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Sun and Tide Table.
?unrtaes tomorrow at<; 20a m.aa
at oil |>. m. Hlfb water at 138 a. m. aud
7 ' p. ln
W.sther Prohabdhi-S.
Kertlu-;Bflfltloa Bsli tonight andTues
,1.-. : wariner ioni<;ht;'li?.it to luoderate
iweatorli wimi
.' fr. Ilowaid OaM ird, of Baltimore,
was yesterday BUfld iu the Court of
Ootnmon Eleaa of tbat city, for a claim
Of 14,000. The suit grew out of B
traaaactioo of about jo years ago wben
tbfl ataamei H iward Caaaard ^a built
near Baltiaaoru. Tbfl executors of tbe
T. K. and Daniel Mill.r aie tbfl
p| mtiffs.
Tho steai-n-r, wbieb WM ealled llie
"Howard Caaaard," was built from a
dflfligaof Roberi M. Pryer, and was
lauM-hed in Baltimore, Novemher 6,
189 i. Tbe veaad was long and narrow
being 280 feet long and only 18 feet
wid.-. At the forwai.l end thfl v.-.v!
was oxtremely pointed. The inveutof
thought that, built 00 B larger s.ale,
sucb a reaaei would ktod paaaanifa
from New York to l.iveipo.d in four
days. Tbe arroW ateamei waa a aail
ure aud ou September 23, 1896, tbe
reaaeL. which bad cost over 1125,000 to
build, was sold at publie auction in
Cantoa Hollow forfl.000 Tberfl were
only tWO bels, tbe I'.rst being 1500 by B
represatitativ.-of a blgfl junk de.'iling
Tho Cassard was at this city for a
long time. In tbe eariy part of ls->"
Pryer came to Alexandria and ao?
nounoad tbat he was about to build a
steamer ">'>0 feet lom; to crrrry pav- ;i
betwoen New York and Lirerpool.
A fonndation for a wayi was partly
conatrueted when tlieplanfell through.
Pryer latei wenl to Baltimore an.l iu
periotcndedtheboildingof the Caaaard.
Tbe Carroll Inatitute baaketball team
defeatedthe Lyceum speed Boya"
by tbe acore of 86 to 24 in a most in
tHresting game of baaketball played
in thfl Amory Hall Saturday evett
The Carrolls brougbt an extia biinch
along (some with sueh abbrcwated 0OB
lUIUflfl that it looked as they inleii.led
to porform some dariiitf feal instead of
playiug basketball -but perbapfl it was
neeeaaary) and played in a waj Ibal
impreeaed the audienee very much,
and many flne compliaicnta were paid
tbem as to tbcn nbibiy I- play the
game, and tha general impreaaioo
aeemed to bfl that they would bfl near
thfl toji ofthe h-i wben tha champiou
ship season for 1910 en.led iu tbe Db
trictof Columbia. CrOgban was the
.tar for bbr team and was very much
in evidflnea throuaboul the game.
Jbo "Speed Boya," altboogb much
lightcr in weight, made ii verj trouble
soioe for their a-tagomists, and
withjthe flzeeptioo of their paaaing ol
jheball to theii t. am aaatce, aa 11
at any tiase In their oareei The long
shot to baakets by Entwisleand H
were aa pretty and timely tbrows as
tver MflU m this city.
1 || i- I. C.uroll
__tw_le 1- * McCarthy
Toomcy a%9 ._",?,,""?
Harea l hcllibcr
Ktteraon... .U O Uiirley
WiUiams ? -iUUO
ooais from Hald?KelHhei o, o-o_n.. ).
M.rirthv 3, Oiovanlono 2, Ooleman2
iluriev. Entwlsle i Patteraon a, ^ U
liama 2, Toomey, Hayes Qoals irom
fl-fl toss-Tooiney 6, EatwUla. Kelercc
Mr Moriortv. ?.>l Heaulac and
l l.ler. Timers?Wal-h an.l ltoth.
Mr. EJgrr Lyle . a woll-known and
napected ritisen, died eariy yeaterday
morning. at his bis home, 808 north
Washington street, after a long illness.
