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Thk disrespectful treatment shown
8enator Martin in Norfolk a few nighl.
ago is not calculated to make fa
out of those engBfed in it. Nor will ii
in anv way lessen the eateem m whieh
the senator is hdd l>V tbe large major
jty of Virginians and by the many out
side of the Old Doiuinioii. -Men wbo
oeeapy eaaHed poaitiona m the politi?
cal world are, more or Ieaa, aobjed l?
the onslaujfiitsof the tboughtleaa. Ii
bas ever lieen thils. and, without goin_
into tlie ina/.es of liistory, many casc
could be eited iii the ann ils of our own
eountry where th" beal nnn bavi
ed throujrh ord. ais aimilar to thal ea
perienced l.y th.- Virginia Benator m
Norfolk. Henry A. Wise att. nipl'd
to speak in the eity of Waahington
during the know DOthiog e-citemonl
many years ago. ,"i' wa- bowled down
by a mob, while Andn w .lackson and
Andrew .lolmson were ncarly mobbed
on eertain occasioiis. But it should
ever ?>e renieml.end lhal the peraona
who aaaaaeje in aacfa reprehenaible con
duet are n?.t alway- repreaentative citi?
zens of the commonwealtlis in whieh
tbey make tbemeelrei -ooepicuoua.
Senator Martin may have made a mis
take in attending the meeting i" Nor
folk where jieople were .uoiiMil over the
Young-Maynard afl.iir. But without
ruling on that qneatlOO, the treatment
accorded him was uiicalled for, t" say
the least, and those wboengaged in the
inarks of disrespect may have nason to
regret their action when their blood
shall have cooled._
A 0-_X for more niomy to l.uil'l the
Panama canal may pooa be ezpected,
judging from the following dkrpatch
sentout from Washington,wlndi many
regard as a feeler :
The Panama Canal is ezpected t"
earn at least 6 per cent on an oatima
ted investnieiit of 1600,000,..accord
ing to an oflieia! of the Departmenl of
Ckimmerce and Labor. Ihia computa
tion is based on thceonspii*ious revival
of trade for the eaatern part of China
and the [ndieB.whicfa baa been eapecial
ly niarked for tl.e lasi ls months. All
liatraffie now peaaea l.y way of the
lez canal. lt i> statcdthai ihe enter
ay of the Bed bbb earned alightry Ieaa
ian 125,000,000 lael year. This is
OOlitll per cent on the iiivcslineiit
When the oanal projed waa Bral con
sidered $200,iH*0,(HH>. ii waad-imeJ,
would eomplete it, but uoe $500,000,
(KH) is the talk. 11 id it heen kimuii
tbat this raataum would !?? required
for tbe canal it ncver would have been
atarted. _________________
Thk election iu Ifail.I Monday
laat brings the following reminiacence
from tbe Spirit of JefJeraOD, of Charlcs
town, W. Va. :
The last bope among dernocrata of
Bleolinfl their picsidciitial licket in 1840
was diapeUed by the Beptember elec?
tion in Maine tlnt year. Wluh the
news eanic that the whiga had carried
the Maine state election wliit's all over
the land were siuging at every political
??Maine s gone hell-l.ent
For Oovernor Kent,
And Tyler loo
Andaa MaJaegoea, so goea the Union."
The election in the l'itie Tree atate
was signiliiant then of the defeal "f
tbe party in power. Will it l.e leat 90
IIOW. ______________
Thk recent refusal of Mr. Rooaevell
to ait at the table wilh Senator Loimcr
is bringing opon him criticiam from all
quarters. The l'hiladelplua B
There is in Colonel Rooaevell a uicety
ol taste and judgment in the choice "f
political aaaociatea that i- peculiar to
himself. While he declined ;<> dine
with Lorimer in Cbicago, he s|? ?,k the
polluted hand of BOBB Co_, of Cinciii
nati, withleffusioii and bob-nobbed in
Deenrerwith Ghiggenheim, the copper
captain. who was made United Btatea
senator by his arowed oontribotioiM of
money to republican candidatea for the
Oolorado legialature.
Thk ojaeation of enlarging the army
will, it is said. he fougfal OUl to a tinish
at the cominj.' aeaaioa of Ooogreea and
the advocates of the plan will be pie
pared with urguinents topn-s the issue
to a de?'ision. The baaia of the Bghl
will be the report of tbe general staff
in response to the resojution iotroduced
by Representative McLaelilin. of Call
fornia. callmg for a statemciit of tln
preparedness of the countiy lor ear,
particularly on the Pacific ooaat In
a general way the report will ahoa that
the defcnsive po-ition of the countiy .
extremely weak. espeeially on tln
Pacific coast. The increase in the
army will be favored by the jingoes
and by those "patriots' who ariafa lo
furnish supplies to tbe governnient ?
for a consideration.
Mis. Oharlotte M. W.-t. |a vel
misaionary under the Ameriean I
in Asia Minor. died last night at tln
home of her daughter. Mr-. H.nry B.
Loveland, near West Falls, N. Y.
Mra. West went with her hushand. l?r.
Henry S. Weat, to Sivas. Turkey, in
.,,,... i d. i,ceorAlexandrlaOazc?ttel
Tlie pav of tlie army for tlie Ii? al
sodedJnne,1910, weef*4fcf6)2.94*
a.rd ng to tbe report of Paymaster
Qen. Obaa. B. Whittle to the secretary
.,f war made public today. This does
ii,,i inetode peyment for bnesaentlalj
expenaea anen aa mileafa to otneaa and
roi eiicampinent maneuvers nor for
I'oint and the Army War College.
