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Wtii;;k ihe Chriatnuaaeaaon bring-.
ioy \fi so many bovaebolda, the
:, who regards n M t<.o
? 1 for saiuging Iiis acytbe
pm ia hi* w*rk at a time whieh pro
- lerrible oontmata lo b
Tbis anirelcoroe fucato who viaita the
pabee aa waH m the eotlage, often
ii|> bis abode in houaeholdi dor
ing the Christmas week, and after
caueing anxious onea t<> paaa wcary
vigila, linally loroee them aeide, and
? 1 of holly and mistieto, flutteri-g
is plac'il on doorkaoba and tbat,
to,.. at 8 time wben Chi ial
are ringing. Bu
I in aereral AJea adria b<
holds siiico tlie last betM O^thl
zetto. Theso aad bappeniaga nol <>nly
thi preaent holiday aeaaon Into
aa aolipM to tbe many t<> wbon
u an.l deai
mi eacb mooeeding ennivereary diamal
mninieence are reprodoccd. While
nefa bereavetnenta are freah in the
?oak of efflicted onea, tl ia futile to
aUemnt to aay anything toaootbe tbe
.hill, oold ear ol deatb. Sach poig
nant BOgTOWa e.uiiiot bfl filded, v. iioei
ad oi btdden und. r bank- ol fl
Time only ean blunt tb I ed
pariinga witb loved onea. "They wbo
wam in tean shall rieap ln ioy," a a
beavoiily whiaper which appeala to all
on su'-b occaaion
Anothkk Ohristmta lias cofne aod
gone and being a double bolidaj
(Christmas Hay falling i-n Sunday thia
year) it was doubly eojoyable tO tbe
many wbo otbenri*e are unable to
apeiid a two d-jra* -aoation. The day
brought joy '
ned to b<' nnbounded and the inter
cbange of prt.enls among toe well-tO
do and tlM ?'???'? ??? il "f ??'*? ,0 ,hi'
poor was thooghl b) many I ?
gcueral tban fo; mao.
boliday was a r.iue and 'iniit 01
none the les- eojoyable tor thi. feature
MflM-ohdf tln- heretofore out?of-door
-Owktity-^ft--- ?rU^vUjadL._____.
AoooU-iiM to lodi ?phic
di-pssches, tbe year is liable lo cloae
witb wars and ruiiiors of ware. Tbere
bas been I clash ln 1''
Hritisb aailora and Iribesmen, and
Cbina aud Japan aie klu\. !
preparing for war. Jt i. alSO said tbal
Cbina will l__?e the moral ,support ol
the United Btatea in ihe coming oon
ilict. i_
?haala BtaaMeS arlUi M ri
Vineyard Haven, M 27
Ifariaera who arrived here tod
ported oooditiooa along l
Martl.a's Yineyard and Natrtockcl
Bounda as the woratfor many yeara.
Tbe matc of a bel ited Bsbiog acboonei
decUred the ahoala teirly briatled with
wreeks, the ikeletons of eighl i
new Orosa Efcp alone pnncbinf the
waves. HalfMoon ahoali ahowed the
.- ol a two maater, Handkerchtef
slioalsliow.d anotber, and a three-maa
tei ooBtooc Hoi ?. On Pol
and Nantuckit Greal Point, other
irrecka eodaogered navigation aa they
;lre for tli.OS. part iu tbe legular
l.ir channel.
Juhaaaa ?aaateiayChaaaVar,
Cbi-ago. Dee. 27. Tbal J?ck John
non _ cbampionabip heavyweight caroer
, %me near being ended by a hullet, be
. atna known bere today, when tl
l.ti^ilist app 11. d lo pro uti I
liof.ui, hia former cbauffaur, who was
arrested after be bad clearod Johnaon'a
liome with a revohrer. Lefait, John
soii aaya an ll"' :sl ,il(' i'";'
bome late laat nighl and aaked for him,
ToM tbal tbe Bgbter waa abaent, tbc
ohauffeni is aaidto bave drawn a revol
rer and atarcbed the houae, while the
JabneoD family Bed in terror to the
.street. Wben dotoctives arrived on tbe
scene, the ehauffeiir had vauished.
Later, it?? aaid, he -returned iu a tabi
i-ab to a OOmet near the Johngon home,
supposodly to "lay" for the pugilist,
There he was arrested.
Selzure ol Kotton Egi?*.
?Jersey City. Dee. 27.?United -
ivputy Karabal Louh (;. Beckbara and
{ ntted States Food InapeotOI lo
Lind today aeized nine tons of alleged
rotton eggs at the Merchanea' Befriger
ation Company's plant. The warrant*
for the acMore, whieh waa haa
United Btatee Oommteeioner Carj
hea ihe froaen liquld >:
".ilthy," J and putrid
imimal matter " Froaen egg,
noodor, but wbaa thawed -ut. the
government othcers say, it M
pteueb whieh is unbearablc.
Etna Again la Dr-ptlea*
Paris. Dee. 87. Mt Etna ia again lo
violent erupuon, aocording to a N
dispateh in today's lntransigeai ?
details are given. bu: it is said that the
vruption is the wor.t in yeara an
a eatastrophe id.eared.
A dispateh from London says Bi!
