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_?/#s v
?|C ' yw %__t
|,y ihe demoi ils \* ?? ' "'"'
ortwn im ' ?M,? ' :" "M'','
queation. Tiiere are' ibirtj
eight Trill bring ibcnumberupl i
Xhe rtgulai repu lieans will
forty one, and I I aievm io
* ? ho out.
pa?ty "ii thi tasiff, an I soUnl '
Uwi, ol 8 >uth Dakota. This wil
the insurgents tho balai. of power.
,:yy inijrc ngtb ol iln
h little, saya ibe Pb'dnd
rd, an I on i!""! publi' polioies
Um insurgents sre mui li nc irer the
mins aill I avc I !l,x>ul
the tariff and d ^mong
republieans bc lalks
of an ??? n 11 ? ? i
lo aticli b bill as tbey w< uhl pass. Men
I Borl aill
where they reallj
\ - instance of grim humi r i n Ihe
partol tbe Portt
iflrelatedio the This news
I ,., ? u ienl daily I ?
ia Europe, but tbe I
forwarded lo King Manuel
lo'ths Q lOonPow* ir, Maria !
the Palais d'Ajuda, h
lo Ihe nfflcw i i P '
aJdrcs " The "Figaro," commenling
with much warmth on thw "brutal
formula," adds, "We, being better
informfld than I
republic as tothe whereabouts of tbe
depoaed ?? ?? l ,,!"1'" for"
e journal as usu il to thi ii
ils in
1 and Italy."
_,.,_ oi tbfl humoroua im id nta ol
the voting on election d \y n
ia i Bronx, Ni s i'orl I ti '? lasl
i?.. |,, \ i ti ii ? nl i tbe poll
ing place and, declaring loudly that bc
was going to rote the prohibition ti :ket,
took bis ballot and entered tbe :
where b? remained about five minutes,
muttering to himself. '1 liis rob i d
not look liki i '
terest in tlie probibition party. Bu
when thfl COUni ?? ? s""'
enough, wa< tbfl ballol m irki 1 in ihi
circle under thi fountain Iu lh<
gni was written, "1 bereby take the
pledgi. ' ind nnder this was a great
blue ink blot tl - ihough it
were inten led for a Beal, and wbich
iUtcd the throwing uul of tbe
probibition rote in the disti
A puu>AT( ii sent oul from Washing
toaeays tlie Mxly-first Coi
by constitutional limitation, nl
Mareh l next. lt is possible for thi
democrats i?< play tl"' appropi
bills againal tarifl revision or filibu l< i
against the appi ' f',i1''
tbfl preaidenl to eall ibe -
Oongresn in - stt i
be hoped that tho den
do nothing ol the k
Uoa sets in. There is lo ? much
latton as it ii and exti i
Congresa arfl unj
more harm than g< od n ults Ihere
from. rhe people ol
chaacfl lasl we< k I
proval of long sesv. >ns ol tho l<
lature and they did
whelining majorftj
SO With Otl;
bo with I_
Thi ;
of the ?
with tlie topmi -? flgures ?
rdinf to tho tables i f;
laled by tho B islou News Bi
has dropped 1".- i er cent, Hour 22 pei
eent, corn ?7.9 i
barrol. 26.1; lard, 14; bv
14.?".. The downward l<1
been slow. It has heen skillfully am!
sturdily resisted by tl. rubina
tions, whieh ll I mipu
late the mark< ts. Bul thi
ity cannot be annulled. Big crops
and lighter buying I say n itbing ol i
big democratic rkrtorj will force
cheaper selling.
Pr. W. A. Evaaer Cbicago's rleabh
Commissioner and kadiitg phrati
makcr. la out with n new hatch ol
"bealihogratn-" "Iwo much freab
air is just toougb," says Dr, 1
aad following tbis up he deelares that
"the biggesi Ledrooin in tbe woiKI i:
not m)f onouch tosleep in if tha win
jjows are -> .
that umler _r. Evamrs guidance
Chicagoans are rapidly lcaining how to
l... healthy. Thcjr are kmroisg tbc
importance of fresh air, are linding out
how to avoid disease aod ?rc aeeing it
! monstrated tbat people can live in
. good bealtb, despite
? i B.
Tn? honile attitude ol tba labor
the organized militia
a very pcssirnistio feeling
f tho army and the
:, whicfa ia reflectcd
annual report of Col.
? r, chief of the division of
hiof of staff. The officers
almoal hopdee. to expect
? i.i tbo preseut conditions
ia :tment of stato laws or
, iy national law tliat would
tbe uniona from their
attitude. The pa?ch
' patriotisrn aro of no cf
. . n where it is shown tbal
of the militia i- the
: of l:iw and order. The
I for (be crcation of an
Coogreae, a force of
wbo would be under
?ntrol of the federal gov
?iii'i.. centuatcd in tbe annual
. ,, it. Witfa such r
be atatcs, tbe first line
f defense in tbe event of war would
? militiamen, 100,000 reg
ulars and al leasl 100,000 reaerve corps
THESoli 1 south is more so now than
,. giowing reporta that
;ho winning smile of Mr, Taft and the
dciital inciaora ol Colonel Rooaevell
wero making serious in roads on the
traditioi - I Dixie, the eleetion lasl
lay showed n<< indicatiou of such a
ion. Whcre probibttion was the
il was defeated. The tariff and ade
: for cl< an politiea, undominated
hy tbe t\ iu intercsta, wcldcd Ihe
Iy togetber tban ever.
in \\ asbingtou think
ibey have been overlooked as a factor
n bringing about the defeat of the re
; irty. Washington was hoad
luarlcri for tln* anti-republican cam
i wagod by the uogroos, and an
imouut ol literaturo advtsing
cna to vote against the re
n candidatea was diatribptcd,
mado that there vere
i in the la-t eleetion who
,11,1 i t all or who voted tbe
,|, mo raiio li< kel than in any C-tcUofl
i rhi of auffrage was given
the race.
