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VOI (ME CXI.-NO. 271
Southern Railway.
Train- l-avo l'nion Station. Alexandi 1..
In offeol Oetobart, IStft
u |, ngscheduleflgurespuu
llahcd only aa lafoi-wtfo-. aad are noi
^rXt Dallyloa-batwwen Wa*
'^^MlTildi^'l^lfor llarriso-.
*?&*? _!_-DaU?~V 8. W Mail.
a__ao_lv for Maaengers for iwlnta aouth
? wbi-b '-i.'" 'd- ' "? ?*?P Hrat elase
,tT-i s slt*.4 ?? <" Wlrmlngham
and drawlna room aleeping eara to v-w
Orleana Dining ear serviee.
ii ?<- \ M - -Dailv- Mail traln. Coaehes
f?i Manasa-s.Charfottesville.l-ynphburf,
Danville and Oreensboro. 81eeplu_ ears
Ureenaboroto Atlanta.
4:4; l\ M. Week daya l/>i>al lor War
rent'in nnd Harriso-burg.
ar- i' M. Dally Blrmlngham *i>.-<
lal." Sleeping ears between Now ^ ork,
a!_m__. Aik-ii ind Jaekaonvllle.
Sl^.i' 0>Bir,nin?l,t.n. rbroilgb ilrstj
olaas eo_chos between nand
jackBonvllle. Dlnlng ear serviee, rour
UttoCallforabi four tlmes weekly.
?.-., ,. _ -Week day. Loeal f*i Har
riaonburgaad way stations on Mai
bnii-li. "'ullman buflel parlercar.
-,..,. vl. |,:,,iv I.-. H for Warren
_ CharlottcsvlUp.
f p M Dally -Washington and
Cbattanooga Limited (via Lvneh
Kir>, ,. i aml -h-epmi; cara to
Roanoke. Knoxville and I < lhatt-uiooga.
Sleeper to New Orleans. Washington to
Roanoke Dining ear serviee.
ilir>i> M -Dally?NewYor*.Atlanta
,vu,l Kew Orleans Limited. All I'ullman
traln. club and observatlon eara to New
Orleana Sleeping ears to Ashoyille.
Atlanl i Maeon and Now Orleana Hleop
inr cara to Charlotte. Dlnlug ear serviee.
\-- \ M Dailv Memnhla apocial.
81ee|dnKcarsandco_ehf9 Ibr Roanoke,
Knos ' :u!''
MempblH. Dining ear servloo. ttasii
in 'ii.ii sleeping ears open I0?u i a.
Through traina from the KOUth airlve
at AlexandriaC:l_and6^an<lo_3a.m.
2-|_ :?>. I0:13nudll-* ?' M.dally, Har
rUonhtirc USN x M. week ilays and 9:18
tu-aville 0_1
Leave Ale-Badrta [W. A O. Station)
ireektlay) al *__A. M .Maand_h* lor
Blu-in<ait:0-Bl>. Mweek days for L es
burit' i-.-.i I* M dally ror Bluemont and
ii.j.'a. M. loeal, '"I sundavs only ror
For'de'ull - iwhedule Sgnres. tiekeU.
l'nion Tlckel Agent, Alexandria, Va
P H (" \l'\l \N. Oeneral Manager.
s" ll. II .HDWIt'K. Paaa I'raf. Mirr.
II. I' CAll V. iioneral l-savngor Agent
L. s. Ilrua -i ?? u'ral -g?>nt.
Washingl n. I> ( .
Washington Southern Ry.
Sebedule ln effeel May 16, i!"'1
nalna leave Union Station Ibr Wastv
,:;.i,l- :.: .. m. I- " - ??? -i.ff.SlHand
I! .. b*il>
p.iiii ? i
Fui ?'. ?
mi I
: , \
' !,*,'..-,:V-? i
?. J
t.' ? ?
i [.,' 1 ?-, l tl. I IJ, i ?->.?'? 10. '?
? i . .1 i i !i. ll io and u 55 p. >?
