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A Reliable
Ely's Cream Balm | ^?r_&j?J
is quickl-. abtorbed.
Civtr. Reliet at Once.
Itcleansps, sootlies,
beals and protccts
tho dbeeaad bmuu
braae reanldngfrom
a and drives
Cold in the
h. .,-[ ??.-. i; iiav ctutr
alone tho Benaeeoi BlH I I Ll Ln
T_te ui.d Kne ll. Full alae 50 cts., atDrug
r hy mail. In liqoid rbra-75 6enta.
Ely Broth'fcrs,5G Warrcu Street, Ne~ York.
.-C1IOOLS. '
St. Mary's Academy
i:om:i.i\.. vm.i.'.v BC-OOL l 01: OIBIA
reh modern In building and edu
Htbodti. Aeadelllieai.'l \l.l.s.c
department*. ..Her exceptlonal advan
?uring a eonjplete Engliah
and Mufdeal edueatlon. Commercial de?
partmenl to lit for offlce work -. sp. e*
laliv. l"oaltlon?? Becured when pup.ls
are prepared. Bplondid Intelleetual ad
vantages loiued to rcflned ChrlHtian
training. Boya under twelvc admlttod
to day s.-ho il.'cuii or writefor oatalogue
:' ln.
Arlington Institute
215 North Waahington street,
as.i \ txfflu \. Va.
OpenaBeptonib* r_, 1910. lo addition
llftll il fOUIW Of St.l.l.V a 0?BB ln
rapbv and lypowrltfng will be
rorined. Cataloguea at Leadbeater'i :>.?I
Aih "i- dru* Btore* and aftor Beptember
|f| :u the rcsidenee.
Mi... \ \1 cHANDLEE,
? 'll _I'rii.cr.ia!.
JollN P. KoillMNON, Cl O. S. I'lllA.H.
Pi .de.K. uuy.
Alexandria Fertilizer and
m \m . vCTTRKH
Fertilizers, Fertilizer Matenals and
Sulnhuric Acid.
Aak your dealer Ibr the Alexandria
Fer.ili/.r and Chei.iical Co,'a Produet*
Capacity: 50.0D0 tons per annum.
PrlneoM Btreet and Potoma i River
Wharf M.-v-.ndria. \i._inia.
lital Ice Company
Wholesaie and Retail
Deaiers in Ice,
Carload Lots and Country Orders a
Mico Water
Exccptionally pure. deliciously palata
ble. clear as crystal.
Cameron an.l Cnlon Btreeta, Alexandria.
Bell Telephone No. 51,
j.vl- tf
John Ahern & Co.,
Corner Prlnee and Commerce Btreeta
tmd dealer- in
Countrv produee received daily. Oui
stoek of Plain and Pancy Oroeerlea em*
1,1-aces evervtbing to I.e had In th.s Une.
We holdlargely InCnltedBtateBbond
cl wareho.i-e and earr.v iu BtOOk variotis
brands ofthe beal
made. Havealao In rtoreaupcrlorj
Of 1 orelgn and American
Batlafaettoa Guarantann'aato Priooand
W. A. Johnson & Co.,
\. i. . orneri ameronand Royal strccts.
General Commission Merchants
and dealera In
Have on hand Qlbaon'a XX, XXX,
XXXX and Pure Old Rye, Old Cablnet
an.l iHonogram Whiskles; also Baker a
and Tbompaon'B Pure Rye w hiskies, to
which they invite the attention of the
trade. . _
Ordera from the countrv ror raerebaa*
,11 reeelvc prompt attention.
Oonalgnmenta of Flour, Oraln and
country Produee Bollelted, for which
tlievf.uarantee the hij-hest market prices
and prompt returns.
Wm. H. Peck
,, i. \ss. PAINT8 \M> OIL.
Ivory Wall Plaster
A burge quantltj 01 new and Beeond*
sand liunl.er and secoiul-hand brick for
sale cheap.
Shampoo Paste
An lavlgoratUBC aeaiw eleana-ji'
aud (LandrutVreiiH.vei.
Makes the hair soft.ind pliabl
Tayior's Pharmacy
616 King Street.
^l^itiria ?azettTe
ITlll,lsili:i> DAILY ANI> Tltl-WKKKI.Y AT
[Entered atthe Poatofflee or Alexandria.
