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Sslvfatibtia (iozetfa?.
Sun and Tide Table.
Sun rises tomorrow at5i'>S? aud sets 5:38.
High waU-r ai'cioa. BB. and:i.!:i p. m.
Weather Probabilitiea.
For this s.-etion partly eloudy tonight
and Wedneaday: comparativeiy warm;
inoderate to brisk southerly winds.
l'ursiiaiii t . adj.iiroiii.Mit, another
nieeting of ih. Halft.nloi Aldermeii will
be held tonight. At a brief meeting
laat week. it wasdeefded that the lioard
act aa a oommittee of the whole for the
purpoae of endeavoi mt to propare a
way out of thede.-idlo.-k which oeeurred
on the rirst of Sepi.-mh.-r when many
viva voee rntea won- i ikon in efvirta to
atecta preaidenl Tww nwliug* were
subseqtiencly held. At the second, on
the 20thproximo, sixtyoiio ballota were
taken. There was no attempt t-> elect
a president at the meeling on the 27th
So far as can be learned, tbere is at
present no evidence tbat either side is
weakening. It is still said U> he four
to-four. The coiiimittee of tfae whole
will meetat 7 o'eloek tonight when at
tempts will be made to bring ahout
eonditions under which Bpreaident can
be elected. The meeting of the board
willbe held at I o'eloek.
Services appropriate to the .lewish
New Year were held in the synagogue
on uorth Washington atreet at seven
o'eloek last night. The services were
condiicted by Rabbi Maurice Krohn
gold, of Cincinuati. Tho inusic waa
well rendered and everything in con
nection with the services was condiicted
in an interest ing and inipressive
manner. The serinoii of Kahhi Krohu
gold waa brief, hut it ahounded in
praetieal thoughts and suggestioiiseon
cerning the hlessingsof the past year
aod what should be tln- purpOBBB of
all tbankful people in th.- year which
has just dawned The ritual used in
the Jewish New Yeai 'a services is
appropriate and inipressive, and all
present followed it closely. At the
close tbere waa the naoal New Year'a
greetings. Bervicea were held again at
ten o'eloek this morning. Tfae BtorCB
of Israelites will beclosed until T. o'eloek
this evening.
The regular moiithlv meeting of K.
E. Lee OBmp.Coofederate Veterana,waa
held at their ball last night iu the ab
aence ofthe eommander, Lieut. C.ni
mander.l. W Hammond presided.The
meeting was well attended. The cof
mittees appointed at a pievious meet?
ing reporied res(.lutions on the death
of the late Oonirados Wm- H. May,
\V. P. Woodey and Jno. 8. Qreene re?
ported and thi- resolutions w.re ordered
to be spread apoil the minutes of the
canip and eopies sent to the fainilies of
the deoaaaed.A oommittee,cooaiating of
Comrades .1. 0. Milhnrn, Jesse Murray
and Wm. H Yeaiuiaii, was appointed
to propare resolutions on the death of
Qorarade Thomas E. Jasper lt was
decided that at all future meetings of
the camp some comrade should read a
short artiele on the war or relate some
peraonal reininiseetices, and C-onnade
E. C. Urah.im WM named asthe lirst to
earry out this feature of future pro
A beautiful wedding was Botemniied
iu 8k Mary's Church this inoriiing at
9 o'cioek when Kov. I.. F. Kelly united
iu wedlock. at niiptial inass, Mr. Jamea
Edward Madden, of Washington, D. C,
and Miss Ida Begina Crecgan, of this
city. The hrnlal party was ushered in?
to the church totfac Lofaengrin wedding
rnarch. The groom was attended hy
Mr. Francis P. .1. Cleary, of Washing?
ton. and the bride hy hersister, Miss
Hel'en Blixabeth Creegan. Tho aitar
was brilliantlv hghted with nuuierous
electric lighu and > andles and deeorated
with greenpfamta and axotica fcfendele
sohn's wedding iiiareh waa discoorsed
ia the party left the church. After a
wedding hreakfast Mr. and Mrs. Mad
jen left for a northern trip. They will
reaide m Washington. The m-wly
Uiarried eouple were the the recipieuts
of many preeenta from their friends
During the mass solos were rendered
ky Mrs. Nettic Brill, Mrs. Mauii
Bowling and Mr. Robert Weiuel
[Justice H. B. Caton preuiding.]