,,n aeeount of the Military
Academy amoonted to fftS58,458 f<?r
. u. Tlnift on the part of tbe
?Oldiera is indleated ina steady increase
iu tbe d-posits with the paymaster dur?
ing tbe last four years. During the
pastyear 66,428 depoaitawere made,
ainounting tO $1,879,466, B marked in
creaseover tbe depositsof the preced
ing year.
With the federal authonties mvest
igating the so-called milk truat here,
the retail dealers today called a meeting
to be held tonight to protest against
the Bction of milk prodocers inputting
tbe pricea up to 24 cents a gallon, 2
,,,!- above tbe unprccedentcd price
of lasl winte-. Retail dealers declare
that they wiH bave to charge ten oaata
perquart. U.8. Attoruey VVilson said
today tlial his men had made an
investigation and that be waaprcparinf
otakeaction against tbe milk combine.
Micbaei F. atangab, aasietanl
liui. d M.ites attorney for the Distriet.
has le.iened toresu'me private'piiictice.
Ten experts in rarioua military
branches were detailed by the War De*
parmieni todas to ddhrer addresses at
tbe twelflh annual eonvention of the
National Quard A-smiition of the
Uuited States to be beld al st. txraia
beginniug Octoher 8. The National
Quard eonveiitioa will he of more than
ordirtary inlereet and importance as it
proposed t" take up th i qnestton of
legislation for tlie National Quard and
poas ble roeaauroa looking to co-opera
M..ii with tbe War Dvpartment in mat
:. n purtaiiiinu Ui tbe 'Ogular army.
An eiititv reorganisation of the per
man. i.i plaus for tbe defense of the
United States will he preeentedat tbe
fortbeoming aossion of Congresa ac?
cording to the scbeme onder consider
ation today l.y tbe general staff at the
diie tion of Maj. Qen. Wood. The
repori of Inspector Oeneral Garling
t.,ii. accentuating the alarming lack
,,f officera, preeented but one pbase
,,f the eituation with regard t<> the
weakness "T th'- military defense of
il?. country. Startling diaclosses. ea
pecially with referenee t<- the vulner
ability of the PBoiflc ooaat to roreign
attack, will he niade to Uongress, in
res|.se to ihe icsoliiiion of Oongres*
maii McLaclan. Qen. Wajod is in
harmony with tlie inspector general
regarding the htck of the high rank
The general staff now has
under eonsideration a plan not only
for making the National guard more
, M,., tive as a parl of the defensive
,,f ihe country but also for
ig a rewrve of the men who
have bad the benefil of training in
tbe regular army and bave been hon
orai.lv di charged. With the National
and the reservea it is extieoted
ii a few year's there will he a
traincd army <>f scveral hiindred thou
?and ni. n which can be promptly mobi
An order to the national hank ex
amiiieras iesued iViday by the Oomp
troller of the Currency Murray di
rectS tl'Bj hereafter there shall be
thorou.li investigstion of applicitions
for cfaarters fur new national banks.
Tlie exnminers are to investigatc the
(, Reersand sto.khol.lers and toexamine
into the resources ofthe proposed hank.
Ihe Prcaldenfa Alleged Statement.
New York, Bept 16.?In conflrma
tion of tbe United Proaa'a axclusive
itorj ol yesterday, relative to Preaidenl
T.ift's inclinatkm to step aaide in 1912
tbe New Vork Thnea in ita leadiiig
article, page <>tie, today printa tbe fol?
lowing special from ita own oorreapond
ent at the sumnier capital:
"Beverly, .U.iss., Sept. 16.?'1 am
not ttrinking abool 1912; in factldon't
know thal I care for a renominatiorj
l-'roin the way things are drifting, it
may he that n<> republican can he
elected, aave possibly one."
"From a trustworthy aonree, the
I'uii.-s's correapondent learns thal this
uas ih. statemcnt I'resident Taft made
several week ago to a friend wfth whom
in was discussing the political outlook
for 1912. Protn an entirely differenl
?ourre, the correepondenl is informed
that Preaidenl Taft made substantially
the same remark to another friend.
These statements have been repaated
among the intimate aasociates ofthe
presidenl until they are almoat oom
mon property, and for thia reaaon ad
ditional weigbi is given t?> a dJspatch
senl oul from here today l.y the United
"A pretty positive atatement that
the president would not he a candidate
f,.r another term was current in
Beverly todav. It had no ohVial
faundation, but aroused much interesl
, ..f political con litions at tbe
preaenl time."
Beverly, Mass.,8ept, 16.- Desperate,
though in. ft'eetnal. effortS were made
by cnrrespnndentB here who were
,,n the Btory to get from either
Preaidenl Taftor secretary Norton a
ilenial <d thefaetsset OUl iu the United
Press Btory <>f yesterday relative to
the disinelination of the preaident to
make a ftghl f<>r a second term.
When tbeee efforta were nnavailing,
eeiiain of the correspolidents senl out
-i.uie- that the United Preaa article
had nol beetl authorized at the sumnier
?apital?B fact which was clearh tated
n tbe original stpry. No one of them,
. i . .jiiestintied tlie tr.utli "f tbe
irticle. _^^ _
After the most bitter and vituperative
campaign ever had in Kentacky,
Cal.l. Powers, who was tried three
times for complieity in the niurder of
Gov William Qoebel, on Ibe streets
of Prankfort, January l".', 1900, was
yesterday nominated for pongreaa by
tbe republicana ..f ihe Rteventh Ooo
nal dk ict l.y a majori y esti
niated at mor t. ... 5 000 over the Hon.
