A. G T. Rewaird If retorned to
li;-.i\ .- DRUG STORE, aagSS ft
\'|i 11 I.usr.-In front of SBOKing
Sireel. \\idlie-itl\ Bight Hetlllll
alx-ve addreaa and reoelve retvaru.
V LECTOB for Inatallmaat bonae;
.berandimlustriuus. Addrc*
1. H< iBSOJi.general delivery. \Va*h
An eawaged atcer aacapad from aa
inu-euieiit park in ChicagD, yesler
ny and after aeatteriftg pedeetnana
illed two borsea.
Continued reporta of the great yi.ld
f wbeat hadkatetbatcropa io Ihe la
h> northweat will 1m- larger than <x
H. I. Allaon, of Westov r. I'a . :i
i.seharged passenger hrakeinan pf ihe
ehiisylvania llailroad, hroke mlo a
aggage ear ye.-ler.lay and robbed ihe
ife of $1,000. He waa arreated.
W.st Yirginia's ooal oiitpul for *JB
?cal y?ar ended Jwne 80, 1810, inll
oee.i 80,000,000 foog tona, an m
?easeover the ouipui for the precediog
Mr of 80,000,000 foog tona.
Dr. John \Y. Bulkley, who waa tbe
rst pbvsieian Io PMCfa Mr. laiie-i n
hen tbe I'resident was abot by Booth,
ed in Washingioii 00 Tw daj
ening. ,
The old atage COtch that rarried
oraee GrreeJey acroaa the cootioeoj to
<")'.?, and was the aubjed of Mar?
aain'a l>est Mory, has bean brought
id will be exhihited at I eoorrty
TheChand Aerie Fraternal Order of
ttgles at a se.rel sestfofl in Bt. 1^'l'i
afterday refoeed to peranil a dehvy of
e report of UM Irial eommittee whi.h
st hight investigatedeb.'irge-lh .1 foUl
rnier ottieers diveiied $18,080 fttMj
e fuoda of the order.
Aeeording to adispat.h whi.h r.a.h
I Cbartotta from llot Bpringa, Mad*
n ooanty, N. <'.. lightning atruck the
leple Of Raldwin Chapel, 14 miles
jm that pla.v, Siinday, killing ihree
an aml seriously iojuriog three
Fnless Yiee I'resident Shei m.lli
langes bis mind. he will mver again
I eandidale for I politieal office.
ic eonstruelioii is put 00 a statemenl
iieh be niade at Walertnwn, N. Y ,
I)r. \Y. J. G. Salrnmi. of 0M Forge,
i niade the faet knoWli \<"t' ' I IJ
at a girl baby born to Mr. and ura.
imea Payne, of Mooeic, three wreka
[o, weighed oolj 1 pound and 12
mces.aiidon heing weigbedagain yca
rday had gained ju-t one ounOB.
Seveli nieliihers of the crew of ihe
inerican whaling Bcbooner Pedro
irelo were lodged in Ihe city jail in
iltirnoreyeaterday. Fiveofthem are
argcd with plundering and diaahling
eahipat eeaaod two are beW aa
.\eillllielll Witlie-. -
Jere 8. I.illis, who was I.nd and
an n in the Kan-U City h"ine of I..I111
Cudahy, denied veaterd?y that be
II marry Mrs. Cudahv. who ha- jn-i
itailnd a divoree fioin her hn-li:;lid
i the grounds of incompatibility. Mr*
idahy al-o deiiies tln- raport.
Mr.. Martin CoOO -mpp-d off ihe
ghl ear of her boaband in Heu Vork,
aterday with a raxor. Bbe waa
TOBted and admitted baving doiie the
itting. "Yes. I eni nff his e.n and
m glad of ii." she aaid. "W by?"
ked the magistrale "He lalked tuo
ueh," saul the WOman "and th il an
>yed me,"
Edward Wegner. of Namuii.N. Y..
lot and killed his wiTe with a shotgun
,rly yesterday morningaiidhe w i- h
sted during the day. Wegner and
s v.ife were mariieil :'.'< years .go,
nl have one -on, Bgedl8, F< I
?ar- pasl ihe home had breii unhapp)
?eause of Wegn.r's hard diinking.
Mrs. BobartThompaon, .ged32, ol
itt.-tield, near Cony. I'a.. WBB ahol
id instantly killed yeaterday by bei
,'year-old son, I'ewey. The boy had
N30 presented with a rille and was
inwiiig his mother bow he would kill
hiirglar. The gun WM dl-ehargid.
a- bullet atriking Mra. Thompaon in
a- bead.
