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Thk importancc of iridietment.s like
those just obtained againal tbe Cfci
cago paaokera, popnlarrj identined aa
naajabeni of the beaf trnat, lioa In
their being an effort to puniafa tlie
individuals who are alleged to lf
rosponsible for a coinhination in res
traint of trade, ratlier than the cor?
poration tbrough whieh they opperale,
or, as the judge pul it lo the graml
jury, not to "iodicl B im re alias,"
liut the real offeiulers. The proceaa
of indicting and causing tlie diaaolu
tion of corporations has not produced
tlie result expe<?(? <l of it. (ienerally
the dissolved concern haa merely
changed its "alias." Fovbiddeu as I
pool, it bacame a truat Proaeribed
as a trust, it became abolding eum
pauy. The liolding conrpany device
falhng nnder tbe ban, lawyera are
already casting aboul for aome new
"alias." The tendency toward com
bination may have been aomewhal
heeked hy varioiis oourt deoiaiona
against individual c.binataona, bul
the pmuan has been far fr. reveraed.
Ooneernini Ibeae indkstroenta th
York Trihuiie says:
The new tack whieli tlie goverli
nient appeara to be taking may be
iinire auoceaaful if verdicta of guilty,
followed by priaon aentencea againal
proved monepolieta, can be obtained.
Hitberto tbe behel has been generally
held by prosecuting ofneera tbal while
juries were rcady tO indict aml flnd
guilty an "ahae" they would balk al
nndiiig the real offeiulers guilty. ll
haa not yet been concluaively ahown
just what the attitmloof thejury is
toward the adage, "(imlt ta alwaya
personal." In aelecting tlie beef
trust for a t-st ihe provernmenl baa
chosen tbe most unpopular truat, wbeth
er deserveitiv so or not we do not pre
tand to aay. Mr. Jamea R. Qarfield,
who does not incline toward leniency
with the corporation-. after a long
inquiry classed it with tbe good onea.
A Chieago jury may or may not agree
with him. _
Pr?uoand private, extravagance ii
oneof the greatest eiils of th.- United
BOaaea at the preeeal time. according lo
E. H. Uary, chairman ol the board ol
the steel trust. who h is returned t<> thia
country after a lengthy trip abroad.
This country needs more Mabihty if it
ia to continuo to market its bonds and
other aaenrinea abroad ia Judge Grary'a
opiniou. "Coinniereial and linainial
eonditions in tbe United Btatea are fun
damentally aound," continued Mr.
tlary. "Dueinoaa oonditinnn in Europe
can also be deacribed aa aauafactory.
Thereis a great dealol money in France
that probably would be inveatedin om
aecurities were it DOi for tbe facl that
there has been placed in the ininds ol
the inveating public aome doubl in re>
gard to the immediate political future
in this country. They are hc.sitating
and waiting for the sitnatioii to become
clearer. France is an invcstmetit
country distinctlv separate.l from other
couutriea which are more speculativc.
French people will only invest where
interest and divideiuls are certain to be
regular. I am convinced there will
be no trouble whatevtr in industrial
eonditions in America unless it is tbe
reault of the uiicertaiiity caueed by po
litical agitation."_
A committkkofthe Rpi?copal Churcb
liaa reconiinetnled that the splendid old
iniasionary hyiiin, "From Qreen'and'a
Icy Mountains," be dropped from a
inission hyinnal to be Btfbmitted to the
general convention of that chureh at ita
meeting iu Ciieinnati next month. Tho
eommittee objecta lo the hymn becauac
"it emphasi/es natural ratber than re
vealed religion, apoatrophiaing mouot
ains and winda and watera." Tbis
may be a very aatiafactor* reaaon to
the committee, but it will DOi knaeil
the love of tbe people for the inapking
liymn that baa been an inapiratioa to
inillions since it was written t>y Biahop
Helier nuiety years ago. We agree with
the Bfeaphardatown Rugiater which sa>>:
"Fortunatcly this ultra-reliiiedcoiiiinit
toe ia not liable to bave ils way, for
vigorous protest against its reconinicii
dation ia being voioed all over tbe
country, and tbe hymn will probably
be retained in the hyinnal.
As an indieatioii ol how the high
priee of living is affectmg the people
the eliipnunt of cattle from the Pitta
burg stock yards to Altoona has fallen
ct'f about 4<i per cent. in the pi-t three
years. In 1!H>7 tlic average weekfj
consignment of beevea was 14 caifc?de,
exclusive of the boga, sluep aml calvea,
while this week only eight ears of
cattle were received :.nd a partial car
load o( hogs. Loeal bntoberaaaj thal
40 per cent. less beef is eoiisumed m
Altooua now than formerly. beeau-.
the people cannot afford to buy it for
one reaaon. and because thev guard
against the alightest waale for another.
There is no doubt that people generally
eat too much meat the country over
And the prevailing high pricee bave
diowi. them that they can do with
< orrespoiide.ice ol A le-taudria Gazettel
In .1 t. I--jr..... of congratulation,
in ele pnbli bv tba State Department
today, Preaidenl Taft laada ia un
iii miured terms the loaderahrp of
Preaidenl Diai of tlie Repabifc of
M.-xi, o on tbe rjccaaioa of the eale
l.iati ii ><' the Mcxii an ceiitennial. Mr.
I'.ft -;nd: ''UpOO thi- great an.m.-i
11,,'vs me lo add to the m.-ssages
ofoordhU frieudabip taken to yourexcei
leii.v and the govcriiment and ppoph:
,,f kfexiooby the special ambascador
as the delegate of this neighboring
republk my own aincere feiiciations
aud also to offer my best wisbes and
congratulations to your eaeellency
irhoae name will ever l>e associated
with the spleiidid era of which today
is the ceiitennial." The message,
which w.i- s, nl yc-terday, was acknow
ledged by Preeident waa,
Intimate friends of Secretary of the
Interior liallinger here today declared
in kl be Will cmc tO Washington next
week prepared to light to the last ditcl.
