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?esday kvenixo. nov. a
_n and Tide Table.
nn .,-.-? tomorrowat63*a. naandacts
a; i:il p. io. Blgfa water at 1:41 a. ui. and
P. "i. ^^^___
Weather Probabilitiea.
| ilflseetloa mcreasiug cloudiness,
I |.: raln tonlcbt or Thursday
ii. rnlng followed bv fair weather;much
r tonight; modorate aoutlo-rly
bifting to uesterly Thuraday.
W. C. T. U.
Nnti.mil W. 0. T. V. beld its
annual convention in baltimore,
].,.- we. k. There wer.- 098 delegates
? tfa ? being tbe largea. cooren
...... beld by the national organua
Th? Lyric waa fllled every even
.,,, enthusUstlC audieuce.
I, m ,\. Ekerens, of Portland,
M i)<- waa ic-eleded president. Sbe
I...1 Miss FranOM Willard at ber
,n in offiee ever sinee.
thled lo 18 delegates,
and they were all present. among
wb m was Mrs. Amy (\ Waech, wbo
rtue Ol ber ollice, as Y. P. II.
try of Virginia, is a momber of
tlie national organization. Wbilo in
Baltimore, Mrs. VA'eech waa tbe guest
of Kev. R. Weuli. Mrs. Weeeb BS
| in a meeting of tbe Woman's
ll ? lliaaionary Society and delivered
two tamparaace addrosses, besidos at
? tbe convention.
Acting Mayor Marbury bas received
the following:
ii onto, Wis.. Oct. 17. 1010.
To the Hooorabta Mayor of Alexan?
dria, Va.
s- ir ? 1 bave been eommissiouod by B
: who deeireeto present this city
; monnmenl to thfl aoldters wbo
enliited from this couuty in tbo civil
my mind tbe ono of a private
? erected in your city is tbe equal
of any I ba?e seen, and I bave bad tbe
ireol seeingnearly all of them
that are worth wbile. Tbere are many
lhat are more irapoaing, but non? tbat
I bave leen more truly catcbtl tbo
-pirit or is more auitablfl for tbo pur
?i my mind. Will you pleaso give
me tbe name and postollice address ol
modeler or sculptor, and very greatly
_? mra respect/ully,
E. (J. Mili.ks. county cleik.
Mr. Marbury senttbe desired inforin
ati -n today.
Buch letters ol appreeiation and en
Dt m tbe following from an
(,|,j :i, 1 subscriber in l.nu
doun county rocompensfl tbfl editor for
in iny hoursof srduous work: "Enclosed
for which please pass to tny
civdit of aubacriptaon to your valuable
'I ti re is nothing that 1 get as
pleasure OUt of as tbat dear
ol.) paper from tbe top of wbose. head
t wai taughl my letters sixty odd
irhen my father took it. I
re for ita politio., ita war
iiiK-nt in everytbiog
BUita m. . o long may sbe live. Let it
.,11 1 <ay >l. p. and tbat will be
elae wben life'a jour
gular m-etiiig tbe of promo
I the league of the 8acred Heart c.
Bt, Mary ? Cburch tbe following offlcera
1 lot tbe coming year:
. Kev. Father Kellcy;
i nt, M. J. McFarland; vica-presi
dent, RoJ aflcretary, Miai
McFarland; ?jrisUOt seerctury,
MiseQrauman; traasurer, Miss Nellie
Rj tn registrar, Miss Lissifl Bayne;
v atfl registrar, Mrs. Bowera;
tana, Mr-. Dwyer, Mis. Kaus,
McFarland, Miss Bteiner, Miss E.
i in, and Mrs. O'Sullivan.
A delightful entertainment was given
last nigbl at Gravatl Hall, on aouth
Fairfai street, under tbe management
,,f Miss ie, 'lt Nortou and tbe Beminary
! ihfl work, Tbe
evening s rerj way.
