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rtanbna ?oztttf.
Sun and Tide Table.
rlses tomorrow atf?:37 and aets f>:lK
water at 12:19 p. BB
Weather Probabilitiea.
this BWetJOB unsetlled this after
witb probably anowen; BUr t<>
?,j;ru and Saturday; eooler; moderate
northwesterlv witnls
President Andrew JohmOD, in one of
his apeeeliea during his fainotis ' swing
aioiind the circle" in IBfM said:
Come what ina.v thia rock shali lly
Kiuin ils lirin base as soon as I.
Krom all that can be aeeu the two
quatendona in Ihe Board of AMermen
of this city are inepirnd by the aame
linea, t*>th aadea, apparently, having
beoome determined Ui "dk in ihe last
ditoh." While ihe nv.-il bamls iningle
aa ploaaanirj aa evet and tlie beat of
feeling aeema to prevail, s.? far aa can
be obaenred, there ia nol tbe aligbteat
prospect of a variatioii or ahadow of
turning; bence, when tbeiAldermen re
Manunble oo the night of Tueaday, the
?jtitb uisiaiit, it is espected thal the
?'four-to four" VOte wlil again be re
corded when balloting for a preaidenl
sball bave beell icsllliied. as the deler
niinatio'i lo "stami by youi guna" will
doubtless be ill evidence. The Buggea
tion thal the lot be brougbl into requi
sitioti has, it is understooil, been re
jeeted by sides
Mineola Tribe, N<?. 14, of the Pis
trii t of Colunibia, aceompanicd by
Unat Sachem .laines W. Allismi, (Weat
Cbief of Ibcoid 11. \V. Tippett, J. V.
Ruetoo. of Tribe 86. Trenton N. J.,
viatted Oareola Trtl* No. 1 ol Alexan?
dria, yeaterday evening and after re
markeby P. <J B., W. 0. While; P. <i.
S , Oeo, E. Bailer, and other membera
of Mmeola Tribe No. 11, tbe Pipe of
1'eace Waa preseliled by P. II. B., W.
0. Whiie, witb verj appropriate re
marks, wbich waa accepted hy Qreal
propbet of Virginia, W. B, Nicklin, ol
this city, acting Bacbein for Oaceola
Tribe. Tbe cabimct was tbe gift of
the Sachein of tbe Six rfatione, who
was a Paal Subein of Mineola Tribe
No. 14, at the ti.A Bta death.
Ifra Behocca Gordon Blaokford,
widow of Bugene Biackford, died ye
terday morning, after a ahorl illneaa,
in her home al Cbve, north of 1'ikes
Vllle, Md
Mrs. Biackford is aurvived by one
8on, (Mr ISugene Biackford), and one
daughiei (Mi- Arthur Pboltney). The
funeral took placfl this afternoon at 1
O'cloek at St. Mark -on tbe Hill Prot
estant Epiecopal diurch, PikeaviUe.
Among tbe pallbearera waa ber nephea
Mr. An.blei li. Biackford ji . ol Bi m
inary Hill.
(Justice H. B Caton presiding.J
The following cases were disposed of
hia morning:
Julian Randall, cbarged witb de
fraudmg Bd. Heidont oi ol a board
biil, waadiaroiaaed,
Osear Beeder, chargi 1 with diaorder
ly con.luct and witb breaking the door
of the bouae of Bertie Beeder, was dia
Alber? Sullivan, cbarged Wltb as
aauHing Bari Dodd, was Aned 16.
The eleetric railway company is pre
paring to lemove their iron polea from
King street from Fairfax to the river.
The trolley wire has ahcadv been re
inoved The eaatern terminua of the
road is now at th? iiilcic tfofl ol King
and Fairfai Btreeta. Tle lower King
street track was uscd while the com?
pany was operating a city cai. which it
was allowed to withdraw when the new
street work 00 King street exteiided was
Mr William A. Bnwol was kicked
on tbe leg b\ a iiiule at bis coal yard
at the foot oil Princeae Btreel yeaterday
morning and paiofull] injured. For
tunately no bonea were brukan al
tbougfahia leg waabadly cut. He was
conveyed to his bonu in a carriage
where he received Burgical attentioo.