The deeeased was 70 y. Brt old, and had
been engaged in tbfl boot and shoe
bnsiness tor the paat flftT years. Mr.
Lyles was one of tbe oldest members of
Potomaa Lodge, N<>. :ts Independenl
Order of Odd Follows, being B continu
ous uiembei of tbat lodee for the ba!
fortv-iivo yeara. HeheW IheofBeeof
Chaphdn Of thfl lodge during the past
quarter ol I .antuiy. Hfl was also tbfl
oldestmemberofAndree Jackson Lodge
of Masons. Mr. Lyles is survived by liw
daughters, two sons, and forty-tWO
grandchil Iren. Mr. LjdflB was born io
Fairfax eounty mar this city, but had
lived in Alexandria aincehfl was seven
Mar. old. He was lot many >.
meoibei of tho Methodist ProMtUnt
Mr. William H. Monroe, aged 68
years, died late Satutday nigbt ut his
home, near Franconia. Fairfax counly.
The deeeased was tbe son of the lato
Harrlaon l.. Mdoroc, ind paaaed the
eariy years o1 bis life in Alexandria.
Hfl was a piint.r L> trada, and aarvfld
bis ?ppreoticeahip ln tbe l laxettfl ofice.
As i** uaual oii tl.e 81aI nf Octcker,
toDight many girls and VWalM tlll at
the liour of midtiiRlit paitiei,.it?) Ifl
Bomaof ihe lonniof tln*
endeavor to ItftfrJ who tl.eir ntlifl
for tlie night i* that which ia known
to all -Hallowe'tn, Vtoai tim loi
ttufi.iorial tlie miuiy fortM "f m\**i.-iy
hate been vorked ovei iu ae effotl lo
vJ>a tl.rm, l.e.n ippereotb* lo po
XheOOflMtaa I** '
bl leeiUiatfln irhr ~r\ f?i atreM to
?i*eetbeut on patsehief, Tbfl police will
!,'?? oo Uie lOOkoul foi tboae irbo may
iuvo apior'.:"""'' t" detaee. i?i d
P oparly".
Theligb'- Vk)
let which has been in lervloe aaone
ika bay and
rVoo-c river is lo be aoldat public
uuvtion to the highe-n bidder. Ihe
_1? will take place at tln- Portemouth
4 oftbe lifhlhoote ?ervice Sev
A treat of esoMft] aeril wjH **
tivt-n th*} amusement lovers of thia
"ity atthe Rew Opera House tomgnt
When Ihfl following bill v.ill be present
V(l? Hall" Bros,tb? -enad
arfl< Clarine Bloore, i bareotei singmg
artist and Bicky KuigU. the damty
aiiging comediarme. {ivellflat pic
[???-,? will also be |bow$, A sple?did
pay V ?' I H
The following is the programme of
tbe 20th. annual meetmz of the \ nr
ginm Branch of tbe Woman'a Auadlary
'to be held at Obriat Church, Alwan
dria, November 1st. to 4th.
t^iir-t bou. - Tuesday, Noveraber
sp. ?, - Conducted by Bishop Artbur
*?Sld?y. &i>7:80 6, m.^ol,
Business aeaaion W ednesdBy-9^0
toU m> - welcome to pariBh, W?;J?
J. MortOO, reetor; weleomeon part Alex?
andria manches, Mra. A. B. Lloyd
preaident Cburch branch; reaponse on
?aitof delegate., Mhw Lucy O.bson;
,.,il call and other rout.no business;
report emergency fund. MwsGlbson.
(Th- need and help of emergency
fund Bishop Gibfldtl); report clmir
,ua.i boa committee. Mrs. Mordieai.
report correfpoodent church l'er.od.eiil
Club. Mrs. vYallbt; address, 0. 1
C " work. Mrs. Cbapin. secretary; ad
dreei "United Offaring Women,'
Bishop Bowe, Alaaka; addreaa, Work
ioBraail," Biahop Kinaolving; junior
maetiog, 12:15 to 1*0; noticea, reoaaa,
loncheon for delegates and speakers^
receptioii U> delegates by the lad.es of
Seininary Hill, ?"- to 5 p. m.