. inti resting recitatiooa woro
giveu by the rhildren of tbo congrega
tion and the Old Woman in tbe Bhoe,
Wbo held tbfl ?rab bag, furnished
; foi all. Tbe procaeds will
the benefil ol tbe Ohapel of tbe
Tonight al 8 o'cl ><k Bev. Jamea II.
Wasbiugton, will deliver a
i radot at Ibe Becond
Preabyterian Cbureb. Dr. Taylor spent
tbe aummer recently with Rov. Wim
fred Greenfell, tbe celebrated miasion
md bis m my beautiful and inbr
esting slides >.f arctic life will be
,. The lecture is puhlic and free.
| will off. nng will be taken.
_s tbo rlbging out of tbe old year
bring- in tbe nen so does the passing of
one r tal .1 vaudeville perfortners usher
iu an oetimea far superior.
i tba oft-quotod
\ little cbild shall lead
i. mooatrated iu tbe en
tertaiomenl al Ihe New Opera Houso
Beauty and tbe Bcasts." It will
prove tbal tbough a stripling as far as
age i- ? ? 1, it will bo tnastor over
the tie:,e-i?tbe king of animala. Mati*
nae for tho lad:cs nnd children tornor*
afternoon. The samo features
will oontinue tbe laal tbre* nighta of
? entire east will be ad
iad in Tburadaya Geaatte,
Tbe Eagle A. C. of Washington,
ta of :he aoret dcfeais of the
tbe hand o! Y. M. B L.
atball quint, last night by ll.e
I. The "Spead Boys"
.liing their way from start to
their team work being one of tba
The fnnoral of Karl Johnson, son of
',.bn H. lobnaoa, took place at 2
o'cloek yesterday afternoon from the
residence of his parents, in Hunting
C-eek Road, Fairfax county. Burial
will be m Betbel cemetory.
Where to liud tbe GOODYEAR GOLD
SEAL pure gum boots and sboea. Our
atore. J. A. ijaraba.l A Src-,, 422
Attent.on isinvited tothe advert.se
mcnt in another column of the COn
cct to be given by the <ho.rr.fSt.
Paul's Church next Tuesday evening,
Sovember 29th. Th- . Jj""
bythtochm> are alwaya lookcdtorwa^
? w.thpUasurehy thi lUUBlC .01 mg
people ofAlexand.n, and no doubt. a
Se aud.ence w.ll grec. them on th,
SSakm; Tiekewu.'twenty.tr,
and can be otbained at Warfielda, Al
Um'9 and Qibaon'a drug atprea.
j[ x. Qarner, exeeutor, baa sold to
Lillian B. Burrell a houH and lot on
Columbus street, between C-u.-cti and
Mary Smith was lined 15 in tbe Po*
lice Court thia morning for beiiigdrunk
iu the street.
Four candidates took tbe initiatory
degree at the meeting <>f BarepU Lodge
of Odd Fellows last night.
Only routine business was tranaactad
at tbe meeting last night of Scminole
Tribo of Red Men.
Tho Bchooncr Mary and Ali-c, from
Norfolk with shiogles and latha to
Henry K. Firld & Co., has arrived.
A meeting of Fitzgerald Coun.il, No.
459, Knights of Columbus, will be beld
at St Mary's Hall this evening wben
tbe first degree of tbe order will bu ex
cmplified to a class of candidat-s.
A boy, itis said, went to a reaidence
on Camoron street a day or two ago
and procured an overcoat whieb be
alleged tho owner bad sent for. The
latter is now looking for the boy and
A cottago prayer nieetiHg will be
held tomorrow night at B16 Franklin
street, under the anaptcies of the M.
E. Church South, oonducted by Mr.
Hiram E. Wcbb, sr.
Asberetofore atated, the Children'a
Home wiil celebrate itaannual Tbanks*
giving pound party al Ihe home to?
morrow, from 9 a. m. U) 10 p. m. Do
nations are aolicited.
