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-.I. i .i. ... ?
-A ' i,."\ ' , .. .
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| ,. |JLI , . ,
Human Factors is
TIiere are three pa
phone conversation-tip
trained operator, and tin
All three share alike tli
cjuick ami accurate telt
Hie calling party sho
number i?i o distinct v >i<
jnto the transmitter, at
phone until the part
operator reports. The
an>wer promptly.
Patience 011 ihc par
user and the telephon
?-cc^ntinl to rrnod servic
I w "" ?
IV hen you Tele pi
Tel. 9000
' Icajamu* cul^snuh^x *
T. A. DORGAN ("TAD") ^
"Tuxedo can'l be equalled in ?1
snrslhina refreshing at!Clilies. lis
- v? o ? .
. mildness insures a pleasant smot^c, I
;ri/s coolness removes all chance of .
, tongue bile." ! E
creator o( "Foolish Questions'*
"I'm thc'luy"
'"I find in Tuxedo a good lo]
hacco. Its fragrance end flavor <
are fine. I use it regular In and j
endorse it highly to all my friends."
. crcii.tqr of Matt and J off."
"TuXedo has made a pipe my ?
favorite form of smoking. Its cool- 1
ness and mildness mal^e pipe smot^- <
'tig o real pleasure. '
I ' ^"AA^^y,
i - | MM / i v, ?j
IT ;V s ' ) '. ' S .V;? j '
; ' '
re those which are proiced
of pure fresh milk,
ider the most hygienic and
unitary conditions. Our j
itter, cream, milk andj
leese.are all..as;pure as it!
;?s<ible to.kave them and'
e eggsah'at we - sell :arei
eshly laid every day: Justj
ve us an order by way of]
ial; you will.be delighted.!
ieet ?kll itioNk 789
ii Good Service !
rties to every tele5
party calling, the j
f; party who answers,,
ic responsibility for
uld give ilirt correct
f peak in g d i re ctly
id wait at the telev
answers or the
called party should
t ol" the telephone
e operator is also
i one?Smile
HINGTON, Local Manager
216 King St., Alexandria, Ya,
ii i I?ww i i IW?'H i iinniiiii_j i* i HI in inrr ~r~m i i
dfc 4U v on to. o. * ? ?
\m Into Your
71/1TS well sharpc
r * in good humor,
ins these generalIv
stalking about. Re a
sis on this page. H
he greatest cartoon
ry. They all smo!
77jc Perfect Tobacc
They wouldn't smoke
:eep their* minds alert a
ong, day in and day 01
ran do that stands in a c
Tuxedo is made of tli
>f choice, mellow, swet
eat ? treated by the or/'orss,"
which removes the
jot bite your tongue?g
imokes freely and unit
)ipeiu!s to die,10c-tin. .
Tuxedo deserves I
every good thing that |
ras ever been said of |
t ? and to prove it g
Fuxedo sells by the |
nUliovs upon };i HI ions or ?
ins annually. |
"amoua green tin with golcllet- "J m
cring, curved to fit the pocket i v
Convenient pouch. inncr-!:nccl ??,,?;
with moiitufc-proof paper . . p
In Glass Hf.rr.idors 50c anJ CQc ri
1 - < ^3^
. - ;
QL'AKE KIbLS 2,500.
"T-.on.ioii, Oct. <]?An official nies- i
satce from Constantinople, transmit- j
ted from Amsterdam to the Central
News, says that the victims of the
earthquake in the province .of Konia
Asia Minor, are estimated at 2.500.
[ Smyrna, Afiaiie Turkey,-^Sunday,
i October -1 (.via London Octobers ?.?
The towns of Is'narf a YpoiBulhtion
I tlon ahoni Ti'.f'e'O, in the ^'r-ovinr-e
-.about' 23,000) aijil.TJui'dur; {jioitulnof
Rons'a", v.^re >:eveJ'ely .dainai'e.l by
I ' *'4 1 4
an earthquake Inst night' at;rdiYlli ignt i
The loss <j life was very hoayy. These |
two towns are centers of the .carpet !
