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1 K 11 > A 1 l\ K.VIXC v
Tmk aurrendcr o( tltc mutinoera on
Braxilian warabipa al B
a decided victory for Cbem and n
homiKaUni dcfeat ol the Brazilian
Ctongreaa. That body, while th
(,f tl.o fleet aare trainad upon the capi
,.tl , 1 to grant amncsty
nnd all otber dcmands to men who
had not only been guilty ol a
eapital offenae in batcbing mntiny, but
who murden I aomeofth
Aadaapatcbea frorri Rk> Jan<
fnly aay, tb6 prideol Brazil h
virtually afan end, aa tba! coui
raallv in tliabandaoltbouith
wbo are liable to repeal tb< -
Mtad Uiia aeek on every litllapi
Un- ibipa ??' - i bythe mutineen
it LUbon wbon Portug
baUad againat King Manuel and bom
barded tbe royal palace. Tbe
(iliana, il aeaniB, aen ifl trded an ob
iectleaaoo upon which tbe) acted al
,?o.-t mbooo u tbej ? ll,'ir
owneapiUl. Thera ia no tclling bow
maiiy aatlora maoning sbipsof other
coiintriea will attempt to ape th
South Anieriea._^_
\. Winatod, Conn., y<
wtantaen 'tb, waakilledin
?j. kxaball game. The young man, il
,1, bad been running witb the
l,iill. H. Wa tackled aud downcd hul
aioae aher the pile of pbtyara b
ten np. He took a jrtep, st iggcred,
and fell to ihe ground unconacious.
Water was irpmediately applied I
baad and acall made for a doctor. Tho
laddied on the Held, hoacvor, withiii
live roinutca after ho received tl
jiiry. rfothing aaa done aboul the
young roan'a deatb, lai boxing bouta
?houk) one of tbe conteatants be killed
oi ao aeverely injured th fol
loaa Ibe otbei man ia jailed and tried
for his .life. Tbe metbod
tba alayi ra in rocb inatancea app
ba .i diatinction without a difference.
A acHOOL for tbe training ol hotel
kaapera baa been opened in I
Schooi- ol tbe kind have long Hour
HnVed in Oermany, Auatria and Switxer
land. The oourae covera IhV entin
baaineaa of hotelkeeping, from bottle
washing to hygiane and m l rn lan
gaagea. Writing I i "The i ?n Tel
Bgtapb," a correapondenl iy Ihere
il hardly an ion in Fram i i
caanot gel a good meal, 1 ul thi
-till thouaandfl abere i verything
the rooking ia primitive Tl
m hool for apprentice 1 ol Iki
Iy all thia, aa bygieae and
tkan will occupy an importan! place in
the curriculum."_
In 23 democratk and 1 1 republictn
I latforms adopted this year tbere
araj reaolutiona in favor i f the income
t a amendmenl to the federal i
tntion. <>ne republiran (Wisconsin)
and one dernorratk1 (South Carolina)
pUtfOrm derlaie fol a L'ladirited in
eoine tax law foi tl while
eight demoeratic platforma and i
publkan inaaat upon the |
?.f atate righut arbii h may be aasiimed
to be a form ol oppoaition to the pro
federal i ix._
Thi Kentucky ury th il
aaraxded to a victim
000 a^utist two nighl Kdera wli
cowardlywhippedhim did.ll
proper thing aTthough the ralprits
?bouM have bcon made to auffei bodily
pain, Theae mffiana who z<< in l
to take advantage ol people. -Would bc
meted outpunishmenl t??tit thcii crime.
It in needleai to aay tbat the two wlio
mulcted foi
iie\er ngure as nighl ridi i- ??.
Twtviv officera and eommitl
?,f tbe Soutbeaati rn I
itaon were found guilty ol "niali
caoaaly, and in wanton diaregard of the
righla of tbe public" increaaing the
ratea for tire inaurance in the i
Newport NaWB, and Bned M00 each,
by B jury drawn from Boutbampton
eoaaty, in tbe Corporation Court of
Nearport Nows laat nigbt. Tbie intel
ligaaoe will ba received aith satisfac
tion by the paople thi aighout the atate
who bava borue tbe burdena in
upon them l-y thia aaaociaUon for
nanyyaara. TbaSoutneaatorn I
ajarrb ?? ion ^ clearly ;i oom
binatton in restraint of trade and
ahould ba forced to diaaolvo.
Wrtu oyvtara gellmg in thia city <it
nts per galkm Alaxandria will
soon estabhsh ? reputation foi being
the cheape- in tba atate.
Oyeters at auch a price are i
than meat aa it ih noa aeiling.
Tut football BBtaon har? i loaad with
$8 USual nutuler of victuris.
Unlytwo Ofaboat of callers at the
White Houae today succceded in pen
etratingto the inuer sanctum and tbe
preaidenl devoted prafltically the entire
day to dictating hia annual message to
l h< Oabinet meettflg today,
the ti: election. was devoteti
to a diacuaaton ol the message and
planafora eomingabort session. All
the membera were preseut except Sec
of War Diekinson. Senator
llale of alaine and James J. Hill,
former preaident of the Great Nortbern
Railroad were the visitors who saw the
preaident. Both were uncommunica
tive regardtng their visit.
An example of how the ultimatecon
r baa to pay for all tbe freigbt
rate incn aeea and how everybody along
the linea Idajuat a littlc bit more tohia
bill, was giveu before the Interstate
Cominerce CommaaMon today by H. C.
Barlow, traffk ilirector of the Chicago
iation of Conimerce. He waa the
cbiel witneaa at today'? -seasion of tbe
rate bearing. Tho railroada, Barlow
thougbt it wa3 proper to get more
ue, aud ao de ided to ad
ratea on aucb commoditiea aa
they choee to aelect for advantage while
wen unobanged and othera re
duced. He cbarged that all tho pro
in ratea were imposed
D pei cet.t. of tbe total tonnago.