About tho hcaviest frost.-f tbe seaaoo
corered the earth this morning; indeed
it was so heavy as to resemble a bgbt
9H0W. Ice also fornied last night.
A meetiug of the Board of Poliee
CommtsBtonera will be held tonight for
the purpoae of electinga member ol
the poliee force to Bil the vacancy
caused by the death of former Chief
James F, Webster.
Bpeoial afternoon session at tbe sknt
Ing Kink Thankagh ing, 2 to 6 p. m. Boa
party to be given at the evening Bession.
Handsome prttea to tba winners.
nov23 2t
We have received 800 pounda of Fancy
Ilomo Dreased Turkeys.the best w.
over bad. J. M. PETTIT, 725
street. Bellpbone nov?2t
Friend, Ifjrou wantto make a ucoess
,n life |UBt lollow ou. advtce In life a
gn-at "marathon" Ibe man tbat wiosthe
medal ls tbe one who stlck ? toa
gait, looks straigln ahead and h-ts the
rcst of tho racera take care ol them
selvea Remember tbere are L.ts >>i eom
potitors ln tbe road t.. suocess and il you
want to "make good" and "get there
with the wincera y..u bave got to be In
couditiou. Tbatmeanayou bavegotto
come to Blondheim'B Auth Stand or
Market lor tboee Irrr?isttbly delicious
Autli Sausages, Buildings and Food
Tomorrow will be Tbankagiving
and is a legal holiday. bol there will he
no general suspeosion >.f business in
this city. Tbe government, state and
dtyoffices and banka will be closed,
the poatoffice will observe Bunday
hours, the achoola will be given b.
and in tbe afternoon many of tin
will be closed. The day will be in
many respecta one of fam.ly reuniois
and to those wbo can afford the loxury
tboturkey will be a featuro of the
Tbankagiving day dinner. Many will
spend the day in the country hunting
and.of course,Washington will bu visit
ed by mauy more.
Aa beretofore atoted, tbe union
Tbauksgiving aervicea will be held at
tba M' P. Cbureb at ll a. m. wbore
Rov. Mr. Wataon wUlpreacli. The of
fering will be for the Alexandria Hos?
pital. ___________
From obaanrationa made al the last
meeting of tho Cific Impiovcment
League an impressioii was created in
the communtty to tbe effed thal tbe
Alexandria Water Company is reapon*
aible foi obatructiona on sidewalka in
tho sbape of protruding boxea aud iron
caps coming cut ofta. In lustice to
to tbe company, it should bfl atated
tbat it is in no way reaponsible for such
stumbling blocks as are encountered in
different portions <*f tbo city. When
tbe main pipe is tapped from tbe centre
of tbe street tbe pattiflfl wbo make tbe
connections are -nipposcd to leava the
roadway and sulewalk as they found
them, and they are, therefore, respon
aiblfl for any obstruetions wbicb may
Tbe cburcb hirnishing society of thfl
M. K. f'burcb South will bold aChrist
mas sale whicb will consist of fancy ar
ticlea, aprons, bome made cakes and
candies in tbe Young People'-* Building
commenciog Tuesday evening,the 29th,
and continuiug three evening!". No
admission fee will be cbarged and tbe
aalo will afford a rare opportnnity to
procure bome made Christinas gifts at
a amall eost. Supper will also be served
each eveniug.
Haze Jackson. alias "Bixbits," ool?
ored, arrested Monday night on ?us
picionof asaaultiog and robbiog F. G.
Colvin, agent of tbe Metropolitan Life
Insurance t'ompany, on uronoco ftreet
hetween Fayetteand Payne.WSJ brougbt
before tbe Police Court this mornmg,
but as Colvin was unable to identity
bim, tbe amsped was dismissed. James
riuple. colored. who \\
on suspiciun of being one of tbe foot
pads was dnnpimd.
"armory hallT
One ol tbe main attraetions at tbe
skating rink tomorrow will bo a box
partyiand se\eral handsome prizes will
be given away. Manager Mudd is
giving fca* ptrsonal attention to th"
att^ndarlf.-5 in order to have only the
stlcct cr_?'d? to attend.
