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Your Last Chance
To get one of those attractiveand completc eitfht room and both
houses. with a dry. bright concrete ccllar. furnace. open fare
place, gas and electric lights. and every modern convenience and
a lot 180 feet deep.
There is only one left
Of thoi-e smaller houses in Rosemont. and you will have to de?
cide quickly if vou want to secure this last low pneed house,
and live comfortable and happy this coming winter. Ask any
one in Rosemont how they like living there.
They are all boosters, no knockers.
F. L. Slaymaker,
313 King Street.
Store 602 King Street.
Store Corner King and Pitt Streets.
A22 South Patrick. tt^.OO 224 North Pitt. JJ-<>0
SS. Wag ?28Coninierce . g-JO
323 S Patrick. *M 4218outh Alfred. 81.0V
Business and Residenee Property for Sale.
Insurance of Every Kind,
Cherrystone Oysters, Select Potomac River Oysters.
and Reed Birds.
First National Bank
of Alexandria, Virginia
SEPTEMBER 1, 1910.
O. L. BOOTHE. Preiident GEO. E. WARFI_LD?ICashier
M. B. HARLOW. Vica-Preiident J. J. GREEN. Aasistaut Caahier
I.oans aml Investnients, |B15,126.73
U.&Bonds. 12! ?
Banking House. 73^91.61
Due from Hanksand Ko
s, rve Aganta. 158,120.22
t a-h. 52.G_.06
? I'wr Cent. Kund. 5.000.00
Surplusand Profits. 187,741.2*
Cireulritlon. 100,000.00
Deuosits. 94i.saa.66
Other Liabllltloa. 102.S1
Thia baafc with 14b ampto aapltal sad anrplus,ita adequate aqulpinont
aad faeilities, aollelta the sooounta of inauufaeturers, wholesalers, retailora
B_d individuals on t'ie best terms D0USlSta-t witli sound banking.
So aeeount too large to be handled satisfactorily; none too small to be
V!rg.nia SafeDeposit&TrustCorporation
?vuthoriredtCapiul. ll.OOO.OOO.
[Paid^in Capital. 1300.000.
? C. J. Rixey. John P. Robinson. Thomas J. Fannon. C. C. Lcadbcater, Henry K.
_k Field. Henry Baadcr. George S. French, J. K. M. Norton.
We act as Executor. Administrator and Trustee. Issuc Fidelity. Contract
Official a d Judicial Bonds. General Banking and Trust Business Transacted
'interest paid on Savings Accounts. We solicit the accounts of Banks. Corpora
ions. r'irnis and Individuals. and promise liberal treatment consistent with
?ound hanking methods. .
Keep Cool
_fectnc lights do not heat up the room.
Electric f.tns will bring tlie co
ing b-oezes of tjie oo_itry
into your store or roorr..
Electric LrooB havo the heat .entered
st one place, and tliat i- tho
place that is used. Let na
n tigurns ou iu .
Alexandria Electric Co.
624 King St.
OD I'ure Food Store.
You Can Economize
By buying FLOUR by the barrel. Ycur
I choice of the following leading' brands at
l$6.00 Psr Bbi.
Table Belle.
We guarantee every ounce of the above
brands to give entire satisfaction.
& ISt. JUtph thi ?ro?*o Streets.
- -
There Waa No Other Courst.
? The New England boiled dlnner and
other dishee like pork and beans, boll
ed codfish and pumpkin pie best ap
pealed to the appetite of Chief Justice
Melvllle W. Fuller. It was said in
.Washington that the Fuller Saturday
night dlnner was baked beans and
nothlng else, and this story Ls told:
"One evening thc chief Justice, pos
BlbJy forgettlng that lt was Saturday,
asked a dlstinguished English jurist
home to dlnner with him. When the
beans came on the Euglishinan
promptly declined them. Mrs. Fuller
showed some embarrassment, where
upon the Engllshman amlably said:
?Never mind. I'U make it up ln the
next course.' 'But, good Lord," ex
clalmed the chief justice, 'there lsn't
any otber course:' And there wasn't.
In addltlon to being a very small
cater the chief Justice was a moderato
Btnoker of modestly priced cigars. Ho
was said to smoke the same kind of
cigars, as far as they were obtainable,
that he smoked when he was strug
gling hard to establish a living law
business ln Chicago in the old days.