Wednesday, 6 p. m.-Reception
tendeied to the delegates by Mrs.
Artbur S. I.loyd. .
Profraroane for Thursday gtreo
Tbe following is B li-t oT dio.i-san
Officera of tbfl Virginia Branch:
Ki_ Sallie Sluarl, president and
aecretary; Mra. Artbur 8. Uoyd, vice
preaident; Mrs. Ueorgo S. French,
aaaiatant aecretary;Mra. Robert Barton,
secretary of jiiniors: Mrs. Eleanor
Howard. secretary of babies' branch;
Miss Lucy Gibaon.treasurer emergenoy
fund' Mrs B. M. Baiidolph, custodi.ui
united offering; Mrs. M. G. Wallace,
aecretary cburch penodical dub; Mra.
Heieti Mordecai, chairman boa com?
mittee. Convocatioii Secreiari.-s-Mrs.
Arigus Crawford, Becretary, Piedmonl
Convoi-ation;.Mis. Ben Brockenbrougb,
secretary, Bappahandock Oonvocation;
Mrs. Bartlott Bolling, secretary. Albe
marle Oonvocation; Mra. H, Mordecai,
Becretary, RiehmondOonvocntion; Mrs.
.1. B. Bllla, secretary Valley OoOVOCa
lion. Brolb.-ibool of St. I'aul Mi
M nn.. Purcell, organi/ei and secretary.
The Ame-iean people CftU feel seriire
in times when tbis free and grand
country of eura bt threataned l>y foreign
foes, when they have sueli hravo and
ooble men to uphold the honor of the
nation as the S<-ameu Cunnets and
others who man our mighly gtms and
Brfl them with great BCCUracy when
occasion requires such action.
ln ihe football game laat Saturday
between the Cardinals and the Seanien
Qunners, tl.e httter proved that they
vw-te hghteis from the top of their head
to the solcs of their feet and had cour
Bja that a*aa as stiong as atael. ln de
reating this pronderful "fighting m i
ehiue" of Pnde Sam the Oardinala,
although Oiltweigbted by them, and had
to light for every inefa of ground to
gain thc-slightest advantaaje, also proved
ihat they canta-e care of themselves at
all times, and have no fear of any clan,
he they BoJdiers. sailors, or civilians.
Many brilliant playa were made dur?
ing the game?tho line plung'H of
Triggei; end runs ol Cockrell und Mc?
Bride <uid the forward paai by8nowden
to Sntherlaud, who crOflflfld the line
with tbe only flCOrt nf tbe game, were a
traat to the football ''shoutersw" present.
Brusbwinkle and Pope performed in
magniliceiit stylo for the Grunners and
were alert at all periods to scize any
opportunity to aid their team mates.
Line up and summary:
C. A. C. Positions. Qunnera
Sutherland l?-ftcnd Kcrr
Bteel?an.. deftuekle. .Lyon
Beahin,< OO?*,.1eft guard . Carpeuter
Hamili-m eenter .Turner
l>enielt . right guard :f?,x
Pouglas ..right tackle .Mills
Ale right end Pope
Snowden ... .('iiarter haek.Hnwhwlnkle
Cockrell... left hall har-k Oaunemau
MeBiide .right hall' ha-k . Cox
Trlgger.. I?Ibaek .Voght
Tooabdowa Sutherlarid. Uoal from
touehdowli MeBride. Keferee-Mr.
Hei ford. Umplra?Mr. Delaney. Field
judge- Mi. Smith. Timers -_easrs
Dow?-and Crurop. Time of period
10 aml *? mtnutea.
WY-it Jackaon, colored, OO Saturday
night attacked Nettie Thornton, alao
colored, with a rasor, at the home of
the woman in the court, boiinded by
Alfred. Patrick, Wolfe and Wilkes
Btreeta, The woman waa taken to tbe
Alexaudria Hospital wbere fifteen
stitcl.es were taken by l>r Powell to
otOflfl the wound in her breast. Her
injuries, however, are not rugardcd Bfl
serious. Jackson was arrested by Offi
oer Bell. JaokflOO was hrought before
the Police Court this morning when bfl
dehied the ehargt* of cutting tlie
woman. He was sent to jail for six
Mr Natbaniel Bonab, ? native of
this city, but who now hves in Lorton,
Okla., was the victim of a BMrhma ac
cidenl neai that placo about a week
?gO, Mr. Boiish was driving a boTM
which became frightenwd at the ap
proaeb of a loeoinotiva and ran away.
