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,r\lrtatt>ria @ozrttfe
Sun and Tide Table.
? nsos tomorrow at7:17 a. m.andscU
m i;i.p. m. 11 igh water at 4-7 a. m. antl
p, rn.
Weather Probabilitiea.
tble section eloiuly and colder to
n ht. Bunda. fair aml iuoderately eold.
I temperature tonight about 26
-: moderate weetarij winds.
' ueisi <nii:< u BOT. Wm. I. Morton,
ndaj aobool ata.90-. n. ser
ii il :;. ni. hv Kev. Bishop Lloyd,
and 730 p. m. by llM revUtt.
I'Mi.m (iirucii?ltev. P. P. Phll
llps, reotor. Services at 11 a. m. and 7:30
ii. ui. by the reclor.
< i:\ii: ciiriicii Kev. Edgar Oarpen
reetor. llolv <-ominuniou at 7.30a.
inday sehool ?ii?.:!0a. m. Serviccs
?il il a. in.'and 7?>i p. m. by the reetor.
1 ,im\m. i.i. I.ri iii.it \s I'linicil Sim
bool al 9.30 :i. IB. Servieesat 11
:i in. and7_Op.m hy Kev. Mr. Swcton.
Sr. Mary_ ' avaoa Flial maaa f>.ou
.[,.! maaa 8_Da. na., third
?r) a. in.. laat rniisn, 10.30 a. in., fol
, t>\ beneditrUon oftbeBleaaadS-o
rameiit.' Colleetion for tho Orphans of
tbeDloeese of Kichmond. No evening
Ci, PMMBYTaaiAfl <HrR(lu-lR(fv
I u Sevler, paator. sunday School 9.*)
?i io Serviees.it 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. BB.
_v ReT. I- U- Sevier.
Fnw BA-Ttan Cauaoai K?v. \\. r.
IVaUon. Bunday Sehool ataja Preach
Ing at ll a. m. and IM p. m. by the
?pastor. ._, -,
m, li.\i-'iis-i I'lirrtcii-Rev. W. E.
Lankford. Sunday School atU.30 a. m.
and preaehtng at 7.30 p. m
Trinit. Mbth. Eria chi-rch?Rev
\ W. Rudlelll, l?. I>. Sabbath school at
m. preachlng at 11 a. m. and
:_.:, p iii. I>y tho pastor. Epworth
?7:0(1 p.'m.
li ni \sv lMii.eKMu:sT M. P. Cinncn
th itiiinx atreet l.ev.W.M.l'oisal.
,-, sehool al Bt? a. m. Services at
, _nd7J0o. i".
ii. Kcis. Cnnicii Soi-TH?R. II. BB.
. Ji:i. m. special union
. Saeramenttof Lord'a iSupper.
m. Sundav ischool. 11 a. m. ape
ei ilChristmaa Anthems. Scrmon, 'Ihe
.1 Chrisliinstlde." 7.30 p. __
tong by the eholr?Christmas
Cantai i. "The M< rniii_ Star."
Mbth. Pbot. <urKOH-ltev. J. aa.
Holmea 1> D. ?'sundav sehool at MO a.
in. Bervleea at ll a _. andTSB- p- B_ by
K iv. J. M Holmea
Kc.i.i Mi.Tiionisr CHi'r.m-Lee street
oear \\ ilkos RevJobnCBvanaugh.Ser
11 r. in.. 2-30 and 7.30 i?. m.
Vii i .ubChapkl M. K. Chtr-hSouth
. -Hlbbon atreet, near Alfred?Suuday
I >t 2.10 P- '"? , . ., .,
It\. ? hapiiM. & lliiirch South
- undaj acbool at 2. Preaohlng at n a.
,,, Kpworth League at s p. ni.
oii. K\. itAi-risr chiki.u Praaenlng
?it r.30 p. ui.
|1r \DiH? k Chafbi. -San icoa at4 p. m.
loi Rev. W. J. Morton.
i!..i -i Bervleea at:( p. m.
-,,.-, Comei K.iirfiix and Fr.iuklin
streets Servieesat- p. m.
ROBKRTB iiiMi.i, M. E. CHTRin leol
red ?Sunday acbool at i?.:so:i. m. Proach
i? -.,! ll a. iii. and 8.00p m. Kpworth
? i m ri Sunday sehool at3.J0
p in. Evening aerrleeeat5p. m.
1 .i i,i i: i s Hmii-t Cnoaoa icolored)?
north Alfredatreel -Ror. W, ll. Jobn
ir, Sabbath school <i.? a. m.
ll a. ni. und s p. ui.
At the coiiclusions of a conference
jurticipitcl in by Mayor Richardson,
Judee Witt, of the lnistinRS court. and
Chief of Potice Wemer, in Richmond,
announcament was made at tbe city
ball at noon tbal all saloona must be
kept closed next .Monday. The ques
tionol permittiag Richmond bars to
do buaineaa tbe day following Christ
ii, is or ordering them closed bas been
under discussion for several day3. At
yeeterday'a ooneolt_tion between the
three oiliciaU tbe legal phase of tho
situation was gone into earefully.