The following eases were disposed of
thia morning;
Joaeph Harris, colored, charged with
aasaulting Kinuia Tfaowtpaoa with a
brick. forfeited hia eollateral by failing
to appear, and a warrant was issued
for his arrest
Henry Johnson. cbargwl with the
larceny offlo from A. Rubinson, had
bis casc contfnued
Benj iimn Johnson, colored, charged
with ear: v a razor, was fined f_0.
James loidon, colored, charged with
aasaulting Oi-orge Turner with a gun,
had bis case CCOttnued.
Thomas McCntB, John McCuen aud
Mercer Langley. charged with disorder
ly conduet add fighting, were fined to
Rev. 0, W. Fainter, D. 1> . '?' 37
yeara a missionary of the Presbvterian
Church, at Hoiig Chow, China. will
give an addreas at tbe Second Presby
terian Church, tomorrow, Wednesday
eveuing at eight o'eloek. His thetne
will be "Conditions in the Far East in
Relation to Foreign Misaiona." Every
student of modern lustory, as well as
of niissiotis is invitej to hear this
BCbolar on this Hvtng suhject.
Notwithstanding other attraetion8
the Opera Houae was filkd last light
and the vaudeville and pictures were
ay^n better than predicted in this paper.
A' dedication onlv oecurs onee in a
long while, hut tho good ahow will
continue indefinitely at the New Opera
House. Come out tonight
We sell Heaa, Regal, Walk-over,
Brockton and Taylor made fine ahoea
for geDtlemen. J. H. Marshall A
Bro., 422 King atreet.
a oeta i>*>~^~ST?htA*el""d'i*
their New Home X l>ay ?"?? W* ?f
Unalloyed PleasiiM.
The new Elks'hndon Prince street
nearKoyal, . the .?** o happy
ga-bermga yeaterday and laat wejfat.
The .trucTure had been v.rtually open
3 t<) ??. ?(ll)|,(. all day, and buudreds
of Alexandrians as well as many peo?
ple from Washington and other c.t.es
bad been paaaing ia and out for hours
before the bnllding waa fovmaBj
thrown open for tfae reception tendered
the ladies and , h.ldren. Ihe coinm.t
tee ,,f ladies whieh was on hand es
corted the guests through the structure
and explained tho purposes of Ihe
va*ious rooms and appointmenU. All
were pleased with their visit, and pro
fuae in co lamations of admiration of
the coneeptioti and akill displayed in
the lodge room proper, the auditorium
and the purpoae of the smaller rooms.
The furtiishings, while elaborate, are
suggestive of durability and display
taste. It aeomed as tfaongfa tho build?
ing committee had happily conoaivad
everything whieh enters into the con
struction and fumishing of a modern
lodgo room. In short, they had
omitted nothing.
The reception closed shortly before
7 o'clock and later tbe sorvices ln cou
nection with the dedication of tne
building commenced. The eeremotiics
were conducted in the lodge room 00
the third tloor, where had assembled a
large representative and appreciative
audienco eomposed of Klks, non-Elks,
with mothers, wives and ehildren of
After a brief session of tbe lodge, at
whieh the impressive ritual of the or?
der was exemnliried. the open dedica
tory serviees were proceede.l with.
After tfae preliminarics Mr. Geo. T.
Caton, grand eaquire, pi-aanted Mr.
Louia E. Shuman, president of the
board of trustees,with the keys of the
entire building, Then followed music
byOobeo'a or-faestra. After tlus the
next feature was tfae presentation of a
jewel to Judge Ix.uis C. Barley by
Grand SecreUry Knight James W.
Balea. Tho judge beiug absent in the
north 00 business it was accepted for
him in a well worded BPOecfa by Loyal
kmght Kobt. B. Barrett
Hon. C. C. Carlin was then mtro
dueed. He was reeeived With an out
buisi of applause. Mi Carhn's theme
was "Home." and he hatidled his
suhject Bkillfully. and oi a lUOBt inter
eating and toucfaiug uianni i. At tbe
(dose of his Bpeet'h in- reeeived uproar
ious applause.
Then formally the building waa
turned over to the young people and
dancing was indukeed in until after
oiidnigfat The music by Professoi
Oohen'a oieheetra was cocwidered fine
an.l belped la a great nioasure to en
liveti tho occasion.
During Ihe evening axcellenl vocal
and instrnmental music was rendered.
