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"ISouthern Railway.
Tralna leave Unlon Mtatioo, A le xandria.
In offeel Xovember'.'".
X B -FollowlogaebBduleflgureepub
lUtbod oiilv a< iiiforiiuuion, BBd al
'noA^lt-Dally loeal batwaea
lagton and Danvllle.
s.47 a. M. -Dal
b ira and wai atatlons.
J-17 \. M. Dallj ' v- 1;,":
gtopol.h ? :...ii.|-,sotIlh
Tarblcl "selHiiuled io atop. Firat c-law.
ooa-ees- alewplng oara to Birralngham
oaddrawlnx roora aleeplng cani to New
gjrieana ! ervlco.
1117 A. M. ?I'ailv Malltraln. Coacbes
for Manaaaaa .flrnr-??? IHe.Lj nabburg,
Danvilie andOreensboro. BMeplageani
Oroaaaboro lo AUanta.
4 47 1' >!. ? Wiek days - l.imitecl for
Warrentou. CharlolU-sville aud Harri
tor41 'i i r"
4*8 P. M.-Daliy-BlnninKhani apeo
lal" Sloeping cars beti
At'lanta, Arntaton aad
Through flraVebUB eoaehe
Wa?bington. Atlanta and Bir jdogham.
Dlning ear ae.rvleo. Touriat to Cal.lorma
flve tlines wceklv. .,?,.?,.
j-ap \i? Woeadaya-Li' i:tedlorHar
r'ao lb'urg aud way autions on Mai
braaoti. Pulluiac butlet parlorear.
Zlt V. M-Daily-Loeal for \\ arren
6.37 P M ?Tho Southern s Boutl
ero Llmited for Columbla, Cbarlejton,
Aiken Au'usta, Havannab aud Jaeknon
ville Through PollmaB dnwing room
atato' room sleepiuj; ears. I OBaaoa
Dlning carrf .
10"7 P M.-Daily?Washington md
Chattanooga Limited via Lynohburg).
Flmtrelaas coach and aleeping i
Roanoke. Knoxville and DbattMi
fjleepor to linw Orieam, Waabington to
Roftiioko. Piiilns: ear serv.ee
11:02 P M. ?Dailv?Xew Vork. AtlanU
and New tlrleans Li-nited. AU Pullman
train, elub and ob.servation ears to N.-w
Orleans. s.Ing can t?. Aaheyille,
Atlanu, Maeon aod Nea Orleana Hleep
inr ears toCharlotte. Dlning cai m
\J.n A. It?Daily?Memuhla arwclal.
Bleeptng ean and eoaobee for Roa.te,
Kn.\ville. Naahrdle, Chatt^ooga and
Mompbra. Dlolag ear aarvlee. v> -???
inirtoii aleeplngeara open lOiw i . B*.
Through tralnafrom the aouth arriyip
at Alexandria 0:13 and 6i?, - Band 1023
a in .':13, "?->? 1,1:! :i'"' ll:jH l
daily, Harrlaonburg 11:38 A. M. week
daya andOda P M daily. From Char
lotte>ville '<> V M
Leave Alexa.ldn:. W A 0 Statlon)
vtwkdayaal 822 A. M ? ?-\- ""'. ' ? '???
Bluemont: 638 P. M.week daya foi
burg- iv. P. M daily for Bluemonl and
8.23 A. M. local, on Bundaya only n.r
FordeUiled .sehedule fjgurea, tiekets.
Pullman reaerratioo. eto..apply to
Unlon Ticket Agent, Alexandria, Va
E. H C50APMAN, VlcoPrea sGen.Mgr.
8. II. HARDWICK, i !j-'r
H F CARY. Oenetal Paaaenger Agent.
L. s. BrOWB, (ieneral Agent,
waablagtoB, l> < ,
Washington Southern Ry.
Sehedule in eftect NOT. 27, 19*0.
Train- leave I'nion Statlon for
IcgUMi aod poKrta eorth at I i ?
aitau IH3I a .n . I201.^a?, S07.8 l?*and
n .ct p. m . daily. .
Poi Prederlakaburg, Rlehmond and
pointa aouth at i 37,7 f* < loeal) and lo -?
a. m. u l?. -i -". ?'?'" (tooal ? B aod !>...
p. in. dail \ . ...
Aeeoi.imodation for Frederiekshur,; at
ll ia a. m.. dn.iy. v>n week daya thia
train rtins through to Mllford.
andeoiineetioiisno' guaranteed
W P. TAYLOR, Trafllc Manager.