Virginia, as aeoond-cbun matter.]
Tkums: Dailv -1 year, $3.00; 6 months,
12.50; 3 month*s, |1.2or 1 month,43 eents
I week, 10 cent-.
Trl-weekly ?1 year. 13.00:6 inonthn
81..r>0: 3 months, 75 eents; 1 month, 28
Qontraet advertiaara will not be allowed
toezoeed their apaeeunleaa theexeeai
is paid Tor at transient nites. and under
noeireumataneea wlll they be aiiow.nl
to advertlae other than their legltl
matebnalneaa In tbeapaee contnietcd
f?r< , ... ,
Raaolutiona In memoriam. ol tnanaa,
tribiitesof respeet. resolutions adopted
bv societies or persous.uuless of public
eoneern. will be printed in the paper
M advertisements.
Capt. Klaus Larsen, in his little
motorboat, Ihe Ferto, made a au
ful trip from the foot of the eataraet
through tbe arbirpool rapida of Ni
agara to within a mile <?f I.ewistoti.
a distanee of 4 1-2 milea, late yeater?
day afternoon. He atarted from the
tfaid ol ihe Mist dock al 4:46 o'elock
aml ran on the rock near the American
abore at 5:80.
Deapitfl tbe battering of the arhirl
pool rapida, Laraen went through
saf.ly, hut bia boal was leaking badly
at tbe linish and through Ihe trip
Laraen had intended lo atarl al 2:30
o'elock, Imi ln- was delayed by engine
trouble. Beaidea, tbe loeal authoritiea
tbreatened lo infcrfere <>u tbe ground
,.f attempted suicide. The Ferro
swnng under the cantilever bridge,
the engine running at top apeed, and
was eaugbl iu the Bwifl drifl brtak
of water to tlie wirlpool rapiik I.ar
?en held to the middle of th" cbannel.
and in less than llirce minutcs h:i i
made the great pool. ln tbe trij
through tbe rapida the little boal wn
loal to aigbt most ol the time, bul n
Great Wave it was shot 20 feel oul
water. The boat landed right and pn
tililied tO the pool.
Laraen kept lo the onter edge i I
the pool aml paaaed ool and down
withpul nccident. Jual aa lie lefl Ihe
pool the engine stopped working. and
Laraen was at ihe mercy ol the water*
hardly leaa riolenl than thoee above.
The little boat awung around Btern
lir<t and then turned completely
over. Laraen eoming np badly hat
tered. It was there that he injured his
From now on Laraen was tbe play
Utingofthe migbty river. unable to
hokl the courae. tbe boal Bwinging
rrom onejudefto the other. After get
ting through tbe Devil'a Holejthe Ferro
awuttg toward the rocka on tbe Ameri?
ean side of tbe river. rolled our OUC
boulder and went faai between two
othera. There Laraen atayed for flvc
minutea I'1 feel from ahore, working
deaperately to releaae the craft. Get
ting free, he waa bit bya cornberand
seiit careening toward the middle. At
tbe bend, with the Lewiaton bridge in
sight, the boat drifted toward the
American side again, and was then
caughl in the ahore eddy. The Ferro
grounded again. this time near enoueh
to ibore to be caughl by Boy Rock
well, of Niagara Falla, who waded into
the water and caughl B rOJM thrown by
Laraen wanted to continne the trip,
bul having accomphahed theworat part
of the joiirney, he waa persuaded to
board a tiolley to Lewiston setting tlie
boat adrift.
Laraen aaya be will make.tbe royage
with another boat. " DOO OfJH
Except tbe old llaid of the Miat,
sent through in 1864 to avoid aeiiure,
jaraen'a ia the only entine-propelled
eiafi to have gone through the rapids.
Peter Niaaen, Chieago, 1900, and ('. A.
1887 and 1901, are the only
tben who took boata through and
u \M I>-1 lli.lAI CAfJOtDATBi
Fourteeti leading republicans of the
Fifth distriet of Virginia, as stated on
Saturday, sigtied the call for a conven?
tion to be held at Martinsvillc Septein
bar -J7, toput an inaurgentcandidate in
the Beld.