Don C. Edwards, the incumU-i.t.
While disurder was expected in
many of the inountain precinets, only
one kiiling kook pkace on eleetion day.
Thel.uie fatality occurredatGis^evine,
n.ar lla/anl. l'erry county, a wild
mountiin regton, Bojuire Colwell shot
and killed John Holmes in an argu
nietit over the Caating of his ballot.
Returns frono all parts of the district
'showthat Powers carried every county
with fwo or tUrev* exceptions,
iieith Ceaaei bj aSaaaav
london. 8*1*. 18 - 'The per-on
believed to have been Mrs. Ilolle El
BBOte Crippen met oVgth tbrou.h the
administering of a do-e of byOBC-O.
This dose, BOtnewbal more than
the amount re.piired to produee death.
was n.ar BOOUgfa to the e.vact auioiint
reqnired for fatal reaalta, t.. indi
eate expert jiidemciit in preparin. the
This was tlie t.-tm.oiiy today of Dr.
W. H. Willeox, a..ai>-i-t for the Home
? ilice, and was the tir-i deflait* Btate
ment of tbe Canw ol death yet
broagfat out at tle lu iring of Dr. H.
11. Crippen, suppose I wife murderer.
Under quevtiona fr mi Tra?era Horn
phreya, repreaentiiig the crown. Will?
eox said the pois-.n was adiiiinistepd
through the mouth, ratlier than l.y
injcction, aud thal tbe ainounl taken
l.arely exceedcd half a graio.
"I do not rind any other cauee of
deatli exeept this poiaon,'' Willeox
said. "1 am sati-tied that death fol
lowcd within an hour of the adminis?
tering of the dose.''
Willeox examined live jars of tln
body found under the cellar BOOT of
Dr. Crippen's home in whieh he dis
covered approxini.ttely _-7 of a grain
of hyoscin.
The whole amounl of the peieon
iMf |. he declared, undoubtedly I-\
ceeded half a grain.
Kegardleafl of the weafcnoai of the
preaecution'a eeae np to date, it is
conccdcd tbat Crippen will l>c bound
over to the grand jury and lhal in all
probability be will be indic*ed.
Mr. HooM'telt.
New York, Sept. Hi. -- Hoosevelt
motored iii from Oystcr Hay today to
reaume liis dntiea as "contributing
editor," and to line up his followera
for tbe New York atate nght. He re
fu-cd emphatically to tliacuaa Ihe utory
from Meverly tbal Preaidenl Taft ia nol
to oppose him if he desire.- to ai.ni>
republican preaidential nominatkiii in
"There will be many of tlio.-e atate
ment.s, many of those BtorieB, and
many attacks made upon me in the
future," lie said. "I do noi propoae
tq discuss any of them."
He wants to aplit the Kinjra county
delegation and gel it away from State
Chairman Woodruff, and his frienda
say lu ia very contideiit that he will ln
al.le to do so.
Hoosevelt stalcd lie would aliend
adtnneratthe New-York ProaaClub
toniglit, and will go toSyracuse tomor
row, leaving this city at 7.46. "I ex
pect to niakea.-i.ch there tomorrow. "
ln- -aid,"and it is not ineonceivahle that
1 will have a few political coiifi reiiccs
while there."
Ini.lc i.lilicil Tuin.
I'hiladelpliia. Bept 1'-. "flo closely
did Frank and George Klliotl, twins re
anmble each other thal tbe body of one
of them, B suicide. is lying at the
morgue, with ndatives unahle to say
whieh of tbe brothera it is. Elliotl
killed himself on Wednc-day l.y jump
ii?_- iu front of B train al iln Noble
street wharf 00 the Delaware river.
When the body waa taken to the
morgue, Mrs. William Boyle, a BtBter,
was suinmoned. She identitied it a
that Of her hrother, but said tbat she
could uotsay positively whetlu r it was
Frank or George. Other rclalives were
also unsiiccessful in making posilive
identification. Last night a meaeagc
was sent to Mr-. Koylc's father, al Al
lan'ic City, and he will arrive today tO
try to determine whieh of his son- ia
Hlarkhinl* Attaek ll.ker.
Cbeater, Pa., Sept. 16. ? When
Thomas Wil.-on, driver of B l'hiladel
phia bakery wagon, atopped to aater
his horses, en roule to this city ye-t.i
day morning, he was attacked by
a swarm of huridreds of blackbirds,
whieh new upon him, pecking al bia
hair and eyes and makiiij; a gunsal
oiislaught on hiscargoof l.read.
The attaek, he say.-, took place after
Wil-on had reached Proepecl I'ark. He
uaedtbe bottof biawbip to tight off
tbe i.irds, killiiitr and crippliog a Boore
of them. A dozen or more of Ihe
blackbirds were taken from the wagon
after it reached Chesler. Wilsoii thinks
the hirds were prompted l.y hunger.
\> Idow lAtr.ted
Buffalo, N. Y.. Sept. 16, Mra.
Bertba Davenport, widow of Beojamin
U. Davenport, who coinmitted aaunde
by poising himself in a loeal In.tel yea?
terday, lias heen locati d at her parents,
bocoeal Lancaaaer, N. Y., n.ar here.
lt was learned today tbal the dead man
was B seion of B very old family in
Savannali. Hecameto I.ancaster in
1887, where be married Hertha kiiucr
chel. The family moved to Clevelan I
iu 1894, going tbence to Phihtdelpbia,
where they liave since resided. The
motivc as>igned for his self-destniction
is deapoodeocy.