Mr. A. D. Brockett was clected presi?
dent of Ihe Chamher of Oommeree al
the meeting last night ni the plaee
of I. T. Johnaon dcoeeeed. BobertS.
Jones waa ohoacn vice preawenl and
Mr. J. M. Duncan was elected a menv
ber ofthe board of directora. Mr. W.
W. Balteoger waa deaignatcd as the
represeutativ.- of the Portnet Brewtng
Company in tbe chamher,
Mr-. Satah Klleii ButtOO, who died
June ~4, 1W0, had rcached her 7.!d
year. She was a daughter of William
Rutton, wbo lived 107 years. and
Bophta Sntton, wbo was Vt years old
at tho time of ber deat**. The other
ehildren were William. who attained
his 79th year; Samuel, 77; John, 74;
Mary Ann, 80; Bebecca, 71: afargaret
^rjn, 68; Oatberine, 86j and Soplua,
In line With their intentiotis to have
nothing but the best lalent, tbe nian
agement of the Opera HoUM last
night preeanted a rare treal lo their
patrons. Judgirnj from tbe applauae
greetmg each perfomier, the audietice
must have been well pleaaed. On tbe
bill tonight nnd lornorroa night ia
Caroline Havis, female magicbm, who
exeels any in the chtss of MtertauV
meataahe luraieheas Tenny Edwarde,
tho charming singing BOubrette,
and Duffy and May. the up-side-down
pair. Tbe novelty trapeze act 18 Bome
thiDg wonderful Next week the man
agenietit, at great expens,., will Pgcure
Bomcthing rare in the amusenient line,
which will be seen by referring to tbe
advertisement lo Baturd iv's pap..
We seit He**. Bega), Walk-over,
tlrockton and i'aylot made fine shoes
cif gentlemen. J. H Marshall &
riru,; 422 King street,
As statcl ystcda, Ookmel Morton
Marvc, auditorof publie accounts ol
Virginia, was seveuty-nin.-years old on
Wedneaday. , , ,, ,
mond Tin.es Ibspatch say-. I n-hahly
this was his firal birtbday dunng bb
twenly-six years' OOMpanOf of one Of
the ...ost important olhccs i.l the State
govprnn.enton which he has heen ,...
able to Bttend to bb othca dut.es
For some weeks pas. Coh-nel Maryc
has been suff-ring from a pa.nful
though not scr...ns Bttack of sc.at.ca,
whi.h has k.p. him tO his home a
larger part ofthe time.
There are few other men ... the
United Btatea who al no advanced an
:ii,r.upy a poaitiofl of so much im
portanee an.l acttve reaponaibility.
Althoiigh a crippl.- as a resi.lt of his
gallant ilefense of his atate, he has en
oyed vigorous health, and has given
jhe affairs of his ollice the clos.-st at?
tention for agei.eration.
This disiinguished Virginia.. was
born on Beptember 7, 1881. Jn tl.e
days before the war between the statcs
he was a mercha.it in Alexandria, but
always took a k.-eii intereel in mililaiv
affairs. He was in eoin.i.an.l as cap
tain of the Alexandria c.pany >.f mi*
htia which took part in the attack ....
John Brown during tl.e latler's rai.l.
when he was I.l Jioss. ssioll of the
United Btatea areenal atHarper'a Ferry
then in Virginia.
At tl.e outbreak of the conllict he
hecaroe commandor <.f the Beventoentb
Virginia Infantry as ita oloncl laking
pa.t wilh honor to hiinself and tO his
eommand in many >.f the most aaa
guine eagagementa. At the aeeond
battle of Manassas he received a wound
which necessitatcd tl.e amputation of a
Although this incid.nt caused Col?
onel Marye's retirement from activc
Bervice, he was brevetod a brigadier*
general, inaamuch as the title waacom*
pliraentary, the gallant Boldier declined
t., acccpt ii o. tO be called general. and
elected to he a cololial for the resl of
his days. Dunng the rcinainder of the
war he was iu service in Richiiioiid as
a member <>f a board wboae duty it was
to pass upon the retireroenl of olliecrs
and men of tbe Coi.ie.lciate arn.y.
