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Have the Gazette Follow You
Alexandrians who are leaving the
city should not (ail to have tlie Gazette
follow them; in this way only ran they
keep informed ahout a Hairs at home.
The Gazette will be mailed to any ad
dress in the United States and Mexico
at regular rates. Address; may he
changed as desired.
. IfFOUNDED 1784.
The Alexandria Gazette < orp?nit i<m
toBERT S. BARRETT, 1'nsi.l. :> mil
Ooneral Maim: . ?
UoVV XUJi \V. SMII'II, S? > t.-i II . .1. ?
Gazette Buimxno. ::i? ami .">12
Princk Strim i.
[Entered atthe Postoftlceol Vl?-\andri;?,
Virginia, as secoml-cla.^ u> uier.l
''Terms: Daily?1 year, ?. .<> .mits,
92.50; 3 months, 1 month. t.'< eents
J week, 10 ccntg.
The visit of Admiral Togo and suile
to the United States brings to mind
the tour of this country by representa
tives of the island kingdom over half
a century ago. The Japanese embassy
cam? to America in 18G0, at a time
?when Japan as one of the family of the
nations of the earth was ahout as
insignificant as is Siam now. The old
Aquia creek steamer "Philadelphia"
with the embassy aboard stopped at tin
wharf at the foot of Prince street ivheie
a crowd of Alexandrians had gathered
to look at the orientals. They wore
queues and were attired in costumes
which had undergone no change in
pattern since the days of Confucious.
Some of the paity carried swords about
a foot, h'tig, which were more for
buitu utility, and resembled
pikers. "Japanese Tommies" were
euphonious titles given them by the
boys of that generation. But how
limes have changed since 1300! The
l ttle brown man who is now the guest
of the nation has taken bis stand with
Horatio Nelson, while military cliief
t .iins of whom any country should be
proud have emerged from Japan dur
ing recent years. The Japanese are
no longer objects of curiosily to be
V-ized upon by the haughty Occident,
1-ut are being received as the peers of
:my race.
As more and more we are learning
t. ? safely navigate the upper ocean of
the air a greater degree of reciprocity
1) :tween the nations becomes inevi
t i'>le. It is impossible to establish or
in lintain fixed political boundary
"lines in the upper atmosphere. The
a. roplanists pay slight attention to
hostile frontiers or customs regulations.
Without asking leave they throw aerial
hridges across the water courses. They
may in good time link far separated
countries together across dividing
oceans. This conquest of the air, in
volved in the flight of airmen and the
ndine of wireless messages, is an cx
n nsion nf the era of freedom beyond
tho dream of conquerors and law
?>>t kers.
Reports to the Weather Bureau
Hit nv that the back of the drough
in the Middle Atlantic and Southern
States has been broken by the recent
heavy rainfalls. The downpour was
Mineral from PeniHj'lvania to Florida
and extended westward into the untiin
tiins uf the Virginia.
Joseph Vacek, jr., 17 years old, son
<>f Joseph Vacek, a wealthy contractor,
of Chicago, last uight confessed that
!:?( shot and .killed his father yesterday
:%? their home. The shootiug is be
hoved to have followed a demand of
the boy for money, and a quarrel, dur
ing which his father reprimanded him
for not working.
Young Vacek, jr., also confessed that
lie sought to blacken the memory of
ihe dead man by means of a "Black
Hand" note pinned to the clothing of
ihe corpse. The father's body was
r >uud in his room. On the clothing
>vas piuncd a note addressed to the
victim's wife, and reading as follows:
"Your husband is now where he
wanted you to be. He told us if we
Killed you he would give us $">00, and
we failed. W e asked him for the coin
:<nyway, and he did not give it to us,
s j we got even. He deserved it and
not you. I am a perfect gentleman,
:ind a friend of yours. Do not mourn
I r this guy, as he is a coward."
In his confession young Vacek de
? ':tred when lie .went to his father for
l-ioney, while his mother was away,
i.?e elder man tried to induce him to
murder his mother, offering to pay
him well for it. Horrified at the prop
osition of the father, the boy said, he
? Irow his revolver and attempted to
sdioot over his father's head. The bul
let struck his father and killed him.