He said he was attached to these
cbeap cigars by tles of sentiment and
tender recollection and that nothing
else would taste so good to him.?
Springfleld Republican.
"Pins and Needles."
After being for n long time ln a con
atralned attltude n peculiar numbnesa
and pricking are often felt ln the arm,
leg or foot. This is caused by some
lnterruptlon to the cii-culatlon nnd can
nsually be removed by rubbing or ex
ercise. The reason of thc sensatlon,
which ls decidedly uncomfortable
wbilo it lasts, ls that pressure for a
certaln length of time deadens the
aenslbillty of n nerre. When thia
pressure ls suddenly removed, as
straightening out the leg after sltting
with it doubled underneath the body,
senslbillty gradually returns to the
nerve. and as each nerve flber com
posing the trunk rcgalns its normal
condition of senslbillty a pricking sen?
satlon is felt, and these successive
priekings from the successive awakcn
ings of the numerous fibers have not
Inaptly been called "pins and needles."
Tha Prayer That Hurt.
A member of a certain Massachu
setts parlsh prominent for his thrlft
and personal consequence wns also
notorious for his ovcrbearing assump
tions and pompous alrs. Under the
dlstress and fright of a dangerous 111
-ness he "put up notes" on several suc?
cessive Sundays, aud after his recovery,
according to usage, he offered n note
to be read by the minister expresslvo
of his thanks. The minister was some
what 'large" ln this part of his pra/
er, recalllng the danger and the pre
vious petitlons of the "squlre" and re?
turnlng his grateful acknowledgments
with the prayer that tho experlence
might be blesscd to the splritual wcl
fare of the restored man. He closed
with these words:
"And we pray. O Lord, that thy
servant may bo cured of that ungodly
8trut, so otTenslve in the sanctuary."
Law and Geography.
From tbe half timers' papers wrltten
at a recent term examination: "Some
of the chief inventlons of the last 150
years are having an act so that no per
son under fourteeu years must go Into
the public house. Another act was so
that no person uuder the age of slx
teen years must smoke cigars, plpes
and clgarettes, and no person under
that age can bo served with auy. My
brother Blll is now all right for this
invention. He was sixteeu last week."
Here ls a geography answer: "The riv?
er system of Canada is what you
might call very good, but sometlmes
they shoot the raplds, and unless you
are a red Indian this* is very trouble
some at times, especially wben you get
sucked under like Captain Webb."?
_ancbester Guardlan.
The Earliest Cigars.
The earliest mention of cigars in
English occurs ln a book dated 1735.
A traveler ln Spanish Amerlca named
Cockburn, whose narrative was pub
lished in tbat year, describes how he
met three frlars at Nlcaragua, who, he
says, "gave us some seegars to smoke;
these are Leaves of Tobacco rolled up
ln such Manner that they serve both
for a Pipe and Tobacco itself; they
know no other way here, for there la
no such Thing as a Tobacco Pipe
throughout New Spain."
Sure Sign.
"What ls the sign when a man parta
his hair in the mlddle?" said the o!4
fellow ln tho front row of the orches
tra to a friend loud enough to be
beard by tbe young man behlnd them.
"It's a sign that he's not baldhead
ed," replled the young man, leaning
?forward.?Yonkers Statesman.
Hard Luck.
"Poor man, your life must be full of
" 'Ow true yer words are, lidy! Only
t'otber day I picked up a ticket for a
ball an' couldn't use lt cos I hadn't
got a evenin' suit."?London Ideas.
A Tragic Criais.
Cbolly had put on his necktie and
was looking over his supply of hosiery.
"I wonder, now," he said, turnlng pale,
"whether tbe socks have to match the
tie or whether the tie has to match the
aocks."?Ohicago Tribunc.
Har Great Grief.
Cholly?May I have the next waHsl
,Widow?Yes, bnt dance slowly, as I
only recently bave gone into mourn
Ing.?Clnb Fellow.
LotB of alleged golden opportunitie*
wouldn't stand the acid test.
Hoarseness in a child subject to
croup ia a sure indication of the ap
proach of the disease. If Chamlier
laln's Cough Remedy is tjivcn at once
or even after the eroupy cough has ap
eared, it will prevent the attack. Con
ains no poison. Sold by W. F. f rsigh
ton and Riehard Gibaon.