A dispatch from Fori ile France.
Island of Martinique, received in
Xew York last Saturday, said that j
shortly after 1 o'clock that day a '
severe earthquake shock was I'elt!
at Fort de France. The direction was j
from north to south. Xo damage was j
done locally. The same shock was re- :
corded also through the Windward j
and Leeward Islands.
{Maryland, Delaware and j;
| Virginia Railway
! Company- ,
Steamers of this line Alexan- ?
dna Monday Wednesdays and Sat i urdays
at 4:30 P. M. (
Cuisine and appointments unexcelled ]
Freight for Baltimore, Philadelphia '
and New York solicited and handled <
with care. Through rates and bill?
of lading Issued. (
Single fare to Baltimore, $3.06 ! J
return trip, $4.00; state rooms c*# I
way, $1.50 ?p, meals, 50 cents. | ?
Reardon & Crimes. Agents j!
I (
Norfolk and Washington ||
Steamboat Company.
Every dav' in the yer.r tor Fort Mon- .
, i .
roe, Norfolk, Newport New? anc
points eouth, via suoerh powerful <
steel palace oteanvjra
Thrcmrli connections made "t Nor c
/oik with s'earners of the Cl<! Dnmin j
ion Ster.msi.ip Company for New York ?
end Merchr nte and Miner's Steara r
for Bisttn.
Oor.eral Ticket Office, 720 14t>* S1 '
P^nd Birlding, Washington, P. C
Pl.'one Main 1H20. I
Seventh utreei wn?rf. i-'huue Mail
'.J ? '. '
,q Put The
:ned and minds (
The man who
knows what he
d the testimoniere
are some of
istsin thccoun^e
and endorse !
o for Pipe end Cigarette
: Tuxedo if it didn't
nd cheerful all day
it. A tobacco that
lass by itself.
c very highest grade
t Kentucky Hurley
iiuil " i uxedo Procsting
so that it canranulated,
so that it ?
ormly? packed 40 j
In Effect January 18, 1914.
N. B.?Following schedule figarea
are published only a* information and
are not guaranteed.
Trains leave Union Station, Alexandria.
_ 7:47 A. M., Daily?Local between
Washington & Danville deliver* connection
daily except Sunday at Orange
to C. & 0., No. 403 for Gordonsville
and Richmond. ? . , i
8:47 A. M.?Daily?Local for Har- ,
rsonburg and way stations. Buffet
parlor car.
9:07 A. M.?Daily?U. S. Fast Mail ;
stops only for passengers to points
south to which scheduled to stop.
First class coaches; Sleeping cars to (
Birmingham and New Orleans. Din- (
ing car service. Stops at Calver- ton
to let off Warrenton branch pats- ]
engers. (
10:57 A. M.?Daily?Mail train, ]
coaches for Manassas, Warrenton, (
Charlottesville, Lynchburg, Danville .
and Greensboro. Sleeping car from I
Greensboro to Atlanta.
4:22 P. M.?Week day?limited for ]
Warrenton, Charlottesville and Harrisonburg.
4.52 P. M., Daily ? Birmingham J
SDecial. SleeDini? cars between Ne^w '
York, Atlanta, Columbut, Anniston, M
Birmingham. Through first clasi 1
coaches between Washington, Atlanta,
and Birmingham, Dining car ser- \
vice, ourisj; to California daily. *
3:52 P. M.?Week day. Limited
for Harrisonburg and way stations s
>n Manassas branch, also for War- ^
renton. Pullman Buffet parlor cars. J
5:12 P. M.?Except Sunday?Local; (
for warrenton. f
6:12 P. M.?The Southern's South c
jastern Limited, for Asheville, Co- i
umbia, Charleston, Aiken, Augusta, \
Savannah and Jacksonville. Through c
Pullman Drawing room sleeping u
:ars, coaches, dining cars.. J :
11:02 A. M.?Daily?Atlanta Spe- t
rial. Solid Pullman train, sleeping L
:ars to Asheville, Charlotte, Atlanta
md Macon. Dining Car Service.