T-if police scout the story of the fa
ther's offer, as they were unable to
learu of any domestic infelicity.
Seemed to Give Him a New Stomach.
"I suffered intensely after eating
and uo medicine or treatment I tried
seemod to do any good," writes H. M.
Youngpeters, Editor of The Sun, Lake
View, Ohio. "The first few doses of
Hiianiberlain's Stomach aud Liver
Tablets gave me surprising relief and
the second bottle seemed tu give iue a
jnw storn-icli and perfectly good
lieaith." For sale by \Y. F. Creigh-1
too aud Richard Gibsou.
The Anchor liner Columbia, due
at. New York from Glasgow Sunday,
rammed au iceberg in a fog off ie
banks of Newfoundland and broke
her nose, but not seriously enough to
put her in danger. The damage to
the Columbia was patched up, and sue
is coming along at somewhat reduced
Green Lake, a small 3heet of water
n few miles from Cfttskill?
the scene of a tragedy Thursday night,
when Mary Jarvis and Noma Meany.
of Brooklyn, each about 22 ycar3 old,
and Joseph Hensche, or the Bronx,
were drowned. They had spent the
evuniug at a dance across the lake,
making the trip by boat.
Edwin E. Jackson, jr., who was the
supervisor of the various steel wire
pools that the federal government^ has
beeu prosecuting, was fiued $45,000
yesterday by Judge Archbald in New
York for the part he played in the
formation and administration of the
poo). He returned only a day or two
ago from Furopc.
Following the receipt of a Black
Hand letter by Mrs. S. D. Heckman,
demanding $1,000 and threatening to
steal her daughter Beatrice, IS years
old if she refused, the girl was attacked
in her home in Washington, l'a.,
yesterday. Her assailant tied her
hands, and feet, and placed a gag in
her mouth, but was frightened away
before doing further violence. 1 lie
girl was unconscious wheu discovered
by a milk peddler later in the day.
The third of a family of children to
meet a violentdeath, Robert Carter, sou
of a farmer near Valdosta, Ga., died yes
terday as the result of being bitten by
a rattlesnake in a cornfield Thursday,
A short time ago Carter's little sister
was bitten by a cat and quickly died,
and a few years ago a brother was
choked to death while at play.
Twenty-six passengers were injured,
five of them seriously, 7 miles from
Salisbury, N- C., yesterday afternoon,
when eastbound train No. 212 of the
Southern Railway jumped the track,
causing the chair car to pluuge down a
30-foot embankment. The victims of
the accident wore buried under a mass
of broken glass, timbers, aud twisted
iron. Some of them may die.
Two Italians wero killed aud four
others fatally iujured yesterday when
fitty men were buried in a sewer cave-in
at the plant of the Pittsburg Crucible
Steel Co., at Midland, lJa. Quick
aud effective rescue work prevented a
larger loss of life.
Mystery surrounds the death of
Clareucc R Naudler, 35 years old,
found dead at hi* homo in Dravosburg,
Pa., yesterday morning. While physi
cians who held a post-mortem examina
tion believe that lie v?as killed hy a holt of
lightning, friends of the dead man insist
that he was murdered. Upon the first
discovery of the body, it was reported
as a suicide.
A woman's body, almost decapitated,
was found in a sewvr in Cincinnati,
yesterday, by two boys, aud the police
are working on ihe theory that she whs
murdered and thrown into the sewci
several days ago. There was nothing
besides the clothing by which the body
might he identified.
The heavy rainfall "f riiut.sday night
and yesterday morning en used heavy
damage in m tnyplai* sin Maryland.sev,
eral barns were destroyed by lightning*
while numbers of houses and outbuild
ings were struck. Two freight trains of
the Baltimore and Ohio Riihoul were
derailed as the r.-ui' f washouts. The
rainfall in Baltimore was more than t^c
inches. The water situation was re
lieved by the heavy downpour.
To his story of how he claims he
was bribed to vote far Lorimer, Charles
A. White, a former member of the Illi
nois Legislature, yesterday added for
the benefit of the Senate Lorimer com
mittee that he believed that every one
of the 5? democrats who voted for Lor
imer did so for money consideration.