I_ang, the Austtalian pugilist, nnd Jack
i.urns, of California, met Ln B
cound match at Olimpia, Tce ?
wtopped tho eontest in
- mU
Ollicial contirmalioii of reported
border clashea between San Dorningo
and Ilaiti was reeeived atibe War De?
partment today io a cablegram from
erof Costoms, J. H. Edwards,
ut Baoto Domiogo. Ho teports a akir
iii iii bet ireen llaitian troops and
I lominican f ronlier guards over a bound?
ary dispute near Lake Enriquillo.
Edwards rcporls tbat negotiations to
the disturbance bave begun be
ihe two govemments and tbat
tho li.itinnk'.in autliorities hope to
.I more serious trouble. All
Americans are safe bo says.
ndent was today invited to
attend the anniversary of tbe Ilampton
il and Industrial scbool at
Ilampton Va., ou Jan, 27 by Col.
Archibald lfopkins, tbe fellow trustee
of Preaident Taft of tbe institution.
Tiie president could not definitely ac
-ed bis desire to do so,
j interested in tbe work
of tbis industrial scbool for colored
; ciih'd to bold up tho
aenteooa in the case of W. H. Harlan,
of Q_ rgia, who wa_ convicted of
pconage until the president can find an
. uinity tO review the case. It
bable tbat tbe sentence will
mmuted i>> Prceident Taft as itla
* bere ai aevere.
The comptroller of tbe treasury
Ibioka it rat her bratSO for horse racing
army offieers to expeot Uncle 8am to
tho bills iocorred in transporting
their borses to the track. Tbis _mS
shown today in a letter to the secretary
of war regarding the bills for tbs trans
lion <>f three horses, tbe personal
property ol aa niany anoyO-Beers from
, lo the i'imlico track last
May. At first the comptroller refused
v ;inv parl of ths bill wbich
Kven following an ap
,,t.^l | : i;y of War Dickinson
iu: baa now coneented lo pay only a
port of it. Ile deelares tfae borses were
ahipped uoder conditiona more luzuri
antthan were warraoted. In making
porl the comptroller deelares bim
- lf unable lo aee how horse racing
makes a man a better soldier.
Witb n telegram ofChriatrnaa greet
ing from bia ehildren beside bim, J.
ll,,,., n, Secretary to Benator
Petcy, ippi was found dead in
h.s office iu tbe Senate ofBoe building
Hancock was sixty two years
od for a icore >>f years bad been a
Iflkniliar ficure about tbe Oapitol. He
came here as -eeretary to Senator Me
Laurin, and was tbat statesman's elose
companion until hi* death. Senator
n waa appointed for McLaurin's
unexpired tenn, aml be retained Han
cock. When Benator Percy was elected
hokepl the aecretary. Haneock fee
(juently alept in hia room at tbe ofti.e
building, and -il prosence caused
lurpriao laat night He had been dead
: boura wben his body waa dis
V, i.i means for forwarding the
Taft legralativ- policieawere discussed
at tho Vfh today by Mr.
:. republican wbip of the House,
and tl Bt. The president ar
i with Dwight for a series of oon
. tbe various legislative
... | m (i.tigrcss con
,;i Afe adrninistration
Dwight told the presi
denl that the outtook for new general
"brighl" and for two
boura they talked about the lioevp in
Dwight declared tbat Con
Ll (otting a new record in dispos
ing of the appropriation bills and that
the boped foi action on general bills,
when the money measures areonoeout
ol the way.
| for a formal attempt t-> eii
ioaa of the ffaabing
i,?n convsntion with reference to the
maintenance of peace in Central Amer?
ica, the ';' ?'" Departmenl will not ac
tively intoreaI itaell in the threatened
Hondurau revolution which it seems to
nevitable. lt is considered
tbal the warship Tacoma and Yorktown
are a Bufficienl guaramee for tbe lm
munity .f American interests whieh are
nio.tly in the aea-coaat towns. lion
. ia stated here, is immenaely
popular with the maaaea in llonduras
and it ia now believed that Davilla
long relain his power under the
strain of a revolntion.
Judaon 0. Clemonta, of fieorgia, ia
generally accepted here today as the.
nexl chairman ol the Interatate Coin
rocrce Commission. dementa is aenior
member ofthe commianon, since tbe
recent appointment "f Judge Knappto
tbe courl ol commeree, and heretofore
Beniority alone bas been considered in
the olectioo <>f tho chairman of the
commiaajon. It is said that Commis
rioner Prouty whofoHoweMr. Otementa
iu the order ol aeniority, may be a
candidate for the place, but no oonteal
is expected. Tbe eleetion will prob?
ably b? held when tbe conimission
iU Brat oilicial meeting of 1911,
on January 8. Ibe two new membera
of the commission, (J. (J. McCord and
fer. appointed lo succeed
Commiaaionera Knapp nnd CockreU,
w;ll he formally inilucted into oftice
at ? speeial meeting .lanuary B.
A three weeks old baby. dressed in ex
re laeea atul embroideries, is the
1 nnd unusual Christmas present
which aome one left on the marble
steps of tlie residenee of E. W. Creecy,
in the swell northwest aection bere.
