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Sun and Tide Table.
? ?sur* riflflfl tomorrowat7w_a. m.andsclf
High water at 1224 n. m.
NC'catber Probabilitias.
lor tblS coctlou cloudy tonight and
lotmuoh obange ln teuipe
m ure- i ... u temperature tonightabout
22 de;. . mod.rata southweat and
W tWlU.U
About twalve o'eloek last Saturday
nigbt thrat pistol shota atartled pe<>P,e
liv.ng in tbe vicinity of Wilkes and
R.-v-al streets. It was not generally
known until yesterday wbo fired the
?hotfl nor the causo when William Fer
guson. colored, went lo the fltation
house and asked for a warrant for the
? of A. J. Payne. a coostablo of
Fairfax coaaty, wbo. he alleged, flred
thr *e sl ts at hira for no eause ao far
as bekneaj According to Ferguson,
he boarded an electric train Saturday
nig'it somo distance below Alexandria,
and when tbe train stopped to flag the
cro sing at Wilkea aad Boyal streets he
attempted to leave the car, but Payne
bad atationed bimaelf on tbe platform
and attempted to stop bim from open?
ing the door. Ferguson in foreing his
way out cut Payne's hand with the
door. He reaehed the platform wben
Payne told him he had a warrant for
his arrest. Ferguton broke from him
and ran, when the constable discbarged
his pistol at him. Ferguson alleges
that Payne di i not read the warrant to
him, nor was he aware that he bad
eonimitted any offeuee. Ferguson yes?
terday went to Justice Wright's home
an.l related the occurrence and stated
tbat he wa? ready at any time to ap
pearfor trial, The charge against
Payne will be inveatigated in the Police
Court tomorrow morning.
I: wiU bf: recalled that abont aii
wc ks agj .1 member of the Common
(oi.aail from tho Third ward addreaeed
I ii tter to the Mayor, Auditor and
Trcasurer under dato of Oetober 24th,
protestiug against hia payment of any
funds out ol the city treaeury for sup
pliea or mcrcbandiae furniahed by
membera of Couocil.jThe letter waa mado
public before the offlcera to whom tt
was addresscd received it. The Auditor
only commentcd to the exteut that the
laiv had been old enough to vote for
nmre than a decade, and ho had for
his whole tetm in otflce been familiar
\Mtli its provisions. but aa it did not
concern bim be would continue to
aulit accounts prooerly approved; be
whilea number of lawyera con
strued tbe act aa applying to the sale
of merchandise as ineaning contract or
contractor, to his mind there wae a dia
tin. tion. It appears that Mayor Paff
leccutly asked thc Corporation Attor?
ney for an opinion. Mr. Fiaher haa
rendercd such an opinion, in wbioh be
rewews tbe liw and concludee aa fol?
lows: "Tiierefore. I am of the opinion
1'iat a member ol Council, whether a
merchant or au artUan, who ln tbe
ordinary uree of trade, and not pur
auant to an understanding or a con?
tract, sells matcrials or performs work
for the city, is uot a contractor, and
thnt be h m no wiae affocted by tbe
?aid act."
(iu Moiday night, Decerabor 12th,
the Came on Club ia atiticipatiiig with
groat deb bt aa addreaa to be delirered
by Col. 1 ilary A. Herbert, ox-eecre
tary of th navy, under Mr. Cleveland.
Hc will g;ve a aketch of aome of hia
experienc. i, aud "Retuioiscencea" will
b. the tHloof hia addreaa.
lim lecture is to be given m place
of the o:o tbat waa omitted in the
aptmg, aodtbOM bolding ticketa for
the cours ? of lecturns laat winter will
be admitt d free, and for them it wdl
uot be n? essary to |>r?eent a ooupoo
at thc do< r.
Those ot haviug had the oourae
tiokcts la year, aud deairing to avail
Jiamealvt oftMi great opportunity,
to bear bM gcntlemau wbo haa a
national -?iput-ttiou as a speaker, can
secure ti k*t* of admittance at the
door. Tl ? lecture will be held at Lee
Camp Ha.t and the offloere of tbat or
orgaatati m bav* been invttad to at
Tho lol owing letter was received
by a genti.nian ia this citv a day or
two ago:
"I will v.rite you a few lioes to let
y*.u hear I om tue. I am not so well.
