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With the beglnning of Beptember'
the new Ptate law r-garding the in
apection of boteJa andlaundriea will be
come effeetive, and the atate healtb
department will bave the work ofcon
dootiag the in-peetion-. and aeeing thal
the laws are aoforced llen-nfter no
peraon will bealkiwed <" ajeep in any
rooin adjoioiog or opening into a place
used a*; a laundiy. and n.. peraon auf
fering from an infe.tious diaeaae will
be allowed t.. work in any BUfh eatab
liahment. The hotela are to r.n.w the
linenon all hedsafter they ahall bave
been used hy a gucet, and all abeeta an
to be mit les< than . ligferi f.'t l"iig. The
sanp- law reejoiree that botel men ahall,
at least twiee in ea.h y.ar. funiigate
every aleeping rooun in their eetabliah
rnents, and in oaaeof infectioua or oon
tagious disease ahall OOt r.s>- the room
uiitil it shall bave been throughly dia
infeeted under dire.lioii of a h.allh
ohVial. Th.- ooata tor the hiapeotioni
are to 1m- paid hy the hotel men.
With Ttteodore Rooaevell Bpceding
acroau tbe prairiee, and greetiog tbe
inhabelantB nf lowa towna today,.I
dle west poltticana are predicting that
the politicalfutureofRooaevell iabound
to l>e either president or pn-ideni
maker. They believe that Rooaevell
can "come l.a.k." and aay "tbe enor
nious popularily <>f Rooaevelt" baa nol
waned in the alighteet, And at every
town thaRooaavetl train baa beengreet
*d arhhahouta offTeddy in 1912!
"Back to the White Houae, Teddy! "
"Go after 'em; w.-'re with you!" Rooae
velt has made no reply to ihe ahouts
?o far, but tbe smile widens a liltle
when an entbuaiasf luggeata another
U-rm as pr.si.lent and the crowd goea
wild. Rooserell amilee broadly aod
denies promptly whenever th<- tbird
terni|booni ia roentioned. "Wbom tbe
gods wisb to deetroy they Bratrnake
inad. " It may prove .-" jn thia eaae.
Thksuiihihi widowei-isnot anexclu
aively Ain.ri.an type, according to
an artiele m "Die Wocbe." Berlin
has so many ..f thia - Ia--. which ia
fortunate or otherwiae, according to
the point of view of Inni whodiacuaaea
it, that speeial trains whirii run for
their aceomodation between that city
and Swinemunde. Ablbeck and Her
ringsbof m the aummer- aeaaon are
known m [t!i.- "atrohwitworauge
grass widowers' traina, Theac traina,
on which the aumuiei widowers make
their weekly \i<it> to tbeir familiea,
have given the comir oearapaper men
mueh paragraph inal.rial. I'.u! the
fact that they are alway- crowded ahowa
that the Germao auromer widower
dislikes the ooodition,
Is iiii: Bupreme Lodge of the Order
of tbe llooaa in aeaaion in Bnltimore
jaaaarday while a delegate waa pre
senting a ga\el made from the parl
of a bed in which General Stonewall
Jackson alept at bia birthplaee
near (Markshmg. W. Va.. a Pennayl
vania aaeoDber abouted: "I did npl
come bere t<> listen t.. a rebel apecch.
socutitout." Many in tbe audito
rium sbouted to him to -n dbwn, l>.n
he seeniingly paid noattention t>? theni
until the sergeiint-at-aiiiis ordi re.l him
to be tiuiet of leave thetheatro. ' W'.ll.
I ean leave the ih.alie," In- replied,
and, grasping his hat.be walk.d out,
When he reaehed the l.il.l.y he a I
mittod that he did nol Berve io the army
during the eivil wai. The "I.?b
proofa" are usnally the im. loyal."
"Tihkk. in..?is in Cfaicago cohVclcd
fT9,3?$000 la-t \ear from the Stat.
of lllinois in hmnaii pvajk" Th:- i
the Htatement <>f I'hi. f Baninu-y In
Hpector Ball of Chieago. who ui
a basis for the tigur.- the \aluation
of 15,000 on a lifV. [rjapeotoi Ball
alao figures that between three und
fbur orphans were made ea.h day in
Chieago by tiiheri'tilosis, tliis Caetioj.
a great burden on h.nevolent ioathu
lion. _
A BITTER attflck i n President Taft's
fcttituJe toward theinjurgent* reatnre.
the current laaue ol Benatoi L. Foi
lette's magazine. The editprial, among
other things, aays: "Tlie admiautration
baa preaumed to read republicanB oui
of the narty for roUag their bonea
convictions on lajgaajUUoa. Tln
tlent is direetly takiog parl In atate
fighta involvinir the ajaotion i>f republi
can senators and ooaajfBBamen, TheM
are facts "_
Pasaengers and Crea Keumw-il.
Premen, AufJ. ?_'?; H
Koenigen I.uise. whieh paaaad the
Azores today. reported to the North
German Lloyd Compeay thit on \Wd
nesday ahe took ahoard the cren
paasengers of the steamer 11
Queen, whieh was encountered in .
Binking conditiod in longitode l*1 :,1
West and latitude 44.24 North. Ihe
H.rveat Queen was cn her wav to
^uen* Ayres.
i tonaapondonoen Alaaaadria Qaaettel
It H that tlie State
l?.| artmenl is nol at the praaeni time
iieuieiy intereated in the arheieabout.
df |)r. Main/ and the former officiala
ofthe depoeed afadria gorernnaant of
Sicaragua. Report. that Honduras
had proteated under the terms of the
vYaahiagton convention againet Ifadria
or lu- I--. iates reaidingoa the Hon
durai Sicaragoan bofderware oooBrm
,.,i h he Btate Departaneat today. It
!. howerer, thal tbey eould ra
? niral Araericaa country,
, 1 : ing lepartnteot. of
Ni a/agua, pra
h . not prove a menaee
.iii.iti.iM of tbe Dnited
i poiMeHton. inay
,. i, Booording
(() ,, i ir by Direct
;i,l ol the Cen.ua today. When
the tigurea are COmpleted about NOT,
Durand expectato aae the touil
... itate. ahoa ahout 90,000,000.
Ii ?, . run ni' to 01,000,000, but thia
now I'.'u- improbable. The -
iii.ii. plaoea the Agure. at 89,
i,ui ii i- conaidered aure thal
ii.voml that. With the re.-i
,1 tbe Philippine islands it is
? that the total will round out
tury of niillions. It is e-ti
? from 1900 lo 1907 thia
I about 4,292.000 by
,. Aliont tinrty perceol
ligranta in tboee yeara returned
i,, i, n native landa. From 1907 to
1910 reoorda of raturning immigranti
were Itepl and show that <>f the 2,678,'
000 who entered tliia coontry 790,875
returned. Tbe total incraase in ten
f...m immigratton is Batjmatad at
toclaring thal Benator Heyburn,
(rpn., Idaho), Benator Carter frpn.,
Mont.), and Rep. Mondell (rpn.,
\\ I bave in elleet been fjghting on
i .,'? gj le of the f.-re-t fire. agaioal the
guneral welfare, Oifford Pinohot, de
posed chief foreater, today ksiied a
Btatemenl aaaerting thal tbeloat, aoffer
ing, and deaths in the foreat fire. In tbe
iiiMthwe-i ne.iitly were wholly un
y. He paid high praise lo the
- df the fmest servii e and ealled
attention to the neceaaity for furtber
r.ieiliin -. Ile laiil the hlaiiie for the
diaantrous firea at tbe door of the men
Dgreaa, who have made light of
the eiforta of tbe foreat aarfiee to pre
-elf to prevent just mcfa .
