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lirtfinbria (gxntttt.
Sun and Tide Table.
n rise- tomorrow at 6a aaad aetaftaa.
-. water at I-*> a. ))). an.l 1X88 p. m.
Weather Probabilitiea.
this seetioli lllisettled Wealher,
with show.-rstoiiiglit <>r Salur.lay: eooh-r
tonlgbt; moderate northweaterly, abln>
ing to iiorlhea-lerly win.U.
Alwiit eleven o'clock la-l night BOme
exeitellieilt was e.iu-eii 00 Dorth Pitt
street hy the ajlcgod rnbbery of>a white
man by a negro, Otti.eis Beacfa and
Rawlett appeared aod took cbarge of
th.- darkey, who bad been aeiaed i<y lns
victiin, an.l locked him ap ia th
tion house wherehe gave hia name aa
Qeorge Jaokaoo. TbecaMeaaabroughl
bafore the Polioe Courl thia morniog
when Darr.-I DaWBOO, .-f The I'lainsl
Fau<|uier county. who sai.l In had
U-en lobbed hy the negro, atated that
he was ,,ii tbe" east side of I'itl sli.el
near an alley engagcl m takmg an m
ventory of his exehequer when Jackaon,
who was staiiding hehind ;i I'<?.?,
anatehe 1 a tweoty dollar oote from his
band and ran. Pawson gav.- chaee
and ov.rtook tbe oegro. and had
him in . hitrge when ihe poli.c arrived,
The iweniy dollai note, il was ahown,
was in one of Jackaou'a poeketa when
be was -eaiched al the stali.-n hous.-.
The acii-ed in liiedefeuee alleged tbal
)?- had I.n Wilh DaWBOO and ihe lal
ter gave him what he Mppoaed waa a
dollar hill to get ehanged in order t<>
pay him (.lackson) for c-ilain semccs.
After be gave him the hill Dawsoii
eha-e 1 and i aught huu, claimmg be
had been robbed. Joatice Caton beld
the negro foi the grand juiy.
[Justice II. B. Caton presi.ling.]
The following rawea were dtapoaed of
this morning:
Tim Mad.ien aml Flmei l.ewis.
charg.-'l with vagrany. were ,lismis-e.l.
Two men. charged wilh operating an
automolnle withoot ligfatB, had their
ease conlinu.-d.
Qeorge lackson. colored, charged
with robbing Darrel Dawaon, was aenl
on Io th. grand jury.
Jiuiu-s Bnrretl an.l Jobn Dervin,
charged with diaorderly conduct were
Jilied .*?"> each.
.htmes Mill.r, colored. charged with
a-siiulting .la.k (iiggle. CcJored, was
fine.l $?").
Several white men, charged with
ngbting, were arraigned One was
fined *?'>. BOOte had tbeir caac ...ntinued
and otbeis were dismisse.l.
Th.- feeth ities of the past two oigbta
bave he. n parti. ipated in by every
cla-s in tbeoommunity. OWand young
Alazatidriaoa aod their gueata, bave
Illillgled and ihe good ebeer nialiifesle.l
has been marked. While tbe carnival
gpirit seemed to l>e ammatmg e\el\
ajoul, there was none of the vanity fair
itppai.-nl As mighl have been ex
pectedj some peraona abowed tbe exhil
eration auperinduced l>y coovivbUity,
but the victitna were good-natured and
nothing -ciious ...cuned to iiiar the
enjoyment of anv one.
Tim Madden, wboM name has ofteii
in reeent ycart appeared im the Idoltler
Of (he I'ohee Court, reiippeared in Alex?
andria yeaterday in rompany with .
youtb named Blmer Lewia llieeonple
were taken incharge byOfflcera Knigbt,
Rawlett and GUI and ? charge of
vagraney praferred atainat them. The
aCCtlsed Were lilollgllt liehire ihe I'oliee
Court this morning. Maddeo -aid he
had reeently lived m a diy lown m 01
der to eseape ihe temptatibn todrink.
The pii-otiers v.ere di-nn-scd.
hlacalf'a eoinet i- now rapidly ap
proaching tbe poinl wbere it will be
I the BUO. Thi- evelil Will take
plaee nevt Tneaday, and after that it
will .|iii(kl> -hoot away into -paee.
and will not agatn rwraal itaell to
eartlily obaerrei. for years to eome.
When tln-wanderei is nearest th- -mi
it will be aboul twice tln- diatance of
the earth away from the snn. It is
slowly decreaaing in brigbtneaa, be
(?ause it is inereasing its distanee from
the earth.