Nn Piatniiir Frieiid-lilp.
Atlanta, <ia . Bepi, 16. Silk boar
and Kngerie is not evkleoce of platonir
friendship, when given by a married
man toa married woman, not his wife.
This !>it of Soloiuonic wisdom, pro
olaimed from the bench by ludge
Hloodworth, is licing sadly coii-idi!ed
today hy Mrs. James E. Dodaoo, wboae
platontc friendabip defenea to the
divorce suit of her buaband faiied,
when the jndge learned that Early
I'arks, a promioenl buaineaa man, had
showered tbe young wife with BUcfa
Kaislng the Malne.
New York, Sept. II-.. ?After twelve
years. work has been begUB loraise
the batUeahip llaioe from the nand ol
the Havana, Ctiha, harUir according to
advicea recehred by Col. W. M- Black,
of tbe Maine Commis-ini. Caplain
Harley B. Eerguyson and B force of
men iK-gan Ihe initial steps.
It i.s prol.al.le that a cofferdam will
l.e liuilt entirely aroiind tbe wreek, and
ihe wreek brougbt to tbe snrface l.y
jiuniping tbe air from the dam. Owing
tO the length of time the ship has l.e.n
under water, the eommissipn l.cliews
there Will be little evidetice found as to
the exact cauae of the sinking.
- Mpil
Twent\ Thon?and Dollar Prize.
Paris, 8ept. 16.?Petermined to
lead the world in the qnest of M
aeroplane that will meet the n
quireaMOta of war, Minister of War
Hrtin today announced a l_0.000 prize
to the designer of the aeroplane best
adapted for this work. It is hoped
to asaemble to models within two
The Noaiiuation of Wilson.
New York, Sept. Kv?Behind the
nomination in Trcnton. N. J., yester?
day of Dr. Woodrow Wils-.n. president
of l'nnceton University, as tbe demo
cratic candidate for governor, is said
hiddtn Ihe most deBperBto strnggla for
coutrol of tbe denuM-ratic party since
the "guni sh.ii " campaign thatcnded
m the n?.niinati..n of Allon IL Parker
ui 1904
Wilsoii was notninated as the result
of a lengthy sartes of conferences ?f
saetero democrats who Sesire to anau-h
tbe rems uf the national organizatioti
from the radical eleinent that has been
iu o.ntiol since 1896. The old gold
democratic or^anizjition, and the Cleve
land deinocracy, so called. aad many
powerful husiness organi/.ations, are
hdund tbe Wtlson candidaey, and if
he is elected governor?and politician
gire him more than an even cbanct?
he will he uscd to sidetrack tbe Gaynor
HarmOO, Marshall and Hoke Smith
Imm.iiis, according tothe bcst informtxl
po1 ?licians in this city.
S*TliHt William J. Hryan realizes the
Wilsoii candidaey is to Ix; used to shake
off his grip on tbe party, if recoamixed
by politieans here today. They point
lo his "ImiosI" of Hoke Smith, of
Oeorgia, in the Coinmoner, out today,
in arbich be classitics Smith as "presi
dential timber," and says he is tbe
"sotrtbern man the hig corporations
rUmored for in opposritioa to hia
(Bryan'a) coodidaey in 1900 and 1
But Smith is out of it, Ih yan cntinues,
because he is on recurd as saying tln
greal oorpotationaof Oeorgia must keep
t,tit <>f politiea. They muet not be
allowed hlred iM.liii.ians' agenta Ia
(lominate or control legialatioa or ed
(iiiiilitiniis in MpolBJ.
kladrid, Bept DL?Disp-itchcs today
from Bilbao aay thal beavy aaaualtiea
have taken place there in a clash he
tween the atrikera aod troopa. No de
tads <>f the fkfhting are available owiiiaj
t,, censorahip. atinera in the Ihll.ac
Jistrid have been on strike for saveral
weeks, and there are o.OOO trOOpS in
the distriet.
Fearing that a too vigorous course in
suppressiiig agitation by the clerical
le.'"i. rs might precipitate hostilities.
rreiuier Cinalejas today gave pe. ,u
sion for the pr.,poscd pro-hiireh d'-in
..mtratiolls (,n (letoher li, the only con
dition being thal the deinonstrators do
ii.,t barilt theiiiselves. Canalejas's ac
tion is believad t" he an evidenca of his
coiilideiice i.i popular siipport of the
govemment in its clash with Ihe
Mareelona. Sept. DI.?Another at?
tempt to laiuicli a general Btrike
throughoul Bpiln will he made Sunday
at | mass nieeting of lahoring people,
iheeali fur whi<li was issued today.
Two general strikes have been called
already, l.ut botb PTOVOd ahorlive.
(hiblren Iturneil.
Richmond. Va., S.j.t. 16.- Kunl
Vranian, proprietor of a confecttoner*
sture, returned home iu Brood BtreetS,
today t" ftnd bia 11 nionths old baby,
Henry, fatally burned, bia three year
daugbter Bthel acarred for life, and
Lassic Weber, tbe negronurae, left with
the cbildren, ao badly burned she can*
nol reeover. The tire, which oaused a
niutietarv lus> ui only $'-!?"', was the
rosull uf an attempt 00 tbe p:irt of tln
iiiii-, iu heat milk lor the hahy. Tbe
oil lamp exploded, causing her dress to
become ignited. Piremen Bttracted bj
imoke extinguished the oonnagration,
bul tbe nn ae and tbe hahy were fatally
burned. The three year old Kthel was
terribly burned in her effurts to drag
her baby brother from thehiirning bed,
but will reeover. _
V4 hile Slaw Traltir.