Hi'lii i ft. - I". **?. ? <0- :"K,;i
, ., , ?.. i ? |... II 0, 11 -> and
if,',, ,i u Bim., u-'". I-' i". ioo, tao,
,,,.,,??.._ |. ? 140.4 00.4 W,
.,,,., . ., Ji. H io. 7 00, . 20,
oo. ?30, 1000. 1030and ,
l 10 i> m
,..i: moI'NT V-BWOK.
Leave .lexandrla Ibr Mount Vernon,
?-,M-k daya. at 5 45, 059. 7 .'*;. 851. 102b,
lt % , .,, 1225, 1 25, 225, 330, 4 40, 536,
8 30 7 35' H 50, !l 50, 1050and II 50 p. m.
Sundavs 700, - ?'*>? '? :;" :l :
m u 130,630,630.7 30.1
I M and 10 14 i?. m- i
Piles! Piles! Hiles!
Wllltauns' indian Piu- Olntrnent will
nure Blind, Bleedlng and Itehing PHes.
It altsorbs tbc tumors, albtys iti.-liin<: at
on.-,- aeta aa a |K>ultieo, glvea Inatam
rollef WlUiauia' Inaiau PiloOintment
is prepared for Pilea and itehing of tbc
private parts Druggists; inail GOc and
|| 00. Williams M'fgCo., Prop
land, O. Por sale. wholesalc and retail,
?v Leadbeater A Sona,
Ehfs Cream Balm
ls qaickb abtorbei'.
Cirta Relief al Once.
It rleau
bsals abd nrotcota
tha disaaaea niiMii
lu iae reaaltlngfroni
h nml drivea
away a CoKl Iu tho
Head quickly. Be>
?tor. s of __
Taatea-dSx. !!. Pullsi-eSO eta, atDrng
r by in.ul. Iu liijni i form, 75
Ely Brcthei b, 50 Warreu Street, Kew \or
loiis P. Roainaoa, 0-o.S. Paaacaa,
Preaident Bi oretary.
Alexandria Fertilizer and
M AM'KAlTl'l!i:i>
feniJizes, Fertilizer Matenals and
Sulphuric Acid.
voni daaler for the Alexandria
KertillrVandCbemloal ("o.'s Produota
Capacity: 50.000 ton? per annum.
Prlnoess Street and Potomac Blvei
Wharf. ? mdria. Virginia.
ADM-NISTR VI'olVs NO*ri??-All
laims atainW tlir
ceaaed, aro requeated to prcseat thr
property authentleated, ;.. the
?nder-waed, and all peraona Indebti 1 to
..*ld e--'au-are required lo make iuune
diata :-avui__t_ _ ^ _ R. hL UOX
e?yit MMtmr atiaaba_a ?}. _Mur.
^^ittitia (Sazette.
pceuaaao dai_t ,\m<tiu-wkkki.y at
i, \/.i;ttk i;i ILDINQ. 3W nnd U_
[Enteredatthe Postoffloeof Alexandria,
Virginia, bb seeond-elaas matter.]
Taaaa: Dally-1 vear, &.00; 0 montiis,
g_60" i months, 9L2&: 1 month,43 eents
1 week, lo eents.
Tri-waakly ?1 vear, $3.00:0 month*
81.r?: a moiitliH. 7.'. ccntu; 1 month, B
eents. .
Ooatraet Bdvertlaers srlll aot be aiioweu
goeed their spaee unless theexcess
is paid for ut tianalent ratea, and under
no eircumstances will they i>e Bllowwi;
to advertlae other than their leglti
mato bueiaeea la Ihe spaee contraete-.i
for. _ _, ,
Resolutions in memortom, of ttanas,
trlbuteaofreepeet, resolutions sdopted
bv soeioties orpersons.unleBBorponllc
ooaeem, will be printed in the nap?'
as advertlsemonra.