Mr Kouih was tbrown out and the
,11 qm Icg were so shmtried
that amputiitioTi wat oecrusary,
We lias<* N-.eivcl un itm'talioit tO
witn?***- tbfl ipOtH Ol the Ihirly-liftli
\tin.ial Athleti- l.?ay a: tbfl BpWOBtJ
Hil-h Hcbool Saturday, N iveii.Ur the
fifth, W10 (ot M reiojr, the Irai hii
weektlietcaner'. begmmni* at teti a. in.
The niaimgers an Messr . t?eorge 0.
vYaUace,Jr.,ol Kentu.-key, 1. Lawrenoa
Phillipa, of ArkensM, aud loba Hill
Cronly IVtersl-utg.
"Our medmm priees of styhsb up-to
date footwear" is ready for your in
?pectioil. New idea-.-dyli.-d) designs,
biflt woikmatiship. end bflflt oaateriah
. right hold their sh ipfl
A few ol the makers; Taylor Made.
The He?s. Rogal. Walk Over, Brockton
Company Operative, Red Cross, Quflflfll
Quality, I. and T Ooufliofl, I.iudner
Shoe Company. Clement Ball Shoe
Coiupauy aud m.tii> ..theta Agent; tot
Gold Sea'l and Boot-, J, A. Marshail
& Rro. 4;". K.'>ng street. I'p-to-iht*
[Jvtstice H. B. Caton presiding.]
The following cases wt'lo disposed of
this morniug: .
Three white men, charged with
drunken and disoideily conduct, for?
feited their collateral by failing to ap?
pear. . .
West Jackson, colored, charged witn
cutting Man Tbointon, also colored,
was sent to jail for six uionthe.
Iko Edney, colored, charged with
stealing a pistol from Hugh Smith, also
colored, waa flned 810.
Chief Goods, of tbe police depart?
ment. wconflnod to his bome by an
attack of tooailitia. In his absence
from police headquarters Lieut. Bottis
19 actinsr chief.
Miss Allan and Miss Tayior.of Staun
ton, are guests of Mrs. G. P. Anderton
at Biaddock Heights.
At a mass metting held in the l:ty
Aud.torium in Riehmond yesterday for
tbe interest ofthe LaymensMovemeiit,
Bishop Artbur S. Lloyd, made a str.k
iug address ,.n "Man's Duty to God.
Miss Bessie Janney bas returned
from a vi-it to Mrs. Fbineas .lanney of
Hamilton. ,
Mr. and Mrs. fieorge A. haus has
returned fr.mi their wedding trip, they
will reside at 80_*norlh Washington
Dr. Williamson, or Riehmond, spenl
yeeterday witli retativm ln this eity.
Congressman ('. C. Oarlfa has re?
turned from Oharleatown, W Va.,
wbere hfl has been making speeches in
behall of the democratic party. He
will speak in Maryland twice during the
Abbie, the little daughter of Mrs.
Kila Brown, is sic.k at her home, 818
Prince street with typhoid fever.
Mr. Charlea A. Kmpeoa b.-came ill
on Baturday algbt and Waa today piaced
in the Alexandria Hospital.
Ibe fleboooer ?f. P. Bobfaflot. from
the lower river with jumbet lo vY. A.
Smoot $ Co., ha? arrived.
A cow which was straying al.out the
streets was taken up by the poliee la.t
Mary Cuatts Lee Cbapter, IL l> 0?
will meet at 8 o'dock tomorrow after
noon ifl Contederate Vbteraaa' Hall.
The i.-gular moiithly nieeimg ofthe
Woman's Auxiliary, to K. B. I-ee
Camp will be held tomorrow evefl?f
at 7:30 o'clock in Onnfedaraft Valeraee1
Yesterday K?J a heautiftd Oetober
Sunday eitb criap air and brjgbl sun
ihine. The ehurches eere all lalrly
well attended and many peraOM weie
oti tbfl streets.