?M.nil.ei-are tlieuuli-t ol'all pUbllC
. rieelared Judge Pugh in pollce
. .|.i -v as he -ein I'nink (Jeiaei lu
j:nl for iwo iiiniiili- for forcing his atten?
tion h iipon two youog glrla who were
? ii ,i - r -et oar,
i li n.i\ v waa ealled t<> the aid ofthe
artm in fightlng the foreal Hrea today
when (apuiln Cottman, commandant of
the Bremerton navj yard, waa Inatruct
,.i| td have ii. :i\ \ Bhota flred from the
hlg guna of all ?-arahl|w avallable In
l'ii:;el Suiiinl water- in an eftbrl t" pro
il ii e rain. The attempl to Jartbe aklea
i,i,i preclpitation l>> eommandingwaa
ordcred bj Admlral Nicolla, aetlng Soe*
i-etaiv ofthe \';i\.\. :it ihe BnggeatTon of
,i piiea and RepreeentatJre Hnm;
phn \ ofWaahlngton.
On the authoritj ofthe Comptroller of
ilu Trea-urv. theWar Departmen! todaj
uiiii-iil a reward offoOO for thearreatof
thi,\ i- u ini -tule ;i paymaater'a sale oon
laining ai.tiO from an armed guardal
(' .ui|. K s. i >tis in Wyoming <>n Augual
:nh li-i.
The t'omptroller of the Cnrreney to
ila.\ iliilareil :l lliii I (liviileild Whictl
.r ,...i:i in ereditora of t'i?
i-jiii-i :-i-i-e National bank.of Allegbetay
l\i.. ,'?] i hiiin- proved amountlng to
ii, in.ikiii,' a total of30 per cenl of
ilix i.li-iul- |iald to ereditora The bank
was wreeked hjr the caahler on Oetobe
Keported Baeape <?> Ibdal llamhl.
Constantinople, Auru-t 28.?(via
Philipoppolia) The rumor tliat e.\
Sultan \inliil tJamid had been amug
frled ? -in of the Villa Allatini at Bal
..liik.i and is shui up now in aome
plaoe known only to . few high gov^
ernmenl officiala, waa rerired today
jli the publn atioii of the story of
in- alleged escape.
it happened aeveral weeka ago, ac
oording to today'. atory, when tbe
women of Abdul'a horaehoW left tbi
i to attend the wedding of
ughu r, ' a wedding, by the
way, thal never i'>"k plaoe. Altbough
rtfiy twelve women entered tbe villa
vnien Abdlll was taken there. thiitd n
left fm ihe "wi 'lilim.'." One ol tbe
women aeemed extremely decrepit
paoplo of Balonika believe this
? -.-.I woman waa the former sultan.
reariionartaa ha\e been oon
s'anliy iilcttiiij; Abdul'l rele.i.-e and
1 formidable conapiracuw againal
tln- Vuimu' Tnrki-h governmenl bave
entered ahout the sueeess of sueh an
itempt, Thia is the reaaon for hi>
-i!|i|u-?d traiMier to anotber prison.
The l-*..rest l-ire*.
Bpokanc, U'n . Aug. 26.? AI
thougb danger from the foraal fire.
iin- in Idahoand Montana waa today
ollieial y declared to he past. it is Mill
inipoaaihle to give an aocurate eatimate
of the niimber of kill.d. The m.,-t
reliabie Bgurea giv.-n out bere, are that
7ii a v known to he dead and a oooibei
rangcaa atill mwariug. Ufli
cial atatementa wfy th.it fixteen men
headed by fortart ranger llalme, are
atill miaaing, The rernainder?up
warda of 150?have been located.
All iell barrowing talea ofthe hard
ahipa that they . xperienced, and the
narroaj eacapea they had.
[n Oregon, Breaare devastating the
Blue mountaioa. Floni has been hurn
ed, -ii't' peraona being bonieleea tbera.
Tbe aamefireo alao threaten the Bull
Run watershed, theaotireeof Portland'a
Water aupply All other Oregon tircs
an- under cotttro),
At Seattle this niornihg nll the gov
ernnient voaaelf io the harbor and the
nearhy foita t'ued all their RUOa, in an
attempt to bring rain and eatinguiib
ihe foreet llrea now menacirigtbe town*
,f North Ilend, Tanner and Bothell.
That ahe has received thousands of
signaturea, BO many in fact that -he
baa oot counted them, totbe petition
111'le-idetit Taft aaking for a pardon
for ber buaband Cbarlea W. Morse,
was the atatemenl .?f Mrs. Morse fo
.lay. She vi-ited tbe oontieted baaker
in the Pederal priaon at Atlanta. Ga..
yeatei hy and will leave f..r New York
tonight to complele ber plans for the
prestniatioii of the petition to the
Three peraona were kllled and one
fatally injured wbeo a paeaaogaa traio
on the Priaco Int an auto coiitaining
four peraona at Mission, Tex. Th.
pany were relurningfrom a sigutaeeiug
The Cirand Tnmk Wrerk.
Durand, Mich., Aug. 28.?With tbe
railroad, the county and the state
rnaking independcnt inroatigation. of
the (irand Tnmk wreek at Ihitiield
near here. in whieh six Piijlinan pi
MUgar. were killed and eiglit panaoni
injiired, three prohahly falally, it !??
,;,nii. evuieiit today lhal eom* rery
stringent aetion will follow.
retarv Kellv, of ila-State Railroad
Cuiiiniission i- invesiigating for that
body, and Chairman Qlaagow, in Laaa
ing. deelares that if the tiiand Truuk
is foiind to have uaed incompetenl men
after 'he -dict during the strike agaim.
iin-oi letenl ? akera, tbe road
I, ikeui.iii Q. M. Oraham, ol the
Moi real Kxpraaa, the Pullman ol
wbi i wiissulii ii. rwatri by train No
4 'r <n the rear. i- n -1 rikehie ik-r heM
<>\, ,. - the
(ir bam declared laal aighl tbal tln
ta.il lights of the exprcaa were burning
and that he performed his duiy a- rear
tlaginan. and placed tbe torpedoea.
Bngineer Charl? - Bpanaer, of No. 4,
deelares no tail lighta were hiirning:
that he was Ihgged, and lhal the tof
pedo Bzploded Bcarcely a e:ir's length
from the ill-fated Pullman. He threw
,,ii ihe emergency brakea and jomped.