!- eJiarged 86 per cent. of
ihe il ? un-'. eluaa freigbt and
only 15 per cent. agalnat commoditiea,
he declared. J' ia tbe claaa freigbt,
Barlow aaid, tbat goeedirectto Ihe ia>
lailer and thua any increaae that is
made will be paaaed directly to the eoav
Jn a telegrarn t<> tho State Dcpart
ment today Tbomaa P, Edwarda, con
iul at Ciudad Guarex, said tbat the cx
citemenl incident to the revolutiou bad
lecreaaed and tbat trains were runniug
hedulo tinie in nortbern Chihau
bau. He said that fewer Amoricans
Heeing from the country. Edwards as
I that in his opinion tho reports
of figbting bad been exaggerated and
declared that he had received reports
fr0m fJomea Falacio, Parral,
. / it is indicating tbat
conditioaa are improving. A message
from Ambaaaador Wilson at Mexico
City today aaid that caJm prevailed at
the Mexiran capttal.
Preliminary eatimatea today based
upon the annonnceinent of the 1010
population ol the sixtecn states and
two territoriea which have been made
public by the conaua buraau givea tbe
neutal United States, including
. ., :i population of about 91,851,
, million more than the experta
of the cenaua offlce expected. Iu a bul
letwi isaued by the cenaua office today
tho officiala anuounced that it ia vory
probable tbat the percentageof increaae
foi the country aa a wboJe will be
greatcrtban that for the states. The
tea and territoriea, now ao
, J, ghow an average increaae of
Ihe population of the
eontinental United States iucluding
... ia 76,149,886, an iu
. of 20.62 per cent makes tbe 91
million mark an eaay goal.
Th. ]i0 boilermakerawho joined Ihe
"strike" on the lethmian canal and
,iuit work the day Preaident Taft aailed
from Colon bonaeward bound, may ex
little Bympathy from the ajovern
autborities, It beeame known
today that Preaident Taft has al
tr.tnsinitted to Col. Qoetbala,
t-hiel engineer on the canal, bia linal
!, in the matter. The raachhv
,.i. v nted at a conferenea
with ibo prt i lenl at Culebra on No
vcmbei 16. They demanded an in
? i ?. - and an extenaioo of
innual leave ol aii weeka with
pay. The exocutive was unwilling t.
queation off'hand and told
the ti,. n h< would forward hiadeciaion
.[, ,i- ii- landed at Korfolk. The
isfied wRb this, and im
ol their reaigna
i; m d authoritiea maintain
that the "slrikera' bave no cause for
nd are urging the exocutive
main firm. li ia atated that Ihe
"strike will nol dclay the canal work
m thoalighleel degree, and the com
.:i is contidenl ol rilling the
anl by tbe reaignatioa
of the 100 boilermakera witbin a few
A figbt against Preaident Taft'a plan
to eliminatr tbe "pork barrel" will
Iwgin early in tbe comiog aeaaion of
ling t" aeveral mem
lio said tod.iy that a preliminary
ienl had been reached by which
t!,, Houae coinmittee will frame an
origina) rivcra and harbora bill carry
ing about *>t0,000,000. With the usual
additiona to the early eatimatea, aud
the iucreaeea made by the Senate, the
ould probably be raiaed to be*
10 and 50 million dollara. I'resi
peatedly declared that
; nol aign anotber "pieca nacal"
ra bill.
\ diapatch received at tbe Braziliau
wy t day from Baron Rio Branco
coulinned ihe report that the mutinoua
; ol the thiee Hrtuiliau
warahipa in the barboi at l!n> Janerio
The diapatch quoted
in fn'.l a wireleas aonl frpaa the sailora
t,, the preaidenl ol Braxil aa followa:
?? j enl of ihe acl which we have
ind f..r our defenaa and for tba
f order. juatice and liberty we
.-. n onr arma truatingtbat aranesty
srill be granted to ns. We will remain
Iii nl to JTour Kxcellency iu
whom we place all ttust." Tbe sur
rendei ooeurred aubeequeat to a threat
ened attack upon tbe war abipa held by
tbe mutinoua crewa by tbe entire naval
in Rio harbor, a aquadron of
23 cni ra and amaller
, r.ift. The BraxiUan government bad
determi'ned i( neceeaary to sink tbe
dreadnaughta by torpedoing them and
Iviaed the crewa of the Sao Paulo
and Minaa Gueraa.
\ itrong proteet against thi abuae
ol the franking piivilege by congreaa
imn aending out tons of campaign
matter was lodged at the White Houae
today by ttive Campbell.
(rep., Kana.) The Kinsas wants
tbe preaident to call attention to
the matter in his forth coming message.
wants the president
ge tbe tocreaee of civil war penaiona
llng to tbe plan propoaod at the
\. K meeting in AUantk f'ity.
The Interstate Oommerce Commis
an order today re
quiriog tbe Southern Railway Com
pany to reduce the chargea for the
nulling-ia-transit privilege on lumber
Tenn, Tbe cbargea are to
^luwd W ihe rate prevailing at
Johnson City, Tcun., and the order
will take effeet January lt3.
A case of allegcd torture which may
be brougbt to tho attention of the Sen
ate cointnittee now engaged in invaati
gating the "Third Degrec," developed
here today when Edward Richanls
charged that Washington policemen
8tuck their fingera in hia Byea in an
effort to niako him confess to>i theft.
Kichards asserted that threo policemen
rushed into hia cell at midnight; cursed
and beat him and tbat while two held
him, the third jabbed his fingers into
Ricbard's eyea. He was charged with
stealing rope from a government dock.
Fostmaater General Hitchcock an
nounces that he will recommend to
Congress the establishmcnt of l rural
parcels post as a step toward the
adoption of a general system.
It wasaunonneed here today that sena
tor Albert B. Ciiniinina, aflOWB, will ap
pear before the Interstate Coinmlssion
early in January to argne agaiaat tba
the proposed iucreases in freight rate.-.
Mexican Government Belloved to Have
the ?aaaataaa in Iland.
