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TOLl'MK ( XI.--NO. 277
Southern Railway.
Tmina l_are Union Station, Alexandria
Iu efleetOetober9, _Wft
M j{ -FoBowlnfjsoheduleflgureapuo
Uahedonlyaj Intormatlon, aud are not
ruamuu-.'-'l _____
v.i: a. * -Dalhr io*-' between wMh
iaeton au 1 Danville. . _ _ . _,
f?; A. M -Dally?Loeal for llarrlson
hurg-iil way iUtlona.
?d. A. M.--Daily-L'. 8. Peat Siall.
gtepa only ror paseengare tor polnUaontb
a-fhlehaobeJuled to itop. Urai
aweet; aleepiug oara to Blnnlaghara
_ad drawlng room BSSeplng oafS te Vaw
-,., Dlning eau- aerviee.
11-17 -V. M. -Dally?.Nlall iruiu. tvMt.be.
fer .NL*ua?^i.s,Chariotte.vlllo,Lync-hburg,
Uariviiieand Oreenabere. Sleeplngears
fct-reruaboro to Atlanta.
4:47 P M VFeek days?Loeal for W.ir
r.utoa _ud lln.-mouourg.
4_ai P. M.?Daily? BirmiuvliB.-ii sp-O
lul _5UepIugeari'l>etwa??n N?w York.
Augu.ui Alken and laekaonrlUe.
gleapar to Bimilug-un. 1 brough Uratj
ak_iluufitlnn botwean Wuubingt
Taatseurille. Dlniug ear >,erv1?* Io_r
Iat U Calltorada four tlmea ' -jait
3*. P M.-Wo.L ila) ? l.-.il Ui iUr
rlnouburg and way atatloua ou Mauaaaaa
? raueh. Pullman butlet parlorear.
?:1. P. M -Dally?1-oual for Warren
loa and Cnarlottesvilte.
10_f7 P. M. ?Dally Waabiuglou and
Chattanooga I.imited v'? Lynohburg).
Flrst-claas coaeh and ?leeping eara to
Roanoke, KnoxviUe and Chattanooga.
SleeportoNew Orieana WashlnftO-i'to
Roanoke. Dlnlnr earaerviee.
11-0. P. M.-Daily-Nevr York Atlanta
and New Orieana Umlted. All Pullman
kraln,elubaadobaaaratlon eara t.> New
Orleans. Sleeping ears to Aaheyille,
AtUnut, Maeoo and New Orieana. >l- i>
ing ear, to i Ihariotte. Dlning mr aerviee.
4"7 A M Daily Memuhla apeetal.
Bleeplng oara and ooaohei f"r Roanoke.
Kuoxvill.-, Naslivill.-. lliatUanoog* and
Memphis. Dlning oai Mrvioe. _jaab
ington aleeping oara open !''???> P. >?
TlinMlgh IraniK fn.m thi aouth aurtre
at Ale_SadrlaS:13and6_san4IOr_3a. m.
I_U?.7_W. 10:13 and 11 xWP. M. daily, ll..
riaonburg li^te A. M. week days ?nd9d3
P M. daily. From Charlott.-vi!
A. at
Leers Alexandria (W. .* <? .SUtion),
week daya at B:2_ A. M . 8:53 and l_? |for j
Bluemont 638 P. M.week daya foi
burg 4M P. M. dailv for Bluemont and
li.Zi A. M.. loeal. on Sundays only for
Bluemont. _
For detailed aobedulo Bfures, tieketa,
Pullman reaervation. etc . applyto
WII.l.lAM ?i 1.1.IIKW .
UntonTteket Agent, Ai.-xundria. Va.
K H COAPMAN.Oeneral Manarer.
H li HARDWICl_.Paan.Tra_; Mgr.
li. F OARY, Oeneral Paaaenger Agent
L. N. Brown, Oeneral Agent.
vVaehlagtoa, D. C
Washington Southern Ry.
Scheduloln effect M.-iy 16, 1010.
Trains leave I'nlou SUilion lor Wa-dv
iuirton and points north nt ,7 i I
R 23 and 83-a. m., 1201,230,807,8l?S*d
11 .Ct p. m., daily.
For Frederiokaburs, Richmond and
pointsso.ith.it 137,7ItSUoeal) and
a. ni.. 13 W, t 21. B 17 (tooall - 43 and 9 67 (
P ".''' unmodatlon for Frederii-ksburg at
U |3 ,i mi . daily. On week days thia ?
tntin rnns througfa to Mllabnl. I
Son:. rimeofarrivalaanddeparturea
and oonneotiona not guajranteed.