Kiehmoiid. \ ?.
Washington, Alexandria &
Mt. Vernon Railway.
In efTeet Xoveinl.er 1. 1810.
11 w i. iun moaia.
Kor Washin^lon. from .orner I'rinco
and Roval atroeU, week daya, at ._.-!?>.
?06.620,030,(1 10,665,7 05,7 lo, . 30,1 W,
7 00 B00,81?.8a:i,8a'?.8 50,9 I".:' ?
10 10 1089, 1!>?'??>. 11 I". 'I 25, 1130, ll 50 a.
m.. 1210,1285.12 30, 1250, l 10, 1 ?'
I 50. ?! 10, 'J iV - 30, - ?'''. 3 05, 3 25, 3
4 10 1 i>. 1 .:' 1 I''. I 55, 5 10. 5 i">. 5
(05,620,630,6 f., 7 00, 7 1".. 7 25, S ?
9fj0 !?l ', 1000, I >30, 1! 10 and 11 56 <?? B?.
Bundkva?700, 7 35, 8 10, S '
920 <i K 1000, 1020, 10 W, 11 00, II 20 and
U4oa. in.. 1200m., 1220, 12 H), 1 ?
1 }.i 2 0,220,2 10,300.320,3 10,400,4 20.
440.500, 520, 5 I?, i;>. 7 0, ' :?>.
7 10, 800, B30, B ? 0, lOSOand
11 10 D. m.
Leave A ll \amlria Tor Mounl Vernon
week davs.at 546, 656. 7 66. 861
1125a ni.. 1226, 1 25, 225, 330, i I
830 '?'*?'? 8 50,850,1050and 11 50p. u?.
an., 1330, 1, 180,630,6
S4<; and h?!''? P- ">?
Hav.- vou overworked your >
svstem and eaiued trouble with
ktdneysand" bladder? Have yon pains
in loins. side, l.aek and bladder? Have
you a flabby appearanee ofthe fkoe and
under the eyea? A (rociueni dealre lo
pa^- urinoT If ao, Wllllams1 Kidney
IMU will ouro you -DrugaiBta, pi i
Willisms M'f 'g Co., Propa., Cleveland
O. For s.tle, arboleaale and ratall, by E.
S. Leadl.eater .t: Sotn
A Rellable
I* qulekly abtorbed.
01ms Ralltl at Once.
Itcleans<w, aoothea,
haala and protects
the diaeaaed nieru
brane reaultin^ from
CaUrrh and drives
away a Oold iu tho
Head aaBckly, ltr.
?torea tho Setiaes of
Taate and BmeU, Fullsiz- 50 cta.. al
?>ts or by m.iil. In liqoi 1 form, 76
iy Broth'era, 56 Warrou Street, Kew York.
Electric Lights*
Uectric Hghts are a n. ce-sity. not a
luxury. Did you ever stop to con
sider how easy it is to light
electric lamps? No
matches require^.
Simplyturn the
knob and
the lighta
are on.
knob ia
always in the
same place and
you know the ex
act position. The
match box b often empty
and sometimes moved. Call on ua
for full Infonnation and cost oi operation.
Alexandria Electric Co.
redattbe I'ostottlee of Alexandria,
Virginia, aa aeoond-elaaa matu-r.]
Tkrms: Daliy -l rear, $J.oO: 6 montha,
; montha, 81.20: 1 month,43 cont*
i week, looeata.
Tri-weekly-1 year, $3.00: C months
li.SO: ?; months, 7ft cents; 1 month, io
eenta. . ., _,
Oontraet advertisers will not be allowe*!
to exceed their spaee unleas the exeeaa
is pald for at ir.insic.ut ratos, and under
nootroumstanoee will they be allowod
,ther than their leglti
matebualaeaa in thespace contracteii
Kaaoiutiona lo memorlam, of thanks.
trlbatesofreapeet, lesolutlousadoj totl
liv BOOietiaa or porsons.unlessof public
,'oiucrn, will be prlnted la tba papar
as advertivements.
rilK Mt'ilDKK Of IIF.V. AND MP>.