At the end of the war Colonel Maryc
waa elected clerk of ihe courta of Aloi
andria, aerving there until the election
of the Legialature in 1888, when the
democrata recaptured the state from
the readjuslers .and upublicaiis. When
Oovernor Oameron went into ollice, s.
Brown Allen, ooa poatmaater atStaun*
t. was made auditor of publie ...
counts. bllt his tel... expiled on Janu
a.v 1. 1884, as i.i those days ihe Aud.
tor waa elected every two yeara. <'"!
oii.l Marye waa chosen by the demo?
cratic caucua, and took offlce on Janu*
ary ?_'. l^sl He haa never aince thal
time bad s.-nous oppoeition, There
baa heen at times lalk of olher ppnons
f.,r ihe offlce hut >t baa never gone bo
i.u as ;i contcsi in the caucua.
Until tbe time of the new Conatitu
t?n, the election Wtt every tWO years.
an.l since every four yeara. Tbeaudi
tor is the only State officei provided i.y
the Colislilutloli elected hy the l.egisla
ture. Colonel M.uyc's prcs.nl lerm
expirea .... Pebruary 1, 1918,
The clerk of the City Bchool Board
today finiahed for the week the .ssuing
of permita t.. children t>> attend the
publie BChoob and dunng the day is
s.ied 258 '.'7 to colored boys and 166
lo colored girls. On tl.e correaponding
day l.st year he issu.d 246 permita
110 to colored boya aod 185 lo colored
girls. During the week 1 ,i.;'.0 ;>e. mits
have I"... iaaued?598 to white boya
and 567 to wbite girls 192 t.. ootored
boys and 288 to colored girls. During
the correaponding week l.st year 1,489
were issu.d .">.">7 to while DOyB, 629 tO
while girls, 178tO colored Ix.ys al.d 22ti
to colored girls. All the BCOOOb will
be opened tor Btudy on Monday nexl
and ii. order that ll.ey may he piopcly
organized oo more permita will be
iaaued t.ll Monday, the 19th. After
thal date an.l f... the remainder of the
s(-ssi,ni permita will he iaaued every
Monday morning at '.' o'cloek at Lee
scbool building oo Prince street.
The mercury in tl.e thermomete. at
n.i today ^t.'o.l at 88 degreea, The
temperature has moderatod aomewhal
since the begiiining of the week, and a
icf.eshing breeae from the northweel
has prevailed today. Tl.e oocJ wave
now in the northwest will coi.tinue its
movemenl eaatward an.l overapread the
Atlantic Btatea b night and Saturday.
tl.us eauaing comparativery low tom
peraturea, an.l fair weather will follow.
(Janie Wardeii A. .1. Payne this
morning brougbl before Juatice Wrigl.t
in Pairfax county, three Alexandriana
charged with gunningon landi adjoin
ing the cemeteriea withoul baving ?.l.
tained permbaion >.f the ownera. They
were made to poy *'.? each -$"> Ihip and
84coate?and their guna confiacated,
Warrants are out for thret other of
Tbe aeeond of the poured coment
houses at Virginia Higlilands was s,,|.|
yeaterday to Mr. K. J. Bkidmore, of
the State War and Navy Deparmeiit.