\Y P. TAYI.OR. Trafflc Manager.
Rlobmona, \n.
vVashington, Alexandria &
Mt. Vernon Railway.
Iu efleel May '? i"''
l.-; vv:; AUBXAKPniA.
Waabington, from oorner Prtnoe
Roval atreeta. week ilaya. al S40,
80.") 6.0.030, fi 1". '?"'?>. 7 05, 7 |.?, 1
760 8 ?
10 10. 1031), 1050. 11 10, 1! 25, II 30. ll.') a.
m.. 1210.1.
1_0,2 l0,2 2.\2 30,2_0,3iVi.3 2ri.3.t.i.,Jo0.
4 10 4_5, 130,4 K>, 4 65,5 I". '
? 0o,< 7 00,715.7*.
900 Vi ', 1000, 1030, 11 I" and 11 ... p. m
Sutuhvs 700, 735, - 10, S20, *40, 000.
? 20 ?' Hi 1000, 1020, l" ?, ll 00, ii 30 and
114on. m., 1200m., 1220, 12 W, 100. 120,
14,) J 0 -20,240, ? <<? 100. ' -"?
4 10.500.520.5 10,600.6 ?.C K>, 7 00,7 20.
7 40. SOO, 830, 900, 'J:*). W<?- I030and
l ib p. as.
t'ul uovsr VK1SNON.
Leaave Alexandria for Mount Vernon,
week davs.at 545, 6 ?. 7 56, 851
11 .6a ui.. 1326, 1 *>, 235, 330, 4 4). 6SJ6,
.30 735*650 950,1050and 1150p. m.
Bundaya 700, 830, 930, 1030, ll 30 a.
m . 12 ^)* i 30, a at), 3 so, 4 30.."?so, a no. < :w,
a4*aa-isi?p. m
Bave \"ii everworked your nervoua
lyatom and eauaed troubls witb your
kidncyaand bladderT Have you paina
iu i ilns, alde, baok and blmldir
tou a ftabby appearance oftbefs -
tiri'D-r;)>>< ev.-s' A IVequenl desire le
paas urine? If BO, Williams' Kiclney
PIIN will eiirn you?DrugglaU, tin.'B 80c
Williama M'f'g Oo., Propa, CSeveland,
o. Por aaie. wholeaale aad rek.ll, by B*
S. Le-uibeater A S.mh.
Ely's CraamBalm
ii quickly abaerbad.
SIvm Railal at Once.
I? a'.aaa*'* aeathas,
keals aad pmtacta
th* <*tia?*?*f Dioni.
brane rwnltingfroni
Catarrh and drivta
away a Fell in ihe
Head endekly. Re
at*!?9 the 5?ii??s of
Taae* anJ Bmelt. Fallala* 60 cta., atDtng
?aats o* by n.-d. la ....... i foi m, 78 <.mt*.
lly Prothor-s oO Warren Strret, Kew York.
Eleetric LightSe
Hactric lighta are a MCSssity, not s
loxury Did you evar stop to con
sidsr how easy lt ia to light
e l a ?t r 1 c lampa? No
raaichea required
Slmply turn the
knob and
the light s
are on.
knob ls
always in tbe
aame plaee and
you know the ex
act position Thv
match box i> often empty
and sometime. moved Call on us
for full infonnation and cost of operation.
Alexandria Eleetric Co.
524 WNi ?TRPM
jMi^jtiria (Sazrttr.
[Entered atthe Postoffloe of Alexandria,;
Virginia, as uecond-cla? matter.]
Thrms: Daily -1 year, $o.(X>: C montha, :?
J2.50; S months, 11.26: 1 month,4S oenta ?
1 week, lOcenU.
Tri-weekly ? 1 year, 88.00: C montha
$1.60: 3 moutba. Tft oeats; 1 raontb, ?
oenta. ?