Among the rieitors from Waahington
were: Messrs. R. P. Downing, exaltcl
ruler; Jamaa I. Ward. esteemed had
ing knigfat; Frank A. Kidd. esteemed
loyal knight; John J. (i.u inan. BB
teemed l.-eturing knight; Richard A
O'Brian. BBC'y, and Capt. Uoodrell, and
Messrs, Frank Hanibright, Thomas A.
Dougherty, Robeit Mattingly and forty
other Washington Klks.
Among the guests of tbe OCXX-rion
w.ie Mts. I.aura l.amberton and son,
0* (bl City, Pa.: Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Keiislmw of Washington; Mr. Wm. J.
Breeoe, jr., aon, of the democratic
candidate forOoogress in the 28_n IVnn
sylvania district.
The lloral doeoratioiis for the OCCaurion
were furmshed by tfae Kramer Floral
Company of this city.
The entire programme paaaed off
without hitch and showed B master
hand in its preparation. The commit?
tee deserves great ciedit for the hand
ling of sueh B erowd in sueh B suecess
ful way. Not in thiaalooeahouM they
be congratulated, but in the selection
of talent for the occasion they could
not have chosen better. It was an in
eident in loeal history whieh will long
be reniemhered.
The namo of Mr. J. R. Travers was
inadvertentry omitted in tha hst of
offloera of Alexandria Lodgo ol Klks
puhlished last Friday.
The dedication committee was as fol?
lows: Jas. W. Bales, chairman, Howard
ty. Smith, and R. S. Barrett.
Utdiea' Reception Committee?tyra.
J. ty. Rales, cliP,irmau; Mrs. Jacoh
Brill, Mrs. Tfaeo. Alej Mrs. Johu Rice,
Miss Mayor, Mrs. F. C. Spinks, Mrs.
R. S. Barrett, Mrs. Windsor Demaine,
Mrs. Thomas A. Fisher, Mrs. II. Fried
lander and Mrs. T. Ii. Dunbar.
The present otlicers of Alexandria
l/odgo of Elks are: F.xalted ruler, How
ard W. Siiuth esteemed leading knigfat,
II. II. tjuiiin; esteemed loyal knight. EL
s. Parrett; patearoed lecturing knight,
,1 ty. Rales; es.|iiire, Geo. T- Caton;
chaplain, Rev. Kdgar Carpenter; aecre
tary, Walter M. Donnelly; treasurer,
David E. Robey, tiler, Thomas Downey;
trustees, l,. E. Shuman, C. B. Har
shall and Thomas Chauncey.
Clinton E. Haney, 27 years old, who
lives at -10 north Fairfax street, was
my9teriously shot in the left leg about
12 o'clock last night. in the north
eastern seetion of this city. Haney is an
eiigmeer at the plant of the Alexan?
dria Fertiliizer and Chemical Company.
He was taken to the office of Dr. War
nelJ, where he recieved surgical atten?
tion. Haney was accompanied to th".
Warfield's otfice bp amftn who refused
to give hi. name. Officer. Bell, Talbot,
Wilkinson and Rawlett later investi
gated the affair and discovered that a
tight had occuired between aeveral
men, Haney, it waa alleged, being one
of the party, and as a result Thomas
McCuen, Mercer Langley and Jopn
McCuen were arreated, They were
brought before the Police Court this
morning and fioed fo each. The
otficers, however, were unable to aacer
tain who rirod the shot.
A curious feature of the shooting is
the fact that the bullet entered Haney'a
leg without peiforatmg his clothing,
Walter Robey, who is alleged to
have been one of t'-e party engaged in
the diaord^r, surrendered himself to
the police today,
Shoes Ieaa than half price?200 paiia
Misaea' Shoes that coat to manufacture
?1.60 and $1.75, and aold at 12.00 and
$2.60, will be aacrificed at 98c per pair.
John A. Marsball A Bro., 422 King
On Saturday morning next Benjamiu
Jaffa, son of Mr. Moses Jaffa, of this
city, will be oontirmed in the Jewish
Synagogue here He at this will
aervice be declared a man in Iarael.
Thia is an inipressive and solemn ser?
viee. On Sunday night the young Md
will hold a receptioii at his home on
Cameron atreet.
Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Butts, who have
been visiting in Spottsylvania county,
have returned to their home.
Admiral and Mrs. Niles and their
two daughters are the guests of Mra.
J. M White, Gll Prince street,
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Alhert Moulton
will leave tonight for I'anama.