The placingofa g2-caliber revolver
irtridge on the -iirfaee eai line of the
l,,,,l A,..,,.... l'..ili,,iil il Tui-nlv
ii-. 1 street Rew York. ye-nrday, by
ine iinknown peraon, ean-ed -. rioiis
jury to Iffaa Mary Kenny, 19
ar- okl, who waa croaaing tbe avenue
that point. Tbe cartrldge waa ? .
ided by the eonlacl of the eaiwheel
nl the hllllel -tmek her in the light
mple. The young girl waa taken lo
?lli wie Hoapital in a critical con
The pope received in nrivate andienr*
the hall of the eon-i-lor\ iu BomC
?terday a group of 150 Anieri a i-.
cluding a dehgatioii of 50 membera
the Knighta of Columbua. Tln
i|n- Bzpreaaed aatiafaction at meetini
r tbe BBOOnd time this month tln
)ights. whoat uork in the United
itea he highly appractatea. H<
anked the delegation for their oft.i -
g and urged tbe knights to remain
hmissivc to their l.i-lmp-. who np
sent tbe ehorcfa.
R. H. Barker, re-idmg in Hinwiddic
unty near Churcli Boad, hi
ed granite of finaqualitj on In- farm.
iere are abOOl 'Ji'iaere- of tln- :'l inlle.
]l;iiid-ome Ohina Bugar Bowl
and Craam Pltebar free with 50e
wnrth of our Faney Tea. Coffei
Baking Powder, Bpleca aad i i
Butter.lb. ... 33c
AVP Laundry Soap. 8 bar* 25c
Peanut Butter. Ih . . . 11c
Gold Dutt.19c
A V P Condcnicd Milk.
3 cans.2fle
Cherrie*. 2 cans .... 25c
Full Crcana Chee?ejb. 18c
Campbell Soupa. 3 cans . . 25c
Poitum.pks; ... 12 and 22c
Olivei. Quecn 10c. 15c and 25c
Malt Vinetftr.bot .... 18c
Swift SiWer L?af Lard ..15c
Prunea. Ib . . ? 5c. 8c and 10c
Hecker'a Cream Oatmeal. 3
Fancy Grapejuice. bot. 10 and 20c
The Great Atlantic ??
Pdcific Tea Co.,
P^,one9~Bell 277. Home 171.
v\ ii p - BOOal aad BOARD for
,. younj-couple by September 10th.
reakfanatfr*. Apply "?.." (J"-e.ttt,'
ffice, ?M?W *
Washington, D. C.
$I(Tt6 $15
Suits or Coats
For $3.98
Ooainf i>ut priee- an.l are do aot expeet onegarment to be bere |fter B
o'elock tomorrow.
CholoeofClotb Suita Ltnen HulU. Silk Coata
Tbe rewular prioea were $10 to $16, yet cholcc ia offered at any <>f tneae
tomorrowToi -''l!. BultBeetton.
i Victor Talking Machines,
Banjos, Guitars, Violtns, Mandolins.
e| All visitors to the Firemen's Convention are
el cordially invited to call and hear the WON
el greatest musical invcntions of the agc.
?j SandersA, Stayman Co.
l%j 612 King Street and 1327 F Street, N. W., Washington, D. C.
rhe New Opera House
,ln,av .ketch artiata. Late of Buay bxy Co., in the ^^jtndjhe Widow.
Tbe Pianofiend.
Bngliafa Comedienne and Clog
(?ont.nuons|ietfoiina..<e.,i.ditly7.:Ii>. All -,-at- 10c.
MatineeaWed.lay* a.,d Baturday. All -:?>5c
,,..,r,., nmiee- Thurwiay, Fnday
10.30 a. in. Excellenl rmuric
Rncrial f"i the convention Life pieture i
.dJStnrday, Auguat 25,28 and 27. aUrtmg al
, veTy performance.
|*.-,f.. t orderat all time-.
,n mn-t have li.kel
Comewhen you like, gowben youpleaae. Chil
ang28 Iw
,1 noirvelolis TOKU KISHI. tlie WO.ldel .lap. Ill foot juggling
". ?"" "''..PJ, k iLi.i will do bia deatb-defying bIUIa for life FREEout
A ilnH ,,f HOF
BRAUi.eer will re
rreeben you after
[the night'a Bleep,
invigorate you and
|||| yoll foi? I he
lay's WOrk.
your comfort
depends large
ly on your re
fresh m ents
along the road.