Ladies^P*om'Jina stv'c' ,%v'1'' *_!___
comfort. " Wear the RED CROSS
SHOE to mhad 0Ijlv at our 8tore
J. A, MarihP * Br?-f 42s, KlPg itreet,
li.ne Klghting Keported -Rcrolutioii
s.,l?l to ba Spreadlns -Prhate Telc
graaaa, Hasrerer, *a> the AutUorl
rit-s ll.mthe Sitn-tlon bt Hand.
Fl Paso Tex.. Nov. 23.? Telephone
advice- berfl from Tor.cn. Mexico,
tell ofanall night battle near there be
tween 2 oon revqhttionistfl and DQU
uldieraand rurales. The aoldieraand
rurales are reported to be holding the
line of the Meaicaa Osotral Railroad,
and, enaeonced in riflfl pita, to bc bold
iog back tbe rebels.
The tdephone says reinforcements or
Mexean Iroopsaifl being burned to
tbfl scane. , . .
That thfl Mexi.an revolution is
apreading more rapidly than 9torjko
'jtt. tl;1. efforta ofthe ent.ro federal
?irmv of Mexico lo prevent it and dei
oite the efforta of frteident Ifiaz s gov
eroanool to prereol the di_aeminaUon
of news, was flfident today from tbe
iloolof private reports received bere rc
garding the revolt.
With Torreon, (iomez-Palacto and
Lerdo already in tbe hands of the
rebels, today'a dispatches sbowed the
victorions r'evolutiomiry army, uuder
command ofFraiiCaSCoI. Madero and
his i,,m.i.l.:itc!e.-utenantswasattack!ng
Chibushua and Ouatro C.enegas and
tbal tlie fall of both plaee. was immr
nent. .
liispatches from there received dur?
ing the night stated lhat 9,000 armed
revolutionariflfl had occupied tbe smelt
iog plant of the American Smelting k
Refining Company and were preparmg
lo attack the city.
Torresou was in the possession of
rebels al last reports, but these stated
reinforcements from Monterey and
Mexi.-o City would reach Torreon,
Comcz-Falacto and Parral today and
tbal Berce figbting was inevitable.
Th. excitement along tbe American
border is unabated and reports from
Nacoand Douglas, Aii/.. indiratc that
smuggling armi has not oeased.
\ a Yoik, Nov. 28.?Thfl following
private telegram has been received in
this city from tbfl Inter-Coiitinental
Rubber Company, interested at Tor
reon, Mexico:
? knthoritifla have aecured ihe aitua?
tion. Excitomebt aubsiding. Ko trouble
al Torreon or at tbe factory. Runnlng
day and night with full force.
EI Paso, Tex. Nov. 28.?Tbfl most
rate figbting ao far in the rebel
gainst Diaz \< reported bere to*
day in tdephone advices from Tor
.. h, ,,. 1,800 loldiera and rurales
have b cn engaged all nigbl in a Berce
battle with revolutionists who are said
to number n< arly 1,000.
l iriog from the topa of churcbea and
i Irge buildingi througbout tbfl
city, thePiaz forces an. bundredsof
townspeoplo are battling to bold oH tbfl
, large numbcrs are re
to have been killed in deeperate
ughts. "u one iucursion into the
the r.-bels and defenders engaged
in hand to hand figbting and more
than 100 of tbe soldiers were capturfld
before tbe revolutionists drew off witb
their d>-ad aud wounded.
When tlc battle began more than
-F500 revolutioniats appeared before
tbe city and were immediately aasailed
by tbe 600 troops formiogtbe garrison.
These, entrenched behind waUfl aud in
? its ..n the city's river front,
fougbt off the attack during tbe night.
This morning 300 addittonal troops
ushed to the defenseof the citv.
