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The Gazette receives the'full tele
graphic service of the United Press
up to 3:30 p.m.every afternoon. In ad
dition it has special correspondents in
Washington, Richmond and Norfolk.
VOLUME cxn.?NO. 182
Weather Report
Ovarcast weather with probably
showers tonight or {Saturday.
Sun and Tide Table.
lligli Tide ?!..> a. in. and S. is p. m.
Sun rises 5:01 a. in. and sets 7:10 p. in.
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Proposed amendment to tin.* Constitution of Virginia, agreed to at
session of General Assembly 1!-?.U, ;.nd published in pursuance uf sec
tion I9(i of the Constitution and Act appruved February U, 1 dii6.
JOINT RESOLUTION proposing umendment to section 117 of article 3 of
the Constitution of Virginia, and providing lor pulAshing said amend
ment and certifying the same to the next general akrmbly.
Resolved, by the senate and the house of delegates (a majority of the
members elected to each house agreeing thereto), That the lollowing
amendment to the Constitution of Virginia be. and the same is, hereby
proposed and referred to the geneial assembly t . bo chosen at the next
general election of senators and members of the house of delegates, for its
concurrence, in conformity to the provisions of section one hundred and
ninety-six of article fifteen of said Constitution, namely:
Strike out from fhe Constitution of Virginia, sect ion one hundred and
seventeen, which is in the words and figi.n.-s follcwins, to-..it:
?117. General laws for the organization and fovernment of cities and
towns shaii he enacted by the general :? ' .i;.i :u : i.ii au shall
he passed in relation thereto, except in ta-- . provi.it d in article
(four of this Constitution. and then or/iy i a r^-oidcd vote of two-thirds
?of the members elected to each house. Hut . :i. n ii tin? ities and towns
of the Statu having at the time of the adoption of t:ii-j Constitution a
municipal charter may retain the same, cxcept so far as it shall be repealed
or amended hv the general assembly: provided that every such charter is
hereby amended so as to conform to all the provisions, restrictions, 'limita
tions and powers net forth in this article, or otherwise provided in this
Constitution. i
And insrrt in lieu.thereof the following:
?117. General laws for the organization an i goee; nm-at of titi-.s a;;d
towns shall be enacted by the general assimidv. ?tnj no special a.t shall
be passed in relation thereto, except in the manner provided in arti.ie
four of this Constitution, and then only by a recorded vote of two-thirds
of the members elected to each house; and except also in the case of
cities having more than fifty thousand Inhabitants, as hereinafter pro
vided. But each of the cities and towns of the State having at tha tlmo
of the adoption of this amendment a municipal charter may retain the
same, except bo far as it shall be repealed or amended by the generai
assembly: provided, that every such charter is hereby amended so as to
conform, to all the provisions, restrictions, limitations and powers s t
forth in this article, or otherwise provided iu this Constitution.
Notwithstanding, however, anything in this article contained, t 2
general assembly may. by general law cr by uperial act (passed as pi
scribed in article four of this Constitution), depart in any respect (except
as otherwise in this section expmsly provided?^from the form of organiza
tion and government prescribed by this article* for cities and towns, and
may provide, from time to time, for the cities and towns of the
Commonwealth, such form or forms of muni i >' government as the general
assembly may deem bcrt: but no form or kv-.: ? ;if government authorised
by the second paragraph of this section shall be coins operative except as
to such < iths or towns as may thereafter adopt the same by a rna'ority
vote of its .pi Oiii.'d . ii it r .:t ii th.tica to he held as may be pres. rtbed
therefor by lav: Ml tin* iip'il itiMis a ihr? r-.?v, i- of the councils r? (ities
and towns imposed l\ las a:ii ?e -?..ill . ,?piy in iike manner t^ the
principal legislative ;? ti(tic.iitus;dcr fern? ci government wl?i a may
be authorized !??:?\'-;;nd< r Tl:;: t rni V ? ; ii" i mI in see I ioiii? i.\ - hun
dred and r-'vni v-fi\;? and hundred ..? i |,vcri: -?wcn of this Cous?Uu{':?n
shall ) s c nslrucd !?> in. Ii dv thi> bodv wli};li. urd. r any form of muuicij il
government, shall !>*? \ r:rd with th. ri'r.ri;'?\ !: girdative authority of such
The general assembly. for iln* pm ??' this article, may I's.ssify
cities according to ihelr population. I tio n:a: irauin popuia.i.:.; pi -
scribed for any class shall exceed the minimum population for the same
class by at least ten liiousand. The general assembly, at the request made
In manner which may he prescribed by lav., ^f anv ?ity having a popula
tion of o,rer fifty thousand inhabitants, ma; vrant a spccial form of grvern
ment for such city.