!>,_ you s o Mr?? If you did, please
let me kn w what be says. They sent
nie up to the Alexandria county jail.
?Please do all you crtn for me to belp
?rt out. My trial ia Monday. I sent a
letter to JTr.?. This ia the ttrst time I
l.nve been in trouble. Please answer
tbis lettor for me this week. Pleaae
put this ii. the paper for me, Adolphus
Robinsen, well-known in this city,
who is in irouble. This bas beeu tbe
first time in 1ns life. Bobinson bas
asked his friends to help bim out
He is trnadag in tbe Lord. Please put
tbis in the paper for me. It migbt
help me out."
Robioson, it will be remembered,
was sent on to tbe grand jury recently
on the charge of stealing 1191 from
C_ptain George W. Pettey.
Tbe mouthly meeting of the direc
tors of tbe Alexandria Free Kindergar*
ton Assoeiation, waa beld yeaterday
a*ternoon. A donation of rubber tips
f.-.-thekinde-gartea cbaire had been
received, also a <jontribution of 11 oach
fr un Rev. Mr. Sevier and Mrs. I. M.
ivdge. The board of directere wish to
ntend tbeir thanks to Mr. Hansbor
ough for hu work io adjuitiag the rub?
ber tips to the chairs.
Toaight looks like a big nigbt at
?mith's. The followiug pictures will
Tie presented: "The Life of Napoleon
Donaparte aud Empress Joseshene gf
France," "Mike tbe Housematd," and
litreques;. "The World's Cbampion
sbip Baseball Seriea, 1910, Athreiee
va. Cubs," will be exhibited. Smitb'i
pictures a ways please.
J-..west pr.ces. J. *i, MertbaU k Bro.,
M Kmg itrcvi,
Snow continued to fall again las<
night, and and at times there were
beavy flaws of wind. Clearing condf
tions followed eariy thi? morning, at
which time tbo mercury.n the ther
mometer was down to 30 degrees. It
becaroe much milder during the day.
Accordiug to an aonounccment is?
sued by the weather bureau, the storm
that has raged over this section contin
uously for almoat 48 hours, depositing
in soms placea nearly two feet of snow,
ia about to depart. The average anow
fall bereabouts is 10 inches. Tonight
tho temperature, it is piedicted, will
got down to the 2C degree mark, and
tomorrow, it is predicted, the sun will
reduce the snow to slush.
Notwithstanding the inclemency
of tho weath.r, the Opera House was
largcly attended last nigbt to see one
of the beat ahows that bas been there
this season. Edward Estoa in bis cbair
balancing feat was exceptionally good.
Miss Sose Stanley, the singing come
dionae, is also rery good, and re?
ceived much applause. Last, but not
least, are Zarelli and DeAmy. the
clowns, who kept the audience in an
up roar of laughter from start to
tinish. Those attending the Opera
Houso tonight will undoubtedly seo an
excellent show.
A meeting of the congregation of
tbe Second Preabyterian Cburch will
be held tonight for the purpose of tak?
ing action in regard to the resignation
of Rev. J. R. Sovier as pastor. Steps
will also be taken toward calling a
minister to fill the vaeancy.
A ruramage sale under the auspices
of M0UDt Vernon Chapter D. A. R.,
will be held on Friday, Saturday and
Saturday night of this week at 301
Cameron street, for the benefit of
Pohiek Church. If thoso having house?
hold articlee, old rugs, roattinga, dis
carded clothing, ahoee, hats, etc., that
they may wish to contribute to thia
sale, will notify Mrs. William A.
Smoot, No. 1111 Oronoco street, a
wagon will be sent to collect tbe same.
During the target practice at Armory
Hall on Monday night tho "spatter"
from a cartridge struck the left oyo of
Mr. John Dix, the janitor of the hall.
It was at liret aupposed that tbe injury
was not of a serious nature, but after a
surgoon of this city had exaniined the
wound, he advised Mr. Dix to consulta
specialist, as be might lose tbo sigbt
of hia eye. Mr. Dix wont to Washing?
ton and after tbe wound had been
exaniined by Dr. Louis Greene. he was
sent to the Georgetown University Hos?
pital. Tbe particle of lead was to have
been rewoved from bis eye today.
