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Thb 8election of Mr. F. F. Mar
bury as president of tbe Board of
Aldernien at the adjourned BMetiog
held last night l.rings to a cl..-e a
deadlock which had existed in thal
body since the mcetiu? of the board
on the tirst of Beptember. As the
haugup occnrred during a reeeaa <>f
Council, legislation has heen in DO
wiae impeded. Mr. Marhury is one
of the oldest meml.ers ofthe preaenl
Board of Aldernien, baving succecl. 1
hia fathpr, the late William BL M BJ
bury, at the lattcr's death t. n y.ai
ago. During ni.-st of the time he hafl
beeu an Alderman he baa scved ....
the committee on strcets, and has .1.
VOted much of his time and labor tO
the service of the city at a period when
street improvpnipnt.s, the laying of
sewers, etc., needed the serviccs of
capable and practical men. That he
will take the same, interest in lns new
position goo8 without saying. Ihe
action ofthe membcrs of the board
in comitig together and Bgreeing t>>
elect a president adds to tbe conlidci.ee
which has always heen repoeed iu them
by those they represeiit. and the Com*
mon Council baving l.e.-n previoualy
organized hy the election ol offioera,
both branches will I>p pre|)ared to pro*
ceed to business at Ihe regular meeting
next Tuesday night. It should be
stated in this oonnectioo thal tbe gen
tlemen composing the preaenl Board
of Aldernien have shown themaehrea
to be the right men in the right place,
realizing, as they do, that they have
been selected to labor pro lx.no pub
lico. They, have eventually acted on
thescripturalsuggestion, "iu bonor pre*
ferring one another," and will now vic
in the performance of their publie duty.
This spirit was especially marked in
the case of Alderman J. M. 11.11. He
and Alderman \V. W. BaUenger were
the first candidates for the proeidency
on the tirst ultimo. At the conf.
last night. Mr. Hill was aaked I.y
Mr. Field i?' he desired tO COntintM a
de facto president of the board an.l
allow tbe deadlock to continuc the
former being assured that his right to
do so would not be queotioned by the
meuibers who bad aupported Mr. I'i.ld.
Mr. Hill said that inasmuch as he
had withdrawn as a candidate in
favor of Mr. Marhury. he preforred
the latter be elected.
Nkwm from I'ortugal is of an alarm*
ing nature. About two years ago the
kiug and orown prince of thal country
were murdered by anarchists, and tbe
present king is now a prisoner. while
thearmy and navy are with tl.e revolu
tionists who are terrifying the COUntry.
Warships, at last reports, were said t?>
be bonibardiug the royal palac. I.atei
dispatches say the rcvolutioti is aweep
ing I'ortugal. The republicamI who
yesterday overthrew the governmenl
are today in coinplcie po_easio~ of tbe
capital. King Manuel is reported lo
havo taken tefuge on a lha/ilian war
ship. The army and navy bave joined
the revolutiouists, and efforts an being
made to exteud the revolutioii to Spain.
The revolt is the direct outcome of ll.
clash between the cl.ricals and anti
clericals. The bombardment of tbe
royal palaee and strpet tight ing in
many cities is reported and Britiah war*
ships are en route to Lisboii. l'racti
??'> virca connecting
Meterau*? ... ,
Staunton, I!l., Oet 5.?In a signed
stateinent issued here early today by
President and General Managei II.
K. Chubbuek, of the Illinois tiaeii..i.
ayatem, John Lienuaii, of Staunton, a
motorman, who is mbaing, ia held
wholly naponaihki for the ooHimioa be
tweeii two ears near here late y< -i,ida>
aud the death ?.J ;>?'< persoiis.
Chubbuek's aeeount of the wreck i?
tliat Liermau, motorman of B north
bound loeal, overran an order in
strueting him U. wait at Btaunton for I
aeeond sect.oii of a eouthbound limited
inter-urban. After the first Bection
Im.ued ha.! paaaad from BpringfieM to*
wards St. l^ouis, Liermau prooeeded to
Spnngfield. The arrest of liermanhaa
been ordered by the orlicials.
Only 28 of the 86 daad hav<
identiticd. Of tlie 31 injured a numbei
may die.
Carlinville. IU., CKt. 6.?John Lier
man, motorman of the DOrthbound
car. missing since tbe Staunton wreck,
appeared hpre this afternoon. He wat
arreste<l. The otliinl statpniciit ol
the road holds him rpsponsil.le for Ihe
loas of the M hvea,
Recent estimates place tbe total value
ol all farm crops and farm producta ol
tbe couutiy at 19,000,000,000, th,
highefit point in the history of the
country. I-ast v.ar the total value was
placed at $8.HK),lKH.?.iHKl From the
east and west, the north and -outh
ooma glogipg reports of bountifu) cfopt,
i vrrespondenee oi Alexandria Oazettel
Only the mere.st furmality of an in
retrtigation will ba rnade at the Navy
| d here regarding the explosion
i-bich killed IWO man and wounded
. r yestenlay, for fear that pub
1 ity might he given a secret fuae pro
..iii.-ii the Navy Department haa
been guarding with utmost care. The
officiall will talk of the fuse only in the
t terma. It waa learned, how
ever, thal the men who work with it
weai heavy araaor. The maehine.- ku
ita manulactura are under armor plate
like th. sides of a hattleship. It is said
that this new fuse is ex(>ected to be a
great advantage to American gunners
and ita existenee haa been coiicealed for
fear foreign nations would eopy it. The
victimsof the e.vplo.sion were "assem
bling" the fuses. For this work less
preoautiona had baen takan and the
men woie no aniiOr.
