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if .r?VTi lvsrif (<"i rsarfr tlir |r
J p?f>fii? in r.he jiriTTico in .\
s J /"""N
I diia and its ^ J^\ ? ^7 ^
7EF! WF^TEr^.
F??r fhi? section snow
n.u' tomorrow; not much
in temperature tonight.
^ older
Shipbuilding Company 10 1st- flis
ioric Ground I fjoi? VYhicli (o Con
jilniol Vessel-..
liutm small pci-contay?j of ASexan
ciria's population was a hie to enter
the Opera House Tuesday night for
the purpose o'j hearing the pleasing
announcements of Hon. 0. Cnrlin,
the president and oilier officials <>:
the United States Shipbuilding Cooi
pany r?s to their infue.tions t >
install a giant plant in Ak-xan'driu.
Those, however, who were unable to
edg-e their way into the Opera House,
by reason of the vast crowd, or who
l'or various reasons could not atten'i,
read with lively interest the Cazette'i*
report oi" what was done ami stii'j,
or. tluit occasion. The aiuli^ie Was
the 7.10ft representative ^or seen in
the Opera House. . heretofore the
auditorium has |,t-on fill. J
with people <<itluLse.ii over politi
cal issues,^ut the gathering Tuesday
night w/jf composed, in the main, of
jj^rit-n' who take no special interest in
polities outside of easting their votes.
All classes were represented, and it
was the most, orderly aswmbhig-'*
that ever yuthere: iti the city. The re
were no oaten tin or mncce.-sary noise,
all liftd come together t.? Hear m):j:c
thirty of vital interest P- our old town
.Politics and creeds h:;-i Ven left in
The vesxibnle; all present were in
terested in old Alexandria, an-! they
drank hi the words of the sue .'.leers
vith avidity. !
Phose who heai'd' the sjjoecljex and j
those who read the Gazette of yes- |
tcrday which contained them havej
had the shipbuilding plant upon ihei* j
minds ever since, and it has beer
the principal theme of conversation.
It will be no nine-days" we,tide
either, but will continue to animate
cur people, who have been assured
That within the next three .month?
they will veo the beginning of wh.V
will place Alexandria ? in a posiiior
none ever dreamed of.
'IT.o Gazette yesterday did not J
. ?l*?r.rf:H-. T:v. bc-uu^cies t'r. p. e '
loosed colossal plant. it will take it j
five squares of the river front, place-'
upon which little has been done in tin
past. lliroo-score yearv. Slarti.if
with the present shipyard: propert
at the foot, of t ? *' -li'.'ji street, th*
plant will cxt! and t?kc in n.-or
of Jones's Pe-nt, leaving only th
enclosure upon which rh<- lighthouse i
eitaated and which It longs to the
government. This means Gibbon,
Franklin, Jtvffersejj, Greene, Churc
aval South streets, the lattei
btkiff "the northern shore or IIant in
Creek. -It is also hinted that part, o
the creek w-ilt be redoy-nci1 and tha
eventually the Mean-.snip plant o
other enterprises will form an L
shajK'd manufacturing tract border
lug on the Potomac rivor and1 Hunt
ing Creek and for rom?- distanc
lit the headline above are the word
"historic ground. >" The Munassa
Gap Railroad Company assured Alex
andrla in the early fifties that :
would place a coal depot upon .ionas';
Point and gronraii it woarld rwlair
iii Baptizing Cove. The cove wn
reclaimed six years ago by the gov
vrument and this with the point vi'
form part of the location for th
plant of the shipbuilding company
In the early part of the year 18S
what was known as the Arrow Steair
tliip Company ?obtained an eptia
upon the shipyard property and an
jionhctd to the world that an iror
rteainship. to be known as the "'Pore
hontas," would i?e constructed at tha
place. Tin- vessel was to be 54
feet long. Ixigs were buried in th
ground in the shipyard enclosure am'
a crib formed upon which to bud
the steamer. The "Pocahontas,
however. prove*! to be a "Flyinr
Dutchman," as the company went tr
pieces.* The crib is still there, an
doubtless the new shipbuilding com
7>any v-ill use it in due time.