Fresh Air in Winter
In winter, it is hard to get fresh air
in certain rooms. Some rooms in a
house are usualiy colder than others,
and if you open the windows It Is
hard again to heat the room properly.
If you keep the windows closed
you don't get fresh air; if you keep
them open you cannot quickly reheat
the room. The
_ML HtAfM!
Absolattty mokelas and odorlets
solves the difficulty. You can ieave
the windows in a room open ail day
in winter, and when you close them
.apply a match to a Perfection Oil
Heater and heat the room to any tem?
perature you desire in a few minutes.
Tbe Perfection Oil Heater is finished ln japan or nickel. It burne for
nine hours. It has a cool handle and a damper top. It haa an auiomotic
locklna name sprcadcr. which prevents the wlck from boing turned high
enoilgnto smoke, and Is easy to remove and drop back ao that the wick can be
quickly cleaned. An Indlcator always shows amount of oil in the font
The flller-cap does not necd to be screwed down. It la put ln like a cork
ln a bottle, and ls attached to the font by a chain.
The burner body or gallcrv cannot become wedged, because of a now
deviceinconstruction. and ccnacquentlv, ll can alwaya be ea,ily un.crewed ln
m Instant for rewickfng. The Perfection Oil Heater is strong, durable, vell
tnade, built for service, yet light and ornamental.
DmIits Evtryvhtrt. If ?ot at yourt, wiitt \jN? dttcripttM clrctiar
to the neartit agfaey o/tke
Standard Oil Company
;car F. Carter's New Store
No. 505 King Street. Wholesale and Retail.
China, Glass aml Housefurnishings, Haviland, German, Austrian and American
China! in full Dinner Sets of 100 pieces, or in open stock. Can get all the above
patterns at low figures. Cut Glass, Gas Globes, Mantels, China and fancy glass in
odd pieces suitable for wedding presents, or card parties. Brass Goods in Fern
Dishes, Jardiners, Finger Bowls, etc.
Full Line of Decorated Toilet Sets
Bread and Cake Mixers, White and Blue Lined Enamelware, Coal Hods, Tinware,
Wood and Willowware, Baskets, Lamps, Bumers, Wicks, and Chimneys of all
kinds. Ladies especially invited to call and examine my stock, No. 505 King
street, next to the First National Bank.
This week closing out 2 patterns, English Porcelain, Blue and Pink decora
tions, also small lot of Haviland China, all the above at cost for this week.
If You Want a Good Medicinal Rye Whisky?the Right Kiod
is what you want. Also try some of our line Imported Winej and Gin.
Lowenbach Bros.,
Exceptionally pure, clear as crystal and
Mutual Ice Company
otit'-!l lw
Ths 8a!on.
Tho French academy was origlnally
a Junctlon of the driiwiDg rooms ofthe
Marqulse de Ramboulllet and her
daughter, Julio d'Angenues, Duchesse
de Montnusier. The salon as a rneot
ing plnce for convorsatlon and thepro
dnction of beaux cspiitB and wrlters
hardly existed before these ladies
opened that of the Hotel de Ramboull?
let Prior to this soclal event women
of tintop quality and rich bourgeolses
received their company in their bed
rooms. There was nothing answerlng
to the FnglLsh parlor or the Italian
hall of convorsatlon. The bed, as ln
the sleeping room of Louis XlV., was
snrrounded by a balustrade, outside of
which gentlemen who had dropped in
to visit remalned standing. It would
have been shockingly unmannerly of
them to step over the barrier. The
lady of the house, dressed ln her best
dishnbllle. aal on tlie cdge of the bed.
Ladies oalllug went withln the balus
trede and sat on foldlng stools. orhas
socks. according to rank and age.
Mme. de Lafayette paluted from llfa
In describing in "Ln Prlncc3se do
Cleves" a conversatlon on love, ln
which tbe da.uphlnes.-i took the lead,
recllning cn arr.bed.?London Truth.
Guilty Anyway.