\ peraonal plaa for the pardon of
.lohn It. Walsh, a Chieago tinaneier
noa a rving a terra in Leavenworth
prison, araa made today by Mrs. Ella
Flagg Young superintendent of the
Chieago public Bcbook*. Mrs. Young
viaited ihe pardon attorney at the De
i,art.ni ofJufticeand infortnedhim
that she bad known Walsh for many
yeara and that he had often given her
advice on importanl matters. She de
, lared her \?-lief that he would not
knowingly comniit a crintnal act.
lt is coneidered pnobabia ln diploma
tic circlea here today that England will
iulerveiie in the FOatUgueBB revolution
io bebalf of King Manuel. Such au
action i- looked np as a logieal devole
ment. The late King Edrward took great
interesl in Manuel and did everytbingln
!,i- power to aid bim and lo strengthen
his tbrooe. Thia waa in line with the
general attitude <>f England toward
Portugal and ii is betteved here tbal
King George will take a stand similar
to that of bia fathei. It ia pointed out
thal all ihe rtJyal latniliea of Europe
ire now lighting for their livea against
the riaing tide ol repubHoaniani and
thal it beboovea them lo stand logetber
in ao far aa ia poaeible. lf lha revolu
ii .ii in Portugal abould ba auoocaafid,
ii- effecta would be tar-raaching. lt
uggeated that the progreeaive ele
meiii in the Britiah government niight
app , . mch b atap bul the .general
opinion was tbal the inherenl British
faitb in the inonarchial form of govern?
menl: though niodcrni/ed as it i- Ui
England, would sustain King George in
aiding Manuel.
Withoul diapatchea from Lisbon and
iu .ippn liension lest he may hear at
any time that his government is de
stroyed, Viaoount de Ahe, miniater of
Portugal to tln- United States, aeereted
bimaelf iu the legation on Massachu
?etta avenue today, and efforts to aaa
him or to obtain a atatemenl met with
no succeea It was learned that de Alte
had reo ived no otlisial news of the rev
ln line with the ailministration's
economy poltoy, I'ostniaster General
Hitcbcock today reduced the compen
aation <>f "land grant railroads" in the
wst for earryingthe mails from $17.10
h.i each two thouaand ponnda carried
in exoeaa of 48,000 poanda lo 115.89.
It ia declared that this redoction will
make a big annual saving for tho gov
The compenaatfem paid by the gov
ernmenl to tbe famihea of railway mail
clerka killed on duty was increaaed
from $1,000 to 12,000 by I'ostniaster
General Hitcbcock.
Tne will or Uoyd W. Bowera, late
Bolictor general of the I'nited States.
filed this afternoon, bequeatba 1225,000
to hia widow. His library and the n
ni.iinder of his esiate goea lo his BOO
and daughter. Bowcrs paid tril ute U>
Kfra. Bowera in the will, which was
written laal April, Baying she had been
an admirable wife aud had given him
kind care and aaaiatarji e.
It was learned at the Navy Depart?
ment today that the Ameriean cruiser
Dea Moinee, is now al Qibralter and
could be Bonl lo Liaboo at a momenta
Dotice if it abould beoome neoeaaary t"
: American intereeta. It was ae
aerted, Ibowever thal there is little likli
bood ol auch a move aa American in?
tereeta in Portugal are not e.xteusive.
Aaxletj iu Saata
Baroelona, Bpain, via Oerbere,
[france, Oct <r>.?In anticipatiou that
the Portugueae revolution will inspire a
similar OUtbreak iu Spain, the govern?
ment is today atrengthening itagarriaona
throughoul Oatalonia, tbe hothed of
-puii-h revolt. The ceiisorship on all
news ia being enforced with the utmost
: igor.
All the republiean leaders are undet
the doaeal eaiponage today. Iteports
from other republiean centrca in Spain
im,|;, _te similar activity.
< .,ii;i|i?e ofBevlewlag Stand.
City, Mo.. Oct 5. ?Four
? belii red to be dying today
ult of injuriea received in the
of a reviewing stand last night
'riests ol 1'alias eelehration, ill
forty -i\ othera wen- injured.
A pank followed. men and woinen
ftghting in the darkneaa. Many of
the injuried are ehildren, Police head
ing tbe prooeaaion and many spectators
gave Baatataoce, The builder of thi
ttand is under arrest.
( allicilral Deillrated.
New York, Oct 5.?Witb the most
impoaing ceremoniea and the largest
Gatbolic gathering ever witneaeed in
thia city, Bt Patrick'a Oathedral, just
tree of a debt of $850,000, was today
dedtcatod by Archbiahop Farley. Par
ticipating in the aervicea which began
Bt6o'cJock this morning and lasted
until noon, were tbree prinees of the
churcb Cardinala Vannuetelli, Logue
aml Gibbona?two-score archbishope
and btahope, and fully 200 surpliced
- Practicalry all of these joined
iu the proceaaion that marched three
Min.-s around the outaideol the cathe
ilral and three times arouud the insidc,
while Ihe walls and ground of the
churcb were hlessed with each cirruit.
After the consecration serviee, Cardi?
nal t;il)l"itisj eelehrated pontilical high
,i-d Archbiahop Farley blessed
tboae preaent
Chamberlain'a Cough Remedy has
become nunona for its cures of coughs,
?ol I-. oroup and induenza. JYv it
wli.-n m need. It contains no harmful
aubatanoa and alwaye gives prompt re
lief, Bold by W.| F,(Creightou and
Jticlnrd GibstO,
King Manuel BaeapeB <?n a Rrazilian
Wamhip? Palace Momharded?Many
I asiialtlc. Iteporte.C Country in
IIhikN of Kcvi.lutii.lilst.