A negro wa- seeli 00 the feiue of a
retmlenee on the eorner of Duke and
Wadiington atreet. last nigbt Offlcer
Baaapeoo, wa the traapajnia, and dh>
cbarged his pistol. when the dark rati.
The hon-e wa- rabeequently entered
and sean hed. bul DOthing wa- louod
Tne long-ilistanee telephoiie l.ooth at
the union paaeenger Btation was robbed
last nighl of a .um of inoney.
The teleplmne wa- hrokeii as well as
tbegla-is in the door. Two men. bt>
lieved to he been ttamps. were aeen in
the main room of the depot where the
pay station inlocated, ahortly baJorc|the
robbery was diseovered. The amount
atolen waaamall.
The weather yenterday was miltry.
the mereiirv in the thermometer diiring
the afternoon standing at Wdegrees.
The warm weather contmued laat
nlght. and conditions had improved
but little early this inorning. Later,
bowever. rain' began to fall and the
wind. whieh bad been from tbe *outh.
changed to tbe northwest, after whu h
the aaatparatore began to fall. the mer
cury batng ?< 70 degreea at noon. Rain
had since fallen at intervals.
While the festivities on King street
were M tbe high water nruk la-t nigbt
conaiderable excitemeiit was cauaad 0*
QajJMn street, U'tween Alfred and Pat
rick, by tlie aniiouneement that thiere.
were breaking into a Biore aad dwelling.
A neighbor appeared with a pistol and
discharged foiir slmts at the would U
burglars. when the latter \auisbed.
JOO pair ladies tine shoe worth $3.50<
and $400. They are our beat makea.
but a Uttie off aa to style, 98 centi
l A, Mariball <fc Bro? 422 Kiog mwt
king Htreet Thealre efCfenatal l*r<>
reedingo-Part ol Thoroughfarc Dense
ly Parked Ifattl JWBltj Mldiilght?
Happy Tawaaga Paaa to and Fro
tioodt'heer BvatJ w here.
It was after four o'clock yesterday
afu-rnoon l.efore tbe Bremen'. parade
disbanded. Ample preparetiooa for tbe
enU-rtain.i.e.,t of the partieipants had
ba..ade, and the mei.il.ers of the
varions oagaiii/atioiis repaired to Ihe
ptaoM whieh had been arranfad for
ihem Where the lefre-hllieills SnIiI-I.
had been prwided were enjoyad after
about tWO botjre' mareh.
The weather waaeuhry in the after
ii.Min. altboogfa a stiff lireeze ].revaile,l
from the aouth, and aoroe diaoomforl
W:is experienced by tbe marcbera. kn
hotir OT BO lalei, however, they reap
peared on the atreata refreabed and
ready for tbe acenea of the earlj nighl
Tln- erowda on the atreeta abowed n?>
dimiuutioii, and afler dark the streeta
were as aoimated as on Wedneaday
nigbt. The multitmle Booked to King
street, and from Royal street w.sl for
balf a do/en aquarea tbe eity's main
Ihroughfare presented a hvely pietnre.
lu many oaana ii waa impoaajihle lo paae
on the sidewalks, as th.y were cloaely
packed with faumaatty. The roadway
BOOn heeame ahno-t as OOOgeated BJ
(he sidewalks. The-.- eolldllloll- afa iW
ed no malerial ehange until nearly mid
On Washingtoii Btreet, l.etw.en King
and Prince, when- the tbe band oon
lest took ptaOB, the sea of heads lo
apectator. from an eleration wen
geative ol a buge croa.,extending north
and BOUth, east and west.
The seeiies were virtually a r.iieiitioii
of those of thepreeeding iilght Thoua
and. of young people were enjoying
llninselve- to their heart-' eonteiit,
wbite many of their elder- looked On
and eipially enjoyed tbe seene-. The
viaitora entered beartiry into tbe joy of
the oeea.-ion and seenud at tbe zeliith
in the happy niingling.
There were eomparativel\ f-w ea>e
of diaorder, eonaidering the buge
erowda whieh anrged to and fro. Bm-h
liufollllll.'lte oeeiiileliees M Wele ol.
aerred werebriefand nol rerioua. The
fri.tloli- were, as mighl have l.i eli aop
posed. Ihe result of laiiying too loiig
al thr wilie.
It was neariug midnighl before tbe
eily ipiieted down. By that time the
many Wa-hingloiiian- who had -pent
the day in Alexandria had reliuiied lo
their bomeo, while moel of the riaiting
Bremen wen- within doora tired oul by
the exeiteinellt of the day.