Under tbe laws of Virginia saloons
must be closed on Christmas. As the
holiday falls OO Sunday this year, the
O] inioii generally prevailed tbal liquor
could be sold on tho day following.
io 28-4>A ol tho codo providea
th u in eaaaa wbere a holiday falls on
Sundav the following day shall be de
toa general obsorvance of the
event. This provision appliea to the
queetion under consideration and de?
cided the Richmond offieials iu the
pronuili?aiioii of their regular ruling.
A baa been stated in the Gazette,
Mr. 8 Q. Ibciii, Commonwealth's At?
torney of Alexandria, has taken a
,.:,t view ol tbe Queation, be hav?
ing decided thal as Christmas falls on
gUQd | may cpeu ou Monday,
tbe day which will be observed.
The ..rvi.v at St. I'aul's church to
morrOW evening will be tho choral aer
iritfa llftgnif-COJ and Nunc Dimit
tis in F by Atkinaob, hymns appropri
., tbe day, and the following
Cbrtatmfta selections in place of a aer
nion: "O Holy Night," Adam. ar
ranged by Dudlcy Buck; "Angela from
tl.e Kealms o. Glory," Shelley; ' Night
of Nigbts." Vatulo Water; "He shall
bia Flock," nnd "Come unto
Him " from the "Messiah;" "Smg 0
H-A?en?," Caul; "O Como to my
Heart, Lord Jc.un," Ambrose, and
lorift. At tho offertory Miss
Caroline Kast. violinist, will play ' The
Angc'.s Sercnade," by Smith. The so
loirta will be soprano, Mrs. Ehzabeth
De Dier Mra. William Woolls, and
Voung: alto, Mrs. Sherman
B. Powler; tenor, Mr. Kdwiu Witrr.?_,
an 1 bass, y_r. Wilmer Walle*
Cb^'ns day falling on Sunday,
(uecburcbei tomorrow will be more
tener;.'.!v attended tban 'Vf,a> ?n
this fe-UvaJ tb?rch'b.ation of the birth
of the Eftviour of Mankind. The day
will be aahered in with the nngmg: o
, lurchbeUaand services will be held
in the morning, afternoon and night.
The clftborate musical prograrnrue.
).,eu.fo,e publisbed, will he well ren
deredaathe several choirs have beon
engaged in practice for some time un
d . akillful had. rsh'.p. Tho interiorof
ru&nj ol the churches has been boau
tifully decorated for the occasion and
i moat ph-asing appe*r?nce.
fthiog is in readiueas for the great
f. ftitftl u. 1 it is boped that it may bo
a happv day f<.r all, young and old,
r. h . od tliat the latter may
n | ba forgotten.
\t ihe meeting lasl night of PotOWftC
lKc, 1.0.0 i step. wore taken
king to a semi-annual meeting of
members of that order in District
.t.sed of the lodgee of tbis
' a ity,
Preparations foi tho calebtation ol
Christmas have about been corn;
and by midnight the final purcbases
will have been made, the trees trimmcd
and everything be iu readtness to
gladden tbe hearts of the little ones at
tho break of the moi row. It is gen?
erally agreed that Santa Claus will
make his rounds tonight in an airship,
instead of the sleij?h drawn by ' eight
tiny reindecr." Hence, instead o!
hearing tbe tinkling bells and t'hc paw
ing of the little hoofs, tbe ?latter of an
fteiiti fpropellei will, it ii bxptaoUsd,
break tbe stillness of !h_ mglit. ItM
hoped thia bistoric "jolly old elf wil
rniss no little .-no iu bb noctoroal
rounds, and tbat all will expcr.onee a
happy Christmas. A paper ln a
neighborlng city a few days ago oa
tained ft letter to Santa Ciaus wr.tlcn
by a lisping cigbt-year old girl Ihe
contiding ehild tell- Santa not t.) bring
hor dolls or other toys this Christmas,
but in their stead to have her seen
year-old sistcr in the sleigh with him
when ho visits her hou.e tonight. The
little sister referred to was kidnappi'd
last Junc while on her way from ecbool
and the ehild who wrote the letter baa
been praying for ber retiirn ever aince.
It may be too lato to send lettera to
Santa to urgo tbe grant of tbe littli
girl's request, but innumeial.l,
grams can be flashed to tbe ehildren'_
old friend not to disapoint bis little
Christmas day falling on Sunday
tliis year, Monday willbe observed as a
holiday. Tho Christmas, of all tbe
nolidays, is' tho most generally observed
in the south and this year will ba DO
exception to the rule. All tbe govern?
ment, stato and city ofBeea will hc
closed as will also tbe banks, manufac
toriesj tho market, and most of tbe
business bouses, while tbe postollkc
will observo Sunday hours. Family
reunions will bc many and the Christ?
mas dinner will be tbe feature of the
day. Many Alexandrians wbo are now
engaged in business elsewhere are al?
ready at home to take part in tbe fea
tivitiea of the day. The usual number
of fire crackers will be exploded, but
the firing of pistols. guns and cannon
will be restrictod. Most of the saloons
will closo after noon.