A new senaation in tbe kiliing ol
Barerend and Mra. Amzi L. Arn>
strong at Dutcb Keck, X. ?'., by Jobn
Sears, the negro balf-breed whom they
had for years befriended, was the ar
reet laal night of tbe. mother of tbe
accoeed, who waa taken to the jail at
Trentoa a- a material witneaa follnwing
her eonfeaaion yeeterdav afternoon
ihat ahe had knoulodgc of the double
crime and had been lying to the
?utboritiea in an effort 10 ahlekl her
Now Ibal tbeaon baaeonfeaaed, ihe
inotber ia willing lo lell all, even
thoueh ahe will doubtleaa aid in aend-l
ing him to Ihe electric chair. j
The old negreaa iiunata, aa doea ber
son, that ahe bad no part iu the plan -
nins of the morder, nnd the autbori
tiea belteve thal in tbia reaped ahe k
tcllins the triith.
She aaya the negro and the aged;
preacher had a diapute Wedneedayj
afternoon, and the yooth vowed ren ;
geance. 8he did not tbiidc, however,
thal be woald d?i anyihing ao desperav
aa be did, neither did ahe bave an idra
a-, u> hra plana until the minnte Ii
began Bring <.n the defeneeleaa eouplc
Kvtn then ahe believed tbat the killing
wa- the resultof apaaaonate impulai
ratber than of deUberate plaoning, aa
n had conf. -
?? tbe killing had been dono,
mother and aon realiaed that tbe shycr
nrusl ncl quiekly and ahiewdly if he
vraa to earap the conaequencea of bia
'I be aituation waa diacuaeed for ?
a ft w mipntra, nnd it wa decided thal
Bighl woul i be ua
Then ii ?.,- agreedthal the murderer'
?hi i-i'i endi itnre an alibJ, and
that I"- made tho trip to Kea
Brunawick planning to tbrowtheau
th'Tii. rack.
Tl'.c old i ' upataira in tho
houae of death and awaited tbo return
ol ln r aon, whereopon ahe and ho were
to arouae the neighborbood and apread
the" report of robbery and morder. Bbe
admita now thal the kiliings was done
about 6:45o'clock WVdneadayevening
and that her fornicr Mury of 1" o'clock
and ber jrarn ahoul hiding beneeth her
oi aa hour sv.is intended only to
di-ceive the police and ahield her guilty
[i v.i- goncrally known tbat until re
cemly Seara had been bigbly regarded
by the aged preacber, who had often
promta d toli avc bim motiey and other
properly when he died.
of Jate, bowever, tbe youth is said to
bave been making exorbitant demands
on tbe old man'abonntyand this led to
MiiarifN. '
Uenvily chained and under a atrong
guard, tii" negro w:is ^piritetl froru
the jail and taken to the aoene of his
crime. There he showed hia every
action and told how the murdor was
H. aaid healipped into the bouaa nn
noticcd and made his way to thestudy,
where tbe aged preacber was reading,
li. shot bim down without amning.
noiae of the abooting aitracted
Mr.- Armat'Ong, who was in the dining
!??.ni, and slx' hurled a book at the
.dayer of her huBband. Sears said be
tlien fired at ber. Botb of tbe rietfana
are believed to have died instantly.
Seara then told tbe autboritka that
be had bidden the gold watch which
be tore from the neck of his lirst
virtiin in the woodabed near by, and
takon to the apot bo bad in
dicated, the timepiece being found.
Prior to the eonfeaaion th* prieoner
was inolined lo be s-ullen and refoaed
ii. talk. Then he tricd to cstabliah au
alihi but this failed, and wben corner
ed ho ftilmly acknowledged that bo
had done the killing.
a, the oflVpring of a white man
and a DCgieaa. waa taken into tbo Arm
strong bome, with his mother about
... hc being a "-months-old
iDfant at tbe tiroe. He grew inu>
manhood on the favm and was given
emplojment tl
orl.Uc.it ia said, be had brooded.
the facttbal amixtnreol birxxl
Bowed in his veina and hc had taken a
lialike tb Iii-. ated mother Mra,
Armslrong, it is known, feared the
Qfgra and alwaya slept with a revolver
under her pillow But whrn the at
iach ? ba had no opportunity
i[, .n nnd, like her hus
l?nd, as brutally ahot lodeatb by tbe
one they had befrii
Two sudden deaihs following the
takina ofbeadache powdcrs wero re
i in Brooklyn yesterday, nnd aa a
rvsult Ooroaer Kooncy. of Kinga
couiity, hegan a rigid investigation.
Ihe deatba ocoarredea points inBrook
lyn wideiy aeparated and at about the
same hour.