Contract advertlseni will not b. allewed
toexeeed their space unless th.excess
U paid for at tranaient rates, aad under
no eirouinst?i?.a will they b. allow-j.J
to advcrtUe oth.r than their leglti
matebusiDOsB in th.space eontraoted
for. , _. ,
Resolutions in iD.mor??. ol t_aukt).
trlbutesofrftspeot, rcs.olutlo_ii adopted
by sooiotl.a or p.r?onji,unless of publie
conoern. wll) he prlBtM in the papo>
TO OfiCMKC iu: !SEOOO*_a
Tba domoorata in firal braneli Balti
raore City Council hut night passed lo
u aeeond reading a favorably reported
ordinance for the Begrejation of ne?
groes in that city. The democratic
niajority will adopt the ordinance
win h waa piopoaed because of tba
depreciatinj* effect on values >.f proper
ttes iu tba reaidential eecti >n of colored ;
families securiog bomea In ibose netgh*
borhoods. <>n several avenoas tba
ndaots !:ks ?lepre
ciated ralues from 80 to 60 per cent
1 'be committee in its reporl says that:
"unless some early and effective soltl
tion is found, more friction and diaor
der between the raoea will reeult," and
"that publie policy deman i- preventive
. ion."
The reporl furtber say-: "No faull is
found with Ibe nefro's ambitions, but
the commtttee feela lhat Baltimoreanei
will be rriminally negligenl aa to iheii
future Rappinesa if ibey auffer the n
_r..'s ambitiona lo live io white neigh*
borhoods to go uncheoked. Tboesial
.i such an ambition is a com
ineri.'tce i , the sorirtl qotOtod* aud
property value-:. f every white nci._li
borhood in Baltimore."
The ordinanco forbids white peraona
movina into an obvioosly negro reai
dential block, an.l btys a lasti-ining
band OB negroes who would locale in
?bHe rcsidential section-:. The com?
mittee declarea that there i> no driving
of aoybcxly into a oireorflscribod pale.
lf the ordinance is pa?*ed, tbe ne
?ill al once appeal lo (he United :
Maoy achool rbildren suffar from
oonatipatioii, wbich is often tba caoae*
of aeeming stupidity atleaaon*. Cham?
berlain's Stomacfa and Liver Tablet*.
are j.|. idea! medicine to give 8 cbil.l,
for tl.e> are nvW and geutlein their cf
,:,.! will cure even cbrouic oon
stipatioo 8 >ld i.y W. V. Croigbton
nnd Riehard Gibson
T<> RE r.i.i.i nto< i. n:i>.
"Find I home for mv children,
captain. and take care?good eara?
of that boy and tell them goodby for
These were the last words of .lohn ?!?
Smytb, who yesterday was taken to tho
sta'e penitentiary at Kichn.ond, where,
on December 8, he will be tlectrocuted
for ?!_? murder of his wife and l_-year
old daughter.
The crime oceurred several months i
; ago. Smyth returncl home one morn
ing iu adrunken rage, and it ia elaimed |
opened Are on his wife. The little girl j
ran to protecJ her mother, and one ofl
: the bulleta pierced her brain.
Three other children ran Bcreamiag
! into the Btreet, and for these Symth
yesterday begged tbat homes be found
Two of them are girls. and they aro J
ni St. Mary's Catbolic Orphanagein
Norfolk. Willie Smyth a:i s-year-ol.l '
boy, who was th.- prineipal witness,
againat his father,is in tho hands of the
p ilice. Smyth kissed all three of the
children good*by.
Five hundred peoplegatberadaranod
the jail yesterday to get a glimpse of
Smytb, In the crowd were many
women. One woman wboae rnrnie was
eamed, gave a loud Bcream and
f.ll. She got up .piickly and hastened
Smyth waa formerly a priieflgbter
Tl.e old. old story, told tmies with?
out number, and rapeated over and
igain for th. last Sti year*. bul
it is always a wolcomo story ? ihose
i io search <>f health?There is notbing
j in the world that ctiree OOUgba and
colds as qukkly as Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy. Sold by W. V. Oreigfa
md Riehard Gibson.
NARRO'rt l>< ll'i: ol AVIATOH*
Claude Grahaaaa-Wbita, who ia
jgiving exhibition flights al the I'oini
Rrec?. raeetrsck. Philadelphia, daily,:
wani alofi three lime*yeatarday after-'
noon iu perfecl Rying weather. ln ?
his lirs; asoenl he encircled tbe milo
track aaven limes, and then I.e raced
Ifoui milea against ao autoniohile aod j
' won by bail a mile, ootariai lb
taoce ia 7 minutes 4fl seooode.