10 hold ollice. It was asserted that
liallinger does not believe President
Taft has turned against him and that
he will maintaio his attitude of being
read) to ie-ign atTaft'arequeat bul nol
otherwiae. "Lall nger is not a party
man. ' declared on- of his friends to?
day. "Argunienis ahoul the wclfare
ofthe o.gani/ation will not appeal to
him li.ii h. when con.parcd with the
greal neraonal intereatabahaaatataka.'
The Millii.ger men staled that he would
reti.ru detia.it. They predicted that if
be is forced out ol thecabinet, at the
romiug meeting, it will be after a
pgle aud only when the piesideht
i.nccs it. Ballinger'a repeated state
ue-ni "l will not reaign" will I.e made
good ... any erenl tbey argue, hecause
reaigtiation al tlie requewl of Taft, in
reality, would he removal.
Bhib Y.ng an.l Lo Wen Chiiang.
Chineae delegatee of the International
l'rison Congress, which will hc held in
Washiogton nexl montb, will arrive in
N.'W York on the K'aiserin Auguste
Vi I'.iia aboul Beptember 24,aroording
irmation received at tl.e State IV
e i. today. A number <>f the
delegatea of other countries have al
ready arrived.
perf have heel) ])re])ared for a sinl
demanding the diaaolutioo <>f the Sugar
Tr.i~i .in.l will hc tiled hy 1'iiiied Btatea
i v W'ise in New Vork, as soon
Oeneral Wickeraham gives
thi word. This intormatton was ob
tained al tl.e Departmenl of .lusti.e t.?
day and it waa atated that Wickeraham
was ii, N,w Vork ready to order tiic
action i.istitutcd. The charges against
the sugar trust are similar lo those
made againal the Btaadard Oil Com?
pany and the tobacco trust. Detiatona
in tbe -mt '.. dissolve those coinhina
tions will hc given the V. S. Supreme
Couii nexl winter. It has been under
-i , ,.i ih.it tl.e government would not
alta.k any nio.e of the great corpora
tiona until the opinion of the Supreme
Courl had he.n rendered in the oil and
tobacco ctses. Tl.e strength of the
evidence ia aaid tobeao great, hownver,
in thi> case that it was not considered
ny to await BCtion hy the court.
Preparation <>f tl.e evidence has been
done uBder tl.e peraonal supervision of
Attorney GeneralWickerahatn and he is
reported to he l.igl.ly grat.lied over the
showing that will he made hy the
government Tl.e trust waa orgaaized
i,i 1891, I< has had eontrol of the
sugar industry and it is alleged that tl.e
anioiint ol ita profita have heen limited
only to the tax, in the form of the price
ol sugar, that it deaired to lay on tbe
people. The trust ....I only ia alleged
tocombal allproductionofrefinedaugar
bul it iacredited with theownerahip of
more than balf of the boet sugar
So far as ia indicated by tbe cenaua
tigures tO date there is little increase of
tbe percentage of growth of American
citiea between the decade just paaaad
and that of 1890-1900. A recapituia
tion of the enumerationa of cttiaa of
over 25,000 thua far announced (aauad
by the cenaua bureau today ibowa that
for twenty-nine citieB baving a popnla
t ni of over 100,000 and aggregating iu
tbe 1910 cnuii.eration 18,698,819 m
babitauta the rate Of increase for the
last decade was :;1 per cent and for the
decade 1890-1900 was 81.6 per cent.
This -light deerease lt is expe( ted
will heovercoi.iehy suhscjuent returns.
The increaaea <>f the amaller .-ities,
bowever.ii far larger. Fifty four citieB
baving a population between 28,000
and 100.000 have so far enutne.at.'.l
and show an aggregate population of
of 2,723,498. Ihe rate of increase for
them in tbe laal decade ia 4:;.l\ This
is regarded by the cenaua experta as
phonomenally high. Two of thes>'
citiea, Muakogee, Okla., and Ifiagara
Falls w. re n.it in.liided in tl.e 1890
cciimis. (hnitting them for thepurpoae
..f comparwon, the rcinaiiiing citiea
-how .i rate <>f increase in the last
decade of 42 perccl.t U co.np.ared
with 29.7 m the decade isi'o-lHtX).
The inereasu ia equally diatributad over
tbe o imtiy. Of four of the larger
citiea showing tbe graateet increaaea
,iic \il:',nia. is southern; two, rfewark
and Ihidgi p.el. are eastcri.: and four,
Detroit, Denver, Kanaaa City and Oo
lutiil.us. Ohio, are seattercd w.ll over
the middle weat, two eaal and two weal
..f the Miaaiaaippi.
A statemenl exonerating the buildera
from any i.lame for the recei.t a.cident
..n tbe :.^..;-hii' North Dakota in
which three .... i. werekilledandacveral
injured waa iaaued hy the Navy DtoparJ
.iieiii today. 11..- Mateiii. nt was to tbe
effoct thal the Navy Department had
upproved tbedenigns for ihe oil huriiers.
Whetber tbe inatallatkm <>f the tmmara
waa m accord with the deaigo will
probable nol bedefinitel> known,aathe
evidence s.il.uiitted I.y ll.c board as t<>
the cauae <>f tbe aoofcieol is not
rerj clear.owing t.> the axtreme rapid
iiv with wl... I. tl.e terrific beal was m
.. iiv,i> Bureau this aflamooa
announced the popnlatioa of N.-w
Orleans t>. be 889,076, aa increase of
of 51,971,01 18.1 jht cent. New t?rleanB,
which was the twelfil. city in the United
Statea in 1900, dropa back to fifteenth
pla. e iu the list, of the cities so far an
Bounced Detroit (486,768); Milwaukce
(873.867J an.l Newark. (847,489), all of
whi.h were below N.w Orleans in 1900,
now more up ahoarrl of the Louisiana
M .re than 500 builders from Balti?
more. Eicbmohd and Norfolk are heie
Uxlay to aitend tbe tristate buildera'
evefaanga'dav, whirAhaabaen arrangad
by the Builders and Mantifacturers'
r.xchange of this citv.