While the weather has ioterfered
somewhat with Christmas purobftaea,
tbere has been some animation MI the
Btreets and storekeepers have been kept
busy. Numbcrs of people from the
surrounding country were in tho city
today making purcbases, and many
others from the ruraldistriets wero sell
ing Christmas trees aad greens. Ifo*
housekeepers have about stocked their
larders for tho Christmas feeating. The
linal preparations will bc madeby mi.l
night, up tO wbich time merchants (tod
their aids will doubtless be kept upon
tbeir feet.
Rain fell throughout tbo most of
last nigbt, and tbe snow and ice wbich
have been on the streets and sidewalks
for over a week has viitcally diaap
peared. The temperature was milder
this morning.
The channel of tbo river is full of
floating ice, tho rain having looscn.-.l
it from the Hats anddocks.
According to tbo Weather Bureau,
more rain or snow is on the way,
whieh will he followed by elcaring and
much colder weathor by tomorrow,
Flashca of bright light from beneath
the track of the Washington, Alexan?
dria aud Mount VMroon -Qectrk Rail
way oo D street in the rear of the
District buildisig m Washington about
1 o'clock this morning caused tli
port that a train of ears was 00 Iii-'
and tho fire department was brought
out. Electricians arrived and adjusted
tbe displaced ear plow, whi.b bad
caused all tho trouble. Tbe raiiway
line, as a result of tho incident, wai
out of commission for about half an
Tbe beautiful Christmas Catitata
"The Morning Star'' by lohn Spencer
Camp, will be renderod by tbe choir of
the Washington Street M. K. Cluinb,.
South, Sunday evening at 7.30 o'clock,
under the direction of Mr. Henry K.
Field. This will bc ono of tbe musical
events of tbe season and all wbo can
should avail themselves ofthe prii ilegi
of thus worshipping in sacred long on
Christmas evening. The leata are
free and tho public is cordially invited
to this and all the other services of the
In tbo Supreme Court of tho District
of Columbia yesterday, Mary R. Dooley
instituted proceedings for $5,000dam
ages against tho Southern Railway
Company. Tbo plaintiff alleges that
on July 3 last, as she was alighting
from a train at Hpringtield, Va. sbe
sprained her foot, in such a manner
that her injuries may be permanent.
A high step is tho attributid cause of
Uie accidcnt.
At Trinity Methodist F.piscopal
Church tomorrow there will be an
Kpworth League servico at 6 o'eloek
in the morning, led by Mr. B. II
with ft short address by the pastor.
Rev. Dr. A. W. Kudisill. Sunday
school at V:',W a. ni., bl charge of the
superintendent. Mr. Charles Pierpoint.
Christmas sermons by tbe pastor at
11 a. m.. and 7:80 p. m. There will be
speeial Christmas cxerebes by the
Junior League at 3 o'eloek in the
Among thoso whodistributed baskets
among tbe worthypoor ofthe city were
the Daughters uf I.abella. X_-_t
made a great many homes b..ppy by
their nobl. work.
Lowest prices. J. A. Marshall A Bro.,
422 King atreet
Many persons findthemselves affect
ed witb a persisteot cough after l
tack of intiuenta. As this cough can
be promptly cured by tbo use of Cham?
berlain'a Cough Remedy, it should not
be allowed to run until it become.
troubleaome. Sold by W. F. Creigh?
ton and B-cbaril UiUoo,
Ibe Alexandria Oennan Club held
rmaa ofthaaeaaonal Elks'
Hall laat night. The ball waataatefully
ted with mistletoe erergi
bolly and palma. The music. was fur
; by 8-hroeder'a orchoatra aud at
midnight an elaborate supper was
i. Tbe Bgurea w.re had by Mr.
Douglas, jr., with Miss Kath
Ba.-r.tt. and Mr. Julian I.
Burke, jr., with Miss Cay U?J?'
The chaperons were, Mcsuame. T. M.
Jonee, Artl.urSnowJen, A. D.Bm.-ketl.
c w WattloBj ' dheatei, H.
p Carter. wm Phitippa'Wattk
this city, and Mra. and MiaaGilmore,
of Cl.iiravotta. oliio. Those dancing
were Miaaea Christine Waggoman,
Stella Oarute, Dororhy Qatewood, I
Young, Elixabeth Howard, Nannie
Pierce, Manera King, Marie Brown,
Elizabeth Moore, Mary l'oole, ofWaah
ington; Miaa CeoeliaMcCarty.of Water
Yallcy; Miss Klipetein, of California;
Miss llattie Wallace, of Nashvillc,
Tenn,; aml Miss Iticliardson. of Fair?
fax c'ouit Houae; Miaaea Ali.e Audor
ton, Belle D.-iii.ceitield, Cora Jones,
Nannie Jonea, Mary Snowden, Jcan
Brent, Hattie Douglas. Mary FbUlipe,
Nellie UWer, Etixa Douglas, Georgie
Prcnch, Mattie Herbert. Babecca
Lloyd, Elixabeth Lloyd, laa Anderaon,
Mildrcd FOBter, Pauline Ni? liols and
Julia KichoU; Mr. and Mrs. Harrj
Carter Bvcrly. Mr and Mrs. Wilmer
Waller, Dr. and Mrs. T. B.