V gbuBI of HOF
BRAU beer with
t,,|,s it off" jnst
,ight aml belpa
be Btomach to di
nal thes,,hd fooda
At Ni
V bottie of HOF
BRAU l.eerwdl be
ippreciated, ea
pecially if body "r
irain is fatigued.
t is nottriabiog
tnd -treiiglh.niiig
m.l loothea the
We Can Serve You
Brewing Co.
?Phone No. 49-B
ii,m s one wtthoot an
equal at the priee and
ia fully guanuateed.
1", jewel niovement in twenty
v.-ar goad Died ease.
R. C. ACTON af SON3.
Jewelera and Silverimitba.
Carry your
favorite hot or
cold drink in
eeps drink icy cold for days and steam
g hot for 24 hours. You are invited
1 examine them.
Jaunders & Son
629 King Street
/Vm. H. Peck
i:.,(ii:lis pRoVISlOKS RTOOD
f-OAL I.IM" I KMI n i . l l:i: \
(, i. \*-- i\\i\ l - AND OIL,
vory Wall Plaster
A large ,|iiantit\ Ol DOW BOd Beeond
iii,I luml.er aml -, e-md haml bri.-k for
le ebeap
riiKI i: SECOND-8T0R1 ROOM8,
L furnisbed or unfurniabed; nae of
ano Io adulta: in tbe aouthweat aection,
,n\eiii.iit to i nion rtatlon. Addreaa
i \ i Gexette offlee. aui
1 with bath; exeeltent loeation. Apply
6 nortb W'asbiDgton itrect,
augl3 in*
Woodward & Lothrop
Speeial attention is called to an attraetiM-i-ollection of Boy.' Suits, faslr
ned of all-wool materials, in ligbl and niedmni weights, and in Norfolk and
liible-breasted styles, with kuiekerhoi kei tions,.rs. Shown in attraetive and
rvieeable shades of gray, tan, and brown, and in ajeea 7 to 17. We li;ui- dl
ded theni intO two lots. as follow.
$6.00 Each. Were 16.50 and $7.50. 17.50 Each, \VerefS.50to tV2
All Straw Hats reinainitig in stock are off.-rcd at a greatly redueed price for
na! clearance. Ineluded are st> les for both boy. and girls, iu niiddy and
ulor Btyle., of inilaii and sennit braids. willi plain or hnund edges.
Clearance Price, 50c Bach. Value np to fo.lH>.
We also offer for quick clearance a nianufactuier's sample line of Wasb
[at. at a fraetion of their regular price. They are maile of duck, linen, and
ungee, in all the desirable shapcs and Btyle. for boys and girls. Marked for
earance at the
Special Price, 26c Each. Wortli np to $1.00.
Third lloor?10th st.
Special Showing of tlie New Sweaters. <
The New Sweaters show inore style and eharaeter t.hati eve;\ and from pres
nt indications will be universallv .worn this fall and winter?for autoing.golfing
reet wear, and various other purpOBB., taking ihe plaee of boafaj and wrafj |o
great extent.
They are fashiotied coat style rnd made in the poptilar semi litting elfeet,
ith Ve neek or high ncck and standing eollar. All si/es from 84 10 42 fOC
oineii and iiii.sses.
$3.00 to 17.50 eaeh.
Third Hoor?(? st.
\nother QII l^Q
3ig Sale of OI aUlYaJa
Dress lengths Figured Taffeta Silk Foulards, plain
hades Rough Silk Pongees and Fancy Jacquard Silks,
alues ranging from 49c to 69c, on front bargain table
Choice 25c Yd.
D. Bendheim & Sons.
5 -" "??'?'
of Alexandria. Virginia
CAPITAL, $100,000 SURPLUS, $125,000
Edward L. Daingerfield, President.
Carroll Pierce, Vice President.
Richard M. Green, Cashier.
Edward L. Daingerfield
J. C. Smoot Jas. W. Roberts
Worth Hulfish Carroll Pierce
M. A. Ahern Urban S. Lambert
The Citirena' National Bank haa been directly identified with the H
mercantile. manufacturine;. and jobbina; interests of Alexandria for forty K
yeara. and. with it* large capital. ample aurplu*. conaervative directorate, n
protfresaive management and convenient location. i? cquippcd to satiafac- M
tention which haa been a vital tactor in its straataat ana conunuoui u
al Rstate Loana, Fire Insurance
On the south side of King street betweeti
Alfred and Patrick streets, a fine three
story brick dwelling. containing eleven
rooms and bath, with all modern conveni*
ences, good dry cellar, large lot, with side
and rear alleys. Special price for ten days
For further particulars see.
107 South Royal Street, Alexandria, Va.
ty and Suburban Propertiea. Stocka aod Bonda

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