Badajoz, Spain, Oet. 5.?King Man?
uel owes his reported escape from the
palace to the Brazilian warship Sao
Faulo to tbe valor and loyalty of his
l,..ly guard, accxirding U> the -tai.
menta today of the lat.-t rofugeea to
arrive here.
In the fa.e of the re\olt in th.
army, the refugees declare that Man*
ual'a l>ody guard remained stadfa-t
and by barring themselvps in Ihe
palace preveuted its peaceable capture.
While Manuel was hidden in an
inner compartment, the body guard,
assisted by many of the palac- at*
taches, fought off a vastly superior
number of revolutionists.
As a last resort the revolutionists ap
pealed to the navy, which foUowed
the lead of the army in mutinying,
and warships iu the harbor began a
bopibardnient of the palace. The
ibota from the warships went true. and
it was not loug before the masonry of
thp palace began to orumble.
Seeing the capture of the palacp in
evitable, part of the royal guard s...
rounded the king aud while the Other
kept up thi- tight at th. front, the .
eape of Manuel by a se.ret pxit in the
rear was eflected.
Refugpes arriving here today fro.
Lisbon say that the revolutionists ar
in complete eontrol of the city and that
aprovisional government, pattcrned af*
ter the government of Braz.l, has been
established. There is an uueonfirmed
report that Dr. Maehado, tlie reeoguized
leader of the Portuguese repiihlicans,
has been proclain.ed president.
The royal standard was haulci down
from the palace shortly after the tiring
begrn, and the red and blue Hag of the
repiihlicans hoisted in its place. T>
day'sdispatcesfrom Lisbon say that tl.e
royal standard was removed from all
publie buildings and there are few signs
of the monarchy now remaining. The
extent of the lighting that prcced.-d th.
capture of Lisbon is still unknown,
butas the army and navy are rebahly re?
ported as baving joined the revolutioii
isU, it is not believed that the h.yalist
were able to hold out long. There wai
heavy tiring for several hours yesterday
afternoon, followed by an appar.iit
ecssation of hostilities, that probably
marked the capture oJ the palace and
the practical overthrow of the
Tbe dead and injured m the hn.r
struggle iu tbe capital will reach a
large total.
A civil war in Spain before the vie
tory of the republicans beoomesoom*
plete is predieted by most of those who
have tled to this city.
Among these are aooraaof prominent
royalists who declare that the rural dis
tricta of Portugal are supporting the
monarchy and that the npublieaus will
have to inauguratea countrv-widecam
paigu and involve the country in a civil
San Sebastian. via Pendaye, France.
Oet. 5. - Hloodv lighting is in prog.ess
all over I'ortugal, according to advi.es
that have been received here byCOUTtiers
from the l'ortuguese fronti... The
lighta are oocurring between revolu
tionist-s. who are following the exatnple
set by theircoiifpies in l.ishon, an.l the
royalists, who are detennined to hold
out for King Manuel to the end. ln
many cases these lighta aie bfetweea
clvilians, the troops taking no part,
hut displaying strong revolutionary
AhbOttgfa all persons are forl.iddeu
tocrossthe l'ortuguese frontier from
Spain.it is known that the fighting
which started in l.ishon ha- spread tO
all parta of tne kingdoni and thal stieet
lighting is in projrress in n.aiiv citn s.
Kevolutionary leaders here declare that
the movemenl has niet with much
greater success then was anticinate.l,
London Oet. 5.?Three British war
ships are now en route to l.ishon at
top speed. according to the Kxchange
Tclegraph, to protect Knglish mi.
in Portugal.
London, Oet. 5. ?Interventioti on
the part ofKngland to save the tlin.ne
of King Manuel of Portugal is believed
today to Ik- one ofthe -lartling |h.ssi
bilities of thp Portuguese revolutioii.
It is reported that Mar.-uis de S.\eral,
Portuguese Minister to England, ap?
peal pd today to the forpign ollice for
Sautandpr, Spain, Oet. 5.?Th
palace at Lisbon was l>..ml.aidcd I.y
warships from the Tagus and was
tinally captured by the revolutionists
aecrding to wireless uicssages received
here from the German steamship Oapo
Bbnca, ancuored off l.ishon. -
These niessages declare that tl.e
royal sUindard was h.w.-red from the
palace during the night, aud from
other puhlic buildings today. No
reference is made t.. the safety of the
king or of the .pie. n mother.
BerUn, Oet. 5.?The Berhner Z.i
tuug today received a Wireless iness
age from Lisls.n, dpclaring that all the
Lisbon forta and all the warships iu'
the hailx". have beea in the liands of
the revolutionists since yesterday
afternoon and that the repuhlicaa Hag
is Hyii.g over then. all.
Roiue, Oet. r>.?Pope Pius intendi
to hold the Catholic clergy of Portugal
partly responsible for the Portngnaw
The pontiff today received a telegram
from the Papal Nuncio in Mad.id con
firming the news of the outbreak.
The vatican at once wired the nuncio
at Madrid to usp all possihle means to
get intocommunication with the DUDCio
at Lisbon, urging the latter to warn
every priest in Portugal that they must
under no circiimstances BQpporl the
republicans. The niessage adds that in
the event of King Manuel's death, the
popo would hold the clergy indirectly
and partly responsible fortheassassina
tion. The clerical party, comprising
those who support the elergyand pope,
have been bitter opponeuta of the king
and his liberal policy,
London Oet., 5?According to the
Central >*ews, there has been contin
uous fighting in Lisbon since the initial
shot in the revolution was fired, and
bloody conllicta are now raging through
out the capital.