Tbomu Williams. Um negro abuee
arrest toUowed the di-covcry ol little
afarie Smith'- mutilated body in a
clamp of aoods near Aabary Park, X. I
.1 , Sunday, was nol even romovodl
from tlie jail for court proceduro yes?
terday, so fearfnl wen- tbo police of
mob violenc. \ 1 rowd surrounded j
tho jail all day and bad not disp
lat>' last night. j
To carrj oul the requiremeats of j
the law the'negro was inforroally ar
raigned yesterday as bo stood in iiis
oetl and was beld without bail toresarni
William-H. Smith, chief ol police ol
Asbury Park, beld n confereuce with
the prisoner yeaterday and announeed
afterward tliat Williams apparently had
established a good atilii.
Many persona are inclined to think
tbe man a victim of ciicumstantial
ovidence, bul ihii does noi ?eem lo
soften tbe high feeling in tho city.
The cbild's mother U still in a |
wrious condition from grief and;
In an attempi t<> wring a confession
from the priiH>m*r the ehild's body wa
hrougbl into the jail corridor yeetrrdav |
evening. The negro was led torth and
halted biwide it
"[ swear t?? God I did nol barm the
girl. I ha i nothing to do with it." ho
xaid I'n mlj.
'Look into ber eyes and say tliat.''
he ua- 1 0111 anded \V1llia111~ leaned
fnrward until ho vas gazing straight
into ihe dead 1 yes. lli- gaxe did 1101
w ivcr nnd Im i
.,| 1- in. tiie*- tha' I did 1 o'
. ii her. I
H n ? !. in i-r ! lo n 1 know wbo
.1 1
r eatod
T 11 11
1 !
"I l I nin 1 iv I did not do
I in .nrry for Ii r an I <orry for
oily. biit 1 had iiothiog 10 do
..II times with*
I e le I i?vi r and \
\e 0-, but
j Ui lliosei
? hi 1I1I1?There i- nothing
, 'i, ftorl I Hi it cmv* ? iisdis and
.. quii kl) Chamberlain's
Cough R-rnedy. Sold bj W F. Creigh
tiin and Richard Gibson.
lil.VOl l lloN IM SJIMBXT.
Following vi>its to Don Jaime de
Bourbon, the Spanish pretender, and
un and Portugal, Mr. Jamei J.
A-vhiliald, ol Washington. returnoXl to
v York yesterday, conrinced that
tbe country at present ruled hy King
Alfonso soon will he in a Btate 0? revo
lution. He went abroad lo stody con?
ditions in Spain aud Portugal aod be*
lieves thal he Buoceeded in obtaining a
clear insigbt into the situation.
"I visited l?-ti Jaime :it Frohsdorf,
near Vienna," Mr. Archibald said, 'and
found him and liis relatives to be
charming folk. demo -ratic and pleasing
in tbeir character and manners. The
uder to the thronc ol A'fonso bt
lieves revolutoin is at hand in Spain, .
but that it will come without himself
oeing a rcasou for il He deplored the .
chaotic conditions 111 Spain and ox- i
plained thal tbe system of rule thero
has been brought about through nn
taetful and needlcss action against the
! Catholic Church and through failure to
tbe industriw ol tho people and
, the natural resour ?<.?? ol the country.
"My investigations in Portugal have
: led meto believc Ibal King Manuel
| could bave kept bis tbrone if be had
, walked out among his uoldiers and told
them he would stand by them. His
I actions are regarded among his people
las cosrardly."
HIGH B*l?ivi>SlVB i:xi*i;kimk.t.
A party of prominent nary and army
?olhcer-. left Washington last night for
'? Xorfolk tO witness tlie high cxplosivc
ezperiment to whieh the monitor
i Puritan will be subjected today.
The test will be niade in BCCOrdance
with a prorUion of the naval appro
ipriation hill and will ronstsl ofexplod
! ine aboul 200 pounds of gelatin in an
iunconiin.d charge ngauist the after
turret of the monitor to deterniine the
; oxtent of damage sueh an explosion
would eause to a war vessel. The ex
periment will ho held in Hampton
The Puritan was towed out of Xor
folk yesterday morning toa poaition
about two miles from the Hotel Chani
berlin, at Old Point A number of
chickens and a yellow eat of nine
lives are tobe placed at various poinu
within a radios of 50 yards from the
explosivc lt is believed that the force
' df the exploeion will kill every animal
on the ship. it would likewisebe very
unsafe for anyone to be within a 100
' j yard radius.