Mr. John A. Marshall, of Harrison?
biirg, is visiting Councilman C. B.
Mr. Edwin Forrest Birrell and Miss
Nellie L. Hinken were married at the
parsonage of St. Mary's Church last
evening. Tho ceremony was periorincl
by Rev. L. F. Kelly, and was witnessed
hy only the immediate relatives of the
bride and groom. The bride was at
leii.lcd hv Miss I.ouise Bisson and the
best man was Mr. R. Edwin Power.
Mr. and Mra. Birrell will reside in this
Mrs. J. H. Manstield has gone to
Columbua, Ohio, to attend the National
Coupcil, Daughtera of America.
.Miss Marguerite Cline and Miss
Kmina (irooii have gone to Richmond
to usit Mrs. Robert Deavers, and to be
preaent during the State Fair to be
held there this week.
The skating rink will be opcned at
Armory Hall tonight.
The meeting of the Civie Improve
ment U-ague to have been held last
night was poslponed until Wednesday
A little child of Mra. Longley, living
at No. .".:{-; Commeree street, atrayed
from home this morning and was lost
for some hours. Police oflceai found
tbe child and restored it to the mother.
Three young men, charged with
fighting on Saturday night, were ar
raigned before the Police Court at 8
o'eloek yesterday evening. The ac
cused were dismissed and the com
plainant fined.
It was stated yeaterday tbat a atrange
man had gone to a residenee iu this
city an I procured B violin under false
pietons.s. Il has since he.n learnod
thal an unsuccessful attempt was made
to procure a eornet belooging lo a
member of a city band in the aama
Do VOU believe in dosliliy. or does
rour Viiili ni" :dong tbe line- of ?M
realatanee? N'apoleon, Washington, I.ee.
andMcKlnlej were all menocdeatiny
Their .tto waa: "Oed, afy Country;
Mv Countrymen and Myaelt" The
i,;,i|-m-irk of (ieiiiu- resl.d ligbtly on
il,,. |,r. .^^ ol' ei'-ll Of llie-e meli. Tlieir
thougbl were big with a capital B.
Whenever they wanted anything
??worthwhile" to eat, tbej ordered those
irrcsi-til.lv dellcioua Auth Sam
Puddings and Food Produeta from
Blondheim'a Auth Btand and Market.
Marlne lllsaster.
Paiiama, Oct. 4. ?No further details
have been received of tbe smking near
Point Jarachine, of the Pacitic Stcani
XavigationOompaiiy's steamer Chiriqui
with tbe probabk loss of fifty of the
crew and paaaengers. The tug Perieo
leached tfae acebe of the wreck today
but has not yet reported the result of
its investigation.
The steamer Chile r.-aehed hero to?
day and was sent back to assist the
I'eri.-o in seanhing for possible aur
Tlie explosion on tho Chiriqui is
unotli.iaily declared to have been the
reeull <>f tfae use of salt water in the
hoilers. This so weakened the boilers
that they blew up when under a foi.e.l
head of rtnam Of tfae more than
?eventy peraona who made up the crew
and passenger list, only __ have beeu
reported as saved. The Chjviqui left
Panaina Septe_b,C-'r 21 southbouud.
Thirtecn of tlie survivors reached Jara?
chine in a life hoat and reported that
another boat, iu which were nine sur?
vivors, put off from the doamed ateamer.
No word has been received regarding
tho socuid life boat. The Chiriqui
sank within a few minules after the
Colon, Panama, Oct. 4.?Seventy
persons perished in the sinking
of the Pacific Navigation Company's
steauier Chiriqui following a boiler ex?
plosion aboard, according to informa?
tion received here today frQm, Jarachine.
The exploaion Qocuned late in the af?
ternoon of Beptembet 27, when the
reaael was 90 miles off Panama.
The stern of the vessel listed, and as
water swept acruss the decks, a life
boal wa-. nianncd and lowered. A
(lesperate struggle among pasaengers
and crew for jiossessiuu of the boat,
caused a numborof persons to lie push
ed overboard. So far as known there
were only about a dozen saved. The
ship's wireteei ruehed to his eahin at
tho sound of the explosion, but before
he could ilash a distrcss signal, the
Chiriqui had fatally listed.