10:27 P. M.?Daily?Washington c
md Chattanooga Limited (via Lynch- .
)urg.) First, class coacheB and sleepng
cane to Roanoke, Knoxville, '
Chattanooga* Sleeper to New Or- ;
eans, Washington to Roanoke. Din- L
ng car service.
ll:'J2 f. M.?L?any?incw lore,
ind New Orleans Limited. All Pull- ,v
nan train. Club and Observation .
:ars to New Orleans. Dining Car !;
Service. 1
4:27 A. M.?Dally?Memphis spo- ?
'ial. Sleeping car and coaches for
loanoke, Knoxville, Nashville, Chat- F
anooga, and Memphis. Dining Car n
service. Washington sleeping car* I n
>pen 1C p. m. J C
For detailed schedule, figure*, j
tickets, Pullman reservations, etc* '
ipply to
Union ticket agent, Alexandria, Va. ~
E. H. COAPMAN, Vice-Pres., and ^
General Manager. (
S. H. HARDWICK, Pass. Traf d
Manager. '.) (
H. F. CARY, Genl. Pass. Agent p
L. S. BROWN. Gen'l. Agent. .
n ru TxrccrnTTPV A ccf A cr* '
\j. , IT UU I JL>V^X?X , 4A.JO V. VfWM. |
In Effect March 1, 1914. j
Subject to Change Without Notice. c
Leave Alexandria for Washington? j s
Daily Except Sundays and i f
Holidays. | (
A. M.?5 00, 5 4u, 6 05, G 20, G 30 <
J 40 6 55, 7 05, 7 15, 7 30, 7 40, 7 50, i
1 oo; 8 15, 8 25, 3 40, 9 00, 9 20, 9 40
10 00, 10 20/10 40, 11 00, V. 20, 11 40,
Noon?12 00.
P. M.?12 20, 12 40, 1 00, 1 20, 1 40, c
2 00, 2 20 2 35, 3 00. 3 20, 3 35, 3 50, |
4 10, 4 25, 4 30, 4 40. 4 55, 5 10? 5 25 1
3 35, 5 50, G 05, 6 20, 6 30, 6 45, 7 00, x
7 15, 7 30, 8 00 8 30, 9 00, 9 30, 10 00, <"
;n in n m 11 55 j '
Sundays and Holidays.
A. M.?7 00, 7 35, 8 10, 8 20, 8 40, 1
) 00, 9 20, 9 40, 10 00, 10 20, 10 40, 1
11 00, 11 20, 11 40 Noon?12 00,
P. M.?12 20, 12 40, 1 00, 1 20, 1 40, c
2 00, 2 20, 2 40, 3 00 3 20, 3 40, 4 00, | I
4 20. 4 40. 5 00, 5 20 5 40, G 00, G 20, c
5 40, 7 00, 7 20, 7 40; 8 00, 8 30, 9 00,' (
9 30, 10 00, 10 30, 11 10. j 1
Leave Alexandria For Mount Vernon, i *
A. M.?Week Days?5 35, 6 46, 7 56, *
3 56, 10 30 11 30, ?P M.?12 30, 1 30, (
2 30, 3 30, 4 40, 5 35, G 30, 7 35, 8 50, :
9 50, 10 50, 11 50. 1
Sundays?A. M. 7 00, 8 30, 9 30, (
10 30, 11 30, 12 30.P. M.?1 30 2 30, 1
3 30, 4 30, 5 30, 6 30. 7 30, 8 46, 10 16. (
- ' <
Potomac and Chesapeake i
Steamboat Company.
'Effective May 1, 1914.
(Subject t0 change without notice.)
Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday,
leaves Alexandria at 9:00 A. M. for
Massey's and intei'mediae landings.