In his third flight the English avia
tur wa? up 8 little more than 11 miu- ,
lutes. After ciroliog the oouraa i n j
Itbis trip he Raw to the Phiiadelphi*'
navy yard. 8 milo away. He man-.
auvered over Ihe warahipetbars and:
then raturned to Potnl Braeaa
White yesterday for about two |
I secouds was verv near death, and with |
I him waaJ?BB Vi..!et Kidgeway. 8 80-1
ciaty girl of Fbil-adelphia. whom he j
had taken on a i!igl? in his Farman
' hiplane.
When the machine was 800 feet <n i
dr the cvlinder head blew out. j
Like a shot the machine, with its;
double cargo. dropped. For 100 feet I
D itS ?ll-_y descent.
Then Graham-Wbite brought it under,
eontrol, and the machiue gracefully.
gliJed to the ground in a perfect land-,
ing. . j
Mi- Kid.ga*a.y*kspt her nerve. and j
.,* tmVmx mmi set evea last her
A Lady ?f Pizarro Tells Stwy of
Awfu! Sufferinfj That Cardui
Finally Retieved.
Pizarro, Va?"I suffered for several
years," wriles Mrs. Dorma A. Smith,
f,with that awful backache and ihe bear?
ing down sensations, so fully descnbed
in your book.
"I tried doctors and other medicines
and found little relief, until 1 was induced
lo try Wlne of Cardui, when I found in
slant rclief and tod3y 1 can hcarlily,
ra onimend Cardui to all snffcring women \
and Ih'nlc Ihere is no other as good."
ln some instances, Cardui gives inslant;
rclief; in others, it may take a little lime..
Bul in all cases of female Irouhle Cardui
can b? dencndcd on to be of benei'it. as .
it ii a epeCafk remedy for women and
acls in a curativc way on the womanly
As a general lonic for women. lo build
up your streiigth. improvc your appe
lite, bring back rosy cheeks and n:ake
you look and fcel young and happy,
nothing you can find will do so much for
you as Cardui.
Your dniggaTi has it.
K. B -Write Iv LarSrs' Advisory Dtpt. Chatls.
?oota Medicin- Co ,i liauannosa. 1 eam.. for Sptcm
Ir.itmcttons, aniw nzt t>?>"'* ' llnaieTrr-jmaal
lot WOB?. uaasr. on t-queat
color. Sbe joked aith her Bcquainl
_n~ea, ilf-i-laring sbe had perferl faitb
in her aviator'a abiirlyanrl was nol a
i,i ., i,,l Wiih Ibe aviator il was
rjtffercnt. Ho waa chalk roterod?oat,
aa ln- nxplained, for an] fear nf per
nonal injury, bul lw?au*c bs waa tbe
riislodian of ime nl ibe mosl popiilar
yonng women of Philadelphia and Sen
Vork" _
IVOT4 W *HOOI> |>|,Ti.(TI\ I..
h.i Bnali, 27 yeara uld, a pretly
telegrapher atalioned al Bajrd tower. i
on the Pennsylvania Railroad, near.
Xlonongsbeln, Pa.. declared calmly
i ? mei.t thal lbs ahcH sbe ftred ai |
;i. F Rmith, a railroad dctective.
rarly yeetiwday arere intentiwnal sml
irj ... defe.il herself. She isj
heid in 8_,000 bail, while Smilb, who
Iim :. wife aod two ohildren, is in tba
itoapilal with a painful bnllei wooad in
the hip.
During Ibe niglil Smith wenl t" the
railroad lower aud found Kdwin Uoyd,
a elose friend of Mis< Rush, riaitiaf
be.-. He arreated Uoyd, laking bim loj
the oAce of Alderman A. R. Day,
when- be was told BO charge could 08
prefarred, <o Uoyd waa releaaed. Altai
midnight, aa M.s< Bnsh returned bj n
freij-ht Irain to her home in _OOOOfB*
l.eia, Bmitbapproaobadber. Bbeaays
sbe liicl twice to frighteti him away,
bul he sni2e.l ber, aad aa ba boai bar
she shot him in the side.
Mta Bush suppoits a widowrd
UlOthei aud a sister iu Spriugfield, Q.,
where she formerly lived. She claims
to have evidence in tho form of letters
that will prove justitication in shooting
Smith. She says that a month ago,
during one of Smith s midnight visits
to the lower, she was obligsd tu u->e
her revolver to cnmpel him to leave.