Pleading guilty in the Camden Police
Court yesterday to a charge of assault
and battery in spanking his wife, Frank
Gatz. 27 years old said:
"I didn't think I was violating the
law, because I often saw my father
spank my mother, and he vaiu t ar?
rested." He d\4 Ibe apanking iu
a fit, of ange'r because his wife failed
to have his supper ready when he re?
turned from work. Mra. Gatz with
drew the charge when he promised
never to apank her again, and they
left the City Hall together.
Hiiiuuied Aaaaaslnatlon.
Berlin, Oet, 4 ? An unconfirmed re?
port reached here today that Eugene
Azef.the Russian police apy, wbo gained
membership in the organization known
as the Russian fighting socialists and
tln-n betraved iu members, has been
aisaasinaied at Wiesbaden. Azef has
been under cover since the diacovery of
the dual role he played. The socialists
put a price on his head, and it is said
that one of the group traced him to
Wiesbaden and there shot him.
Charles Biddle is being held at
Brookstone, Ind., on a charge of
murdering bis wife and setting fire
to her body after pouring oil on it. The
crime was committed at Peppetown,
Biddle'a wife bad gone to visit ber
uncle tbere, and Biddle came to eee her,
Cholera ln Sardlnla.
Rome, Oet 4. ? A dispateh from
Ajaccio aaya that cholera ha_ appeared
in the ialand of Sardinia. The number
of caae. is not s-tated.
Fire today deatroved the plant of the
Crew-Levick Oil Company, io Atlantic
City, N. J. Fifteen oil tanks were
cleaned out by the llamcs and tbe two
story wooden building burned t<> tlie
ground. The loss ia eatimated M
Fooling Har Huaband.
That there are more waya than one
of "killing a cat" Is a well known fact,
bnt the newest of waya has been
evolved from the fertile braln of a
Qermantown woman who ls blessed
with a atingy huaband. Thia huaband
la generous enough ln one aenae of the
word. Hla wife may have the best
attlre the stores afTord charged to hla
account, bnt she may handle lo money.
Women, ln this mnn's opinion, know
nothing of the value of a dollar. On
leavlng for hla offlce ln the morning
he klsses her goodby and thrusts a
quarter-s worth of trolley tlckets Into
her hand.
Now milady goes shopplng. buys a
few necesslties and a flfty dollar wrap
for whlch she has no use wbatever.
Next day ahe returns the latter. re
celves a credlt sllp for $50 nnd betakes
heraelf to the handkerchlef counter.
where she spends 50 cents, receiving
$49._0 cbange. IMaclng aome amall
change ln her purse and stowlng the
roll of greenbacks ln whnt ahe eon
slders a safer receptacle. ahe leaves
the shop feellng that ahe ha* made
the beat of a bad bargaln?Phlladel
phla Record.
A Bald Fact.
It la common to deulore the lnck of
humor ln a person. Yet the very want
of wit may save a certain amount of
emburrassment, as was the case on a
certnin occasion with President John
son. "He was one day," says a wrlter
ln narpefs Mnga-lne. "visiting my
mother. and a friend, Mrs. Knox, a
widow, came ln. She had known Mr.
JohnsoQ some years before, when he
was a member of the leglslnture, but
they had uot met since thou.
"After mutual recogultioo Mr. John
sald: 'How is Mr. Knox? I have not
Been hlm lately.'
"'He bas been dead Rlx yeara.' sald
Mrs. Knox.
" '1 thought I hadn't soon him on the
street,' sald Mr. Johnson.
"When Mrs. Knox left my mother
sald. laugblug, 'That wns a funny mis
take of yours about Mr. Knox.'
?''Wbat mlatnke did I makeV sald
Johnson. 'I sald 1 hadn't seen him on
the street, aud 1 hadn't.''
Wholesale Prices of Produee
Flour extra. '80 a 5 00
nunllj. -00 a 51
l-'ain-i hranda. ?? 60 :i ?? '?'
U'heat' loiigberry. 097 a 100
Itlxed. 0<J7 a l 00
Fuliz. 008 a 0 08
Dwnpaad tougb. 0 BG ? 0 M
Oorn, whlte. " W a 0 ra
Mixed . (l '?? ?'? 0 to
?s ellow . 0 70 a o 73
Oorn Meal. o 75 a o ho
Rye. 0 Uo a 0 <0
Oata, mixed, new . o-W a ? *5
Whlte, now. ? -0 a 0 55
Clover s.-.l . .80 a 0-0
Tlniothv. I '"' B ) 00
Hay. 22 00 aSOO
Klifin Print Butter. 3.00 a m 00
Butter, Virginia. panked 18 00 a 2000
Cfaoloe Virginia.20 oo a _5 00
Common tomiddling.. M 00 a bi 110
Bggi. 90 00 a ?j 00
l.ive Oblokena [hens). . 0 l-l
Bpring Cbickens. '' H
Potatoes, per bu. 0 Tti
Bweet pohiioes. bbl. 3 68
Onlous, per bll. 1 uu
Apples. per bbl. I 00
Dned Peaobea. pealed... 0 08
Pork, per 100 lb* . 16 00
Kaoon. country hams... 0 20
Beet Bugar Cured Hams. 0 J?