The Interstate CommeTCC Commis
si >n today decided to aand three nicm
bers oi the COmmiariOn ti> Chieago
Monday to hear aattimony ia the gen?
eral freight rate increase caaea.
Aaking damagea In the anm of
185,000 for alleged slauder. Charle
K. liruce, a atenograpber, and hi
wife, Mrs. Lillie F. Brnoe, today til.-l
suit against W. Bav Qarrett, vi.e
president of the I'nion Insurance
Company, of WaehingfaiB. aa tbe re
Milt of M alleged scan lal. involving At
tornej aTrederica K. vVhinpter, Ia mar
ried man at the High Island Canoe
Club groutida. six miles nortliwest of
this citv, early iu Augnat
A proposed increase of freight and pa
aenrerrateaby tbeVlckaburg, Bbreve
port and Paeifle railroada waa today aua
pended l>v the Interatate Commerce
eoinmissioii until .laiiuary .'., peodlng
The Chanler-t havallerl Agreement.
New York, Sept. 17.?John Arms
strong Chanler may not have been
very far out of the way when he seiit
hia faroona talegram: "Who'a loony
now'" to his brother, Kobert K. Chan?
ler when the news that Chanler and
Cavalieri had disagreed became public
Altorneys who have examincd the
ante-nuptial agreement. unite today in
agreeingthat it isseemingly legalproof.
That this is the opinion of the membera
of the Chanler family is indicited by
the intimation from them thal they
would be Willing tO elisure Cavalieri a
iiimp s.um Of 110,000, and a guaranteed
annuity of $6,000 if she will execute a
ipiit claim to her husband's DOB
Peophl who know Cavalieri. and wh
are ama/.ed over the revelatioii ooutata
ed in tbe agreement filed yeaterday, aay
that she will liardly BOCept any -ucl
Some of the membera of tbe Obanle
family are aaid to favor applying lo tln
eourts for a eommimion for Boberl W
Chanler's paraon and property. TtlCJ
argue that his action in aigotng away
everything he haa in the work! can !><?
accoonted only on the bypotheaia that
he was not in his right mind. They
?eem to think that it nigbt be poaaible
to show that he is not responsdilc. lf
tbe eourts abould so bold, the ant'
nuplial agreement WOttld not be worth
the paper il is written on.
New York, Sept. 17. ? In retuin for
the iron clad ante-nuptial agreement
by which Boberl W. chanler bound
hiinself to turn over practically all of
liis fortune to Lina Cavalieri. n devel
Oped today that the pair entere.l into a
verbal agreement, by wliich Cava'ieri
agreed t<i pay of! Cbanler'a debta, clear
his property from ils mortgaged in
debtednessand turn over the lirst J'iO.
(iiiii coming 10 ber OUl of the written
agreemenl to Cbanler'a Bral wife, in
settlemeiit of alimony due from
This agreement, bowever, being ver?
bal, will be hard to enforce, it Ia a<l
mitted by Cbanler'a friends. It indi
cates the hard head for busine-- pOB
?eaaed by the diva, who bound her bue
band by a compact from wbich he will
have difliculty in escaping.
Cavalieri, it is said, agreed to pay
Cbanler'a debts in the behef that they
did not exceed 186,000. When she
found that they wen; twire ilns snin.
Bbe began to renege.
Money Craze Caused His Dniviiia.ll.
New York, Sept. 17?Charging his
dowofall to the "craze for money that
pervadea the very atmoapbere of New
York city." Aiiolpb Bothbartb, who
proved the gullihility of New York
banks by borrowing approxiinately
1850,000 on no better securily than the
mere meiition of his eoiine. tioii with a
well-kiiown firiii ofbop dealers. refuaad
again to permit his frienda to do any?
thing in his bebalf.
From his'cell in the Tombs. froii
wliich he bonea aooa to be aenl to priMm
,.n a convictioti of grand larceiiy, BoU
barth told of his falling a victini of the
money madness of New York.
"Why I wanted the money, I don't
know," be sailed. "It was not to Bpt nd
as I have never had use for more than
fcJ.IHK) or 18,000 a year. My tastes are
the sinipliest. I eare nothing for au?
tomobile:!, horaea, ohorona girls or the
other tbincs that New Yorkers s<|iian
der their money upon.
"I just wanted to play the game.
Othera were ddtng it and gettiug away
with it, and I wanted toseeif lcoiildn't
do the same.
"Had I remained in (Jermany, in
aoeh tbOUgbt WOOld ever have come to
me, but here tbe madness seized me.
lt is in the aii here. You breathe il,
you see it, you talk it, you dream it.
It is the great Qod of your lives, and I
began worahipping if*
Rothbartb says his brothers, who
have a large bop ini|iorting busiin - in
Frankfort-on-the-Main, with branchea
in 8t. Petersburg and London, are QOi
as weatthy as repraacnted, and be will
not permittbein to do anything in his
Hi.s operations "showed up" the
banks to anch an extent that there w
DOW talk of the national bink exani?
iner inveatigating the tranaactiona,
Killed liis Baalaeaa niiai.
Chieago. Bapt 17. That l?r. Jamea
M. Kainey aboi and killed bia rival aml
old business associate, L. Y. Atkins,
heeause of a <olitroversy over a matter
of $6 waa expectad to be brooght out
at tbe coroner'a inqnaat today. At tln
ooronar'a ofhea this morning it wai
said an eye wilness M tbe killing had
been found, A. c. llansen, inanager
of Atkiu-' coinern, wMatandingdirect
lv bebind I'r. Kainey in Atkins" private
offlee, when Kainey drew his i.-volver
and aboi his rival tbrough tle head.
Until last N'.veinlH-r. I >r. Kainev
and Atkins were partiiers m the Jamea
II. Baaaey Medasal Company. Then
Dr. Kainey started a rival concern. A
?imilarity <<f wamaa reapHed in confa
sioii in tlic ilclivery of mail. A live
dohar order inteiided foi Kainey WM
delivered to the Atkins lirin. and l>r
Kainey went there late yestenlay t..
investigate. Following the argument
and shooting Kainey surrendered to tlie
K: wHflt'. Speech.