The Qraod Tnmk i- to begjn iis in
ipiiry liefore Sii]n liiioiidenl Bhrke al
Battle Creek tomorrow, and will hear
all the trainmeii's st.iries in an cffort
lo d'l'ide wbetber Bpenoar or Qrabam
in to hlame.
Cniel Treatnient ol a IJrlilegrooni.
Boaton, *ug. 28.?II Berl A. Kel
sey. I resiauranl keeper. Slieeeed- in
fioding oertain of In- friend." today,
Booording lo Kelaey, then- will he -ev
eral fmierals at tln same time.
Kelsey married .->-veral days ago.
Ve>ti rday be and bfat bride were in
\iteil for an automobile ride i>y frieada.
Near Hoxhiiry Croaaing Kelaey \\;i
Mld.lelilv sei/ed hy his eompaliioii-. |
pair of iianilenffs was shpi'ed upoii hi
wrista, his fao. blacked with axle
greeae, ? aaf ol bnrguw'a implementa
-hiived-illto his poekets i'lll a villain
OU. louking hlaekjaek thrual inl- an
oataide pocket, wbere ii oouki be platn
ly -eeli. Then he WM pii-hed from
the oar,
For more tban an boui Kelaey wap
dered about, alinking from Bhadow to
abadow, and finally appealed lo .?> gar
ige proprietor lo Ble <>ff Ihe cuffa.
The garage man huriied for a tele
pfaooe. Kelsey tled. Bereral pedeatriana
oatlgbl sight of him lielnving him an
eecaped dteperanto, ealled the poltce,
bul not he'ore the vnlini had forestal
leil them arid eiilered fl polio. stalion.
There he spent an hoin trying to ex
plam to the akaptical aergeant and
anotlier hour in a eell befbre be waa
It is believed that Mrs. k'l-.v aai
taken to the bome ol relativea in aome
town near BOBJtOO, bol inverthele
the poltoe are inaking stniniuii- effi.it
to tind her oday. k -l tbe "friends" of
Kelaey -hould have Imagined ii . *.""?'
"joke" to Iiold ber . priaooer,
sa\s BeoaeveM i- Adverttetng Him-eii.
New Vork. Aug. 26.?"! ain again.-i
making the pet theoriea <>f demagoguea
political iaaoea," declared VVilliani
Barnea, jr., leaderof the oi.l Quard,
in a statement today in reply to Theo
dore Booaerelt'a apeechea <<f jreaterday,
"Booaaveft aaya he is agajnat crooka.
So am I and BO is t-very honc-t man.
1 regret the preaeol oontroveray in
New Y.nk atate aa it meana tlmt it will
be almoet impoaaible to oonciliate the
warring faeti.ms afler tIn- atate con
"Iioosev.-lt i- hardly betptag the
party by tbe courae be i- taking; bu(
be ia getting tbe peraooal advertiamenl
be -o lllllill desires. "
Tl)reateneil strlke.
Madrid, Aug. 26.?A general Btrike
of Spani-h inin.rs will be declared
Monday unlesa tbe mine ownera io tbe
B Ibao disiriei, wh.ie a Btrike has been
oo for aeveral weeka, accepl the propo
>ition of the niiii. r- Repreaentativi -
of :'.l workera' aaaociationa aay they
bave re.eived aaauranceaof co-operation
from all tbe mioers' orgaoixatlooi
'I bere is fear that the atrike, if declared
will spread tO oth. r mdu-lne
Nyatertoua Deatbaa
Valla.lolid. Bpato, Aug. 26.?five
pati.nts in the loeal inaaac aaylum
bave die.l aince Wedneaday fr. i
dieeaae that has bafflcd tbe aaylum
phy-icians. The .l.alh- are believed n>
iiaye been caus.-d by the bite of aome
poisonoua inaect, The only external
signs were red spots on ihe faces and
necks of the viclims. In each CBOe
deatb occurred witbin a few miootei
afier ihe patienl OOtioed the-yniptom-.
I)>ing 11 wm VI niiniN.
Whee.ing, \V. Va., Aug. '2<;.? Al
Calaia, Mooroe oounty, Ohio, Prahh
Webr and ffuaanll Coukea are dying
today from loaa of blood. Tb.y were
leaders of the Wehr an.l <'olilte- factioli
whkh engaged rn g/eod 60 Ihe itraeti
Thursday. Mallocks. pitchfork-. kime
cluli- and Btooea w.re u-ed. Abotit
twenty took part. 18 being aerioualy
injured. Sheriff f/rock i| inv.stigating
but has made no arrc*t<.
W lioleaale Strlke Orderrd.
London, Aug. 96.?A general sea
mens and doek employes Btrike which
Dtiy effect the whole of Eiirope. baa
lH>en ordered by the International S a
nien'a conferenee, now ifl 8688*00 in
Copenhagen, aeconding to the Oopeo
hagen correspondent of the Evening
Rewa. The date <>f the strike baaool
he.ii atinouticed.
A Voutig tVoinaii'a tppeal.
New York. Aug. 86.? Suffering
from starvation and exhaustion, Marga
ret. Sullivan, a derelict, 17 years old,
today implored the police to put ber
away somewhere until she ia 21, also
-he WOuM kill herself. The girl bad
been lured from her hoine in WeetfleU,
BT. Y., by the promiae of a position in
the chorus This didn't inateriah/e
and she fell under evil influenves. The
good that was in ber asserted it^elf
today and she vohintarily begge.1 t.. I..
saved. She was turned over to a char
ity organiaatkin.
Kew York Stucfe Market.
New York. Aug. J<;.?Frgeiit l.uyiiig
at tbe opening of thertock market todaj
loreed pric-t-s toahtgber rangeajlaronnd
with the entire market Bhowing pro
noun.ed strength.
In the last half of the forenoon the
market showed an eaaler teodenej and
pricea of a number of the important
jaguea sbaded vff fnwtionally,
K*-t'onvlrl DrupB Dead.
Indianapolis, Ind.. Aug. 16.?()n
his way back home to sp.nd the re
mainder of a life of tragedy in the
haunta of his hoyhood, .!. We.-s hfoore,
ex-eoiiviel, and the most pathettC
ligiirc in the prison hi>tory of ('alifor
nia, lie. today in the morgue here.
onlv a feW iniles from his gOfljl, Iii
l;i-t wi-h unf iliilled. hfoore oVopped
dead on the atiaet her.- yeatarday,
Boeae 26 years ago hfoore left
Grreeafiekf, Ind.. foUowfng bear]
erop failures and wnt to ('alifornia
dreaming of reoooping his loaaea by
mining. He took a bappy wife with
him. Itbore Ibcated in Trinity oannt]
promning claim, buthadil onlv
a -liort time when elaim juri;pt-r
Iniii off Heturning to -a\e hi
pro| rty hfoore battled with bia foaa
it on;- of thein dead. He wa
-.iii Qaentin priaon for life.