El Paao, Tex., Nov. 85.?Nothiug
had been received bero at an early honr
today confirming a story circulated by
tho Mexican government officials that
Franciaco I. Madero had been wouuded
yesterday afternoon Ia an eugagement
between a revolutionary band and a
amall force of federal troops command
ed by Col. Fucutes nearGuerrero.
Thia report is persistont nnd is BC
ceptedby many asshowing concluMvely
that the revoiution baa been ''nipped
in the bud" by Preaident Diaz. Out
side of tbe trouble at Guerrero no other
fighting of a serious naturo is reporled
today and everything itidicatos that the
government ia in control of tbe situa
tion. MiliUry authoritics thronghout
the northern etates report the issuo of
largo military stores, indicating that
the robels were well prepared for a long
conflict, but evidently atarted the revo?
iution pretnaturely.
Lcavenworth, Kans.,Nov. 85.?Thal
tho presant disturbances in Mexico will
not bc of any serious consequenres u
tho opiuion ?xpressed by General J.
Franklin Bell, former chief of Btaifof
tho army, who is now visiting army
friends at Fort Lcavenworth before
going to Manila to assutnc command
of the Philippiuc divisiou.
"I don't anticipato any serious
trouble in Mexico at thepresent time,"
was the general'a eotnment. "That
will come when President Dtaa dies. I
am quito suro thero will be 00
taouble on this occtaion sufiicient b
cause alarm in tho United Statcs o
cause us to do anythiug elso than t.
uso troopj to preservo neutrality. It is
possiblu tbat wemay need troops to M
pel urmed partiaa and to prafaol the
border from being used as a rendezvous
or refuge for Mexican* bent ou dia
turbing tbe peace acroaa the liue, but
that iaall."
General Bell is to sail fromSan Fran
eitoo DecambarS.
New Orleaaa, Nov. '.'5.? Tho report
that Francisco Madero, revolutionary
leader, waa wouuded in battle near Tor
reon is denied today in a private cable
received from Vera Crtix. Madero is
said to be mobili/ing his loreaa in tbe
mountains near Parral, in the aouthara
part of tho state of Chihauhau.
Carrizo, Springs, Tex., Nov. 85.
Reports bave reached here tbat a band
ot Mexican revolutionists crossed into
Texaa thia morning at a point 30 miles
below here and that Madero, the rebr-l
leader, is with them. He is said to be
wounded and was lefl at a rauch bouse.
Thrashed Hlueroat Hully.
Pottsville, Pa., Nov. 25.?After
threatnning to "lick any man iu Potts?
ville," with a big billy in his band,
Chief of Polic* James Mauley, ol Shen
andoah, was thoroughly thrashed by
Attorney A. D. Knittle, yesterday, af?
ter Manley hadcreated a roign of terror
in different parta of tbe tovvti.
Matiley linished his work of paint
ing tbe town red by wanderiug into
Justice Martin's oftice, wbere he at
tempted to dispose of casos as tbougb
ho was judge and jury. Attornej
Knittle picked up tho big Bhaaandoaii
officer. threw him througb tbe door,
knoeked him down outside and held
bim ou tbe pavemeiit until an officar
came. Manley was arresled and held
niider bail on the charge of bilting
Martin IfcAndraara witb a gtm. At
tbe laat session of f'ourt Manley was
coorictod <>f aaaault and baitary, and
was aarned by tbe court that on tbe
next offeuso he would be jailed.
Manley was amised of participating
'n tbe big election frauds of two years
ago, but eecaped with payment of the
costs. _
Mn, Nrltenk Feasted.
, Wbeeling, \V. Va.. Nov. 85.?Wbik
ber husbaud lies Mriouflly ill at the
Nortb Wbeeling, \V. Va., Hospital,
and w unahje to partakoof solid food
Ixvauso of poison alleged to have been
admioistoradby bar, Mn. Laura Parne
arortfa Bcbank partook of a feaat in tbe
jail yesterday.
From ? good caf? Mrs. Bebank or
dered a meal eoiiaiating of oonaomme
royal. roast turkey, sage dressiug, fruit
salad, rnaehad potatoaa, Prani b Blaaj
?taaed toanatoaa, puddtng brandy
sauce, minoa pie, atraabarry i<? eraam
and claret.
John Schenk'aconditioii ia unchanged
Proaperla Fur Anuther Flghi.
Boston, Nov. 25. ?Thero still is a
cbance that the much discussed battle
between Jack Johnson and Sam Lang
ford for the heavyweight championship
of the world may take place. The latest
proposal is to hold tbe fight in London
uext June, during coronation week,
when tbe metropolis will bo jammed
with visitors to the crowning of King
George. Joe Woodman, manager for
I.angford, bas received a cablegram
from Hugh Melntosh, the Austrian
promoter, in wbicb Melntosh offers
115,000 and expenses as his ahare of
the light with Langford. Melntosh
urgea Woodraan to use every effort to
get Johnson to Rgrce to tho match,
Melntosh's only proviso being that
Johnson shall post a 115,000 guarantee
that he will appear in London at the
time aet for the battle.
Oonvicted of wilful murder, Queen,
an elephaot, aged 87, was executed in
Jersey City this morning. She was
pttt to deatb by cyanide of potasiium,
adminiatared in a big red apple which
Queeo ate with apparentreliab. Peatb
waa almoat instantaneoyi,
IlrazilUn Congreas Granta Annn?t\ o>
Miitlnou- t'ri\\? ot Men-of-war miiilr
(.iui? ol tba Veea'ela were Traimd
i pon tba (itv.
Rio De Janeiro, Xov. 25.?After a
voteof amneaty by the Braxilian Con
greaa and tho granting of all their de
manda, tbe mutineera aboard tho
Brazilian warships surrendered today.
Tbe dcmands of tbe mutinccrs were
granted and tbe anmcsty voted at an
extraordinary session of Congre
day. The Cbamber of Deputies follow
ed tbe example of the Senate ia agrce
ing upon amneaty and both houae thci.
voted to Qpncede Ihe demands of the
A representativc ol tbe government.
undcra llag of truce, made his way to
the warships and waa received by a
committee of the sailora. Aa soon as
the action of Congrcss was eonveyeI to
tbe mutinoua sailors, they laid down
their arms.