Hundreds have falleu in the struggl
for liberty. Although the latest d.s
patches from the elearance- pointa of
the fragmentary news that iilters from
the capital say that the revolution.-t
are in eontrol, the fact that the fighting
continues, indicates thata large part of
tbe population and possible soldury
has remained Ipygl w.the government,
Moba of revolutionists have Bttaehed
tbe homes of the governnu-nt leaders
and well known royalists. many of
whom are reported slain. The ?way of
the mobs was unchecked.as those of the
poliee who did not open ly revolt al the
outaet, were afraid to offer rcsistance
to the maddened thousands that swept
through the streeta.
In tbe royalist quarter of the city,
barrieades were hastily ere.-ted, and an
attempt made to atand ?>ff the revolu?
tionists. All through Ihe night there
?, re sii. - ? ssions of attack s on these
harricades, most of which were eventu
ally swept away.
Wben the full freiisy of tba raobs
was spent, the royalists and elerieals,
against whom the wrath of the republi
Waa particularly keen, began a
burried exodus from the city, lea\ ing
their property to be looted and tlieir
houses to fail before incendiary torcl.es.
The fighting was unusually severe
around the government buildings,
which, however, owing to their better
construction, afford.d a safer rcfugc
Bcaroely a window in any of these
buildings ren.ains unbroken. Hundr.'ls
Of shota w.re lired.
Thp cliinax to the bloody apectBfle
came when the warships began firfog
on the palace. These shots were greet.-d
by frenzi.d shouta of the people, and
eri.s of "death to the king" rent the
air. A n attempt was made to prevent
tneeecape of Manuel by throwing a
heavy detaebment along tlie water
front, the mob divining that fai would
bc.k to escape in this way.
\ (eiitral News dispatch says that
the Portuguese warships have closed
the barbor, preventing both the exit
and entranoa of all loreign reaaala,
Railway trains havabeen unable to
approacfa naarer t?> Lisbon than San
tarein, SS miles distant.
Madrid, Oet. 5.?A special table re?
ceived here from theCentral News de?
clared that the Portuguese revolution
arsj bagnn by two regiment.s of regular
infantry, who overpowered their olliecrs
and declared in favor of a republie.
These soldiers were soon j..iii-sl hy
other troops and by all the Portugm-.
warship- m the barbor.
London, Oet. ?5.?A dispiteh late
ihis afternoon says that Manuel went
aboard a British warship from tlie BaO
Paulo an.l is now en route to Kngland.
The Qneeq Mother and other tnefobera
of tbe royal family are atCintra, where
there baa been no disturbance.
Madrid Oet. 4.?Premier Canalcjas
said this afternoon thal hc had reeei\e.l
word thal Manuel was en route to Kng
land aboard a British slup. It is re
ported that, iniliaa reoaiv?g aaanraaoM
ofaupport upon arriving in London,
Manuel will announce his abdication.
The latest re|x.rt here is that tl.e
palac guard was holding out an early
bour today. There has heen lighting
in OpOItO but notof so serious a nature
as in Lisbon.
l'ractically all of the Portuguese
trdopfl are now lined up with the revo?
lutionists. A few of the soldiers re
rmonded t?. the call to aunpiaaa tbe
outhreak, but tbe vast niajority of them
not onlv refused to interfere, but soon
joined in the rioting.
London, Oet. 5. ?Lisl.oii has falleii.
King Manuel has been sw.pt from his
throneand-the oapttal af Portugal is
c.unpletely in the hands oJ the rcvolu-i
This summaiizes the Portuguese
situation, as gathered from ihe maBB
of reports have tiltered from that
country despite the revolutionists' at?
tempt at isolating the city.
There are still conflicting reporta re
garding King Manuel, but from four
liisiinct sourees it is positively reported
that the king escaped and is now
aboard tbe B.acilian warahinBae Paulo.
The palac, from which the blue
and green flagof the repoblicaaaaow
wavea, is in partial ruins from shells
from the warabipa, wboae oiHppm and
iiipn joloed in the revolt
A provanonal government undei
the leadership of l>r. Machad... ha
alrpady a.ssm.ie.1 eontrol, according to
unoonfirmed dtapatchea,
While thprp is no doubt as tothe fate
of l.ishon, the result cls.-wherp in Por?
tugal if uncertain, and civil warfare is
The British cruiser NYwcaMle ha- Bl
rfred at l.ishon and wireless messages
from itare momentarfly expected.
lt. rlin. Oet. ?">. a thrilling story of
the night llight of King Manuel through
th.- Btreeta of a riot-rhren eityandaaroai
a fog-ahrooded bay to aafaty on board
the Bra/ilian warship Sao Paulo is pub
lished this afternoon by the lx>kal
When the rehellion l-urst forth in its
fury and tl.e Portugn.se warabipa in
tl.e barbor trained their beavyguneand
hegan bomberd-M tbe palac, King
Manuel, l.i- mother, Queen Amelie,
and other nietnbers of the royal l.oiise
hold, took refuge in a eellar, where
they were safe from the shells of tba
The Brazilliau otlicers found tbe boy
rul.r endeavoringtooomfort his mother
but Au.elia, who had seeii her husband
and cld.-.t BOO shnl to death, aud now
faced the fear that her other *on> would
i.e slain, refuaed t<> he oomforted.