Idiera will be detrained some
milea from the city aud are expected
to attack tbe reb. la on the flank. At
lasl rjporta the battle was still un
decidod, bul the revOlntioniaU are
rep ,rted lo be pouring in by hundreds,
aud unless the government troopacaa
obtain furtber aid, it is believed the
city will be captured.
troit, Mich., Nov. 2:1.?A loeal
my baving Jarge boldings in
. Mexico, today received tbe fel
lowiog meaaage fr./m its lepiosentative
? Confidence is greatly raatored.
Government has full eontrol <>f every
, ivo revolutioniata execnted in
,n. No need foi apprahenaion.'i
|fr Boberl Eddington and daughter,
irho bave been the gueats
,f Mr. and Mrs. C, M. Eddington, it
Richmond have returned K) their bome
in Alexandria.
ommittee would be
doing tbe -tu l.r.ts at th. Qeorge waan
. [ligh School 8 great favor if
they can see tbeir way clear lo use the
?urplua money in band tO purchase a
few athletic appliances for those most
wonhy voung men. They are not a
selfisb lot. and would be aattafled with
ing in the athletic linethftt would
be presented to them. Give thia mat?
ter yourfavoreblecor?ktoratfcm, gentlo
men?remember you wero boys onco
elvea and would bave greatly ap
preciated just such a little favor.
PresideiTtlraft ln Klrhmond.
Richmond, Va , Nov. 88.?Tba capi?
tal of the Old Dominion sta<e outdid
b ? pit-blr-weleotne to President
Taft today. t?tarting in with breakfast
With Gov. William Ilodges Mann, at
cecutivs rnansion,there was hardly
a moment in the day, up to tho time
he left at 6:15, that tba chief ruagia
trate was not on tba go. Following
the breakfast ho reviewed the rogimont
of the Virginia l'olytechnic Inatitute
eadets, and then WM whirled away in a
motol car for roview of the historic
battle-elds surrounding the old Confed*
erate oapital.
tlv after noon, the preeident ot*
tended ? luocbeon givan i>y Uw cttj"
f the city, at the Jofierson Hotel,
ing briefly on tbe new south.
Then he took an automobUfl f<?r a rly
ing visit tO the >tate League Park, to
i ol the football game
between the Fortress Mooro. and First
Yirgmia regiment t.ams. Entering
tbe automobile again. the executive
was driven to the state fair grounds for
a glimpse of the aeroplane meet.
Later ia the afternoon, he addressed
the Virginia Educational Conference.
The president will be back in Washing?
ton at 8:86 tonight.
QflOts! Btylish, up-to-date footwear
.terially to your appearance.
We have the exclusne styles, such as
MartbaLU Bro,, tfj King ilrfet,
'a'" St a Pa Avi
Washington, D. C.
The average saving is half in this purchase of
Long, Stylish Coats
AT $10.75
Worth $16 to $25.
A nogro cbarged was MSaoUini ?
white women near I'ensacola. 1 la..
was taken from a train at Oull lomt.
Fla., yesterday and lynched.
In tbe organization Of thfl Ameiican
Association forHigbway lmproveincnt
by a gatheriug of some of tbfl most
prominenl man In the country at th*
CusmosClub.in Waabington, yeaterday,
a national uusadfl tor good roada
throughout tho country was aiispiionsly
Louis P. Starry. the last member of
thfl party who took part in the eaecu
tionof John Brown. December _. 1869,
died Mondoy night at Charlcstown W.
Va He was theundertakei who made
Rrown'scoHinoutof walnnl. and which
was said to be one ol thfl best ever
A tentative ollicial list of thfl mem?
bera ofthe House in the Si.xiy-se.-ond
Congress was made public al tbfl Cap
itol yeaterday. It shows thal the
democrata elected 227 members, tbe
repubUcatai 168, and the aocialtsts 1,
giving the deniocrats a majority Ol "1.