Congrcss took this action ns the
alternativo of haviug the guns of ita
warships continue their lire upon tho
city. The guns of the battleships Minaa
Ceraes, Sao Paulo, the acout cruiser
Deodora and tbe scoutship Bahia were
all trained on the city during tho timc
that Congreas was in aession.
By granting amneaty and tho dfl
maoda of tbe bailors the usefulin
ihe Braxiban navy, tho most ambitioua
of all tbose of the Sonth Ameicaix
opuntriea, is beUOrad to be at an er.d.
Kresh outbreaka may be expected at
any titne and upon tho aligbteat provo
cation the sailors, depending upon their
power over tbe government. can eti
force their demunds. a practical un-"
dermining of the Ilrtuilian republic
even may ba the conaeqaaaace.
Tbe ftrat outbreak ooeurred last 'I m -
day night. Captain Batiste 1 >ai NetOB,
coinmanding the modern and newly de
livered dreadnaught battlaahip Minaa
Qeraea, had been dining aboard tbe
Frcnch tr.iining ship Dtiguay Trouin,
When be returned to bia abip ba found
the crew in mutiny. When be at
tem ted to drive tbe men back to their
posts be was killed, with tWO other
oflicers. The drcdnaugbt Sao 1'anlo
and the acout cruiser Bahia at OOCe
joined in tbe mutiny, all three ol the
veaaeli aendinf their officera aabore.
The commandoftheaquadron was tben
taken by Jean ^ andido, ? aailor ol tbe
first class, who baa manouevred the
abipa with rare skill.
The magaxinea wera burat open and
ammunition deah outtotbevarioui gun
crewa. Provietona were requiaitioned
and coeJ sei/.cd from tbe laland ol
Vianna, tbe depot. liaigcs tr;itispoii
ing coal t" the Prencfa ateamer Ai
lantique and tbe KngliababipOronaa
were comraandeered.
Caraagta lacreaaea Kndowiueiit.
Xew York, Xov. 86.?Three
yeara ten and three was the record
iiiiug up today by Andrew I'amcgie.
Ainoiig the gifts be received at bia
palatial Flfth avenue hoino waa
silver tray from the itodenta of th<
Pittsl.urg Tecbnioal Bcbool that be
founded. Among tbose he dietributed
was in increaae to the achool'a ettdow
ment of 13,800,000. The school is
thus abead about 18,799,900.
The tirst announoament was that
the I.aitd of Skiho's gift to the acbool
would he $1,500,000, but in changing
his dlothea yeatarday, tbe litUe Bcot
camo acroaa an eatra 82,800,000 and
thr.w thia in with tbe $1,500,000.
The announcement brougbt a bunch
of rab-raba from Pittaburg and a lilyi ?
tray. The new gift will be in the ibape
of 5 perceol bonda ol Ihe United B
CArnegie carrieabii 7;; yean none
too aaaily. Ha haa aged rapidly in
the last few years anil is now in rather
f. ibk ' ohdition.
Narreu Beeana trom Hre.
Boston, No\. l'.'?. Bigbt peraonaare
in the boapital ?>f whom two will iikely
die.and a dOMO othersnarrowly eacaped
death in a fire thal deatroyed Young's
Hotel m tba Efortb Sbore auburb of
Wintbropearly today. All loot their
peraooal belongingi In the lire.
The two probably fatally injnred are
Mis. afargaret Begga, ol Bpringfield,
afaaa., and bei 16 year-oW eon.Jobn C.
Botb auffered broken lega and receivi d
internal injurieaby iumping from their
room "ii the tlnrd floor ol the huilding.
Tbe tirc siarted on tbe krwer floor in
tbe linen room from ajdefective fumai '
ilne and before it was diacovored by the
night wat.?liinan, the entire lower floot
\mis abhue. Proropt responac t<> tbe
alarm by police reeervea and flremen
Mvedtba liveaol many of tbegueata
who were baatily carried down hvMera
to safety. The hotel and two adjotn
ing OOttagea were totally destroyed.
Olaaatreei Wre in thirago.
Cbidago, Kov. 25 ? Chicngo's lotig
drawn oui gambliog war. in which a
ecore of bomb axploaioua have marked
the battle for the eootrol ol certain
parta <>f tba <? i' >, ia blamed today for
tbe $100,000 bhuaatthe Harle.ni race
track, wbere four bondred franae atablea
and ouedwelling were bucned by an in
'"Blind" John t'ot. loti, ownei ol tba
track, has been one of the notahle
figurea in the gambling war. and as
thia waa the aer-ond disastrous lire on
hia property. the police belicve it waa
nierely an epieode in tlur big figbt.
MORi: ilOTOUi COSflH I 1.
Tbe auffragetts continud their
riotous conduct in London yesterday
evetiing. They gathercd in White Hall
and smashed a number of windowa in
government officce, S:\teen of tlieir
number were arresti d.
Tbe Times arguea that Premii i
Aaquith'a promise lo give facilitil
tbe next Parlianteut for a wumen's
suffrage bill will raake thia queation
an issue of the coming electiona, and
that if tbe electiona contirm the gov?
ernment in power the new l'arliament
will be conaidered to have received a
mindate to grant women votca on a
democratic baaia.
The Times thinks that neither the
militant auffragista ibamaellCl nor the
public perceived the signiticanee of
Mr. Aaquith'a prcmise. and dilatea
on tbe danger of thi situation in tbe
face of the fact <hat a number of tbe
women oftha country and th* great
majority of male electors reaolutely
oppuse woman suffrage.