Shorily afterwards his wife died of a
broken beart A year ago hfoore
waa paroled. He onanhted whal
he ealled the Booiety for tln- Friend
les., his aim to help e\ convii i
io become good man and to aecnre
the parolea of deaenring priaonera
pending his soldier's pension of *12
a nionth for that purposc. He gained
-ii'h an enviable reputation and BO
iniieh newupaper praiae that politicjana
on the California Priaon Commii
who were eagaged in the work Uoore
was dotng, it i- alleged, became jealoua
and ancceeded in getitng the old man
sent back io priaon for life on flimay
groundaagainal a atprmol proteel from
on. eiid of <'alifornia to tln- other.
Becently pnblic aentimenl toroad bfat
release again and he -t.irted for home
only to die en -oute of a brokan beart.
The great doiilile -deeker luinber
abeda <>f Eiaenbaner, kfacLea i I
whieh Were lioiinded I'V Cillloli, (Vn
tral and Ka-tem aveini.- .ind Kd. n
Btreet, Haltimore.md eontaining L'.IHKI,
000 feet of ooatly hardwooda, were de
atroyed by fire lael nigbt, catadng . loan
to tlie liimber lirm of 1185,000. Their
Inaurcncaia $118,800. The Bdeo Btreet
Buppl) atation of tbe Btandard ??il
Company, the Bennetl Pottery Conv
pany, tbe Bagby Pwrnjtore Company
and niimeioii- dwellinga caugbi fire
and the corobined loa. ia aatimated al
1200,000, whieh ia oovered by insur
\ aingular roincidence is the lael
that the IiiiiiImt yaid abonl IIJ inoiilh
ago was deatroycdbya fire whieh broke
oiii iii tln- atablca of tln- Bennetl Pot?
tery Company, cauaing a loaa at that
time of 8800,000.
riti.u iirit uiiii>pi:i>.
Th.- stoiv ,.[ th.- whipping of a
preacher by white capa in the interior
.,f Calhoun oouoty at Band liidge.
n.ar Gkantaville, W. Va., baa iuat
reached Parkeraburg. A mob of aboul
50 wbite capeborat ioto the reeafenee
of Rer. S.oM WiHiams. a llohii.
nreacber al 1 o'cjock in the moroiog.
pulled him OUl into the yanl. and beal
him severelv. All.erl and We-|. ry
Poling, tw.. iili/.-n- of that neighhor
hood, bearing the mob paaaing th.-ir
reaideoce, an.l fearing riolence, weot
to tbe preacber'a home, hm wen- re,
ognized l?\ Ihe mob and alao h-h.-.l.
The tabemaciO io which the holineaa
or s.in.liliealion niecting- were hel.l.
was burned to the groujaaj, and th>
ui'.h left with tbe warning to Rev.
W'illiains lhal unle? he l.fl the cunty
wiihin len daya tlny Would hang him
Io it tre.
In the intervab between tbe tran
aaction <d aucfa bnaineai as prepara*
tion of hi-< annoal eatimatea, writing
of hi- anuual reporl and su]? i \ i-ms.'
relii f from the army to ihe f.,r,-t liie
iu ihe northwe-t, Qen. I.eonard Wood,
clii.f of -laff of ihe army. baa had
hi- alteiition called to a novel nietho.l
of naval warfare An Inventor aeol
to bia oiliee deaigna of a gigantie sub
marine ciislruction, capahle ..f :ip
proaching a fteet nnder watar, at the
psy.hological inom.-ni llapping B liuge
wing ifti-i ihe iiiisiispe, ting baUleahip,
dragging it down to the Ixittoii of the
ocean an.l holding the reaael thera oo
til its crew waa "drowned" Qeneral
Wood ha- forwarded the plao to Ihe
Naw Departmeot. ?
Vice President HhfJUMO.
I'ti.a, N. Y., Aug. 26. ? I'ersistently
refuaingto aay a word oo any sul.j.-. t
that rc-emliie.l politica, Viiv-I'res-ident
Bbermao l.-ft bere tbia afleruooo for
Chieago. Ile will he abOBOt three weeks
duriog which tiroe be will riatlte ad
dreaaea in Illinois .H-iri.ts in wbich
Congieaamaa McKinlev an.l other
"regulara" ar<- atanding for renomina
lion. Tomorrow he will spcak at
Clinton, TH*. A fefaiire of the \.
preaMent declared that tbere ana
foun.lalion for the reporta lhal Sh.r
man would r.tire from pllhlic life at
theclo.f bia term a.- vic.-pie-ideut,
Hamptoo i hfaaaztne for Beptetnber
wbich has been raceired from its pnbr
li-hei- in New York, givea the last in
-talment of Coinman.ler Peary's ae
eount of his "Ih'acovery of the North
I'oi. ." Tin .?i.ncluding episode of
Roatrand'a "Ohantecler" ia alao given.
The first expoap of the alioe machinery
ini.-t is made by Jndjaon Welliver in
"Sydney Winslow, Citarof Footwear,"
and "the tooth tinkera" is n warning
tjfill gullible peraona, In "The rail?
road maehine as its works now," Chas.
K. Boatall states clearly why railroad
rates are too often ajgOBaaive, and "In
lieiio riolera" is a htlmorous story of
tbe "hig tight." The fietion and verse
of this issue are excellent and clever
writar. are asked to contribute to tbe
departmetit headed, per-onnlitiea, the
maga/itie paying liberally for suitable
sketehes. etr.
The Woman's Home Companion for
Beptemberwhieh baa been received from
it. pubh-hers in New York, ia entitled
the advanee fashion numher. Itdevotes
twenty-firepagaaeadnairafyto autumn
-tyle- and imvclties for women and
cbildren from American ftnd French
atandpoint.. "Home deeoration and
handicraft" and "HCiaebold and
ueedlework," are full of useful sug
geationa and the "Special articles'' and
apecial dcpartmertt. are manv and
timaly. Tbe tiction, art and musjc of
-iie are excellent and in it }Irs.
Burton Harrison beging "The Btory of
piy New York drawing room.''
W. A. Wall.ace <k Co., wboleaale
grocers, I.yiichburg, made an a.-sigir
ment yesterday.
A new soapstone mill near Chftoti,
Fairfax county, ha* been huilt and
operaiions at ihe .piarry will be nJ
Mrs Dettie K.lwank aidow of th*
late J. H. Bdwarda, die.I at her bome;
uear tbe Grove, Pauqafler county, on
Wedneaday afternoon, agad 75 yi
.1. P. s'prou-e. who for the past
-<\. n yeera coodurted a reataorant on
eaat Maio atreet, Cfaarlotteaville, died
yeaterday He vai aupfoaed to be Um
l.irge-t man al Charlotte-ville.
The cutiact for the Roekingham
M.morial Hoapital, at Harrisonburg,
uas l.-t yeaterday, tbe aocceaaful bidder
Ising Williain M. Bucher & Son, of
that pla.e, the hid being 181,196.
(iov.rnor Mann will make the re
ipoaae to the addreaa of welcome at the
annual nieeting of tbe Iutcrnational
Ta\ Aaaociation, whi.h meet at Mil
waukeaoo Tueaday, Auguet 80th.