The child is i boy. The police aaya
ihe child, waa left on the atepa by a
woman who drove up to the houae in
aa automobile. They have no clue as
to her identity.
That tlie United State? ia "now un?
red for real hostilities with a first
power," is the atatement in the
ony of MaJ. Qen. WcoJ, Chief of
before tho House eommittee on
military ftftairs, made public today.
Though tbe holiday seaaon is still on
today at the White House, the presi?
dent buckled down for a couple of
hours. A conference was held with
?ivo Pwight, of New York,
republican wbip of the Houae, con
cerning tbo adrninistration programme
re-convencd. Dwight
asaured tlie president that the outlook
? bright one. He says that Con
is settin_r a record for itself in
: appropriation bills
ihrcugn and he hopes for big reaulta
uther legislation aa soon as thoae
? of tlie way. They arranged for
? eonfereaeea between the
i.ler. of the House and Senate
and the president as soon as CoDgreaa
lirorgetoun Wbeal Market.,
Briti-h .*allors and Trlbeamen Clash?
l.ngland Believed to be Beaponslblc
lor the Trouble.
London, Dec. 27.?Reports reeeived
today from aouthern Persia and from
Dihai, in Arabia, bave alarmed tbe war
They indicate clearly tbat the recent
engagement between English sailora
from the cruiser Hyacintb and tribes
men at Dibai, in wbich fourteen aailors
and tbree timea this number of natives
were slain, waa only the beginning
of a widespread eampaign against tbe
British, who are aceused of aeeking tbe
permancnt occupation of southern Per?
Dibai is being made the ceutre of
operations and from this point hun?
dred of Peraiana are being supplied with
arms by gunrunners.
A dispateh from Buahire, on tbe
aouthern coast of Persia, says tbat the
English consulate at Bandar Abbas. a
town of atrategical importance, has
been fortified against attaek and that a
gun-platform bas been erected outside
the conaulr.te.
All maila to the nortb bave been
discontinued and many of tbe telegraph
linea bave been cut.
The Kubrgclua tribesmen nortb of
Siiiraz destroved a number of villages
and massacred many of tbe iuhabi
England is accused of fomenting
tbe present disturbance for tbe purpose
of creating sucb a state of disonlcr that
she will have an excusc for landing a
sutlicient force to coutrol tbe whole of
southern Persia and thus facilitate her
reported Bcbemo of permanently oc
cupying tbe country.
Montha ago England and Russia
gave every indication of acting in con
cert in tbe eontrol of Persia, Russia to
invade tbe northern part and England
tbe southern. The plan was then
blocked througb tbo oppoaition ol
(iermany and Turkey.
it.ve-.ewlt and Tall.
New York, Dec. 27.?Theodorc
Roosevelt baa not declared for tbe
nomination by tbe republican party in
1918 of President William Howard
Taft. Roosevelt made bis fact more
empbatic at bia oflices in tbe Outlook
"All of tbis talk about me support
ing Mr. Tatt in l.?13 isutteily abstird."
be said. "There has been nothing like
that discussed by mo witb auyonc at
any time. And ao far as tbe state
inents are concerned that Collector
L >eb bas becouie a Taft lieutenant and
will appoition patronage in New York
for Mr. Taft in order to securo tbe
s ate delegation for tbe president'a re
notnination iu 1012 know nothiogmore
Ol tbe matter than what I bave road in
the newspapers. So far as I kuow
there is nothing in it."
Alleged Japanese Spy.
Manila, P. L, Dec. 27.?United_
States military autboritiea today a
rested a Japanese spy in Correg: .or,
tho island whose great fortiPcations
guard tbe entrance to Manila Bay.
The spy is aaid. to have _een caught
re_> VianJed witb vamable military
sketcbea aud mapa in bis poasession.
He is being beld. At tbe aame time,
Japanese reaidents of Manila are in
con.ei today over tlu action of the
military autboiitioa in a.-arcbing a
number of houses and storea of Japa?
nese residents here for hidden ex
plosives. Nono was found. The searcb
was instigatcd by General Duvall, the
retiring commandcr of the department
of the Pbilippines, upon stcret advices
he had reeeived. Among tbe bouses
searcbed by the military agents and
police was tbat of the Manila manager
for the big Japanese commercial
house of Mitsui-Ruasian Company,
limited. ' _
Hanks lu Hands ol Huperlntendent.
New York, Dec. 27.?State Superin
tendeutof banks O. H. Cbeney today
took possession of tbe Northern Bank
of New York, having nine brsacfa
tbroughout tbe city. T.ic institulion
has a capital of $700,000 and bad a
book surplus on November 10, 1'JlO,
of $185,9t;"). Its deposits at that time
were *bV.M 2,583.
Two Men Burned to Death.
Wilkcs-Ilarre, i'a., Dec. 27.-James
McDonald, of Scranton, and Benjamin
JottSS, of Midvale, were burned lo
lcath today as a result of an oil lamp
cxploding. Micbael McDonald, ^ a
brotber of one of the victims, is dying
in the City Hospital. The explosion
oeenrrtd while tbo three men were
playing cards, and insome nianner tbe
lamp was upset.
Fire In a Publlshlng House.