Thirtv nine deeds wera recorded iu
the ch- k s otiice of tbfl Corporation
Courl during tbe month. Forty-two
marriage licena.e were laaned?88 t.?
white and 10 to colored persons.
A r,soluii,.ii to amend tbe by lawa
will be coii^idered at a meeting "'
Alexandria Ixidge of Elks tonight. Tbe
lodge atinouuces that its newclubrooms
are open from 11 a. m, until 11:30 p.
m. Members of the lodge are invited
to bring their frionds vtcek days.
In the lire eariy Stflimiay morning
which dflStroyed a building ht 1'isgah,
charles county, Md., naedas a dwell?
ing house, store and pofltofDce, four
persons lost their lives. Mrs. Boone,
whose husband is employed in Oorb) V
bakery, at Alexandria.eacaped by jump
ing from tho window.
Attention is directed tothe advertise
mcnt of tbe BUCtioO aaJfl <>f antique fur
niture, paiotinga, engraving, etc., the
property of tbe late Charles E. Critten
ton. to take pla-eon Thursday,Nov. 8,
at 11 a. m. The sale will bo conducted
by J. Driefus & Son, at 119 Kiug
A meeting of the Alexandria braur.b
of the Holy Name Society was held in
the ball of the Young Men's Sodality
Lyceura yesterday afternoon, wben
plans for takiug part in the parade in
Wnshingtoti next Sunday were con
sidered. It is expected that the Alex?
andria branch of the order will have
nearly 300 men in lina.
The t'jg Hanson H. h'eys is ashore
on Poolos Island and- partially fllled
with water as a result of last Thwrs
day's southeest storm. The Keys had
a raft iu low bound for Chesapeake
City when she got iu distress.
The remains of .lohn T. Redd. wbo
wa-. killed last Friday night at Seini?
nary (iroaaing. a short diatanca west of
Al xindria, were buried this aflorrioon,
nobodv having appeared to claim them.
The ottice ofthe Independent Mutual
Fire Insurance Company, of Fairfax
couuty, bas been removed to the build
ing at tho northeast eorner of Prince
and Royal streets. The oftice is one of
the handsomest and best eijuipped in
the city.
.lim llapgood was rated asheiuga high
rlass man. In his own special lim* he
MaS :t blW UtttO himself. Ko, you're
irrona, be araan't a poUtteal t>os-. aTon
when lim wanted anything dona. he
?raetbaeae that *iid n andyoueeaj hei
your last bOttO? dollar that va* doM
right. Lt?W?B wlmn Mr. itopwood
wanted anything to cat, he t.as itilghty
tHirlleiilar, nnd invarlably uame u>
hlondheliu's Auth Mtaud and Market for
those irreul.tlblv delleloiis Auth i*iau*
Bfes I'uddlngs and Food Prodnets.
(Judge L 0. Barley presiding]
Tbe OMI ofH. 0. Corbett vs. Wm,
Uogai* wasioiititiuml until January 10,
Iren* V. iohMM v?. Bohurt 1..
Joliiiaorii chniu'ery; tinal decree fordii
VorciJ iijxitt ifOUM of deHertion.
Bobttl II ''os, sergeant, was ap
boiotfld admini.trator of tlu* e.iiAtu of
IMbellfl t?, (Irefory, deceased,
A. M. Lote- heail of Ibfl iHrniell
into l.itmbrr Company, one of the
biggent lumbiT corporation*, wa* killed
at Inland, Miss., early today in an
autocOebUe accident.
In Ksltiuiore oii SiirnUv monilnr.
ORORGE DO-ft F.J,L, jK.sonof Ueorge
l?oswelland8u? Herbert Krooke, aged
lOurteen months. Tbe fiineral took
place this evening at;l o'clock from the
re*?idenee of his grandmothpr. Mr., V\
V".. Herbert. No. llti north Washington
street. Tbe Interrnent wa* lo Ivy Blll
cemetery _
OFFICERS and menibar-i ot Mt. VER?