At tirst Manuel steadfastly declin.-d
B_ safety in tlight, hut the t.ars of
his mother, and tbe statement ofthe
Braxilian ofltcera that be could not hope
to win, causpd him to agree to the pro
Provislonal Itoard Appolnted.
Baltimore, Oet, 5.?(rove-nor Austin
L. Crotbera, in his fighi against the
incumbent board of pouce commis
sioners, who heallegesareincompetent,
on aeeount of their failure to disim
. ertain m.-mliers of the poliee force for
alleged mi-conduct, this afternoon took
ln- long expected drastic action and ap*
pointed a provisional board.
Cholera in Constantinnple.
Constantinople, Oet. 5.?Cholera has
broken out in the barracks ofthe Fourth
Army Corj.s. Surgeons have been de
lail'-d to checfc the nialady, but it i
feared that it must spread liecause of
the unsanitary condition of the bar?
The pleasant purgative effect expe
rieneed by all who use Chamberlain's
Stoniach an.l Liver Tablets, and th.
healthycondition ofthe Ixxlyand mind
which they crcatp, niakes one feel joy
ful. Sold by W. F. Creighton and
Riehard Uibson.
Ladies, you will always wea. a smile
if you wear tbe Red Cross Sboe. For
sale only by J. A. Marshall <_ Bro.,
422 King street,
Mr. K. V. BaaiauiJ Klccted Preslih-nt
ol tln- Board ol \l.tt i men and Mr.
Henr> h. Field Vire-Prenldcnt.
To ihe aurpriaa Of the spectators who
had gatheral witbout the bar in the
ohafaber of the Roard of Aldenneii last
night. tbe deadrbck which had esiated
in that board since the first of Septem
b< i \sas anddenly hroken by the elec
ti,,n of Mr. F. F. Marhury as presi
Tln- meiiibers, it will be rernenibered,
at the last meeting resolved tlieins.kt I
into a committee of the whole for the
purpoae of deviaing some plan by which
a president could lie elected.
Caueiises were held from a few miu
utes aftei seven o'olock last night until
twcnty-tive minutes after eight, when
Mr. Hill called the Board of Aldermen
to order. In doing so he stated that. as
vii-e-jiresideut and actiug president of
the board he has been chairman of the
eommittee of the whole, and reported
that uo satisfactory agreement had
been reached by which B president
could be elected.
Mr. Field moved that the report be
reeiived, which was carried.
Mr. Hill then called Mr. Brill to the
eliair and moved that the board pro
ceed to v <e for b pwaidant and flca
prohident of the board.
Thia rnotion prevailed when Mr. Hill
"I desire to again plaee in nomina?
tion for the presidency of this board
Mr. F. F. Marhury. It is unneeessary
for me to dwell upon his qualifrcatfona
for that office. You all know him,(hav?
ing been aaaoiaatad aviati him. In my
humhle iudgment a wiser and better
choice could not possibly be made. I
sincerely trust it will be the pleaaure of
this board to alect him. As for mysell
I have no pcrsona! ainhitioti to gratify,
I am animated solely hy B desire |o
anbeerve the best intereet of the city of
Oeiandria ba which I have lived for ao
many years. You may elimmate DM
enlirely from your consideratioiis, lOB
I desire tO make it plain that I am
iu ither B candidate for the presidency or
vice -presidency of this body. In cou
i lu-ioii I wifh it underatOOd that I har?
bor DO feeling of imkinilness towaid
any member of this body. I fully re
cogiiize the right of every mdividual
member to act as bfecooticiiouedictate
and I have DO critiei-m whatsoever to
make, hut cheerfully retire from the
COOtenttOD thal has prevailed here with
in i spirit of enmity iu mv heart to
wards anyooe. I again urge a unani
Doua vote in behalf of tbe gcntleman
whom I have ju.-t uoininated."
Mr. Field referred to the futile at
teui|its heretofore made to elect B
president, rcsulfing in a deadlock
Whicb had existed overa month. Dur?
ing this time every member of the
board excepi Mr. Ogden had been
Dominated and defeated. The roembera
represented by Mr. Field had, he
thmight, resorted to every nicans to
aettle tln- matter in order that the
buarneaa of the oommunity might not
be retarded. All efforts at oompromiae
had been in vam. The niemhers wh<?
had votcd with him had been eharged
Witb eiiileavonng to elimi'iate eertain
ineinb-'is from eertain committees.
This, bowever. waea miaapprehenalon.
Mis side inerely wanted lepiOBenlatton
on each eommittee But this had not
been oonceded aaid all aaemed to
binge on the peraonnel of one oommit
tee. The request had lieen made that
one man from each side be appointed
on the respective coininittees. Mr.
Field said, for the sake of harniony,
be WOUM vote for Mr. Marhury for
president. in order that the affair- of
the city could preceed as usual. In
spcaking for hiinself and thos.- ba
reprarented be said all olaima for
committee appointmenta wen- relin
quiabed, the formation of which being
left cntirely to Mr. Marhury.
Mr Hill aaid there were twenty
representations 00 coininittees fioin
the Aldermen, thirterii of which were
of membera who had aupported Mr.
Field for the presidency and seven of
membera who had aupported Hr.
kfarbury. Thia, too, was according lo
tln- siate made out by the membera
who prefered Mr. Field for president.
Mr. Ogden said Mr. Field had
Bodeavored lo make it plain thal the
side he represented had n-liiupiished
all claima for committee appoint
meiits. There was no dictation. and
Mr. Marhury would be allowed to HBB
his own diacretion in the appoint
nieiit of |he same.