-i>- BaJta an.l AmericM Btocka,
botb of I.oudoun county. wenl to
Prederick, Md., Tburaday and were
married by Bev. Bimoo I'. Mill.-r.
After tbe marriagetbey lefl for Lovetti
Mis. Bobert Aahby, arifeof Boberl
Aabby, <>f Bound llill. Loudoun couo
!-,. died at h.r bome on Wedneedaj
from paialvsis, agad 88 ycars, Prior l<>
h.-r roarriage ahe uas a Miss Furr. of
The atave factory <>f Capt .1. II.
Qrabill in Powela Fort, Bbeaaodoah
county. was .l.-stioyed hy lire yeaterday
with a loss of sever.il thousan.l dollars.
The tire is anpposed t" be of ineeodbtry
Ibshop (illisoll will prca.-h ;it Zi.m
Cburcb, Fairfax, t.might (l-'mlay). an.l
the Chiirch of the (iood Bhepbeid on
Saturday oigbt, Bunday moroiog be
will pr.a.h al Hurke, an.l al Clifton on
Buoday oigbt.
There will lx- a nieeting ..f Ewell
Oamp, CoofederateVeterana on Anguat
80, ai "J [>. m., in llaoaaaaa, al which
lime offlcera <,f ihe ramp wdl l><- eleeted
an.l al-o deleg.lt.?- ei. ,!? ll to the tweiitv
thiid alininil nie.-tue.' ..f the t'oiifede
iaie Veterana of Virginia in Norfolk.
Octol.er 18, 19 an.l 20.
Clarence A Batterwbite, ageol <>f
ihe RicbmOfld, Fredrricksl urg an.l
Pototnac Bailroad at Brooka, in Btaf
fotd county, arho waa atftcken a ahoii
lime ago and wasearii.d Io his foi
nier bome ai Beaver Dam, in Hanovi
couniy. died of ga-iriiis, agad 3
II iss J.-ssie (iaiv, daughl.r of Joho
s. Qary, of Bilcotl Bpringa, l.ou.loun
county, and Frank Qant, of Washing?
ton county, a well koown farroer ..f
ilial -.eiion. w.-re marricl al tbe rcsi
dence of the bride'a pareota on Wed
in-ila\ hv l>r. I. B. I.ake. of (Jpper
ville. '
A diapatcb from VFoodatock aaya
John Jewell, <>f Rileyrille, while ai
l.iiipting to cross from one ear I..
anoth.r Wedneaday night waa tbrpwn
from a fast freighi on ihe Norfolk and
\\.-lern and killed in-tanlly, his neek
being broken Juat ? few mino,tea prior
loihe accident he was waroed hy his
i utnpanion nol t<> attempl to croaa,
Jewell had I.n WOrfcing in the st.me
.piarry near Marlinshurg, W. Va., aml
was returning bome hy beating his
w,-i\ on the rrejght,
Bepreaentative Ilarry ].. klaynard
:iimoiii).iil yesterday thal be would
ioiiie-i ihe award of a e< rtilicate to
foiiner Iiepieseiil.itive Williain A.
Young as the deiuocralic, noiniiiee for
I'ongi.-s from the s.ind Virginia
iliatrict, on the groun.l ..f irregularitiea
in certain precini Ia ..f Norfolk city
and Norfolk county in Tu. sdiv's pri
mary. The fa.e of the returns -hows
Mr. Young to have h.en DOmioated by
56 majority.
KATA1. M'( IIICM'lll \MIM*TI'.K.
Rev. I>r. William Wall Wil-mi Davis.
prolllilielil Congregalinlial mini-ler of
I'ht-ti. Id. hfaaa., and fatber ??f Wil?
liam Steiirns Davis, the autlior, was
killeil yesterday by falling OW a ledg.
al Baafa Biah Falls, one mil<> from the
New York state line. Rev, Dr. Davis
was formerly atationed atCaaretand.O.,
and Woreester' Ma-s
Aeeoinp;ttiii'i| liy hi- danghter. Miss
I'annie Stearns Davis, and battWOBjOM,
William and Har'ild, the elergynian
was having an onting at Baafa Mish
Falls. Whih' the Other memliii- of
the family were . little rtietanar away.
Dr. Davis undertook to harnaa. . paii
of horses lo his eariage. A-lnwa.
-winging the earnage aroiind one of
ihe wheels strnek him and pn-hed him
i.ver the ledge. He fell 20 feet lo the
bottom, striking on In- he.el and hreak
ing his neek.
Dr. Davis was born in WOBtem New
York. ."i7 years agO,
?AUBI <>F LaaTlft.
Mr J. A. Sillman, wlw rtmrtly
-1,1.1 Iii- farm of 111 aeres, near this
place, to Mr. W. H. Moreland, of
Clarke county, for 88,000, haspur
. d the dwelling and 20 acres of
land belonging to the late Geo. R.
Rranndon, for 13,500. This property
ia loeated on the I.ittle River turnpike.
jn-t east of the town of Fairfax.
The tract eoritaining 221 acrea, in
the snit of naker vs. William*, located
n.ai Vieiina, waa soldon Haturday liist,
l,y Commissionera Oliver, Keith and
Thornton, 10 cx-Senator John B.
Hender-on, of Alexandria eoimty, for
$7,000. The tfad cootaifting 64 44-100
a. res was sold to the same genthman
for 14,(XX). There was no bid for the
tract containing 3.76-10 acres.
?[Fairfax Herald.
F.viryhidy's Magaiinc for Septem
ber, whieh has heen received from its
pabhabar. in New York, opajo. with
the tii-t of a MrifJ of artiel,? hy I,in
enln BtefBna, entatied "It; an exposi
tiob of the sovereign political power of
organized businesH." Most thrilling ia
the account ol "Lasaoing wild animala
in Afriea" and "Bringing in the
Fleece"and "The greedy game of get
ting things through" are intereating
articlea. "The women of tomorrow"
by William Hard ia ?<?!!? MuatTBiad
with photographa. The th-tion of thia
h ex.eptionally good, including
aeven *hort Morle. and the last instal
ment of the aerial "A Succeaasful
Wife."' The various departmenta are
aa uaual up to dau? and readable.
Prinee Nieholas, ruli-r of Monienegro
waa crowned lir.-t king of the Bfatck
Monntain today at t'ettinie, Montene
Wu Tiug-fang, probably the BOat
popular miiiister that ("llina ever selit
to tln- liiited Btataa, is to head the
Cbineae delegation to Th. Hague per
maneiit eourt of ai hitration.
In an interview BtateChairman Tim
otb] I- Woodruff, of New York.
hlained l.lovd ('. (iriseom for the d'feal
of i.iloiiel Rooaevell for thetemporary
ehairniaiiship of the New York Btate
Republican Oonvantion.
l.ioig. K. Roherts. according to a
report whieh reaehed Chieago from
Waabrogton yeaterday has been offered
bia oiil poaitaon as diractor of the miot,
to Bocoeed Dr. A. IM.iti Andrewa, who
waa appointed ityittnnl aseratary ofthe
Kwald .Iiinge, of CoOgar., shot his
wife in the neok after a qoarrel in
Nyack, N. Y., yesterday afteinooii,
Ihefl shot himself; dying in a few min>
nti- Mrs. Jonge may recover. The
Bge of each is about 3d years. They
have three yoimg ehildreii.