NON CIUPTKR No 11. R. A. St,
a-illaggsnibleitt King and Washineton
Streets rromptly at C.40 p. r* TCJ-*}
I'AY, Novemberl,1910,tov?-' -ifeyeue
Cbapter. W;i?hington f rs evening
High IV,
fl" st* P*. A*e ,
Washington, D. C.
$7.50 Warm Wool
FOR $5.50
10 pei cent wo-.l, in while, with Hght blue or pink border.s; sizes
7-hsi inchea; Bnisbed with mobair bindings.
Swan Bros
We are showing a large assortment of
Ladies' Light-weigM and Winter-weight
Union Suits, well made and perfect fitting.
11.00. iu
KM Klag Btreet
paa-broker'a Bale .1 meilon al - p
m rilK-SDA v w\ i MHl H
olothing, cameras
Will >
ocl3) *l
.'jOlla;;- Boekwlicai fl
Va..at:t'e lb.
gobbla. ef lable Crtle and ?
tloiir. frv l i I '
:,., hagi Potatoi hel.
Uome killed Poi uutry)
I'iid<llu_r, .?*? ? elc
Orui PF/LLOM I! \ ? ill I meeting !
a O. ?., v.ill be held WH
EVENINU at T;n o'chx t. i > nw
rangemeriia forthfl funei d I
Brotber, Edgar Lyle I
lt _ A ie lir.ilid.
peraoaa bavlna cl l th<
eitateollSAIti.LLKO URKOOR1 ,de
OBfljod. art requestod to present the
same, properly entbentlcated, lo IM
underslgned, andall peraons Indebted to
said estate are requlred to make Imme
dlate pa\ ment. i; II. COX
Seraeant Admr. oflaabelle ti. Oregory,
deed. '"?"' ]"'
_ LODGE, No. 120, A., r A -V. M.are
notitie.l toaaaemhlo al Masonle remple,
o'oloek to attend tha funeral ol onr late
brotber, Edgar Lyles. Bfembersor AIm
andrU-Washlngton i odgeandall Naster
Mas.ms lu good Btandlngare Inrltea. u.?
orderoftbe Worahlpful Master.
i i;. AL-XANPKK, Kecret<ry.
o.-:tl .'t
\s ll.I' A fillU. todoomce work.
Aiipu in wri itreet.
1 ' - ocUl -i
!f it is BOtBjtbinf in this
i ttiint cOffia Ifl and
99% Whll ??' off.-r Iyj???
lina'.ly de. ide to buy.
Our line is BO large Ind *o
completfl Ihat you bata tha
wide-t rhoicfl ln quality and
price. We will iav- you
in c-v and give yoii perfecf
9 lt Sr 0 oi.
Come ni, make (-.?mpari
soni, then b ly where y.-u g*l
_ba baatvaln ? . will And
it Ik
Saunders _ Son,
629 King Street.
I/Oll HF.NT.
4-'l i:\ISII1 I1. Kele.en;-,-, e -|i*hailged.
, ti No :\' South l*iti gureet.
ii. .i;-i a . M*ea ut DuBoan's
Pitt Btraet,
o.i.'? n
TAUI.K ilOAIlll at. u"l wu.-au
)T!(.F ro rATETAXPA". Elt C
i ? m a?'?> prepaeed to i ii . ihe
,ntu Iszei foi thc yeai 1-Ij '. i B ..aon
ii .!? ol laxpayei larespectniilj rstfitit
tin- imporlan* ool nay i>s tbe i _?a *..ior
. r> ,,.|,ii,er l, 1910 as o ' th ?'? aatfl a
penalt ^ of n< ? per e?nt urtll '??: ?dde I to
,i, Hnnald ."" ?d Ihelr o rilecUon an
: ireeu ai roquired ??*? law.
oeUI ec.nl ' It} l.e. i,r.-.r.