He added i.hat he thought that some of
the republicans who voted for lorimer
got money for so doing. White ad
mitted under cross-examinatio" that
he lied when he wrote to Senator Lori
mer that he had finished his story and
that he had been offered $2.50 a word
for it.
A warrant was issued at Eastou, Md.,
yesterday, for the arrest of Dr. J. L.
McCormick, on a charge of setting the
tire which swept Trappe, Md., on
Wednesday last, and caused a loss of
After suffering ror several days from
a water famine, Charlotte, N. C., has
had a rainfall of 1.S4 inches and con
ditions are favorable for a continuation
of showers. The precipitation was
general throughout the North Carolina
states and continues in many places.
During a heavy thunderstorm early
yesterday the wind blew in a window
at the residence of George Kuntz, at
Punxsutawney, Pa., and a piece of the
flying glass struck his daughter Stella
on the neck. An artery was severed,
and the child died within half an hour.
The skeleton of an immense bumau
being was found recently by Peter
Marx on his farm at Juuipcr, northwest
of Presco?t. Arizona. The bones had
been partially exposed by erosion in the
side of the creek bed. Marx investi
gated and finally assembled most of
the skeleton, which is that of a man
who was probably twice as heavy a9
the average man of today and several
feet taller. The skull is complete, and
in the jaws are teeth that are tusklike
n size.
Death and destruction of property
marked the path of a heavy electrical
boat at Chautauqua, N. Y., yesterday.
Mrs. W.E. Wiley, of Westfield,a teacher
in the Westfield High School, was
sitting near a telephone iu her home
when a bolt of lightning struck her
in the head and killed her instantly.
Alva Lawrence, 19 years old. of Elling
? on, was hit by a bolt of lighting and
"death resulted. Bert Simmons and
Lee Hiltou, of Cissadaga, were render
ed unconscious by a bolt of lightning.
The same bolt killed thirteen valuable
Buy it now. Now is the time to
buy a bottle of Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera aud Diarrhoea Remedy. It is
almost certain to be needed before the
summ. r is over. This remedy has no
suporior. For sale by W, F. Creighton
and Richard Gibson. -JOCOSE
Excursion to River Points are Well
Attended?News of Other Or
Alexandria Tent No. 2 Knights of
tlio Maccabees held an exceedingly
interesting meeting in the hall on
Monday night. A resolution having
for its purpose the raising of the
local lodge dues was discussed at
length and finally laid on the table
for three weeks. One application
for membership was presented.
On Tuesday night in Odd Fellows
Hall tho L. O. T. M. held their regu
lar hive review.
We are pleased to note the reap
pointment of Mr. Ernest R. Boyer,
to the office of District Grand Chan
celor for the Knights of Pythias
for the ninth district which embraces
the lodges in Fredericksburg, Balls
Ion, Hendon, Loesburg, Purcellville,
Round Hill, Lovettesville and this
Mr. Boyer is a very enthusiastic
worker in Pythias circles, as is evi
dence in his reappointment to thic
much coveted office.
Oriental Lodge No. C K. of P. held
their regular weekly meeting in their
temple on North Pitt Si, last Tues
day night.
Potomac Lodge of Odd Fellows,
is probably one of the most aggres
sive fraternities in our city. It is a
rare occurrence for this lodge not
to have several candidates every
meeting night, to be inducted into
the mysteries of the order, and from
a benevolent view point, it is doing
splendid work.
This has certainly been a banner
week for excursions down the river
The Young Men's Bible Class of the
M. E. Church South, started the week
with one, Monday night to Indian
Head, which was well patronized
and thoroughly enjoyed by all on
Wednesday, Alva Aorie, No. 871.
F. O. E. gave their fifth annual ex
cursion to Marshall Hall, and largo
numbers patronized the morning,
afternoon and evening boats. It was
a genuine Eagles day at the popular
river resort.
Today Post F. Travelers Protective
Association, have had the steamer
St. John laden, with its member:;
and friends and a most enjoyable
outing has been spent by all.
