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Southern Railway.
Tralns leave Unlon Station, aJBxaadria.
to aaaet aTooarai
N H.-.Followlngaohedulengiireapub
HaaodoBl] ' ,: llul
'wrTlf DaUy loeal batwoaa ?VaBa>
laaaoa aad DbbvIIIo. ?
TVtVV Daily loeal foi Illr.i-.n
4 17 \ II. 1>*MV ? I B- 1 ??''-' Mall.
Htopaonly ferpaaeengaratorpolnttaouth
P which -cheduied to atap. Firal
MO-r-ea; Bleaplag ear- to Blnniagham
and drawlng room aleeplog ears to Now
arleans. Dlning ar vervic-e.
n 17 K M. ? l>ally?Mail train. Coaobaa
Sr iaatuaaaB,Cbariottaevllle,Lynck
anvllleand Oreenaboro. Blaaptnej eain
Oreensboro to Atliinuv
447 P. M. Week days-Umited for
Warronton. Cbarlotteavllle and Uarrl
a -J. P. M.?Daily- -Blrmingbam spao
wj "?iie?plng ears between New \ ork,
Atianta. AeulstoB aud Birmiagbam.
Through ariC-ulaas coaoli
Wa*blUkT?in, Atlanta and Mr ?io
Dlulng oar aervlo*. Tourist to Oallfornl*
fl>? times weeklr.
JiiP M ?Weekdaya-Lii'i'tedlui Uar
rlsouburg and way statlous on Manausas
branob. Pullman buflet parloroar.
6:12 F. M.?Daily?Local for V>arren
657 F. M.-The SJonthern's Bouthaaet
?rn Limited for Columbia. CbariBjtOB,
Alken -Vugusta. Bavaanah and Jaekaon
vlllo, Through Pullman drawloaj room,
atate room aloeping OBIB. Coaehes.
Dlning cara. , , . .
10:27 P. M.?I>ailv-Washington and
Chatunoogn Limited (vla LyncbWurg).
Flrstrclass coaeh and sleeping ears to
Roanoke, Knoxville and ChattaaoogB
Nleeper to New Orlean*. Washington to
Roanoke. Dlning ear aarvlea.
11^2 1' M.-I>Hily-New \or*. Atlanta
and New Orieaaa f.l-nited All PuJlmaa
train elubandobaarvatlon oara lo New
Orleana Uleoplng cara to ^eneyllle,
Ithtata, Maoon and New Urieana Meep
lnf ears toCharlotte. Dlning oar aervlce.
4r:7 A. M Dalli -Mernpbla apecial.
Bleeping cara and ooaehea tor rloanoke.
Knoxville. Nashville. CTmttanooga and
Memphis. Dlnlag ear ?anriee. Jjaaa
ingtui aleeplng oara open 1000 I M
Through traina from the aouthaarlve
at Alexandria 0:13 and 838, ?2W and 1033
a. in t:ll, 738, 1003 and 11*8 P. M.
dallv.' Harriaonburg 1138 A. M. week
daya aad 9:13 P. ftf. dafly. From t'har
lottesvtllr ?38 a M.
Leave Alexandria W. <v 0. Statlon i
we.-k dayaat S22 A. M ,3:55aud l? for
Bluemont:633 P. M.week daya for L iee
borg;4SO l'. at daily for Bluemont and
9.23 A. M , loeal. on Sundays only for
KordeUiled sehedule tigures. tickets.
Pullman reservation. etc. apply to
Unlon Ticket Agent, Alexandria, Va.
E. H.COAPMAN, Vice Proa AGen.Mgr.
S. II. IIAKDVVM'K. I't^- Traf Mi:r.
ii r CARY.f*?neral Paaaenger Agenl
Irown, (leneral Agent,
VVaohlngton, '> C.
Washington Southern Ry.