W1NTED toiiiig maa to prepare
im poi itioni aa aato_oblio i
,,,. i, . h lUfl" ? 'i atmmm. v>'? make
Ii -,- ,., ian ci-Bin by m dl
. md posltion. Pav bi?. damaad
ror loeii great i n-,-moaei of automo
t.iie uith course, Bampla leaaon and
particulara free. Wnta toJav; teruas
reasonablo. ?nplre Automobile In
?ailllte. lt.. Iiester. .V. Y. ..c.Js',1'
Window Shades
m (!,? tn i.id r 11*.i ga_raataed to work
?*,Ust?tniilj ? ^ .uirelirUili trouble -.lojw
when (??? naakayoo* ?had?. l.aee Our
talns, I'oitie..-. i oiutorts and Klanket**.
O?boraaay pay men ta H. K, WKHB,
6et?St Wl KIiik Street.
A Good
lt ii a notlfsablc faet that bs.r
ia becurning more snd more com
monly used ai a meal time bever?
age and particulsrly in tha home,
Thera are isversl food ressoni
for thi*: It "fiti in" well witb
tolid foodi. It ii s good apettUsr,
It helpi digcstion. Many drink
it in plsee dteotlee, bcciuie they
fmd tha latter injurium to tham.
li a light hr*w with a full. rich
flavor that llnJa great favor s* s
table beverage. The botded prod?
uct is moat oonvenicnt for home
Brewing Co.
'Phone No. 49-B
1' '???' '
vriiTTi BTO fJlTT TUPAfeftt*
L^l T io city C< uncil having oidjred all
prope.-iy dfttnqueat for tjity uxss to he
-dver.isedand tolj,, t'ue- oa.ieotor of _a
tlie llata now ready f ?r piibllrt
'iou. It would he well rr?r all wbo In
tend timeitle tr du %o at oiiec* and sbvc
id.'itinnal n*p- nse. Don't p.it it orf uti
ul.thrla-vday, p
Stock of
At Cost
For Cash
Everything Excepl
te, Collees
aod Roe Herrino
. FOH ?
Austrian China Dinner
ha.i pl ?
42 pl* i B DUuiei Let .a < bln . north 16,
u ... :
Japanese Ware.
i bocoteteSet* |ioo laladBowls,SOcan
90a H.iu- ""??
iu.i Bauoai ?'- Sugat and Cn unera
i Pata, i>>?.-.
Japanese Vases.
Tbis liim i-* Imported direoajromjapc n
??nd it ls oae of the bandsetneet i-w.
ibown ln tbIi elty. We Invlte your In?
spi'ctiou. Tbe prieea r.v\go from (2.60 to
Our 10c Japanese Line.
ln our window ?'lsplay we nho* tbe
ehoapeat Me llno of .lapaueBM ware evei
offered Iu nn*- elty, eomprlalng Halr He
eatvera, Tinv* Uup and smieer* Saltam*
ivppera. PutTBoxes, Platen and Pooted
llon Ki.n-.
Bookiellerand Stationer.
8SMB4H Kingstieet.
sep_ lyr
.'r-ll.. ?.ilM*'*!_- -__*' " ' ~
Thc Pineit of Everyth ng.
Strictly New
Drained Citron, Oran'e and Lemon
Per1. Raiatna, Currants. Figs. Datcs.
Prunea. Shcllcd Pecini, Wa!nuti ; nJ
Almonda. Extra Lar?c Drazil Nuti,
Walnuta and Almonda.
Cor. Canuron anJ Pitt Strceti.
jii'r?iinN having olalmi against tli
.'?uateof MARY T. MOORK, deceased.
nre nvjitf-itpd to prrwni the name. proi
erly aiithenileatrd, to tlm underaigned
niH nll iierioita Itiilehied to naid eatat*
im rviitilrrd lo make Imiiiedlste pay
menl, Pv. lf. COX.
s<'rgeaiit Admr, of MaryT. Moore, dre ri
poixxoi having eluinih agninat ih?
-Mtateof JosKPH DRKICUS, dereaied
are reqiie-Med to pre-u-nt Ui** ?aiiie, piop
erlv anthentleateil, to tho iitideriilgi ed
and all peraon* indsbted to aaid ea hh
ir?i re<tulrt*d to make imuie.llni-* * ay
lUelit. K. II <i>.\
sorg-iant Admr. of Joseph Draff?>,* ee'.i
oe_T I'Ot
?alsiaya on salo at MVIBaWI CAKE.