New York, Dec. 27.?Ten bremen
were oyereomc today iu an early morn?
ing fire, wbich caused f 100.000 wortb
of damago to tbe plant of tbe Munro
Publishing Company, 24-2(1 Yande
water street. Tho fire gave the firemen
tbe hardest fight tbey bave bad in
months. Tbo streeta became filled
with smoke and the firemen placed
two 3,000 candle power searehligbts at
work. For a time it waa feared the fire
would get beyond eontrol.
Clad only in ber nigbt robe and witb
it a mass of flaraea, Miss Lillte Billar,
youngest daughter of Postmaster H.
H. Biller, of Orkney Springi, a well
known summer resort in Shenandoab
county, jumped from the second-story
window early Sunday morning and,
while running and acreaming for help,
wai burned to death. The girl aroae
before the rest of the family on Christ?
mas morning, and in aomemauner ber
night clothing caught fire, She acrearn
ed, and jumped from the window, evi?
dently eacaping unbtirt from the drop,
as abe aroae and ran blindly until over
come. Her entire body waa burned
and blistered when ahe waa picked up
Suppoaedly catching flrs from ths
girl's burning attire, the Moutain View
Hotel, owned by her iatb.r, waa burn?
ed to tbe ground, a large building ad
joining it. and a large store and heavy
atock of goods owned by Biller, were
destroyed. The losa will total many
tbouiand dollara, and tbe fire was ths
largest exer occurring at tbs springs.
There wero no further fatalltiesor casu
Captain Archi Deubery, of the 11th
battalion Philippine Scouta, wai ar?
rested in Manila today, charged witb
kiiliog a prjv&te BoJdier of tht ocoptj
? ith a .ti-L
Jualioe Crutchfield, of Richmond, on
Chrissmas eve pardoned 100 prisoners
in tbe Richmond jail who were serving
terms for drunkcnness.
Mrs. Virginia Smith died at her
home in I_eesburg 8aturday from
paralysis. Two daughtcrs and one son
survive her.
The north wing of Ryland Hall, the
main building of Richmond College,
was badly damaged by fire early Sun?
day morning. Tlie loss is estimated at
$60,000, covered by insurance.
The Thomas farm, near Leesburg,
has been sold by John Hill Carter to
Vineent T. Bly, of Asbland, Ore. Tlie
estate contains 300 acres. and will bo
convcrted by Mr. Bly into a fruit
Miss Martha Henkle Somraers was
married to Ernest Lamar Gostin. of
Macon, Ga., on Saturday afternoon at
the residenee of the bride'a parenta,
near Somersel, by Rev. \V. P. Huddlc,
of Madison.
Governor Mann is in receipt of the
resignalion of Senator G. 0. McAlex
ander, of the Twenty-aixth district.
Tbe senator resigned to berome post
master at Saleni. Three seata in the
Senate are now vaoantby resignation?
those of Senator Owen, Keezell and
II) Alexander.
Funeral services for Mrs. Alice M.
Jordan, wife ot Charles E. J.irdan, a
merchant of Hayniarket, who died in
the Episcopal Eye, Kar and Tnroat
Hospital in Washington on Saturday.
were held at her home yesterday after?
noon, the body having been shipped
thero that night. She was ti:i years
of age and liesides her husband she is
aurvived by tliree daiighters and two
Coutribution8 to a fund for students
of Richmond College who lost every
thing in tbc fire which early Sunday
morning destroyed a large part of Ry?
land Hall, ineluding the dorinitories in
wbiefa sixty-three men lived, began tO
come in to I'resident F. W. Boat
wright yesterday. Cash. rhocks and
pledges received by the head of tbo in
Btitutiofl during the day auiountcd to
between 1600 aml 1-00, an.l it is
known that other eontribiitiotis aro on
Ihe way._ _
killr- Iu a Collision.
Farber, Mo., Dec. 27.- Three train
meii were killed iu a bead-on collision
on tbc Chieago A Altoii Railroad near
here today. Passenger train No. t?
crashed into a freight train, It is re?
ported several passengers vere injured.
Parkersburg, W. Va . Dee. 27.
Four dead aml three seriou.sly injured
was tbe toll of death of a railroad
wreck on tlie Ohio river d;, isiou of the
Baltimore .V Ohio. ner.r Merecrs Bot?
tom, seven mile", lielow Gallipolis
Ferry, W. Va'., early this morning.
Owing U> a misinterprctation of order?,
two l_t freights met -.i a headon col
Mysterlous .Vurder.
Detroit, Mich., Dec. 27. Although
twenty-fivo persons today visitcd the
morgue wbere tbe multilated body of a
man found dead inthe shrubberynorth
of Highland Park is being held, no
clue to tho identity of tho man has
been found. The police declare they
believe the man was killed outside of
Detroit an.l the legless body sbippcd
here in a box. A woman who visited
the morgue today declared that the
man reaembled Walter or Morris Buck
meister, of Akron, Obio, but the au
thorities do not lay stross on the identi
tication. ____________
Two Cldblrcii Huriif- t<> Death.
Columbus, ()., Dec. 27.?When Mrs.
William Sheets returned from a trip lo
the neighborhood grocery shortly be?
fore noon today she found her two little
daughters, Myrtle aged 4, and Marga
ret aged 2, burned to death. They had
played with the lire in the kitchen
range. _ _
VUltor Shot.