Syracuse, N. Y.. September 17.?In
the strongest speeeh he has delivered
since his retum from Africa, Theodor,
Roosevelt today defended his "new
nationalism." Fifty thousand people
at the New York State fair listened
eagerly to tbe address. A carefully
worded endoraernent of certain Taft
policiea marked tbe apeech.
After More Fund*.
I_verpool,Sept. 17.?John Redmond.
the Irish nationalist leader, and his
IfeutenanU, "Tay Pay" O'Cont or.
Joseph Devlin and Daniel Boyle. all
nieml-ers of I'arhament. sailcd today
on tl.e BaktC for another raid on the
pocketlxvoks of Irish-Ain.ricans tosup
port the nat.'.nalist party. O'Connor
said h. expected ihe rWtto bring the
greati-t Bnancial retarus Biaee tl.e t.r-t
visit of Charlea Stuirt I'arn.ll to
Aineri.a it. 187<<-80. .
The pany will split forccs in Buffalo.
|;,|.1 will look after tl.e Middle
itatea, Devlin the South, Boylo the
West, and O'Connor ihe Easl.rn statcs
and Canada. The tour will last about
sl.V Weeks.
"I think we are nearer the successof
our oauaa," O'Connor said to the
1'nited I'ress, "than we have heen
since the death of Parnell. Victory,
including home rule, will come within
two years."
Will Deport Ohjectlonable Women.
I'anama. Sept. 17.?In an effort to
rid the canal BOM of ohjectiouahlc
women, the United Statcs War Depart?
ment, aooording to advioaa raoetved
here today. is prepating for the whole
aale dapoilallrai of aneh,
Asa ftep in this inovement, it is ex
peeted b rlaaer mspeetion will be kept
upon the ports of San Francisco and
N.-w Orleans, at which pra. ti.ally all of
the women in qu. st.on take passagp for
That girl prisoners outraged in the
Queena county, N. Y., jail. not only by
otlii ials hut hy inale pri.soi.crs.and that
it was nnpossihle for any girl to reforin
who had ever heen contincd ther. , i
tbe accuaation made hy Miss Ifary
Dontielly, a inilitant suffragettc Mis
Doiiiielly was matron in the Queena
county jail up to three years ago when
Bhc was re.i.ovcd for failure io obey
th, regnlatkma. She elaima that her
iliseharge rcsulied when she t.icd tO
piot.ci the women priaonera under her
chargc. "Ueformation was iinpossible
f..i any girl, after she had spent one
night in the (>ueens county jail," said
tfiaa Donnelly. "It wasn't a jail at
all. it was adrve. Not only did otli
cials of the prisoit degrade the women
prisoners, hut they put the poor crea
turea al the diapoaal of male prisoners
and the men of the town. One girl
luld me she had 0080 a had girl when
brOUghl there, hut she had never
known there waa so much wickedneai
m the world as she had seen there."
A ilvnamitc explosion wrecked the
main .ntraii.'e and bbm OUl every
pane Ofglaaa in the general .fl'.ce
building of the Winslow Brothen
Ciinpany. iroii inanufactiirers, in
Cbicago,Thuraday night. Pfoonewaa
injured. The OOnCUBBJOfl was f.lt for a
inile disUint. Several coltages acoss
.he *lreet BMO suffercl hroken windows.
The poliee regard it as signilieai.t thal
the bomfa waa plaoed dirtetly ....de.
the center of tl.e pattern shop. and
that _.") union patternmakers sevcrcl
their corinectioh with the tirm about
three Week-ago.
The union moulders went on strike
about three \cars ago and OperatioOa
wcie reiramed in the foundrv ragard
leaa of wbether the new men had
union atulations. That strike is still on.
With tl.e remoral of the pottern
makera theabop became open. Since
tbe beginning of the trouble with the
patt'rniuakers two p<.licemen have
heen on duty day an I night until
Thuraday, when tl.e olliecrs were owd
at tl.e polls.
Piepaaai Feyaga Ti.rt.ugii the Hapid*.
Niagara Falls, N. Y.. Bapt 17.?
Captain Klausc Larsen has decided tO
make the trip from the cataract tO
l.ewiston. through the Whirlp<s.l Hap
ids. in his l.ttlc boal "Ferro," on Sun
day afternooo. Hc will Btartat l':3(?
O'cloek from the Canadian "Maid of
the Mist" landing, Captain R. F. Car
|.r, ..f the Maid of thb Mi-!. wli..
knowa the river better than any other
man, l.clieves that I^rsen will make
the trip withoul n.ishap. At Carter's
suggestioii, Larsen has added 800
pounda of pig iron ballast.
Ua.ttM C..-t..!ii Dodgers Imprisoned.
N.w York, Sept. 17.? Smuggling
by the very nch and socially prominent
will never be stopped at the port of
New York until some shii.ing lights ar.
given pnsoii senten.es as an e.xaniple.
That is tl.e opinion of Deputy Suc
veyor Qeorge J. Bmrth, before wl.om
most of the persons taken for failure to
d.clare dutiahle gOOO- are taken. I'ay
nient of a BlM and forfeiture of the
s.nuggled gooda is no dcterrent, he
s.av-, and the ollices ofthe surveyorai.d
OollectOf of th.- port are to work in
nniaoo t?. have some of the tiKiny
wealthy n..w awaiting trial not 6?l>'
t'.n.d bul given a prlBOO sentenc.
should they Im- convicted.
International IM!-.... Cng-i-s.
New V..rk, Sept. 17.?The Brat
meeting <>f the delegatea to tl.e Kigl.ti.
International i'rison Congress which
COnvanea in Washington, I). ('., (hto
her i to B,WBfl held in this city today to
anange fo. a tour of- American petial
institutioii as guests of tl.e I'nitcd
government. A special train
has been jirovided for the delegutes.