The Fifth distriet is represented by
Judge E. W. Baundera, democrat,
aboae aeal was contested by Parsons,
republiean. Just before the close of the
session of Cbngreaa] the committee on
clections reported in favot of the con
teatanta oo the groutids that tbe re
moval of Fioyd county. strongly re?
publiean, from the Fifth listrict to the
Sixth distriet by the Virginia Irgisla
tuie was a gerrymander and uncon
atitutional. Ihe reporl has not been
acted upon by the Houae, and. meatr
wbilc Judge Saunders has been serving
as a member Ol the committee investi
gating the bribery charges made by
Senator tiore sitting in Oklahoma.
lt baa been binted that Speaker Can?
non sent Banndera to Oklahoma in or?
der to obatrnd bitn in hia eanvaaa. His
Opponent, Varsons, is the republiean
The Floyd republicans bave repudi
ated the action of the legislature put
ting them in the Sixth ibstrict and aen!
delegatea to the Fifth distriet conven?
tion and will vote fo Parsons.
The sitnatioii makes the distriet
doM, and the result possibly depeiids
on wbether tbe House would regard
Floyd as in tbe Fifth or Sfxth distriet.
The new inaurgent movement, bow?
ever. protnises to settle the quattion, as
there aeema to be no doubt that it has
i atroaaj following. Ibeprnrality either
way is not expected to be more than
800 orSOO. ln the Sixth and Tenth
diftricta tlie republiean convention
showed strong insurgeut tendencies and
made nominations. In the Seventh
the convention split and tbe insurgents
nominated a candidate against the reg- j
ular. In the other districU the repub?
licans will hsve comparatively no show
iag. This movement aeenis to promise
a solid dclegation from all of the 10
districls in the House.
The rcports from the Ninth distriet,
now repreeented bySemp, republican,
indicate that there ia no longera quea
tion how the distriet will go and that
tbe only matter for considcratioii ia the
sizcof the niajority for Stuail. demo
ciat. Optimists place it at &500, al?
though Blemp'a niajority two years ago
was nearly 4,000.
An autopsy yesterday having dis
closed that William Hpath, a painter,
who w.i- tuppoaed to bave commjttad
suieidc in Lunnenburg, Vt.. was shot
through the lia.k. ihe a.ithoriiies Sat?
urday plaoad Mrs. J. M. Dodge, a
pioiuiiieiit rcsidcit. in custody in her
own home. II<al. had been eniployed
for several daya [lainting at ihe Ikxlge
reaidence. Mrs. Dodge .an out ..f Ihe
h. ii-" Saturday. pxclaiming that Heall.
had shot hin.self while at work in her
hedrooni. The revolver with which the
abooting was done was owned i.y Mra.
Dodge, according to the olliecrs. Mrs.
Dodge is aboul 48 years old. a widow,
and active -o.ially in the town. The
aiithorities w.ll hold a heariiig in tl.e
case today. Heath was 40 years old
and leavea a family.
(ll'AltMKI. RMIM IN A kll.UM..
Hiigh Ourtiaa, of Washington. Bap.
pahanock county, was shot and instant.
|y kllled Saturday nighl al Boyce. I.y
.lanies Feltner, a well digger. Troiiblc
atarted between tbe two after Feltner
had persi-tcd in j.mipir.g <>n and ofl a
meny go round which was run hy Cur*
tiaa. Repeated aarninga to Feltner
had no effeel and a f.-w ivords paaaed
when Feltner aliol Curtiaa through the
hearl aiUi a 32 ralilior revnlver. Feltner
clainiB thal be acted in aelf-defenae aa
Curtiss 11it him several tii.it s with a
hlaek jack. Both men had been drink
ing. Feltner is lodgod in jail al li.r.y
ville and has eniployed as COUDBcl
Mcesra. Marshall McCormick and A.
M-'.-re, jr., two of tbe boal eriminal at
torneva in this state.
v.im ii ii:i. TVPE.
A printer'a devil waa going through
his tir-t experience of making upforma,
rho i>:i]icr was late, an.l the l.oy got
tbe galloya mixed, Tl.e lirst part of
theobituary notice of a penurioua ctti
WU ln 1 heen dumped iu the forms.
and the nexl i.and.ul ol typo camc off
agallcy deacribing a rocont fire. It
road like this; "Tbe pallbearera lower*.
c 1 the body to tl.?? grave. As it was
being conaigtied to tbe flamea there
were few, if any, re_rcts, for the old
wreck had heen an eysore to the town
for years. Of course there was indivi
dual loaa, hut that was fully covered b*
i.\-pi<ii>t iv tsrtl his n ni,.