New York, Dec. 27.?Policeman
Matthew McGrath, the champion
weight thrower, wa9 arraigned in the
Flatbush Ooart today on tbe charge of
having shot (leorge Walker, whom he
found ia his bome Bunday morning
and held without bail to the grand
jury. Walker will probably die. Hede
elares he went to tho McGrath home at
the invitati.iu of Mrs. McGrath. This
is .lenieil by both McGrath and his
wtfc. _^^^
Puglllat's Death lo he Imestlgat-d.
Grreen Bay, Wis., Dec. 27.?A cor?
oner _ jury will today probo the facts
surroundiug the death of John Bar
mcntier, aged 18, of Green Bay, who
died in the ring during a six round
bout here. Barmentier received a punch
on Ihe Adam's apple at the end of the
fourth round. Hc went to his corner
groggy and died? soon afterward. It is
thought death was due to hemorrhage
of the brain.
Bangor, Me., Dee. 27.?City
physician Burgess today turned in a
"sudden death, no autopsy" death
certificale on Mike Daly, former light
weight pugilist, who was foun_"de_id in
hia cell in the police station here yes?
terday of heart trouble.
Daly bad seen some long fighta,
among them a 81 round flght in New
Orleana, beiog knocked out by Austin
To Htrcive Annuih.
Dayton, 0., Dec, 27.?An annuity
of $1,000 a year ia to be aettled by the
Wright Brothers, aviators, upon the
widow and children of Halph Johnstone,
the aviator, who waa killled Vhile
Hyicg for the Wrighta at Denver. Thia
announcement waa made today by
Manager G. M. Riiasell, of the Wright
Company. Mrs Johnstone will return
in the near future to her home in
Germany. _________________
The greatest danger from influenza
i? of ita reeulting in pneumonia. This
can beobviated byuaing Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy, aa it not only curea in?
fluenza, but counteracta any tendeocy
of the diaeaae towards pneumonia.
Sold by W. F. Creighton and Richard
Gibeou. .? _
Do the right thlng Ifyou bare Naaal
CaUrrb. Oet Ely's Cream Balm at onoe.
Don't toueh the catarrh powder* and
snufTs, for thev contain eocaine. Ely's
Cream Balm releaaea tbe aecretions that
inflame the naaal passage* and the throat,
whereaa medleinea made wltb raercury
merely dry up tfce se.retiona and leave
you no better than rou were. Inaword,
Ely's Creara Balm la a real remedy, not
a delusion. All drugrlata, ao cents, or
mailedbyEly Broi, W warr^nH^et,
x?w York
"Big Tira" Sullivan gave hia usual
Cbiistma- dinner to the poor in New
Admiral Dewey yesterday in Waah?
ington, eelebrated the 72ndanuiveraary
of his birtb.
A Christmas wreath, swinging from a
chandellor forced open a gas cock in a
Chicago bome, last night cauging the
asphyxiation ofa woman who waa a_loep
in the room.
Oscar Cbitwood, charged witb kill?
ing Sberiff Jake Houpt, was taken
from a deputy shcriff at the jail at Hot
Springs, Ark., yesterday by a mob of
masked men and shot to death.
Tho surgeon general of the army
says that olive drab uniforms for the
army are not good for use in times of
peace and not as cool as the kbaki
tbey replacod.
A new reapportionment plan under
wbich no state will be compelled to
lose a congresaman has been worked
out. Tbe new plan provides for a
house of 435 members.
Four mail elerks and belpers werp
killed and several others were injured
in tbe wreek of a Norfolk and Western
Raiiway passenger train in a ttuinel
near Williamson, ty. Va., Saturday af?
Tbe wago dispute between tbe
Brotherhood ol Ijocomotive Enginerrs
and tbs 81 railroada west, north and
south of Chicago was settled Saturday.
Tbere will bo no strike. Instead, tbe
engineers get an average inerease in
wages of 10 1-3 por cent.
While delivering Christmas packages
in a big automohile truck for a Phila?
delphia department store, two men
and a boy who were in tbe vebicle were
killed Saturday night when a
Baltimore aud Ohio passenger train
struek tbe truck at Moore, ten inOsa
from Philadelphia.
Strike pickets, cbielly Italians, are
iiitrodiii ing atrocities in tbe garment
workers' strike hitberto unknown and
not cotiiitenaneed iu Ameriean btbOT
struggles. Hestitating to faen non
union men workera and policemen,
they soek out tlm unprotected homes
of men at work and terrorize thd in
Held np by a nugro, who cltitcbcd
lier by the throat aud threatened hei
1.1s, Miss Myrtle. IS years old, daugh?
ter of William Uorgas, of Collingdale,
Pa., OO Satu.-day morning pluckily
fotigbt off ber assailant witb a batpin
till h_ fled at the approach ofa whito
man, who responded to ber cries.
Soventy.fivw thousand people saw
Hoxsey. of the Wright team of aviator-,
break the world's record at Aviation,
Field. Los Angeles. Cal. yesterday He
goarcdmore than two milei up in tbe sky
his barograpb registering 11,474 feet.or
almost 1,000 feet above the altitude of
10,40y feet, reeently attaiued by Legag
neux at Pau, France.