This house will UOt he cniplelcd before
October 1 when Mr. Skidmorc will occu
pyhis rcsidence there, There is a great
demand f.-r thb oow aftyle damp proof
houses and the third housp is altcady
sold, although fonstruction is n
yet atarted. Ground will bv brokeo
the tirst of nt-xt wct'k however, and it
is BXpeCted that the fire tcst will
Oome off there during the coming
month. The tirst house which was
purchaaed by Mr. MUton EUcka, of
this city. is now nearly coin])!etpd, and
many are in^pecting the DOUM with
a view toward rental, and it is expected
that it w.ll he occupied within the
ncxt few daya Bale of bome J?'
progreaamg rapidly an.l acttvky a).
proaebing ;. boom b looked for during
the early fail months. The lotB are
being boU ob aaeeptiooalry eaay terms
and at unusually low prices when Ihe
perinanent and attractive iniprove
nieiiLs are 00??detad, The punhiis.
of home BtteB is cverywhere beconiing
popular as it afforda a method
rtematk saving and offara agene
rous return in the increased vr.luation of
the laud.
A beaotlful rainbow spanned the
western btarena at an ei?rly hour tbia
There was a pleasaut s.wial gather
ing of young men at No. .">1^ south
Fairfai street last night. Hean
Bchoeni and T. Erana took tbe pvjaai
iu the eard game.
Mrs. John T. Wilkins anoVher niere,
Miss.lennie M. Uichards, have retumed
from Atlantic City.
Mr. George 11- Harlow and fainily
have returned from a visit to Braddoch
HeigbtB, Frederiek county, Md.
Mrs. Kata Walter Barrett, aml hTha
I.ila Barrett, are visiting Mrs. Wm.
Gampbell, atCturleatown, W. Va.
Mis. WM. Daingeilield has returned
from Woodberry Foreal whareaheapent
part of the aummer,
Mr. William M. I.armour. who has
been Bpending the summer with rel
ativea m Baltimore county, Md.. btt
returned to Alexandria.
Mis. r.essie Brown, of Philadclphia,
is visiting ber brother, Mr. A. Eisen
stein. iii this city.
Mr. and Mrs. .1. Mason Sannd-i
wbo bave beBfl tbe guest.s of Mis 1!
I). Mason. bave returned to their home
iu Alexandria.-[rharlottesville Prog
Miss Alice B. Chiiin, of Alexandria,
is the guest of her aunt, Mrs. F, W.
Richardaon.?[Fairfai Herakt
Rev. R. W. (in.ss will preach in the
Itniiianuel Lulheian Chureh at 8
o'cloek next Sunday night. 'Ihe ex
erciaea in the Sunday school will be re
Bumed in the morning.
Mrs. A. (I. vYoodwardaud daughler,
of Panama,who bave been visiting Mrs.
Amos Woodward on south l.ee street
for tin paat three weeks. azpeol to aail
on the 19th.
Mr. I. Cariin Creighton and hia
daughter, Mrs. Eskridge, have reluriied
from a deligbtful trip tbrough the
several aoutbweatern states.
Mis. Warren Cbrtetian, of Mobile, is
visiting her sister, Mrs. .1. 1". Dempsey,
on bouUi Fairfai street.
Mis. Cha.s.A. Duffey and sisU'r, Miss
Virginia Ale, are on an exteiided tri|)
tbrough Weat Virginia and Ohio.
Mi" Boaina Sipple is visiting tbe
fainily of Hev. S. V. llildebrand, al
Miss Margarct Maboiiey has retum?
ed to her home in Culpeper county,
Bfter a deligbtful visit to friends in
Alexandria, Washington, Bluemont
and Colonial Beach.
Judge Edmund Waddill, jr., will
bold a ?tecial session of the 1'niled
States Pi.-trict Court in Alexandria on
the 20th iiistanl Ui Imar coiideinnation
proceedinga inatituted by the lederal
governmenl loobtain aboul 1,500 acrea
of land in Pairfai county, a iborl <lis
lauce liefow tbis city, for the purpOM
of eatabliahing a retormatory for the
Diatricl ol Columbia. The property is
known a-the "Wbite Houae tract,"
md the ownera have peraiatantly refuaed
>,, nell al ihe priee which tbe (wvern
meiit offered. There are nfty-eeven
I. lendanta to tbe action. Diatricl At
torney I. L l-ewis recently tiled the
suit iii the Dnited States Diatricl Oourt
it Richmond. _
Tomorrow on tbe north Alfred street
grounda tbe Cardinal A. C. will line-up
againal the Alexandria A. C. iii the
aecond of a aertea of Bve gamea for tbe
championshlp Of Abxriidria. T'legame
will start promptly al 4.80.