Cochran, Capt. atid Mis. ,1. M. I,..ve.
I . S A.: Mr. and Mrs. Louis Boott,
Newark, X. J.J Messrs. Ernest A. I'er?
kins, V. B. M. 0.; Ali'rcd Me C. Bob
bina, l'. B. M. 0.; Cbaa, Barratt, 0. B.
M 0.J William Hutchioeon, James
Btitoer, Bamuel Brown, T, M. MoBay,
Eugene Caruae, Samuel Howard, Thao.
Williams. Neil BfOWO, J. M. Burke,
Vincent B. Bnjttb, ArchibaM King,
rhOB. Miller. Berkeley 1- Suminers, T.
M. Baadella, <>-car Horn, William
Millei. ti. Mc 1'. Muntree. Karl Min
nigerode, Baodotpb Harper, Dr.
wTilker, Dr. John BrisoOW, and Dr.
Rey Adama, of Waahiogtoo; and F.
W. l.ii-l.aulson. >f Fairfax Court
House; Meaara. Artlmr Herbert. Bicb
ard Cbicheeter, Edmund Huntar, K.
S. Pawcett, Coiirad .lohnson. William
Brooke, Euccne Lindeey, Wallace
Lindaey, Phillip Dawaon, Lloyd Obler,
J.T.Stephenaon, B.D. Brumbaek, H.O.
i; Oooper, Windaor Snowden, Qarnett
Pitts, J. I>. Addiaon, W. C. Foeter, Q,
Washington Lewie, Julian Lloyd. Tay?
lor Burke, A. D. Broekett, Bobert
Btanding, Denoia Bamsay, Grifflth
I'hler, W. M. Smith, jr.. Howard W.
Smith, Howard Bobertf, JameaRob
,.,is, Horaoe Boberte, Page Waller,
Batburti Daingerfield, and Dr. Y. 1'.
Berry, of thia city.
Mr. s. Roszell Dooahoe, editor <f
tbe Fairfai Herald, wns late last night
appointed by Go?. Mann to lill tbe un
oxpired term <>i Col. Morton Marye,
atate audil ?r, wboee deatft txcorred
Thursday. The governor laat night tde
graphed Mr. Donoboe offering bim tbi
position which be promptly accepted
and left thia morning for Richmond to
qualify and to eotei at oa?oe upon tbe
diachai.fhia dutiea. Bectuee of a
defod in the laws ol Ibe state then
imce tbe death of Colonel Marye
who was under bond t" recei e the
moneya doe Virginia. During ,he ill
,f the late auditor, bia chief clerk
Mi c. I ?-. Moore, bad been acting au?
ditor by appointment of bia chief, but
witb tbe death of the lamented
Marye tbere was no one under bond
tnd Mr. Moore'a appointment ceaaed.
Tho law providea that in the erent of
the "abeence"nl one of tbe ao-itora or
:, the (porernor may
ite the chief clerk to acl in his
Bul in case of death the only
provieion to he found in tln- atatntea i->
that the executive shall appoint a man
to till the racancy, ihe appointment to
hold until tliirty days after the asscnib
ling of the next general a- wmbly. _ ln
order that the stale's business might
not he interrupted, tbe (."vemor aefced
promptly and appointed Mr. Donahoe
to till the racancy.' Mr. Donaboe'e
friends throughoul the atate apeak
highlv of his qualificetiona for tbe po?
sition, which is one of the most impor
t .nt and reaponaible in ihe state gov
ernment He waa formerly a member
af tbe State Benate from this district,
end during his aervice he deoaonatrated
bia knowledge of the I'maucial affairs
of Yirginia.
The otlicers of tbe Knierson Kngine
Company with Mr. Victot L Bmersoa
president at tbeir head with tbeir usual
gencrosity today prescntcd eacb of tbeir
many employes with B line Christina
turkey as a llight testimony of|'be
eateetn in whi_4 tlie men are bold. The
employes were alao givea a half holi?
day and ftftthey passed tbo Gazctte of?
llee from tbeir work eacb carrying a
large, fat turkey, tbey altracud not
only tbe attention, but tbe envy of all
tbey mct. Mr. Knierson also rcnicm
berod many of his friends in his ptr
distribution including the QasettS
Tbe employes of ibe EmerSM Steam
I'linip Oosopany today presented to
Mr. ti. A. Bbok-MK the popular fore
man, a handsome M<( rscbaum pipe.
Notwithstdbding it was Christmas
l\. . tbe antmathm ln market tbis
morning was no more pronocmcedthan
that of rooat Beterdaya. <>f course,
tbere were many Obristmas trees and
grecns on exbibition, btri thesopptyof
country produee was not e-tenahre.
PriOM Of poultry abowsd no variution
from thoae pobliahed yesterday. Tbe
anpply soemed ampk for ths oi maod,
and no iioiiblt: was cxperieiKvd in
Itocking lai :
Tbeahort and ahnpleaanals <>f the
poor nev i fail to Aleiandria
Lodge of Klks. and tbat organisatioa
agatn today ?en. ool baakett
|0 meh wliose i-iroumstances prevent
i from purchasing Xmas dinncrs.
