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Southern Rairway.
Trains leave Union Station, Alexandria.
In effeet November 27,1910.
R B.?Following sehedule figures pub
lUbed anry ns Informatlon, and are not
t-uaranteed. r>0 '- . . ?. .
7:17 A M Dallv loeal between Wasb
i-igton and Danviiie.
A M li.iily-Localfor llamson
burg and way stafloBJ.
<>i: a. m Daily U. a Fast Mail.
- only for pasaengera for pointa south
i.vvhiehM-heduled to stop. First clasii
eoaches; aleeplng ears to Birmingham
and drawiag room sleeping ears to New
Orleans. Dining ear service.
11 17 \. M.- -Dailv -Mail train. Coachea
for Btanaaaas,< harl'ot tesvillo.Lynchburg,
DaaviUe aad GreeBaboro. sleeping cara
nsboro to Atlanta.
4.47 p \i _\Veek days?Lnnlted for
Warreatoa, charlottesvillo aud Ilarn
^X?'. M - Daily?Birmingham spec?
ial ' Sleeping ears between New York,
?\il.int.i. Arnistoii Bad Biriuingham.
Through firet-elasa eoaebea between
Washlnsrton, Atlanta and Birmingham.
Dlning ear aervloe. Tourist to California
iive times weekly. ,, ?
!? M. Week days- I.imitedfor Har
risonburg and way stations on Manassas
braneb. Pullman buflet parlorear.
:,\l V. M.-I>aily--l*>cal for Warren
?i (7 P M The Sontbern's Nouthcast
ernLimited for Columbia, Charlcston.
Aikcn. Augusta, Savannah and Jaekson
ville, Through PoJlmaa drawing room.
room sleeping ear* t'oaches.
Dlning i _ .. ?A
10-27V. M.?Daily?Washington aad
Chattanooga Limlted (via Lynchburg).
J-'irst-elass coach and sleeping ears to
Koanokc. Knoxville and 'JhatUnooga.
Sleeper to New Orleans, Washington to
Roanoke. Dining ear aervico.
lim V M.-Daily?New York, Atlanta
aod New Orleans Limited. All Pullman
train. elub and obsorvation ears to HBW
Orleans. Sleeping ears to Asheviile.
Atlanta, Maeon and Xew Orleans. Meep
tap ears to ( harlotto. Dining ear sorvice.
4-27 A. M.?Daily?Memphis special.
Sleeping ears and coaches for Roanoke.
Knoxville. Nashville. Chattanooga and
Memphis. Dining ear scrvicc. \Yash
ington sleeping ears open 10:00 1. aa.
Through trains from the south aarivo
at Alexandria6:13and628, ?? ?nd 10rS
?i m ; i:i. 728, 10:13 and 1148 P. sjfc
daily, Harrisonburg 1138 A. M. weok
daysandttUP. M. daily. From Char
lottesville t>:28 A. M.
Laave Alexandria <\V.'& O. Station)
week days at 822 A. M.. ?? and 4*6 for
Bluemont; 633 P. M.week days for Lecs
burg- iv, P. M. dallj for Bluemont anu
M.. loeal. on Bundaya only ror
Mhiemont. . . m .. ._.._
Fordetalled sehedule figures, tiekets,
Pullman reservation, ete.. BPPlytO
tJnlonTiokel Agent Alexandria, Va.
1. II ( (lATMAN. VicePr.-s Al.en.Mgr.
s. ll. HARDWIOK, Paaa Irar. Mgr.
II K CARY, Ueneral Passenger Agent.
I,. s. Browa, Oenaaral Agent.
Washington, D. C.
Washington Southern Ry.
Sehedule in effeet Nov. '.'7, 1910.
Trains leave Cnion Station for Wash?
ington and points north at 7 43, How,
. 3 and 8 31 a m., 12 01, 2 30, 8 07, 8 IS and
ii 9j p. in.. daily. _, . . ?? ,
For Frederiekshurg. Richmond and
poiuts south at 1 37, 7 ? (loeal) and 10 22
a. m., 12 18, 4 27, B 17 (loeal) 7 42 and 9 5,
'''AccommcKhition for Fredcrieksburgat
11 13 a. m.. tlaily. On week days this
train runs through to Milford.
Notk: Timeofarrivalsanddepartures
and oonneetlona not guaranteed.
w P TAYLOR, Traffle Manager.
Uichniond. va.