\~ -i ited al.ove after the parade end
e,l the \ i-iior-and iiuinliers of frieiids
were eoiidii.ted to Arinory Hall where
a bountiful hiiieh had be. n prepared
by tln- eiiteriaininent committee con
aiating of Me<-r-- Peter ron de W. -ie
laken, ehaiiinan; M. P. tire.ii, John D.
Nonnovle, Alberi Ahcheaon, J. T.
Inhnaon, Jamea Luckett,G. H. Bender,
W II. Swe.-ii.y, M. P. E. Qreen,
Arthui Paul and l{. A. (iarr.tl. It i
esliinaied thal at lea-t 1,200 peopli
were fed and high in the praiao <>f tln
committee were all who partook of tln
bountiful n-past. The committee ware
alily assisted by numbera of citixena
who vied wilh eaeh other in helping to
make the occaaion a l.rilliant auooere.
When the hnnh was o\er aud (piiet
restored foi the time beiug th< eoiil.st
committee, with Mr. .1. Frank PetUsy
M ehairman, met and awarded ihe
piise- a- follows:
Fii-i prkte H00 Largeel and beal
appearing uoiformed company in line,
wiih band, membera .>f tbe aaaociation,
io the Pheobua company. 80 men
in line.
Becood priae?160 -aeoond beat?
Harriaooburg company. 41 in line.
Thir.l pri/e?$?:.'.- Largest and beal
app.aring unifornied company in line
witboul band, uiembera of tbe aaaocia
tion. Hamptf* company, .r,s; lo line.
Foiirih pn/e rt25 Largeel and beal
uniformed oul of Bute eompauy, in
line, the Waahington contingenl
Thou-ands of people gath.-red n.ai
the grandetand on Washington atreel
lasl night to heai ihe miisic ..f tbe COO
teataota among the banda ..f the i iaiting
Breoompaniea. Thoiiaa>odaiTiore oould
hardly g-l within bearing distancc of
th.- banda aa they dhwouraed their
beal music. Bul withal. whether tboae
who gathered in that aection beard the
musk or nbt, it can hardly Ix- doobted
by tboae who were there that everybody
was happy.
The haoda that participated in the
eontest were that of tbe uarnaonourg
Company. and the Kagle Band of
Newport Newa.
The jodges were Bfeaara. Henry K.
Field, lieo. B, Kelllledy alld (i('0. H.
When the eontest was ov.r they de
cided that the band with the Bagk Co
,,f Newport N.ws, 1'rof. L S. Yassel,
leader, was winner of the $"H) prize.
Itoth banda rendered their aeleetiona
well and were loildly cheered. Th*
Harrisoiihurg band had many fri.-n.l
iu the erowd and until the decision wa
made many sai.l that band WOuld win.
SeveraJ other* had annqonced their
intenlion of entering the eontest but
suse.|uentlv dropped out.
The contesting comptiniea met last
night an.l in the proaenoa of the eom?
mittee drew lots f..r poaition in the
>eel race of today.
The reaoK was aa followa. nnd in this
order did they run against time
Xo. 1 Hariisonhir.'. Lfo.*?Cor
ington. Xo. o?Kagle. No. 8, Ifewpoii
tfewa. N<>. 4-Woodatock. Xo. 5.?
Pronl Royal, Xo. 0? I.uriiy. No. 7.
Btraaburg, Xo, 0 eHjedaodoah, Xo.
One would have hardly imagined
that BtaCb a large crowd would liave
gathered on north Washington street
todav in view of the Inctemenl weath.-r.
Butibis seemed to mspiie, rather than
retard, the interest lakeii in thesporting
cuhiiination of a happy ev.-nt. fosr it i
estimatedthat nearly 2.tX*ipeople gath
ered tO cheer One or the other of their
favorites oo to victory in the r.rl rac
liany atood ondei their own and othera
aeeepted the sh.-lter of other s um
brelUs, wbile the foliage of the tr..
on the <tr. m a great meas
ure in the protection of the apectaton
from the element.
The course was aliout 8QQ feet start
ing at a point between fVinecea and
Oronoco streets, and ruuning south.
The coiitestant.-' ohj.-ct was a run <>f
BOOfeet -outhto a plug and attacfa 150
{eet of hose, from Fbich there should
eome a stream of waler. The ll.-et
foot.-d tireineii gave a splendid exhibi
tton of their knowledge of the busmess
in whieh they were cngaged and all the
oompanie. receivedapplause.
The Btarl was made in the reel racea
at 10:4-") and tbe following is the offi
cial result:
Harrisonbi.rg. ?s aecond.
Newport Newa.. ??? aecon- -
W.Is.oek . .SoKCCond
FrdntBoya!. 88^ seouids
Lexington,. 40seco..d*
Btraaburg. 3ascconda
Bbenandoah... fc> aevon-N
Luray. . .-,1 seconds
Covington declined lo coropate.