The l
Btaple a.ti.'. ? whieh broucbt j
over two hundred b Ibia
distribatton la made yearfy and, not as
often tbe case, to sucb who make
... but to people
who! >-d whose
straittnel circuiustances ianofaultof
tbeir own._
Tbe market will be cloued Moudiy,
Washington, D. C.
All Our
Half Price.
____BP?* $3.00
Boys' $3.50 Bath Robes, with slippers to
match, at.*2-50
MadeofTerry Cloth with heavy girdle and
neck cord to match all sizes.
Men's Neckwear and Suspenders in fancy
boxes, 25c, 50c, 75c and $1.00. . ?
Men's, Women's and Chlldren s Umbrel?
las, 50c to $7.50.
Furs from $3 a set up to $50. You can
save money by buying your Furs here.
518-520 King Street, Alexandria, Va.
Store open evenings from now until Xmas.
Miss Bdna 1?. Barnett, who
prano roice baa on oUm
been eojoysd, will take part in the mu
aical proframmi Isted at tbe
Obriatmaa services at tbe Flrst Baptist
Cbureb tomorrow. Her name *S in
advertually omitted from tbs member
sbip of tbs choir, printed in Tbursd;iy s
Judge Barley wenl to Richmond yes
terday to attend the funeral uf State
Auditor Marye.
Mr. J. I.loyd I'bler. of Pittsburg, son
oflfr. Qeorgs LThhv, is <>n a visit to
bis parenta, witb whom he will ppend
Ihe holidays.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Webb. of
]1_;; St. Paul street. bave U their
piestsfortbe holidays Mr. and Mrs.
William Smoot. of Aloxandria. ? i Bal?
timore Sun.
Mr. H. W. Arnold was taken sud
dcnly ill St bis store last night bnt to?
day has rSCOtered his health.
Mrs. BlancheStansbury who has been
riaitinfl her brotber, Mr. Ilerbcrt SUOJH
bury. la New Mexico. has returned to
lier bome in this city, RCOOO-panied hy
ber brotber who is now assi?tant eofi
neer of tbe Kl Paso and ____*?_*___
Mr. Wm. M. Clampett and Miss
Evelyn (i.i.i.cr were <|uietlv married
lay afternoon, at (ir ice Cbureb,
ry of Hcv. Bdgar Carpenter. in tbe
nee ol two sisteta ol ibe bride and
? few friends, After a visit to Rich?
mond, wbere the prooni is employed
in the railroad service.
Mr. .1. Ray Smith, manager cl tbe
Weit l'ilzcr * Lumber Co., of .South
Caro-ioa, wbo bas been visiting hi_
sistcr, Mrs. J. G. Henshaw has return?
ed home.
Mr. T. P. Ilendrrsoi), a wellknown
axpressmaa Ol tbis dty, yesterday went
to Mr. B. Ahramson's .store, on King
street, near Pitt, for the purposc of pur
rl.nsing a pair <-f gauntle'.s. 1 pon
roonini bis band ia ont bii Bnfer
strurk i mi.ll bard substance and np n
ex-r-inattoa be putted a setrsoty-flfe
dollar dlamond ring from thfl gauntlct.
Ile turned tbe ringoverto U-r. Abram
BOB, wbo stated that it bad been misa
ing for several months and given up as
lost. ^____
Wbile tbe (Jazette is being printed
tbis eveniug the Sunday schools of
Cbrist nnd St. Paul's churches aro
hold ing their annual Christmas CVle
bratioua and tbe ehildren are being
made happy at the intcresting cx.
Wbicfa consist of tbe singingof carols
and tbe distribution of gifts. Tbe
Christmas trees are beautifully dl
and the attendanee is lar_v.
I'oulle Tragedy.
Chieago, Dec. -L?After one of the
most spcctacular running figbla
here io months, Gregori Qrado, an
Italian, and Deteetive Je.se Ciilman are
dead. Giacio fell to the revolver of
Deteetive William Burns after he
(Gtacio) had emptied bis gun.
Bothdetectives were after Gracio for
an atlempt to kill a fellow Itiliui.
They found him Btanding in the abadow
of a building. Without a word tbe
Italian fired througli his overcoat
pockct and Gilman fell with a bullct in
"He's got mo, Billy," Gil
manciied to his partoer. "Get him
sure.', Burns left bia partner lying in
Ihe atreet and after a chase of several
blocka killed tbe flacing Iuiian,
As Monday will bc observcd as the
i liii-tioas holiday the Gaaette will not
be publisbed 00 that day.
There were no eases for trial in tbe
Polioe Court this morning.
dnlv bueineea of a general nature
was tmneactad at the meeting last
oigbt of Potomac Lodge ofOdd Pelloira.
In the Oorporalio- Courl today Mrs.
Molli, Monroe I.eevcs was granted a
divorce from George Francis Reeves,
mi the groanda of dosertion.
The military telegraph and telephone
lines between ForiMyer and Fort Hunt,
V.i., are to be reconstructod with a
view to imprOVinf the serviee.