Sehedule in etlect Nov. 27, 1840.
rrains leave t'i'.ion sutlon Tor I
icgton and polnta north at 7 13
jiland a:tl a in., 1201, 23U,HU7,8 Wand
11 33 p. in.. daily:
For Frederiekaburg, Rlchmond and
polnUaouUi al ? 87,7 M flocal) and 10 3
a. in.. ? W. ? -'?'? ?'? '7 JaBOBll I B and !?..7
p. ru. daily.
aoouiiitnodattoB for rrcdcncksburn at
11 I! a. m.. daily <Mi week days tbla
train rnns throii,:li to Mdford.
NOTB: - li neof irrivalsanddepartures
aad oonnootlona no< auaraotoed.
W P. TAYLOR. Tramc Manager.
Richmond. Vh.
Washington, Alexandria &
Mt. Vernon Railway.
In aflbet No'-ember I, 1910.
For Washington. from oorner I'riuce
aud Roval streets, week days. at S W,
6 Ufi 'I ?, 8 30, 0 40, 6 66, 7 06, 7 16, 7 30, 7 40,
835,860,8 10,91
10 10, 10.10. 10 60, 11 10. 1126, 1180, 11
m 1210, 1220, 1230, 1250, 110, M
i 60, ?: io, 2 26,2 rv. 2 .r^?. :t 06, 3 J.V .t?, 3 :*\
4 io' 4 -2.">. 1 *\ 4 to. 4 .*>.'>, ?") 10, ?"> i'?, 635
$06,620,6 30,645,700,7 16, 7 25,800
900. 9 1', lo<>), lo:n?. 11 I') and 1166 p. m.
Hundivs -7 00, 785, B10, 820, 840, 900.
920 !M'. 1000, 102 I, 10 10 II 00, 11 20 aud
11 40 a. m., 1200 na., 12 20, 12 10, 1 00, 1 20,
I 40 2 O, : 20, 2 40, 300, 3 20, 3 40, 4 00, -I'?.
4 40,6 0
7 )> S00, 8 30, !>00, :>:?, 10 00, lOJOaud
II 10 p. m.
Leave Alexandria for Mount Vernon
week davK.at .'.4:.. $58, 758, B61
11 iSa ni., 12 25, 1 25, 2 25, 3 30. I 40, .:' 36,
6 30. 7 :t'). s 60, 9 60, U) U) and 11 50 p. m.
Bundaya?700, ^:?). 930, U\M. lli? a
OL, 12 85, I 80, 2 30, :i 80, 4 80, 6 :?>, 0 .'?. 7 30.
H4?iaml lo l'i p "i.
Have you ovarworked your nervoua
ayatom aod eauaed trouble witb
kldneyaand bladder' Have yon palna
in lolna, aida, baeh and bladderT Have
you a flabby appearanoe ofthentee and
iinder the PVHB? A frei|Uent desire to
pans uriiii-' If so. WIMiinns' Kidney
I'ilN wili cure % ou Drugaiata. pnoe .r>o<'.
WUllaroa M'f g <<>.. Propa, Cleveland.
0 For aale, ?nolOBBlB and retall. by E.
B. Leadbeator A Bona. __^____
A Rellable
Eiy's Cream Ba!m
(? (julckly tbtorb+i.
fiiias Reiiet at Onea.
Itclean?e?, noothea,
heala and protecta
the di^t'n.vfl men.
bran* r-au'ting from
Catarrh and drivea
awaj a Cold ln the
Head Cjalckly. It<
atorea the Sen*ei? of
Taate and Sinoll. F illaiz" M cts., atDrng
ata or by aaalL In l )-:i i form, 78 ceata.
Iy Brothera.66 Warwu Htreet, New York.
Electric Lights*
Ilectric lighta are a aaNBaaity, not a
luxury Did you ever stop to con
aider how easy it ia to light
electric lamps? No
matches required.
Simply turn the
knob and
the lights
are on.
knob la
always in the
same place and
you know the ex
act posltion. The
matcn boz ii often empty
and sometimes moved. Call on us
for full Informarion and cost of operation.
iilexandria Electric Co.
?24 llTrwaa S _
jSktfatibria Qkazzttt.