The plant ofthe Evening Times. Col.
Johfl W. Avirett.proprietorat Cumber
laud, Md., wasdamaged$10,000 yestor
day morning by fire. The lossiscovered
Hy insurance. Co). Avirett says the
janitor allowed water to run low in the
Ixiiler room. and tbat tbe top of tbe
furnacc ignated tho woodwork
around it.
Paroled on Wedneaday from the
federal prison iu Atlanta, to wbich he
was sentencod for alleged violation of
tbe federel banking laws, Jam.
I?wden, former president of tho Amer?
iean Bank of Abilene. Tex., reacbed
bis home at Fort Worlb, Saturday af?
ternoon, and bis death was announeed
at 7:30 o'otook at night. His death is
attributed to beart disease.
The Llewellyn Ironworks at Iajs An?
geles, Cal., were party wrecked by an
explosion, presumably of dynamite,
early on Sunday. Tbe force of tbe ex?
plosion tore out the front of the build?
ing, smashed windows for more tban
a block and awakeued persons more
tban two miles away. The night watch?
man was sligbtly injured. Wbo placed
tbe supposed charge of dynamfto is un?
known to the police, but it is believed
to have boen tbe outcome of general
labor troubles, in wbich the Llewellyn
Company has been iuvolred.
IxionardTbomas, al9-year-old negro
who lived near I_.ytonvilleMontgomery
rmmty, Md., shot and instantly killed
Isaac Copeland, also colored, aged 40
years, in tbe latter's boinr near Lay
tonville, about 10 o'clock Saturday
nigbt, ilnd later eommitted suicidc by
sending a bullet into bis own brain in
a corn field on tbe farm of Aden D.
Allnut, about a mile from the scene of
the murder.0Although Copeland and
Thomas had trouble several weeks ago
tbey had, jt is said, apparently settled
their differences.
Truement Dynamltrd.
New York, Dec. 27.?More than 100
persons living in the six-story tenemeiit
al 502 west 14th street were thrown
into a panic early today when Hlack
Handers exploded a dynamite bomb,
blowing away tho staircase and pre
venting escape. The tiniely arrival of
fi-emen and policemen, who took the
t iin!y clad persons our of windows and
o'f fireescapos, probably prevented sev
e.al of them from plunging to the
erect in their f right.
Tbe building is owned by Salvatore
Catalano, an importer. Catalano is
rich. Ten daya before Christmaa he
received a letter, aigned "Black Hand,"
demanding a "Christmaa present'' of
$1,000, telling him that if he did uot
pay he would be given a "Christmas
present" in the shape of a bomb. Cat?
alano refused to pay.
War Between China and Japan Pre
8t. Peteraburg, Dec. 27.?A war be
tween China and Japan, with America
aiding the Cbinese, ia predicted today
by the newspaper Retch. It printa an
alarming Btory of atrained relations be?
tween the two Orieotal powera, and
publishea Yladivoatok diapatchea to the
effeet that an early outbreak ia ex
jeoted there. The recognized Japanese
suspicion of Cbina's increasing power
aod the reported rivalry between tbe
United Statea and Japan for tbe control
of the Pacific are the only tangible
causes mentioned by the Retch in sup
port of ita atory.
The peculiar propertiea of Chamber?
lain's Cough Remedy bave been
tboroughly teated during epidemica
of iofiuenza, and when it waa taken in
time we have not beard ol a single
cta* of pneumonia. Sold by W, F.
Creigbtol ftntf *i?H#?4 0ih#pn,
Tn ls.** I was oailed to tho paitorate of
tbe Bfounl Stlon Baptlst Cbureb, at Bap
idan Station, Culpepor eoiinty. Va. Ai
tbat time tbere was ne ohurebandtbe
nioinbers had nowhere to meet for wor
ship. Th_y-wen iboutlewln
numlier. Tbe houso had been deatroyed
bv a freshet aader tlie admini-tration or
putorate of the Rev. 8. M. .lohnson.
king it bad beea deatroyed l .!<>
nol know. I am sure, bowever. It WM
over two years.
I know nothing about tbe lo.
and tboae wbo aeemed to have aome
knowledge of tlie fa.t, aaid to me ihai
Itwasanunuaual thlng for siii-b atbll
a freshet te oeenr. Tbey had not soon
one before, tbere, and 1 was perfcetly
safe in building in tbat place again.
I. bowever, madea atrong found
i nippoaed, whieh, would never be
carried awav again. ,should a freshet
come. Tho eost of tbe house tbat I
built was two tbouaand five hundred
dollars lf2,50O,) and it was used lor a
ebureh tor seven years, and ln IHOO, Hve
vears ago, during the great freshet of
tbal vear. it was lotally deatroyed, with
all tbe furniuire. Soon after I seeured a
aei -He an.l started to bulld again. l
get up tlie frame and viaited my former
nriends, who had aasiated me with tbe
former churcb, and I m< t with very
little encouragemontoraaaiatanoe. Tbej
bkaraed me greatly f?>r building on tbc
same siie, wh.ro my prftdccesaor bad
built, although I knew notbing about
tbe eondltious that eziated at the time I
built my ebureh. I went toa busl
man at Nttu Court Houae, Va.,and
gave bim a mortgage oa my tarm for
thirleeu huticliod dollars ($1-3001 and
llnished mv nowchmoli.N iu,tlioeliui-.h
laoomptoted, but tbis 11,800 against my
farm bas never been <anoolled U J el.