Thk io niey question 1ms disrupted a
Brooklyi churcheboir. The membera
can'tagi oon the acale which begins
mi I (...: with dough s-ays Ihe New
II, iid. Why, that is notbing,
ibo m iey question has disrupted
n 1 b ia been known to
break uj a cunp im-<-tin_,
l> ubliabe I elsewhera in
?how tliat the priees
? .,f life io rarioua
idy been to decline.
Xbo d lie ti Ial wave of iasi week
ng fruit already.
Cbamp Clark, who aspirea tobead
tho democratic house aa vpeaker, awoke
? io lay to liu.l lhai an iminioua looking
piracy h is already been hatrbed to
. iip lns winjj io ciuto lns bopea aro
realized. The cunspiracy is headed by
Ueprescntative Carlin of Virginia, who
h.-mJs tbc faolion which will aupport
Ueprescntative Jamea Hay of Virginia
for ? ? :slnp in caae Cbamp
Clark refui ? pt Ihe condit'ona
they pr.ipi.-i-. The priocipal one is
shall favor tbe appoint
menl of a eommittee on committeea.
! Uepreseutalive Clark has not yet made
: no iiis min 1 and announoes that
neither for nor against auch ?
,.-. A . a matter of fact, he made
it clear todav thal he would steer a
mmiltal course for the present
11 erill make n ? predictiona for the
parlj until the membera uf
ihe iluusc arrive i:i Washington and
; ; . ,;iui. ii tbeir plans for tfae
fomii Cbamp Clark is not
democrat who looka for big
|. irly at ihe next aessi m
,,< c,.. i will 'li'- most im
,.i one f..r tbe democrats for msny
I today. "Upon what
ih then will depend what is
;.c.i >nl is antioualj
n ii" k ~pring,Texaa,
i of a Mexican
th ? li irder. Thia will bave
ite authoritk
I'. \;i a Imitted by offi
ite Departmenl that if
: between auch a
if another
.o t ti is country, that
tiiatiou will bo so greatly conipli
. aa lo inako an amicable aeitle
, fficully through diplo
? ehannch a piost hatardooa and
rtain undertaking. So far as troops
fend Texaa against mob invasion
mceroed, tbere are an abundaoce
liera in JVxas. If a clash ..
State Bangcn would hc the
alled out to repel the Moxi
Diob Aficr tbc rangcrs would
Militia an! as a
il aba hiidy essentiai, the
ilsrarm.v.Of these there
are two troopsot cavaliv at-tiooed at
I'ort Clark nt 60 miles from
ttock Bprings, upon which place the
Mexican mob i- icported to bo advanc
ing and then ?rt at San Antonio.about
100 miles bj rail and 50 miiea march
ing, a regimctu of cavalry, a rcgiment
of mfantry, and threa b tteriea ol field
artillery, Anotbet matter which is
ita IVpartinent grave
apprehen?ion today ra tha mob of
4merics8i trblch is pursuing the Mea?
na who killed tbc chi-f
hc* at Anal-irLo. If tbe mob
runs down tho Mexican fugitivc, it is
feared that Ihe authorities of Okla
lioina could not poflaibry savehim from
mob violenec. Bucfa a lytiching as this
would strain the intarnational retatioau
between Ameriea and Mexico to the
breakiag point.
An order announeed by iho Inter?
state Commeree Conuni.-sioii today sus
peads a propoaed inerease, hv the
Chcsapeake and Ohio and its OOOBflC
tions, on coal from tbe New river dis?
trict in West Virginia to Toledo. The
inerease was lo take effect November
Iii, and the commission hassuspended
it until Mareh 15, 1911. The proposed
advance was from $1.12 to $1.45 a ton.
Unofficial advieos today indicated
tliat the pos8ibility of a clash between
Mexicans and Americans at Rock
Springs, Texas, is more remote and
conditions arebecorning quiflter.
The census-office today announeed
the 1910 enumeration of the the Btate
of Maine as 742,371, inerease 47.'.'05,
or 6.9 per cent.
Nearly all the states were represented
at tlie 22(1 .'innu.il convention of the
National Assoeiation of Hailway Com
missioners began here today. Chair?
man Knapp of tho Interstate Commerce
Commission made an address of wel
Champ Clark says that story about
him driving a pair of mules down
IVinsylvauia avenue in the event that
he wrs elected speaker is al! nonsense.
"I never said I would drive the mules
and I wont That'fl all there is to tbfl
niule story."
In an effort to indncfl Ihe Depart?
ment of Justice to bring the 3hei inan
anti-tru*t ad to hear upon the United
States Malster's Assoeiation, an in
dependent malt dealei In New York, it
was learned today, is heading a movc
inent to have other independent dealers
petition thfl department It is charged
that the. ajBociation rontrols prices aod
fizes tlicm at an cxhoibitatit ligure. lt
is alleged to bfl b practicfl ol the as?
soeiation to raise prices hy circulating
reports oi a coming shortage in tbe
tupply of sah aml indacing custoroera
lo bul for fuluro delirery. It is ?.\
peaied iliat an investigation will be mv
lertaken hy thedepartmenl ifsufncienl
evidence to warrant it is preaented.
Tlie situation in Niearagua lodaj
seems grsvo as a result of the political
rioting in Leon on Sunday nigbt. Con
sul Oliveras is today in Leoo ihrestigat
ing the situation. A report reeeived
from bim at tbe Btate Departmenl
that when the poliee charged upon the
meeting of the liberal party in Leon.
that fire persoos wero killed and four
others injured, tbrflfl of then, being sol
? liers and one of tliem an Ameriean.
I?leat Falling ln Friees.