After speaking iato a imonograpb
a last message io his ehildren, -lohii
Kryl, aseulptor, 71 ve.i-old. dtcdin
Chieago yesterday. Knowing thal tbe
end was near and tbal M
would not bfl able to see and speak
,,, his live ehildren. Krvl asked thal
a phouograph be brougbt. This was
done and the father apoke in thi
language of tbe bome land, Bohe
mia, bis parting words, telliog hu
ehildren that, after a long hfe. be WM
readytodie. Hebade them farewell,
and within six hours waa dead.
Iu a ease from Norfolk county!
tnvolving the coostitutionality of the
general law governing the iieorpora
tion of towna, ihe Bupreme Courl of
AppesJa yeaterday refuaed an a|
Th-i case was tbat of tbe boanl of su?
pervisors of Iforfolk county, ag
Josepfa T. Dukfl and others.
Recelitlv the town of PinW r'fl PoiOl
wasinoorporatcd. Then- was obji
to this from the countyofflcials, ind io
the petition for an appeal the coustitu
tionality ol ihe law was attacked. It
was argued lhat the lau would di I
t? the Orcuit Court legisbttive functioni
cootrary to the intent of the constitti
Awritof error was allowed in tbe
jms of the Bootttsh I'nion Insurance
Company against thfl Virginia Bbirl
Company. The. latter concern bad a
loa by lire at Fredericksburg, being
iusured in several companiea. The
jury in tbe lower court gavfl I verdict
for tbfl shirt company to tbe ainount of
The cbim in this CBSS IS tliat the
provisioni of the iron safe elatise \M-te
ii..t complied with.
Yesterdaya proceedings in lh? court
were as lollOWS:
Norfolk and Western Railway Com?
pany vs. Btone; fully argued and sub?
H. B. Watkina 4 Co., et al
Camp Ifsnufacturing Company; partly
argued and continm-d to today.
Next caSCS tO bfl called: Mep
Southern Atlantic Uffl [nsunncfl Com
pany; County of Mfckleuburg, by etc.,
vs. Beales et al., City ol Bicbmond ra.
Blodel Bteam Laundry; A \
Co. vs. Wallerstein, Produee Company;
Richardson vs. J. B. Hoskins Lumb-r
Companv; l.ambtrt vs. ,J.nl:ins; Tall.-y
vs. lfetronolitaa Life [nroran e l
pany, and Southern Railway Companv
v-. Satterfield's administ-atrix, being
N a 18 to 80 on argumenl docket.
Thanksgii ing Day failing on opinion
day in tho oourt and being 8 legal
h .liday, tho court will sit Saturday at d
render ita deciaiona. The court i
ai well BS all offioes of tlie state gov?
ernment, will bccloscl Thrrsday.
There sro a great number of cases
pending and a score or more import
ant decisions promised for this week.
T .erefore, it was decided that the court
iaitead of adjourning from Wednesday
afternoon until Monday morning,
wiuld adjoiirn until saturday morning
No other busmesa than tbe reoderiftf
of dociaions will be transactod Saturday.
New York, Nov. 23.?Ou bet way up
tho bay from quarantined today the
Oceanir, of the White Stai Line, from
Southampton, collided off Robbins Recf
witb a tug boat towiog two bargca.
One barge Btink.but M livcs were lost.
The Oceania was but slightly dam
aged, and thero was no panic among
bei passoHgera.
Mahlon Seese, 30 years old, a farmer
of Nokesville, was sent to Washington
l.vU night on a Southern train. nncon*
scious from the kick of a horse. _Ha
was taken to EtDergency Hoapital,
where it was found that the animal's
hoof had struck Seese in the face,
fracturing his nose and right jaw. His
condition is not serious.
When a cold becomes scttled in the
system. it will take several days' treat
ment to cure it, and the best remedy
to use ia Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.
It will cure quicker than any othor,
and also leaves the Bystem iu a natura
and healtby condition. Sold hy W. F,
Creighton and Riehard Gib?on,
The Point
Is Here!