Richmond, Va.. Sept 10.?In conv
pliance with the act of tba reeenl con
greSS desiglied tO etnl tlie "while slave"
trafflc, the Beaboard A ir Line Railroad
Company baa issued ordera lo itapai
tenger train nondoctora forbiddingtbem
to aocept prepaid tickets oflared under
suspi.iuiis eirciimstances. The con
ductora are also orderad to prevenl tbe
. he. king of baggage where the ebeck
is given to parties other than those
using the tickets and are warned to
frustrate tbe nuroerona tricks of travef,
i li-t of which isset furth in the orders.
which are practiced "by the white
Ravages ol the Cholera.
St. Petersborg, Sept. Hi.?An esti
mate of (600,000 cholera eascs, with
fjOpei cent of them fetaJ; before cold
weatlier linally cheeks the disea-e, was
made today hy im-inh-rs of the health
office. The niimher of ease.s already
equal neaiiy 200,ikmi, and tba diaaaaa
i- spreading more rapidly than at any
other time.
It is admitted there is no hope of
cbeeking the daaaaea antil the cold
Weather. This ycar's victims f.ir out
niiniber of those uf any receiit year.
The Virginia State Camp, l'alriotic
Order Sons of Amcrica, which has just_
elosed its annual scssion at Charlottes?
ville, elected officers as folluWS fui tlie
ensuing year:
President. Thomas IL Iven, of Ptfa ra
hurg; vi. (rpreaident, W. R. Jiennett, of
Portamoutb; rnaatef of forms, .1. R.
CampbeH, of Newland; aecretary, F.
W. Alevander. of Oak (irove; treaaurer,
.1. H. Brunner, of Fall Churcb; eon>
duetor, C. L. Craft, of Lynchburg; iu
speetor, .lames P. Torrdey, of fsunlight;
guard, J. Vinoant Parlay, of Chari
Lynchburg was selected as the next
place of meeting, the date lixed lieing
the aacondToeeday in8eptetnber, 1911.
Profesaional robbi ra early today
blew the safe in tln- postothce at Mays
Landmg, N. J., with nitro-glyceriie,
making away with $11500 in stamps,
$20Q in cash and scveral rogJBteied
letters. People living in the huilding.
terrur strickeii, dared not stir from
their rooms until the men, three m
numher, had escaped.
President Taft who was fifty-three
years old yeaterday received a con
gratulatory measage from King George
of England,
Virgil Conkling, prosecutiugattorney
uf Kans.is Citv. til.-d a suit in the cir?
cuit court there yeaterday, aaking that
the large produee coneerns here be en
joined from establishing general pricea
for foodatuffs and aaking for a perma
nent dissolution of tbe Kanaaa City
Fruit and Produee Exchange.
During a severe electrical gtorm in
the lower part of Culpeper eounty
Wednetday evening the driver of the
team of Eugene Willis waa struck by
lightning and instantly killed.
Uev. Boberta Oolea, of lVniisylvania,
ha;- accepied the eall reeently extended
him tO St. Paul's ehoreh, Hamilton.
Mr. Coh-isa \'ir_inian, and a gradnate
,,f the Beabnry Difiaity school at Fair
Bev, H. S. Oafaarn, of loudoun
county. has been ealled to St. Aiiiic'
pari-h. Essex county, to sueceed the
Rev. Thomas !>. I.ewis. who reeently
acicptcd a eall to the Diocese of Wash?
ington. Mr. Oaborn is a gradnate of
the Virginia St'niinary of the class of
Applo growers of Roanoke county
were announced theirinteiition of ap
pealing to the eourt.s for redress against
Mie action of the county aaaeaeorB, who
have raised the asscssed valuation of
bearing orchards from 600 to 800 per
Declaring she would rather die than
go to jail. .lessie Kcllam, an attracti\e
girl, etidcavored to drink a bottle of
laudanuiii when she with Charles
Spruill and I/ittie (iardner, were ar
re-ted for "joy riding" in a buggy at
lop apeed in EU-hmondyeatecday. Of
Bcer Balton snatched the btttle away
from tbe woiild-be suicide.
Within b few inoments after having
-lepped from the 1'., F. A P. K. R.
? rain at Tindcr's station Wednesdav
afternoon, Mrs. William f-umaden, of
Orange county, who had appeared iu
perfecl healll. while a passellger, Slld
denly fell to the ground and died bc
fore medical attention could reach
All was quiet on the .lames River
oytter grotinds yesterday when ihe -,.,?,
son for tonging on the puplic lOCka
opened. Hundreda of amall erafl arenl
_p io the river in the morning and
began work, but as far as can be learn?
ed BOfM of tbe planters had stakes dis
turbed. It is generally understood that
i.o tnove will he made on the part of
the tongers before September 20 at
least. N
.1. H. Arnold, a tnveling evangelist
of Ihe holiness eult. i- under arr.st m
Pulaaki, charged with having attaeked
Kli/ii.eili Collina, a pretty 14-year-oki
L'irl of Hiistol, wlioni he al.ducted a
week ago, according to a str.temenl
made l.y the mother lo tlie Bristol po
lice, who loeated the pair in Pukuki.