Philadelphia, Nov. 15. ?There was a
downward trciid in the prices of nieat
wbolesale and retail ber* today. Rteaks
ire Belling relail at an aversgo of three
cents a pound cbeaper. Lamb chops
aro fiveccufas pound lower, while b im
ire down tbree cents. Tbera is alsoa
doclinfl in tlie prices of poultry, cbickens
telling wbolesale from 1 to 2 o nU
cents lower.
Newark, Nov. 15.?There i- an
average reduction of three cents a pound
in the retail prices nf all l.imls of mfl ll
in Newark as compared with those oi a
week ago. There is similar redttctioo
in prices ofchicken and turkey. It is
believed, however, that there is likely
to bfl another drop in tho near fiiiure.
Boston, Nov. 15.?Prices of many
food staples in tbe Boston market today
dropped 2 to 7.
Beef steaks are down 3 cents; lamh
and real 8 eents: pork, cbickens, bam
and bacon 2 to I! cents and potatoes
6 cents.
Pittaburg, Nov. 15.?Pork has drop?
ped ten cents a hundred pounds here.
while eggs have soared to 38 cents a
dozen. No other material changes in
food products are noted.
Qrand Rapids, Mich., Nov. 15.?
afeata, especially pork, have heen re?
dueed in ihe market here two to four
cents. Poultry is cbeaper by four lo
six cents. Eggi and groceries are un
New Haven, Conn., Nov. 15.?Pork
and beef have dropped from tbree and
a half to live and a half cents a pound
m tbe wbolesale market. Hams have
dropped 4 cents B pound. but baCOfl
has gorie up two and a half cents a
Kansas City, Mo., Nov. 15.?Prices
of ngarly all of the common food stuffa
in Kansas City arh lower today, the de'
crease ranging from five to fifteen pei
cent, The largest drop was iu tlie price
of pork and beef, whieh averaged 9
cents per pound.
Denver, Colo., Nov. 15.?Though
tlie wbolesalfl prices of pork and mut
ton have droppeil ahotit 12 per cent.
here, the reduction nas not yet reacbed
the retail market. Denver retailers as
serted today, however, that they ei
DCCted B material drop in pork and
beef before tbe week ifl out.
Springtield. III.. Nov. 15. Quo
tations this morning on wboJcaaifl
meats among loeal fiims, indicate a
drop of pra tically 10 per cent in pork
products within thfl past tWO watki
Wbolesale piices on beef productrre
main about the same. Pctail prices
bave uotchanged.
Indiaaapolis, Ind., Nov. 15?The
whol< s ;le prices of dr. BBfld bOCS fell off
1 cent per |o.nl here today and
another docrcise is expected. Beef re
mains the same. Pork prices have
heen dcclining for 10 days.
Trenton, N. J., Nov. 15.?Prices of,
all mcatS, wboleealfl and retail iu
Trenton have dro ped from an eighth ,
to a quarter of a cent in the last few |
rJays, Poultry remained stationery.
im- Wchenk Caae.
Pittsburg, Pa., Nov, 16.?Tbat ar
rests will bfl madfl within tbfl next 24
hours thnt will establish the exist>re ?
(f a wellorgnnizcd plot against tbe lifeof
John 0. Sehenk.of Wbecliniz, W. Va
was the declaration of he .dquarters of
a big private detectivc agency here this
Coopcr Freed.
Nashville. T^nn.. Nov. ]?'.?Kol.m
Cooper was acquitted at his rctrinl in
criminal court today of tho murder of
former United States Senator B. 17.
Carmack. after tho jury had been in
Rtrocted lo bring in a verdict of not
guilty. '._
Twent)-three Perwus killed.
Pay-Ting, China, Nov. 15. ?In an
explosian in a carlridge factory bere
today 23 persotis are known to have
heen killed ond many seriously
Mob Onttvlttcd.
Asbury P.irk. N.J.. Nov. 15.? While
an armed and dttermincd mob stood in
tbe slcet a few bloeks from the hxal
jail early today, preparing to prevent
Thomas Williams. a negro from bein_
taken out of town, it was hoodwinked
l.y Ooroner Purdy. The mob had
threatened to lync- Williams, who is
aceuseil of having ravished and mur?
dered Maria Smith, a nine year old
girl. At 11 o'eloek last night it had
gathered iu such nunihers about the
jail that Chief of Police Smith became
alarmed. With diawn cluhs bo aud
twenty of his men charged the crowd
which gave back sullenly to a point a
oouple of blocka from tba jail. Police
then roped off the street and declared
it clo
Then Chief Smith mounted a box
and niade a speoch to the crowd. He
declared that tho negro proved an alihi
and tbat the coroner's jury would de?
termine whether he was innocent or
guilty. While Smith was speaking an
auto wa9 ru.hcd up to tho rear of the
jail, and OocofMr Purdy and several de
tectivos buodled tbe negro into it. The
machine swung down the street and
passod the crowd with the negro hieden
in the bottoin of the ear. Within au
hour he was lodged in the jail at Free
hold. Prior to lioing trausferred, Wil?
liams was formally remanded without
bail on a charge of murder.
Eiperlmentiug nu Ihe Puritan.
Norfolk, Nov. 16.?A loud explo
-ion, which was distim tly p.rceptible
in Norfolk, three miles away, announ
ced today the carrying out of the Navy
Departmenl's armor reaistance tost on
tlie Moritor Puritan. Buildings shock
in the city and the sharp reporfcould he
heard for a long diataoco. The aooni
lor was ancfanred off Craney Island.
opposite the Lambert'a Point coal picrs
of the Norfolk and Weetern Railway,
al tbe entrance of tbe ionerharbor of
Norfolk. Her machim ry had Im-n re
moved in order that the damagB would
ho u aligbt M poaaibie. ImmediateJy
after the explosion tln- ordnaic
perta set to work to 9_certain the cx
tent of the injuries to the ressel. The
objeel of the teat waa to determine the
cfloct of high explosivca under eonfine
ment upon ihe armor of naval \'
More Tioulile KspocteS.