Gertruda Goldatein, IU years old, waa
sufuring from a luadache, when she
bought beadache powders in a drug
and to'k them. By the time ahe
leai bed boiXM she w.is violently ill. An
aBabnJance was called from the Jewiah
Hospital. -Tbe young girl died in the
About fta aarap hour Mra. f.iuseppa
Benivoli. 44 yeara old, took powdera for
a beadacbc wbile in her room. She oe
came unconacioua. Dr. O'Connel waa
called, but the woman died.
Theeases were so identical tbat Coro
ner Rooney decided to start an luveatr
gation und learu il tbe powdera taken
were of similar manufiuture and where
they were bought._
Many achool children anffer from
constipatiou. wbicb is often the cauae
ol aecraing atupidity at leeeoM. Ojana
berlain's Btonacfa and L.ver Iablata
are an ideal medidDe to givc a child
for they are eaQd aud gentleiu their ef
foct aud will cure eveu chroiuc 00**
htipation. Sold by W. P. I'reighloii
and Richetd Oibeoa
KKVOl.T PRAtl'lltLLV 1*1 F.It.
The -tatenient wbicb Geo. Bernardo
H. ye; itined from Taris Thuraday in
regard to the r*Yolutionary altuation in
Mexico, and ia which he reaJBnna bia
loynlty to tbe adainiatration ol Preai?
denl l>i<" and helittics ihe preaenl i | ?
ri-mgs. wa< widely pnbliahed in Mexico
yeaterday. It waa arired by the *ov?
ernmentto allparta of ihe repuldic und
ordera gireii to the aiithoritiea ol lb*
difJeronl dirtricta thal ihe people l*
. made acquaintcd with ihe atatcroaat.
It capw aa a lelling idow 10 Ibe ardor
and hopei of :!?? rcrolutionaryleadera,
who have IWH-n ? diligently eircukuiog
the repoii thal Reyea wai back of tbe
preaenl movi im-ni ?nd w*a evao on bia
wav lo M.-\i.'i H rewnie . .miiiand of
ihe revolurhanary forcw. General
Royc* aiaieniciil inaurea ibai Ihearmy
will rcmaiu loyal to the preaenl admin-j
Urtratii n no maiter whi i tha Inrn ol
eventa miv be.
It is tba expreasbelief iu higb oflicial
nirdea Ibal Ihe rtand which General
Reyea baa taken will can-..' a qatefc dta
solutioo of tba armcd banda ibal ar?.
still rovingaome parte of the country.
The report is curient tha! Wai will
r,> mre Reyea 10 hia formci poattioo as
mioiater of war when he entcrs upon
his new a lininistration PeceniUr 1.
Ume aackoomea on aoddenly and ia
exlremcly patnful. It Ls cauaed bj
rheuniiiism of tha muaelee. QwJek re
;,,.r j, ,?. td.-.l by applyingCnambar
lai-i < l.iiiiui.iit. Sold by W. f.
Orelghtnn nnd Richard Gtnaoa.
>i || mr. iik A ItANKICIt.
Bamnal T. Withera, 83 yeara old,
aecond vi<e prevktonl <>f ihe Firat Ha
ii .M.i! Dank, in f.ynchburg. cominit
ted antetde in a hospifil in thal city
rd *y by ahouiing liinwH through
ii,,.i,.-id. He bad been on a sick leave
from hiebank ainee laat .luly.
It i.s not known how Mr. Withers <?h
lained t!ie revolver with which be ahot
bimaelf. Xursea, upon hearing the re?
port of the wcapon, ruahed into the
privati ward and found tbe bauker
dead. For fire montha Mr. Witbera
bad not lieeu at work. but bad been
under mcdieal treataoent llecently
he atated he would retorn to work
The dead man'sfinancial matters are
in excflleut condition. Hia estate is
said to he worlh $40,000, with an in
eomeof 14,000 a rear. The auieide
produced a decided abock in tbe bauk
ing and other business circles of tbe
The old, old atory, told tiracs with?
out number, and repeated over aud
over again for tho last 30 years, but
it is always a welcome atory Iu thoso
in aearch of health?Thero is nothing
in the world tbat cures coughs and
colds ns quickly as Cbamberiaiu's
Cough Remedy. Sold by W. F. Creigb
?on and Richard Gibson._
.Many nuflercr- from nasal eaUrrh s:iy
they get spleudid resulu hy using an
atomlter. For their beneflt we prepare
Hy s Luiuld t'ream Balm. Kx.cpt that
itfsiiquid it is in all raepeota Uke tbe
healing, helpful. paln-allayiug Creatn
Balm tbat tbo public has been lamlliar
with for vears. No eocalne nor other
dangeroiis" drug in it. Tho soothing
spray is? ratnedjr that reliovcs at once.