Ia effeet Nuv?Miil>er 1,1910.
Poa Wasblnarton, from eoraer Pri?*
and Royal atreeta, week daya, at 540,
??'.??? t".'.-.7"., , ?'?/?>?/*?
? 10,030,950,
1010.1030.1050. II 10,11 25, 11 30, 11 60 IU
m., 1210,123S\ 1230,1250, 1 0. 1 2;_. -30
1 50 ' lo 2 25, ?' 30, 2 50, -i Oo, ?? 25, .. .!?>, ?? ?*?>,
no. tV. 130, i io. iv..:, iu. r. --"';;?- -*\
20,6 30,? 45,7 00, J 15,725.800,830,
-no 93 > 1000, 1030, ii i" aod il 5o p. n?.
Sundlya 700.735, 810, 820, 840, 900.
. |C 1000, 1020, 10 io. 1100, 11 20 nnd
H40B. m., 1200m., 1220. 1240, 100, 120,
140 ??;*> 2 20 ' ?"??:i"' 320*3 10,4 00,4 20,
Oo! 520,540,600,620,640,700,7?
... 930, tOBjo, 1039aad
Uiop. 111.
, ,,|; Mi.lM Vl.l'.NON.
Leave AleMimlria for Mount VeraOB,
week daya.at 545, 658. TM?,?5
U25a ,,, 1225, 1 25, 225,330, 140. 5S6,
6?.7 35,8 60,950,1050andllo0p.nJ.
Sun 830, 930, 1080, H30 a.
m?. 12 ?f 130, 2 30, 3 30, I :W. r> 30, 6 30. 7 30,
s H'. and IQ I" |>. i".
Ready tor Ghristmas.
H. BLOCH, King Street,
Ia ready to rrceive ordera for
holiday suppliea.
Fruit Cakes, Pound Cakes,
Pastry, Confectionery
and many other thinga needed during
the joyous aeaaon will be furnished at
satislactory prices^_
Electric Lights.
Electric iights add to the comfort
and cheerfulness of the home that
will be greatly appreciated at
this season of the year.
Electric lights are better adapted
for decorative purposes than any
other kinda of illamination. As
they do not burn with an open
flame, the danger of catching
decorations on fire is overcome.
No matches are required to light
them. Wire your house now.
Alexandria Electric Co,
524 King Street.
Tiw ivguhu aiiiiuai B??*bBaTo(/be
'suWkholdera oi THE POTOMfC
swiM.s BANK ofOeoijretpwB, i>. C.
for the election of a board ol direetors
or ? e. suing year ending December
" 1011. and any and all other business
uroperly coralng, before the meeting.
IvVll heheld on the 13th day of Deeern
ber, 1910. at three o'elock p. >;>.. at the
o ee of tbe companj "' Alexandria,
\ ,, rrnla being in the offlce of Mossrs.
jaiueB r. a liarry B. Oaton, Attorneys.
lolIN W. BOOLET, Secretary.
dead t.i _
A, r .:,.? Bt^holdera
iMorporatad, will be held at the pffleea
ofaald rompani roornsl and Alexan
,lria Bank r-inhling. Alexandria, \ ?
rlula.on Kltll'.W December 30, 1910.
ti i-io'f-loek nooai. for the purn
eonaUleiiDga rewlution adoptedby toe
bonnl or direetora of aaid oonopany.oo
tl?>!uli <l'v ofPeceuaber, lt'to, de.-lnring
,. lo|, . and for the benefltof
vaiit rompanv lhat i? "?hoiihi I
'JUAUKY t,Ar.l>M-:lt.seereury,
dCC9 la wlw JS
Dry Your Clothes on a Wet Washday
With a New Perfection Oil Heater
When clothes can't be hung
outside, and must be dried in a
room or cellar, the New Perfection
Oil Heater quickly does the work
of sun and-air. You can hang up
the wet clothes, light your Perfec?
tion Oil Heater, open the damper
top, and the heat rises and quickly
dries the clothes.
Do not put off washing to
await a sunny day in order to avoid
mildew. Dry your washing any
day with hot air from a
___1L HEATf_>_
Absolattly mokelets and odorlm
h gives fust as much heat as you desire. It Is safe, odortes.
aad smokeless.
It has an automatic-Iocklng flame spreader, which
f>revents the wick from being turned hfgh enough to smoke, and
s e?9y to retnove and drop back, so the wick can be quickly
cleaned. Burnef body or gallery cannot become wedgcd, be?
cause of a new devioe In construction, and can always be easily
unscrewed for rewicking.