Any laws or charters enroled pursuant to the provisions of this section
shall he subject to I he provisions of this Constitution relating expressly
to judges and clerks of i-onrts, attorneys for the Commonwealth, commis
sioners of revenue, city treasurers and city sergeants.
Resolved, That the clerk of the house of delegates be authorized and
required to cause this proposed amendment and these resolutions to be
published for three months previous to the time of the next general election
of the members of the house of delegates.
Resolved. That the clerk of the house of delegates be required to
transmit to the general assembly at its first regular session held after the
next general election of members of th?- house of delegates a certified copy
Df said proposed amendment and theperesolutionf. together with the certifi
cate of publication bv tho publishers of newspapers in which the raid amend
ment shall have been published.
I hereby certify that the foregoing is a true copy of amendment
proposed to the Constitution and agreed to by the General Assembly of
Virginia, session 1910, and the same is published in pursuance of sec
tion 10(> of the Constitution and Act of the General Assembly, approved
February 3, 1908.
Clerk House of Delegates of Virginia.
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Edward Travers in Jail Suspected
of Crime.
Aged Resident ol First Want Meets
Death By Iteing Hurled From Porch.
Body Removed to Wheatley's Ifnder
taking Establishment. Inquest To
-Lying in front of her squallid resi
dence. near the corner of Washington
and Franklin streets, her matted white
locks coveriug her face, Mary Galla
horue, one of the well-known charac
ters of Alexandria, a fortune-teller by
profession was found dead at half past
two o'clock this after neon and Edward
Travers, a white man forty years old is
locked up in the station house on sus
picion of being responsible for the
death of the old womnn.
Aunt Mary," as she was commonly
called by the colored residents of the
city, from whom ? she has beguiled
many a dime for love potions and
charms during the past twenty-live
years, met her death at half past two
(this afternoon.
There were two eye-witnesses to the
crime, Charles Pullman, of Fairfax
county, and a small colored boy,
Adrian Woodlawn, about nine years
According to the testimony of the
boy he saw the woman and the mau
struggling on the small porch in front
of the house. Then, according to his
story,the man kicked the old woman in
the side and threw her across the porch.
She fell with her head hanging over the
edge of the porch when he went over
to where she was and shoved her to the
ground a distance of four feet
Without looking at her body, it is
said, he went, into the house and
brought out a chair and sat down,
muttering to himself. James Nelson,
who is a resident of that section of the
[town, went across the street and whe"
! be found out that the woman .vis dead
telephoned for the police. Travers
was arrested by Acting Lieutenant
Roberts and Officer Roland.
Coroner Moon* rearbed the scene
shortly after three o'clock and after
making a superficial examination of
the body ordered the remains removed
to Wheatley's undeitaking establish
ment where an inquest will be held
(tomorrow morning at ten o'clock.
Travers, upon being placed in a cell
at the station house soon fell asleep.
Upon being aroused later he denied
having assaulted the dead woman, and
said he lodged at her house last night.
This afternoon he saw her lying inside
her house near the door alul supposed
she was asleep.
He says he was later told by James
Nelson that Airs. Callahornc was dead.
Travers said he then went to John
Lawler's saloon and requested him to
notify the station house by telephone.
It is said that Travers did not lodge
in the dead woman's house last night,
but slept in a field nearby. Passeisby
allege that they saw him lying in a
pool of water early this morning.
Two remarkable snake stories, vouch
ed for by gentlemen of veracity, come
from Hat Rock, Rockingham county,
\a. A. C. Campbell killed an un
usually large Farter snake in his potato
patch. In its stomach he found ill
young snakes of three varities. There
were two dozen black snakes, a dozen
gaiter snakes and about the same
uumber of spotted snakes. It is pre
sumed that the cannibal snake went on
a rampage through the neighborhood,
killing mother snakes and swallowing
the children in their families. \\ L
Weatherholz, of the same neighbor
hood. killed a hugh black snake and,
surprised at the dimensions of the
reptile, cut it open. Within he found
10 partridgo eggs and a full-grown
bird of the yellow-hammer species.