Tbe Master Mason's degree was con
ferred on a candidate of Andrew Jack?
son Lodge of Masoos by the Past
Masters' Assoeiation of Alexandria last
night. Au oyster supper was served at
the close of the meeting. Officers of
the Past Maatera' Assoeiation aro: J. E.
Alexander, president; A. Q. Uhler,
tirst vice president; E. K. Downham,
second vice president; John R. Chap
man, third vice president: M. L. Din
widdie, aecretary; R. W. Fuller,
At tbe regular meeting of R. E. Leo
Lodge, No. 418, Brotherbood Railroad
Trainmen, held last night at their hall
on King atreet, the following oAeen
were elected: E. L. Payne, president;
R. C. Carter, vice president; H. A.
Lipscomb, secretary; M. F. Kerrick,
treasurer; C. E. Simpsou, colleclor;
Hugh Crockett, agent official publica
tion; L. D. Mellon, delegate to tho con?
vention, and Dr. S. B. Moore, medical
examiuer. Four new members to the
Trainmen wero also received at tbis
The grand jury term of tho Corpora
tiou Court will commence ou Monday
neit. Tbe following cases will como
before the grand jury:
Johu Jones, cbarged with stealing
from tbe peraou.
(ieorge W. Jonee, charged with wll
ing cooaioe unlawfully.
Adolpbus Robinson, charged with
alealing $291 from Qeorge W. Pettey.
Scott Black well, charged with unlaw
fol ahooting. ^_
The funeral of Mra. Mary Locke
Buat, wife of Dr. D. N. Rust, who
died in Waahington, on Monday, will
take place from Christ Cbarch tomor?
row morning at 11 o'clock. The aer
vioea will be couducted by Rev. W. J.
Morten, rector of that church,and Rev.
!H. B. Lee, of Charlotteeville. The
pallbearere will be the four aons of the
deceased, Meaara. T. L. Rust, R. N.
Roat, J. 8. Roat and D. N. Buat jr.
and Meears. Harry L. Rust and R. 0.
Pendletoo. Tbe interment will be in
Ivy Hill cametery.
In order to afford patrons of Adams
Exprees Company tbe best aervioe and
meet their wisbes in effecttug; prompt
delivery of Chrietmaa preeente, it would
be well to adraoniah all not to wait un?
til a day or two beforo Ctrriatmat to
ship their packages by express, as it
cannot be expected that the great
volume cf buaioeas to be bandled can
be accomplished in one or two daya.
It would rill tbe expectation of tbe
_ooor io each case better to bave the
shlpmeot delivered a day before Christ
mafl than the day following. Tbere
fora if articlea wore forwarded earlier,
tbe expreea company would be afford
ai a better opportunity to fulflll the
deairee of ita patrons. It ia aiao sug
gested that the "Do not opan until
Cbriatmaa" labela be respected.
JR. 0. U. A. M.
A Joint meettDg of the J. W. Jack?
aon Cooncil, No. 55, and Belle Haven
Council, No. C. Jr. 0. U. A. M. will
be beld tonight when degreea will be
couferred on a class of candidate* be?
fore the executive board of tbe state.
Tbe Frieadsbip Veteran Fire Aa
Miss Edith Bcntley, of Saudy Spring,
is visiting thc Misses Fawcett on Pnnce
The Miascs Lloyd have isaucd idvi
tationa for a reception tendered Mias
Nollio S. Uhlera this season 'a dobutante.
Mra. D. J. Howell haa ismed invita
tions for cards on the afternoon of
Wednesday the 14th.
Mr. Francis Daingerfield has return?
ed from a viait to Mr. Douglaa Brooke,
at the Botetourt in Norfolk.
Miss Jean Brent, who has been viait
inng Mias Elaie Parish iu Richmond,
has returned to her home in thia city.
Misa Elizabeth Lloyd, of Alexandria,
is thc houae gueet of Miaa Mamie
Daveuport.? [Richmond Virginian.
Tho Lady Maccabeea laat night eleet?
ed the following oflicora: Past com
mander, Mrs. Zachary; comraander,
Mrs. Watley; lieutenani commander,
Mrs. Roaa L?ake; record kceper,
Mra. Annie B. Bladen, chaplain.