? Andrew Jackson Lodge No. 12U
A. F. A. M. held a stated com
munication on last night in Masonic
it is a fact, so plain that he who
r?ns can read, that fraternal and se
cret Orders grow out of the necefaS
lio8 of society, and they fill a place
! ?n' i he lives of men that not lung else
can till. Their supreme object e
^d society, the brotherhood of man
and the uplifting of man to highe
al,d nobler spheres of virtue, chaiRj
friendship and education. As the
rich fruit of these teachings is rt
vealed. relief for the widows and
tUe orphans, comfort and consola
tion for the despondent and* is tress
ed. aid to the sick, proper burial for
the dead, clearer comprehension o
individual duty, and a broader and
' Ire substantial enlightenment gro*
ing out of closer and more extended
association. There is not an Oide
but that the results of its w..K
open to the world, and there la no.
an Order but that such results prove
the stability, sincerity and grandeur
ot its mission. There Orders not onl>
practically illustrate the utility am
beneficence of organized benevolenc.
and charity on lines of Christ,on
teaching, but it is entirely proper to
I infer that even the State itself^ e
I comes a beneficiary inasmuch as it
may be saved from
jburden or relief that might other
wise devolve upon it.
By a verdict reached by a commit
tee of thirteen, over which Bishop
Denny, of the Methodist Episcopal
Church. South, presided in a three
days' deliberation and trial at the
Mount Vernon Place Church. Wnsh
?2? Rev J o. Knott, pastor of
'thechurch at' Warrenton. Fauquier
county, was expelled fro*' ^ "j?*
try and his connection . t
| ronton church severed, Mr. knotty
one time was Pa:,t?r , , ^ya<;h
Soutbern Methodist Church o.J\ astt
in "ton He left Washington last
night, at the expiration of the tna ,
(or the north. . ig
aDMrK|lPwa| p??o.,
Dennv, Mr. Kern said be would carry
Si ck on appeMto.ho Rensra con
ferenco committee on appeal of the
MeSis. Episcopal Cburc,9 outb
Whiol, meets at Koauoke the latter
P*Mr?'Knot? baleen under
sion on an order
Prettyman mom the ,he
brought aga.o" ^ (on church
SEJSwUv the cbarEes.jd^
mnst unamrnously sjoo ^
to*tbeir former pastor in a 00
floor of the general conference.
Closing Hour 5 P. M. Saturday Excepted
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D. BENDHE1M & SONS 3S6 King Street
Albert .1. Triplelt, si fireman ;em
ployeii ?>y J?,f,s s- (iary f j*1"'
Mherion, Howard county, Mil. shot and
killed Joseph Marshall, a Hhiuv
maker " who resitlnd at AI her ton, yes
terday afternoon, shortly afte.r
o'clock bccauae he feared that M.ir
,_m who had struck him several
times' would do him further bodily in
f' Trinlett hails from rage county,
Mhprtou 'or lour months. lripieu
S. son. The tf. -ZT&'Z
Ir!pl dl'v 'however, she met Joseph C.
Saturday' Alderton Station and
Marshall at i-ii;f.fltt City. There
eV" ' ?:,i ? hit he was willing for the
who ^ ' ,' nlace and to the clerk
be^gtive the age ot MissTripictt as 18
^The couple ?rc married and wcouo
the Marshall home, where tbc> '???
t? reside. Triplett accord,^ Ins
statement, began to "4?__rtftta aeainst
jhall had been making t-brc g
him. Mrs. Triphat. accord,us m he :
statement, had received. lbr?"S
?,her daughters a me. age that, t^
Instead of doing this TrlPk|*' e-j b j
rarrv the revolver which he bau ua
for some time, but had never carried
with him. _____?
The end of the Moroccan trouble
between Germany and France ? in
sicbt. Jules Cambon, the French
ambassador at Berlin, and Major von
DiJerlen-Waechter, the German foreign
secretary, yesterday found a common
ground of settlement on g? V-ot-ked
though the details remain to be worked
?lThe settlement involves a consider
able trading of colonial possessions and
<o transfers the center of interest from
the Germau foreign to the columa
Misunderstood that Russia played
the oart of a mutual friend and inter
?Xt London and Paris to take the
rough edges off the Eugli-h attitude^
the challenging tone of which for a
ime was more threatening <o peace |
hao the actual subject of the negotia-,
?Vn ordinary xee of diarrhoea cane
* ? rule, be ?c< d by a single dosnd
rhamberlai**s Colic, Cholera a a
s thoea Remedy. This remedy h
superior or bowel complaints. F. f
e by F. f Creightou and Richa o
? . rd
n b
Alexandria,^ Va.