An indicator showa the amount of oil ln the font. Filler-cap does not need
to be acrewed down, but is put in like a cork In a bottle, and Is attached to tbe
font by a cbaln. Finished in japan or nickel, atrong and durable, well-made, built
for service and yet light and ornamental. It has a cool handle and a damper top.
Dtaltrs Bviryvhtrt. If not at yours. wrtit for deserfyfbt eirailar_
to the ntartst agtncy of rht ^B___P^
Standard Oil Company ^%
For RentFor Rent
1314 King Street.
Fine Store Room,
801 Duke Street.
10 Room Brick and Bath.
1450 Duke Street.
Store and Dwelling.
424 S. Waahington Street.
11 Room Frame and Bath.*,
1000|Kintf Street.
Fine Store Room.
? 18.00
1305 King Street.
7 Room Frame.
? 15.00
1700 Prince Street. 9
New 6 Room Frame. with|
deep lot,
? 12.00
601JS. Alfred Street.
7 room Frame.
? 12.00
182 7 Duke Street.
7 Room Frame.
? 12.00
335 S. Patrick Street.
6 Room Frame.
? 10.00
337 S. Patrick Street.
6 Room Frame.*)
? 10.00|
127 Prince Street.
8 Room Brick.
? 10.00]
bOl|S. St. Aaaph Street.
Store and Dwelling.
314 S. Henry Street.
6 Room Frame.
407 Queen Street.
6 Room Frame.
619 S. Patrick Street.
6 Room Brick.
? 7.00
John D. Normoyle
Dr. T. B. Cochran's House
Having purchased the handsome residence of Mr.
P. McK. Bajdwin, Dr. Cochran has placed his house
in my hands.
Beautiful side yard, lot sixty feet front.
Applicants coming forward you will have tospeak
now if you want this.
Store 602 King Street.
Store Corner King and Pitt Streets.
322 South Patrick. $12.00 224 North Pitt.<. g-50
527 North Alfred. $10.50 ?? Comrnercc^. $8.00
828 8. Patrick. W.00 _18oath Alfred. $<?<*>
Business and Residence Property for Sale.
Insurance of Every Kind,
HARRIE WHITE,Ne?ttothfcJotwash
When Buying Fuel
The consumer must always figure on the ac?
tual amount of heat and comfort that is got.
en for the mone" spent.
We believe that our connections ot long
standing, coupled with the large amount of
fuel that we buv, make it possible for us to
sell the very highest gradesof Coal and Wood
atprices that are cheapest to the consumer.
A trial order of our Coal and Wood, or an
opinion from some of our satisfied customers,
will prove that our idea of putting quahty
first is correct.
Order Office, 529 King Street.
If Yoo Wanta Good Medlcinal Rye Whisky?the Right Kind
_ what you want. ?Also try aome of our tine Imported JWineaJ and .GiO.
Lowenbach Bros.,
%ltXanbria (feazette.
A Chance to Make Money.
A young man who had been out of
etnployinent for sonic time and to
whorn money had become n strangcr
Btood on the Walnut street brldge
over tbe Schuylklil gazing down atthe
Suieide was ln his mlnd, but he waa
afraid to seek death by drownlng and
only contempiated It when be realized
tbat he had no money to purchase
polson, a rope or aoniethlng of the
Aa he waa standlng there a well
dressed man accosted him.
"Yonng man, do you want to earn
$4?" he said.
"Four dollars!" gasped the unfor
tunate. to whom tbe sum sounded llke
n million. "Lead me to lt," be said.
"Come along," said the stranger as
he led the way across tbe brldge.
Tha young man followed, a new
hopc gleamlng from bis ey^s.
The stranger led the way to a room
on a side street off Walnut
"Hero we nre," ho said.
'Well. how nm I golng to earnthoae
|41" _e_ed the young man.
"Well. you see. I'm a little hard np
for cash." said the stranger. "nnd I'm
golng to sell you a pnlr of five dollar
6hoes for a dollar:"?I'tiilndelphln Fress.
ThB Carrot Cure.