\. will be seen Luray none Oom
panv won the ti..-t prtXC, and tbe sec
otid pri/e was l-etweeli Woodstock,
Btraaburg and fshanaiadoah oompaBiea,
whieh in;..le the ruii in 88 seconds
The n.M eonlest was free (o all and
waa entered by all ihe eompan.es wh.eh
took parl in the former eonte-t.
The result of the free foi al! coiit-t
was as follows :
Karriaonburg. :il 4-o seeonds
Newporl Newa.... :cj seconds
W.Irtock.. .Sl 4-0 seconds
Pronl Royal. 33% atvo.ids
Lexington. 3.;-eeonds
S.ia-I.uic.. IVJ'.'..-, .seconds
Rhenandoah. . Wanoond.
Luraj.8H 4-:. s-eonds
?il,,- make. a uabetween liarnson
burg and Woodatock for fir?t prize.
The prize. were a- follows :
First pri/e ISUite a-so,-iatio;i com
p.inie-) Cuatodyof the -tate associa
ti<.ii tiiunpet?$11*'.
Becond priae (Btate MajodaHon oom
j.anies) $60.
Firsl pri/.e- (Opeii to all companies)
Becond pria. (Open to all oom'
p.aniesV $50.
judgea Dr. W. M. BmRfa and Mr.
A. Sid.iev Mankin.
Timei- lieaara. Wm. 0. WUdt,
Floyd S.iiiinleis and Cha- DeMoll.
Start.i?Mr, Kenneth Ogden.
The racea were toog drawn out and
1.,-fore their eonclusion many of the
apectatora became tin-d and left the
The racea whieh wen-still iii progreaa
:,t lo'clock will windiipthcfestivitiesi of
the oeea-ion and ntOBl of the visiting
liremei. will have for their homes this
In speaking of the parade it is the
coiieeii-ii- of opinioii amoiig thosc in a
poaition to know thal it was one of the
|?.SI ev< i s.eii iii the -inle. llatldled
ineverv d.tail evelnsivi ly by local I'ne
menitwaaan oceaaion longto be re
,,,.miieiid. Reluctantly accepting the
elii.-f niarahalabip of il.is aucceaafull)
conductad parade, Mr. .1. Bkfney
Douglaa proved tliat be was maater of
the sitnalion in Ihe fact that every
iliin;; wenl off in clock-work ordei
\,,t detracting from tln- al.ilitv of bia
:ii,l,. amtatanta and aidea, it can be
nafelj aaid thaj tliough the okl st.-r..
lyped parade route was diacarded and
i,t eiitirely new on>- seleeted, it is a
eomphinelil of the hlghe-t order to ihe
ehief marshal lo state thal no organi/.a
tion ev.r -howed Itself to l.ett.-r aihali
tage than did tbe Virginia Btate Fire
men- A-soeiatioli. The (ia/e(te wishes
for the viaiting Breman aaafi joorney
lo their homes and at Ihe same time
expreaaca tln- hopethal the Huler of the
Iniv.-i-e will in his kind proridence
-pare the life of eaeh *\ isito. to meet
n.M \e.li al Newport N'ews.
John Bobinaon i ahow, which is to
exbibil in ihis city ona week from to
daj. i- one of tbe beal ever aeeo io this
uountry. The aide abow ia high cJaea.
Th.- menagerie cootaina Brat>cJaaa
animala, clean, h.althy and large.
The horeee and aJI the equipment are
clean, well keptandoftbe beet There
is notbing kboddy or ababby, In tbe
areiia the aeatiog ia close t<. tbe per
formera, giviog an excellenl vi.-w of
every rtct, Ihere are aereral featurea
of tbe .'Id -fa-hioned circus, dear to our
boyhood daya, aome that are too fra
queotly lefl oul of tbe hig ahowaio it
ceni y.ars There is not an uncivil
employee <d any kind abool the ahow.
Children can and do get aloog aa well
at the h'g enierprise as at Munday
The weetern motor boal champion
ship will be run tomorrow on the Ohio
river al Cincmnati for B $1,000 purse
and $1,000 cnp. The hoat recently
Bttedbythe Bmeraon Kngine Co., of
thia city.with ita high apced eogine will
he in ihe raoa, It was ihippad, aa
stat.-d before, by tbe owner, Mr. A.
Traver, of Pougbkeepeie, N. Y. Af
ter thia race it will oo August 30 lie a
factor in the race at l'eoria, III., and
from that point it will he aent to Osin
uig, N. Y.. and take part in the Hud
BOO river i.i.e-.