I'hysn iana conftrrn tbe girl'a atory.
Under Virginia law if B ca-e is made
againal Arnold, be will be aubjecl to
the death penaJty, Arnold, who
lu jreara old, preached fcrvently on
Briatol's streeta before leavlng witb the
Bet John M. Meredith has l.een
reipie.-ied l.y tln- reetry of CHd Aqnia
Church, Stafford county, to Imld ser?
vice until a regular rectOT can l.e eall?
ed. Mr Meredith was for a long time
rector of that church, hut it has been
some years lince he has done any reg?
ular pn aching Ber. B. B Burrell,
who was tln la-t rector, reaigned a few
months ago to accept a church in Fau
quier county. Aqnia church is one of
the oldest colonial Episcopal churelns
ni Virginia, whieh has retained it
original style.
Incompletc returris at midnighl last
night indicate that the men who roted
for William lorimer for senator iu the
general asseml.ly, hoth republican and
deuiocralic. gaincd a sweepinir vietory
in yesterday's primaries all over
There have heen a few cliaii-es, |)e
men gaining two Of three men ii) Coofc
ROOnty an I losiiiL' an equal nuinher of
his caiidnlales. Even the men wh_
were drawn into the "jackpot" investi
gaiion have been renominated hy oeer
wbelming majoritiea, excepl in prebapa
two [natanoea, Congreaaman Boutell
wns defeated for renontination. Ifann
won oui bandily, and Fosa pulled
through hy a acant majority.
Retarna from out in the state are
coming iii slowly, l.utthe indicalioiis
are that with a few exccptioiisthe Lori
nier men bave lieen retiouiinatedby in
-taaaed pluralities.
Speaker Cannon carried every county
in the Hghtheentfa district. Two years
ago the speaker was uin.pposcd, so a
romperiaOO of his plurality yesterday
with the j.revioiis election is vaulcless.
The llfty-eighth annuai s.ssioii of
the High Tea* of Becbabe>aB of North
Ameriea cloaed at Er.dericksl.ur>: y.
terday witb the aaleotion of Washing
as the place of meeting next Beptem?
ber, and the election of the following
ollicers: I'ast big- chief ruler, W. C.
Laoa; high ebiei rnler, Charles Wil?
liams; depnty bigh chief ruler. J' C.
Eller; aecretary, Jamea II. Dony; treaa
urer, Mrs. Lola V. Marks; cbaplain,
gfrs. Alue LithgrOw; lerite, afiaa
fi-ggMi .1. Mc.Lcnn; guard. Mrs]
Agues Drake. All of these offlcera
,.,,,. from Washington except Mi
IfcLean, of Pbiladelobia, aml Mrs.
Drake, of Frederickshurg. John K
Mahoney was elected delegate and.Folm
C. Moore alternateto attend the s.-ssion
,,f the Iiiternatiotial High Movahle
Conference to he held in England next
Arre.t of Allcged Train Ruhbers.
Mol.ile. Ala.. Sept. Hi.? Charged
with licing train-robhers, Emile Mer
lett aiidCusTousselle were brought here
by detectlves today. It is allcged tliat
they are the men who held up a light
BOfine on the L aud N. railroad, rni?
taking it for tbe New Orleans-Ncw
York fast mail, and escaped after an
exciting running tight with the engiue
erew, It ii also alleged that the men,
who wre operating launehes at Bayou
Sara. were selling blind tiger whisky
when arreated. L. and B, detectrveB
said they expeited to make more ar
r.-t- aooa.
i milierlain's Stoniacb and Liver
Tablets gently stimulate the liver and
bowels to expel poisonous matter,
cleanse the system, cure constipation
aud sick headache. Sold by W. F
Creigbton and Richard Gibson.
At the residenee of her son-in-law. Mr.
H. lt Burke, Braddoek Road, Alexan
dria countv. Septemher 16, at & I". i>. m.,
widow of-Xicholaa Browse Tri.t. of New
Orleans, La.. in the CPth year or her age,
?[Jfew Orleans papera pleaac eopy.
The death penalty will be abolished
by Spain.
As aut-cipated,Dr, Woodrow Wilson,
president of Princeton University, was
nominated for governor by tbe deni
ocrata of New Jersey yesterday.
Jaines Gray has been named to iill
tbe vacancy at the head of the Miti
nesota democratic ticket in place of
John Land who refused to make the
the taei
Privates John Lumpkin and L. Hates,
negro deaai-ara from troop M fffinth
cavalry, were arrested yesterday,
charged with having robhed the army
safe at Pole Mountain maneuver camp,
Wyoming, August !?, of $6,">00. All
but a few dollars has heen recovered.
Tlie balance of trade, whieh bas
generally sbown in the statistics of
the last 80 years as being largely in
favor of this eountry, has turned over.
It now stands a million dollars on
the other side of the ledger for the
iir.-t eight months of this calender
From his cell in tho New York
prison yesterday. Adolph Rothbarth.
tlie bop merchafft who was able to
Iwrrow $30(1,01)0 from scveral of the
most prominent lianks in New York on
his own peraonal notea, aeat an urgent
BppeaJ to District Attorney Whitman
to hurry theprosecution so that he may
begin serving his scntence.
Rear Admiral Francis W. Dickena,
who iluring ihe Spaiii-h-Aineriean war
had much to do with planning the BBC
-eaafal natal campaign in his oapacity
BB assistant chief of tl.e Imreau of BB1 i
_alioti. died in New York yesterday.