P?-*ncoand Rojra.1 NweeU.
Coal"J To-tT ~Wood
1 Order your Coal before tbe advanoe ai
loweat aummer prleci. P.ost quality
prompt detlverr aud bottom pilo*
Phooa tf. OiW. Ain-'Ha-OJN, 10,' soutr
aQfaliVil. Jifrtt'
King Street Real
Estate for Sale
Fine Business property on King Street, centrally
located. frontage of 47 feet and a depth of 150 feet.
Buildings in fine ccnditicn. Rented at 875 f er month
Price $10,000.
Thompson & Appich
107 South Royal Street, Alexandria, VaJ
City and Suburban Propertles. Stocks and Bonds
of {Aloxandria, Virginia
CAPITAL,$100,000. SURPI.US. $125,000
Patrons of our Savings De?
partment will please present their
passrbooks for the entry of inter?
est to October l,1910,thereins
the ladies will have a th ? kai
foorweai to. ihemephrcB icd the ;r_dy
_, Kat-'s. You wiu not mvb ??? ? -?
>__.? pvirchije Lut your loy's and gir-'f
shoca will w-.i- iwic* a* lonl when
ih.v ,1. ir.?^ from supj/iar IflBtber,
v-i-n aaadi >..J eomfoceaau t.> ihe feet.
. ?>, \ .1 IjJ. -I... I 11 an art
. .! ibiti ?-. ... .!?-.. t..iu '? oi outl.ee
aad ezquiMte n&ifh sad geaeral . ? -
1... . Whea >.,., ...._ aew fa-twear
<?,,.,, i.i.d atnaft ufihoei at
?.J.'*?Hl_U_J . - JJL--^?~J. i-v :
DRY 0001 >H.
Woodward & Lothrop
A Notable Collection ol Imported Art
VVares, Bronzes, Marbles, Pottery, Bijouterie
Personally Selected by Our Repres.-r.tative in Euope,
For Holiday, Wedding, and Annive.'sar/
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
Amohf tberareand beautiful thin?< are irutn) uJ?l ind unJqi
for tbe bome ,m.l family tl.at are abo awil ?'?!? for v. ba on any oc*:i ..<?>
mUof art, loven af baeuty, Beekenol eboire holidij aml wedding |ifU ?
KedtOVie* tlii< iiiiixtiilii'etit eolleetion Wbila Bl il- '
Tbebeit fucilitiea aro afforded fm th-- BufT_vin| of \V.ddui_ Inwtai
:.,.ption, At lloi.ie aud VWUni Cbrdsi alao lloaoframland Addreee U ?
unk upon ateil ind -ruhelliahed upon tbfl newew and moat fashtooaMepa|
lamnine in plain r .tor*, gold and allvet and iltumlnaiinfl are feiuure, of tlu*
' eIT!?e"l:'.r< ind Ih'ftrirx f-r VA' - Main Fl....r._Kl.*vvitlli Street.
._?__??? ?? n .1?????_? i i ? i I
Gscar f. Carter's New Store
No. 505 King $tf?ct, Wholi*aie and Retiil.
aim iu. CHOPPERS
J_v*.r_l breid and cake mlxera, Pit___r_ bread toaatera,, wai upera, _a?
lob >b tnantel.., ga. chlmoeye, decorated peitor lamp globee, ytlbw iu?a_f bow ,
)ld Retecca at tbe wtU tea peta, Imparted decorated tea not-. celebraU- MUh.
,il hjatt'ra akkei bmjw, wood traya, paatry bosrda, Lroaraa; lk?rd?,curtalaetretcl
__ wash bcaxds, galvaolsed taba and batkats, U?p eawneys, w-cksall atti;
Ind/ uia, dinaer ?ts, 100 pieces, 35 dlfte?j?t styl-a. ?*. la eeen stock Blu*
iibb)3 whita enainel wa? all h_d*. UaMaoua lbw laidin.cran ar.d toilet utt. 18
ind 12 pieces, and oib*? goods tw o\im?ro-. to cn-rtt-oo.
oe.16 ^m

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