Word has been received in Baltimoro
of the formation in New Jersey of a
company, of which Mr. Kllis D. Ibo-ap*
son is president, to operate u monorail
aystem ofean frotn I'hiladelph'a to At?
lantic City und Capt May. lt h under
stood tbat tbe proposed line will ?>*??
later extended uurthward to New York
and westward to Washiugtoa. tbi-oafh
Baltimore. ^^^^ _
l___.fl back romea on suddenly and is
extremely painful. It is caused by
rheumalism of the maSCtSS. Ifuick re?
lief i< afforded by applying ChamLer
lain'x Liniment. taold by W.
Creighton aud Kich.trd Gtlwon.
I'ulm thal the publie has been lamwai
wltb for yeara. Ho cooatae nor other
idangeroua drug la it. Tbe sootbing
'. sprav is n remedy tbat raUavea at onee.
All drnggiate, 75e. laeludiag apmylng
tube, or malleil by Bly Bros., '< vParren
Street, STew York.
When you feel c'^u^d
nervoua, tired, worried or do>j?oiideut i'
ls a aure aign you neeil MOTT'!' KBVt
VIM-: PIM> Thev vt-niu tbe normal
rigor and make lit'e vorth living. Be
ST^ Motfs Nervine
nill- Prieo Sl'*-> by rlrugglste ^ ''
illlS ii;,ms ICfg ('" . Props., nieve
luml, o. Por aaie, wbeleaalr aad retail,
by li. S. l^Mtdbeater A Son>.
Ne present 'gives '?o esuch
pleesure as a uaeful piece
of furniture. Morris Chair.
Rocker ar Ceuch make
exceptable oaes
M. Ruben & Sons
af Alex?ndP<ay V.rsj.n.a
CA PITAL. $ 100.000. SURPLUS, $ 125,000
Edward L. Daingerfield. President.
Carroll Pierce, Vice President.
Richard M. Green, Cashier.
Edward L. Daingerfield
J. Clinton Smoot Jas. W. Roberts
Worth Hulfish - Carroll Pierce
M. A. Ahern Urban S. Lambert
i:i;s< 'i it< ks.
' . s. Benda ln seeure
Ftoud* to aeeure V. s
Otber Koml- aad
Rank Ing Honae aail
Real Kalale.
Du.- I'r.on
Itank * and Re
A-_vnt-.il l,!?_l'.>
i OtoM
ib. ?
Ctwital. WOfiMM
Snridti-. I004M0.O1I
['adivided Proflts. '21.4M.K
i inut.ilion. IOOjOOO.00
D.'p<"it.. 7!*l^fl_.?!4
r s. Bepeall. I.OOO.OO
Rlabatratel) lliii?hod aml bonml witli estra wide Taffeta Silk Rib
bon iu 11 ?? "' Anfl ? Ie '??I arool wttli fim> ?pun cetton warp U> prevenl
ihrirrkin*; full *i-? <? a pair bwh-a 1 ol **?'?.?'?".
I/aok al mir CVunfotla '."'-, |1.00_u?d W.8S.
c,;nf"ii> madortf pure vtiitr- owttnn light as a feather, warm a?
[ll ? |2 j.. |2 :>fl*:: and IS.flO.
Before loms, m ^'.^hiiictnn to btn \.?ur Tbankafivmc?*aal suit,
skirf orhaf. !o.d< al "nri tirst and then %o to Waaliinsmn. and W
are ipositive \?m will inimc heck aad aWyejar* if >owexamim? the
making, duth. finWi ?i?rl pri?i?.
1;. membei slicrationn freu.
I,,,!..-.-.mt our nermantnwa, Shetland, aad rVtxoay wool I"'1
hanks aj flc a hitiL
Carpets, made, laid aml lioed free "f charfe.
vViodovi ahadw raftde tft ordei.
518-520 King Street, Alexandria, Va,
One half square of ground. Excellently
located for dwelling or factory sites, situ
ated on Pendleton street, between Patrick
and Henry streets.
Price, $1,750 Cash.
Six fine building lots on north Wash?
ington street. These are the closest lots
obtainable from King street. Low price for
a few days only.
Thompson &, Appich
107 South Royal Street, Alexandria, Va,
It Wiil Please Her
uiiineiwly. Nor is H to be wnn
drredat that she *?>'"?< with rap
i.irc 011 a gtm so raia. BtS it?
feilow at Wildt'a jewelry store
-dinwine ev,|uisite wedding aod
i.irihd.iy -_ift?? ihcrf-?'i.tueihiiif*
alte-jelh'er out "f 'be ordirn.ry.