Dr. Olirer Wendell Holmes. rcfer
rlng to the true efflcney of carrots ns n
cure for wounds (a traditlon which
was certfllnly not handed down from
Crecy), wrltes to Dr. llunt in 1SG3,
telllng him how a man's heel, which
was severely wonnded nt the battle
of Frederlcksburg, wns treated by Dr
Blgelow, wbo did nothing but keop the
wound open and made tho patient use
for this purpeae a little plug of carrot,
which seemed to ngree with him very
Another more modern medlcal an
thorlty says that for dellcnro pefjsons
an excellent supper vegetable Is a falr
slzed carrot, bol!ed whole so as to re
tain Its sromntle propertles, then spllt
Into quarters and warmed nfresb be?
fore being serred hot. It ncts as a
nervine sedatlve while being cordlal
nnd restoratlre. A sense of mental
lnvlgoratlon wll! follow. and tlie <!!
gestion of this ostimable root will be
readlfy performed without prcveutln,*
6leep.-Pall Mall Gazette.
Peacock Plumago.
HoweTer much mllllners may nd
mlre the plumnge of the peacock and
however much they may deslre the
money it brings. superstltlon prevents
many of them from uslng lt.
"Rather than give peacock feathers
house room I would lose my best ctis
tomer," one mllliner declared. "I have
done it more than once. Wompn who
want their own mnterlals made up
have brought peacock trlmminR. and
when I posltively n-fused to bandle lt
they went away angry and looked for
somebody else to work up their i>ca
cock feathers. But no doubt they had
a long cbeee, because two-thlrds of
the mllliners feel Just as I do nbout
peacock feathers."
"But why?" asked a woman who
carrled a pencock fenther in her hand
"It'a bad luck, that ls why," said tho
mllliner.?New York Sun.
No Paprika In Her Bones.
A Hungaiian restaurant in New
Tork beenme famous for Its cullnary
trluraphs, and many visitors to the
clty became acqtiaiuted there with the
mysterious dishes produced ln Uunga
rlan kitchens. In one of these parties
several years ago wa? a young matron
from the far west. who, anxlous to cx
tend her culinnry kuowledge and see
ing how her husb.-ind rellshed one of
the courses of the ine.nl. asked the
head walter for the recipe for the dish.
"I can give it to you. madam." was
the courteous reply, "but you can't
mnke it"
"And why not?" asked the sightseer.
"Because you must be llungarinn.
It might come right for an Austrian.
but an American never. You must
hare paprika in your bones." And.
taklsg that hlgh ground, the request
was refused.?New York Trlbune.
Acrosa the Hall.
"Say, Snlbbs, let me use your phone,
will you?"
'Sure.' What's the matter with
"It's all right. I want to telephone
to _y wife that I'm golng to brlng n
man from out of town to dlnner."
"He'a slttlng ln my room now. and I
hate to'have him watch my face when
my wife tells me what she thlnks of
the -proposl-on." ? Cleveland Plain
An Eaaay on Man.
What a chimera, then. ls man!
What a norelty. what a monster, wbat
a cbnos, what a subject of contrndlc
tlon. what ? prodlgy! A Judge of all
things. a feeble worm of the earth.
depository of tbe truth, cloaea of nn
certalnty and error. the glory and the
shame of the unlverse.?Pascal.
Pratty Healthful.
The Stranger-Is this a pretty
healthy neicliborhood?
The Native?You bct lt ls. Thar ain't
bin n deatb here Iu years, 'ceptln' the
undertaker, nn' he died o' starvatlon.?
Harper's Weekly.
Good Luck.
"What lock did that sheriff who
went out after Stagecoacb Charley
"Purty good." replied Three Flnger
Ram. "Charley didn't ketch him."?
Washington Star.
When the tnstes are pnrified tbe
morals are not enslly corrupted.?Os?
Eating Tima.
Frlend?So you dined at a way sta
tton. What did you hnve for dlcner?
Traveler?Twenty minutes? Kansas
Clty Journal.
JuatJce is tbe bread of natlons. Tbej
are alwaya famlsblng for lt^-Jordan.
Mrs. Hattic Cain of Carrsvflle
Thinks all the More of Her
Doctor Since He Advised
Her to Take Cardui.
Carrsvilie, Ky.?"My doctor," writes
Mrs. Hattie Cain, "who advised me to
take Cardui, for my troubles, is a mighty
line doctor, and 1 say God bless Cardui
and the people who'make it.