Mr. IIiII thoiight il waslhe intentioii
of Ihe other side to inaial upon the ap
potntmeotof the oommitteea aa they
had beell piepared heretofore.
Mr. Bummera aaid that, according to
bia -UadeTBtanding, Mr. Marhury would
he allowed loappoint the coiiunitt.-. -
to suit hiinself.
A vote was then taken with the fol?
lowing result: For Mr. Marhury.
Ifeaara. Hill, Brill, Field, Ogden, Fitz
gerald and Suinmers.
Mr. Balleiiger, who withdrew from
the OOnfereOOe before the Aldermen
luid been called to order, had been ask
td to be BlfllBIld from voting.
There was applause from the Bpectt
(ors witbout tbe bar when the result of
tln- vote was announced and Mr,
Marhury declared elected.
Juattcn Thompson then administer.d
thr Oatb of olliee t.i the newly eleeted
Mr Marhury thanked the members
for the oonfldenoa liestowed in him,
.11)11 said that he was glad that the
deadlock had been brokenso suddenly.
]{,? -aid be would use every exertion to
ueifmui his duty to the best of his
ability, and hoped no one would ever
have C8MBBB to regret his action in
., |.c ting him to prcside over the Board
of Aldermen.
Mr. Brill then arose and said it
afforded him great pleasure to nomi
iiat. Mr. Field for the position of
vice president.
There were no other noniinations
an 1 Mr. Field received the uuimanioua
vute of Ihe board. after which th
Aldermen adjourmd.
The boundary troubles between Ven
aawebl and Colombia have been so fai
adjii-ted that diplomatic relaticns have
been re-estabb-ln-u between the tWO
Your cough annoys you. Keep on
hacking and tearing the delicate iiiem
branea of your throat if yoii want to be
BOnoyed. But if you want relief, want
to be cured, take Chamberlain's Cuugh
Remedy. Sold by W, F, Creighton and
RichBrd Gibaon,
111111?? PKIMARY V(lll).
The State democratic committee, in
D jn Richnioiid last night adopted
a report from the subniittee which in
vestigated the allegpd frauds in the
demOCraik primary election iu the
Beoood (Norfolk) congreaakmal distriet,
tbe gist of which is the following:
"Maving listened patiet.tly to tbeevi
denee produced and thoroughly con
lldared the whole, your committee
recomn.ends that the primary of August
_:*, 1910, held in the Secnd con
gressional distriet for nomination of B
candidate for Congie-s, be declared uull
and void."
The cotimiittee has not yet decided
what it will do with reference to hold?
ing B new election.
The last niove in the investigation of
ohargOB of fraud maile in connectioii
with the conduct of the Second distriet
democratic primary was made in Nor?
folk yesterday by Coniinonwealth's At?
torney John G. Tilton, who asked the
clerk of the Corporation Court to issue
subpoenas for t>18 persons to appear be?
fore the grand jury on October 17.
Those on whom he desires thosubpaenaa
served are persons whose naines are
credited with baving been voted iu th.
Beoood precinct of the Second ward of
Citizens' counsel in tl.e investigation
before the coinniittee named by tho
democratic state oantral committee in
troduc.Hl much evidence to-abow that
many of the nanies had been fraudulent
ly votod. Tho Conimonwealth's at?
torney says he int.-nds to subpoena be?
fore the grand jury every person in
Norfolk who is recorded as baving
Judge Bain, of Portsniouth, and
Judge Lawless, of Norfolk county, will
lik.ly instituto court inquiries into the
election as conducted in their juris
dietions. The law on the subject of
fraud coiiimitt.d in connectioii with an
unlegalized primary is as yet somewhat
In its aeeount of the meeting of the
-lai" .leinocratic coinniittee last night
the Richmond Tin.es Dispalch says:
After listcning for three hours to
passionalp and apparently completely
diaregardad argument from the attor
neys for the s.parate contending politi?
cal elei.ients in the Secnd distriet, the
si;itc democratic coinniittee consunied
fifteen Beoonda last ni_ht in rotfog to
liaWain the report of the investigating
committee, which recon.mended that
the August primary be deelared null
and void. Only one dhwant?g vote
was caat?by Paul Garrctt, of LeeB*
To the Secnd distriet comnntteo
was given tl.e task of selppting the
metbod of nominating a party candi?
date. It was given powers lo modify
the party law in.ase it decided to hold
a primary, because of the lack of time
to cotnply with the regulation in
After tbe a.ljournment of the state
committee meeting, the distriet chair*
man. Colonel 0. Fenton Day, called a
meeting of his coinniittee for 11 o'cloek
Saturday morning, at the Montieello
Hotel, in Norfolk. This was over the
proteW of J. B. West, of Suffolk, who
Wanted the committee to n.eel lasl
nighl for oonaideratioa of the quee
Mr. West was open I.y disgust.-d. He
told the newspaper me.i that they
could say positively that this delay in
s. ttlement of the question nieant that
no primary could possibly be called.
"In fact," ba added, "I believe
nothing at all will be d..ne."
h is probabk tnough thal a conven?
tion will be had. Adjutant-General W.
\V. Sale. a member of the Second dis?
triet coinniittee. -aid that he had just
returned from a visit in a distant part
of the state, and was not prej.ared to
vote oo the question without consnlta*
tion with tbe people of the distriet.