OA/.ETTE BUILDING, 310 and 312
red attbe PoatofBaa of Alexandria,
Virginia. as second-elaas ruatUsr.J
Tkk.ms: Uailv -1 year, S.V00: t> montha.
82.60; 3 months, $1.26: I month,43 centa
I wci-k, lo centa. t,
Tri-week.lv-1 year, 83.00: C montha
fl^o: :; montba, 70 oeuta; 1 montb, 2j
Oontraot adverUsers will not be allowed
toexceed thelrapaeeunleastheexoess
sJd r.rattransleiitratos, andtxnder
no clrcitraHtanee- will they be allowad
to Bdvertlse otber than tbelr legiti
matt buslneaa ln theapace contracted
ReeotUttoaa ln memoriaro, of thanks,
trlbutesof reepeot, resolutlona adopted
by socletles or peasons.unless of publle
concern, will be prlntod in tbe papar
as adTerti*?ni*nts.
CaaAaTOaaal IN Tal? MWATB.
The landslide ia tbe House of Rep
reaeutatiTea wbereby a republieau ma
jority of 50 has been turued into a
democratio majority of 62, bas, to
aoma degree, drawn attention away
from the landslide that has over
whelmed tbo Senate, even if it has
not transferred tbo majority from the
republican aide of the cbamber to
the democratio sido. The Senate has
for many years been known as the
"Milhonaires' Club. " The last election
has almost robbed it of that title, for
after the 4th of next Marcb, wbile
there will be still many eeatatora wbose
door the wolf will never threuteu, iU
ricbeat millionairea will bave deparu.d.
At nne fell BWOOp the Senate'* halo
of plutOCraCJ has been j.irred otf.
Senaton Aldricb, of Bbode Ialand;
ll.il.-. <-f Maine; Depew, of New York;
Kean, <-f New Jeraay, and Soott, of
W'.-t Virginia, will all leave the Sen?
The millionairea are not tho only
,,nes flrboaa lacea will be miased. Death
and electiona have played aad bavoc
in the Beoate, and it ia claimed by
veteran employes th it never before
m the hUtoiy of tbo Senate will
there be BO many new faces at the]
opening of ? aeaaaon of Oongreea.
In addition tO the millionaires, .Mr
Beveridge, of Indiana; Mr. Flint, of
California; Mr. Diek. of Ohio; Mr.
Burrowa, ol Micbigan; Mr. Pilea, of
Wa-hingtoii; Mr. Burkett.of Nebmeka
Mr. Carter, ol fctffltana, and Mr. 1'ur
,.,l!, ol North Dakota, will be aoo
,-,?. d<d by new men. In addition to
thia long list arbom the f rtaoe of poli ,
tica baa f.iil.d, death has ealled awaj
Mr. Dauiel. of Virginia; Mr. Broward. ;
,,f Plorida; Mr. Dollivar, ol Iowa. and
Mr Clay, ol Georgia.
Three itrata in more or less doubt are
beld by Lodge, ol Maaaactinaetta; Fraz
ier of Tonneaaee, and Taliaferro, of
Tbe reorganixation of the Senate
committees tbat occura every otber
year will, at the begiunig of tbe next
aeeaion ol Oongreea, be almost a revo
lution, Ileretofore the changes in the
Senate have been so few that tbo great
committees of that body?like finance.
appropriation and postoffices? bave
had practically tbe aame rnembership
year after year. But next year will
witneaa marked ehanges.
Oroup ia moat prevalent during tbe
dry eold weatber of tbo early' winter
months. Parents of young e.hildren
ahould be prepared for it. All tbat is
needed is a bottle of Chambertain's
Oough Bemedy. Many mothers are
uever without it in their bomes and it
has BBaver disappointed them. Sold by
W. F. Creighton and Richard Gibaon.
TitiAi. ot ai.li:(;f.dhpikh.