The rapi.l Hight of time is brougbt to
mind by tbe announcement in today'a
Gaxette that the kaniiog of permits to
cfaildren t" attend the public achoobi
will begin on September .">?oflt w.-ek
from Mottday oezt. To many it seein
that ihe achoobi closed bol a few weeka
ago. hui alraady ihe time has abaoel
rolied arouod for their reopening.
The 880800 for shooting sora and
reed hirds will Opeo on Thursday next,
September tirst. It is aaid that the
birda are pleatiful and in good condi
tioii. Already it I reported that many
birda bave been kille.i by violatoraof
tbe liU and 'n deriance of the game
wardena. _^-_
The servi es of Betliany Independent
M. I'. ChoTcb wil! be restimed this
eveoiog, with ihe prayer service. The
S.ihl.atli school and Dublk -ervices will
be reeumed on Bunday next,
Dyajeatery i- a dangeroaa disease but
oan be cetred. Chamberlain'a Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy ha?
been ntceeeefadly oaad in nineepidemics
of dyaentery. It hasnever been known
to fail. It i* eqoally vduable for ohii
dren and adults. and when reduced with
w it.r and sweetened. it is pleasant to
take BoM hy W. V. Creighton and
Richard Qibeon._
Hard Craba. Soft Craba. Deviled Craba
and Crab Salad
foot of King Street
ppen uatil 10 p. m. apr7Bm
Mr. William H. Tyhr. formarly of
this city but now of Waslmu'ton. a
half-brother of Mr. EL B. G.hTCb,
is soriously ill at 1ns home in W asb
ington with typhoid fever.
Mr. Thomas Hoy. formarly of tn.
city, but now of Washingtoii. has goo.
to Oakland, Md.. to apand a few wv.k-.
Rev. and Mrs. Kverard hfeade have
issued invitations to the marriage of
their daughter, l.izzie bVockeobrough,
to Rev. Charles William Bydnor, at
7 .".n o'eloek, Bepiamberl, Bl Pbhick
Churcb Aeeolink, Fairfax eonnlv.
Mrs. I.ucy L l.unt has raturned
from a visit to Mountain Lake I'ark.
Mr Simpson Williams, of CbarlottCB
?? ille. who baa beenapaoding tbe aaek
with his coiisin, Mrs. (J. K. Mark.-ll.
has returned home.
Mi-s Bettie Keys has returned from
a ph-asanl visit t<> Allantie fjhj
Miss Isalx-I Washingloii. of W.-t
moreland eounty. is rkdtiag fcfaa Lucy
Kn-t, near Alexandria.
Mr. and Mrs. .lohn B. Duneiin. of
Culpepcr, amioimee the eiigagemeiit ol
their daughter, Mi-s Ix.relle D.meaii.
10 1). II. LOW, jr., of Alexandria. The
wedding will take plae.- in the fall.
Hr. Oeorge II. Le Hew baa aa hei
guests Miss Maggie Spangl.-r. of Btraa
burg, and Miss Fmina .1. llard>. of
.lohn II. Strider. foim.-rly of thi
ei(y but now of Susijiiehaiina, P... is
here on a short visit.
Mr. and Mrs. .lo-.ph I'-nwiik will
leave here for a WCeka \.nation IfoO
' M.ssOla Pullin has joal relinned
from a ten week's visit to the iiioiin
Miss Kllie Orudd is runting Mr.
Cbarle. Bmith at her home on Madiaoo
street. ,
Mr. J. B. Fintiote, of Waahington,
baggage master of the l'eiinsv!-. am i
Railroad. with his fannh. Bpenl yes?
terday with Mr. and Mrs. .h.hn I.ain.
Mr. K. 1'. W. (iamett has returned
from a pleasanl visit to relatne- m K
BBI eounty.
Mr. Qeorge W. Dearborn, of Am
herst, is ol. a short visit lo relalive- in
this city, his old home.
Mr. R. Walton hfoore, of Fairfax.
BO well and favorably known in ihis
. ity, is eontined lo his home with a
aprained ankle arbich he auatained a
few davs ago.
Mr. Mamv W. Qaiaea, the popular
clerk of .lohn A. Mar-hall A BrO., has
returned from a ten daya' rieii t" At
lantie City.
Mr. Cbaa. (>. Brill, tormerly of this
city, who ha. feenearioualy ill f?.r tln
past few moniha .1 his In.? in Wa-h
ington, wa.-well i nongh tobe BBCorted
lo his old home, in llns city, in 11 i?- ai ?
toinobile of hi- brotber, lir. Auguetw
Brill. and vi.-w tln- Bremen'. parade
The many fri.n.l- i f "Cbarlie," :is hc
is familiarly known, will bCgfatd t"
hear >.f hi- improred oonditioo.