Following the meeting of the com?
mittee, Benator K. B. Hol'and, of s..f
folk, announced his .andidacy for Con?
gress from Ihe Second distriet, subject
to tbe action of the democratic conven?
tion. This is taken to uiean that he
will secure the support of the citi/ens'
mov. ineiit in Norfolk. and it is believed
he will al-o oommand large sup|.ort in
ihe counties.
Benator Holland is rzceediogtj pop
ular with his colleagues in the State
Benate, where he did much valuahle
work in commtttee and on the lloor
during the last session.
\s slated above, tl.e argiiinent of the
attorneys presetit was disregardtsl hy
the state committee. Mr. Young'i rap*
resentatives wanted the report of the
investigating con.iniltee overr.iled and
his certilicateof noniinatioi. conliimed
The counsel for Mr. Maynard aaked
thal a n.-w primary he l.pld, in which
only he an.l Mr. Young should take
part, The three attorneys for the I'iti
?ena' Commtttee wanted both Mr.
Voung and Mr. Maynard eliniinated
from the second primary.
Thereiipon the state committee pro
eeeded to turti down all these requests
One hy one. It declared the primary
..f August 23, and consequently Mr.
Young'i eeititieite, null and void. It
said thal tl.e primary or convention to
he held should be "open to all demo?
crata otherwise qualitied." It also by
this action refused to elimii.ate the
iitestant and contest.-e. The distriet
committee completed the job by ar
ranging things so that there can be no
primary at all.
A decree oi foreclosure was issued in
the Federal Court at Norfolk yesterday
in the suit of the Union Trust Com?
pany. of New York, for the satisfaction
of a bond issue of 1500,000 executed
by the Allieirarle and Chesapeakc
Canal Company on July 1, 1871'. It
calls for the sale of the canal properties
through Virginia and North Carolina
unleg8 the company, within five days,
pays iato court 1524,420 to satisfy the
amount due for prineipal and interest.
The sale is to occur at Norfolk late in
It has been recommended by army
engineers that the Albemarle and
Chesapeake canal be made a part of
the proposed inland water route from
Boaton to Beaufort, N. OL, around the
dangerous Hatteras coast.
The triennial convontion of the Prot
estant Episcopal Church in America
opened in Cincinnati today and will
continue twenty-three days. Many sub
jects of interest to the church will be j
considered. One hundred bishops and
582 lay and clerical delegatei will take]
part jn ftv deliberations,
Swan Bros.
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Bc and lOc value; remnant
priee, yard. C%c
Four hundred yards dark out
ing flaiinel, mill ends, regu?
lar 10c and Iflo value; rem?
nant priee, yard . 90
Five hundred yards apron ging
liam, fast eolors, regular 7c
quality; remnant pricc, yard, 5/_c
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gee shirts; choice Thursday,
each. &*?'
Capt. W. C. Fincke, of the navy col
ler dimax.waa arrested in Norfolk yes?
tenlay on an emhez/lemeiit charge.
David Dunlop, a millionaire, wa
sued ill Cbeslerlield eoiillty ycsterday
for 125,000 by a ehauffeur. who says
be was aeeaulted.
MnriHge license were issued in
Washington yestenlay to Charles ().
Hedrick, and Virginia L. Uuy, both of
Faiiquier eounty, and tp Ashby L
Etoaaon and Hassie M. Poppy, both of
TO P1U ,'?oo-ykak-oli> tki;i.s
A grove of trees five centurie- old
is to be aacriftced for the manufae
ture of ahoa l.-ather. Kxperta of Cen
tral beather Company have found an
immeuue aupply of bemlock bark in
the great bemlock fon-st along the
Pactfk ooaan abora <?( Ihe Orympic
peninsula, weat of Tacomn. The larg
est trees are 1">0 feet high and 500
years old.
The tntat'a cbemiata Bndby analy
Bifl that Washington hemlock yields
twiOB as much tannie acid a- --.i-t
em bemlock, Ihe aupply of which ia
wbauated. More important stiil, the
?heinists tind 7 per cent. tannie acid in
the bark of the red lir, considerably
more than is contained in the bark of
the eastem bemlock.
The company has taken steps to
estabhafa tannie extraet works in all
logging districta along the coast
where bemlock is cut. The leather
company will buy bark from loggers
who will strip trees as fast as cut.
Heretofore the bark has been thrown
away. _
Mr. Taft has l?een forced to seek
another cottage near Beverly, Masa., as
the owuer of his present aummer home
refused to renew the lease.
Atanadjourned meeting of ihe Board
of Aldermen ofthe city of Alexandria.
Va.. held October 4, 1310, there w.re
present: Messrs. Hill, Brill. Marhury.
Ballenger, Field, Ogden, Fitzgerald and
Summers. _
Vice President and acting President
Hill called the board to order and stMed
that. as chairman ofthe coinmin
the whole, to which had been refi
the work of brinj-ing about aondltiona
by which a president of the board could
be elected, reported that no agree?
ment had been reached by which that
object could be acconiplishedJ
On motion of Mr. Fieid the report was
Mr. Hill moved that the board pro
eeed to vote fora preatdent
Ifr. Hill called Mr Brill to the chair
and nominated Mr. Marhury for the po?
There being no other nominations. a
vote was taken with tbe foilowinj* rcsult:
For Mr. Marbury. Messrs. Hill, Brill,
Field, Ogden, Fitzgerald and Summers?
6. Not rotlng, Mr Balienger?1.
Mr. Marhury was declared eleetpd and
the oath of olt'.ce was administed by Jus?
tice Thoinps.....
Mr. Br.ll nominated Mr Field for Vice
The vote resulted as follows: For Mr.