One of the most interesting intcr
national trials of the ago will begin
in Leipaig this week. It will bo a
aecret trial, one fraught witb the
graveel poasibilitiea for the peacc of
Europe. It is the trial of the two
Englisbmen who were arreeted on
Gannan fcerritory on Auguat 21 on the
charge of eapionage. Tbe British
government haa demanded to be rep
r I'nted at tbe trial. Thisdemand bas
not been deflnitely granted.
Tbeidentity of the prisoners ia no
longer a aecret. They are Englishmen;
they are officera in the serviro of tho
King ol Eogland, and they will be
tried in uniform. One is Vivian
Brandon, ? lleutenant in tho royal
the otber, Bernard Fredenck
Treneh, a captain in the royal marine
light infantry, and | member of I
well-known and distingnished Irish
faoiily, of whieh botd Ashtown ia tbo
The prisoners will be dcfended by
Dr. von Gordoo, a prominent inter
natkmal lawyei of Berlin, and Dr.
??:... of Leipaig.
The Oaeeevatore Bomaao publishea
oommearta, evidently inspired by tbe
vatiean, on tbe diseuasion Saturday in
pM Cierinan Heuhstag of the speech
made l.y BmperOf William at Koenigs
berg on Auguat 86, pointing out that
the debate fiiinished proof of the irre
futabie truth coniained in the emperor'a
inaactiat bolh ?l Koenigsberg and Beu
ron that the throne and altnr canr.otbe
divided in Germany, religion being
neeessary in Ihe strugglo against error
in modern times.
)n addressiug the abbot and a num?
ber of Roi.ian Catbolic dignitaries in
tbe Renedictino monastery at Beuron.
the emperor said: -,,-.
"The governmenta cf Cbristian
princea can only be carried on aecord
u,g to ihe will of the Lord. Tbe altar
an throne are closely umted and must
aodjbe separated " ,
The vatiean official organ, in tbe
course of itscomment, saya: "Tbe two
fineat apeecbea el tbo Gerroan monarch
were noble, just and con-titutionally
iaorreet. Whiie irreligion and dema
j avgy imperil tba prineialaaof autbority
aad opjar, it is a tAilaf t? h?ar certain
trutffaBllitr viadilflsl by tba autWen
The Great Atlantic and Pacific lea Co.
An Extraordinary Sale of
These special prices are for this week only. so placeyour orders at once
and lay in your winter's supply. Please note special low prices by the dozen.
This =>ale
CBfl ?'.?>;
A&PTomatocs. 11c 51.25!
Sultana Tomatoes. 9c 1.00
IonaTomatoea .71-2c 85c Sultana Peas. "
No. 2 Tomatoes.6c 7l)c|lona Peas.
This sale
can doz
Ja&PPm-. loc $1.85
ReliablePeaa ? 14c 160
Thia saie
can doi
A&PLimaBeftu: .15c 11 70
Sultana Lima Baana . 10c
Iona Lima Beans.Sc
BestElgir. Butter.
Golden Key Tea....
A&P Corn.?-Uc $.l2o A & p SuccoUah.14c $1.60
?ultanaCorn.?c 1.00
ooKonaCorn . .7 i-2c .85
This sale
can doz
A APString Beans.14c $1.60
But Refugee Beans.9c 1.00
White Wax Beans.9c 100
Standard Beans .6c .65
Standard Succotash.9c
1 00
jSenate CorTee. . 25c
dBrookfield Bgga ^2c jconpresaiorulcoffee. 35c
.20c, 30c. 40c
Plain Eg^'.-. . 29c jtlthcr fine grades
Great AtSantlc & Pacific Tea Co., 525 King St.
and augiid h'na ol a poworfiil
-o\ erfign."