Aii-tin, 'IV.\ . Nor. 15.- 'Reporta
received today I I tbc gOVWDOl ?'?>
office from Edward. county, confirm
rumora tbal Mi .icans, many of them
i. are gathering on ihe Mexican
bordera, hut ii is not believed thej
are marcbing on Rock Bprioga, Texas,
with th inteotion of atirringuptr mble.
The itate rangera, liowevor, have been
noiitied hy the executtva t) atand
ready lo proce< d to Rock sprin;
quell any djturbancs that may rise
ovei ihe lynching of Antonia Rodriguet.
rhe atate national guard will be ordered
io get ready for action if tbeir services
are required. The rangei
tbeir ordera from tbe governor on tbe
itrength ol reporta froth the sberiff of
Edwarda county.
Tha Rlaa la tha ttet-Sa
Paris, Nov. 15.?The Beina al tbe
Royal Rridgo today* reacbed a heighi
,,f 20 feet, :: ineboa. Tlio w-iilici
bureau deciarea tliat a fall is a_p
; in,.- during tbe day, but as heavy
raina are forcasb d in tbe upper tribu
lariea of tbe river, tha situation is noi
regarded labopeful. Thi re is still an
immeoae body of water penned up in
ihe upper rivera andthis.augmented hy
furlber rain, will probably do great
damage when it reacbea Paria.
Later in tbe day ihe, bydro-metric
?eivice ol ibe weather bureau oflteially
predi li I i riae i I four h-.-t four inchca
in the -' ino in Paiia by Saturday.
This will pul the river tar out of tba
normal bounda and may eut off con.
siderahle railroad traffic hy inundating
the depots and traeks.
The atatemenl i reated conaideraUe
alarm in Paris, where the peopla had
been told the rivei was almost at a
itandstill and tbat uo further riaea were
expected at thia time.
Pa*soi;^rr \ aiil-ln ?>.
New Vork, Nov. lo. - When the
tteamei Cityof Columbua, of Ibe Ba*
vannah line, docked lur captain re
P irted to ihe police that one of hia
paaarngera Ind ditappearcd en route
and was Bupposed to have jumped
overboard. The missing man was I.
N Mason, a hotel manager of Boatoo
and Pbiladelphia He was missed
Sunday night and a aearcfa of the ves
sel showed that I e waa not on board.
Ile had been in Bavanoah in attend
iie e or the automobile races and
Beemed deapoodetit. When asked if
be was ill, be said he was not.
The Froiitent ln.|?-cta llim.
Panama, Nov. 1">.- President Taft
and party this afternoon inspected tba
great Gatun Dam, tbebiggeat piecaof
enginee* ing work on the Panama Canal
Tonight ihe presi leut will attend a n
ii nt the home of Col (iocthals,
in charge of the canal work, at which
the guesta will he the membera of the
| M. c A an I the Red Croaa work
Five Prtoeaera Esrapr.
Hunlaville, Ala , N? -. 15. Fire
priaoners, three white and two colored,
.1 from jnil loday hy loweriog
ibemaelrca frooi a third story window
wi h strip- of a torn mattress. A poaai
is now beatingtiM rountryaida inthe
h i; e )f Bnding trace of the fughives.
I H -tanrtard Oil (ompsnj'a DMdend.
New York, Nov. 15.?Tlu Btandard
Oil Company of New Jersey today de
c'ared a dividend ..f ten doMurs a sliare,
p.iyable December 15, for the current
yuarter. Tlie dividcDd oorre?pond-i to
that declared for tbe similar quartcr a
year ago and makc? the total for thia
year forty d'dlars a share. Tbe la?t
nd declared, paid September lo.
was Pi a jhare.
Tolstol's tondltion t'ritlcal.
St. Fetcrsl _rg. Nov. 16.?The phyBt
ci.ins nttonding Count Leo Tolstoi in
the little railroad dopot at Aatapove
aonooneed loday tbat the celebrated
write/ was in a rriticil condition. It in
feared he cannot rccovcr.
I.ame bar-k eomea on suddenly and ia
cxtremely painful. It is caused by
rheumatiam of tbe muscles. Quick re
lirf is affcrded by applying Chamhor
lain'a Liniment. Sold by W. P.
on and Bichard Gibson.
St. James' Episcopal Church, at Ash
land, has extcnded acall to Rev. Dr. E.
L. Goodwin. of Fairfax county.
R. A. Covington, of SpotUylv ima
county, died Saturday night at his
h.)ine, near Massaponox Church, aged
7*1 years.
Joatph 0. Stephenson, awell-knowu
Frederick county farmer, died Monday
from a coniplicatiou of diseases, aged
o>> years.
William lf. Cjatterhuck, jr., mem?
ber of the tirm of Bradburnedc Clatter
huck, Iivory and cattle dealers iu War
re'Uon, died at his bome Monday after
a brief illness of Bright's disease.
William J. Alfnend, 72 years old,
for 50 years ticket and passenger agent
of the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad iu
Petersburg, died suddenly yesterday
morning of acute kidney trouble.
Rev. F. A. Meade has rcsigned as
rector of Cbrist Church, Barbour Mem
orial and Epiphany Episcopal Churches
in Orange county. ilis aoiion is duo
to ill health.
William B. Allen, of Woodstock, for
the last year editor of the Harrison?
burg Daily Times, has resigned to ae?
cept tho poaition of managing editor of
the Imperiai Reporter, of F*ont Royal.
Tho Times reeently passed into the
hands of Seymour Paul, brotber of
John Paul, one of the republican can?
didates for Congress in the recent eam?