The tour will end at Washington ().
tolx'r 2, where the Congress is to he
opeoed wiil. anaddram by President
To >lakc tl.psplne Klood-Proot.
I'aris, S-pt. 17.?Fifty milliou dol
lars is tl.e price th:it Fr.tnee is willing
I,. pay to make the ri\er Beine tlood
proof. A coiiimissi...., aulhorized to
make radnctiooa to this end, left loday
to Btudy the river from I'aris to Rouen.
Furtl.er lloods are f.ar.d this winter,
as it is I,. lieved tl.e rains that have
been more general this BBBBOa than
ever before, will continue during the
winter months. The Seine bas not
regained its normal stage since tbe
disastrous Hoods r?f last January.
New York stoek MarfceL
New York .Bept. 17 -There wasa strong
?.,...? at the ope.iing ofthe stoek market
today, pii.es -howing moderate frac
tional gains in tbe majority of taa
raded in.
The market held firm all through the
tirst huiir, although some ofthe leading
iMues receded fractionally and showed
little net gains over yesterday.
The market closed steady,
Dallas, Texas.with 93, 104 population,
shows an increa-e of 116 per cent.
Friends of Senator Lorimer, of Illi
nois, plan to have him resign and be
re-elected as a vindication.
The crowning feature of the Mexican
ceiitennial was the dedication of a mon
ument in tTie City of Mcvico to the in
.lep.ndena* of the republic.
William M. Runyon, of ^laintield,
N. .1., received theaominatioo for Con
groaa from the Fiflh distriet at the con
vei.tiou held y.-terday, defeating Rcp
lesei.tativc ObarlBB N. Fowler by 141
Sinckeii two weeks ago with an aeute
form of pellagra, John M. Julian,
editor in chief of the Salisbury, N. C,
Evening Post, died at hishoiupin Salis
bury ypsterday.
The Union Veteran I^egion in BB
at Atlantic City yesterday adopted reso?
lutions regretting that the State of
Virginia had BBBB tit to place the
statue of Oen. Un in the Capitol at
Mr. Rooaevelt told the Press Club,
whose much-applauded guest he was in
New Vork last night, that he intend..l
to keep tighting the crooks iu this
State whether he won the eoniing tight
at the state convention or not. He
?poke facetiously of "Bamsie," who
appeared to think, said the colonel,
thal U waa his duty ad well as to his in
tcrcsts to gorern tbe people wrong.
Three progressive repiihlicans will
appearon Illonois congressional tickets
in Novciiiher in place of Standpatters.
Henry W. Boutell, Howard M. Snapp,
and Frank O. Lowdan, all stanch aup
bortera of tba Cannoa machine, have
fallen. and three iiisurgents win the
iiominatioiis in their district.s.
Acti-ig Mayor Mitchel, of New York,
says the laxity in eiiforcen.ent of the
law against gauibling and other vicesis
.Iu,- to ihecoiuiivance of poliee ollicials,
and be ordered the Poliee Commis
sioncrs toatoncc place the men respon
sihle for COnditJOBB on trial and to turn
Over evidence against gambling housps
to tho distriet attorney.
BoOM idea of the mineral wealth of
tliat porlion of Canada which iinniedi
al.lv adjoins Alaska is f.iii.isl.e.l hy the
fact, just reported to ihis government
from Oonaul Cole at Dawson thal tbe
Klondike placer mining distriet has
prodiiccd 9150,000,000 worth of gold
-ince 1898,and mining expertamtimata
that tl.e ainount yel to be inined is
eqoal m that alraady produced bo thal
gold mining in that region is good for
another decade.
Aceording to a dispatch from H.\
erly, there has heen no change in Pres?
ident Taft'l attitude toward a BBCOOd
i.rm sin.e I.e told a number of his
friends a few nionths ago that he would
aooept a Becond rjomination if his party
deaired ta tender i? t>> him and if that
portionoftne American people repra*
seiite.l hy his party sppnied to want
him. If at the end of his tenn hi^
party fealB he ha- been Inie lo lu>
tru-t in.1 has carried out its pledgps in
s., fa. .!- I.e poaaibly could, it would no
doubl be very gratifying to the presi?
dent to have his aduiiuistralion in
doraed. That, be baJa, is for the coun?
trv and hia party lo decide, not bim?
The thirteenth annual convention of
Ihe ohio Aaaociation of Bpiritualiata
bagan in Cincinnati yesterday B
three days' session with over 50 dele
gatea in attendanoa.
"Everybody _ the world has a eon?
trol," says President Harry K. Broer
stel, ofOolomboa, "although m08) peo?
ple don't know it."
"The eontrol of Theodore Roosevelt,"
declared Trcisiircr Mehaffey, "is very
prohahly Ahraham Lincoln. Vou see,
for different controls, Roosevelt being
of commaoding influenca, ia prohahly
also eontrolled hy a Oaeear ot Wapoleon
or hy the -pirit of some DOWerful In
dian chief.
"His mind is attunod to receive high
nioral impressioiis from ihe spirits of
such men as Lincoln. Iu fact, Lincoln
and the otherpatriotsarc at prBBOnt en
gag.d in sending forth messages of a
n.w order of patriotism, and that is
why the people are arising against the
old order of things. Roosevelt is the
iiiediuin through \vhich_thesc rnessages
arp hpingtransinitted."
Congrcssman Henry Sherman I5.ui
tell, who was defeated by nearly l.OtNl
voles in Thursday's jirimaries in Illinois
by F. H. fJanabergen, who proclaimi
himself | prOgreaaive republican, stated
yesterday that he will run indepen
dently. Today Mr. Boulell left for
Washington, and it is helievcd for Bev?
erly also.