Mrs. Fannie Clapdore; acrgeant, Mra.
Amy Weech, lady-at-arma, Mra. J. H,
Mansfield; aeniinel, Mra. Eliza Miller;
picket, Mra. Fannie Jonea.
Tbe Woman's Auxiliary to R. E.
Lee Camp will hold iu annual oyster
aupper in Coufederate Veterana' Build?
ing tomorrow evening. Supper will be
served from 6 to 10.
A civil aervice examination was held
at the postoffice building today for
subatitute clerk-carrier.
There will be an important meeting
of the Lady Board of Managera of the
Children'a Home, at 3 p. m. Thursday
at the Home.
Johu W. Riley has transferred hia
liquor license to'j. F. Wells, and W.
H. Broughton bas tranaferred his
licen.o to J. W. Riley.
As heretoforo stated, Alexandria
Lodge of Elks will tonight give a char?
ity ball, at their new hall. Tbe pro
oaad. will go to fumishing dinner for
tho poor of Aloxandria on Christmas
Nimrod Jackaon, colored, was fiued
$5 in the Police Court this morning for
disorderly conduct. Sadie Jackson,
colorod, charged with a similar oflenso,
was ;dismissed. Theso were tbo only
cases before thc court.
Fire Warden M. L. Price and Dr.
Dunn have returned from Richmond
where they went to purc.haso two
horsea for ihoColumbiaFire Company.
They purchased a pair of line sorrell
horses for tlioO. The animala reached
this city today.
The snow which covers the ground
makes street trutfic very difficult and
tbroagboal tho day many horsea bave
fallcn, und some of them have beeu iu
jured. In many iostancee the owners
of horses have refused to let them come
on the street.
Chief Pettey of the fire department
today received a letter from the Corby
Baking Company in Washington ex
pressing their thanks for thc prompt
matiDcr in which the department ri
spomled on Sunday and succeeded in
saving tbe company'a property from
destruotion by lire on that day.
Skating Jtink at Armory Hall tonight.
Tho best :unus.ui.nt ln the city. A
good time for all.
Ovster's llgin Crcaniery Hutter, one
Found PrinU, 88c.
Loudoun Coimtv Roll Butter, 30c lb;
Good Cooking Kuttor. 27c; Guarantocd
EK?-_, ."We do/on: 4 largo eans Best Toma
toea, 25o; i eana Mtriug Beans, iOc; A cans
Barly June foaa, '?a; 3 eana Sugar Corn,
2So: Qrien Moiiuutin 1'utatoea, white
aud mealv. f5>c busbel; S large cans \ an
Cwnpa Milk, _c. W. P. WOOLLS A
Do vou know Uow it r*.!* te sit down
to yo'iir moale without au appetlto or
anything on the table to give you an
appetite? of course you dol You alao
know that when those lrreidstlbly delie
loits Auth Sausagoa and Puddinga are on
the tablo, you always have an appetite.
"Thetaste tells the tale." Keep up your
vltallty by koeping in ooniiitlou. Come
to Bloudheim'a Auth Ktaud or Market
for the flnest assortmont of food produots
iu Alexandria.
Suffering from the pangs of starva
tion and half frozen. Herbert Mc
Caddon, 17 years old sou of Oeorgo
W. McCadden, of Brooklyn, N. Y.,
was found yesterday afternoon in an
ico compartment of a refrigerator car
of tbe Pennsylvania Railroad at union
station Baltimore.
With the ambitiou tosee the ai,'b(s
of the country, young McCadden lelt
hii home about nine months ago. J_t
had been intereeted in horse raeing.
For the last two weeks he was at
Savannah, Ga., where he became
stranded, He rode the bumpers of a
freight train from Savannah to Petera?
burg, Va., arriving there Monday after?
Monday night the lad went into tho
freight yards of the Pennsylvania Rail?
road at Peteraburg, and flnding a train
"making up" for Baltimore, climbod
on top of one of the ears and lowered
himself into the ice compartment of a
refrigerator car. The train passed
Alexandria yesterday morning and
reaehed union station, in Baltimore in
the afternoon. The brake man was
about to disooonect the car in which
was McCadden when he heard tbe raps
of the lad oo the door. Upon investi?
gation, he found the youth ln the com?
partment, weak and faint.