Governoi Mann baa granted a condi
tional pardon to Wm. Kelly who was
recently convicted in the Police Court
of au aaaaull on W. I,. Clark.
The Bchoola of Alexandria county
will open foi a leii montba session
tfonday, September 19.
Mr. Lutber C. Dodd has been ap
pointed deputy treaaurer of Alexandria
county, and is now located al the court
c. A. Haynea has sold to Chaa. (>.
Emeraon, i bouae and lot on tbe eaal
side of Royal atreet between Quecn and
The funeral of the late Artluir Cleve?
land took plaee from Ihe reakJencc on
Seii.inary Hill tbis afternoon. Tbe
serviccs were conducted by Rev. Dr.
S. A. Wallis.
Tickels are being sold for exhibitioiis
of root ing pictures foi tbe benefll of
tbe reel team of tbe Beliance Bteam
Fire Engine Company. Ticket- are good
until October 8.
Mr. A. .1. Butcher today Benl to this
offlee a aample lot of Bne peachea,
wbich be will bava for sale in market
Out ofthe long dreary slretebes of tbe
Aretie night down thru' the inlinite
vaatneaa and ohillneea ofltaiey waatea
eime Mr. < lointalala. tlieoiily l>akl heail
ed Eaquimau, in captlvity. rbiagreaay
laeed, lallow-cating, llat-footed Hti/eii of
the North I'ole, I. S A.. WM a tirm be
lie\ er in the delieiousncss of llio-i- irres
Istiblj delieioua Auth Hauaagea. Aml
while we are talklng, we mlgbt as well
-tate tbal we are going lo aell aoma
mighl v line Ilanis awfully eheap tomor
row. Look for our blg adon thia page
and tbink it over. Nylvau lllondbeim,
tlie Auth SUmdand the Auth Market.
Old Mveetliearts Marrled.
Troy. N. Y., Sept. 9.?Leater I.
Dingee, millionaire bop merchant, and
Mi-. Maud Markley. Ik.iIi of Fhila
delpbia, were niarried here last evening
at the Kcnsselaer Inn. Mr. aml Mrs.
Dingee tormed an early nttachment,
which was broken, and both married.
Mr. Dingee'a wife died a few years ago,
and recently Mrs. Markley wan left a
widow. The friendahip waa renewed
and tlie ronianee culminated in a quiet
Wedding here laal night. Mrs. Dingee
i fornier resident of Troy,
The Treasury Department has an
nonnced ihe appointment of Henry
I.. Cr.ok, of Richmondi as deputy
collectof and loapectot of cwatoaia at
Richmond. htr. Gool i- a pBaadeni of
Weal Point, and he will luceeed Mr.
De Farges, of that plaee.
-am ?
Shoea less than half priee?200 pairs
Mi-ses' Shoes that cost to manufacture
$1.50 and 11.75, and sold at 12.00 and
f-2.50, will be sacrinced at 98c per pair.
John A. Marshall & Bro., 422 Kmg
Coal Coke Wood
Order your Coal before theadvance at
lowest aummer prlcea. Beat quality
prompt delivery and bottom priee
Phone 96. DkW. AITCHESON, 107 aouth
Royal itreet, JtfMf
COIKT Ol appi:\i>.
Tba Court of Appeab ;" Bteanton
yesterday tranaacted the loHowbigbuai
Pink Barbouf, oonvictod mordaiar,
from Augusta county; writ of error
Irvinp vs. Ramlolph Lumber Oom
pany, Albemarle downty; argued and
Krehh's cxecutors \s. Welch B Bfl*
ministrator, Prederick county: argoed
and suhmitted.