Breakntst Baeon. -0 0
Bugar-eured Bbouidora "J, ^
Huik Bhouldera. () ^
. D?'?->? ^;;.'l,.)i..:.;;;:; ? n
Sugur. 0 00
Off A. 5 l.'i
Cmif. Standard. 5 S>
(Iranulated. S S|
Coflees -Kio. 0 ll
La Ouayra. 0 15
Java . 0 is
BiofasaesB. 3. 0 16
O.B. 0 17
Now Orleans. 0 20
Bugar Byrupa. 0 M
I'orio ltieu. 0_S
Salt?G. A. 0 53
Fine.. 0;f
Wool?long, unwashed.. 0 _s
Washed. 0 3
Merino, an washed ??? 0 26
Do. Washod. 0 26
Herring. Kastorn per bbl 5 -5
VIRGINIA.?In tho tierks Offleeol
the Corporation Court ofthe rity of
Alexandria, ou the ith day Of Neptcin
ber, -HO,
Canle Loo <'. Johnston vs. Kobert (ira
ham Johnstoii. In chancery.
Memo. The object of this suit is tooh
tain for tbe eomplalnant, Ckvrrie l_ee C
Jobnston, an absolnte divoree from tin
bondsof matrimony from tbedefeadanl
ltohert Oraham Jonnaton; aad thal the
eoniplainant be awarded tbe oustodyand
ralsing of their Infaut dauffater, Hllda
TvonneJohnstufl and tor aneh fUrther
aud general relli faa Ui equlty is rigbt.
It appearing Im sn iffldavll Bled in tbls
aauaa tbal Uh-.i. Y.-ml mt.Hohert Oraham
Johnston. is ?> looi resideat of this state:
It u Ordered. 1'n.n aaid defendant ap
poar h.-re Within nft.-.-ti davs after due
publicatlonof this order, and do what is
aeeeaaBry to proteel his Intereat In this
suit. an.l tbal a eopj of tbls order be
forthwith Inserted ln the Alexandria
Qasette, a new-paper publlshed in tho
City of Alexandria. ouoe 1 m -el fi r four
suocessivo weeks, and p front
door ofthe Coorl House ofthtsi Ity.
A eopy?Ti-i 1.
Robinson Moncure. p. q. aepfl m iw-thu
VIRGINIA. In the Clerk'a Offlce of
the Corporation Court of the (Ity ol
Alexandria. on the 31st dav of Aug-ust,
Annie M. Gordon vs. Thomas H. Gor?
don. In chancerv
Mctno, The object of thi. ?uit 1. to ob
taiu a divoree a, roeuaa et thoro for the
eompjalnant from the defendant on the
grouhd of de.ertlon and for general re?
It appearing by an affldavit filed ln
thU eause that the defendant, Thomas
H. Gordon, la a non-resident of thi.
State :
It is Ordered: That said defendant ap
pear here within fifteen days after due
pnbUeation of this order, and do what is
neeessarv to protect his intereat in this
suit, and that a eopy of this order be
forthwith inserted in the Alexandria
Oazette. a newspaper publlshed in the
City of Alexandria, once a week for four
successive weeks, and posted at the front
door of the Court House of thia city.
A oopy?Teate.
Charles Bendheim, p. q.
Sllg3l w4w-w
AM tD.-fwo~oM FEAT III B
BED8, ril.LOWSand BOLSTKIts.
Will eall and pay cash for same- Ad
dj?BS ? -K." Gazette ofl-ce. oot4 lw*
WANTKI).?A flrstclasscolored sKK
VANT: no washing or.ironing.
Good wage. paid, Apply at 905 Prir.ee
Itreefc ocM?
a- st.p* .?
Washington, D. C.