Lieutenaot Klinefelter got him a
?Mfliier. Ho deroured the moal with*
out a kntfe or fork, so hungry was he.
Thlrty-ave Killed In Hattle.
Paris, Dec. 7.?Tbirty-ftVe killed,
sixty nine wounded and oighteen
missing represent the French loeses
in the battle of Drijele, in Freoch
West Africa, aocordiog to an anncmnce*
mem|today by the colonial min sterj
The battle was fought on Novemher 9,
the French colutnn, under. Lieut.
Col. Moll being opposed by the com
bined forces of the Sultana of Ouadai,
Me?aalit and Doudsmoursh. Twenty
eigbt aharpahootera, two eoramiasioned
and fire non-commUsioned officera
made up tbe killed on the French side.
The nativee' lossea are reported as
several times heavier.
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Mllwaukee's Social litlc Admlnlitratlon
Milwaukee. Wis., Dec. 7.?Com?
plete bome rule for Milwaukee un.e
the city's eocialtstic admini-tration;
with provision for the establiihment of
a list of municipal undertakings with?
out parallel in the hi.tory of any
American community is beiDg under
taken bere.
Under instructions by the rity coun?
cil, the corporation attorney is drawing
up bills to be submitted to tho legiala
ture by which Milwaukee, after a
referendum of its citizens will own out
right all ita civic utilities, aud which
may provide for the establishment of
many novel adjuocts to the loeal gov?
Among tbese will bc municipal
slaughter houses, four municipal bot
pitals, one maternity home; free medi?
cal clioica. free lodging bot_*es for tbe
poor; tbo employing of city plumbers
to do privste plurabing and sewar work
and tbe appointment of a municipal
Beer. Coifee
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< t;. ot of a glasa or two of
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Fleirint 8llver-tnonnted Tellet Sats,
Shavlng Mirrors, ete.
Try our delieious Candlea, eoaalatlag
of Lowncv's best; Bon bon i, Obooorato
Drops, Ivlsse*. Solld Milk Chocolates.
rnre French Candle* and Deoedetta Al
legrette Chooolttea and Bon Bons la t
lb.. l lb. and 2 1b. boxea.
Ik-okseller-aad Staitloaer.
ttl-CBHH _lng atreet
Three B00M8, brlght,desirabla,?rlce
reaaonable. Apply *? aouth Wasblog
ton street. noraSt
P~~B REXT.-BOl'SE Ko. HJ north
Wssblngton straet; % _??_>? ?Bd
ijatb. _ppfy M ?? 9*t% WasWoitoo
tlflf k $$9* *W
of Alexandria, Virginia
C A PITAL, $ 1 OOaOOoTsURPLUS. $ 125,000
Edward L. Daingerfield, Preaident
Carroll Pierce, Vice President
Richard M. Green, Caahier.
Edward L Daingerfield
J. Clinton Smoot Jaa. W. Roberts
Worth Hulfish Carroll Pierce
M. A. Ahern Urban S. Lambert
Loana. $7?,m?
D. S. Bonds to secure
elreulatlpu. 100,000.00
Bonds to seouro V. 8.
Doposlt. 1,000.00
Other Bonda and
Stocka. ?,3Ti.08
Banking Houso and
RealEstate. 52.8_G.ar
Due from
Ban ks and Ro
Agen U.l 11,920.78
- llG,4Sa,07
Capital. 1100,000.00
Surplus. IC.,000.00
Cndlvlded Proflts. 3T.43..88
ClroulaUon. 100-OQO.OO
DeposUa. 791,282 64
C.tJ. Peposlt. 1,00000
fl 410,007.46
For Mother, Wife or Sister,
Silk Stockings
Pure silk full fashioned garter tops.
2 pairs in a handsome box for $1.00 tor
father, husband and brother.
4 pairs Sox in a handsome box for 50e, or
4 pairs Lisle Thread in a handsome box for $1.
Thousandsof best Christmas Handkerchiefs
in fancy boxes for sweethearts.
Gloves, Umbrellas, Handbags. Jewel Cases,
Comb and Brush Sets. Handsome set of Furs.
in fact anything you wish in theshapeofa
Christmas present you will find at Rosenfeld s.