"I will run indcpendently and l>cat
my rivals <>r. the siniple priiieipl.s ..fre
-p.aisihle represeiitative government,"
said Mr. Boutell. "I place no r.liance
in direct primaries. Inmy distriet Ipss
than one third of tlie republican voters
went to tl.e polls. Pure demoeracy
always has heen a failure. The initia
tive an.l referendum, direct vote for
seiiat'-rs -these are vagaries. The idea
of 100,000,000 people trying to legislate
direct on the suhjeet.s that individually
they do not un.h i-tan.r
"Tl.e only thing that n.ight make
?ni- h.sitale U> run is that I am a party
man. I am willing to accede to tbe
wiahea of my party when they an
boneatly axpreaaad. Tl.e rotara were
ini-lcl I.y tl.e statenients of hired pro
fcaaionil liars."
The congressuian said he had receiv?
ed telegran.s from 119 constitutents
a-king bim to stay in the race.
OOfJBrT ok xi'i'i \i -.
Tha Court of Appeals, at Staunton,
lay adjourned to meet in Rich
nioi.d on November 9, for the winter
This was il... shortest fail tenn in
sixteei. years, tl.e docket |being com
pleted in less than two we. k
The last cases were Southern Bell
Telephone Co. vs, Town of Harrison
burg, argued and submitted.
Kavanaugh vs. Shackless, argued
and submitted.
Martz Clerk vs. County of Rocking
ham, argued and submitted.
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
Tablets gently stimulate the liver and
bowels to expel poisonous matter,
deanse the Bystem, cure constipation
aud sick headache. Sold by W, F.
Creigbton and Richard Oibaoo.
Only a few more uamea are needed
to complete the munber required for
the military company in Ijeeaburg,
and it now looks as if the organizatiou
of the company will be a certainty.
(?ov. Mann annotrnceathat76 cadets
Of the Virginia Military lustitute will
be aent to Charleston. W. Va., lor the
unveilmg of the Kzekiel statue of Gen.
Stoiiewall .Jackson.
Among the fourth-class Virginia
postoitices advaaoad to the preaidantial
rank by receiit order of the |x>stniaster
general, umler the terma of the law,
are Amelia Courthousc, Appatachia,
and Bowling Green.
The beavy gale from the northeast,
blowing, at .times, forty-live miles an
hour at Cape Henry, continued \
day and last night. Very high tides
have resulted at Norfolk, several of the
lower street along the water front being
Hooded last night.
Ten tbousand spectators lined the
route of tbe parade of the command
eries of the Ktiights Templar of that
-eetioti of Virginia in Portsmouth yes
terday afternoon. when the grand
eommander, Alonzo \V. Traylor, made
the annual inspection. The parade waa
a tine spection.
T. M Angle.adistiller of Lynchburg,
whosc oase has long been in the eourts,
has offered a comproinise in the I'nited
States ciuuit court by proposing to
pay $10,000 and coats ruther than
stand a third trial on a charge of
ilefraiiding thegoverniuent of revenue.
Judge McDowell lotitiniied the case
until the next term pending a pnibablc
aoceptance of the tender
While hunting for dry wood uear
Lone FountSpriiigs, Augusta county,
.1. \V. Baylor, of the Churchville
aeetion, heard his dogs barking in
oooaaurtly, Going under a tree iu the
directtOO of Ihe dogs, a 10-pound hear
drorapadrrom the tree onon Mr. Bavlor.
The bear put up a stiff tiglil, but Mr.
Baylor, with an ax, and aided by his
two dogs. killed Kruin.
Harry Lewis, 15 years old, the 000
toaaad murderer of H. F. Zachary,
threw himself upon the mercy of the
Court at Roanoke, yestenlay and wa
aentenced tocight years in the peiiiten?
tiary. The case was tried witbout a
jury. Lewis killed Zachary in a lonely
cattleabed and then robfaed bim of$61.
Beading of dime novela and Vf'M vreal
Btoriea ia said to have poiaoned the
boy's iniiid.
[_ Cavalieri's prcnuptial agreement
with Kobert Winthrop Chanler not
only virtually siripped him os his for
ttme. bul I.a Cavalieri insist that the
agreement iball stand, despite the rift
in their romance. Attorinys for the
fair enehantreea Bled tbe doenmenl
yestenlay in the New York county reg
ister's office.
The doenmenl reveali additional evi
deneeaol tbe Americanarhat'a infaiua
tion. Boeager waa be to many the
beautiful singer that he not only turned
over his property to her, but guaran
leed her the paymentof $20,000a year.
.\s if there were not sutlieielit bonds, he
gare her under the agreement pnwer
of attorney ''irrevoeahaa'' lo do the
colleoting beraelf if ever, be ahould
fad promptlj 10 redeein his pledges of
La Cavalieri is apparently about to
eaaay the colleoting. The effect of her
coiinael's action loday, il is said, would
be to interpoae ber ehtima between
Chanler and creditora, who araderoand
ing aomething like |60,000.
Overturea have been made t.i Mme,
Caf ilicri, to settle witbout lnigatioii.
the dispute with her hiisband over the
prcnuptial agreement Under tbe terma
propoaed she would cancel tbe docn
inents liled today and 800804 instead
$10,(Ml0 outright and an annuity of
16,000. _^_
NUMfJBB IM v* asiiingtosi
News rnacbed Koanoke yestenlay of
a murder committad near Alvarado, a
small plaee in Washington county.
Hadley Lockbart, a young man resid
ing in Kussell county. was iustantly
killed and his brother, LoonanJ, was
sliot in tbe arni. James Koseiibalm, B
brother-in-law <>f the men, did the
Ihe trouble an -se over a trade between
the Lockbart brothera and Boaanbalm.