A blacksnake, nearly seven feet iong,
Rave Policeman Beiser a fierce battle
yesterday morning in Cincinnati, when
Beiser, thinking that it/was an um
brella, attomptcd to pick up the rep
tile Beiser was making his rounds
and boarded the Sedameville "owl" car
to go down the road to Anderson's
terry. \\ hen the car stopped at Steiner
avenue the officer, who was standing
near the motonuan, noticed a black
object lying in the road. Thinking
it wan an umbrella, the officer started
to pick it up. His hand had hardly
closed over the .->bject when it showed
sigus of life. In a flash a big black
snake had coiled itself around his lee.
He kicked himself free and struck at
the reptile with his club. The snake
came back. Beiser struck at it re
peatedly, but it was not dispatched
until the car crew went to his aid with a
switch iron.
Two Men Killed in a Collision.
Pittston, Aug. 4.?Two men were
killed, and another so seriously in
jured that his death is expected, in a
collision last night between a Delaware
and Hudson train, and an automo
bile at Smithville crossing near here.
Knights of Columbus Adjourns.
Detroit, Mich., Ang. 4.?The inter
national convention of the Knights of
Columbus here today stands ad
journed. following the selection of
Cambridge Springs, Pa., for the con
vention next year.
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tomorrow a fine lot of RI YER MELON'S
FRESH couxray BUTTER, eggs.
CHICKENS and a full line of VEGE
TABLES. Give me a call.
Stall 22 Cameron Street Wins.
Flat Denial that a Witness from
York, Pa., is to Appear in Inter
ests of Accused.
Richmond, Va., Aug 4.?Believing
that Henry Clay Beattie, jr., charged
with the murder of his wife, will plead
insauity when put on trial, counsel for
the commonwealth today held an ex
tended conference to determine the ad
visability cf having alienists study l.he
young husband during his detention in
Richmond jail.
No decisiou was definitely reached,
hut it was considered probable that the
prosecution would secure two alienists
to examine Beattie within the next
few weeks.
Counsel for the accused man has not
yet intimated exactly what its line of
defense will be.
Richmond, Va., Aug. 4.?Flat denial
of the repoit that counsel fur Henry
Clay Beattie, jr., have found a witness
at York, Pa., who would testify that!
Beattie and his wife were laughing and !
chatting together in their automobile j
only a few moments before Mrs. Beattie
was killed, was made here today. Coun
sel on both sides say that they are now
practically ready for the trial. With
the exception of Paul Beattie, cousin of
the accused man, the three prisoners in
Richmond jail are standing confine
ment well. Paul is apparently on the
verge of a nervous breakdown.
A report that the Virginia militia
would be railed into service to main
tain a guard around the Chesterfield
Courthouse during the trial, was not
generally credited hero today. Guard
officials refused to discuss the matter,
and county officers said that if a
guard were necessary, they had no
doubt but that order could lie preserved
by extra deputies.
Three Men Have Narrow Escape
From Serious Injury While
Laying Bricks.
Shortly before two o'clock this after
noon a scaffold on which Thomas
Tebel, and Edward Lawler white, and
Clarence Millei, colored, were at work
at the site of the old l'ioner-r Mills,
where is being erertrd the new plant of
the Emerson Engine Companj', col-1
lapsed, hurling the Irio on a pile of
bricks about fifty feet below. For
tunately all three escaped serious
injury, although, when tin* facts
in the case art; considered, it
seems miraculous that they were not
crippled or killed. When the scaffold
collapsed the three men with the plank
ing and scantling of the scaffold passed
through two other scaffolds, carrying
them down with a crash.
The men were picked up by other
workmen who witnessed the accident
and l>r. W. A. Warfield was summon
ed. Tebel ard Lawler escaped with
bruises anil scratches, but Miller seem
ed to be suffering from interna! injury,
and he was sent to his home, 421
north Pitt street. Tebel resides at 121
St. Asaph street and Lawler at 111
north Payne street.
Ineffectual Efforts to Bring About
Peace?One Hundred Thousand
About to Strike.
London, Aug. 4.?Strong efforts
were made today by arbitrators ap
pointed in the dispute, to bring about a
settlement in the strike of the dock
workers before tomorrow when 100,
000 men employed in transportation
service are to be called out. More
than 100 ships are tied ip> awaiting un
loading. The arbitrator io- holding
continuous sessions and the strike
leaders have promised to wait another
24 hours for developments.