All druggiata, 7ae, ineluding spraying
tube, or inalled by Ely Hros . MWarreei
Street, New York.
When you feelJrfusT,!:
norvous. tirod, worried or despondont it
Ibasure slgn you hcimI HOTPal skk
VINE PILLS. They renew ihe normal
vigor and make life wortfc living. Bc
IS Mott's Nervine
Dtllr, I'ricfSl.nii hy druggisls. \\ il
I^llS li.-tnis MI- Co., I'rops.. Cteve
land. O. For sale, vbokaaale and rctail,
l.y kl S l.eadbeater ?t Soiis
A Child Can
Operatc a Bisscll.
Dispenae with the old duat rais
ing method. Uae a Biaaell. It
doea the work and aaves the wear
on carpet. A uaeful Xmas preaent.
M. Ruben & Sons
The Station Agent
EVKRYONF, at timcs, vvants to ask a
question of the station agent. The
easiest and qnickest way is to use the Bell
Yon can not only reach vour loeal station, but
stations located miie's aw.iy, and get information
that will relieve your inxiety. ____?
This is only one of the innumerable uses of
univeraal Uell gervtce.
Are yt)u a wbscriber?
Oscar F. Carter's New Ston
No. 505 King Street. Wholesale and Retail.
Aiuminum Ware Cookiny Otenslls
C ll aad look at my diffcrent Btaiaa
BoawferatBBlaCB, Decorated Hall and
Parlor Limpa, Decorated Globes Pleas
ure to show my gooda. Can put a&id?j aartijrBiBr
anythingnow and delirer Xmas Also aa ???** ?
large Une of five and ten cent good*
Alexandria National
Corner King and Royal Streets|
Capital $100,000. Surplus and profits $30,000.
United States Depositary. Depositary for the
state of Virginia. .
Depositors afforded every facihty for business,
security and accommodation.
Large and small accounts invited in both our
Commercial &, Savings Departments
on grounds of absolut< safety and satisfaction.
OFFtt l RS
Judge C. E. Nicol. Presidei.;.
Wm. B. Smoot. Vice President.
John A. Marshall. Vice President.
T. C Smith, Vice President and Cashier.
Funds invested for our customers. Details care
fully attended to for all. Call to see us.
Drafts issucd on all parts of the world.
Interest paid at three per cent in our Savings
For Rent For Rent
f\v.Mi.M'.;r<iTV ta\
I nder the following resoltiiion paaxed j
i.v tiieC'it\ Couneil Tuosday.October 11,
I81D, i trlflaellal rmbllr^aiiotloobBTOea
day, lieeembei ii. IttlO. in iront ofthe
Marfcet Buikling, Royal atraat, Mexnn
drla. Va.. Ihe folloalng
LOTS AN'!> impro\kmknt>
tliereon. oraaluueh theroof an ma,i l>e
Becwieatry to pay and aatiafr the tnxea,
amreummrntr or ehargwidu* lutheflty
Couneil of Alexandria on tbe ?anie.
Reaolrcd. Tbat tbe CollectorofTaxe*
)>,?. aad he ia bereby.dtrect*d la iwoeoed
aud m'II at pilMie an- lioii lUI roal eslate
in the ehv of Alevamiria oil wbioh I
are due aad unpahl to .funo i. wio. In
eonformity t<i the Oharterahd law* re
latiag io tbe Mirttf. wid *nl? ?' eom
llleliee Tueada.i . D( e.ml.ei-.;. I'.ilo. :it |n
o'clock n. ni. and eoiniiiiie from time to
time aod from dnyto day notll all such
rt-al estate is solcl.
The pnreha-er will l.e rpqttired lo |>av.
ai ihe ilme of aalBi the toxcv, a
.nenis ebargea aml expeoaea nt aale.