Ix-ekford vs. (iood. Page ciinty;
dismisscd, as agreed.
Meade vs. M.a.lc Cl.rk- oountj
argued in part by Marahall McCoi
miek and Frank B. Whiting, foi ap*
pellant, and A. Moore, jr., and PrBTK H
1. Smith, f..i appcllec and coiitii.u.d.
Joscpl. T. Cardwell vs. f..i..iin.n
wcalth, Pittsvlvania county; wnt Of
error refused. He was BOOteneed tO
fifteen years for murd.r.
N'ext can I to be argued are:
Southern Railway Company V*
Johnaoo, adminbtrator; Boutherland
vs. Kmswiler; Riley's adndubtratorva
Salenberger, Ac
The court held that the action ofthe
board of trustees on the Had for. I Ror
mal School did not have a right tO pur
Chaae the H.th site for the school, that
thp board has no existei.ee i;i fact till
coiilirnied by the Sei.at" of Virginia
and upsetling the purchasc of tl.e H.th
site and virtually dircting the board
when it is lawfully created 10 purchase
the Adams site for the locatioi. of th.
school as conteiiiplatcil in tl.e act of
the general aaaembly when provtatoa
was made for the school.
Just what constitutcs a negro in tbe
United Statcs mav I.e;. queetion which
the United Statcs Supreme Court will
be asked to s.ltle in the near future.
One-sixtcenth negro blood in an in
.livi.lual cl.assilies him as a negro in
the Distriet of Columbia. according tO
:i decision by Justice Daniel T. Wright.
ofthe Distriet Suprrmu Court. in th.
case of Isahel I. Wall. an > ycar-old
ehild, who recently was l.arred from a
while puhlic school hecause the prin?
eipal had ii.formation that she was of
negro parentage.
Tl.e father of tl.e girl attemptcl I.
forca the Board of Bducatlon to rehv
Btata the ehild. bul failcl. Juaticc
Wright deciding she was a negro. The
case was appealed t.. the Distriet Court
of Appcals. Ifthe appellate court
afflrroa Justice Wrighi's decision an
effort will i.e made iiiiiin.li.it.lv lo
have tl.e I'liitcd Statcs Siipr.me Co.nl
pass up.... the question.
?>o.iia.i's O.l.l l)is.i|,|.i iiiiinre.
Passiiie. N. -I.. Bept. 9.? While Dr
Herma.. F Datestnan'a carriage WM
si iiiding l.efore his h.e. yesterdaj
Mrs Bteronaon Btrange, who lirea
icro atreet, jumped into the
vchicl.- ii,d drove aa iv. Ni ighbora
who u\ her not.lic.l Dr. Datesman.
Th.- carriage waa traa 1 a f. ? blocka,
then lo-i, aml baa nol been -? ? n uae
The Pks iac poliee have lelepbonedto all
s.irroui. ding towi.s. In.l bave b-.-iiun
il.le lo fiud ihe woman
Mi - Btrange has heen suffering from
a shght inental diord. .. an.l he. fan.ily
is gre.uly worried over her dbappear*
atu e.
This Glass
Contains one-half piut of
a remarkahl.mbinatibn ..f
beverage and f. rod.
A glass ..f HOFBRAU I. poa
spssps .an interesling history, One
that tak.s you hack to fiehb of
barl.y and bopJ, rfpened in tl.e
I'h.'ii lo th.- brewery. If JfOU
think that a brewery is a dark,
gloomy, i.ntidv estahlisl.me.il.
y,,u should visit ou.s. Darkneea
is iiece-sarv oi.lv where we pro*
di.ee the yeast, which is r>s|H..i
rible for the carboiiic acid gas
that gives "bead" to the beer.
Hut we are overstepping o.ir
sehes in trving to tell you h-re
the whole history of HOFBRAU
beer. It's a apteodid beverage,
both f..r health and enjoyment.
Brewing Co.