Lillian Crack, the little daughter of
the jailer of Alexandria county is
driving round in a small cart pulled by
a smart looking donkey, the on fit be
ing the gift to the little girl by the em
ployes of the supply department of the
Postofiice Department of Washington,
H. G. Malcolm of the Postofiice De
partment was attracted to the little girl
some time ago, who attracted his sym
pathies because of her crippled condi
Four prisoners were taken from the
jail in this city this morning by a guard
and conducted to the Occoquan work
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Rawlett
have bought from John Naylor the
two-story frame dwelling, o04 south
Fairfax street. The sale was made
through John D. Normoyle. real es
tate broker.
The annual meeting of the stockhold
ers of the Braddoek Light and Power
Company. Incorporated, for the election
of Directors and the transaction or such
business as may properly come before
said meeting will be held at the office of
the Company. 107 North Fairfax Street,
Alexandria. *Va., on Tuesday. August
15,1P11, at 1:00 o'clock p. m.
F. J. WHITEHEAD, Secretary.
aug4 lot
Freedom of City Extended?Japanese
Naval Hero to Visit Washington
and Mount Vernon.
New York, Aug. 4.? Bearing :i nies
sage of peace and good will, Admiral
Count Heichachiro Togo, hero of the
battle of the Sea of Japan, and one
of the world's greatest warriors, today
is "seeing New York," as the guest of
this nation.
Togo and bis party, under a police
escort of one hundred men, made a
formal call upon Mayor Gaynor. City
Hall Park was jammed with people
when the distinguished visitor was
received at the executive offices.
Shortly afterward Mayor Gaynor re
turned the rail, extending to the
admiral the freedom of the city.
Admiral Togo will leave New \ork
for Washington at 8:38 p. m. tomor
row. He will visit Washington's tomb,
inspecting the Navy Yard and partici
pating in various entertainments while
in the capital city.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Jacobs, and Mr.
and Mrs. Geo. W. Calter, have just
returned from a delightful visit to Mid
land, Warrenton and Loise Va.
, Rev. Mr. Allison will supply the
pulpit of the Second l'resbytcrian
Church for six months, commencing
September 1st.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Parst, ac
companied by their children, arc visit
ing Mr. aud Mrs. George Wife on
Seminary Hill.
I Miss Carrie Wise has returned from
a pleasant visit to Charles county. Md.
Miss Eunice Carter, accompanied by
her former hostess, Mrs. Wilnui Me
Menamin, has returned to her heme in
Lynchburg. Mrs. McMenamin will n -
main as her guest for a short time.
Miss Jesse Rust, who has been visit
ing in West End, lias returned to her
home in Loudoun county accompanied
' by lier former hostess. Miss Mary
Mrs. J. W. Parrisli, of Newaik.j
Delaware, is the guest of Mrs. C. M.
Bruin at her home in West End.
Mrs. G. M. Smith is visiting her
cousin in Philadelphia for the week.
Mr. Charles Payne, of Charlottes
ville, and his nephew. Master Clarence
Payne, of Alexandria, have recently
been the guests of friends ami relatives
in Baltimore.
Mr. and Mrs. M. Jaffa and family
have returned from a two-weeks trip to
Atlantic City,
i Walker Campbell and his son. Willie
Campbell, are at Colonial Beach where
they will spend the next ten days.
f Com At i n ICATF. I'
How often do we hear expressions
from another iu our every day wall; of
the weather, but I don't think it has
ever in our town been on every bod) s
lips as the last week, for we all real
ized that our reservoir was very low and
only a downpour of rain would save
our health and possibly our lives?in
fact when the beautiful sun shone so
glorious yesterday morning, which is
usually a very welcome sight, it cast a
sadness over everybody, for we had ex
pected the rain. But yesterday afternoon
when this beautiful rain came down so
tine I don't believe there was a m?n,
woman or child who did not realize
what it meant to them and I believe
uttered a silent prayer?truly none
moie appropriate than to praise God
from whom all blessings llow.
I Com m rjf icateij.
While the police are preparing
another raid on the four-lefcgcd ems
that infest the streets, let them do
something more towards putting a stop
to impudent young rowdies congre
gating mi the street corners in certaiu
localities, notably fit the intersection
of Hilt and Queen streets, a favorite
resort. This is a nuisance that has
been referred to several times before in
the Gazette, but for some reason or
ntlioi nothing lias been done to abate it.