The only man on ihe Turitan when
i j the charge is exploded will be Captain
i Knight, wbo will operate tbe wires that
are to set the charge off. C>ptaiu
?ii_ht is eor.Vr_iiil tM he*a-rsHaia
aboard sbip without danger to himself,
hut will take extra precautions.
Bf*B Cream Balsa has been tried and
not found waaUag in thousandfl or homes
all over the eountry. It has won a pla*e
in the family incdiciuocloset among the
rellable housahold romodies whoro it is
keptat hand for uscin treating eold in
ihe head just us soon as some member
ol the houaehold hegms the prehmlnarj
sneeclnc or snuflUng. lt s5ves Imme
dlate relief and a (lay or two s treatment
will put a stop toa eold whieh might il
uot eheeked, beeease ohrome and run
nto a had case of oatarrh._
Muiioua kamiia fem>.
Scott Jett is in a dying euiidition and
hi* brotber, Olnretxr Jett. and their
?athor. William H. Jett, the latter a
woaltby farmer and stoek rafawr, are
daaw roiisly wounded as the nvmlt of a
fetid in the family, whirh brokaloaaaj
at their bome, near Memlola. Va.,
The father is said to bave interfereaj
*itb bi? sons, who were about to di>
? thi. oroperty, with ? viow lo
lenvingtbe home. The father is said ?
to bave fired upon Soott Jett with n re
rolver, sending one ball between tbe
young roan's ribs and a second into his
abdomen. Cbwrcnce Jett was shot iu the
neck by bia father.
One of thi- BOBS returned the. SBOt,
and the ball entered the father's left
breast, a few inehea above the beart.
The father nnd Clareuce Jett will prob?
ably rocover, bul theraappeara to beao
hope for BcottJett.
Tbe family IS well known in Hnsto_,
the fotbe* being B brotbor Of tho late
Captain John W. Jett, who was for
many years promioeni in btnriaess ia
Bristol. _
*i ti?i>?i i i. i.\im:himi:\t.
ThcCurtisS biplane. lhal made tbe
trip from Albany to Xew York. wa-;
pilotcd from ib<- forward deck of the
aroul cruiser Birmingham ofl OWl
Point by Eugene B. Ely. yesterday,
im . < near a hair-iai.sing ox
bib tion of daring ai any ol Ihe ^pocta
lora had before ever witneesed
Determined te make the attoii.pt
despitc rain and wind. whieh had been
enming in sqitalls throughout the
afternoon, (ho aviator glided from the
ii I platform whieh had been
i ,i ,!,,,-.d ou iii ? Birmingham bc
f ire many of Ibe otlicers on board ihe
. n?wwhal was bappening. Bwoop
t . le.tr of the ship's how, the
a roplane Hrsl dropped lower and
lower a d then witli a splash se* med
lodivi directJy into the water. It rest
iihesurfare momaatarily, while
? in naval reeeels stood at
'??-oat-. and than aroso little by
.ni v until ii bad reached a hoight of
150 feel or more. when it made B
Mrnigbt flight for the fainlly disccrni
ble shorr Iim- toward Korfoik.
lt lanuod on Ibe beacta safely t? ?
ii d .half miles from the Jtiniutig
Beaten almost beyond recognition,
ll), body of .Mrs. .Inlia Carey, aged 85
years, WOS found yesterday in a vacanl
l.?t next to the S.noy Theater, in the
Oenter ofthe business district of San
Prancisco. John Knapp, former con
vict, is iti jail, charged with murder.
Detectivee found Knapp standing in
front of a Btable, where he is employed,
not more tban 50 feet from the place
where the body lay. In bis room over
the Btable the otlicers found a window
weigbl smeared with blood and knottcd
gray hair Some of Knapp's discarded
garments were eovored with blood. and
ihe oollar and veet he wore when nr
rested were spotted with bloody tinger
jirints. A trail was discovered over
whieh the woman had been dragged
from the|stable to the Iot where the
body was found.