Though the report has not been flled,
it is loarned that Prof. Martin P. Burke
special mastcr iu tbo suit of O. C. Wil?
liams against the city of Lynehburg,
has awarded the plaiutiff $41,500
against the city on claim for balance
due for construction of the new grauty
water system. The suit was for $200,
000. Tho report gives Williams 61,500
Bierfl than tbfl city admitted it o?ed
liim on balance. The report will be
argued iu the r edcal District Court at
Lynehburg after lyiugr 30 days for cx
The Virginia Southern Melhodist
Episcopal Confereuce in session in
Richmond took a reeeaa al nooa yes
terday and held ao afteraooo or night
sesiions. Tbe Work will be taken up
again this morning, whea the tiual
busineas of tbfl confereuce will be at?
tended to. It i.s thought that tho ses
sion will adjotirn hyiioon. Tbfl bishop
and his cahinet spei t tbe day on the
?uinpletioii of the list of uppoiutmouts,
wbich will bfl read just lH?fore adjourn
metit is taken.
At yesterdayV session the Randolph
M ouii Collegfl matter was taken up.
Dr. JsrnceCannon, jr., presented the
following, whieh was adopted.
Whereas, theru is a great desire
'h it sucfa BCtioa shall be takon at tbis
;i >.( ihe cootenraos as will result
iu the final settleuient ol tho question
at wsue between the conference and the
board of trustees of Randolph-Macon
College, it is resolved toappoiut a com?
mittee of nine of tbfl uumber and to
requeat tbe Baltimore coofereMfl to
pbpoint a committofl <>f three of their
hiimber to meet together in confereuce
it Asbland, Va , at sueh time as may
bc miitualiy agreeable, for the purp
<>f cooaidering tbe adjustment of the
differenees existing between the con
ferences and tbe board of trustees, and
of reaching a aatisfactory settlement of
tbfl same, th^ aaid committee io make
nport at the next annual conference."
Resolutions were offered by John P.
Branch looking to the provision of the
fund whereby the family ofeach ininis
tei who dies shall be given $5,000.
Rev. B. M. Beckham, chairman of
tbe joint board of finaoce, reported
adversely on the reque?t that tbe charges
of tbfl coofereoce be assessed 10 pe*i
cent. for the orpbanage in Richmond,
Bnd reconiniended that the prosenl
plan bfl continued. This was adopted.
Dr. R. II. Bennett, of tbe Court
Street Cburch, Lynehburg. reported
that he had reeeived a cfaflck fof
11,000 to bfl add-a to the missi.>n
Bev. I T. Green, in reading the re?
port of the publication committee, re
coiiiinetided tbat the editor of the Con?
fereuce Annual bfl paid $50 for his
work. Tbis was considered too small
by some, and $106 was voted asoom
peaaatioo. An earlier publication this
year was pleadod.
Dr. Oanaoa read tbe report on tem
peranco, wbich paper was adopted by
the conference after addresses by Dr.
Cannon and Rev. J. D. McAlister.
The report rccemmends the use of
unfermentrd wine in communiou ser?
The next meeting of tbe conference
Will bfl beld iu Salisbury, Md.
Richmood, Ya., Nov. 15.?Today's
BflflflJoa of tbe Metbodist Conference
was given up to the report of the
board of ediication, wbich is devoiJ of
special feature and to the passing of
the charaetBi ol miaatara. No question
Wai raisod as to any miuster. A linal
session, concluding with announcc
ment of appointments, will be beld
(114*1 l> 111 A Hi:it:.
The Massanutton Mountains io Page
county, long thehauntsof the ferocious
though fast-disappearing black bear, is
again affordiog a biding place for tbis
liitil reeently the only evidence of
the animal was the mute testimony of
tracks whieh were occasionally discov
eaed by hunters iu the more isola'ced
portions of the range. As winter ap
proaches and food beeomes scarce for
the animal far back iu tbe mountains.
he is becoming fearless and iovading
farm plantatious in thelowlands coutig
ioui to bii mountain home.
Mrs. Eiizabeth Duncan. wbo lives on
tltc Now Market and Spcrryvillc tum
pike, five miles from Luray. a few
mornings ago wns forced to retreat to
ber dwelling hv a large black bear
whose frequcnt visits to her hennery
gad general familiarty around her
premiscs had become a sourcc of con
ftant drcad.
Wben a eold becomes settled in the
jystcm, it will Uke several days' treat?
ment to cure it, and the best remedy
to use is Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.
It will cure quicker than any other,
nnd also leaves the system in a natua
and heshhy condition. Sold by W. F,
Crt ighton ?nd Richard Gibson.
Tbe new Bra.ilian president, Mar
shal Hcrnics de Fonscca, was inaugu
rated at Rio de Janeiro todny.
I'ov. William Eustace Henry, pastor
of St. Paul's Metbodist Episcopal
Church South, in Washington, diedsud
denly yesterday afteiuooii in .1 Balti
more sanitarium.
Orrie Hubbert, a Fedoralsburg,
Md., telegrapher, a typbuid fever pa
tient, jumped from a second-story
window at the Cambridge Hospital
Sunday afternoon, broakiog, bis neck.
He died an hour later.
In an inquest held by Coroner
W. W. Rogers, at Wheeling, W. Va ,
last night, into the eause of the death
of Capt. Rudolph Munk, of the West
Viiginia University eleveu during the
game at Wheeling Saturday witb the
Bethany College team, resulted in a
verdict by the jury that Munk came to
his death accidentally.
W. J. Bryan said at the l'nion de
pot iu KausasCity, Mo., yesterday. "I
would not promise not to be a candi?
date in 1912, but I expeet not to be
A democratic vietory or defeat in 1912
depeuds on Congress," Mr. Bryan
said. "Wilh Cbamp Clark as speaker
of the House I am bopeful all will go
well. It is too easy to speak of can
didates. Folk, of Missouri, U ono to
be considered. But it is t?o early to
decide on the question'of availabilily."