Returning, Monday, Wednesday and (
Friday, arriving in Alexandria about }
3:30 P. M.
Monday and Wednesday leaves 1
Alexandria at G P. M. for Parham's
Point and intermediate landings. ,
Returning Tuesday and Thursday, ar- j
riving in Alexandria early Wednes- !
day and Friday mornings. 1
Saturday, leaves Alexandria at )
0:00 A. M. for Nomini and intermediate
landings. Returning Sunday,
arriving in Alexandria about 3:30 1
P. M.
Leaves Alexandria every day, except
Monday at 8:30 A. M. for Grind- j?
ers and intermediate landings. Ar- I
rives in Alexandria on return trip j'
about 4:30 P. M. |?
Telephone No. 50& j ]
Reardon & Grimes, Agents.
Washington Sonthern Ry.
Schedule In effect April 12, 1914.
For Washington and points north. '
daily at 8:08 A. M., 8.43, 8:53, 11:13,1'
12:01, 1:18, 2.30 through train for!
New York, via P. R. R.) 6:19. *1
V -V n.v , I
OBER 6, 1914.
S:18, 11:33 p. m., week days, at 6:07;
p. m., Sundays only 8:07 p. m.
For Fredericksburg, Richmond, and
points south at 4:37, 7:53, (local) anc
10:17 a. m., 12:16, 3:22 5:17 (local)
7:47, 9:47, p. m. daily.
Accommodation for Frederlcksbnrp
at 11:13 a m., daily except Saturday,
when train leaves 2:18 p.m. This trair
runs through to Milford except Sat.
urdays and Sunday*.
NOTE:?Times of arrival and de
parturc and connections aot gnaraa
W. P. TAYLOK, Traffic, Mff?.
In the Clerk's Office of the Corpontion
Court of the City of. Alexandria
in the 2oth day of September, 1914.
William Kver, widower, H. M. E.
Kver and Maria Kyer, his wife,
Dlive K. .Tessup and John Jessup, her
lusbar.d, Ethel K. Tancil and G. Tan;il,
her husband, and William C.Kyer,
in infant nineteen years of aj?e. by
William Kyer, his next friend, Com
;s. In Chancery.
Albert Woodson and Annie Woodson,
his wife, Charles Woodson, unnarried,
Carringrton Woodson, widover,
Beverly Allen, Widower, Jane
lolmes and Georjje Ilolmes, her hus- '
land, Frank Allen and Carrie Allen,
lis wife, and Jack Allen, Defendants.
The obioct of this suit is to have J
l partition of the real estate of ^
vhich Maria Hudson died seized and ,
jossessed, to wit: premises 421
)ronoeo Street, Alexandria, Va., '
routing 19 feet on the North side
if Oronoco Street and running hack '
lorthward 94 feet to an alley ! ? ft.
eide and being SS feet 3 inches east j
if Pitt Street, among those entitled '
indcr her will and by law, and if same ,
s not susceptible of partition in kind ,
o have same sold for the purpose [
hereof, for all proper inquiries; for .
easonable counsel fees, and for gen- .
ral relief. J
It appearing by an affidavit filed j
n this cause that the defendants. (
Albert Woodson and Annie Woodson, f
lis wife, Charles Woodson, Carring- ,
on Woodson and Jack Allen are non j
esidents of this State: It is ordered. ,
hat said defendants appear here ,
rithin fifteen days after due pub- (
ication of this order, and do what (
s necessary to nrotect their interest
n this suit, and that a copy of this
rder he forthwith inserted in the '
Alexandria Gazette, a newspaper 3
mblished in the City of Alexandria, f
>ec a week for four successive weeks I
nd posted at the front door of the 1
jourt house of this City. '
Robinson Moncure, P. Q.
i copy teste:
'ircuit Court of the City of AlcxanIria,
Klerks Office, September 30t'n, 1914.
tose G. Buenaventura, plaintiff vs.
/intent Buenaventura, defendant.