"Before 1 took Cardui, I suffered with
female troubles for sixteen years. I
would have to send for a doctor every
three month, andohl how djeadfutlyl
"I would cramp and have Convulsions
and it looked Wke I would die. At last I
took Cardui and oh! what a surpri_el 1
found it was the medicine for mel
"From the first bottle, 1 began to mend
and r.ow 1 am well, can do more work.
can waik and go where 1 please and it
don't hurt me, and 1 owe it all to Cardui."
Cardui helps sick women back to
health. It has been doing this for over
50 years. It is not a laxative, or a heart
or kidney medicine?it ia a woman'a
If you are a woman, try it
N. R-WVrt* fo: Ladies' AdvUory Dept, CJ-ttv
oouga Medicine Co.. Ctuttanooia, Tenn.. for Sptcial
Instmctiont, and 04-pagr book. Home Treatmeal
lot Womeo.'' aent ln p__ wrapptr. oa requgBj -
in selecting a flavoring ex
tract just because the label
is attractive often
you wish you had just told
your dealer to send you
Leadbeater's, which you
kno w is good and pure, and
in which there is abso
lutely NO
Eitablithed 1792
Rough Dry?7c lb.
All pieceswashed.starched
and dried, ready for iron
inft. All towels, bed and
table linens ironed and fold
ed ready for use.
Both Telephonea.
Our Wag-on Will Call.
Banner Steam Laundry.
fK/i Oronoco Street.
Ageney :?>:{ King Street. l^irb.rShop^
Mm. H. Peck
:i?iantity of new and seco
er and second-hand brick I
A l.irge qiiantity of new and second
hand luinber and second-hand brick for
aala ebaap.
Manufacturer of
offick and atdBaal 115-HI n. botalst.
Dealer in Hardware. PaintB. Atfricul
tural ImpIemente.Vehiclea.Harneee.
Field and Garden Sceds.
ft____co_a_a, sorrra ?nion strebt, oj?
Also Grain, Hay, Straw
andallkindsof Mill Feod
Will alvvays kcep in atock the highes
grade of those article8.
Alexandria. Va.. December"), 11*10.
Tlie annual meeting of tho stoek
holders of tbe <:il AKI.OT TK.SVlI.I,r.
I'AN'Y uii. bo iicld at the offloe Ofthe
;.\ ln Alexandria. Virginia, on
WEDNK8DAY. December 21, VJio, at
I'clock n. in.. for the purpose of
i?!??, tiug dircctors and transacting such
other businessas may come before tbe
d.Ung. R. D. LANKFORD,
deefltd Beeretary.
Tba auniial meeting ofthe stoekholders
of tbla company. for the election of of
and for tba __Ba_c-0n of such
otber buainaaa aa may eome l>cfore the
meeting, will t>e held at the general of
Bee of tbe cv,mp:>ny. No. IZSSoU-B Royal
Alexandria. Va.. at the hour of
II a. in. WKDNENDAY.tho llth day of
iber 1910.
JOHN P. WILKINS. President,
11. STIDHAM, Secretary.
novW _w
Aof CutOlassIs alwajra prettj ;
we bave a line a_sortment; prloea
modorate. H. \V. W1LDT A f?>N.
One half square of ground. Excellently
located for dwelling or factory sites, situ
ated on Pendleton street, between Patrick
and Henry streets.f
Price, $1,750 Cash.
Six fine building iots on north Wash?
ington street. These are the closest lots
obtainable from King street. Low price for
a few days only.
Thompson & Appich
107 South Royal Street. Alexandria, Va
VIRGINIA.?In the Clerk'a Offlce ol
tho Corporation Court of tho City of
Alexandria, on tho Kth d?y of Novem?
ber, 1910.
Franoes E. Outrldge va. Jamea R. Uut
rldge. In ohancery.
Memo. Tbe objeot of thia auit U to ob
tain for tho complalnant an abaolute dl
vorce from the defendant on the grouDd
of wllful desertion and abaudonment for
a poriod of more than tbree yeara before
tho bringlng of thia auit, and for gene?
ral relluf.
Itappearing byau affldavit filed in this
oause tbat tho defendant, Jamea R. Out
ridge, ia a non-reaident of thia State
It ia Onlored, That aald defendant ap
pear here within fiftoon daya aftor due
publlcatioB <4 thia order, and do what Is
neeeaaarv to protect hlainterest in this
auit, and that a eopy of thia order 'be
fortbwitb inserted in the Alexandria
(,: aetto, a nowspaper publlahed in the
City of Alexandria, onoe a week for four
auceeesive woeks, and posted atthelront
door of tbo Court llouse of thiaolty
A eopy?Tkstb :
Fredk. P. Ruasell, p. q. nov29w4w-tu
IRGIXIA. Iu the Clerk'a Offloo of
- tbo Corporation Court of the City ol
Alexandria. on the 14th day of Novem?
ber, 1910.