The propriotor r?r pmprlatora of aiieh
lots. hi- ..i- ilieir l.elr-, napreaoatatlves
or egant*. may, arlthln iwo?yeanifroni j
Ihe fhiv ..f ualc, i>a\ io the ptirabaxer
lliorcof, or io ihe (!ltj Treaaurer. th ?
money paid for Mtch taaoa. eharge* and
expeoaea. a* iiforeaaid. With -i.\ per renl
|.er aiinniii :.- inlerrst ll.ereon. or make
.-. toncl.M- of the hoip, In which pvnnl he
aball l.e relmdatod In hia origlnnl tltle.
Ii'no-ueh pay men I ?r leader be made
wilhin IWO ve.ii> DBXl Hl'tei- thf -ale, tbe
purebaaer will l>e reaulred p> pay ih<? re
mainder oftbe purohaa* money into tbe
troaaurv of tlie fity (.'ouneW. where ii
will roroaio, aubjoet to'tbeortter ofthe
nroprictor or his logal roproaflatntlve;
nndthc pttrehase-r, on 'he paymeut of
tbe ? iiol- afnnunt of tho purehaae
money. will reoelTe atll Ud lol
or *-! i-li partfl Iheveof. Irj i',-.
ple. from tho Audttar.
ThembIc* will eommenci al l" o'clock
i. in. ...i tbedaj apeclfiedand Ifnetcom
i,lei.--i on thal day. will he contlmiod
from day to dav and from tiiue to time
?intll ? >mpletP<l P. F.G0RMAX,
fnlle.-i-.r ofnTXCa
gondi ttonry'a eatate hmtw irftH lot
lirj Pra'nktlo at, I0? K
Prancaa Hudgina hooae aod lol Po
loioac <t hot Jeftbreoii and Kranklin.
l:.n. M. ??
H.n ,.i ll. Taylor lol - e ror i ??< an<l
Kranklin st*. UWT, U8.??.fd.U
ll.nr.etta Wilaon Itotisoand lol
Fairfax at. 1900. $3.nr?.
Karaitu Womi hniiwe ,i..i u.t .n -
Kairfax rt, IHOT io l!M?. -
si:? mm- u \ uiv
?iarj II. Beale hotna aad lol Wu Pen
rlleton m. ??'+'?? '?'?? 'lks- ? ' M.??'
? Betaie Hr?? n honw. and lol ?-??
^i inftS. ? i. ai.i?.
s,.,,i. Bu:! ? mi
-t. IPOO, >.i ?'
, 'harlntie Cainji ?? II hotUM :mil Inl IO!
lieiti.- l.e.. lol ii ? eor Royal and I >i -
(hi- VVilliama ho.i-e and lot 111 Prlnce
?t. iHiw. no, ?
Kuima wllll ims rtouxc and h?( H* i Iro
imui> \v w.\<
H/m Coleinan s eaUte 2 lot.-- Hwir> l>*?t
! Wvil.n.iiul ^!llillson Hia, HJOH, 00.08.61.
Keni. I. Dudley hoone and ' lora K?v
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st, iwn.aii.-JO,
I'aithe.i M. Kendrick * lotx <?>
toarn roail l?-t Montgomerj and Piral
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Jobn .Me.i.e's ealate hmiwand lol SH
n I'.iiie-k at, 11107. '"-? '???? S-.ol.
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llenrv H. Warrlog lot Prinee** l>et
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Henr\ Wlllia houae and lot .-t n
Washington at, HWD. v. ?'"?
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Rlliabeth I'.iiti.-i- bouae and lol 3ix i
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Ilattie l'. Hammond Iioium' antl lol -i?-?
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Ilattie I'. Hammond houae and lot i:.
> Columbua at. i>-s. 'OD.ailJft
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Jaa A. Taylor hnuwand lol Hbl " wlo
st. I!?1!?. B-l.tiO.
l-'ratik K. IValker boiuae and lol a\ -
Henry ?t.???7. n-. ?'... >:::..v.
Heiiri II WaaTing houae and lo
Coliimbun at. i'<" ^'-':i
IKi.iNl \ ln ihe CVrfc'a i
. (he i orporatton Coun or tlie City of
Alexandria, ?n the 14th daj of Novem
ber, UHO
Jerome ' Wildervs. Margtterlte R. WH
der. In eaaneery.