Among tl.ose wboatteuded thedance
ut Curmont, on Baturdaj nighl laal wai
Mi- Tbotoa. W. Robineon, of tbta
Mr. .lames R. Yate. ol M.rkham,
is a gi est at tln- Rotel Peuach.
Col. ihe... II Fiekhn will leave Bun
day for Hiehmond, from whieli |KMhl
he will take the steamer for Noifolk.
From Noifolk In- will sail for N.w
York. The eolonel will be gone a
There was a fahN alar.f lire ihorl
Iv before tea o'dock this morning.
The st.ainer Bt, .lohns will tonight
make ihe bad .>f bet mooolighl excur
sioiis this seasi.n.
The new dial whi.h reacbed bere
soine time ago has I..- n placed in DO
-ilioii in Ihe froiil of the cily ball
Mr. W. H. Torryaoo, of Ballatoo,
Alexandria countfr, died o* Tueaday
aged 76 years. an.l wa- luni.il y.-i>H
day evening al Palh Church.
Rolx-rt Harper, Who works at tle
Kiversi.le Brick Worka, waa badlj hurl
today by a fall of hiick- UOOO him. Ile
w i- hrought to his bome oo I'in atreet,
near Princc, in ll is city f.>r ti.aini.nt.
The work of in-ialling el. etri.ity al
the Th.oiogiial Keminary, near this
city. has heen ;d> .ul complcte.l and
betaafter tbe boildingi and grounda of
the inatitution will he ngbtedhycuT
rent furnished from this city.
Marriage lieen?.a w.ie i--ued in
Washington yesl.-iday to Mill-m B
Lovalaoa, of Bdlatoo, and BuojceJohn
?on, of Alexandria, and to Clin oo C
Purks, of Bpothryrvania county, and
Fannie F. Wataon, of Stafford.
S<.nie person enter.-.l Mr. O. F. Car
ter'i atoraon King atreet, near Pitt,
last night, opened the safe. took $6.62
in money and $1.60 io atampa there
from. ciosed the leceplade and de
Among the motoi cara ihal bave
been laglalered with the aeeretary of
the comnionwealth and bave been
licenaed to operate on tbe puhlic roada
of the atate ar.- tboae balooging to i
F. Myers, W. B. Smoot, H. F. Oreen
and Slrs. Bottie My. r-. of lln- I l '
In mentioningthe features of a pa?
rade one is hkely t<i overiook aoma < f
th.- beet, one ..f which was th.- eppiaua ?
given Col. W. A. Smoot, preatdeol 0*
the Columbia Fire Engine CompapVi
yeaterday as he inar.hed in line witfc
hia boya with as light a h.art and 8tap
as when he firat be.ame a volunieer.
Reporta from the upper country
are to the effect that the Potootac
river ia lower than at any time that
aeaaon. Owing to the lack of raina, Ibe
stream haa fallen to far helow normal
and at places tbe water ia not more
than two or three feet from shore to
The body of Courtney B. Taggart, <>f
Waabington, who was drowm-d at
Colonial Beach on Wedneaday mornm>
while reacuing from drowning L'on
and Lena Thomas, wfls rr. over.-.l yea
terday aftern<>on hy tish.-rnien. Tbe
body arrived in Washington ycstcrday
Mr. A. J. Buteher will have lor aate al
his -tan.l in market tomorrow a line lot
of Koeky Ford Cantaloup.-.
If you want the b *t hanl. BOfl and
deviled craba an d everything in -ea-on
call at the Opera HOOBO Cafc. aug.'.; -t
Select Soft Shell Craba on toaat and
Deviled Craba arSpinka'a Cafe, Prince
and Royal street*.
The performancea at the N> w I ?j - r|
House are affording genuine aajtertaio
ment. The pietu'ec are unsurj
and the acting of a auperior nature.
Read the features now preacrted in tbe
Washington, D. C.
$10 TO $15
Suits or Coats
For $3.98
Clo-ing out priee-and we do not e.xpeet one -arme.i. lo he liere irter".
oei.H-k t.orroa?
(hoie.-olTlotll Sllits, l.ine.l SuiU, Silk I o;it-.
The reaular prieea were |10 to ?i>. yet ohohse Ia offered al an] ol theae
tonmrrowbrfais. -'.'"' s?" s,,,!l""?
The New Opera House
Ci.inedy sketeh artists. I.at.- of Hu-y l/./v Co., m the Doctor and tbe WkJow.