Knapp il 57 years old. Ho served
tbirteen years in tho Folsom peniten
liarv for the murder of James Quinn,
ol Humboldt, fr>wa, in a gambling
Cronp is most provakal during the
dry eold weather of tbe early winter
months. Parenta of young ehildren
should be prepared for i?. All that is
needed i- l bottle of Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy. Many mothers aro
uevor without it in thoir home? and it
has never disappointcd them. Sold by
W. Y. Creighton aad Rrhard Oibson.
ji\,s Instant relief and an .ibs'ilnte-oiire
inalloaaea of Asthma. Hronohlli* aml
HayFover. Bold by drujgists; mail ou
reeolptorprieofl.ro. Trh?F naekngo by
mail h> cent*. WlllhuBss MfgCo., Propa,
Cleveland, O. For mle, iraelesBle and
retall, bv K. 8. Leadbeater ft8oas,
It Is TimetoPre
pare Your Home
for the Winter,
Call and inapect eur line
of Dressers and Chirfoniers,
matched pieces in walnut,
oak and birdseye meple.
Ask for aample bettle of
Furniture Polish.
M. Ruben & Sons
ln Roral, Ark., Uvcs a Lady Who
Fecls That Her Strength Was
Restored by Cardui.
Floral, Ark.?"I must speak a good
word for Cardui," writes Mrs. vlola
Baker, of this place.
"About a month ago I was in very bad
health. I was so weak and ncrvous tr-ai
I was not able to do my housework.
"My husband bought me one bottle ol
Cardui, lhc woman's tonic. I took it ac?
cording lo direclions and now I rm in
good health.
"I ililnk Cardui is a fine tonic for weak
And you are not Ihe only lady who
thinks so, Mrs. Baker.
Thousands. like you, have written lo
tell of the wonderful benefit Cardui na?
been lo them.
Cardui contains no mincrals. or other
powcrful drU0. it contains no glycenn
or other niawkish-tnsiin2 iiipredients.
lt is just a pure, natural extract, of
natural vegctablc herbs, thnt have been
found to regulate Ihe v.omanly functions
and strcngthen the female system.
All druggists sell Cardui.
See yours aboul it.
N R? Write to: Ladie*' Advlacry Denl. Chah>.
ncw-BMediSneCii.. Ch itU-OOtB. 1> nn.. Ir.rSprri-i
B? Womea" KUt in yliia wupptr. on rrqutat
J. & H. Aitcheson
Gray Gasoline Motors
Encmeer and Mschinists' Suppli?.
Pipe. Pipe Fittintfs. Valvep. Vc.
Blacksmithing & Repairintf
Promptly Executed.
Alexandria Iron Wo ks
We m.kc a -pecuity in |repaira to
Gasoline Entfinei. Motorcycle* and
We tolicit your _rJer? oa all kinJa i l
Iron Work.
Bell Phone 53.
514 Evan* Buildinf. Phone Main 7324
M-oufacturer of
offish un bvububb: iivmt s. Bovaaar.|
Dcaler in Hardware. P.irits. Africul
rural Implements. Ve-?cles Harne-a.
Field .nd Garden Se<_'.
wanr-Hots-i, soc-_ vatoa mnmn, <>x
uwa ov auqr_ia_ BAixwar.
Also Grain, Hay, i.Vtraw
and all kindsof Mill Feod
Wid always keep in stoek the biff-M
gmde of these articles.
., IIUMXIA.-In tba Clerk'a Offlceol
V tbe Corporatioa Court oftbe (.'Ity ol
Alexandria. on tbe.lsl day of ootobor.
I ber. 1-10,
garah 0. Hall v*. Joha W Hall. In
' Mpmo. Tho objeel ol thia sull is lo ob
! i.iin Ibr ihe oomphiinant, Barab O. Hall,
aa absolute diroree frora tbe boods ot
inatrimonv from tbe defendant, John
W. Hall. and thai eoinplainant be al?
lowed to resumc her mabteti nanao ?t
I Sarah Oollrhern, aad lb? sueh further
; and ffeneral relinfaa to eqoity la rlgbt
lt appearing byaoaflMavil -tedlntbla
eause tbal the defendant, Joha U.