WtUiani Balniond'a campaign ia
Oork, Irelaml, agniir-fcWilliamO'Brien
: M |ed t.. se.-ious rioting '?> ibe rival;
f.o-ti'.!,-. Sareral neraons wore injuri-d
there batrirday tticht anoT again
nighl Wiicn a Redniondite pi
aioo nied to ruarch througb at
O'Brionite quarter ol the i ity, p
blocked ita aay. Figbta ocoutred on
all handa, and aboul 80 peraona
It is atatad Ibal Mr. <> Bnen naa
$125,000al hia command, nnd will con
Ural 24 aeata, he bimaell oon?es< n
tbe conatiluenciea of Oork city, Eaat
Oork, and Wert llayo
A great denionatration waa beld in
Dublio lasl "is''1. ailb lorcbligltU.
l.ati'ls, and flreworke, in honor of tbe
return of JOBOpb Pevlin. wlio add
ed an aoormoua crowd on College|
Green on the aucoBBB of bia niiaai
Ameriea. JobnE. Bodmond and John
Dilloo also made apaecnei in eutog) of
Mr. Deriin'a work.
Tiic old, oKl story, told tinie.s witli
out number, and ropeated OTOr and
over again for tba laat 88 yeara, but
itis always a welcome storv Iu thoae
in search of health?Tiicre ia BOtbing
iu the world that curcs cougha aod
colds ns quickly as Cliarnberlaiti's
Cotigh Remedy. 8old by W. F. Creigb
lon and Richard Gibson.
Many sutTerers from nasal eauirrii BBJ
thev LT.t splendid results by ualag an
fttomiwr. Pbrtbetrbeaefit we prepan
Rly a l.iquid C'reain Balm. Kxeept that
itisliquiil it is inall rmpeeta like n.e
healuag, helpnil, pain-allayinR Croam
Balm that tbe publle iroi baen GunlHar
with Tor vears. No cocaine not other
daajreroua drug i? it The aool
spmy is a remedy that relieves at oooe.
\il drusftiata, v.r>c. inoludiiiK Bpraylng
tube. or mallad by Kly Broa, 8? warren
Street, New York.
When you feel;!i:,X^:!;
neiTOOa, tlre<l. worried or despondent it
iaaeuraaianyou naad mott's m;k
V[m; PII,I> Thev renew the normal
viRor and make llfe worth llvinR. Be
*"?tr Mott's Nervine
T>111? Priee 81.00 by drugjrlsla. W 11
rlllS lidms Mf;.' Co.. Frops.. Clr\e
land, O. Kor sale, wholesale and retail.
bv E S. Lcadhc*ter A Sons.
A Child Can
Operate a Bissell.
Dispenae with the old dust rais
ing method. Dse a Blaeell. It
does the work and aarea the wear
on carpet A usefulXmas present.
: Mextftl 'ri?, Virginia
CAP.TAL*.00,000. SURPLUS,$125,000
Edward I . Dam<ferfield. Prcsident.
Carroll Pierce, Vice President.
Richard M. Green, Cashier.
Edward L. Daingerfield
J. Clinton Smoot Jas. W. Roberts
Worth Hulfish Carroll PierceJ
M. A. Ahcrn Urban S. Lambert
I*.r;sm i;i i b,
lyoaua. W*
Bonda lo awurv
ulation. I"1
Bonda !?> >?? >ure I . s.
Deposll. LoooiHi
Other Bonda and
9Um. ..'.:;:!??;
Bankln* Ji->us,- aud
! Rstatc. MXWLW
Cosfa.''!? ??
Due from
?and !:?'
AgenUll I
ii<;.i *::.;.:
i ipitol Moe.wio.no
SurpliK. iwusio.oii
lmiivided Protita. ::.r:(.-j
t'lreiirsiion. IOU.WJi).ui
|>f?po?lta. ~*l:2ft2J'A
t R. ftppoail. :
One half square of ground. Excellently
located for dwelling or factory sites, situ
ated on Pendleton street, between Patrick
and Henry streets.
Price, $1,750 Cash.
Six fine building lots on north Wash?
ington street. These are the closest lots
obtainable from King street. Low price for
a few days only.