Albert Droifus, va. Louia Drel?
fua, Bertha Cox. R. H. ,Cox, Nettie
Kinatein. Heiijatnin Kinstein, Frank
Dreifus, I^copold Dreifus,Fannie Atwell,
Kdward Atwell, Uena Cox, Jamea Cox,
Carrlo Grillbortzor, David G. Orillbort
zer. Jeanette Loo, Helen Drlefus, Harry
Droifus, Eruest Dreifus, Raymond Drei?
fus, Fiora Hrven and Samuel Erven.
Memo. Objeetof this suit for sale
house and lot north weat comorof Prinee
and Union atreets, Alexandria. Va? of
w liieh Roaa Dreifus died, seized and pos
sessed and distribution of proceods
among the partioa entitled thereto and
further rclief.
It appoaring by an affldavit flled ln
thia cause tbat tho defendants, Nettie
Kinstein. Bonjamin Kinstein, Frank
Dreifus, Leopold Dreifus, Helen Drel
rus, Harry Droifus. Eruest Dreifus, Ray?
mond Dreifus, Flora Erven and Samuel
Erven are pon-residenttf of this State :
It is Ordered: That said defantbuitsap
pear here within flfteen days after due
publication of this order, and do what ia
neccssary to proteot their Interests in
this auit, and that aeopy of this order be
forthwith inserted in the Alexandria
Gazette, a nowspaper published in the
City of Alexandria, once a week for four
successlvo weeks, and posted at the fronf
door of tho Court House of thia city.
A eopy? Teste.
John M. .Johnson, p. q.
nov24 w4w-thu
%YI ROTNIA?Iu the ClerlCs Offlce of
V Corporation Court ofthe City ot
Alexandria, on the Gth day of Dooem
ber, 1910.
Anna Elizabeth Moudy va. John Lutbor
Moudy. In ohanoery.
Memo. Tho objeot of this suit ls to
obtain for the plaintiff, Anna Elizabeth
Moudy. an absoluto dlvoroe lrom tho
defendant, John Lutber Moudy, ou the
groundsof wilful desertion and abandon
ment for more than throo years prlor to
the institutlon of tbis suit.
Itappearing by an affldavit flled in
tbis cause that the defendant, John
Luther Moudy, is a non-reaident ol this
It is Ordered, That said defendant
appear here within flfteen days after due
pubiication of thia order, and do what is
neccssary to protect hia interest in thia
auit, and that a eopy of this order be
forthwith inserted iu the A.exandna Ga?
zette, a nowspaper published In the city
of Alexandria, once a week for four suc
ccssive woeks, and posted at the front
door ofthe Court House of this oity.
A. cor>y_Tiwte.
.Samuel G. Brent, p. q. dec7 w4w-w
Xmas Shoppers.
The uaeful gift ia appreciated the moit
and the giver longest remembered.
Thereforc we invite you to call and aee
our line of fine
Carvers, Tabfe Kntvcs, Oncida
Platcd Forks and Spoons, Pockxt
Cutlery and Razors, both old
. style and safety kind.
Special attention it invited to the cele
brated "Wiae** Sciaeora and Manicure
Sets. put up in attractive leather eaaea
and quality guaranteed.
Enterpriae Food Choppcre. Coffee Milla
and Patent Smootbing Irona are help
ful all the year round.
Our fullaline of Hardware conaiata of
firatclaaa gooda and price* are low.
Carlin Huifish Co., Inc,
315 Kintf Street.
dec3 2w
For Sale or Rent.
The dealrable reaidenee with large
aide lawn, 307 aouth St Aaaph atreet.
located in thelbeat reaidentuU sectlon'of
the city. For.ifull partioulars apply at
413 Duke street
noT4 tf
SEE our asaortrnentof WHITE STONE
MATPINS, price fl.ro totg.00.
fl, W. WILDT A ?a)N.
To All Parties Concerned.
DAY, the 21st day of December, 1910, at
my offlce at Fairfax, Virginia, at 10
o'clock a. in., I ahall prooeed to execute
the requirenientaof the decrco rendere<l
at the November term, ltfll), of the Cir
cutt Court of Falrfax eountv, Virginia.
in the chanoery cause pcnding therein
ln which David C. Leaeh and Jamcs H
Swartz, who suo for themaelveB and on
behalfof all other stockholders of th.