Upon written application of the
omplainant stating specifically the i'
ast known place of abode of the <Te ]
endant, and it appearing to the J
to the clerk that process has been I
ssued and returned by the Sergeant I
>f the City of Alexandria. Virginia, J
bowing that the defendant was not '
ound within the jurisdiction of this I
?ourt, the Clerk, on the 30th day of '
September. 191-1, doth grant the fol- :
owing order of publication: 1
The object of this suit is to obtain 1
in absolute divorce for the plaintiff
?n the grounds of desertion, and an I
iffidavit having been made and filed I
hat the defendant Vincent Buena- <
cntura is a non resident of the Stale
>f Virginia, it. is ordered that he do '<
ippear here within fifteen days after <
lue publication of said order or pub-; I
ieation and do what is necessary to j i
irotect his interest in this suit.
And it is further ordered that a <
:opy of said order of publication be j
)ublished once a week for four sue- i
cssive weeks in the Alexandria
lazette a newspaper published in i
he City of Alexandria. Va., that a i
opy be posted at the front door of i
he Court house of the Circuit Court <
>f said city on or before the next i
succeeding rule day after this order 1
s entered; and that a copy of said
mler of publication snail lie sent by <
egistercd mail by the Clerk of this
Uourt addressed to the said non t <
esident defendant at General Solono i
street, Manila, Philipinc Islands, his .
ast known place of abode. j
A ffint <ns;le: j (
\T.' S." GREENAWAV. j,
Alexandria Va.. Autr. .11 1014
Proposals will !>< received- hy the!
'onunittee on Pnhlir Property and;
lie Committee on Schools of the i
Alexandria City Council until 7:10!
3'elock p. m. Friday, October 9th, i
19Id at the office of the City En?in- I
'or and then opened. 1st for the
reeiion of a Iliyli School IhiiM-j
ii" on the lot North of Cameron j
Si., near Pjylon St-, extended. 2nd ;
for 1.1m* pimnliinir "I" tin- said I>iii 1?!ir.y
and 3rJ for the Hating an.'
leiUtilntinir of tin' said buildiiur. j
..The rigfli if .reserved to ree:t i
my and all proposals.
.Certified (jlifcek's. payable to
L'Jios. \Y. Robinson. City Treasurer
mist accompany each proposal as
i truarniitce that 11 ' proposer who;
may he awarded the mitrnot-wdi
furnish lv?nd and enter eontifiief
ith the City Council fur the efvefion
of tli.e lniildijiff. The eheel: to
1? forfeite:1. to ?he City Counce ?
'ase the bidder to whom contract
may ho awarded fails to furnish j
hond aoeoptahle to 1,he Finance |
Committee and enter into contract j
within ten days after award cf'
The Certified check must be as
follows??400.00 with proposal for
eonstniction of the building ?200witli
proposal for the heating and
ventilating and ?1(?0.?>0 with proposal
for the plumbing.?
Plans and specifications can !>
i'cr. at thi City liRgiii'-er's office.
Clinn. Joint Committee.
At a Corporation Court of the City
of Alexandria, continued and held
at the Courthouse 01 sa'd City on
Thursday, September 14th, 1914.
Present, Hon. Louis C. Barley,
Jessie M. Chilcott Trucks, Complainant.
Hugh Trucks, Defendant.
An affidavit havng been duly made, as
required by law, that the defendant
is a non-resident of the State of Virginia
and that he cannot be found
within the jurisdiction of this State,
and the sergeant having made a return
upon the original process or
summon? issucu nciein mac ine defendant
is 21 non-resident of his bailiwick
and application having been
duly made in open court for an order
of publication against the said defendant
to appear and answer a bill
in chancery filed by the complainant
against the defendant for an absolute
divorce on the grounds of
wilful desertion and abandoment for
norc than three years prior to the
institution of this suit and an order
>f publication having been duly
granted in open court, it is therefore
ordered that said defendant do apiear
here within 15 days after due
publication thereof lo answer the suit
>f complainant against the defendant
'or an absolute divorce on the
rrounds of wilful desertion and abanlonment
for more than three years
>rior to tho institution of this suit j
iwl to do what may lie necessary to
irotect his interest in this suit, and
t is furthed ordered that a copy of
lis order he published once a week
"or four successive weeks in the
\lexandria Gazette, a newspaper
mblishcd in Alexandria City, Virrinia.