A miile was traded by the latter to the
Lockbart boya for an intereat in some
land iu Kussell county, and at the time
of the tragedy the inule was still in
Boeenbalm'a poaaoaaion. TbeLockharta
became danatiafied with the terma ol
ihe trade and went to Kosenbalm's
bome and took Ibe mule away. Boaan?
balm followe.l them and shot Hadley
Lockbart tbrough tbe beart and Ihe
younger brother in the arm. He then
Chating ender tbe bunleii of an al?
leged otliee-holding and patronage
Olique which would keep them down
the young rep'iblieans of Norfolk have
doterniined to seiid a delegation to
President Taft to urge UpOO him the
adviaability of aholbningtbaold referea
svstem of dispeiising republiean pat?
ronage in the state and the elimination
from ollice as far as possiblc of dead
Than young republicana have their
are out, eapecially for Alvah H. Mar
tin. patronage referea and republiean
national conimitteeinan. With the
patronage oul of hi- hands and the old
leaders bruabed aaide, they rxpeet re
publicatiism to take a strong liold of
Norfolk and the state. Martin was
elected and re alected to tbe eierkahip
of Norfolk oouaty by a fusion of dem
OCrat and republicans.
At the graft meeting in the New
York alderm. n 'a ehaniber yeaterday H
H. Vrceland, former president of the
Metropolitan Street Railway Company.
declared that big corporations of that
city were held up for contributions not
only "by every political party, but by
every man running for office."
Dysentery is a dangerous diseaae but
can be eured. Chamberlain'a Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy has
been guccessfully used in nine epidemics
of dysentery. It haa never been known
to fail. It is equally valuable for ehil?
dren and adulte, and when reduced with
water and sweetened. it is pleasant to
take. Sold by W. F. Creighton and
Bichard Gibaon.
Janies M. Taylor, S7. of Denver
married Jennie Tiammel, the 12-yenr
old stepdaughter of his brother.
Recent charges of polico grafting
made hy Mayor M-Cartby at San
Francisco, today icsulted in the resig
nation of Poliee Chief Martin.
Twice divorcci within the last seven
months, Artbur Wiggerly, an Elwood,
Ind., caiponow. has just married for
the third time.
At Fort Wayne, Ind., thrpe brew?
ery workmen were nearly drowned by
the hnrst.ng of an lK.lKHI gallon beer
It is reported thatSccretary Ballinger
will rpst thequeetion of his resignation
wilh President Taft aud his Cabinet as
Tbirty women tnenibers of the
"Apostolic Assembly" of Jersey City
have dooned ovaraJla and {umpen and
are assisting in the constructiou of their
new church.
The inonument to the Indiana sol"
diers, who died in the tight at Antietain
was unveiled anddedieated there today.
Governor Thomaa R. Marshall made
an address.
Bceause his bride giggled when be
was lilling out the marr.agp licei.se at
Taunton. afBW . William F. Harvey,
Of New York, refused to go furtl.er in
his matrimonial plans.
The marriage of Edith De Lys, an
opera singer of Boston, and the Vis
count Deathilaire, of Paris, took place
today in I?ndon.
Hamilton King, United States min
isier t.. Siaiu, is eritically ill at Johns
Hopkins llosp.tal, Baltimore, following
au operitio.i for kidney tronble.
During the drafting aaaaon, just
closed, the si.rprising Bum of f'-'OO.OOO
has heen received in fees, a.crding to
Beeretary Farrell, <>f the National As
Bociation of Profeaatonal Baaeball
New York city ia aghast over the
intimation that revelatioua <>f poliee
grafl that will eelii.se ihe scn-ational
il.'Velopments of ihe LexOW investiga?
tion are impending. The 'inner cir
cle" is about to he uncovered.
In a inonoplane of his OWU iiianu
facture, Waltcr L. Fainhild, a New
Vork elc.trical engiiiper, today at
Gardcn City, N. V., Ilew several iin.es
across .hc avialioli liel.l, demonstraling
thoroughly the practieability of his in
v.-niion. He expects to develop a sped
of sev.nly mika an hour with the ...a
The ten persoiis injured at Milwau?
kce late yesterday when Archie _0X*
s.'v lost eontrol of his Wright aero
plaiie at the Wisconsin state fair
grounds and swooped into the crowd.
are reportad leeovering today. Noae
waa mriouary hurt Hoxaay made a
poor start. and when about lifeen feet
from Ihe ground, the machine da.t.d
downward into the crowd. H
was not injured.
Nouiti.atcd tor Caagraaa-.
New York, Sept. 17.?The issue of
Cannonisin has won for William M.
Bennetl the nomination Htr OongraM
iii th.- Fifth New York distriet The
preseiit incuii.bent, J. Va.i Vcchten
Olcott, was known as a Qannon aup
porter. The convention will be held
nexl Tuesday and Bcnn.-it is todav
iaaaed of 118 votes, whareaa only 81
are necessary to a choi.e
Kllled In a CollUlon.
Holt. Mo., SVpt. 17.?One trainnian
was k.lle!, and 88 persons injured.
aome aerioualy, in a bead-oo colliaion
between R ofc Island waathoand ily ?.
N... 201 a d a Buvlington passenger
train, near here at BI l arly hour today.
The Wreck oceurr. d 00 a sharp curve
an.l grade
Died uf _4>ekjaw.
Harrishurg, S. pi. 17. ? Audrcy May
Dralenstadt, ag d 6 yeara, died in
great agony, of ockjaw following vac
In ord r that she might enter the
oublic scleols, the ehild, in BCOOr
dancp with the law, was raccinated iii
August 24. Her artn hecame terribly
a rollea and tetanus developed.
Two Men Kllled.
Philaderphia, Sept. 17.? Themangled
b dies of two man together with frag
ments of B carriage, we.e found on tlie
pilot of the loco.notive <>f a Baltimors
and Ohio axpreaa train when it pullc.l
into the station bere early today. It .
beiieved the carriage in which the men
were riding was struck somewherc near
Belle Camp, Md. From papers found
in the pockets of the men it is believed
they are Winfield D. Cullen and -Taaae
Culleu, of Belle Camp.
KKpubllcan Inxiirgenta.
Danville, Va.. Sept. 17.?A call for
an insurgent republiean congressional
convention was issued here today, read
ing in part a? followB: "All are in?
vited to attend, who are opposed tu
Cannon, Alilrich and Parsons (the W
publican representitive from thia dis
trict) and who favor Roosevelt and in
The convention will !*? beld in Mar
tinsville on Ba ptember 19 and it is un
deratood that a pr ogressivo candidate
will be oominatedto oppose Rep. Par
s.ns, who haa been renominated by
the regular wing of the party.