A storm of eyelonie proportions
raged yesterday north of (Jrand Rapida,
Mieh., and Crops, slanding timlier and
many biiildings were ruined. The
lenilie wind was aeeonipanied by a
faeaVy downpour of rain and graal
damage to railroad and other properiy
.Indge Sinith, in the New York, eity
eourt,yesterday handed down a deeisioii
to the effeet thal a pei-on in.iv BBBOme
any name other tban his or her own,
and thal BOch per-mi may sue under
thal a.?.ed name legall\ ; also that
aucb assumed name is to all intetits
ainl puiposes as legally that peraon'a
M if he 01 -he had been born with it.
Mrs. Sarah Himt ('hristopln-r nioved
\e-tenlay from her fine home in K'ings
bridge Terrace, New York. and the
properiy is aooo to h- occupied by ne
Ifra. Chriatopher purpoaely
sold the properiy to negroes liee.oi-e.
-he aaid, wbite peraooa would not pay
her what abe thought it was wortb.
The poliee of Munieh eily made a
euiions ini-lake yesterday morning.
They airested Alhleehl Hiilillg. who
playa the paii of Jobn the Baptial in
ihe I'as-ioti l'lay al Oheiainniergan.
who Waa on an exeiir.-ioii to Munieh,
on auapicion ofbeing awoman inurdor
er for whoin they have liet-n lookillg.
"<>oin, the Oninipoleiit." the s.lf
slyled Yogi, who was arrest.-d nearlv
tive monihs agu oo aariouachargea pre
ferred by two young girls and wbo haa
been imprieoned in tbe Toroba in N.w
Y..rk aince, was fre.-.l yeaterday b]
Judge o'Sullivan in the Courl of Oen
eral Bcaaiona yeaterday. The girls,
Zella llopp an.l lieriiud. Lee. bave
Ih-d the jurisdiction of the courl an.l
can not he reacbed.
The Virginia delegatioii which weni
to France to atl.-nd the dedication ser
vi.es of tbe bronae copy oftbe Moudon
-I-iin.- of Washinglon. presetited by the
-Iid.- of Virginia to tbe Fren.-h repub
lie, Were ihe guesls of I'resiiletil Fal
lierea ,-it luncb al Rarnbouilret yeater?
day. American Amhassador Ita.on
.ilso attended tbe luncb. The Virginia
deiegation wenl do'.vn l.y train to liam
bouillet, a.c.iuipanied hy the Prench
ambaaaador i<> tbe Fnin-.i Btatea, M
Juaaerand, an.l completed tbe jonrney
to the ehateau in aulomobiles.
Supl. I'harles Khrke, of the Oraml
Truiik Railroad :it Durand, llich.,
last nighl gave oul an ollicial stateinent
that si\ naaaengera were fcilbed, ftve
injured, and eight es.aped witboul
injurv Weilnesijay nighl in the Qraod
Trunk reai-end CoUiaion, ?"? mil.-s easi
of Durand, when tbe Pullman ear
Nelnaska on tbe eaatbound train, N.>
11. waa d.niolished and *<-t >.n lir.liv
the locomotire of paaeenger train No. I
Advic-s received io Madrid, from
Lisbon, under the date of Auguat 25,
report thal all the leaves of abaence of
the officer. of the Portugueae army
and navy have been suspeiuled. and
ihat the warahipa have been ordered
to rarioua deatinationa in rlew of tbe
reported Lntentioo of the oonaervatirea
to provoke dbtturbaooe, The pbrtn
gW BB governmeiit has taketi fnrther
Btap. alao in order to mainiaiii order.
No disliirhanees have M yet taken
place. All telegrams on the -aihjeet
liave been gupproaaedby tln- conaor.
OI.ATII BSJ Al l".V-(0><.KI>?i>1A\
Ba-Congreaaroan Jame. F. Bpe.
died Wednesihiy nighl at his home in
Nottoway county, three mitea from
Bhtckalona. Tln- deceaawd was born in
ffottaway county, May 28, 1842. H.
reeeiveil his eilueatioii in privale achoota
and at tbe Unireraity of Virginia. H<
-ervid during tbe war between the atatea
in tbe Third Yirginia Cavalry, and was
wounded in battle oear Reama Btafjoo,
Dinwiddie county. He practioed lau
until 1888, when he ga?e up his pro
n and devoted binuelf lo tarming.
In 1801 he was cleeted a meinher of
the Fifly-sei-oiid OongrOBB as a d.ino
erat from the Fourth ilislriet of Yir?
ginia, his republican oiponent being
John M. Lanaaton, colored, of Peters
burg. Mr. Bpaj w;i- al-o a fttambw ol
the Fifty-third Congress. He waa a
roti-in of the late Congreaaman Sydney
P. Epea, of Nottaway county.
<ol. HooaeveltN Trlp to the IVeat.
i-'onner Prealdent Booaevelt ha-. start
ed on a lour which prOmUHM to I.e more
Importanl than any he took whlla in th,
White UoUBe. From now until Sep
t.-mlier 11 he will he travellng through
the eountry making apeeobea of |?ro
foundsignitieance.andexerei-iiiga great
Influenoe upon national aBafra. Tbe
i'hfladelphia Nortb Ameri.-an isthe only
paper In Pennsylvania whi.h h
-i,.-? ial eorreapondenl .m the traln with
Colonel Rooaevelt Angua MeSa
the SOrth Ameriean'a waahlngton ,-.,r
reapondant, will be with Colonel r
\,it every darv until th.- return to New
York. an.l will wlre fnll r eports. not
only of the incidenta of the trlp, luit of
th.-potitieal devetopmenta in each lotte.
Koverelgn (.rand Ixidge of Indepeudent
Order of Odd Kellowa, ttlanta, Ua.,
*f pt? mh?r IIIIh-71 tli. l?IO.
? Jrerttly reiinee.l rottad trip fan-.
.itiii rn Rallwajr from Waahington.
Ii. c.-iriil |iriin-ipa! Virginia poUna to
Atianui. Oa.,aad retin-n aarioiint aboia
ooeaaioa. Diatca of nale September IS,
17,1- and for tntins seeduleil to arrive
Atiaria befbre noon of Beptember i ?
1910; linai limii September26,1910. Tiek
eta will be extended to Owtober 15, 1MQ,
by paymeat of |l.O0 per tleket before
Beptember38th. <"nsitltagentaorwrite
I.. S. Brown.tteneral Ager)t.706Fifteenth
street, northweat, Wastiington, D, C.,for
luil particulars.
Arrested on a Itenrh Warrant.