Thompson & Appich
107 South Royal Street. Alexandria, Va.
TblseulBbowBa pair ol spectaeles arlth
Ibe Icnsea ren mueh oul of roeua. Tha 'ln'"
sbow the focal cenU*rof the leuses, irhleb
are tlie ktad usiially sold by tl
iiit-rnte optlelaas. Sneh glasses are verj
^??- Imrmfnl and are oflen the muse ofeal i
ri?,t,,:i troobtea Our lense*. ground and aeeu tered in <>ur
Columbia Optical Co.. Inc , Expert Opticians,
M<>-> I Xrrrl V>rtlnve-t. N aOilfigtnn. |?. ('.
N I! I atu a mi'inlu r of theal>o\- ? l.nn. VToM you drop in ,uid let BW
plai'n thia and othar important faetaabowl
Alexandria ofriee.:',14 Prince street 8und
alter7j?p. m. sppointTuent
The Statlon Agcnt
EVERYONE, at times, wants to ask a
question bf tion agent The
easiest and quickesi way is ro usc the ftcll
You can not onlj r rach yourlocal station. but
itations located miles away, and get information
that will relieve your anxiety.
This is only one of the innumerable uses of
universal liell service.
Are you a subscriber?
BaaBBjgajjjmg^ '^?~r^
Oscar F. Carter's New Store
No. 505 King Street. Wholesale and Retatl.
War&Cookina Ijtensils
..11 kir.ds. Fine line Pree*
Celooiel, very ci-.eap Also Cnt l
Fullllne Ons, vrench end Aa
suitaWe for Vfeddrag and Xrnas p?
; look at aaj ibVan
: Bail md
i.>'.s. Can put aaide
anythiag new and deliver Xaaae.
? ?. ,i tea c ?t geeea.
canaria nationai
Corner King and Royal Streets|
Capital $100,000. Surplus and pfofita $30,000.
United States Depositary. Depositary for the
state ol Virginia.
Depositors afforded every facility for busine.es.
security and accommodation.
Large and small accounts invitcd in both our
Commercial & Savings Departmenta
on grounds of absolut' safety and satisfactton.
Judge C. E. Nicol.Presiden;.
Wm. B. Smoot, Vice ,President.
John A. Marshall. Vice President.
T. C. Smith, Vice President and Cashier.
Funds invested for our customers. Dctails care
fully attended to for all. Call to see us.
Drafts issued on all parts of the world.
Interest paid at three per cent in our Savings
For RentFor Rent
1314 King Street.
Fine Store Room.
801 Duke Street.
10 Room Brick and Bath.
1450 Duke Street.
Store and Dwelling.
424 S. Washington Street.
11 Room Framc and Bath.
' $20.00,
10O0 King Street.
Fine Store Room.
S J 8.00
1305 King Street.
7 Room Frame.
1 700 Prince Street.
New 6 Room Framc. with
deep lotj
601 S. Alfred Street.;
7 room Framc.
182 7 Duke Street.
7 Room Framc.
335 S. Patrick Street.
6 Room Frame.
337 S. Patrick Street.
6 Room Frame.
177 Prince Street.
8 Room Brick.
60l|S. St. Asaph Street.
Store and Dwelliaf
314 S. Henry Street.
6 Room Frame.
good j 407;Queen Street.
6 Room Frame.
,619 S. Patrick Street.
6 Room Brick.
John D. Normoyle
I'mier fao following re*oliU4ou vawxwd
l.v the Citv lonncll TWday.Oecober 11
|0|0, I wili'aeUal pntjlienuetionoaTows
dBjr, Deaaaaaber ?-. jhio. ln fmnt ofitxr
Markot Buildlnir. Royid -rieet. Aletf*"
dria. Va., Ihe t'oUowin;:
oi. oraamuch tberonf aa may '"
.(i> to paj and -atisfy the ?*<?.";
itenl.-. or cbargvtdoe tntaaClty
? 'mincii of Alaxaodria oothe aaaaa.