Bev. Alpbonao II. Conaolaaio, tbe
Catbolic priest who some nioiilhs BgO
eloped to Atlantic City with Miss
Katberine Johann, 16 yars old. of
Trenton, and was there married hy a
justice of the peace, in violation of the
rules of bia church and his rowa BJ a
priest, and who latter deserted hia bride
and sailed for his old home in Italy t..
beg tlie forgiveneaa of tl.e pope, aow
?vants b. return to his child-wife.
He baa wntieii io thal effect, de
claring that l.is repentance failed aa he
n.-arcd tbe Vatican aud that hcresolved
!.. return. II.I offered a gift ofahanel
(,? Italian wine and M)m? fine statuary
to the .Johann family in return for the
parential l.lessing. The Johann
tliey arelliroiigh with the youngprie-t.
Iu a letter received in Saratoga
SpringS, N. Y.. Mayor (iaynor said
that he would carefully c.msider the
queation of his nomination for gover
nor; I.e added that his atrength was
fully reetored, hut he had not fully n
coVi red his voice. _
When thedigestioi. is all right. the
action of the howels regular. there is a
a natural craving aud relisli for food.
Wh.n this is lacklng you may kno.v
that you nee.l a _OM of CliahiberlamV
Btomacfa and Liver Tbbleta. They
Btrengthea tl.e digeative organs, rm*
DTOVe the appetite and rcgulate the
bowela. s..ld i.y W. F. Greijrbton and
Richard Gibaon.
Mrs. Winslow's Soothinj- Syrup is tho
pre>.-:-iption of one ofthe best female
physicians and nurses in thp United
statcs, and has hppn uspd for fifty ypars
with neverdailing succpss by millionsoi
niothers for their children. It relieves
the ehild from pain, cures diarrhoea,
gripiiifr in thp howels, and wind colic.
Bg gtvtag health to the ehild it rcsts the
niothpr. 'IVentv-fivp cpnts a lv>ttl?
You wil! find one of our
aJjustahle or stationary
pin stretrhers of g;>
rlce to you when prepar
ing your curtains for the
winter. l'ins can be ad
firattrrl to tit any Bcallcp.
Invite You To See How They
Handle Meats
Armour & Company'? new branch house in this city, located at the corner of Cameron and Henry streets, will be opened to the
trade and general public Tuesday, September 20th, from 8.30 a. m. to 10.30 p. m.
This is but one of the many Armour branch houses placed over the country for the distribution of government inspected meats and
pure foods.
You and your friends are cordially invited to call and inspect it. There will be something to interest everyone-the housewife
the trade?the curious and the studious.
This new branch house is equipped equally as well as any of the Armour branch houses in the country. In construction, finish
and equipment, it represents the best that experience can suggest or money can buy to secure sanitary perfection and absolute cleanliness as
well as to facilitate the handling of meats and food products.
This new branch house also represents the Armour way of doing things. Armour ? Co. have six of the largest, cleanest and best
equipped plants in the world, all of which are constantly engaged in the production of government inspected meats and pure foods. The
methods adopted in those plants to secure perfect sanitation and absolute cleanliness are represented in the construction, finish and equip?
ment of this house. The storage cooler walls are lined with cement and concrete. Woodand other materials that soak up fat orliquids are
eliminated wherever possible.
In Connection With the Opening There Will Be a Complete
Exhiblt and Demonstration of the
These include fresh meat in the carcass and special cuts, smoked meats, dry salt meats, pickled goods, butter, eggs and poultry pro
visions, delicatessen, canned meats, sausages of all kinds, meat extracts, lard-in fact, all kinds of animal products-all of which have pass-.
ed rigid government inspection.
The house and its contents will be a comprehensive objeet lesson onthe scrupulous care with which the sheep, calf. hog or foul is
prepared by "Armour" for the tables of the people.
Armour and Company Wants Everybody
in Alexandria and Vicinity
Everyone that buys, sells, or cats meats to know the "Armour way," and the Armour products as you know your neighborhood grocery
and meat market.
"Seeing is Believing."
To see this typical Armour branch and exposition of the Armour products is to appreciate at never before why the name "Ar?
mour" has been for a generation a mark of quality in meata and pure food productf. -

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