The Tirnea adda that shrew.l obaervers
baliere auob a change would weakep
the Britieb bold over Ipdi.v, I
!>>( ItAM E MliN WtMMDk
Twcuty ofl'icers and committcemcn
of theSouthcastern Undcrwriters' As
sociation'were found guilty of "malic
ioualy and in aanton diaregard of tbe
rights of tbe pnuli." increasing t!ie
rat.- for Bre loauraoce in the city of
Kewport Neaa aud bnod |400 each by
a jury drawn from BoutbamptoO
county in tbaoorporattoacourt of Xew
port News last nigbt. The vordiet was
rtturned at 10 o'eloek, after a trial
lasting one montli and seveu daya, The
!,i,n convicted are: A. H. Harris,
?aeretary of tbe Virginia committeo of
the a-sociation; L. B. Warren. ebalr
man of the Virginia committeo; Wfl"
|Mm li. Robbina, E. H. Jones, and A.
M. Traver.s. of Iti hmond, and B.
A. Hamlin, of Rinville, members
of the Virginia commmittee: W.
li. Pteayott, preeident <>f tbe
association; A. B. Androws, manager;
Dan II. Harris, Guy Carpenter. (ieorgo
If. Collins, A. L. Brooks, R. N. Hughea
B. T. Caldwell, J. S. Middlcton, and
H. M. Tantier, of Atlanta, Ga.; Dana
Hlaekmar, of Columbus, Ohio; H. ('.
Hare. of .laeksonvillo, Fla., and B. J.
Smith, of Obarlotte, rnornbara of tho
executive committeo.
An nacreaaa in tbe liceaae tax rate
00 insuranco cotnpanies doiog business.
in Newpoit News was enforce<l by the
cttycooocil on May 1. On May 12
tbe Virginia committee of the under
wnters aiiiMiuiied anincrja.se of 10 per
.-ent po ratea,
llien loUoared tba arresU at Hot
Bpringl. In the polieo court Justice
Browo ftoed tbe dafaodaata $500 each.
An appeal to the corporation rourt was
A motioa to lel aaide the rerdict is
pending, and tbe eata will go to the
Court ol Appeala,
The annual Thanksgiuing drag,
whieh bai been for many yaan rufl
ovcr the nme ooarje, was riddao near
Warreotoo yesterday with tho meet M
11 a. m., at the Warreti (ireen Hotel
and proved one of the largeat and
fa-test of tbe aearoo. Tho fieM was
very htrge and tbe paek was thrown in
ai Paradiae andquJcklypkkedthaacenC
Courtland Bmitb, maater, buntod tbe
bounda, wiihTlioinasAilison.Roy Adam
sonand John B. Gaineeriding m abipa.
The cootae, which was almost visihlo
tbe entire way, layover the !ields of
Heeara. Gainee and rVUbur Wallach,
with tbe Bniah at Loretta, tbe eatate of
Jolm S. Gainee.
Tbe t'n'st jump was a rai! fence and
tbe lield weiit over as a team. Thell
camc sodded nelda and ptauk faneaa,
(rater in and out and otber rail and
planks. A grand line of country and
i rattling scene proving a etirring acane
as the boondfl awepl on. Tho jumping
BM cteao and tbere were many out to
?ee the atarl and Bniah. The held waa
rjompoeed ol tbe following ridera, all
faulUeaaly mounted and appointod for
tbe run: Mra. J. K. Uaddux, Mra F.
A II Portman, Mra. C. II Brnith,
Kua Flynn, Miaa Spilman, M<
Smith, Adamaon, Alliaon, Ga'nee, H.
Btone, ?(. P. Btone, Brneal Haycs,
Jamaa riaab, Cbarlea Daoiela and Bhair
Jobnaoo. _
Many Lee, Bgfd 17 years, was killed
in YYinatod, Ciini., yeaterday, in a
football game betaaen the Tjerney Ca
detj andao independenl teamcompoaed
principally of Gilbert Prepatory Bchool
stud'iit-. Hiaakuliaaa fractured and
be dted ? faa minutaa aftor the acct
dant, and before medical aid <?( uld
reacb him.
The fatal bochJ nt occurred after a
toaaa phty.abiob botfa teama hadagreed
to om. Lee had bean ronbiog with
the ball. He was tackled and downed
but aro.se, after the pile of players had
gotten up. He took B step, staggered,
and fell to the ground uncooeciou*.
Water was mitnodiale'.y applied to his
head and a call made for a doctor. The
laddied on Ihe fiald, boaarar, within
tivr mioutes after be rtoajved tbe Uv
The lield whieh \v>?s used for tbe
game is tbe baaaball held ?>f the Gilbart
Prepatory Bchool, and ia atooy In apota.
It i-" thought that when Lee was tackled
hia head -trurk ? ttOOB, whieh rexulted
in the fraoture Of his akull. The game
lopped at onca. The acore atood
The inaoigaati in the Sanate are
ready to meet Preetdent Tafl balf
way in an (ffort to racoocile the dif
ferenoaa in tbe repnblicao party and
rapair tbe feooea for 1918;
They are returning to Washington
with a diapoaitton to bury tbe paat if
Mr. Tafl will only make it eleai that
he is willing to gi\e them an equal
\oiee with the re<ru!ars in the party
The leadera are now phuming to call
ifarence of the prograaaiveB to be
held before tbe contening of coograaa,
probabfy next aeek. Before thia con
held they will have Ifleer
laioed from Mr. Taft what his attitude
:s to bo tOWard them iu tba eoming
If Mr. Tafl ia willing to take them
into the White HoOBBeon'eretiees witb-'
out any aarreadac of the prineiples for
which they have contended the senate
ioaurgaota Btaod ready to put their
ibouldera to Ihewhael and do every?
thing to mend tho situation.
tlleged AtteHipt Ia l>> nainlt* Hteel
CbkagO,.Kof. 25.-A posaible plot
to dynaniite the works of the Federal
Steel Cooatructlon Company, a part
of tbe AmericaO Bridge Company,
?ae nneartbed hare today in the dis
covery of nioateao stinks of dynamite
m | lactol lol in-ar tbe ]i!ant of that
company. It ia believed that an OOt
rage on Ihe same phin as thosereoently
occurring at Los Angeles and at Pl
abare bridges of the constniction
oompany wtre destroyed by atrlkera.
was contemplated for Cbicago, ? and
extra guards today are stationed about
the buildings thought to be menaced.