As a lady remarked in looking over our
stock, "Anythingyou cannot get at Rosenfeld s
you can not get in Washington," and our prices
beat them to a frazzle.
518-520 King Street, Alexandria, Va.
VIRGINIA.-In tho Clork's office of
tho Corporation (oui t of tbe city of
Alexandria, r*u tho Cih day ot Deeem
ber, 1010.
Taylor Morrison, James Morrison, Ros
nlle Morrison. Edith Morrison. Mary
ShuUieo an.l William W. Shtdtlee, hor
husband; Fannie A. Clark. Charles I.
Clark. Oeorge T. Klipsteln. Mary 1.
Harryman aud Harrf O. H^ryman,
hor husband, and Kebocca l. KHp
stein, complaiuauts, vs. attwaro, r.
Cooper, Annie .Cfaaaar Keanedy.
Bertha flrewer, Edward a _??_&*???
liflm li. Lord. Thomas C. Llppineott,
William Llj.pineott, Carollno b. C.
Oasklll and J N. GneklU, her husband;
Hannah Llppineett. Martha tarquhar
and B II. Farquhar. her husband;
Hannah C.Edwardsand Y.O.Edwards,
ber bnaband; Lewis C Jmm. James
Jessup, Joaa Jeeaup, Matao fcroiner
and E. Kromor, hgr husuand; Weflt
Tessup Sallio Voorneesiauu John\ oor
hoes, hor husband; cooper Jessup.
_Jessup, widow of I). Cooper Jes?
sup, deooased; Benajah Andrews Clara
Snecd aud - Sneod. her husband;
M?rv -. formerly Mary Andrews.
and-_, her husband: Clara Bon
aall and William S. Bonaal^ her hus?
band; Kdwiu C. Btokes,-stokca aud
Anna Stokes, hia wife; -? Andrews,
widow or l>. Andrews, deceaaed, and
LU.ie Curtls and-Curtia, hor hus?
band, If living, and their unknown
helrB, Ifany of them be dead, defen
dants. Iu chancery.
Memo. The object of this suit ia to
aell the real eatato pattloularly describ?
ed ln the bill altuatc partly ln the oity
of Alexandria and partly ln the county
of Alexandria, Virginia, of which Lewis
Oooper aud Charles M. lay lor died seir
ed and possessed as tenants in common,
and for the dlatrlbution of tho urowed*
ofthe sale among the part.es entltiea
thereto aceordln* to thelr respeoUve
F f t appearing by an affldavtt liled ln
tblaoause that all of tlio det-ndantsari:
non-resldentsol this State:
It la Ordered, That said defeudaut
appear here within fifteen davs after duo
uubllcatlon of thia order, aud do what ia
neoeaaary to proteet thelr interosts ln
thia auit, and that a eopy of this order be
forthwith insertcd ln the Aleaandria
Oasette. a newspaper publlahed ln tn*
City of Alexandria, once a week for four
suoceaBi ve weeks, and posted at the front
door of the Court House or tbla oity.
A oopy?Tkbtk: _ _ .
John M. Johnson and aamuel r.
Flihar, p. q. dcet wlw-w
trXBOIKIA-Ia tbe Clerk's Offlee of
V Corporation Court of the City ol
Alexandria, on tbe 6tb day of Decetn
ber, 1010.
Anna Elicabetb Moudy va. John Luther
Moudy. ln chancery.
Momo. The object or thia suit ls to
obtatn Tor the plaintiff. Anna Elisabeth
Moudy, an absolutc divorce troru the
defendant. John Luther Moudy, on tha
j-rounda or wllful desertlonandabandon*
ment for moro than three years prlor to
the institution of tbla auit. '
It appearing by an aflldavlt flled ln
this cauae that the defendant, John
Luther Moudy, ia a non-realdeot oi tbis
It is Ordered, That said defendant
appear bere within flfteen dayrafter due
publicatiou of tbla order, and dowbat is
Beeeflsaryto proteet hia Interest in tbla
auit, and tbat a eopy of thia order be
Jorthwlth tuserted in the Alexandria Oa?
aette, a newapaper puollBOou in i_e olt~
of Aleaandria, once a week for four au
oesslve weeks, and posted at the froi
door ofthe Court Houie of tbis oity.