Men.-. Tbaobjeel ofthla will is toob
tiin a'Ln reel'orari :ii>?oliiie divorce by
Uiocomplalnanl from tho defendant. on
Ihe groiind ot wiltul <les4-i-tioii and
donmciii for more tban tbraeyearaprlor
io the Inatitutlon of tbla aolt. .
li anpesring by an arHda?1< ftbrd ln
thia can* thal thedan?dant. Margue
nto H vt'ildoi. i? i non-re-<i'leni of thi
srate ndanl
.npear here nithln Bfteen Any* after due
noblicatloo of tbU wdar.and d? fbatia
liccoi-nn to proteel her lotert^i lo tbla
,nd tbai * eon.r of thia order be
fortbwitfa lo?arted m th- Alexandrta
ii-i/etr,- i newapapet publiaben In tne
< i':v of Alexaadru. oace i waak for fiur
moVeasire weeka. and poated
door ofthe < ourt Hooae oftbli
\ ,-opv- T'
VKVKLI. H. OREEXA* A*5 . Clark.
lt^ Lorn N'. Dci rarr. D. l .
S.niiieir. nrent.po,. norll .v4?- in
Robt. K.Knox. Aoetlonoer.
1 ivill. aaadmlotatrator of '
Oregoty, d?-oftMed. on
11.^ 28th day ofNoramber, B?lt>,
at lo o'clock x in.. -h-'II a' puhlio atictiun,
for eash. at Xtl south ?t. Aaanb atraetOn
thocltv of Alexandria, V Irgiola, tbe fol
lowlng dcaerlbfd pTopWtT, t.^-.t:''"-;
pa'lor snite. nuc aqiasxe pixno, ?vc nai.
rack and two ebalra, one dlohag BBWB
aodsixhc-Jrooiiisi.U,^ h
00017 lirt OeigaaBJ, AdminUtrator
Klahoiatcly tiniahed and l.ouud with -xtra wide Taft'eta SilL Ril?
Ik.hi made of Rne selesrted wool with line apun ooajaon warp lo ptevenl
ahrinkmg: full aize lo a pair inatead of *<'>.?">".
I.ook al our fJomfortti 75c, 11.00 aud *1.-?'?
Comforta mado ol pure whii" coaten light aa a ieather, warro m
<oisi. *1.7">. IS, 12 -?"<. *-.".0$:; and $.*...">(>.
Before going lo Vy!anhington to bny yotii Thaokagiving ??el auit
akirtorhat, look at onra firal nnd then go to Waebingti*. and we
are poaitivc you will ciine back audbuyouraJfyouexamine'tbe
ntaking, cloth, finiah and price.
Rememher alU'rationa free.
Tocloaeout our Germantown, Bhetland, and Baxony vTool ]<*.?
banka al "?c a bank.
Carprta, made. laid and lined free of cbarge.
low <hadea made to ordor.
518-520 King Street, Alexandria, Va.
of Alexandria, Virginia
C \ PIT \ L *1 oo.ooo. SURPLUS, $125,000
Edward i?. Riingerfield, President.
Carroll Pfcrce. Vice President.
Richard M. Green, Cashier.
Edward L Daingerfield
J. Clinron Smoot Jas. W. Roberfs
Worth Hulfish Carroll Pierce|
M. A. Ahern Urban S. Lambert
' *. !;.,ii'ls ln .lire
Itoiuls lo -
oiln-r Itouds nnd
Ifcmkillg llo??> alld
I 'MXll.
I'iic froiii
Itanksand i.v
-Tl.?.'?. | :,;
|,,t .....i.i
i ,ooo.i>i
I lfi.-4Kt.07
? ???; (.:
napiui. s|,,,.,...,.,
Surplwi. MUMU.on
I n.iividc.l ProfitH.... ?:'?
(iivillllioii. I ??.<??.oo
D.'P'.sO-. 7:?l .-*'.J.>:i
I . s. Dfpotdt. l.ftW.OU
11.11 ?. ?' a
One half square of ground. Excellently
located for dwelling or factory sites, sii:u
ated on Pendleton street, between Patnck
and Henry streets.
Price, $1,750 Cash.
Six fine building lots on north Wash
ington street. These are the closest lots
obtainable from King street. Low price for
a few days only.
Thompson & Appich
107 Soutb Royal Street, Alexandria, Va:
It Will Piease Her
inimenaely. N'oriaittob.
dcrediit thal ahegazei
luretw a g*w ?? ran ~" "*
ruhriti aedding antl
birthd wutetbing
?? Ibc ordinary.
i:eh.ible place to buy. $? '??"?
repreaentatione. Every arturle
fiitly anuranted. Hplendid ?tock
of iratrhea and jewelnr ?< Pffc*
H W WILDT & SON, Jewelers.

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