I__d A River Improvement Co , of NOW
Alexandria, aro complalnants, and Thi
Land A River Improvement Co.. of Nev.
Alexandria. ls defendant, requir ng me
as .Special Master Commlsslonor, "to
inqulreaml mako report to thia court
upon the mattera hereinafter meiiiioiied
towit:-' ._____?
a What lands wereowned by the I?nd
and River Improvement Company of
New Alexandria rrom its orgauizatlon
up to the dato of tho appointrnent of
I'ark Agnew as reeeivor in this i-ause,
and wbatportions thereof have been dis
posed of, and to whom;and the title to
what jiortions thereof remain in tho
Land and River IinprovementCompany
of New Alexandria.
b The taxes and all other liens upon
the real eatate ofthe said defendant oor
poration, with their priorities.
c The debts and obligatious outstand
Ing of said company, towhom due, and
their priorltles, If any.
d The name and address of the stock?
holders of tbe defendant oorporation
and tbe number of shares ol stoek held
by them respectivcly.
o Whether the defendant corporatiou
is insolvent, and a sale of the property,
real, personal and mixed, of the defen?
dant eorporation, is necessarv for tbe
payment ofthe liens upon its lands, and
the debts orthe company.
f Tlu. accounts of Park Agnew, lato
receiv?r in this eause, showlng what
money j have been received by him
under said reeeiversbip. and wliat dis
position has been made of tba same, and
the amount of any reeeiversbip oertlfi
eatea uiitstanding. and '<y wbom beM.
and any and all other obligatlons orsaul
recolvershlp. _
g Any other matter or thing wblob
tho said special commisslonertnay deem
I>ertiiient', or uhioh any party in interest
may require.
Ifthe oxocution or the reqiurcmeuts
of the said doereo be not compli-ted at
tlie time above named, I shall adjourn
tbe proceedings from time to time and
placo to place until the same shall have
been completed.
Commlssioner in Chaneery.
James R. Caton & Hous,
Sols. for eomplts. dee.S 10t
IROINIA.?In tbe Clerk's offlce of
. the Corporatiou Court of tbo City of
Alexandria, on tho iiih day of Decem
ber, 1910.
Taylor Morrlson. Jamea Morrlson, Ros
alle Morrison. Edith Morrison. Mary
Shultico and William \V. Shultiee, her
busband; Fannio A. Clark, Charles T.
Clark.Oeorgo T. Klipstein, Mary T.
Harryman and Harry O. Harry man,
her busband, and Rebocca T. Klip?
stein, complainants, vs. Edward P.
Cooper, Annlo Cooper Kennedy
Bertha Brewcr, Edward C Lord. Uil
liam B. Lord, Thoinas C. Llppineott,
William Lippincott, Carolino E. C.
Gaakilland J. N. Gaskill.herhusband;
Hannah Lippincott, Martha Fmrqunar
and B. H. Faniuhar, hor busband;
Hannah C.Edwardsand Y.O. Kdwarda,
nor husband; LewisC. Jessup. Jamea
Jessup, John Jossuo. Mame Krnmor
and E. Kromer, he? busband;
Jessup, Sallie Voorheestand JohnVoor*
hees. her busband; Cooper .Jessup,
-Jessup, widow of D. Cooper Jes?
sup, deceased; Benajah Andrews, Clara
Suoed and - Sneod, ber bosbaad;
Mary -, formerly Mary Andrews,
and-?.her husband;Clara Bon
sall and William S. Bonsall, ber hus?
band; Edwin C. Stokea,-Stokes and
Anna Stokes, his wife; - Andrew*.
widow of D. Cooper Andrews, deceas?
ed, and Lizzio Ciirtis and-Curtls,
her husband, if living, and their un
known helrs, ifany of them l>o dead,
defendants. In chancery.