Reeolred, Trnt tbe ColkatorofTa**;
' ba. ind h? ia heiobv.dir*.eU>d to pn>e< *d
J Mid Mfll at pobUe auottoa all real earare
: in thecitr tfAlexaaarta <>n ablafcautaa
!are dw? and UBBbM to Juna I. 49Ui. Iu
' cooformitT to tBO ' liarter aud lavrs re
I tatlu;; (o'tbe .sniiie. aaid -a'e ?" aom
raanee Tuaaaar. Dec^o?l^r<?io\at ???
j a'efock a. m. and enntinn* frotfl ttaae Ui
1 time and from day today ttatll all BBBfa
) raal ??45?u.' to aald.
Fno pombaaer will Iw reguiredtopa.f
at tbe time of -s;il*?. the "ue-. ?
? ineots. rbatgaa and axpoaeae of sala.
i'lhe ptaaffetor or pmprlotora of *i?ch
? lot... ti!- or rboii Belra, raproeeaBatlaoii
I or ajreut*. mav. aitkin two ijrear
Itho eW of aale. pay to the piurehaaai
'. tbereof, or rn the i'm- Traaaurer, the
! naoaay paid fi>r eoH) tasee, eharaaa aad
' oipoBBta. a- aforaaaad. with st.\ i?er oani
: peraoaumm lataraan tnotaoa.or make
? ;i teodni- ot the ?unie in wblcl event be
ahall bc reiaaoiaad ln Ui? orlfinal titlt*.
Ifaoauoh payaaaaal ortaaaler hvnMd?
? irlthin two years D?"xt aRfr IB* oUb, the
! piifvhasm. ?iV. I?e r?^inir<*>1 lo BBJ lh?? re
. mainder of ibo purenaaa moaay Into tb*
traaattry nt tba Crtf rouaetl. waare it
Tviil reaaalB auadaai ia the neaarol tb<
prnprirtor or hi* lagal roprrovnt;:ti\ ?
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Columbn.i #t. IMP. 81
VrH'.lM.V in rhf I1*rk'? oBVc of
iho CorporarjisB Cottrl of that I ? I
AlBaraadria, ob tba 14th rto> of tfwvem
bor. ltM".
,I<?ronie.1. Wilber \ ?. Marguarita n. W il
tier. in enaaeary.
Moaao. Tbaobjaet af thia mii i. ?
taiaa aWraefbraaabaotute dl%v>rw bj
thaeoraplaiaanl from the det'ertdaa ?>>?
tha graUBO ot wllftjl daaartion aada >.|H
donnrenr fur mora tlian i bre* yttn
to the in*tltiiii.m oftbif Mib
li appaartaa by au mCMi'ii Me ln
ihiscan^e that tbedafirndaal M.u.-.
nro R. anibar. i> ?* p<wi-mi4aBI ol
state: li \~. <^x<\fY(^\ Thal wMrtXen
apnear here vrithin tili#~??r? ?Iji taftai
pnblication of thiaordar,aaaloV? wha
n^cfS(.^rr to piotrci hertataraal m i >?
iint. noH lhai h 0OB? of thia oraki
forthwith in*erTed lo the Al. x.m.
Qoaatte i Bawenagar ptihlialiad in iIk<
lltg of Alexaadria.oaeaa ' e. k fbrfbttr
aueeeaaiaawaaka,aad poafad ai thafrnwt
<4i>or of thr * 'o:lli, Tlome oi thi* elty.
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1 vrill. a? adininisir.u >r oi" taahHIa <?
'?; ivjory. H^eoa^ed. on
I f'KsDAY.
ihe ,">ti, H^y afwawaaabar, IIHO,
ai ata'etootxa m.. aallatptaMioaui
furoaiih. at 807 anutk w' A-^pb -rreet, ii
thaeity af AlaxBBdria, \ ir^>nu. thoftd
loivinjf Hiwnrilitxl BtOgBrtj BD Wtfl ' ;j?
aatalaraartta. awa at|itara pLtBo. one >,
r^ii-k ,?n?l twi# *lu:r->. 'nie dii
and aix bodrkiim ?nitc?.
novlT lot ser^eiuii, AdmiziiaVatoz

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