Iliii, ls b non-resident of thia State:
It ls Ordered, Tbal mld defendant ar>
paurhere irttbln flfteen daya after due
? publiqeiien oftbia order, and do what Ih
[aeeesaaLiy to pTotis-t hisinterest In tbw
[suit, aan tbat a eopj of Ihisorderba
Ibrtbwith Inaerted in' lha AieMindnn
?????. a newspaper publlshed In tbe
Citv ef .lewnadrta, oiiee a week for four
I sutwrvive veekay aad posted stthcironi
1 doar oftbe f\?urt House ofthlsolty
A eeuy?TrarrE:
XEfft-lVL * fl?KFIV UV1L Oloak.
Rtrfwctu Mnaorwo. p. n o-flt "-rw-s
lI'.i'.IN'lA.-ln iL- O.-rk'* oll.ee ol
. tho Corporatioa Court of tho Clty of
I Alexandria, on tbe 14th day of Hoveaii
Iber, MO.
I Jerome J. Wild. to. Mai__erite !<? Wil
dor. In efaaneery.
; Mcmo. Tbe objeet ofthis suit la toob
' tain a decree for an absolute divoree by
ibaoomp-Uoaat from tbe defendant, ou
tbe eround ol wilful dc-crtion andnhan
donmeiit Ibr more than three years prior
t-. the institution of thi-- suit.
It appearing by an a_daril bb'd ln
this cause tbat the defendant. Marjriitv
riteR.Wilder.lB a non-reatdeal oi this
.state: It Ib Ordered, Thal aalddefeomnt
appoar bere within flfteen days after duo
nublleation <>f tbi- order. and do what la
neoeaaanr to proteet her interest in Uua
BUlt, aad that a eopy of thi* order be
' tortbwlth Inaerted in Ihe Alexandria
Oa/.etto, a newspaper publlshed In the
of Alexandria. onee a week for four
Buoeeasive weeks, and posted at the front
door ofthe Court HouSC ofthia eity.
A eopv?Ti_rri:: ? '
r?v Looai H. Dvrpn, 0. (?
j Samuel ??? Hrent, p. n- novll wiu m
persons having elaims ajrainst tbo
j estate of JOSEPH DRKIKL'S. deeeoa-d.
) are reqnestad to preeent tho same, prop
orly autbenticate-, to the undersitfned,
I and all peraaas Indebted to said eatate
?are reaalrod u make irnmadlate pay
?eat. B. H. UOX.
8?_ai^_-???A?f Jessph Bre-NB. dsVd.
fJ0W7 flfr
Woodward & Lothrop
Nightshjrts and Pajdmas
Fall and winter weights.
\ uapal i esnnlolfi ?rsnttmnnt rrf fcfra's Nigbtabtrta aml ftajaasas for fall aml
?iaterwear. "Ltcht a-plght inaterials tortbosowhoprefttr thens, aad the heavior
and wannor weights In ootton, domet ltanael.and Seotefa flannel.
Klghtsbirtfl ofnaiaeeok, cotton. aateea, daawt flannd. eadSeoteh flaaaet. I'a
jamaaol' pereate, mndras. aHli madraa, ehevlot, rlomet (t.-mnet. Scoteh flannol,,
Prensti nannol ?>?'' ?>li?.
Kea'l t'oiton S'igfatimirte, *ith Viaeek Men'sSootofa Flannel Nightahirta und ;
oreollar attached: plain and trinsmed. t Paiamaa, in aeat whlte, gmy.and blue,
^?.|, . SOo striped eflTecta; made large and rooma. j
_fea'BCoUeaKlghtahlrta.withVaeeh Mlghtshlrte, each *?