For many nionths a conflict has
been oo between the Araerican Bridge
Compatly?known as the bridge tnist,
and its fonner employes and to the
latter are aacribad tbe attacks made
on the <ompanys works 10 difierent
parts of the country.
Wuere to find tbe GOODYEAR GOLD
SEAL pure gum boota and ahoea. Our
ttore. J. A. Marahall <fc B'o? 422
King atreet, V.
The achool bouse at Brock Road, in
Spotsyl vania county, was burned to tbe
ground Wcdnesday. Bchool was
session at the titne, but tho teacherand
pupila csoaped.
I'All) I'OH klkmP's BUKrnoaT.
Aflldavfta tbat there baa been per
niciousactivity among federal employea
in Ricbmond in republicau party poli
tioa, and tbat employea under civil
aervioe have been eaaeeaed a proportion
of their salaries for contributiona to tbe
party campaign fund?, have been tiled
with the United Statea Civil Bervice
Commission iu Waahington, following
an cxtended inquiry made in Ricb?
mond by L. H. Fisber, a special agent
of the commission, wbo spent three
daya exaniining witneasea in tho
poatoffice, customaand intcrnal rcvenue
departmetits. Many of IbeM witnesaes
arere examined at Mr. Fiaher's rooms
at tbe Ricbmond Hotel, in order that
the inquiry might be conducted witli
pcrfectseereey, and that pressuro might
not be brougbt to aupprosa facta until l
full alatement was in tho hands of the
government. Mr. Fisber left for
Waahington Wednesdav night, tiled a
number of aworn aflidasits with tbe
commission yestorday, and will later
submit a written report covering condi;
tious in tbe federal sorvico in Keh
Tho action of tho government is be
lieve 1 to have I>een pre apitated by a
ineeting of tho colored employea of tho
federal building, beld previous to tho
congressional election. Tho colored
men, uotwithstanding tbe fact tbat
they aro civil servico employes, had
been told to "comc across" for the
campaign fund of Stato Cbairman
Slemp, in tbe ninth District, and their
wall was loud enougb to reach tho ears
of tbe Civil Servico Commission in
Waahington. The affidavita ol ? num?
ber of theee colored men that they were
practically aaaeaeed arbitrarily in pro
nortion t<> their pay for tho republicao
party campaign fund, ia now in the
hands of tho government. ? [Btcb
mond Tinies Diapatch.
The meeting of the Btate Teachera'
Aaaoeiation was opened in Ricbmond
yesterday niornitig, Preaident X. I'.
Paintc-r, priucipal "f Boanoke High
Bobool, preaiding, and about 700
teachera aitending. The membera,
One from eaefa congressional district,
of the committee on nominationa, were
named by the teachera, in district
ineetings. The selections were ap
proved l>y the aaaociatioo, Dr. Paint
er read biaannualreport At lo'clock
tlir aaaoeiation adjourned to meet next
Thanksgiving at Norfolk.
Tbe officera, who were electod unan
imoualy, are as followB: W. H.
Keiater, ol Harriaooburg, preaident;
Algar Woolfolk, <.f Courtland, aecre
tary: Miaa Blaud D. Hobba, ol Petera
biirg, treaaurer. V*ice-preaidenta by
Coogreasional diatricta: Firat, Qi
W. Guy, Hampton; Second, J. B. L
Johnaon, Franklin: Third, J. F. Fen
tresa, Bicbmood; Fourtb, Qeorge E,
Bennett, Petersburg; Flftb, C. B,
VVbeatJey, DanviHa; Biatb, F. B. Fiti
patrick, Boanoke; Baventb, Ormond
Stone, rjniveraity of Virginia; Elgbth,
i. F. Burckbead, Louiaa; Xir.th. J. P.
HcConnell, Bmory; Tentb, W. K.
Qilbert, Cliftou Forge.
Acoording to tba annual report of
Becretary Algar Woolfolk, tba Btate
Teachera' Aaaoeiation baa about 4,900
The eddraaa <>f Profaaaor J. H. Bin
ford, of Bicbmood, regarding the
teai In?!??.' penaioo fund was of much in
tereet, Adthitting tbat the plan ia
not dy any nieans perfect, be atrongly
advocated its retontion and improve
ment. Tho principle of pensiona be
thougbt to bo ao generally approved as
not to neek defaoaa.
Attberiakol being blown to ptecei
Polkeman Benjamin Fay ruabed into
a teiieinent hoiise in New York yes?
terday and oxtinguished tbe fuse of a
bomb jnst in titne to save sixtecn fami
lie from poaetbla death. Balvatore
Pkxa, jamtor of the tennmeiit, saw
iu Ihe datk haliway a tiny jet of
ll.uue sputtering at the end of the
Not knowing wbat it. was. be picked
up the bomb, but aet it down In a
hurry and ran from the building. He
fnuinl Policoman Kay and told ?him
wbat had happetied. Without a ser
ond'a neaJtation Fay rau into the
haliway :md atepped on tho htirning
I he tenanta of tbe building, who are
all Bidliane, aay they never have re?
ceived any bUckband lettara,
l)ii(4 up ller Dead ( lilld.
Bristol. Pa., Xov. 25.?The sight of
a wotnandiggingup her recently-burie.)
child with a pitchfork and hugging the
corpse, createil ? panic among the boli?
day visitors to St. Mark'a Cemetory
i day. Tho woman was a Mrs.
Spinuelli, wbose littlo daughter died
aeveral weeksago. Yearningforanother
sight of her loved one, tbe mother went
to the cemetery yesterday with a pitch?
fork. After awhile people in a diatant
section of tbe ground noticed ber dig
ging n 1 than hugging what was appar
ently a body. Investigators rusbed up
and found tbat abo bad disinterred the
coffin, and bad tbe corpae in ber arma.
Policemen were called, tbe child re
buried and the woman locked up, to be
examined aa to ber aanity.
NufiYagcttfs feaat tujaii.