New York, Aug. 2f>.?A bencb war
rant waa today i-sue.| for the arrest of
Joho A. Qaaley, indicatcd jointly with
Harvey W. Corbett, on charges of
having swindled Mrs. Mary Nevins
Mull, widow of the fatnoiis surgeon,
out of 185,000. QlUdey failed to sur
reiider BO his attorney bad promise.l.
Corbetl appeared and was rcleaaed ia
*1o,lMNl bail, Thia company als.. BtOOd
rea.ly tO go 00 (/ualey's Lonil bad he
appeared. Tbe grand jury today re
tiirned an additi.mal indiclmeiil against
Qualey and Corbett in wbiefa ba is
charged with grand larceny in having
se. ured f.S.lUM" from l.en Kresser under
fal-e pretenaa.
Banaaaaaa t? Bepreeead Ntiipper*.
N.-w York. Aug. 26.?Tbe chi.-f
counael for tbe "proaecutloo" ii tbe
BeJUnger-PinchodJoongraaaiona] inquiry,
l.ouis i). Brandeta, has beaa retaioed
by th.- Baatern Commereial organiaa
tions. compriehag the leeding cotnmer
Ctal Ixnlies in the Allantie Seal.oard
t.-rritory from Boatoc to Richmond, i<>
repreaeoi tbe Bhrppera' intere.-t in the
advanee in freigb^ratecaaea al tbefortb
oming bearing bef<<re tbe Eoteiataan
Commeree Commimion. The tirst bear
ng will take place in Lfeej York city
September 7. I>. o. [yea, chairmao ?>f
the oigani/ation-, a.coiupani.d hy
counsei will argoe fcar the eaal at the
bearing before the Intetetate Commeree
Commaaaion, in Spokane, vVaeb., oo
September 18, when teethnony will be
tak.u in support of the protesls against
tbe coinniission's receiit deeisi.ni in the
Bpokane rat<- oaae.
The Iterent Morm in >lirlilgan.
(iiand Raptda, Mieh., Aug., 20.?
This seeiion ia rotovering today from
One of (he most serious st.nins lias
vi-iti'd iH-rrhwest Michigan ill years.
The damagealoiie in liiand Tra\er-e
county. whieh was practicall} aub
mergod '>> the downpour, is *lix?.
000. From Holland, i- rsported that
the steamer Piinlan araa dris en ashore
in the storin and her 150 pa-sengers
lakeii off by ttlga, Wa-hollls oeeurred
al balf a do/en plaees alolig ihe l'eie
fcfarquette. The loaa at Bcottaville
will reaeh *20,IHH). One man was hurl
there. A ehild was liurt by lightiiing at
Jaaaaeea CbbbbI Racalaea,
Manila, Aug. 28/?Conaul Iwaya, of
Japan, haeheeu recalledal the requeat,
it is reported of Seeretary Diekinsoli,
ln-eaii.se of "peruieious aetivity" ill the
III I.(.11 ximim ltl<I.UTII>.
The vatican baa authorised . denial
of the reporl lhal it l- on the \erge of a
iiiptnie with Portugal.
A pitched battle betwaeh 800 Btrikera
and tln polioe waa rougbl m the street
ai Bedford, today. The potice finally
lired on the Btrikera, wounding aeteral,
The Chihan Coiigress loday rotod an
appiopriaiioii for the oonatructton at
Tali abu.no ol the largest dnck inSonth
Tllele were olll\ I Wo visitors at l!e\
erly, Ma-s.. today. Benator Lodge, of
liaaaachuaetta, and Qorernot Forl <>f
New .lersey. The latter had luneheon
with President Taft.
Cabie adricee were received in New
York today announeing (he dealh in
Qarlabad of I.. A. Cole, of New York
president of ihe National Lead Com?
Ai the Vanderbill farro, Bandy Poinl
families oui-ide Newport, il was said
today that Kegffie Vanderbilt'e ferer ia a
niili- bigher, bul ili.it lu' apeat a re.-t
fnl nighl and oth.r condition are nn
cbanged, Dra. Barry Knappa and
Austiii l-'lint, with a loiinne of trained
nni-es are in conatanl attendanea.
The fimeral of Willard D. Ho.-kin.s.
of Essex county, who died al Newport
News wbile returning to his h me
from West Virginia and of his wife.
Mrs. Klla (larnetl lloskins. who died
of typhoid fever at the home of her
niater, Ifra. rluro. in West Virginia,
wbere abe waj visiting, took plaoe
Tueaday at th< ir home at DunnsrUie,
Fsse\ county. It are. tbe aaddoel and
inosi impraanve Bceue ever wMoeaaed
n that seetioii.
c.iiii Bfkaalna Tfcieol?edt
st. Peteraburg, Aug. ?*i.?Theapread
of cholera through..nt IJussia has tak.-n
a s.rioiis turn from an industnal stand
poiut, owiug to the -liutting dowa "f
nearly all of tbe collieriea io aotttbern
llu-sia. That there will be a serious
c.al faroine tlns comiog winter i- in
evitable. It was officially atated thal
there are now 188,000caaaaof cholera
in Biiaaaa. Ii i* geaeralry believed,
bowever, there are m-arer 'JiKi.lMHi
otti.ial statistics heingniiniini/.ed
as miich M pOBBibb), The spread of
the disease throiighout southern I!.!--,:,
is largely/due to the peasant.s' ih-tiu-i
of the ddctOra. Oiiarantining is im
poaaible, Whereevar the dtaeaae has
broken oul th.- paoic atriekea people
have tle I to other parls and carrie.l the
vilh ih.-ui.
lield |oii <.iHinl Jur\.
Danville Ya., Aug. 28. Chargcd
witfa havmi embezzled$2,400 from tbe
BtarT Piai.o Company, of Riehmom).
Emmet W. ICoore, looal agent for the
company, waa toilay held for the grand
jury. Mobre claims that the mOJtey
was expendcd in legitimate office ex
penaes. He waa unable to furnish
12,500 bail.
In buying a cough medicine, uon't
be afraid to get Chamberlain'8 Cough
Remedy. There ia do danger from it.
and relief ia aure to follow. Eapeciaily
recommended for cougli8, colda and
whooping cough. Bold by W. F.
(Yeighton and Richard Qihana
Whole&ale Prices of Produce
Flour, extra. aaf a
Famlly. 550 a
I-'am-.v branda. 6 00 a
U'liiiu. longberry. 0 97 a
Mixed. n :?; :t
Dampaad tough. 0 K ?
Corn. white. 0 70 a
Mixed. 0 68 a
Yellow. 0 70 a
t'orn Meal. 0 Tj .
Rjra. 0 75 a
OatH. mixed. new . 0 40 a
Whke.new. 0 60 a
Clover Seed. ?> n.i H
Timothy. I 7i a
Hay. 23 00
Klgin Priut Butter.