Field, Messrs. Hill. Brill, Balienger,
Marhury, Ogden, Fitzgerald and Sum?
Mr. Field was accordlngly declared
elected Vice President.
F, F, MARBURY, Preiident,
Teite; Iwum 8, XWKfW, CJcrU
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spongeindainty one pound
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Arcident to Avlatora.
I'aris, Oet. 5.? Leon Morane, best
known of the French aviators, was
..?lioiisly injur.sj, aud his brother
Robert citieally hurl today when a
.noplauc iu which they were Hying
fell from a great height al Boi.-sy St.
Leger. Morane, when he n.et with his
a.cideiit, was atlenipting the non-stop
ilighi with paaaenajar from Paris to
Cle.n.Mi.t K. rrand. in the Department
of I'.iv de Dome. 2V2 iniles soufheast of
Paris. for Ihe Mochln prize of ?_0,000.
The direct cause of Ihe accident is
nol yet known. LeOBJ Morane suffered
twoeerioua fractures of the leg, while
Robert Morane's skull was f.actured.
New Vork Stoek Market.
\cw York. Oet. J'.. ? I'rice movcmelits
u.re eoiili.ie.l wilh :. liairow rainje al
tho openlng ofthe stoek market today,
an.l were about equaJly <l?\ ided bclween
galns an.l leaaea
ln the late torei.non }i lelling movft
nipnt Btarted ln the standard -tm-k^ that
forced sharp .leeiii.es ... thoae lawee
some of them fallinj* over a point. \
little liri.ier tone developp.l and 10888
fraetional ralllea ..c.urred
Shoes less than half price?200 pairs
Miss, s' Shoes that cost to manufaeture
11.60 an.) 61.76, and sold at $2.00 and
?J-."'"1, will he sneritieed at Me per pair.
John A Marshall & Bro.. 422 King
VIltclMA ln ihe cierk's Oftlce ot
ihe lorpoiatioii Court ofthe City ol
Alexandria, on theuth day of lepmav
her. I 'I.l
Carrie l..-e < ' .lohii-loi. vs. Kobert Ora
nam JohnatOB. In chaneery.
Mi'iim. The objeet of this suit Is to ob
lam l'..r Ihe eomplaii.a.it. Carrie I.ee I'.
lohiisioii. ...i :.!>??<.lule divoree frolll th.)
bonds of inatrtmony from the defendant
Robert Oraham Johnston; and that th.
eoinplallialit I.e award.-d Ihe cllstody and
raisin- of their infant daugbtar, llilda
YvonneJohnaton, andfor aueh hirthef
and general reltefaa to equlty is right
it appearing bj anaffldai Itflledin this
cause that tbe defendant Robert Oraham
Johnston, is a non-reaident ?f this state:
i. is Ordered. rhat _id defcndant ap
pear here witl.it. liftei-n days after due
piihli.atio.i Of thia or.l.r. and do what is
neeessurv lo ptOteol btelntOWt in tllis
suit, and that a OOpj of this order be
I'orlhwith inserted M. the Alexandria
Qaaette, a newspaper pubHahad in th?
City of Alexandria, onee a \s<-?*k for four
?ueeessive weeks. an.l posted al the front
doOt of Ihe .'o.irl llo.l-e of tllis city.
A eopy?Tanva:
NF.VF.LI.s. OBEENAVi W. clerk.
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Mixed. 01*7 a 1 00
l-'.ili/. 096 a 098
1'a.iipaiid Umgh. 0 ssfj a 0 90
Oorn, white. 0 70 a 0 75
Mixed. 0 68 8 0 70
Yellow. 0 70 a 0 73
Oorn Bfeel. o 75 a 0 80
Kve. 0 65 a 0 70
Oate, mixed. new . o w a 0 45
White, new. 0 50 a 0 65
dover s.l. 8 00 a 9 60
Ti.nothy. 1 75 a 2 00
Bay. 8 00 a 23 00
Klk;in I'rint Butter. 82 00 a 33 00
Butter, Virginia, packed is 00 a 20 00
Choice Virginia.20 00 a 25 00
Conimoii to middlii.i.' I ( .?) a 16 00
Eggs. jii uo
Uve l hlekena (hene)? o 14
.Spritig ('hiekens. 0 M
Potatoes, per bu. 0 70
Sweet Potatoes, bbl...
Onion8, per bu. 100
Apples, per bbl. 3 00
Dried I'eaehes, pealed... 0 Otf
Pork, per 100 Iba. 15 00
Baeon, oountry hams... o 20
Beat Hugaj-CUred Hama, o 20
Hreakl'ast llacon. 20 0
Wugar-eured Shouldera 0 1<
llnlk Shoulders. 0 13
Dry Salt Sidea. 0 M
^iiyir. 0 iX)
<>ll A. IU
Conf. Standanl. S?
'. raiiulatcd. 6 36
ColTee*?Rio. '?> n
l.a (iuayra. ? 15
.lava . 0 18
MolassesH. 8. 0 15
. 017
New Orieana . 0 '20
Su^ar fh rupa . 0 16
PortoRlco. 0 22
Halt-O. A. 0 53
Fine. 07S
Wool-t?"*r. unwaahed.. 0 28
VFaabed. 0 32
ICerino, unwashed ... 0 i<
Do. w i-li-.d. o ?_?;
Eferrtag, Kastern per bbl 5 25
Potomac Family Roe.. 6 00
Mackerel. small.per bbl. 1-1 00
No. 3raedlum. 13 00
Plaster, grouud, per ton. * ?*>
Grwadiabe^,,,,,__, 1#)

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