The Right School
OUR REFORM 8HOEM, tho bost kind a school slioo for childrou. In
Un, calfakin, vlol kid, gun metal aud patent eoltskin, butioii, hliicher aud
la..- slyles.
Sir.ea. Prloea. Pricea.
6toH. UM li toll . Il.rt)
ll.to2.W2.00 iitod .S..50
A fact of much importancc re
garding the continued incrcaae in
the consumptton of beer ia that
the bett phyaiciaqahighly recom
mcnd ict use.
Dr. Liebig. the great (jerroan
authority. aaya beer i$ "liquid
brcad." a food ia hquid form.
by ita genuine exccllence ranka
among the beat been. You can
not hnd ita tuperior. It ia a truly
delicioua mail and hop beverage.
Have you tried it?
Brewing Co.
'Phone Mo. 4?-B
Polite Vaudeville
Chewged Monday aud Thursday.
The Absent Mlnded Youtb
May Foster ?nd Mike
Chunu'?*;r to?,?aionue aud OOmedy
Trlek Dog.
ln aTraveliugSlnglng Act, "Stranded."
Matinee Wedneaday aud Saturday 5o.
Also lateat motion ploturea ohaugod
FOR RENT. ? Large oomforUble
ROOMS; with or without board. Ap
plv at No 2U4 north Washington.
octa 3t _
Shampoo Paste
An luvigorating sealp oloanaer
and dandrufT romover.
Makes the hair softatui pliablo.
laylor's Pharmacy
616 Kintf Street.
38c Pound.
I gtianntee every pound to give aatis
factTon. Fresh aud Hmokod Meats.
Oroceries and Farm Producta of all
kinds. Telephoue ordera given prompt
attention Free delivery.
Corner Oueen and Royal atreets.
Phone, Bell 86L,|Home ?7 W.
jyC? ly_
FOR RF.S'T, il^-"sT?"roohT"BRTC'K
Hi >l BE, in excellent condition. Cel
lar. bath and modern lmprovementa.
Inqulre (Bt south Fairfax atreet.
JT I'rineess and St. Aaaph streeta.three
.lls, water, gaa, concrete floor. Suit
al.le for garage. Addreas or apply to
E. E DQWXHAM._oetl lw
VIROIMA-ln the Clerk'a Offlee ol
Coriwration Court of the Clty ol
Alexandria, on the 3d day of Oetober,
Daiay A. Crooka va. Elmar 1 Crooka. In
Momo. The objeet of tbla ault ia to ob
tain for the comphUnant an absolute di
vorco from Ihe defendant on the ground
of wlllful desertion and sbandonment
for a period of more than three years be?
fore the bringing of thia suit, and for
general reiief.
II appearing by an affldavit fiied ln
uue that the defendant. Elmer E.
Crooka ls a non-restdent of thia
state: It is Ordered. That aaid defendant
appear here within fifteen daya after due
publieatlon of thia order, and do what ia
neee-saryto proteet hia Intereet in thia
uii and that a eopy of thia order be
forthwith inaerted ln the Alexandria Oa
zotte, a uewspaper publlahed ln tbe oity
of Alexandria, once a week for four auc
cossive wt-eka, and posted at the front
door of the Court House of thia clty.
_Wfa F. fluswll, p. .. OCvi W4W-W
Of the Finest Quality.
A completo line of I'ure Wool
Ladies' Misses' and
Children's Sweaters.
Abo Infants' and lluvs' Coal Sweaiors.
1'rieos range from "><>e tof&OO,
Episcopal Ellgb S hool Jerseys, Sweat
ors aud Btoeklnga in the eolors o
the school.
Football Goods.
We havo a full line of 1810 Footballs,
Football Nhoes, O uards, I'ads, ete. The
bost liuo ever displayed iu this city.
School Pennants
ofthe Kpiseupiil M'gh Sohool, Oeorge
Washington EflgK s.?im.il and Lee
lligh Sobool. U'e want every boy and
girl to buy oue. BOa, '??', tUOO each.
Tennis Rackets and
Tennis Balls.
Never bave we shown sueh a line.
Bookseller aml Stalioner.
t_4_M_ King Btreet
mpM lyr
FootorKlug Street.
Opim unill lo p. ui ai>r7?m
alwaya on salo at BMsfOf CAFE,
Prince and Royal Streets.
nal I4MJQH* mi< iii>o>
ReapeotfuU1; jnvitefl \?" to Inepeet her
*m?*Tia Wmter Millfnery ather st?.ro,
Oetober 4th, 5th and 6th.