The Pianoliend. I Xovelty Diam.itie Act
"Tik. Late."
Continiious performanee ni'.ditly 7.80. Al! BBat. 10c.
Matmees Wedneadaya and Baturday. All BeataSc.
Sp,-< ial for the eoiueiition ? Life pieture performanee- 1m iday and Satur
,|;ry, A.iL'iisfJiiand 27, startm-al 10.80 a. m. K.xe.lleiit raiUUC at everv per
formani ? .
I'.-rfeel order at all times. OofM when you llko, go when you pl.-as.-. ( lul
dren i.iust have tiek.-t-. ang'-'olw
Doi.'i miBl the marveloua TOKU KISHI. the wonder Jap. In foot juggtiog
and wire walking. Tokn Kishi will do his death-defying alide torlife FREE out
?id. Ihe new Opera House .very nighl at 7.80; W .-dnesday al 2.80.
SeamoreSisters, dashing aoubrettes, TIazel Lynch, the winsome artisi.
In the Morning
\ glass of HOF
BRAUhe.l willre
fresh.n you after
tbe night'a aleep,
nvigorale you and
Ii t you for the
lay's work.
At Noon
A glass ,,f HOF
BRAU beer with
bedinneror luncb
"tona ii .?ff" just
right :wid berpa
tbe stom.ich I.. .li
gest tbesoli.l fooda
? 1
\ bottle of HOF
BRAUheci Will he
ippreciated, ea
pecially if bodj or
irain is fatigued.
It is iioiirislniig
and str.nglheiiiiig
tn.I aootbea the
u. rv.-s.
We Can Serve You
Brewing Co.
?Ph.mc No. 49-B
II, ie - ..io- without an
pqual ai ihe priee an.l
i- luily iMiarante.-.l.
i:, jew.-i movemeot In tweaty
> ear gold Blled eaae,
i, welera and .Sllveramiths.
W, n,? now ju-! ahout to round out
the firal year "f our exbteoee. The
tbrnc that will keep
Cameron Dairy Lunch
i s<&\ rcah ii, >.-ur mind is its per.-nnia
yoiiil. Nothing ever getaofd or rtale
here iii.l.hke it lady carefu! of ber age.
leniam- for.-ver ".lust SweOt Sixt.eii."
Cameron Dairy Lunch
D06 King Street.
iLDBRACKLST, In-aring the iul
tJaJj A. <?? I' Rewaid if returned to
Welcome Firemen to Our
City and Store.
\nilllinc.-i HlsrOKlf posT CAROB
.,, ,u\ and Photo Poal Carda or
our Firi Department on aale now
t., whi.h will beadded photo
yteweofali the prtoelpal
,v enta of the eoovae*
tion aa they take
Next to Opera Hooae.
UN Kngineer Omee.fflp lTth atreet,
. \ W Wa-hington. I?. C, Aug. 28,
10 Healed i.-..i>. ?-?>1? for .Ire.lgmg in
iPotomae Riverat Alexandria Va^. and
M:? h,-l..e and Dyiners 1 reeka, Va., will
be received bere unti l- Bf.,8eptomber
B, 1810.andtben i.ublicly opened. in?
formation ou appftcatlou. W (. I<A*o
!.t< ol. Engra.
your comfort
depends large
ly on your re
fresh m ents
along the road.
Carry your
favorite hot or
cM*d drink in
ma, u. ?. p*t. orr. ano omat br.taim
Keeps drink icy cold for day- and steam
ing hot for 24 hours. You are invited
to examine them.
Saunders & Son
629 King Street.
Wm. H. Peck
i ii \|,. I.IMC. i RMENT, TERRA
Ivory Wall Plaster
AJargequantlty ol aew aad aeeond
hand lurobeVand Becond hand brlek for
aale eheap.
rurnlahed or unfUrnlahed; uee of
plaao io adulta; in tln- Bouthwesl aectlon,
eonvenlenl lu Unlon atatlon. Addreaa
??11. A. T.," Qaaette ofBee. aug?3l
F.iK lii.N i. i l.N kouW II" UES
with bath; excellenl loeatlon. Apply
vi; north Waahlngton Btreet
augia -u
Efandaoine Ctoina Sugar Boarl
and Cream PItcber free with fioo
worth of our Pancy Tea. Coffee,
Baklng Powder, Spteea and Ei
Butter, Ib. ... 33c
A & P Laundry Soap, 8 bar? 25c
Peanut Butter. lb .... 11c
Gold Duit.19c
A fcf P Condenacd Mtlk.