The assessmeut just completed for
Alexandria county co.it the atate and
county t_,000 aceording toan estimate
fiinii.-hed by Assessor W. 0. Wibirt.
Ofthis amount the-tato pays $800
and the county $1,200.
Mrs. IlarW 0. Stuart, widow of
Charles S. Stuart, died in Washington
on Thursday. The deceased waa in
the 81et year of hor age. The remaiiis
were brought to this city today and in
hfiStletoe and Kvcrgreens and Cut
Plowera "i every deacnptlon for aale by
tho Ktamor E koral Coaapany. ?
.1. If. Ivttit. jr. 7i'> King street, Isaell
Ing Ihe preUie.t Turkey-. n the cllv, all
niceli? displaved insidc of store. Pood
law probibtta outalde display, which
breeda dUeaea llome dressed fowla I7e
per pound. Bell pboae 9ft deetttl
heer UlsterBantaKlawa: ttake mlpea
ln hand torite u aad tellu wotmoan
llttle Biatar IU -~ wants U to bring us to
morer alte. VTe want a aaay an a toy or
ler-ino-lii el ansis wants a niee big chlner
doll baby wut says ??mommor'' wen u
'.? ii in tho middel, anmomeran
poppi-r uantu to bring usall a holo lot
of tho-.- Ir-re-lfctorbly dellabua Auth
ges au food produeka frum Blond
helm'a Authatanaa Auth market. Plaaa
? lotit lorget us Mlster Santy <_uso w?
1 rvea the Auth kind. Thankingi u deer
saniv. wo remaneyura good lutel boy
an girl han. Tuminy an .susan.
i T,oiuloun eoiiuty Roll Hutter, 30e lb:
' giiaranlccdi Kggs, 3uc dozen; 3 paokagos
Beeded Raisins, S'<c; 2 II
: Mixed Nutl,2Se;S lb Choice Evaporated
Peaebea, >??: Lemoa IVr-1. ISelb; Orange
j Poel, Ifc lb; Callfornia Beeded lUiaina,
7e lb: I enns best Tomatoea, 36e.
W. P. WOOLLS & Son.
A pair of stay at home comfortable
SLIPPERS is what he "wants." Large
fine, beautiful dcsigns. Comfortable
styles. "Cnt Prices." J. A. Marshall,
?fc Bro., 4_2 k'ing street._
Ol.lTAill 1>IAM<iM? KlXiiS, line
stones; from 510 to S2H).
eu l.e left at J. a PCLLIX'S store
Xo. 114 nortli Royal street.
W; ilT~A yoiiuj, man as t;uL
LfiCTOK. Apply toA.S. DOXI
PIIAN. King and Columbus itruets.
deo_3 3t
T11I-. auiitiMi meeting ol the atucKbold
ers of tho CO-.80L- D \ I *D
OUABRT t'uMPAN- will bo hold al
the prineipal office of tbe company, Xo.
111 -out!. F_irfl?_ .truel,Alexandria, Vir
: t S._0 p. m. M'^XlJAY, January..
i >il for the eleotion of direcf.r for tbe
.nsumg year. and to transacr _uch other
bu Ineasaa may properiy come before
tbe meoting.
J. S. PRATT, SecreUry.
S K-hClKlC LAMr would _u_,l_e o
li.ndsome Xma. present. Slo anti
* 10. We have tbom for sale.
_H. W. WII.DT A 8fifj.
Money to Loan.
I h.iv. to place on good real estate se
aurlty II.OUO, *-.0uO, t_,_Q0, tf_,_0- and
S3.000. Apply at once.
Real Estate Af ent
d.cS. tl Ul doutb -fcyai ?..._,
I-'cr Ttae____y until 10 p. m.
lOpereeni tl wBI'beaBawadaB
ca_.Ii purchaaea on all
from 60a to fW.OO. Poaitlvety thla otie*
lay iiiclit.
sdsy until 10 i>. m- Wper
eeni d-ieounl will be allowed oa aU
Doll Cab. and Carriages
from TEo to 9&M. thia should not bc
overlooked. Thia oft'cr eloeea \\ edn
Men'i. Boy?' and Girl*' Bicyclea
for the next ii daya B dlseounl of 10 per
eent will be allowed. -fter thls week
the usual prices prevail.
Japanese Ware
at a baigain. F-* the next foti:
line Japeneae Iroported Cup*. San
I'itehers. Plate-;. I'uli D . will
be ?old tor lOeenteeacb, Poaltlvelv they
seU elaewfaere aa well aa in this eity for
25 eents oanh Bome rar ? b trgaln.
Toytown on Second Floor
It U a tre'it to se,- DOt onlj tbellttlo
tots butgTO-roop.i-1 our Toj town. Thia
week we are golng to glre Alexandria
lomeB-G vai.iks for their mooey In
our Toj land.
Christmas Card* and Calcndari
Wee:irrv the F.apliael TUflk line.
pri-lng aome <>r tli?- band lomeat work of
anever abown. We alao have theSt
PauTs Chureh Calendar. Our line ol
C_i___maaP< alled.
Subscription to Matfasinej.