B(IAR1> forS-JO per moiitli. Apply
at oui Queen atreet,_?eti :tt
Reliable Foreign and
American Timepieces,
cased in gold, gold filled
and silver eases to suit
all tastes and purses.
Jewelers and Silversmiths
Oetober Itli aml .'.th.
Miss Annie Hurdle
oetl ;ft
Imported Chiffon
52 to 56 Inehes Wide,
All Colors and Black,
Worth $1.75, $2, $2.25
and $2.50 Yard, at
Never in our hlatory have we offered
sucb remarkable values. The color
aasortment ia still complete; 75 dif
ferent fall shades from which to aelect.
You can aave nearly enough on tho
purchase of a dress pattern to pay for
the making, Every piece absolutely
perfect. No seconds or mill ends, hut
you can buy as many yards as you like
from Broadcloths worth $1.70. OQ
$2, $2.25and $2.50 a yard. at.. /yjy~
420-426 Seventh Street.
Woodward & Lothrop
New Paris Fashions in Infants'
Ineludlng Hats, Bonnets. and Cape; Dresaes of Sheer Matorials, iu Long
aud Short Styles; Ifagnlnoent Deelgna la Chrlstening Robes; Loug and
Short Coats. Saeouea, &e.
Alsoacores of daintv iniscellaueotis articles and aceesories for bsby's
eomfort and convenienoe.
Women's Fine Freneh LtagOfte, Brldal Trouaeeaiuc, Negatgea, I ati
uoes, Dreaaing Sacques, Peignolra, Houae Gowna, Kimonos. Silk Rotti
eoats, Elegant Frencii Ooneta, dfcc,
This exhibition heralds au unpreeedented rictfneaa of result. lt is
the outeome ofa reeent trip abroad. Tbe dainttaeaa and smartuess of
the ParWaa artists an- piaiuly oviilont. Mo.i.is oftbe most elegantaad
cxcluaive aorts, and priiu-ipally one-ofa kind styles, woro seleeted by
tbe manager ofthis uopa.-tmeiit while in Pariaa short lime ago. A ilis
play more brlmful of beauty, more auggeatlve of the time of
tlie year, waa never atlempted.
Special?Silk Petticoats, $2.75. Value, $5.00.
Thlrd floor-lltb st.
Swan Bros
You should visit our Ladies1 Glove Department,
and see the many lines of new guaranteed Gloves for
fall and winterwear. Remember every pair of Walk?
ing or Dress Gloves are fully guaranteed.
We are now showing our special ladies* G. & F.
Dress Gloves, in all desirable shades. fully guarantee d.
The pair.$1.00.
Fownes Dress Gloves for "ladies" are known for
their quality, style and durability. Full line in our
Glove Department. The pair $1.50and $2.00
Adler's Walking Gloves, have snap, style and
durability, all combined. The pair . . $1.00
Fowne's Walking Gloves for ladies are known as
the best glove value possible. wear, workmanship and
fit unexcelled. The pair . . . $1.50
We offer nine acres of fine land, within a
half mile of Alexandria's northwestern
limits, at a figure far below the average.
This land is undoubtedly the greatest bar
gain ever offered. For subdivision pur
poses it is without equal. For plat and
further particulars call on
Thompson &, Appich
107 South Royal Street, Alexandria, Va.
Clty and Suburban Propertiea. Stocka and Bonds
Ladies! Here'a ihe Most
Interesting Rerc in Ibe Paper.
It tells of the new creatio.^s in women's wear fresh
from the hands of artistic desi;ners and tailors. Even
now each day sees admiring audiences thron< ing our
suit department, eager for a first glimpse of these de?
sirable offerings.
A Complete Assortment of Prin
cess Coats, Ladies' & Misses' Coats
is the center of interest. We know that you will be
interested for these well-know garments occupy a place
distinctly their own in women's garments Don t buy
your fall garments until you haye seen PRJNCrSS.
You owe that much toyourself. Ourhneof MOURN?
ING SUITS is especially strong, priees ranging from
$12.98 to $29.98: same priees prevail in the colored
suit line.
No Charge For Alterations.
Our altering department is under the supervision
of Mrs. N. C EJsom (formerly of Woodward # Loth
rop's), a most competent fitter and alterer, which in
sures for you a perfect fitting garment.
D. Bendheim & Sons.

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