and that a copy he sent by
ejristered mail by the clerk of this
ourt to the last known place of adlress,
residence and abode of defendnt,
to wit:Albert street Fliiladcl)hil,
Pa., as stated in the
ipplication _ for this order of
jublieation. which shall be certified
?y the clerk of this court, and that a j
opy be posted at the front door of |
he courthouse of this court on or lie- j
tiin n?vf vhIa ,!riv o!' this court. '
A cnpv?Teste:
U n Circuit Court of the City of
Alexandria, held at the Court
hcu.se of said City on Monday,
September 14th, 1914.
Present, J. B. T. Thornton, Judge. 1
I fary P. Jackson, Complainant
Frank LeR. Jackson, Defendant. I
Upon written application of the!
Complainant stating specifically the i
last known place of abode of the de-!
Pendant:, and it appearing to the
Court that process hns been issued
and returned by the Sergeant of the
City of Alexandria, Virginia, showing
that the defendant was not found
ivithin the Jurisdiction of this Court,
the Court, on the 14th day of September,
J 914, doth grant the. following
order of publication.
The objecf of this suit is to -J)tain
0 decree absolutely divorcing the
complainant, Mary P. Jackson, from <
he defendant, Frank LeR. Jackson, I
1- ? -e'Jlon nri fVi*?
op. tiic grounds u; ucwuivh
part of the defendant for a period
>f more than three years and for
general relief, and an affidavit hav- ,
ing been made and filed that the de-;
fendant Frank T.eR. Jackson is a nnn- !
resident of the State of Virginia, it '
is ordered that he do appear within
fifteen days after due publication o"
-aid order of publication and do what!
is necessary to protect his interest in >
this suit. j
And it is further ordered that a
copy of said order of publication be j
miblished once a wee re for four successive
weeks in the Alexandria I
Gazette, a newspaper published in j
the City of Alexandria, Virginia; '
that a copy be posted at the front
tloor of the Court House of the Cir- j
ruit Court of said City on or before
the next succeeding rule day after j
L'nis order is entered and that a copy j
of said order of publication shall be :
sent by registered mail by the Clerk
of this Court addressed to the said i
non-resident defendant at Philadel- j
phia. Pa , his last known place of
A eopv teste:
Clerk j
Gardner L. Poothe, p. q. j
* * /
. Proposals will be received at tne i
office of the City Engineer until 12
o'clock noon October 0, lul l for sand
rim'e;.s. .c nent vitrified i/rick, gr r'.e
curb, hauling. and hire of teams. to
lie used in the construction of a j
vitrified bri.-k road way oji (Lee St.!
from King St. to Queen St.. and for !
grading, furnishing material and con- I
struction of sidewalks on Lee St.'
from King St., to Queen StI
Specifications and particulars car
be had at the office of the City En- ;
gineer. I i
The right is reserved to reject, all
proposals and to accept such proposals
or parts of proposals as-may
be to the best interest of the City
Council of Alexandria. .
Chin. Com. on Streets (
Norfolk Oysters Daily at the Hotel i
Knmmet; I
# '
French Scarecrows Lure Fntire lteai1110111
to Death.
Paris. Oct. C?There is a r< i:ort
hero thiit a French forc;? in /vShi.
v rhDaipc! the One i!::,<!. < 1 ro' l
\t Hnden KeUmerit. by ;iens n\
i j.-'rjja. kr.ble ruse suecessf ,h . <\o;-h
(?il in a dense fo?.