Rear Admiral Diekins was horn iu
Heekinanville, N. Y., Novemher _,
1844, and entered tlie naval academy
as an acting midshipman Septemher
20 1861.
Artbur Hammerstein, general inana
ger of tlie Manliattan Opera House,
wa- married OO Wedncsday to Mrs.
John A. Hoaglund at tbe home of B.
Botteriek Boot, a nephea ol Senator
Klihu Boot, in (ireeiiwich, Conn. Mrs.
Hammerstein was fornierly the wife of
John A. Hoagland, a wealthy haking
powder D_anuf_cturer of this eity, bul
was divoreed last Friday. 'She was
horn (irace Weir. of Hartford, Conn
Mr. Ilaninurstein's lirsi wife ol.tained
a divorce at Reno on April IS.
Opinions were handed down as fol?
lows in the Court of Appeals at Siaun
ton yesterday.
Hy Judge John A. Riichanan:
Beehraeh vs. Bacbrach, cir.uit
Court ol Roanoke county; atlirmed.
Shoffuer vs. Sutherland and PowerB,
Circuit Court of Dickinson eounty; af
Barnes et al. vs. Crockett's admiii?
istrator. Cinuil Court of Ta/.cwell
county; allirmed.
Vfeari ra Baryer, Circuit Court of
Buaaell county; afflrmed.
Virginia Coal and [ron and Coke
Compary ra. Bond, Cirouil Court of
VViae county; reveraed.
rVaggoner vs. Waggoner et al., Cor
poration Court of CStf Of Roanoke; re
By Judge George M. Harriaon:
Bank of ftoahontaa vs. Browning,
Circuit Court of Taxewell county; af
Newl.erry Shoe Coui|.any vs. Collier
et al.. Cmmt Court of Wise county;
Clinehtield Coal Company et al. vs.
Viers, Circuit Court of Dick-UBOO
COUnty '.reversed.
Cbambera vs. Roanoke Induetrial
and Agricultural Aaaociation, Circuit
Court <>f City of Roanoke; reversed.
IfcCraw vs. Vernon et al., Cor
poration Court of City of Rcdford: re
Clinehtield Coal Company vs. Wbeel
er's adiiiinistrator, Circuit Court of
Russell eounty; reversed.
Dennistoii \s. Baul et al., Circuit
Court of Roanoke county; reversed.
Bf Judge Stafford C. Whittle:
Roanoke Raiiway and Electrie Com?
pany vs. Sterrett, Circuit Court of Roa?
noke county; atlirmed.
Willuirn et als. vs. Raines et al.,
Circuit Court of diles county; allirmisl.
B illing et al. vs. Mullins, Circuit
Court of Wise county: atliiineil.
BtoaegB Coke and Coal Company
vs. Necce, Cireoit I 'ourt of Wise county;
Virginia-Carolina Raiiway Com?
pany vs. Clawson's adininistor, ('ircuit
Court of Washington county; leferaed
Ifeade at al. ra King et al., Oir
cuil Court Of Russell county; reversed
Backer ra Johneoo, CWporation
Court of City of Roanoke; re\.ised
By the court: Miller vs. Turner;
pctition for manilatiiii.s awarded.
Pns-es Mearrhlng lor Ass.ilant.
Newkirk. III-., Se|.t. li'?. -Several
- nf citizens ire scouritig the
eountry. in search of that m?B> who as
aaUrted an 1". ve-.vr-^ld Alue Sheperd
roda__ 'l>u',^___Bf__fk-.| tln- girl's
faUraer fcylar Bhepberd, an.l his
brofher insensll.de with a club liefore
tln- attaek.
Boeseveil and llearat.
New Vork, Sept. 10.?That there is
more than a jiossibility that there will
be an allianee between Tbeodore Rooee*
rell and Wilhatu Randolph Hearst in
coiuiection with the Roosevelt tight
against th.- "h..ss and the iuterests in
politiea/' was indieated today. Jobu
Temple Qravea, chief political lieuten
ant <.f Hearat, called to aea Roosevelt
at the outlook office this aft? rnoon.
He came at the latler's re.piest, but
beyond admitting the fact Roosevek
refused to diseuss the visit. He --efused
to be explained if he sent for Graves to
acceptthe Hearat offerof the support
of his independent party.
Oravcs and tho colonel were closed
in the latter- private office for aOBM
time. When the candidate of Ibe
independence party for viee-presideiit
in the last national campaign departed
hewas smiliug broadly. He was far
from being Iquadous, however. ' All
I care to say is that all of the politices
we discussed is what one could expect
would be talked when one meets Col
RooM.<velt. There was no particular
political aubject under discussion.
neither was there anyconspiracy."
Mr. Richard Goodman, a native of
Fauquier county, died at the Braddock
Houae this afternoon. The deceased
was 57 years old. He leaves a widow
and three cbildren.
Swan Bros.
Fafl-weight Underwear
For Men and Women,
We call attentlon to our big assortment of Fall
weight Underwear for men and women, both in cot
ton and wool.
Men's Fall-weight Underwear,
Each 50c, $1.00, $1.25 and $1.50.
Women's Fall-weight Underwear,
Each Garment, 25 c, 50c and $1.00.
Standard Patterns, each 10g and 15c
First National Bank
of Alexandria, Virginia
SEPTEMBER 1, 1910.