Pcii'ahk' place io bojr. rTo mis
r-fprc^ntation". Every artirJe
>plendid stoek
dry at prices
a r>prc-cntation" K
-J fnlty warranted Eh
-**"^f of waMhaa and jewel
/ diatinctly low.
H. W. WILDT & SON, Jewelers.
Uy_ -m
t i i i ii ra?a-Trn -'?
We will have on sale this week the sa_n
ple line of ladies' fine
Tailor-made Suits
from the Printz 'Biedermen Co., of Cleve
land, Ohio,
$25.00 Suits, in fine serges, -herringbone,
cheviots, for $17.98.
$20.00 Suits, cloth serges, cheviots, for
No Charge for Alterations.
D. Bendheim & Sons.
Corner King and Royal StraaUj
Capital $100,000. Surplus and profits $30,000.
United States Depositary. Dcpositarv for the
state of Virginia.
Depositors afforded every facility for business.
security and accommodation.
Larfc'e and small accounts invited in both our
Commercial & Savings Departments
on grounds of absolut- safety and satisfaction.
Judge C. E. Nicol.Prcsidef;..
Wm. B. Smoot, ^/ice President.
John A. Marshall. Vice President.
T. C. Smith, Vice President and Cashier.
Funds invested for our customers. Details care
fully attended to for all. Call to see us.
Drafts issued on all parts of the world.
Interest paid at three per cent in our Savings
For Rent For Rent
1314 King Street.
F.'ne Store Room.
S2.r..ee _
flOl'Duke Street.
10 Room Brick aadJBath.
1450 Duke Street.
Srore and Dwellinf.J
424 S. Washin-'ton Street.
1 1 Room Frame aad|Bath.
1O00 King Street.
Fine Store Room.
1305 Kin* Street.
7 Room Frame.
1 700|Prince Street.
New 6 Room Frame. w.thjfoo
deep lot.)
bOI S. Alfred|Street.
7 room Frame.
1827 Duke Street."
7 Room Frame.
335 S. Patrick Street.
6 Room Fnnt.
337 S. Patrick Street.
6 Room Frame.
12 7 Prince Street.
B Room Brick.
oOl'S. St. Asaph Street
Store and D^-ellinaJ.
^ ^ _ as.OOf
.11 4 S. Henry Street.
b Room Frame.
407 Queen Street. J
fe Room Frame.
619 S. Patrick'Street.
6 Room Brick.
John D. Normoyle
Thiaetttjdiowaa pair ot speetaclea *iil.
ti... leii-e- \ .iy mneh oul ef wh ii*. Tlie dett
nhowthefocal ceaterof ihe len-^>. wblea
are the kind i .uatly $hW h* trareliag and
euUrato nptician* Stteh ilaesM ?????
larmftiI and are nften ile eau_e ofnataraeh.
..j-rwifid :.r..! neeur-teli i***atered in ??ir
t \t; IXTKP ABsoi r. ri j.\ i .".f:jm i i
Columbia Optical Co., Inc , Expert Opticians,
ooh tf Btsael Beal-west, WasMogtra, i?. C
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Special Sale For This Week
in Children's Educator Shoes
in all the different leathers.
Sizes 4 to 8.
Sizes 8 1-2 to 11,
J.& H.Aitcheson
Gray Gasoline 'Motors
Eafiaeer aa4 MachiaUta* Suppliea.
PiS*. Pipe Fittiaf.. Valvea. 0c.
Blacksmithing & Repairing
Protnptiy E-tecutsjd.
Alexamlria Iron Works
Wc aaake a aa*c_alty tagreaaira t?
Gaaoliac Entfiaea. Metorcyclea aad
We aolicit yeur ordera on a!l kin-a ot
Irtm Work.
Bell Phone 63.
514 Evana Bmhfintf. Phone Maia 7324
Mar j'acrurer of
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? Dcaler in Hardware. P.iuts. Africu'
turat laatanatenta.Vehicl.aJrlarrien.
Field and Garde* Sveda.
WAnnaonaasa. ve?M exios aTaaar, "\
; iN-Kor aoeiaasca aan wav.
Also Grain, Hay, Straw
and all ktndsof Mill Fe*d
Will always keep in itoek the hlgbe?
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