The most strlklng iustance of a van
lshcd man comlng again to light te
take part In legal proceedlngs ls that
which oceurred in a case where Dan
lel O'Connell was defending a man ln
dicted for murder. The case for the
prosecution seemed as clear as pos
slble, and O'Counell contented himself
with fewer questions than were te
have been expected of so emlnent a
ezaa_?f. When tlie case for tho
crown li.id closcd he announced thnt
he had but one witness to call, but
thnt witness was Iraportant to the
case. He was the murdered man, very
much alive. There waa no doubtlng
the man's Identlty-everybody knew
It. The Judge therefore turned to the
Jury and directed them to acqult the
prl?oner. To his amazement, however,
they returned a verdict of guilty.
Asked for an explanatlon, the foreman
observed that they had no doubt that
the prlsoner was innocent of the mur?
der. "But," he added, "we flnd him
guilty of sthealing my ould gray mare
three weeks ago,"
A New Game.
''ililara ls the only son of a plous
r, and. tbougb he is only three
ualf years of age. his father
rs It quite time he learned
properly to observe grace on comlng
to tho _blr His parcnts have more
than once endeavored to explain to
him the reasons for his so dolng, but
the little boy regards lt as no more
than an arausing game.
The other afternoon his older sister
made another attempt to interest hfnj
In tbis duty. All were seated at dln?
ner. and on tbe flrst words of the
grace Willlam's 6mall head dropped
In his hands ln apparent reverence.
His Bister, secretly pleased with her
success, stole a glanee nt him. when.
to tbe consternatlon of the family. he
sprang up. sboutlng gleefully:
"Ob. Sis. you're lt! I saw you peep!"
?Woman's Home Companlon.
Barred Them Out.
A proprletor of a cotton inill in Eng
land who ls something of a philoso
pher poated up on the factory gates
thc following notlce:
"No cigars or good looking men ad?
Wben asked for an explanation he
said: TB tell you. The one will set
a flame agolng among my cottons and
the other among the girls. I won't ad
mlt such Inflammable and dangerous
thirigs into my establishment at any
rlsk!" _
The Ink That Homer Used.
Ink of varlous boea was used by the
anclent Romans, that of a purple tint
being considercd tlie excluslve fluid
for tbe execution of all royal wrltlngs,
as lt was distmctively the royal color.
It is said that Homer's works were
wrltten In letters of gold on a roll 120
feet ln length, formed of the Intestlnes
of serpents, but we are left In igno
rance as to tbe metbod of preparing
Trying to Prove lt.
Angry Fatber-Oreat Scott! What
are you doing. .lohnny? Why. con
found it, you've got my new watch all
to pieees! Jounny-Ye*. dad. leach
er toid us today that a good watcb
ought to have at least 170 parts, so I
thought I'd aee lf yours was a good
Polo, Caracul and Broadcloth Goats.
Full length, Polo, Caracul and Fancy Broad?
cloth Coats. Imported mixtures. Coats from
$10 up.
Women's Tailor-made Suits. No matter
what price one buys at Rosenfeld's, the pur~
chaser is satisfied with the garment, with her
Nodress or suit has a common look. There's
some touch.something that makes individuality,
that gives charm. Suits from $10 to $35.00.
Dresses $9.50 and $12.50.
Remember Alterations Free.
Why we recommend W.B.Reduco Corset.
Because we have sold them for many years with
perfect satisfaction, because a host of our cus
tomers nnd W. B. more comfortable and more
economical than any other make.
We also have the Nemo Self Reducing Cor?
set for every figure, stout and short. tall and
slender with the new lastikops. Nemo or W.
B. Reduco $3.
Window Shades made to order.
518-520 King Street, Alexandria, Va.
of {Alexandria, Virginia
CAPITAL, $100,000. SURPLUS, $125,000
Patrons of our Savings De?
partment will please present their
pass books for the entry of inter?
est to October 1,19 \ 0, therein.
Are manufactured and licensed under the Selden Patout. 1%6 1911 models are
now ready for delivery, and are the niost attractivc line of eara in tho wliole
eeantty. Consult us and get I car that will be a real pleasure to you.
Myers Brothers, 115 N. Pitt Street
Makes The Best Concrete
slers ln Cement, Lime. nair. CUained Ptaater, Wall Plaatar. Terre Cotta Sewer
Pipe and Flue Lining, Pire BrleksjFire Clav.&c.
in the Garden Sub
urb.'j Lots $200;
Buy at the Start
$10 eash, $5 per month.
Virginia Highlands
Scientifically planned for refined people of mo-der
ate means.