G. L. BOOTHE. Preaident GEO. E. WARFIELD. Caahier
M. B. HARLOW. Vice-Preaidem
j. J.GREEN. Aaaittant Caahier
Loans and Investraeots, 8916,126.73
t . S. Itollds. 123,000.00
Banking Houae. 78^91.61
Due from Banka and Ete
serve Agenta. 168,120.22
r, i, . 52,612.06
5 PerOeni Knnd. ...ooo.oo
Surplnaand rrofits. .. 187,741.24
( iie.ilatioii. 109,000.00
I)e|insils. !MI,.Ui.."ii;
Other l.iai.iiities. 102.81
U .328,179.61
Thla bank with Itaampte eepttaland surpius. its Bajesjunte equlpeaeat
and t'aeililies. BOlleltS tlie aecounts of iiiaiuilaet iio-rs. w hole^alers. r.-tailers
aud Indlvtduala on the beal tetnaa eonalsteol with BaaawJ banking.
No aeeount too lar<re to ln- handled satlaaaeaOlHj i none too SttteJI to ba
Statement of the Financial Condition of
Virginia Safe Deposit and
Trust Corporation
At Alexandri.i. in tliecoiint \ of \levili
ihii. Buste of Virginia, al tbe oloae of
l.ilsilie--.. Sept. I, 1910, Iliade to the State
Corporation. Ootnmiaalou,
l.oansand diseoiints . 8S16\JH 48
Overdrafta aeeured, $1,1.73.36
imseeured, 81,389.92 8,168 18
Holids, sei-urilies. e|e..o\vned,
Ineludlngpremiumonaame 39,096 68
banking houae. ? 31,677 78
Purntture an.l flxtures.. ii.ti'* i\
Bxebange and oheoka lor
next dsi 'a olearinga 1,860 I??
i )|li.-r ea-h iteins IJ68 M
Due ftom National Banka :Bt.n;< 80
Due from atate beaks.private
bankera and truat ootn
paniea . 86,850
Paper ourrenej. UM1 o?
Practlonal paper eurreney,
niekela and oenta ?*? ,:i
Silv.-r eoin 'sJU ;"'
All other iteins of re.s.uii.-,-.
viz. trust seeiirities.. 22408 mt
Total JWD.I74 45
capital stoek paid ln.... 8800/108 60
surplus rund BJOOO on
l n.lis i.led proflu,lesBamount
paid for inierest, earpenaea
and tazea.... ??'??I H
IndiN i.lual deposits, slllijeet
to eheek 407,297
Deinalldi ertitieales (>rdeposit 3Q.8K2 '<?
Certilied eheeks
< a-lii.-r- checka outatanding, 230 no
Dde to National Hanks 14,.^; sj
line lo state bankS, private
bankera and true! <-om
Daniea WMiti
Hill- p:i\al.le, Ineludlng cer
tilieale- of deposit repre
senting money borrowed 14*334 8jg
All olhei- it.s of lialiility,
vis. Trust funds 2Sj008 (ai
Total - Snjo.l, I I ?
I i . .1. Kixey, President. do soleinl.v
?wear trial thaabove laatrue atatetnent
of n.e Bnanetal oondition of tbe 8__a !><?
poait and Truat Corporatlon, loeated al
AlexandriaJn the eounty of Alexrndria,
suite ol Virginia, at the eloaeof buai*
oatheletday of September, 1910, to
the i.esiofmv knowledgeand belief.
V. .1. KIXKV. President.
Correet Attesi ;
Hsmby K- Piaxn,
Clabbbcb C. Lkakbeater,
IIimiv Baadbb,
State'or Virjjinia. (ity of Alexandria.
sworn to and aubecribed before me by
C.l. Rixev. President, this 15th day of
Beptember, 191ft
Notary Public.
M\ nommlaalon eapirea Itth April, I9_*
Wm. H. Peck
Ivory Wall Plaster
A hwge qnaattty ol new and seeond
sand lumherand second-hand brick for
sale eheap.
?Jfa/O-tMATIO-f WASTfci).
Will any one who has any idea where
thP old PIER TABLE whlch was aoM
with theeft'ecta of the late Mr. Charlea C.
Berrv, on Cameron atreet, about twenty
vearaaffo, pleaae ootniaunioaU) with "?1
T. M.^care tbi. office, aeplt 3t?
Polite Vaudeville
7:.K) to 1030 p. ni.
10c TO ALL
Tlll KSDAV. Pltiio \ . SATURDAY,
Helen Carmen,
?oli: fOIJ < ANliV K1D"
Kleisel's Dog Circus.
9,000 feet of the latest
Illustrated Song Contest
Sept. 20, 21, 23.
Vaudeville Changes Every
Monday and Thursday.
Pictures Changed Daily.
Every 8epteriiher-l>orn peraon?old
or young?ought to have a Sapphire.
It's the stone that denotes Wiadom.
?A Maiden liorn when Autumn's leaveS
Are rustling iu Septemb?r's breeze,
A Sappliire on her brow ahould biud,
Twill cure di-easi-s of the mind "
Kveryone kooWB how beautiful this
stone is. But you doo't knOW how
really mexj.eii.-ive they are iiiil.-s you
have visited this store. We'll ihoW you
many stones and many low priees.
Saunders & Son
629 King Street.
F>K BTaTT aaarnt aaesn frame
HOt.SK. with twenty (20) aeres Of
land situated about \lA mlles from Alex*
andria. Will rewt with or without land.
Apply to Mra. QBACE B. ( ATTS 3001
Duke street e* tended, sepW 8t?

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