I_ast spring in the Democmtlo and
chronielo. ol' Roebester, V Y . was pub
llabedan artlale oi' a aUutdei-ualibel,
atating, wltb otber untrue tbinga, tbat i
was raising money to bulld a cbureb,
hut was uatng tbis money io buj a fWrm,
whieh had not the sligbtest truili in it,
and 1 hope to call tbe party or partles to
aeeount soon.
I fail to underatand wbat tbe person or
peraona expected t<> aoeotnpltsh by the
aforoaatd publication. No man who has
known me tor forty yeara wotdd take
me for an Idlot, or boraerlng on Inaao
Ity, The wboie atatemenl in that paper,
nrom the beginning t<> end, is nothing
bufbofb." Tbo matter may bcvlcwod
in three ways: First. Ignorance, ni. _n
neaa or prejudlee.
My work in the way ofohureh-bulld
ingaad paatorate hw been done right
here in theae totir eonnttea: Alexandria
ooiint.v. Pail?xcounty. Prince William
eounty and Culpeper county. i do not
bave to go lo tlochester to look up men
arboare going up and down the atreet
looking I'or aj 'skunk.'' by wbiefa ti
make u living.
Tho tirst time l waa called upon to dd
uhuivh work and a.-i asan aasoeiate paa
tor, waa tbe iBeuWh Bapttat Cburcn'ef
Alexandria. \'a. I waa called there in
is?:i. The ehurefa had purchased alol
dining the elvll war, of wbat waa aup
poaed to bava been eonbrc itod property.
The property was bougbtbj amanhj
tbe nameof Mr.Chltte-den.ofSeranton,
Pa. That purchase was a los_. as he was
in.i respon-.il,i,.. Tho truateea built on
this lot a $4,000 meeting bouse. Tbej
borrowed at tbe same time, $1,200 from
twelve gentlemen ln the eltj ofBoston,
Masa,, w bose namea are i followa:
Hon. .1. WarrenMerrill, Bon. .lohn M.
s. Williams, Mr. Moses W. Pond,Mr,
Jesae \ Look, Hon. i: 0. Fuller an.l
othera,alao Mr. W hlttlesj. of Alexan?
dria. va. When I was called ns a io
ciate pastor thi- money had acoumula
tedtofl^Cp, The ehurah alaoowed - 00
making a tolalof$2,200. All ofthis mmi y
was raise.l and paul to the partles named
by ni\ self. and I brought BO?e tbe BDte
to tho trust' i
goonafter tbis, the former own.
the lot, wbo bad gdfie south during the
war, returned, and ln 1877, thep bro
asultof ejeetment against tae cbureb
to reeoverH00, or$D0u for the lot again,
Tbis was done l>> M r. .1. T l.oil.ham.
an.l others. Tbis l was again called
upon tO raise. and did so. Tho:-. yo
(navecleared tbal ebureh twiee oflti
ind. bb
Booa after this had been aoeompliabed
i was oalh-d by ihe truateesi of the
National Tbeofogical Kemiiiary, of
Waabington, D. C? under Dr. B, Turner,
ttevellng agent, to ralae money for
them. Tbis-did until that sehool waa
merged Into the Wayland Bemlnary,
..r Howard University, of whieh i am
not positive. I then gave up tbeageaoy
r,ii- iin-iii.
M \ nexi eiiiin-h work waa done in con?
neetion With K.'v. L. II. Ballej . ol
au-D, Prisee William eounty. Va.
There- I bulll S neat and niec cborcb,
raiaing tbe .nej from my Menda
north. at h-ast the grerter part of il.
\\\ next einireii work iu conneetion
with him. was at Brentaville, Prinoe
W'illlam county, Va. Tbere I bullta
niee church, ai-.>. and paid for II Ifl
next ehureii work iu conneetion with
him was at Burke'a atatton, l-'airia.
eounty, Va, 1 ralsed the greater part of
that monej for that church. Hut. last
but not least,twelve years ago,aa i have
prerloual. stated, i waa ealled to the
paatorate ofthe Baptiat Cbureb at Rapl
dan, Culpeper eounty. Va. This church
I have built in 12 yeara'paatorate, and
the second time, as I have aforeatated, l
mortgaged my fann for ll,800 toeom
plete tho wori there, and this |l
?till unpaid.
Further. since l bave been the paator
of i hat church. I have not asked for one
cut ef salary. and have not oolleoted
one eent from lhem Ifl auy way ofsalar.
or any thing else. i mako myllvingby
belug an agent for a buslneaa bouae of
the west, whieh had givea me SUpjXMt
Ibr quite a number of years. aml I am
still an agent.
1 may also state here that I WU the
pastor of Mount Zoah Baptiat Chirrch,
jaeksonriUe, Falrfkx county, Va., for 12
years. Atthe time I was ealled tbere,
tbere were only a few of the older men
ofthat coinmuniiv orshurohwboowned
their own homes. Now I can point tO
not less than teu able young men who
have hoiight, or aro buying. themaelvea
homes, attbe preseot time.