Loodoo, Xov. 25.--Fifteen of the
21 Miffragettea arreated last night for
attacking the government otficea at
Whitehall were aentenced m Bow atreet
police court today to two moutha' im
prisonment with the optioo of paying
All spurned tbe payment of tbe
fineaarid wentdefiantly to jail. Anotber
drew a month'a sontence and tbe other
five were fined $10each.
"You bavebeen treated with leniencv
aurpaasing understanding," declared
Magiatrate De Rutzen in aentencing
the women.
Genta! Stylisb, up-to-date footwear
a<] ls materially to your appcarance.
We have the excluaive atylea, aucb aa
M?reb?ll & Bro., -iii King street.
San Fraocisco N<u\ 12.
To tbe Editor of the Alexandria Gazette:
A recent publication ia oue of tbe
hmdon (England) papers gives an
cxcccdingly interesting account of
Warwick Castlc (Warwick, England)
whieh will dotibtloss awaken aome
thought of aucient family connections
in Ihe miada of a numberof the readers
of your ancient and valuablo paper
(valuable for its long oxistenoe as the
leading mcssengcr of news to your
city and surrounding community).
Echoea from tho past could give us
back the names of many who ohce trod
proudly the atrocts of Alexandria
(Belle Haven), to whom the name of
Warwick was not unfamilliar. Wash?
ington, Lee, Aloxander, Newtou,
Huoter, Robinson, Taylor. and a host
of othors, some few descendanta of
tbese and others may now be living,
aud who no doubt daily peruse the
pages of "Tbe Aleiandria Gazette'"
with all tbe pleasure of fortner years
(before the war).
Tho castle of Warwick, or Warwick
Castle, was built some nine huudred
years after tho town of Warwick was
founded, so tho town is much more
ancient, it having been founded A. D.
1. and was first called Caer-Coc, then
tho iiamo was changod to "Werhica"
in the timo of the Anglo-Saxons. Caer
Con having beeo destroyed by the
PtCta and Scotta, was occupied and re
built by King Caractacua who came
upon tho sceno at tbat time and named
tho town "Warhica." So that the
present town of Warwick is fairly au
eient, being 1910 years old Ethel
lleila daagfator of King Alfred founded
tl.e Castle of Warwick A. 1>. 015. It
played a very eonsiderable part iu the
ravagea of tbat aaotioo of England
by tho Panes.
Bir Walter Scott called it tho fairest
motiument of ancient and cuivalrous
splendor whieh lemains uninjured by
time. And no doubt but that Sir
Walter knew soinething about castlca
and chtralry also. Its most famous
lower i^ called "Caesar's" and this
niagnilicent structuro bas stood in
dignity and majcsty uncbangod by
time for nenrly on thousand years, and
undaniageil by war for all this time,
being as lirm now a.s the roek on which
it is founded. No visitors are admitted
to this tower, below which, deop down,
is tbe terriblo dungeon in which tbe
uofortunate nriaonara rotted out tbeir
I loin tho lodge to the castle tho ap
proach is cut througb solid ruck for
one huudred yards. Tho sceno which
burtta upon tho visitor after passing
througb tho big duiible gateway?tbe
sight of the magniticent irregular eaa
lellatod pile of tho feudal barons of
Warwick is not eaaily forgetable. In
side the castle everything is just as in?
teresting as oo thooutside. A prieelew
collection of ptcturea, aroaor, and ob
jecteof veitu are housed here. Tba
most interesting rOOOO is tbe great ball,
wbich conteina-tbe gigantic armor aod
waapooa of tbe great and fonnidable
E n I Guy, of Waiwick.
This 'Caractacua ' who rebojtt the
town of Warwick opposed the Romans
and was the liist kingof Brittauy. He
aurrendered to claudius Caeaar. His
deacendanta lield many prominent
poeitiona in England, and tho name
Caractacua Snally changed toCasa-'ock
and Craddock, then Newtou. John
li ek was Lord of Newton, Tho
name Caractacua died out altogether,
and only "Newtou" remained. It is
iotareatiog to know tbat tbe record of
tbe deecenl from Ckractacua tho first
king of !5rittany to the Newton family
of Virginia and its brancbes is about as
parfect a* can be. I guess all of our
lOCeetora were once privates, and sav
ages. Are we any better off today?
Kallmad OltirlaU Indlrted.
Chicago, Nov. 2">.?Charging a con*
spiracy by which the Illinois Central
Railroad bad been dofrauded out of
14,825,670, the grand jury bero today
indicted four men, They were: Frank
1; Harriman, fonnat general manager
of tbe Illinois Central, who resigned
Ifarcfa 16. John M. Taylor, former
general storekaaper ofthesystem who
resigned May 1.
Charles E. Ewing, former geueral
anparinteodaut of tbe oortbara liaea
who resigned July 1. Joseph E. Pur
kor, former superintendent of tbe ear
department who resigned Feburary 1.
The iudictments against the former of
lieials of the Illinois Central in addition
ty tbe getnral ehargo also contaiued
two coiints charging a conlidencogame.
Tbe bonde of atcb of tbe men are set
at 620,000.
The fli-d ofthe caaea is tbat the men
indicted, charged up to the Illinois
Central ear rapaira which were never
made, and by colhanoo, defrauded tbe
railroad t<> the amount of more tban
Tho amount named in tbe indict
nieiit.s, 64,625,670 reprc.senU tho total
buaineaa tbe Illinois OeotraJ did with
tbe four ear repair concerna named
since tho summer ot l'JOO when tbe al
leged acbeme to "milk" the road is
said to have boen putin operation.
Flred on Strlkera.
Cbicago. Nov. 26.?Bullet8 ripped
through liuniaii bodies today for tbe
tirst time, since4ii,lK)0garmentworkera
went out on s'.rike hero when Vincent
Yellano and his wife opened lire on a
crowd of ttrikers who tauuted tbem
with betraying tbe eauae of the
workers by aitcking to their employ
Both Yellano and bia wife was ar?
rcatod and their three victima hurried
lo i boapital.