RomemberourClublnarateaare guar?
anteed, aad ?>-? "iii in.'iiish you at the
prioea ol bi '" tbe i
.states. Olve us your order. Just try
us this year:
Bookseller and SUttioner.
__14a-_3S King Street,
Big Store
K_M-100_>10U King Street
We have Two Tons of Poultry for sale
800 Dresssd Turkey, at ...SBe to 26c lb
200 " Cbickens at??? 18c tO 200 lb
25 " Qeeso at .20c lb
200 " Babbita ???? 18c and26ceaofa
All killed and drew ld at. the poultry
farm of BobC B. -nlilly. Va.
lOdresaedOahres (veal) 121 2 to20clb
10 " Mogs .121-2 to I6elb
3 " Beef.8c t<> 18c lb
(Iranulated Sugar. 5o "*
Virginia Buckwbea. .
Coffee good .18c lb
Coffee, Cbase and Sanborn.22c lb
Ejfgs fresh from Virginia .88cdoa
Cheese, N. Y. Cream.18c lb
Lard .10.b_ortl.00
Lard, Butcbers.18c lb
Potatoes per busbel.
Flour (bestbrands).16.60
" 12 lbsack .
Oats, Quaker.8for 26c
" Mothers.:'' f'
llominy(nr-w).7qta for 25c
Beans " .lqHorlOc
Cclcry, LettUCe nnd Cranl.ernca
M. Schuler Beef Co.
Tho Inrgest Market Store in the State
Are Scarce. 1.5O0 lha. Home
Dresscd at
25c Pound.
Thur-day and Friday Only.
| W.P.W00LLS&S0-.
[| Santa Claus. when ho hriiiK-'
around for the Chrietmu dinner
Qhren all tbe < thai ? a\
of a Christmas f< BSt- tbe h
and cranberry aauce, ihe '
ing," tbe oysters, the plum pud?
ding and so on?and, with Hof?
brau bottled beer, you will bave
a meal that will be eomplete in
And the best part of it is that
the lieer will bdp tbe rtomacb to
digest the solid foods, and thete
will be no bad after effecta < f
wbat might otberwiee prove a
httlo too hearty n \
Get your order
Brewing Co.
'Phone No. 4.-B
NOTICK ?Tbeaai
atookholders of the McLACHLEN
eleetion of a boud of direetors lor the
ensuing year aad for the tranaactio? of
other baainea. wiU be ?
of the eompany. No '< 3 ulh R
atreet, Alexandria, Virginia, January
lOtb, l.Ul.at 11 o'eh
A. M. McLACHLEX, Preaident
I-.. II Mcl.A< ill.l.N. Seeretary.
deefti 2w _
TEMPLAH, will aasemb.i
lum on MONDAY, Di
at 11:1 >rp to obeei
aualChi-rt_aacelebn_tlon. All visitfng
S'.r Knighta cordially Invited to partiei
P*1*' M. L. lilVWIUIUK,
Emminent Commander,
Beginning today, atore will remain open evenings until Xmaa, but only aa
late aa is abiolutely necessary.
Woodward & Lothrop
Our Toy Store.
Tonight will end the greatest Xmas Toy business in the history of this es
tablishmont. For the paat ten daya or more we have bcsieijcd tbe leadiog toy
houses of tho country with telcgrams for more toys. so that we could preaenl an
uubrokon line and satisfy tho wants of our patrons. Thepaat few daya bare
brought several new lines of playthings?and will these new lines we hope tojj
able to present a fairly good showing for tho last-minute shoppers. Tho i
tainty of things, bowever, with not permit us to adverti.o a singlo line, as
have been sold before tbis announcement reaches you. We trust, though
we may be able to serve you to your ontiro satisfaction.
Fourth floor?11th st.
Clearance Sale of
Colonial Serving Trays.
As a special inducement for the last-minute shoppers we offer the balaneu
of our stock of Colonial Serving Trayi at greatly reduced pricea for clear.in. c
Rich, odd, and artistic effects, witb cretonne centers, waluut-finish fraines.br iss
handles, and rubber tipped. Just the thing for motber'a buffet or .ideboard,
and a very appropriate gift for a newly niarried couple.
$5.00 Trays Now 13.95 Eacb. _
$8.95 Trays Now 12.50 Each. w
$3.50 Trays Now $2.50 Kaeh.
$3.00 Trays Now $1.95 Eaeh.
$2.00 Trays Now $1.00 Each.
Fourth floor?10th st.
Lowenbach Bros
Wakefield Rye Our Spccialty.
Diamonds, Watches, Rich Jewelry,
Silverware, Umbrellas, Cut Glass.
Misses'Rlngs.$6.00 up
l.adies'Kings. ?10up
l.arger si/es. $20 up
Extra line.$35 tO?137.?