_ !t_vSJi^W?AWAT/qtf b.
flMINiQ. SlW, P-1' 8841 ?rea>W
DRY Q00P8._
Make Useful and Hand?
some Presents.
Ladies' Silk Umbrellas, sterling.gold,
or directoire bandles of sterling trim?
med misaion wood. Special
Ladiea' Silk or Union Silk Umbrel?
las, sterling aod pearl, gold and pearl,
mission wood kaohe, aad sterling trim?
med. Special
Ladiea' Silk Oloria, All-ailk,or Union
81k umbrellas, witb plain bandlea,
at rling or gold cape, misaion trimmed
and many otber atyle bandlee. This
number la oar leader at
1,000 SUp-on Rubber
Raincoat*. worth $6
Those Worth $2\ tt $4.55.
420-426 Seventh Street.
80c A Pound
61*_K__f Street.
Both Pbonen._Night Bell.
Tha lady who gata the greatest num?
ber of words out of the lettare contaln
ed in "MAY MANT0N" will receive a
pair of 18.60 May Manton Sboes at
Lynn'i Shoe Store.
Tbe cootcst will cloae aa Saturday,
Deeember lOtb. decS lw
alwa/i oa aale psti friftKsVf CAFE>
prtaet aad Aeral f*M*.
Children'a Warm Glovee,
pair 25caud50Q
Boya' Warm Olovea, pair
25c, 60c. 75eand $1.00
Men'a Warui Olovea, pair
26c, 50c, 11.00,11.80, $2, $2.50
Warm Blonki ts, pair
11.00, $1.50, $2.50, $8.80, $5.00,
$0.00, $7.50, $8.00 atnj $10.00.
Children's Warm L'nderwear, each
26c, 86c, 50c, 75c, 86c and $1.00
Good Comforts, each
$1.00, $1.50, $2, $2.50, $8.50, $5.
Boya' Outing Night Robea,
each 50c
Boya' Outing Pajaiuas,
Suit 78c aad $1.00
Men's Outing Nitrht Robes,
eaefa 60c, 7.1c and $1.<h)
Men's Outing Pajamas.
Suit $1.00 and 11.80
Ladies' Outing Night Robes,
each 58c, 75c and $1.00
Ladiea' Wool Hose,
pair 2"***
Men'a Wool Hoae,
pair :25c and 50o
Men's Wool Pulse Warmers,
pair 25o
Men's Bath Robes,
each $3.98, $5.00, $ii.00, $7..r>0
Men'a Kuit Mufllers,
?Mi 25c and SOo
Ladiea' Kuit Mutflers,
eaeh 88c and 60a
Boya' Koit Sweaters,
each 511c, |1.Q0 aud $1.50
Ladies' Knit Sweaters,
eacb $1.2.'), $1.'J8, $2.50, $3.50, $5
Men's Knit Bweatare,
ea.h$l, $1.50. 12.80, $2
$3.51) and $r>.00.
l>o icur
Buy ing Now
Don't w.iit lill the beat cf every.
thing is eelectad.
Wo bave equtpped <>nr store to meet
theneedsof tba gift buyer, an I you'l
find bere artidea of obarm a i
tiocttoB, seleetad with spadal rafwaao
to their .uitability aa xifts.
A smail depoatt wi'l boM any sirlii la
till Cbriatmas.
Come in loday] and maki* ym
lecnons. We II be |tad t.? holp you.
Saunders . Son
629 Kintf Street.
New Opera House
10 Cents to Alf.
Zarelli and DeAmay
European FlexlbleClowni.
Rose Stanley
Slnging t'omedienne.
Edward Estus
Matluee Wednesday anJ Saturday 5<j
Also latest motion pictures cbangcd
Give White and
Of egceptional beauty
and value are our aoli
taire and eluster ringa at
$25, $50,_75c and $100.
We offer quality?not quantit).
Jewelers aod Silvorsmiths
Bristow Creamsry Butter
38c Pound.
I gutnntee every pound to give satis
ikctTon. Freab and Smolttd Maata,
Orocerlea and Farm Products of all
kJnda. Telephone ordera glven prompt}
attention. Free delivery.
Cerner Qneen and Royal atreeta.

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