'Phone "No. 49-B
Motion Pictures
From7J8to i" 80 p ln.
10c TO ALL
The upslde down pair in a noveltj
lrapp/e net.
Female Mi.gieian
Singing Soubrette.
Vaudevllle Changes Every
Monday andThursday.
Pictures Changed Daily.
B* St g Pa Avt.
Washington, D. C.
121c to 18c
Lawn and Batistes
62c YARD
Just a small lot that we have deeided to elose out. I landsome organdv
patterns. striped and dottcd elH-cts, in colors and blaek on white grounds
|g|e (HN'Oll.VMS just rlght for school dress,,. a Q 3 ?4-C
yard. . .
Fifth Floor?Bargain Tablea.
i:\im.kt *VM\ J'.'K.
JH>w P VrBBaTf N. W., WASIIIM.TOX. I>. (.
Having aeqniind an Interest in the optieal business oondneted by tbe above
naincd lirm, I BOUetl tho patronagc of my friends and the general pul.lic. promis
lag abaolnte satiaftictlon iu overy case. LOWBWI eunBK I'm 1X1 ki.i.i:i> woki.m.vnsuii'.
W. E. DiENELT, Opthalmic Optician.
Alexandria Ollleo,614 Priuee street
after 7;im p. m.
sep'l Im_
Bundaya by
Special offering in Bleached Satin
Damask Remnants, 72 inches wide,
pure linen, lengths 2, 2 l-2c and 3
yaids, $1.00 to $1.50 values. Your
choice for
69c YARD
D. Bendheim & Sons.
Makes The Best Concrete
ilara ln Cement, Ume, Bair.Galeined Ptaater.Wall PtaaterjTerreOotta Sewer
Pltieand Klue l.lning, Fire Hrifks.JKire ( lav.iAfi.
Home of the Classiest Line of Food
Products in Alexandria.
Great Ham Sale
Smoked llams. only B_i? Ib.
Bmoked Sbotibbrs, only ? l^Hc Ib.
Ih. -e are not common hams, they're
poaitively thefmeatln tbe city. Sniall,
leau and d< lleioualy narored.
Fresh Meat
Home Killed lieef.
Home Killed ^'^?mmmrm3W
Home Killed I-anib.
Home Killed Pork.
[rrealatibly Delieioua
smoked. Qreen, Puddinga
?Not tbe Cbmpoat But tbe Heat''
Oooked Ham and Toague,
1'resll Chlppad Heef.
Oooked Me. r.uid Bologna.
Imported Behweltaer Ctreeae
Imported ll?ntuefort.
Philadelphla Cream, Nnappy.
NowSauer Kraut, Hill Piekles.
King and Alfred Streets.-Phone *>1
Citi Market.- I'liotie 238
NnTKEof the flrst meeting or the
-?ii^eribers to tbe capital stock of
MKNT COMPANY, Ineorporated.
1 he Hral meeting oftheaubaeribera to
i.apltal stock of THK IIi i: w.
Incorporated. will be beld at the prinel?
pal otnce ol tbe company in tbe Alex
:indri;i NatioUal Bank building, Alexan?
dria. Virginia, In theofnoeofC E Nleol,
Aiiorm v. on BATURDAY, September
Jl. r.ilu. :it J.i?i p. m.. for tbe purpoae of
organlxing s;,id company and for the
tranaaetion of all bnaineaa that may
properlv come before ?aid meeting.
II. * AI.I.KN". Secretary. Bep82W
L'iv| i ui train of Alexandria-\ya?h
Ington trollej eara ueptember :trd,a
baaek -ilk UMBRELLA with removal.b
li andle; silver top; marked ? Annette.'A
auitable reward will be paid Ibr ita re
turn or informatiou leading to Ita re
Would you earry an inex
pensive watch you could
depend on?
Let us ahow you ours at
$5 50.
It will please you.
Jewelers and Silversmiths.