I Mtlee* Oold Fllled.$8.00 up
Ladies' 11k Solid Gold. *li np
lients'GoldFillod.$9.00 up
Boya' Watches.$1.00 up
Misses' Watehes.$2.00 up
Ladies' Solid Oold Siguet
Rlngs 52.01 up
Bolid Oold CuffPina _P__rDf
Solid Gold cun Buttona. 82 00up
Solid Oold HignetStick
PiHS . ? Sl.J.IIO
Bolid <iol>l Tie C__apa ?l??-? up
SolldOold Cuff Buttona and
ScarfPinain FancyCaae,$3pr.flet
S>lid <;old Brooetaea Sl?<? up
Fobs PineOold Fllled $-.00up
Foba, Solid Oold .B.00up
Fountain Pens. S2.ooup
Kvery artiele is fully guaranteed and .engraved free of.-ln. ..?
Saunders and Son
\*\ 629 King Street.
U Bell Phone 242._-_^a_~-*_~pai?-_?n
For Sale or Rent.
The desirable roaldenco with large
side lawn, 3.7 south St. Asaph street,
located in thelbest residontial seetion of
tho city. Fonifull particulars apply at
418 Duke street
nov4 tf _^^^___
N.ni. i::--navmg .????_Sf."/_i,nP
istrator of the estate of MILLARI.) I
\ INCKNT. deceased, all person.. having
clalrai againat the said estate nre heroby
notlQod to present tho same to me duiy
verilicd for settlement, and all peraona
Indebted to sald estate aro horeby noti
to make prompt payment of tbeir
Indflbtedneea to me.
JOHN W. MAY, Admiuistrator.
Alexandria. Va.
The annual meeting of tho stockhold
ora Of Uiis hank will ho bold at the bank
iu<' bouae on .lanuary 10th at twelve
, dock noon, for tho olection ol dlrec
md auch other busine.-s as may
.. inerly eoma before the meeting.
RIC-LARD M. opi.kn. Oaabter.
deel I td
rhisatora will bo open late tonight.
Beffa-tag Tuesday, Decornber 27th,
store will bo open from ..30 a, m. till _.?-?
p. m. Saturdays until 9 p. m.
20 PeTCent
From marked prices on the
following artieles:
Comb, Break, and MlrrorSet., in Drea
den and white motal.
All Trlplloate Allrrora.
All Brass Cloeks, big varlety.
Braaa Candleatld-fc
Sterllng sllvcr Hair Brushes.
li/.e.l Hair Rocelvers.
I lerman Silvor Mesh Bags.all sizes and
in's Gift Things Redueed.
20 per cent discount on
Bath Robes.
5 - B-_red Suspenders.3*?
, rs . #_.&?'
ilk Hall Hoso .
ombiuaUo- suits .-Bc
1,00(1 Lingerle and Tallor-mado Shirt
ivjrtli from fl.OO to 8-.50, at
A i Waists are SuiUbly Boxed.
420-426 Seventh Street.
Alexandria, Va.
D -.mberll, .910
A; i maatlng rrf tf-t board ef direety
beWrin, day, the regular seml-ann-"
:: ve pereent(5porceatr*
declared, pavable on or afterJanuaiJ
dec2_ tjan2
J.,,_.-1U? tUMlUtUA - Ouuci. Cf
KKVS, which the owner can bave
bs calUng at the Ga*etw oSce,
NOTICE. I he annual n>< eting of tho
?toekholder- ol the pNTARJO
the eleetion of a board ol directora mt
the enauing year wiU baheldat tbe m
tfae oompany, No. 123 south Royal
atreet, Alexandria, Va., rU-SSDAY,
January 10, IMl.at 10-0 o*. locka. in.
0HARL__l D. WAL0O1 I. Preaident.
A. M. McLACHLEN, 8* rotary.
1,000 POUNDS
Dry Fancy Home Picked
Only 23c Per Pound
Corner Queen and Royal StrcetJ.
dec'22 2t _,.
10c TO ALL
Cutting and Fennel
Aerob-tte and Danela.
The act with some ?tttBBiBt. sum
Roy Adams
Cfaeraeter Comedtaa in roaltBtloa nd
efaaraoter dtalog.
Helma Hurst
Vocal hrt.
:? roels of pietuM I dally.
Mai'.nee Saturday '2.:o -Jc.
Watoh for nezl week- feature show.
Desirable Business Propefty (or Sale
I have been autborin
the most desirable buaine a proi
on King Btreet This is a chanoe aeldom
ofTered to loeate in the heart ofthe I
wctlon. Tha e -ontomplating ma*
laaaebange, orwiahlng an invefttmenl
uhould givo this prompt attention.
Anply at once.
K. al Betate Aaenti
<'ee3tf 1-r South ''"-_'""n' '
Candies, Nuts. Fruits
(live her one ef the beautiful boxes of
CAKDY displayed la our window, In
dian Itiv.r I-'ruita, Oregon Applea, etcs
New Nuts.
Alexandria \ _
Alexandria. Va.. December __. 1010.
Atarcjrular mectiBK of tbe board of
directors of the ( iu/.en> N'atlonal Hank.
of Alexandria. Va, beld thi- day. a
annual dividend of ? ; per rent _
oiared. t.ayablo on January 5, 1911, to
vtoekbofdi'rsof rci-.rd a. of that date.
RK'TIAlth M. (Mtl-TTV. f*___l
|~*fjl__| aml ana onr wm fanaiia ullet
Cs.- *-?JWg$??Sk

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