__ X.
Frank Walker, a colored defective
of Mississippi, was in the citv today.
He will visit Washington while iu this
vicinity. Walker savs he is i searcher
for fugitives from justice llecarrics
recommendations from governors of
several states, including Governor
Mann, of Virginia. Walker claims
acquaintanceship with John Sharp
Williams and other prominent Miss
issippians. He will call on the presi
dent while in Washington.
The sloop Water Lily, one of the
tishing crafts on the Potomac, is on
the railway at the shipyard for repair
work to her bull and for calking and
painting before jjoing into service with
the tishing fleet on the river this fall.
The schooner Sidonia Curley, which
was out on the railway at Dean's boat
yard, has completed repairs and has
gone to the Rappahannock river to load
Lcishman Acceptable! to Germany.
Berlirj, Aug. 4.?John G. A. Irish
man, at present ambassador at Rome,
is acceptable to the German govern
ment as successor to Ambassador
David Jayne Hill. A reply to this ef
fect was received today by the foreign
office from Emperor William who was
on an automobile trip in Mecklenburg,
from where be telegraphed his ap
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Negotiations Said to be at a Stand
still?Germany's Terms Im
Berlin, Aug. 4.?The optimism and
confidence in London th.it Germany
and France have in principle, at least,
reached an understanding in the Mo
roccan question, is not reflected today
by the German press. On the con
trary. a strong pessimistic tone prevails.
The National Gazette, usually in
close touch with diplomatic circles,
says that the negotiations between For
eign Secretary Kinderlen-Waechter and
Ambassador Jules Cambon have come
to an actual standstill. Intimation of
a ministerial crisis is found by some in
the paper's statement, thai the foreign
secretary will "sacrifice himself rather
than sacrifice the interests of the na
With one exception, the leading
papers oppose the suggestion jjthat
tin; Moroccan question be re
ferred to a conference of I lie powers.
The conservative Post ami the influen
tial Vossische Zeitung believe that the
people should bo prepared for a com
plete failure of the negotiations which,
so far, have not progressed a single
London, Aug. 4.?No confirmation
could be had today in semi-ollicial or
official circles of the repoit that Ger
many anil France have agreed in
principle upon a settlement in I lie
Moroccan controversy. The slock
market was steady and this wan taken "
as an indication thai financial circles
believe an agreement is probable.
Should a settlement be reached, it is
the general imim-s>ii>n here lb-it it will
be due In I he inlhieiicc ol Kiuperr r
William, us it m known that Foreign
Sec-etary Huron Von K imlcrlen-Wuech
ter is inlhering to terms considered im
I possible l?v France.
IJerlin. An?. -1 It became known
here today tliata settlement of the Mn
i<>ei-n! dispute is in s-isr? il. the report
iudiea!ing ihat l.'u-si.i uilulas a me
tliuloi bet ween Genu wiy, Knijl.iii'l and
France The mailer i> :i-> yet a> f.u
from 1 ii?:11 lerminuliuii but great si?j;
nificun.'e wu- attached to the state
ment licit :i l.ud-.- ot settlement hid
been agreed upon. The details will
be worked out as rapidly as possible,
according to the report.
lUshop Randolph Iim :issiSn?-?l Un
churches :it Saltville and Marion, in
HnUt..ii parish, Smyth county, to the
Rev William Henry Pettus, svilli ie.<i
al Saltville. He was recently
oidained deacon ??y Bishop Lurkt-r in
tin- chapei of the Theological Semmaiy
at Alexandria. Mr. Pettus is an alum
nus of the College of Wilham and
Marv and tli?- Virginia llicologual
Sein'inarv. He will begin work m his
now field the second Sunday in Angus;
The Rev. W. H. Callender, rector or
Fulls Church, Fairfax county, will have
charge of Galilee Chapel, \ irg.n.a
I',each, vluring the month of Aligns!.
The Hi v. Robert A. C.oodwm, rector
of old St. John's Church, Richmond, is
Spending his vacatbn at his old home
in Wythevil'.e, Va. Meantime St.