Dr. Theodore R. Burgtorf, a retired
physician in comfortable eireumstan
ces, was shot to death by his wife as ba
lay asleep on the second floor of his
residenee in New York yesterday morn?
ing. The woman also shot herself
twice in tbe atomacfa in an effort to
take her own life. She was taken 10
the Fordham Hospital. where it was
saiil that she might lurvive her WOunda
Mrs. Burgtorf bad long been tbe vie
tim of a fac&ldiacaaa wbiefa caused her
exeruciating pain
The lire which burned a Urge hank
barn aud outbuildings on tbe farm of
Dr. Samuel Claggert, near Petersville,
Md.. and a large bank barn and out?
buildings on the BtOOk farm of Mr.
Charles Worihcimer, half a mile away,
lato Saturday night, prove 1 to he mosi
deetroetire. More than 100 head of
live stock, im-luding 2", borses, 41
bead of eattle and about 50 abeep,
burne-. The loss also indudea 2.0tMi
bushel. of wbeatanda large quantity
of com, hay and farming impleinents
Committeea were deaignated yeater?
day by Vice-President Sherm m and
Speaker Cannon to represents the Benste
aud Houae at tbe funeral of Senator Clay
of (Ieorgia, which is to ba hold tomor?
row. Senators Baeon, S<-? tt, Orei
man, Depew, Johnston, Dopont, Bmitfa
(S. C), Oliver, Swanson, Dick, Frazier.
Bailev, Taliaferro, Foster, Tillman.
Payuer, Lodge, Hale and Clapp com
pose the Senate eommittee. The
House eommittee will consist of tha
eutire (ieorgia delegation and Rcpre
sentativ-s Clark and Bparkmao, of
Florida; Clayton, ofAlabama; Moon,
of Tenneaaee; aml Finley, of
Representative Champ Clark, of Mis
souri, announced candidate for ihe
speakership of tbe coming democratic
House, reached Washington yeaterday,
ju3t a' the time a definite announce
ment of opposition to bis a?pirations
waa being made by Ueprescntative Car?
lin, of the Eigbth Virginia district, as a
representative of the faction bostile lo
Clark . candidaey.
'Jhe course, according to Mr. Carlin,
will depend upon Mr. Clark's attitude
toward the question of the crealion ol
a eommittee of committeos by the
House. If be wiil favor tbe selection
of such a eommittee, he will have 110
oppdaitiou; if be will not. Ueprescnta?
tive Hay, of Virginia, will bo put for
ward as a candidate.
"As for a eommittee 00 committeea
which will appuint the new eommittee
of tbe House," declared Kepresenta
tive Clark last uight, discuaaing tbe
question, "tbat will ho left to the dem?
ocratic caucus. Persooally, I am
neitber for or against a eommittee on
"Tbere is not tbe sligbtest doubt as
to tbe situation," was Representative
Carlin's eointuent. "If Mr. Cla, -
g'ves assuraoce that ba is io favor of
tbe appoiutment of a comtuilteo ou
committeea, not tbe sligbtest effort will
be made to oppose bis eleetion as
apeaker. If be takes a stand in favor
of retaining the present power of tbe
apeaker, be shall meet defeat. Tbe
demand for tbis reform will be made
by the democrats of the eastern coast.
This demand will assuredly be sup
ported by their votes. I know of wbat
I am speaking. Representative Hay,
of the Seventb district of Virginia, will
be a candidate iu easo of Mr. Clark's
refusalto yield tbe power of appoint?
ment to tbe Hou3fl, and be bas tbc
votes to elect bim."
Protesti against tbe proportionately
small uumber of Catbolics holding
federal and state orfices in this country
and tbe failure of the state to pay for
8-cular education in Roman Catholie
schools featured tb? annual report of
President Edward Feeney, of Brooklyn,
N. Y., at yesterday's amalotta of the
ninth annual convention of the Ameri?
can Federation of Catholie Societies in
New Orleans.
"The federation has no candidate for
public place," he fcaid, "but it secms
that in proportion to the number of
Catholios under tbo fl-jg here and in
our insalar posaensioni vre have by no
means a sufficient rcpresentntion in ibo
public serviee. Further, those select
cd by our government for rcsponsible
public po8itions should be real and not
nominal Catbolics."
Two Men Kllicd.
Watertown, Wia., Nov. 15.-?Xews
was received bere today tbat dynamite
killed two men and injured three
othors, one probably fatally, at camp
No. 11, inthe town of Lebanon late
yeeterday. The men were employed
on the new line of the northweaiern
Tbs L. t. Fleet lo the Englh
london, Nov. 15.? Bixtcen Amori
can battleahips of the Atlanti? fleet
arrived ia the Enjl?b Cbanuel today.
Woman KohStd.
S a Vork. Nov. 15.?Jo trafl wes'
ern Btyle, with "six-gWAS' aud all, two
men beld up Mrs. Sarah Bobwarts ln
har sbOfl Btore, in First avenue. yester?
day afternoon, tore out ber diamotid
earriogs, took a pookeibook containing
$t)0 from a dulBBtl and escapad, after B
chaseof severalblocks. Mrs. Behwarts
was alone in tbfl sloro when tho men
walked in and asked to see some shoes.
As Mrs. Bcbwarts aeol to tbo rear of
the store one of the men seized her by
tho shoulders. Both men then beld
revolvers at ber head and demanded
rnoney. When Mrs. BchwaitS foiigbt,
one of tbe men struek her in the face,
knocking her down. Then tho olbor
tore tho ean ings, valued al $250, from
her ears, while his couipanion took tho
pocketbook from tbo dresser in tbo
rear room. Tbo men ran out of tbo
place just as several persons, attracted
b\ tho woman's screams, wero coming
in. Tbe robbers threatened these per?
sons with their revolvers, and, after
running several blocks, escaped by
leaping a fence and disappeariug in a
lumber yard.
To Llcerme Roting t'lubs.