3 cana.28c
Cherrici. 2 cana .... 25c
Full Cream Checae.lb. . . lflc
Campbell Soupa. 3 cana . . 25c
Poatum.pkjT , > i 12 and 22c
Oiivea. Queen 10c. 15c and 25c
M*lt Vinetfar.bot .... 18c
Swift Silvcr Leaf I.ard . . 15c
Prunca. lb . . . 8c. 8c and 10c
Hecker'a Cream Oatmeal. 3
Fancy Grapejuice.bot. lOand 20c
The Great Atlantic &
Pacific Tea Co.,
Pbonea Bell jtt. Home 171.
youngcouple hy sJeptember 10th.
Break'i Apply "H.," i.a/.ette
_a"g"-4 u
ATCH I.OST.?In froi.t of 380 Kiag
?Mre.-t. U.-ilne-l:.v ni.hl. Ketiirn
r., above addaeaa aad reeetre r.ward.
LECTt >R for in-lallinei.t hoii-e:
must beaoberand InduatrkMU. \d<lre
ll i. HOBaON.geaeraldellvery, M
ln?tou, D. (,. *?& M
Woodward & Lothrop
Continuation of Our
August Fur Sale.
Bvery late improreoaen! of maril ia embodiad in theaa fnra, The seleeting,
malching, and dv.-ing of ihe skins; the reinfoicenient. ihe lining, the linishing,
down t<> ihe sniall. st detail. is in the banda of men who know fur garmeiii 00O
struction an.l iake ].ride in th.-ir skill. In (xmeequence, !>erfect satis:aetioii Io
th.- arearer ? the gnaraatee that goea with every fur piece or garment.no math r
what ihe prioa.
BaMe Squlrrel For Setw, eenetajtfna ol
ptllow muil tiid tbrow tie.
i. Value, at&fla,
BtaekOpoaarum PurSeta, oonsiatingof
pillow mull an.l shawl eollar taiahM
with talla
-1 . s.t. Value. 832J?
xmcrieaii Marlen Fur Sets. eonsist iu g
of large pillow mull an.l large shawl eof
l:ir. lini-lie.l <>n shouhlers :t)..l emls witlt
I'.e.n talla.
ROset \ alue. |42.fi0.
l-al.ella Fox Fur Sets. eonsisting of
large tuo-slripo.l mull aml large two
.. Ktriiied shawl eollar, triramedon elther
Gray Moullloii I-ur Sets. eonsisling ol . (.|1(| ? jlh ,mturfJ |,r(ls|,.
-el. Valu.
large rug muff, in aix-pointed en"eet,and
large shawl eollar, line.l with shirre.l
satin an.l (inishe.l in l.aek with three
|2S set. Value, $42.50.
leelan.l Fox Fur Sels, lor evening
wear, oonalatins of very large pillov,
mull an.l scarl of oiieanimal akln trim
iiie.l wilh hea.l. tail. and I'oiir talis.
827.60aet Value, 837?r)0.
.'n,.h Oenulne Rueaiaa Pony skin
. .,..!-. line.l ihroilghout wilh gray Nkiu
ii.r s vitin an.l lini-he.l with <leep n.ll
ing eollar an.l eiills.
KDeaoh. Value. fK>.
Thir.l iloor?<r st.
of Alexandria, Virginia H
CAPITAL, $100,000 SURPLUS, $125,000
Edward L. Daingerfield, President.
Carroll Pierce, Vice President.
Richard M. Green, Cashier.
Edward L. Daingerfield
J. C. Smoot Jas. W. Roberts
Worth Hulfish Carroll Pierce
M. A. Ahern Urban S. Lambert
The Citizena' National Bank ha? bccn directly idcntified with the
mercantile. manufacturintf. and jobbintf intcrests of AL-xandrta for forty
years. and. with ita lartfe capital. ample surplus. conscrvative dircctorate.
protfressive management and convenient location. ia cquipped to satiafac
torily handle new accounta and to accord them that samc courteoua at
tention whieh haa been a vital factor in ita st?-adfaat and continuoua
Real Estate Loans. Fire Insurance
On the south side of King street between
Alfred and Patrick streets, a fine three
story brick dwelling, containing eleven
rooms and bath, with all modern conveni
ences, good dry cellar, large lot, with side
and rear alleys. Special price for ten day?
For further particulars see.
107 South Royal Street, Alexandria, Va
u _ . ^tricks and Bond<
City and Suburban Propertiea.
Banjos, Guitars, Violins, Mandolins.
All visitorstotheFiremen's Convention are
rnrdiallv invited to call and hear the WON
greatest musical inventions of the age.
Sanders & Stayman Co.
612 King Street and 1327 F Street, N W? Waahington, D C.

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