M.SB.JHARLOW Vice-President I. J. GREEM. A^s't Cashier
The Oldest National Bank in
the State of Virgini?
Thefreal strength olja bank is its undivided profits
and capital. In proportion of undivided profits to
capftal the First National Bank ranks fourth among
the National Banks of the State of Vrginia.
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? ?- " *07]Ki&g Street
- AT -
E, S. Lesdbeater 8 Sons
established; 17:>2.
Washington and Alexandria Ferry Co
Change of Schedule. In
effect June 15, 1911.
Leave Washington *0.30 a. in. ?7.20 a.
in. *i?.00 a. ni. 10.30 a. ni. C12.00 ni. '1.30
p. m. 3.0o p. in. *1.40 p. ni. C.Oo p. ni.
Lcavo Alexandria *3.00 a. m. !?.4">:i. m.
*11.15 n. ni. ' 12.45 p. ni. 2.15 p. m. ?3.-10 p.
in. *5.20 p. ill. 0.40 p. ill.
'Stops at Steel Plant.
6.30 a. in. and 4.40 p. m.t boats from
Washington to Steel Plant Only.
Lcavo Washington at S.OO, 9.30,11.00 a.
ni, 12.30, 2.00, a30. 5.00 and (J.30 p. ill.
Leave Alexandria at 8.45. 10.15, 11.4"<a.
m. 1.15. 2.4-I. 4.15,5.45 and7.15 p. in.
Wm. H. Peck
Groceries, Meats and Provisions, Floui
and Feed, Nails, Glass, etc.
Carload lots of Wood, C-al, Lime
Cement, Piaster, Roofing and Terra CoUfl
Sewer Pipe.
Either Phonell92.
Washington Southern Ry.
Schoduln in effect .Inly 3, 1911.
Trains leave Uuion Station for Wash
ington and points north at K OS,82.1
s 31, 9 53 and 10 01 a. in., 1201, 2 30. s 07,
8 IS and 11 33 p. ni., daily.
J-'or Fredericksburg, Richmond anil
point* south at 4 37, 7 53 (local) and 10 .1
a. in., 121G, 4 27, 5 27 (local) G 52, s 30 and
ft 57 p. m. daily.
''Accommodation foi Fredericksbuig at
11 13 a. m., daily. Ou week days tlii
train runs through to Milftml.
Notk:?Time ofarrivals and departure?
and connections not guaranteed
W. P. TAYLOR, Traffic Manager.
Richmond. \ *i.
Laurence Stabler
Room No. 4. Burltt* t' Herbert BUtf.
The companies represented in thi*
otlico l.avo assets ol over SlOO.ou) .uo.
Among others are:
Hartford Fire Insurance Co.
Liverpool & London U Glohe.
- ^Erna insurance Co.
Northern Assurance Co.
(Springfield Fire fcf Marine.
I ronipt attention given loadjustniet
of losses ant I all matters connected with
loving Pictures
New Ball Park
I! Reels Changed Daily.
Pictures First Time Shown in town.
Cc- ; Admission oc
8 p. m.
In eflect N'o\ ????? h??r I ii*|c<
I.KAN It ALKX \ M?Kl \.
For Washingtcn, frcui corner Prince
and llo.val streets, week clay* at. '
g o:?, <; o ?'>m. t; .v., 7 of?. v 7 ?7 l(,
7 50, b oO. s i">,v 25. s;v>, v; ,0, !i in -i:u? ?!,Ki
1010, low. io5o. it 10.11 r>. 11 :jo, n'.^o ai
111., 12 10. B'25, 12 :w. 12frf), 1 10. 1 23 1 -A)
I :Vj. 2 id, 2 25,2 30.2 50.:! a'?.:: ;{r*)
i 10, 125, ??:?). 1 -in, 4 55, r, io,r,.j1
(I 0f>, t; 20, H 30, C I"'. 7 IX). 7 15, 7 S., s oo] s:V)
900,931, 10 oo, 10 :x?. 11 10 and 1155 p. mi
Sundiys?7 00, 7 Sii, S 10. S '20, S 10, 9()o?