Ceuataea T?l?tol ? tl.
Tula, Russia, Xov. 25.??Il ia report
ed today that Counteaa Tolatoi, widow of
the late Count Tolatoi, ia serioualy ill
with fever, following her diatresaing
experience during the laat days of tbe
count's life. The counteaa is at her
home in Yaanaya Poliana.
New York Stoek Market.
Now York, Nov. 2.1.? There was" no
ehauge in tho eharactcriitlcs of tbe mar?
ket at the opening. A elearer under
standingof the Mexican sltuatlon waa
reilecteu in the advances of American
?jmclter. At the end of the flrst fifteen
minutaa tbe market showeda falr degreo
of atreiigth. the pricesranglng generally
ibove wedneadaj h quotationa.
Thero was a further eaaing ofTof prlcea
la ttie market during the laat balf of tbe
forenoon and at mldday oearly every
thing traded iu abowed soine locaa^QQIO
paredwlth WedPcadav ?o)o*e.
Is just one month
from today, and
we would earnest
ly advise early
shoppingin order
to avoid the usual
holiday rush In
cident to the
Christmas s h o p
p i n g--y o u can
make y
tions n
first choice 01 the
hundreds of new
and pretty things
we have gathered
together for your
inspection. Every
one of them have
merit and have
been selected with
the idea of serving
some particular
and practical ser
Our hc'iday open
ing will take placc
Monday Morning,
November 28, and
we extend a cor
dial welcome to
one and all to be
Any purchase
mad< now will be
held for future de
livery when so de
VIUOINIA. In tho Ctert'a Offlce ol
tbeOorpotaUotaCourtof the < 'ity ol
Alexandria, on tba llth day ol Novem?
ber, 1JU0.
Aloert 1 Dreifus, vs. I.ouis Drel
(Ua, Hertha Co.\. R. II. Cox, NVtlle
Kinstein, Benlamln Kinatein, Frank
Dreifua, l.eopold Dreifua,Fannle Atwell,
Bdward Atwell, Bena Cox, Jamea Cox,
Carrie tirlllboruor, Devtd <i Qrillbort
cer, Jeanette i.ee, iieien Driefua, Harn
Dreifua, Kmaat Dreifua, Keymond
lua, Flora Kivcn and Saniuel Krvcn
Meino. Objaei of tble auit ftrr aale of
hiuse iind lot 1101 tliweslcoiiiorof I'nnee
and l.'iilon street*. Alexandria, \a.. of
ableb Roaa Dreifua dled, eeiaed and poa
aeaaad acd .^llstribulion ol proeeeiN
among the parties eutitlod theretO and
further rolief.
It appcarlng by an aflblavit flled ba
thia eause that tho defandanta, Settie
Kin3teiu, Itonjamlu Kinitein, Frank
Dreifua, I.eopoid Dreifua, Helen Drei?
fua, Harrjr Dreifua, Brneat Dreifua, Raj
inond Dreifua, i'lora Krven and Saniuel
Krvon are non-rosidouts oftliis Btate l
lt isOrdered: 1 hat aaid defeudants ap
pear liere withiu llfteon daya after ilua
publlcatlon of this order, and do wbat la
uecesaary to protect their intere
thia auit, and that aeopy ofthla ordor ba
fortbwltb ineeited In the Alexandria
Uazette, a newspaper pubuahed in tbe
City of Alc.vaudria, opoe a weefe fbr Ibui
succesaivo }veek8, and postod at the frout
door of the lourt Hou.se of this "ity.
A oopy?Teatc.
bv Lolis n. Dofvanr, D I
Jobn M. Jobuaon, p. q,
nov 24 wlwtlo!
IROINIA.-In the Clerk's Offleeot
the Corporatlou < 'ourt of the ('ity ol
Alexandria, on the 21st day ofOetoDOr,
ber, 1910.
Sarah O. Hall vs. lohn W. Hall. In
Memo. The object ol thl? suil is to ob?
tain for the eoiuplaluaiu. BaiahO. Uall.
an absolute dlvoroe from tba boada ol
matrlmony from the dofeadaat, Jobn
W. Hall, and that eomphilnant ba al
lowed to resume her inuideii naaae <>'
Karah (iollj horn. aud for sueh furtlier
and genentl reliefas to cpjity i-, rigbt
It appearlng by anaflldavitfilcd In tbt*
eaus6 that tbe defeudant, Jobn w.
Hall, Is a non reaidaot of this Btata
It is Orderod. That fcaid defendant ap
pear bere withln fifteen days aftar dua
puhlication of this ordor, and do vrbat is
neeeag?"? aeoteot bls intere t In tbia
fult, a "?' thia order l"-.
forthw '";"
Clty Ol
Rohltison^tuDcure. p q
Jesaie Bluestone, former state. legia
latitf, and Samuel Moseoscn were today
at. Pitlsbtirg fouud guilty in crtniiual
cmrt ot conepiracy to vtolate the state
"white slavo" law.
The body of Dr. Brown. of Port He
poait, Md,, aged aboutoo. waa found
Ipst nigbt along tbe tracks of the Dela
ware Railroad at Nuwark. It is evident
tbat tbe man waa struck by a train and
tbat hia death was instantaneoiis.
Wbetber he fell from a train or met
with foul play.
Wholesale Prfces caf Produce
Flour.extra. 4 50 a 5 00
Family. 5 00 a 5 25
Fanoy brauda. 6 60 a 6 75
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Mlxed. 0 65 a 0 70
Yellow. 066 a 0 70
Corn Maal. 0 70 a 0 7")
ftye. 066 a 0 70
Oata, inlxed, new . 0 40 a 0 4-5
White,new. 0 50 a 0 55
Clover Seed/. 8 00 a 9 50
TlrootfeJT-. 1ft B 2 00
Hay ..jjP,. 2200 B 23 00
KlgiWiat Butter. 32 00 a 38 00
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a Virginia.20 00 a 25 00
lautomidcUiug., HW * l<j W

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