New Yoik, Nov. 15.?The next ses?
sion of tho legislature will bo asked to
pass a bill imposing a license of $1,000
a year upon hosing clubs, thus Lnrring
ihe rly-buy-night affairs. A commission
of prrysictaas to*examine bozors and
see that they are pbysicially tit will l>e
urged. Fights of 20 rotinds are propos?
ed, with the referee under instructions
tbat be must prevent a knockout at all
hasards. The comniission, appointed by
the staie ofticials. if tbe bill bec.mies a
law, will be asked to appoint otlicial nr
feiees, who bave a thorough know
ledge of tho game, to adopt a set i,f
uniform boziog rules, .-tipulate thfl
weight of the gloves, tbe time for
weighing in, and all other conditions.
The backers ol tbe bill believo tliat
under state supervision tbey msy con?
duct tiieir Dgbt clubs in sueh a way as
to open tha way for longer aml better
fights in tlie future, under ->t:-.t ? eontrol
and with every BBBUranCO of Bsfeiy to
thfl public.
la l/rga Weaaafl aaaVage*
New Vork, Nov. '15. Everj senator
and everyaasemhlymanis t<> bo buUfln
holedai ihe coming session <>f the leg
islature an I asked lo rote for woman
Plans tn thi* i ii I were begun loday
following the annual meeting yestor
day of the Kqual Kranehise Bociety
1'iinds are io be raised for the main
taining ot headquartors at Albauy dur?
ing the legislativfl lession, and in addi
tion to tbe regular "lobby" tlie society
will keep a rotutiteer reserve for.-o
ready at all times in New York togo
t<. Albany on amoments noticetowork
for thfl vari <u^ bills tbfl BUffragilU will
have introducod.
Capital tu Remaln nt Gathrft ?
Oklalioma City, Okla . Nov. lf>
The Oklahoma Supreme Courl today
ban le 1 down a decision by whicb tho
capital i f that statfl remains for ibe
time being, iu Guthrie.
Ta Heni ,itt Bjeatcaas*
Rick Springs, Tex., Nov. 15.
Eigbty ranebmen and cowboys started
fror.i heie today to head off tbfl force
of 300 Meiicans who was manhii.g
from Lafl V'acae, Mexico, to avengo
tbe burning of Aulonio Bodrixues. Tbfl
Texans are moanted, ridiag rapidly to
intecept the Itexicans. As they ad
vanccd toward thfl Rio Qrande, the
reias were joined by gioups of nu u
eaget to engagetbe iuvaders from BCroSS
tbe border.
[Xo. 171&]
ki:I'i>kt of THS COMM JIOI
l,h i ui.
At .Vi.kxavihiia. \' \..
At the etoae ofbuatnaai Nov. io, IMO.
I.omiis aml dlflOOUBtfl. 74J.M1G ll?
Overdrafts, seoured aad unae
oured. 1,10* 20
[ . Bonds to socure cireulatlon 100,000 00
U s. Bonds to seeure U.8. De
posita. I.noo ui
Bonds, -se. urltlea, etc. o:,::;i 08
Banking houae, Furniture,
and Plxtures. .'/:,*>; 91
Doe from National Banka (noi
reaerve agents). S i,S28 29
Due from State and Private
Banks and Bankera, Trust
( ompanie . and S:r.
Banl. 3,421 66
Due from approved J!>-v rve
nta. Ti
aud otber Cash Itema 2,138 13
E_chaug< s I'ori 'learing IJous
notea orotborNational H:ihk- .>x? <?j
iSraetlonal Paper Currency,
Xi< kelsand CenU. ToJ 10
I.vwivi. MoNBl RKS-RTR DI
H.v.NKs. vix:
.36#>1 50
Legal-tender note ? 11,000 00 t7,ttl 60
Rodemptioa had wltfc I
Treaaurer ? pei
eulatfonj. y.toooo
il. ii,U!>,<y 4>:
Capital stock paid in . 100^00 00
Surplusfond . RO,uuo Ou
Cndlvided ProflU, less Ex
ponaea and Taxes paid. '-? I
: Hnnk Notes <?>u
Btand . -. IQOjomui
Due to other .National Hanks. -'-?
Dllfl to State an.l Prl
Kanksaud Banker- . \,4-Hhl
Due to Trust Companies *no\
lavlnfs Banka l uuo oo
IndlTtdual Depoaita aubject mmmma^ ^
toeheek.i. NM* *>
C-ahlrr'B ehecka outstanding lo 3*
United states depoaita. looo oo
Total. 1,119.007 4G
State ef Virginia, Cltjr >>t Aiaxaadrla. aa
i Riobard M Oleen, Osshler ofthe
above-namcd bank. do solomnly awoar
that the abovo statcment is true to the j
bost of my knov.leihip anrl belief.
B1CKARD M. QKEEN. Osahier.
Sub- ribci.i aad asrorn to before me
day uf November. 1010
J. JOHNSTON ORJflBJf, Kotary Public.
Eow. L. DatxoBans-o,
Caaaou. ."i
M. A. Alli.iiv,
Ja* ty, Boaaai -.
IJKHA>' 8. Lamhvht,
iifffiif liiiiiM m
\ i AutX \ .ni-.i.... \ v..
at lha close ofbudni -< Nov. lo, i
? rr.i K_.
l.<v_.,.-,., | ,|,.. ..MlU. Sa->4.!
CKe-ilr-t - ,.-.t aml iill
seei.ro.I. J 7i". 11
C. S. bonda to aeoura cireul-*
li"'i. lcaj .. - .,,
V. s. bonda to aeeure C. s.
dep Nstta i pereeut. i .
Premluma on i . s. twad
Bonds, ae luritiea ete i -
Banking bouae, furnftura aml
Bxtttrea. ..i
Otber r,-ai eatate ow__d. il B10 00
Due l'roin naiion.il banka (not
reserve BgOBta
DttS frolil state aml privn..
bankera, tru-.*. companiea
aml aavinffa banks.