John's is in charge of his wn. Mi. Con
rad II (Goodwin, a student of the Mr
ginia Tin ological Seminary. #
" Th.- Rev. l'aca Kennedy, 01 the \ il
eum Theological Seminary, will have
charge during August of Christ Chinch
parish, and St. John's Church, George
town, P. C. | _
The United States Civil Service Com
mission announces the following ex
aminations to ho held in this city m
order to (ill vacancies in the government
service: for building inspector, male,
for service in I'orto Rico, on August
?Yr the following for September o-<:
scientific assistant in library science,
Department or Agriculture: geologist,
male, in the Philippine service; irriga
tion engineer, male, in the Department
of Agriculture: agriculture inspector,
male, in the Philippine service; and for
n press feeder, at some date in the
fan. _
The body of the late Mrs. Sarah
Pitts, who died at Uppcrville on A ed
nesday last, was brought to this city
ibis morning and the funeral was held
from Union Station, Rev. \\ . t. " ^
son pastor of the First Baptist Church
officiating. The following cousins of
the deceased served as paUbeaiei^
Melvin Pitts. Harvey t renew. George
Francis, Ernest Mills, Edward Mdb,
and Samuel Pitts. Interment was m
Bethel Cemetery. _ _
Mi?-s Kmily Charlotte Skidmore, a
daughter of the late Jesse and Sarah
Skidmore, died early last night at the
home of her sister, Mrs M. ,)ru!' ^
Allen, 202 north Columbus street. I he
funeral will take place on Sunday
nlorIIi?g from her late home at ten
o'clock. Rev. H. M. Canter olhcating.
Mi-- Skidmore was a native of this
city and had lived in Alexandria all her
life Where she had many friend and
acquaintances. She was a member of
,he Southern Methodist Church.
Post F. Travelers' Protective Asso
ciation. of ibis city, gave an excursion
to River View today, rhe steamer St.
Johns will leave this evening at . .u?
o'clock on her last trip and uI run
down the river about twenty miles thus
affording the excursionists a pleasant
moonlight ride.
Ladies' $2.50 and $3.00 tine Oxfords
and Pumps. Clearing price $2.00.
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Everything Reduced Below
AH Competition.
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$1.50 Matting Suit Cases Reduced to $1.
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6.'I Trunks marked $ J.
64 Trunks only
5 Trunks marked $4.
A. C. Cowhide Travelling Hags si/.^ ltj, 17 and I" all marked $5.
These hags are Leather Lined inside pocket, leathei covered frame
solid brass lock and trimming*.
Regular price of these bags is ?7.5:1. Sp.vi d for anv si/.,' s"?
Window Shades made to order at summer prices
518-520 King Street, Alexandria, t/a.
T I" ALF the burden of the
^ ^ hot day is removed by
drinking a healthful, cooling
drink, such as Clicquot
(Kleek-o) Club Ginger Ale.
The ginger, the clash of lemon and the car
bonic gas usee! in Clicquot Club are all beneficial '
to digestion; and the ginger is combined in a
manner that entirely eliminates astringency. . v
The superior quality water and ingredients \
makes Clicquot Club unusually good; and our
method of combining, carbonating and steriliz
ing makes it distinctly superior.
Other CLICQUOT CLUB Beverages:
. Birch Beer C^oot Beer Sarsaparilla
Blood Orange Lemon Soda
S <?" Sold 7
N. Lindsay & Co., Wholesale Distributors.
Brawner & Bro.
Store closes 6.00 p. m?Saturday's Excepted.
? You wilt liinl us fully prepared to meet your requirements lor thiil
season's preserving. We have received a new assortment <>i Mixej,
Pickling Spices. We have Pure Vinegars?bolh apple anil while, fn -
(iinger Hoot, anil all other preserving necessities Fre-di anil at low:"'
Pints oOf. (Quarts "jc. l-'J Callous /?>!?, Jelly 'Masses "2ov per dozen
ijljAKKU CITY HAM, it i- good. It i the real tasty kind of ham
that will satisfy the most particular epi. aire
Easily prepared edibles that ta*t?4 pood when the appetite sifters from
!?<-? weather. Suitable also for picnics.
POTTED CHICKEN", Canned ('lin k*? u. C.avi i. Ancliouy Paste,
Canned Pimentos, Shrimp. Lobster, Salmon, etc.
Crape Juice and tiing?*rale, both Domesti and In.ported.
Potomac Roe Herring, extra tine Mixed tea, .i:r special I.rami for
icing 50c
When j'our bread and biscuits . to made ?jf Cream Flout your vi-it'-""5
will conipliim nt the -kill of your cook.
Bell^O Phones. Capital City 107

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