Butter, Virginia, j?a iked \t 00 a 20 00
Choiee Virginia.20 00 a 25 00
Comrnon to midollng.. 14 00 a 16 00
Eggs.2000 a 22 00
L|veChickenstbens).... 0 IS a 0 20
Sprtng Chickens. OJi a 0 28
Potatoea, per bu.. 0 46 a 0 60
Swcet Potatoes, bbl. 3 00 a i 00
25c Four-in-Hands for
Ladies or Men at 12 l-2c.
ioo.l../eii oi thoae lin, s,ik Fom-iii
han.l Th - l.ii from la-t week'aablpment
K\er\ deairahlecotor In plain, panel and
-eli'stri|.e.l ,-ii.?,-!- \ deximhle tie for
la.li.-' lee al-o. Joc ralUC
12 l-2c
Ladies" Linen Collars 6
l-2c. Worth up to 19c.
Slighilt soile.i I'.iiil.roi.l.-re.l i.inen
(leliara'aJI aiaea an.l good beighta;valuea
worth up to 19e; elearance prlee, -?i?
each . O-iC
Wash Heltings. heavj military aml
emhroi.leie.l elleel-; ahtav* s,,M ;ii C>r,
lOe heli. Bpeeial; l>,-lt .... JC
Bpeeial lot Etlbbone, i-iai.l-. taffetaaand
.lie-.leiis; :ill i-o|,,i-s: regiil.tr : ?? | Q
yard quailty. Bpeeial, yard 1/C
UftSBURGil &BR0.
420-426 Seventh Street.
?Bfl U<l>.
A reward of T\\ i:\ty !'i\ i: DOL
I.AIEKuill lie | aiii for the eaptureand
i'oiiv ieiion ofthe per-oii or panaaaa who
entered lll.N -tore oll k ill?' -I leel ve-ter
d:i\ nr l:isl nighl and -'.ole I'nini niv SHfe
16.62 in iminev and fl.flO in slainp
aug2HJJI 11. F. t'AKTKR.
V I'lirlax -ireel. Alexandria. Vst..
Aiuruat ii. iiiin To Soaa P. Aaorewa
and tbe Ameriean Loootnotlre Appll
aiu-e Oo. (a body eorporate): You are
herebj notilled that l have ii\ed upon
the imli da.v of HKPTKMBKK, al lo
iiVloi-k B. III , at lll\ otl'n-e. il- lllelillli
and plaee when niid whore I ahallpro
eeed lo exeeilte Ihe deeree lelulered by
tbe < orpnialioii ('oiirl nl'llieeii \ of.Vlex
ainlna. on (lie :i(b day of A n^'ii-t. 1910, in
the ehaneen -nil Of K.,-> P, Andivw-.
uho -in- on hehall of hlmaelf aad all
other ereditora of the Ameriean Looomo
tlve Applianee ?'iiuipany , who may MHUB
in aild eolitrilillle lo I he en-t of I Iii- silil
againat the Ameriean fjoeomotlve Ap
plianee (tompaajr.a berebj I am requirwl
to?tate an aeeounl of iiiedein- of tbe
Ameriean LocomoUve Vpplianae Oom
|i:in,\ and their reapectlve priorttiee, and
all otln-r lii-ns .ind elaiuis there may l?
upon the 1--1I- ol't hi- eoinp my. and re
porl whiil the ;i-sels of -:ild ei>mp:in>
eo|l-isl of \ t U lllell I illle :ll|il p|;|ee \ oll
are requirod lo atteiid.
Qlvea under mj haudaiiCoinmlaaioner
in Chancer) of tbe -aid Oourt, the daj
and year llrsl aforesnid
('omnii-sioiier in < hain-ery.
BUffll lawlw-th
The Loudoun
County Directory
A neatly bound volume of
112 pages, containing the
name, address and occupa
tion of the adults of the
county, has just been pub
lished. Invaluable to
houses that want a mail
ing list for this county.
Price, $1.00
Send orders to
Paeonian Springs, Va.
augflU _'i
Nisi: (0) \n l.i:s; :,.| g.i nrorkera;
in good eoinlitioii: prtoe r.asoiial.le.
Ablngdon, Alexandria eountr, V:i.
I'he'lerk of IheCitt -ehool Hoitr.l will
ii.-at tbe Armor) llail for the purpoae
of i?uing pennlta f<>r entering tbe I'ui
lie Sehnols. which ?peii on UONDAl
SEPTEMBEB ft.aa followa:
lor white ehil.lren Mon.la.v . Tu
and \\ eiln.s.lay. September ? >. ? ; an.l 7,
from B a. m. to 2 p. m.
For eolore.l eliil.lreli Thill-.ia\ and
' -i.lay. September Hand 9, from '? a. m.
to .. in. Under the State Lawa, hi
eho.lrell liefore elit.'ltllg tile I'lll.lie
School- Niii-i i.. properlj raeclnated.
In order thal the aohoola mai i>.- prap
erlj organiscd, no pernilta will i.,- iaaued
ai'i.T ihe Bth until ihe t9th. Thoae wtafa
Ing lo se.-ure seat- l'.,r their .-liildreii will
bring their elty caplbUion tax receipta
ihe year 1910, augM n?t
St. Mary's Academy
lloM.-OIM. .\l, hO -. I. I..K OIOIA
Kiilir.-ly mo.lerii in bullding and edu
eational m. ilexi-. Academic and Miuic
<i. I.:?ii111.? nt? ofier exeeptional advaa
tagea t,,r s., uriiitf a eomplet. Kngliah
and Mu-i.al eduealioii I ..iiiiner.ial .1..
j.artni. nt *? HI for othec lo.rk a -|>ee
utlty. I'o-iiioii- -e.-iir.-.l when pupfla
are prepared. Splendid intellcctual a.l
vantagea iuined to rettned < hrlsUea
training. Boyaunder twelve admltted
today s.-hooi.'(nll orbritefor 1 atalogua.
aug-J4 Im
BobjooW] Aug. 86.?There i- a run on
tb. silk stocking hank of J)o-ton today.
Ineidentiilly the poliee are trying to
locate dianioml rings valued at *>4'>0
and $84 in bills, lojt by ffm. Flon-in-e.
Bailey, a reaident of tln- Back Bay,
day when her gart.r slipped off,
the Btocking l>ank collapaing and tlic
Vllliahles fallilig totlleSlreel "Never
again will I -arry valuables in my
stoekmg." said Mrs Bailey today.
iii.- After ?*...,, KWiigiu
Watertown, N V., Atlg ft?? Mts.
Frank Uwiaaock, Bgaad *3?3. of Natural
Bridge, while picking barrle. in . field
near ber home. \u? -Irnng on the arrti
by a yllow wa-p. walked | ft-w fe. i
and dToppad dead.
If your liver ia sluggish and out of
tone and you feel dull, hilinaaj, consti
pated, take a dose of Chamberlain'a
Stomacb and Liver toblala tonight be
for>- retiring and you will feel all right
in the morning. Sold by W. P.
Creighton and Riehard Gibaon.
Shoea less tban half price?200 paira
Miaaea' Shoes that cost to manufacture
$1.50 and $1.75, and sold at $2.00 and
$2.50, will be aacrificed at 98c per pair.
Jobn A. Marehall <fc Bro., 422 King

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