The call is signed by tifteen well known
Repnblicans of the Hiatrict
Wholesale Prices of Produeo
Fluiir. e.xtra. ? J* ? ?'? :*>Q
Family. 5 50 a 5 7o
Fancy hmnds. 0 00 a C 20O
Wheat. longberry. 0 97 a l oo
Mix.d. 097 a 10t|
FulU. 0 !"' ? 098
Dampandtough. 0 85 a 0 90
Corn. white. 0 70 a 0 75
Mixed. OfiH a 0 70
Vellow. 0 711 a 0 73
Corn Meal. o 7.0 a o _
Kye. 0 65 a 0 70
Oats, mixed, new . 0 40 a 0 45
Winte.new. 0 50 a 0 56
Clovei Seed. 8 00 a 9 50
Tiinotny. ' ' ?
Hay. . B 00 -1 ? ?
Klgin l'rii:t Butter. IB 00 a 33 00
Butter. Virginia, packed 1^ Oo a '20 00
Choice Virginia.20 00 a 25 00
Coramon to middling.. 14 00 a 16 00
Kgga. 20 00 a 22 00
LlveChickens(hena).... 0 14 a 0 1<;
Spring Chiekens. 0 18 a 0 20
Potatoea, per ba. o .oo a 0 oo
Swt et Potatoea, bbl. 2 68 a 4 00
Oniona, per bu. 1 00 a 1 20
Apples. per bbl. 3 00 a 4 50
Drfed I'eaches. pealed... 0 06 a 0 07
Pork, per 100 lba. 15 00 a 16 00
Bacon. country hams.... 0 20 a 0 21X
Best SugarCured Hama. 0 20 a 0 21*
Break&at Bacon. 20 0 a 0 21 I
Sugar-eured Shouldern 0 14 a 0 14 J{
Bulk Shouldera. 0 13 a 0 14
<. DrySaltSidea. 0 14 a 0 15
I_diea' silk Laata Hose. doobte sole
and Bjarter top.
Special 50c.
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aml ribbad lartar kap.
Special 25 c.
Children's Ftae Rlbbad Hose: double
sole, heel and tue.
Special 12 l-2c.
fadlaaf Pkaia and s>iik LWe Hoae;
double aole and gartor top; BOa valuo.
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Ladies' (ian/e Cottea Hose; double
aole, high aplieed aeel and gartet top.
.?'"*? value.
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[,-. aeel and me; Be
Special 25c.
Ladies' Fine l.isie Kmliroidereil Hose;
double soi,-. heel and toa; Me value.
Wonien's l.onu'skiris: uiiilir.lla ruftie;
made of aplendla qualltj oambrio; deop
embroiden edge and mie tuefca; 15 to
17; ri'gulariy |1.2S.
Special 97c.
\\ omen's Oowna; made m line ouallty
aaiaaoek, ln low a*ek and Btoort aleaveaj
yokes of enibroidery. laee. I>e:iilillg aud
ribbou; 16 to 17 ngularly fl.25
Special 97c.
420-426 Seventh Street.
Helen Carmen,
??OHI N?'l I -AM'V K 11 >
Kleisel's Dog Circiw.
9,000 feet of the latest
Illustrated Song Contest
Sept. 20, 21,23.
Vaudeville Changes Every
Monday and Thursday.
Pictures Changed Daily.
Every s-ptehihcr-imm peraoa?old
or young?ouglit to have a Banphlro
It's the sturie that denotes Wisdom.
"A Maidell bora when \ 111111111) 's, leave*
\o ruatling in September'a breeaa,
A s.i|p|ihire on ber brow ihould biod,
Twifl eun- dlaeaaaa oftbe mjno."
Kveryone knows how 'leautiful this
ttone is. Bttt you don't know how
really inezpenaive they are unless you
bave viaited tbia store. We'll ahow you
many atOMI and many low prices.
Saunders & Son
629 King Street.
W\\ I I.l" Hy genlleman and wife
two.ir Ihr.'.' ni.c ROOIfg in prl
\ il.- lamily: fiiinisli.d: a. m. i.: central
locatiou pri'ferre.l: rel'ere.iees ex.-hang
.1 Vddrew suiting terma, eta B M
/.?to- offlce iep!7 3t?
FOR RENT. luo ileHh-able FUR
NI8HED K" n.MS wlth bath xuitable
for four gentlemea; eentrally located,
half blo.'k from electric lin. tddvwea
Loekrox N'o. i?;. PoetorBce. aeplftH*
The following i- | lisl ofthe letters rc
nmlning In the Alexandria, Va., poet
otllee up to September 17. l'.| .
Angelleo,MraMary Maritelian, MroM
Brittlngham.MraM McCbeaney, m.
Hrya.it. Mrs Della MoDowell, Liseie
Burgaaa, G W Payae.IaaaeorLII'a
Caron, JC(3 Sefhy, Mrs MattieL
Carter, Mary Jane Sbort, Lewfa
Cliamlers, L.onard Slgourr.cv. Mrs
chark. L A ABoaa Smith,.l.-'an Ktncald
Coben, J I) Thomaa, B J
couiay. Henry Todd, n.dia
Ooaner, Wtmmj Tlmmnon, .Jonc*.
Cost. Sehv Twitty. I^ura
Dai ls. Mrs.f if Wattara, Beal
RBrl, Mabel Wi-hingion Mrs L
Krvin. p II U , ber. Maud
Fog-rtv. .Ino B \Vhlte<l. Mra Bettie
Franklin, L w.iiiam.Julia
I \ Ki.oBORN, Postmaater.
The report in circulation in the city
for the past few days that a young lady
(in fact a ehild) had attempted to Lake
her life, is utterly without foundation,
as the person referred to is well and
happy and has no cause for such an
act. It ia only the work of some ma
liciousperBons whose only aim in life ia
to create acandal and ruin tbe good
name of our young, X,

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