BBIWBTB to name of ??Snowball:" hair
r , eut short tan lealher collar^n w.lh old
covery. Address KMERSON ENGINE i fO*e r bbori bow **^ *"_" w
d?.. Alexandria, Va ?312 K?n?[ atreet and reeeil ? re?ard,
|f| _Be|*3t*
Swan Bros.
A Lucky Hosiery
We will place on sale Saturday twenty
dozen Ladies' Fine Black Gauze Hose.
subject to slight imperfections. Regular
50c quality. Special price Saturday.
PAIR 25c
DRY (1001)8.
Woodward & Lothrop
Young Women'a Coat Suits. hshioned of plain and diagonal scrgcs, baakel
wa a\c.-i, aud inen's suitings, in Btrietl) tailorod effects; akirtaare box-puUtod fronl
.and haek, with gored hips; colors -navj Mue, biack, gra\. taupc, cii.i.a.uou
brown, and green.
Special priee, Jls.T.", each. Regular value, |ft ,
Young Womon's Coat Suits, fashioi.c.l of plain colored serges. sharkskin eloth.
? iioii s suitings, an.l basket WSUVeSj also blaok and navy l.luc with while hairline
sirlpe; tailored coata, some with Inlaid eoMaraof blai-k velvet: plain fored an.l boa
plaite.l ski.ls
Special price. 825 each.
Third floor?G st
Long CoatH, of gloria silk?rainprooi and duatproof madeseiiii-litlliig. an.l fin
ished wilh hlgh eollar; attractive BMKtefl of Wuo, l.-ui, oltve, biow n. ::>ay. and bia. k
$15.00 an.l g!3 BO each.
Fall-weight Coats, of diiitronal Berges, bmadelotba, eheviota, and mlzturea ...
blaek. bli.c brown, and green; made lailore.l slyle. in tong an.l three >|.iar.er
lengtha, and lined with satin or reil llann.l: flnbttMM with blgfc or BOtohed eollar.
Sli'i.SK *?> lo -IViKieaeh.
one-piece College Dressee,of i.roadeioiiis, Bergea, volles and mannlth ...i\
lur.-s. in plain oolors and blaek-aud w bite. blue aiul-w l.ite. and brow ..-aud-w li.le
checke.i ellects. Made in waisl line ell.-.l wilh Vi.II;.r an.l hu-e tlnilli.it; dow n
tioni Sklrta are all in the n.-w boi.ble effeet, flnlshed with deep fbtd of plain eloth
to matefa.
yj.">.(?) each. upw.i.l.
Thlnl floor?O st.
Real Estate Loana. Fire lnsurance
Four acres of land in Alexandria county,
within one mile from Alexandria city, im
proved by fine 8 room frame dwelling,with
bath and city water and slate roof, with
fine porches, and good outbuildings. Good
shade with an abundance of shrubbery
and fruit. On fine macadam road.
This property is offered at the ridicu
lously low price of
For further partieulars.
107 South Royal Street, Alexandria, Va
City and Suburban Propertlea. Stocks and Bonds
Waa only a paiture field. without a aign of a houae or proapect
of one.
ItiaBperfecrCityBeautilurwith 19 handsomc brick homea.two
more to be ftartcd thia rnonth. every rea.dent owninf h.a own
home. Do you realize the improvementa that have been madj
in Roaemont? There are granolithic sidewalka. paved futiera.
for aurface drainaje only. good atreeta. beautiful parkm,'? kept
in perfect order. city water. gaa and elcctricity. atreet iights. .
fine sewerage plant. fire pluga. night and day poliee proteetion
the nifht watchman havmg to regiater all over tbe ,,.operi,
with a watchman'a clock every hour. a beautiful electric station
with a publie phone for the uae of the reaidenta: in oth -r wor U
everything that the beat reaidence aection inside of A' Baniris
haa. and with good sidewalka and paved atreet riyfht into town.
and a 3c car fare to the shopping districts. There .? m.i h more
to tell which will appear in the nextarticlepubliahcd in th s space.
F. L. Slaymaker,
818 King Street.

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