During my paatorate with them, I
urged upoat them, botta la the pulplti
and out of it, the neeeaalty of making
iiicinselvcs uaeful men In tbeoommun
ity, by besomlflg property owners aud
tax pavera.J
a^i mereiy mako this atatement for tbe
benetltof tny frienda aod othera whoat i
interested Ifl it.and would like to know
somethlng of my work, and corrcel a
When I was ealled to the BaaoclatS
paatorate ofthe Beulah Church of Alex
audrla, Va, I was teaching school iu
Albemarlo county, Va.. near North Oar
den. Thls was the flrst colored school
erer opened in that county for colored
people. That was tiught by mc. Tho
state had not aa yet taken up ths educa
tion of the colored people. ln connee?
tion with my other work, I was an agent
of tbe National Monitor, of Bronklvn, N.
Y..edltcdbv the Kev. R. L. I'erry ln
the behalf oi tbe National Baptist Con
solldated State Convention of Virginia,
itcspectfully aiihuiltti i.
L. W. BROOKS, R, F. D, No. 3.
Fairfax Court !!'?
Kbinapper Sentenred.
New York. Dec. 27.-Disrcgarding
threata of violence, County Judge Faw
cett, in Brooklyn today, struek a vilal
blow at Black Hand operations wben
be eentenced two convicted Italian
blackmailer'a to not less tban 25 yeari
nor more than 49' years and ten
montha at hard labor in Sing Sing
prison. The couplo were Ctanislo Pat
tenzaand his female accomplice, Maria
Rappa, convicted of holding two Ital?
ian boys priaoners in an attempt to
extort a ransom.
Many peraona find tliemselves affect
ed with a percistent cough after an at?
taek of intiuenza. As tbis cough can
be promptly cured by the use of Cham?
berlain's Cough Remedy, it should not
be allowed to run until it becomes
troublesome. Bold by W. F, Creigh?
ton *n _ Richard UibKD,
your next order
try our
38c lb.
This Week.
I'liorios-Bell N, ftpiul Cily 1-7
At Cost.
As is our custom every
year after Christmas we
place all holiday goods on
sale at actual cost and some
below cost in order to ef?
feet a rapid clearanccas we
never carry over holiday
goods if price concessions
will sell them. Hence you
will find here all this week
in every department big
reductions on hundreds of
good and useful artieles.
We shall include in this
sale Japanese China, Ladies'
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Smoking Jackets, Men's
Warm Bath Robes.Ladies'
Fancy Collars, Rag Doll
Babies, Billikens and small
toys, besldes many other
good and useful holiday
goods at cost and less.
Alexandria. Va.
__?__] meeting of the atockbold
erec. thi* hank will lie bold at the tmnk
inj. honsu ou January lotb at twelve
o'eloek noon, for the election or direo?
tora, and sueh other buaineaa aa may
properiy come before J*emeetln|.
dteU M '
SPECIAL NOTICE I h mge ot Store
Hours. Open D-lij -_?a. m., clof
p. in. Saturday 9 p. m.
Women's, Misses' and
Ready-to-wear Artieles
The greatest sfter-Christina* redue.i, ti
salo began TOIM V promptly nt _?:->
minute our doors opened. Ile prenleat
half-price salo ever held In the history
of any storo in the history of retsiktom.
Women's Coat Suits. Were ffiSM,
Women's Coat Suits. Were $_V<0.
Women's Coat Suits Were |
Misses'Coat suits tyemflAM. Now
Mmtmt Coaistiiis. Were|17-_X ttam
Misses'Cuat Suits. V. Now
Tho assorrmonts ol' nll deputmeota
nre complete. and will beiorotopli
420-426 Seventh Street.
For the 75c
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New Opera House
Vaudeville and Motion Pictures.
If it's new you'll see
it here.
Admission . . . , 10c
Chlldren 5 cents-exeeptBaturday nitrl t.
Thomas Lannon
Cameron and Pitt Streets,
On the 23d dav os Deoernhor li'lO, on
readinjr the petition ofC. D. LUN8F< >RI)
biinknipt. ror disehaife, it ls ofderedi
bv the court that a hrai leg bc had upou
the Mine nn tbe _CTH DAV OF JAS
I'ARY, A. 1).. lt?U. before said eourt. at
Alexandria, ia said district. at t ?
o'elork noon;and that notiee tbersc.
be publisbed ln tlie Alexalidrln <.;i.
n newapapcr printed ln aaid district, and
that all known credltora and other per
sousin interest mny appear nt the ?.m.l
time and place and show sauss, iiuoy
tbey have, ?hy the prayer of the aaid
petltioner should not be ifrante?i.
Aud it. la furtner ordered by the court.
tbat the clerk shall send l?> mail
kuowii credltors eopies of _?__ peBUO
/ind thls order, addr-??
rhelr places of residen
Witnesa the Honora
dlll.jr.. judjreof the a
a?I thereof at Alexa
trlct, ou the _3d day <
\By R. P. W. Oaruet
Jec__ lt
tS)R SALE by the
r from 67 baad ot P
Duncao> Stahl.a,

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