o, epllars attaehed- plain srbltaaad trim- ^ ,TT,
med. Baen . . '?> J
Maa's Flae Cotton aud Matasook Blen'sFineFreneh Flaaaal Pajamts,
Night. hhts. with V neck or eollar ai- m whlte, gray, and b|uo stripedaffeets,
taehcd: plain and triromed. Kaoh ? si.'*1 ?ith military oollaraad peari l)iittoiiK;a
Mcu's Batra IssrreHigtotahtrta, made llgbt-weigbt, bul very wann sleeping
of Wanuutta cotton. wltn V neck or col sanaeat Ball ? s."?.oo
h, attached: eoltor siaaa ap ta ? ^ Sllk ..^.^ trimm(.d wilh |
r* silk frogs and penrl buttons; military I
Men's Satei'iiN'ightsliirls. with Vnoek: \ ~n\\nr, suit *-">.00
neatlv trimmed. ttacn., laJO
Men'a Domal Flannel Sbjhtahirta aad Men"- Very Fine ICereerized l\ijnm:w.
i.jniiuiH. la a good BSBOrtment ofpat- in plain v.h.le and eolors: trimnied with
toras. Nightabirta, each. 50e, 7*, fLQQ BUifrogs and peari tmcton*. Sult..JMO
najanws, -uit . si.nnand ?l.o" Main floor Pal
Thanksgiving High
grade Table and
Decorative Linens
For this week to those who repler ish their
linen closets in a most economical manncr wc
offer the best linens in many cases at less than
present wholesale cost, becausc we purchased
these linens months ago. Table Damasks. 2
yards wide. strictly pure linen, heavy weight,
full bleached. This quality sold every where in
Washington at *1.50. Our price $1.00.
We eall your attention to our magnificent
Millinery. showing everything of the best in
quality and style. but atthe very lowest prices
Real ! rench Kid Gloves,guaranteed,$l a pair.
We v, ant every woman in Alexandria to try
2 pairs c f Huwitha Stocking*. 2 pars for 25 c.
We claim they are as good as many houses in
Washington charge 25c a pair.
518-520 King Street, Alexandria, Va.
Must Be Sold by 15th
Fine, modern, bay window front. eight room brick
house. with concrete cellar, furnace heat, bath room,
with all modern plumbing conveniences and sewer
connection. Lot 24 by 110 feet. Side and rear alley.
Two blocks north of King street.
See me at once.
313 King Street.
We will have on sale this week the sam
ple line of ladies' fine
Tailor-made Suits
from the Printz -Biedermen Co., of Cleve?
land, Ohio,
$25.00 Suits, in fine serges, herringbone,
cheviots, for $17.98.
$20.00 Suits, cloth serges, cheviots, for
No Charge for Alterations.
D. Bendheim & Sons.
of Alexandria, Virginia
CAPiTALal 100,000. SURPLUS. $125,00
Patrons of our Savings De?
partment will please present their
pass books for theentry of inter?
est to Oetober l,1910,therein.
Corner King and Royal Streets)
Capital $ 100,000. Surplus and profit- $30,000.
United States Depositary- Depositiry for the
state of Virginia.
Depositors afforded every factlity for business,
security and accommodation.
Large and small aecounts invited ia both our
Commercial & Savings Departments
on grounds of absolut, safety and aatisfactio-.
I Tudge C. E. Nicol, Presidet...
Wm. B. Smoot. Vice President.
John A. Marshall. Vice President.
T. C. Smith. Vice President and Cashier.
Funds invested for our customers. Detailscare
fully attended to for all. Call to see us.
Drafts issued on all parts of the world.
Interest paid at three per eent in our Savings
Special Sale For This Week
in Children's Educator Shoes
ln all the different leathers
Size_4 to 8..11.1*
Sizes8 1-2 to II,.$139
. .->. __?!-.._.
One half square of ground. Excellently
located for dwelling or factory sites, situ
ated on Pendleton street, between Patiick
and Henry streets.
Price, $1,750 Cash.
Six fine building lots on north Wash?
ington street. These are the closest lots
obtainable from King street. Low price for
a few days only.
Thompson &, Appich
107 South Royal Street, Alexandria, Va.
li You Want a Good Medicioal Rye Wbisky?the Right Kind
_ what you want. Also try sooas of ou. tiae Imported Wi? aad Gia.
Lowenbach Bros.,

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