Memo. The objeet of this auit ta to
sell the real estate particularly deserib
cd iu the bill siluate partly in tbe city
of Alexandria and partly in the county
of Alexandria, Virginia, of which Lewis
Cooper and Charlea M. Taylor diadseiz
ed and poaeeaeed as tenants in eommon,
and for tho diatributlon of the proceeds
ofthe sale among the partles ontitled
thoreto according to their respectivo
righta. ,
It appearing by an affldavit filed in
this cause that all ofthe defendants are
non-residents of tbis State:
It is Ordered, That said defendants
appear here within flfteen daysafterdue
publieation of this order, and do what' Is
neccssary to protect tbeir interests in
this suit, and that a eopy of this order be
forthwith Inserted ln the Alexandria
Gazette, a newspaper published in tho
City of Alexandria. once a week for four
auccessive weoks, and posted at the front
door ofthe Court House of thia city.
A eopy?Tebtk:
John M. Johnson and Samuel P.
Fisher, p. ?)?_dec7 w4w-w
Otterburn Lithia and Ma,?
nesia Sprintfs
Greateat known Water for Dyapep
aia, Inditfeation. Kidney and Liver
Leading Phyaiciana endor'.e it aod tea
tify to ita freat merit.
Frank Warfield,
COME and aee our fit>w atock of BAR
PINB. flneat aeaptlon we ever haJ
* ' ?ft w?-W?DT A 80N.
J. & H. Aitcheson
f Agents
^ny Gasolinc'R-otors
*r and Machiniata' Suppliea.
P?P?. I- ^ Fiuil,fgi Valvea. Vc.
Black_miti-ng & Repairintf
Alexandria Iroii Works
?*We make a specialry in repa.r. to
Gascline Engiaea. Motorcyclea and
We eolicit your ordera on all kinda of
Iron Work.
Bell Phone 53.
514 Evana Building. Phone Main 7X24
Henry K.Field&Co.,
Suceessora to
01 AI.l, KINDS.
Lumber, Cement and Plastcr.
Offlce and Yard 116 Jf. Union street
Factory No. 111 N. Lee BilBaat
M;itori:?l Helivered KRF.E ln the city.
General \w:m Afiency.
Laurence Stabier
Room No. 4. Burke V Herbert Bldg.
Tho companics repr.-sented in tbis
offlce have B_ee_i ot.over 1100,000,000.
Among others are:
Hartford Fire InauranceCo.
Liverpool 6? London V Globe.
i_tna Inaurance Co.
Northern Ataurance Co.
Springfield Fire & Marine.
1 rompt attention given toadjustment
of loasesand all matters connected with
John Ahern & Co.,
Corner Prince and Coinnierco Streel!
and _aaaatV in
Countrv produce reeeived daily. <>ur
stoek of I'lain and laney Orooertea era
braccseverything to l>e had in tlu> llttO.
We hold largely in United States bond
od warehouse and carry in stoek various
br.mds ofthe best
made. Have also in store superiorgrades
of Foreijjn and American
Satisfaction Ouaranteed as to Price aud
W. A. Johnson & Co.,
lt K. Corner <.'amenm and fto) ai Street*
General CommisaionlMerchants
and dealers in
Have on hand -ibaon'a _X. XXX.
XXXX andPoreOld Ryc.Old Cablnet
and Monogram Whlaklea; bIbo Itaker's
and Thompaon'a Pure Rye WbUduaa. to
whidi they invite tha attention of the
Orders from tlie country tor merenav
dise shall n-c-ive prornpt attention.
Conatg-menta of Floor, omin and
COuntry Produee Bollolted, for which
they {.lur.intee the highest market pricea
and p'romp retiirnst _
John P. Roiuxson, Geo. S. Frknch.
President. Secretary.
Alexandria Fertilizer and
MAM'FA< n iti;iw Of
Fertilizers, Fertilizer Matenals and
Suiphurtc Acid.
Ask your dealer for the Alexandria
Fortlll7orandChemieal Co.'s Products.
Capacity: 50.0O0 tona per annum.
Prlncess Street and Potomae River
Wharf. AleTandria, Virginia.
_ riNANClAI.._
Oardskr i~ Boothe, I M. B. Harkow
President I Vico President
First National Bank
Dcsignated Depository of the
United States.
Burke & Herbert
Modernly oqulpped for banking in
its various branehcs.
Desoeitee reeetred attbjeet to ebaek at
sight. Collectlons made on all points.
High-grade investmi.nt seeurities
boughtaud aold.
Letters of Credit and Foreign Ex
change fumlahed.
Hafo Deposit Boxes for rent
A Savings Department ba whieh in
terest is afiowcd on dcpoaits.
COM ? and see our window display of
brilliants cannot bo dtrtingulahed from
diamonds by ^tfjfjjftf? *&*

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