9 20,9 40 10 00, 10 20, 10 10, II 00, 1120
II -10 a. w? 12 00 in.. 1220, 12 40. 1 00, 1
a 40, 2 IX). 2 20, 2 40,1! 00, :i 20,:? 40, 4 (X>, 4 0'
40 .5 00, 5 20, 5 40. C 00, 6 20, (J 40, 7 00. 7 20 j
740, SOU, 8 30. 9 00, 9 30. 10 00 10 :t0 and
1110 p. m.
Leave Alexandria for Mount Vernou.
week days, at 5 45, C 5C, 7 50, S 51, 10
11 25 a. ill., 12 25, 1 25, 2 25, 3 M, 4 40, 5
6150, 7 35, S 50, 9 50, 10 50 and 11 50 p. m.
Sundays?7 00, S30, 9 30. 10:50, 1130
in., 12 30, 1 30. 2 30, 3 30, 4 30, 5 30. G 30. 7
846 and 10 16 p. ni.
Norfolk andiWashington
Steamboat Co.
SJEvery day in the year lor Fort Mon
roe, Norfolk, Newport News and poini>
south, via superb, powerful steel palace
Leave Washington.('?.?15 p. m.
Leave Alexandria 7.00 p. in
Arrive i*'t. .Monrni's7.0oa. m
Arrive Norfolk s.ooa. ut.
Arrive Portsmouth s.OOa. n.
Leave Portsmouth 5.00 p. m
Leave Norfolk G.OO p. m.
Leave Ft. Monroe 7.00 p. i?.
Arrive AlexandriatJ.30 a. in.
Arrive Washington 7.00a. iu.?g
Through connections made at Norfolk
with steamers oY the Old Dominion
Steamship Com pa 113* for New York and
MSrehants'and Miner's .Steamships I'm
(3General Ticket Office, 720 Itih St.N \\\
I'-ond r.uilding, \Vashin;?ion, IV <\
1'lione Main 1520.
*|Scveutli street wharl. Phone M:iii<;t7i .
yJA lexandria wharf loot ol Prince street
aprl lj j General Passenger Agent.
Jaryland Delaware and Dif:
ginia Railway Company.
Steamers ol this line leave Alexandria
011 and after May 15, l'UO.
1 very MONDAV. \\T DNFSDA Y and
SATl It DA Y at ISSOp. m.
FOB I5A 1/rJMOltF. AND VLL Tllfc
Cuisine and appointments unexcelled
Freight for Baltimore, Philadelphia
and New York solicited and handled
with care. Through rates and hills ol
lading issued.
Single fare to Baltimore, $2.50; round
trip, ?.'50; salerooms, one way. ? 1.;"m>j
Meals, 50c,
it FA BOON A. tJ III M ICS, Agem*,
Foot of Cameron sLree t.
Steamer Macalester
(Stopping at A Icxmidtiu on Stgiul.
Leaves Alexandria at 10:30a in..:: and
7:30 p. in. for
returning arrive Alexandria 1 l< >45
and 10:15 p. 111.
FAUJ5 BOUND TBIP -".cents.
I THE "GILT EDGE'' Loose Leaf
Memo and Price Books are the
most handsome, durable and tbo
best value of any Lose leaf honks
on the market. Any size from
the smallest 2x4 Memo to the large
Price Books with any style ruling,
and in three grades of bindings.
S.F. Dyson &. Bro
j Phone, Bell 278.
Established 1882
Lumber of all kinds, Shingles,
Laths, Hash, Doors, Blinds,
?Stair Work and Building .Ma
terial of every description.
Lime, Cement ami Plaster.
Estimates Furnished.
Write for Our Prices.
Olliee 110 N. Union St.
Factory 111 N. Lee St.
Two New Houses in
These two beautiful homes, ?with six
rooms and reception porch, a new feature
never shown before in these parts, with every
possible plumbing convenience, hot water heat,
concrete cellars, three porches, combination gas
and electric lighting fixtures, large fireplace in
living room, large bath room, numerous closets,
and other attractive features toe many to men
For Sale at a Price.
The Lowest Ever 'Offered
in Rosemont.
F. L. Slaymaker
The Rosemont Man.

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