Come Saturday or Sunday afternoon.
See the Morrill style damp-proof cement houses,
poured in steel moulds.
Live at Virginia Highlands and save time and car fare
Inquire of A. S. Doniphan, A. J. Wedderburn and
Harrie White.
Washington Sales Office, 621 13th Street, Northwest.
#lip this ad; it l?eds the way.
FINAM'.'AI. _,
SAJUB?niuii.. B.-othib, I M. B. rTARi.oW
President | Yife President
First National Bank
Ai.kxanoria, Va.
Designated Dcpository ol the
Uruted States.
PROFFT8.- $175,000
(J. K. WARFIELD, J. F. Ml'lR,
Burke & Herbert
Modernly e<*uipped for banking In
ita varloufl branebee.
Dcposites received subjeet to eheok al
sight. Collcetions made on all points.
High gntde investment securitiea
bought and sold.
Letteta <>f Oredtt and Foreign bx
ohange l_?ahed.
Sale Depoait lloxcs for rent
A Savings Department in whioh ?
tereel hi uwwed on dcposiu*.
in selecting a flavoring ex
tract just because the label
is attractive often
you wish you had just told
your dealer to send you
Leadbeater's, which you
know is good and pure, and
in which there is abso
lutely NO
Establishcd 1792
Norfolk and Washington
Steamboat Co.
Every day ln the year for Fort ICOO
roe, Norfolk, Neivporl News aml pointa
BOUth, vla superb. powerful steol palaco
Leara Waabhurton.ft ("> p. ot
Leave Alexandria 7.<m p. in.
Arrive I-'t. Monroes T.uua. m.
Arrive Norfolk 8.00 a. in.
Arrive Portamontfa *5.ooa. m.
Leave PoitS? outh 6J0O p. BB.
Leave KoiTolk <MW p. in.
Leave Ft. Monroe JJO0 p. BB.
Arrive Alexandria&90 a. ni.
Arrive Washington 7.00a. m.
Through eonneetions made at Norfolk
with steainers of the old Domlntoo
Stea?ahlp Company tor New York and
MSrchanU' and Mincr's Stcani'-hips for
(ieneral Ticket 0?06, 7? 14th St.N.W.
lJond Building, Waahington, D. C.
Phone Main 1690.
Seventb street wharf. Phone Main 37*).
Alexandria wharf foot of Prince atreet
aprl lyr General Paaaenger Agent.
Maryland Delaware and Vir
ginia Railway Company.
Steamers ot this liuo loavo Alexandria
on and Bater May 16, ?10,
" SATURDAY at4*30p. m.
< ni>ine aud apuoint?enta unezoeltad.
Preigbt for Hitltimore. Phitadelphia
and New York solieite.l and handlud
with ean> Through rates and hills of
lading issue.i.
Hlnglo ?re to Baltimore, ?2.50; round
trip, |SL60; ataterooD?, one way, H.?0.
REARDON dtOBIM?3, Agenta,
Foot of ('ameron street.
Steamboat Co.
KlTcetive May !>. W10.
Steamer" Capital City."
Leavos Alexandria at C p. ni. on Mon?
day and H edne;-day for I'arham's l'oint
and lower river landlnga. Return eariy
Wedneeday and I-'riday morning. Leare
Saturday atS a m, Ibr Nomini and Inter
medlate landings, roturuing Sunday
about 5 p. in.
Steamer "Wakefleld."
Leave Sunday, Tucsd.iy and Thurw?y
at9a. in. for Wirt's wharf and all inter
mediate landings. Returnlng h-nveWirfa
wharf at 0 a. na. tho foi low leg day and
arriving at Alexandria aboi'.t 4 p. m,
Reardon & Grimes, Agents,
Foot of Cameron Street
Telephone No. Vj. jeH lyr
Fl FTV V LA 1W ' E'K. i'r'AU k'S t. W
Mrs. Wlnalow's Soothlng Syrup ls the
presoriptlon of ono of tho best female
pbysicians and nursos in the United
States, and has been uaed for fifty years
with never-Ciillng succesa by millionsot
uiotheis for their children. lt relievea
the child from pain, cures diarrhoea,
griping in the bowela, and wind colie.
By grgng health to the ahild lt reaBj the
mother. TwWt^-tfve cehta a boftfo.

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