You know how
is brewed, or if you don't, our
brewery is right here. open to
your inspe.-tion at all times, so
\ ou can see lor yourself the pur
itv andeleanllneea that Kiirroun.iH
nl,- manufacture of our produet
aii brawera ebdm that thoir
I.eer is the -l.est," so your own
ludgnaant must !*uido you largely
in vour Beleetlon Ofa lirnnd.
wbj notebooee Uofbtau beer,
tbe beea tbat is brewed ln Alex
dria by well paid lahor.'
It s a dellgbt to the last drop;
? aparkling, foaniing potion of
pleaalng exeeUeaee.
Brewing Co.
'Phone No. 49-B
"T l?KT#rM> & M an origlnal pas
1jJ_i1>\_J __.__., ton,. crayon, de
signed an.l palnted by Mr. .lohn M.
Dobie, is oi. exbibitlon iu Mr. B. K
Knight _ window, 021 King sireet. The
, i iv..n will i.e raffled foron Deeember ij.
n'ov.'l :u
orBTBM i> aii. *rtian, vuici
always ou sale at SHINKM'H < Al I',
I', ... e md Koyal Streets.
Silver and natural wood
handles. Best made.
$5.00 up.
Jcwelers and SilveiamItha
New Opera House
10 Cents to All.
Be^sie La Count
Bmoklag QM.
Hamilton ?? Massey
Tba Punnj I emedy Conple,
Tom Kerr
v Irjllnlat,
IfaMaaa Wedaeeday aud saturday 5c
Als.. htteat motiou pictures ebanged
AT 8-00 O'CLCK'K..
Admission - - - 25c
ial Allea'a, Warfiold'a, (Mbaaai'a
Bttd at IhS door
Wei.er PtaBoaaad
nov? la_ ,
The lady who gets the greatest num?
ber of words out of the letters contained
in "MAY MANTON" will receive a
pair of $3.50 May Manton Shoes at
Lynn's Shoe Store.
The contest wili run two weeka from
November 23. uov23 lw
four Carpenters Wanted
1 Tbree dollan vtr day of nine hours,
Best Japan Tea. 30c.
Best English BreakfastTea,
Fine English Breakfast Tea,
Real Java and Mocha Cof
fee, 30c.
Large can Chipped Beef,
10c cans Pears, 5c.
10c White Kidney Beans,
15c cans Stringless Beans,
10c Lima Beans, 8c.
10c Pa's Keystone Gela
tine, 7c.
Bath Brick, 5c.
75c cans Rolled Ox Ton
gues, 60c.
25c cans Lobster, 18c.
10c Packagcs Corn Starch
6 l-2c.
25c Maraschino Chcrries
20c Blue Label Catsup 15c.
25c Snider's Catsup 15c,
20c can Fancy Peas 15c.
Blue Label Soups 20c.
Franco-American Soups
Chalmers Gelatine 7 l-2c.
Old Dutch Cleanser 7 1 -2c.
Babbit's Cleanser 3c.
Mourning Starch 12c.
Pails Herring Roe 50c.
KornKinks 3 l-2c.
Elastic Starch 8c.
Asparagus Tips 20c.
Quaker Corn Flakcs 7c.
Solid Brass
[f \,,u wanl ? i give your frienda band
aome it. --ni for then
order oi.' tho above II VNDSOME
801 li? BRASS i \i:uiMi.i:i s tbal
|g9lnebea high and 10 Inehea In dlam?
eter Bold fn Washlntrtou at -
onr pricc roi tbl ?
i andle
Stleka, etc \ery ebeap.
Subscriptions to
I will guarantee plul on all
mafasineethis year. Qlve meyourllat
andlwill guarantee to meel all prices.
Do not sond your orders out of town.
Bookselleran I Sfatloner.
flSl-ttHBG King Streot.
Juat received a bitf lot of Overcoata
for men. boya' and children; abitf lot of
Suita for men. boya' and children; 25
tfood Carpeta. some are government
carpeta: a big lot of Oih-loth. Linoleum.