Between Alkrich and Waldshnffln
a considerable French force discovered
the nearness of the fiuden rvginient.
The fog was so thick that it
was practically impossible to distinguish
figures more than twenty
feet distant.
Hurriedly procuring many sticks
and boughs the French carried these
to an open field, where they stuck
them info the earth. Tiie French placed
their caps on the sticks. Front a
ie\v xeci. away 111 uie 1 ug uic cajjjjcu
sticks resembled troops blundering
aii?I helpless. The French immediately
ambushed themselves along the
roads leading to the field.
.Meanwhile they sent a small force
to lure the <>crmans to the trap of
sticks and caps. Slowly the real
French soldiers fell hack until the
Germans. vaguely seeing the makebelieve
soldiers, cheered and charged
The French waited until they were
completely in the trap then opened
lire from three sides. The German
regiment was put to pieces. llanlly a
man escaped.
dated January 20, 1011, admitted to
record January 20, 1014, and recorded
in Liber No. b.'I, folio 300, of the
land Records of Alexandria City,
Virginia, and on account of default
in the payment of the money therein
secured, and by request of the party
secured, the undersigned trustee will
on SATURDAY, UUT. It, liiM, oil
tin; premises, at 3:00 P. M. offer for
sale the following property; to-\vit:
The following described real estate
situate i:. .ho City of A!c>:a:.dria.
Virginia, bounded and described
as follows, to-wit:
All that piece or parcel of land
situated and being in said City,
founded on the West by Payne
Street, on the South by Pendleton
Street, on. the East by Fayette
Street and on the North by a line
drawn East and West the middle of
the square, parallel to Wythe Street,
and being the South half of the
square of ground hounded by Payne,
Pendleton, Fayette and Wythe Sts.,
which was conveyed to Robert Elliott
by Louis C. Barley and Bessie S. Barley.
his wife, by deed bearing date
June It'., 1 POO, and recorded August
31, 1901, in Liber No. 17, folio 179,
of the Land Records of Alexandria
Citv, Virginia.
The title is perfect. $100.00 deposit
will be required on day of sale and
ten days allowed to examine title
when balance of purchase money
must be paid, whereupon deed will be
A'ox. National Bank Building.
At a Corporation Court of the City
of Alexandria, continued and held
at the Court house of said City on
Tuesday, October '>th. 1014.
Present, Hon. Louis C. Barley, Judge.
John H. Mitchell, Jr., Complainant
vs in chancery.
Julia A. Boyd Perry Mitchell, Defendant.
An affidavit having been duly
made, as required by law, that the
defendant is a non-resident of the
S;;.t" of Virginia, and that she cannot
be found within the jurisdiction of
this State, and the Sergeant having
made a return upon the original process
or summons issued herein that
' "in- rnaiilfr.l- of
LliU UL'I CIIUUIIO io *4 __
his bailiwick, and application having
been made in open court for an order
of publication against the said defendant
to appear and answer a bill
in chancery filed by the complainant
against the defendant for an absolute
ci'vorce on the grounds of desertion
and abandonment for more than
three years prior to the institution
of this suit and an order of publication
having been duly granted in
open court, it is therefore ordered
that said defendant do appear here
within fifteen days after due publication
hereof to answer the suit of
complainant against the defendant
for an absolute divorce on the
grounds of desertion and abandonment
for more than three years prior
to the institution of this suit and do
what may be necessary to protect her
interest in this suit. And it is
further ordered that a copy of this
order be published once a week for
four successive weeks in the Alexandria
Gazette, a newspaper published
in Alexandria City, Va., and
that a copy be sent by registered
mail by the Clerk of this^rourt to the
last known place of address, residence
and abode of defendant, to-wit:
T.ns Angeles, California, as stated in
the application for this order or
biiiilication which shall he certified
by the Clerk of this court, and that
a copy be posted at. the front door of
the court house of this court on. o'"
before the next rule day of this
Robinspn Moncure, p. q.
A conv teste:

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