Due from approved reai rved
agents. '.l.ooi h)
Cbecks and other eaab Itema S,?6_ u
Bxchanire for olearing house.. .
Notc oi other iiutiiinsl iianUs. 1,645 oo
Pr-etlo_?I paper eurreoej.
niokela and cents.".. li.i 18
I.wxn i. Mom:v KKM.KVK IN
lfv\K. \l/.
Speeie. 336,44! 19
Legal-tender notea. 9,400 i??
? -II 70
lteJeinpiiou I'tm.l wilh l . S.
Treaaurer (6 per eent ofelr
eulalion. 3,70000
Capital rteck paid i".*!?'?? ?
Surplus luii.l. :'.'
Cudlvided protlts l.sa axpea
md texaa i-ld. VSfM U
National bank notes outstam.l
Ing. i.vTnO _o
Due io other n.itionul bank-.. 6,467 M
Due lo state and private
banks and b-nkara. l_,7W ii
Due lo Trusl < 'ompanJea and
Savings Banka. ;' ' I 16
Dividonda unpald. I'jiw
[ndividual dapoa
its aubject to
ol.k. -is". I ?
Demand certld
uf deposit 3,419 28
Time eerti-caicB
ofdeposli. 11,2*1
Certided eheoka ls 7.">
Cashier's oheeka
- ,jo_,en tr
i nttedStatea ?!ei>r>sii*. 14*0 06
Total. *76/.,713 21
Rtate of Virginia, ?'iiv of Alexandria, --
1, T. t'. rbnlth, rashl -i of the al >.m
named bank, do aoieinnlj wear that the
sbove statement i- inie lo tbe bentef
mv knowledge aml liolief
T c KMITII Oashli r.
Bubseribed and aworn to before inetbta
liiii ilarofXov., .
ii lt. IM KKK, S'oterj P.ilile.
Mjr eoiniuisaiou cxplrea Fobrusry lo,
l ui.* ?
(orrcct \
<. i;. \i. i
A M \::-.UAU ,
\V. A v.i. ...
P. . (loauax,
W. _ Baia;
> VM i. Dl.-.uUl.l M,
i ... M..M .
|No. 661.]
.*r nan
First National Bank
AT Ai i v A l. :' .. \ \
At the ?io>.- ofbu '- N..v. 10 I
KI-.\ M RI I
1.. enaand dl icounl ... 9rT,'W M
0\ erdraftS, accured ?n_ un
i a Bond to i ? ure ? Iri u
liiion. 100 ?
i - ;.
I Uoud eU. .7,091 :-l
i: i liture,
and fixlure " ?' SN '?'
Due ii.iui National ilanks
. not resen ? I&J0I3 ~l
i ...i from State and l'i ?
Uaak and Bauki n, Trust
Companies, and bavlngs
ltlllk-:. II'.JI 'I
Due from approved reai i ^
a;.. BU.... .
Cheeks snd otber
iti-in i.'..
Notes of otber national
Fractional paper currem j
nickela un.l > entt. 364 tl
Law i i;. Monbi K-S-B*. a
r, Bank, viz :
?cmh-r ii-tes. 11 ?'.).". 00
Redcmptli n fUnd *. Ith I
tn .i-iii. i . per <?? nt of
Toul . 81 -
i.i \iui.i QEA
Capital atoek paid in. lm.uoo 00
Surplus t.i...l . 160,6
i aaivldod proflts, leaa
pensei and taxes paid..... i
National b.ink notes out
itanding. 99JM. 00
Du ? t.. ..ttier N tiioiial
Banks. 39,433 I.
Duo to Stato and I'rlvstu
Banka aad Bankera. I " aa
Due io 1'itist < ompaaiea
aad Sarings Banka. 13 .11 H
Due to approved Researe
A:'.-lits. IJOI 71
Deiiv iiluai depoaita aubjeet
toebeek. :?>i:i.. __
Demand eertiBcates oi
poaii. 1.227 st
?riil eatesol depoait
Certided ehockfl. i - "
iag. 13 ts
- 21
. 271 1.
. Interest. H8 74
LlatMi.tli - other than tl
?.!??- .
< it v <,r Aloxantln t ?.-,:
l, Qe-j l w rfiel ? t i.i tbe
abovfl named bank, doaolemnlj
tiial ths .o,,'..- itatemi at is true
l. --i l -i- . Icoowi ' :? l.
). E- WARFl . ior.
eribed ii.il sworn to
? !.? v ol Nov . 1 'lf.
ti K BbRKF Nomrj Pul I
Mv ooiumUsion expircs r.-bnurv 10,
I ??!
'. .i .
WaI ?' . : e.V.
M. i
? :- I ? i..H,
il ...
H u it, Jli
I'ii. ?
???--? - - ?
*ew \or* Maek Market.
N>w York. Nov. 1"< - J l.esto^k in
o|?ened with a display of vigoroii*
strength, advan.e- <-\ more ilmn on*
polnt being reeorJeil ln oll tho leading
is*ucs. Home reeeseioas wero aoted i i
the early trading ,bal the wnc eo '*<:, ,1
Iteasenrrent report on the t
baakfag intercsts of lilgher e
liberal buyen and mostof thi
Bhowa aaaattrinuted to this
wella- to large uuyinf by \j
The jrcncral list hold i-tron;
pirt of the foreuoon. Th
toward a rlae was laflueneed
day by a denaoastretioa ?
Northern uud Northern '
on the suiteuienut <>f pros n
< >ctobtl for o n-ftt Worthei .-w
on thr?? I'snoe eheckwl t -n
Where tofii:d the G' jOLD
bSAL puro [um boof Oi"
(tor* J. A. Marsl ?, 4M
K:ng strcot.

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