Matting* and Rutfa. Office Deaka, Roll
intf Top Deak. Chaira. China Cloasta. all
kind* of Tablea. Book Caaei. Parlor
Seta, Bedroom 5eta. Iron Beds. Sprinffs.
Mattrcaaea, Chinaware. Chzmber Seta.
Luneh Room Chaira. Stovca. Rockera.
Peather Beda.
Can aave fou money. Give uaa call.
200 King rtreet.
nor:i 3t
Coal Coke Wood
Order your Coal before the ad vance at
loweat ii?mer pricea. Beat quality
prompt dellvery and bottom price
Phone 95. DaW. AITCHESON, 107 aoutb
Hovsl atr?Bt. la**
COME and aee our new atoe- of BAR
P_-Ti, 8neat aelcctlon we ever bad.
KUtm, un_ w WILDT j, &Qy,
Woodward & Lothrop
This Storo Will Be Closed Tomorrow (Thursday) Thankagiving Day.
Extenaive sbowing of Fine Nottingbam and S-otd, Hei Uoo t'mtain., in a
largo varietv of neat and attract.ve styles. All are of good quality and neatoV
sign; made'of line, strong thread. an.l are known for their wearmg tlualMafa,
flhown in white and soft shades of ivory and ecru.
11.85 to $6.60 a pair.
We have just reoeivod another large shipment of Fine Tapeatry and Velour
Coucb Covers?Coiioh Covers of unusually good quality and style. m a varifld
assortment of ricb coloring. and designs. Kspwially worthy ?.f mentiou M ?
lioo of handsome velours, in rcproductions of line l'er.i.an aml orienUI rugs
and draperi.s, and in soft, ricb eolorings.
$_*._5 to $1:5.50 each.
Sofa and Couch Pillows.
Covered with silka, velours, brocades, tapestries and cretonne*. Also with
leather with fraternal emblema and armorial designs stamped in handsome eolor?
ings; alao bordered and novelty effects.
$1.00 to $12.00 each.
Wo have for sale at a special pric., another lot of those "Bar Har?
bor" Willow Ohairp! Made of the best Fren.-h -illow, entirely by band; they
are strong and durablo, besides being roomy and eoatfortaM*. Ih* natural
color is _.___.
$2.90 each. Stained, $1.00 extra.
\V. & I.. Specially Made Cnshions, $1.00 extra.
Fourth floor, G bt.
Rope Portieres
ln all eolors and sizes to match.
$2.98 for the small size and
$3.98 for the larger size.
D. Bendheim & Sons.
Barflains in ajl depart
ments until closing time.
Standard Patterns
Each 10c and 15 c.
The Designer
1 Oc Copy.
The Stan4ard Fafrhiott
Book with free pattern
copy, 20c
i ii ? i i ? - r-? i > ***.
?-. *"I'~
N.. CIC11? berebi given il at tbe an?
nual meeting ofthe ato 'l_ho
Incorporated, will ba held at tbe < inee
ofthe com pan j, i 3 Bouth Royal atreet,
Alexandria, Va..on MONDAY, Novem?
ber?, 1910,at 1.30 p. ni., for the election
of otiieoi-s and direetors for tho en-uing
rear and for tbe traasa:tion of such
other bUBineaa asmaj be nropi rly s< tad
If it is. something in this
u j^-it?c-ome i" and
?ee abal ^ offer before you
finally de. de lo buy.
Our line i* SO large an 1 so
complcte ihat you have the
widest ?boica in qualitf and
price. We will save you
money and giv.- you perfaot
Come in, make compari
eons, then buy where you get
the best values. You will find
it here.
Saunders & Son,
629 King Street j
N*. E. Corner King anl Union StieelS,
S. DAVIS. Proprielor.
Oyaters furniahed m tbesiiell in large o?
amall quantities. Home telephone No,
S. All orders promptly filled.,
norlT iTf

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