All have waited long and patient!*
lor capitalists to appreciate the ad
vanta^ei offered by Alexandria. WW'
Norfolk, Newport News and othe"
Virginia cities have been forgin^
ahead we have bided our time. AV
rejoice that the commercial im
portance of Alexandria is n<>w :ts
:? ured and within the next few months
operations on our river front wil1
?r.:)u;se us as nothing has heretofore
in our history.
Sale of Fancy Articles.
There will he a stde of fancy ar
rides nnd norons at 4S0 K,-ng strci
g-.frday ifterrom and ~!vht Kv tv
I.adi?^ Aid of the Second
i Executive Calls .\id<Attention
i to the T'ivi That Certain Measures
Require a Majority Vote.
| Five members of the Mourd of .VI
je'ermen were present last night. The
(business ivhic-h came up w.as trans
| ncied without .ii.-cvssion, and 1!<(
votes mi each measure unanimous. ?
A romrmuiiemion was recci.Vi- I
11 out Mayor l-ishi-r returning without:
his signature a report of the Fugitive'
and Light Committors v?70fnTfiendiji?
thai the smla;-j ?f'the Clerk of (las
he fixed, *ut si.;" 00 per annum ins to, id
% i?'i,200, as at present. The Al
| derimui on November 'JT voted upon,1
'the report oy the committee. The.
vote soot*', ayes it. noes l. Tiic
Mayor quote.! the city charter which
says it. requires a majority of.'.hti
whole num'cr <?f Ahionnen elected ;r.,
puss such :: measure.
Upon motion of .Mr. Balionger tin
diavor's ^ejections were su.-tained !>>
.a unanimous vote.
The Mayor al.-o rex urn:-. I a report
jf the Finance <"'nUMiiu*-' appropria
ting $3t>" for tne school nurse which
nad been adopted at the Novemhe.
.needing: by both t-onrds of Council,
ile State-:!. thiit in df.i.'if so he was
Acting m ;)),? request of the eornmii
The Aldermen adopted a resolu-1
tion providing- that when Council nd-j
,ourn(-J it he to meet again on the!
-second Tuestlay in January, l91k.j
The Ahterinen concurred in the!
K'tiou of the Common Council >'ii .all,'
papers sent in except the resolurions:
lpproprintiug $0JKK) to aid in defray- '
ng the expenses of updating- the;
.'cJ i'y steamer "Atlantic," which were'
aid over utrlvr the rules.
The Common Council.
The ordinance recently passc-d uy
.la- board of aldermen, providing for:
.he- payiuetv, of ?it,ut;(? in- n.a-y i
.astahnonts of ?500 each to the Wash.; >
ugton Ste-.-i and Ordnance
Jompnny. to in defraying
iperating expenses of the ivr-y
teanter Atlantic ln-tween this cTy,
.ml Ciesboru Point., was ix-intro-lm.;
:d in the common council las* night'
,nd passed by a vote of nine, to one.!
Among the other matters of in-.
:erest which otune before the council'
was the resolution increasing the'
alary of the clerk of gas front $1.2r'0,
o ?1,500 a year, which was returned j
y Mayor Fisher without his approv-.
il because it failed to receive the j
?oquifiite number of votes in the
ierrwmic chaml>orl Another which;
.Lso came back from the mayor was j
hat appropriating $300 for the school;
turse. Both measures were referred1
d the finance committee for further!
The council em powered the fins;
ommittee to advertise-for hose for!
se ol' the fire department at- a cost
mt to exceed ?2,000, and an ordnance ?
?roviding for an increase of thc-j
alary of the lire chief from ?200 to
300 per year, payable at ?25 a month !
.-as also placed in the hands of the
inanee committee. The sum of ?25
was appropriated for the purchase
?f a stove for the Columbia fire com
?any's house, and $250 for the visit
ag nurse for schools to be spent un
'cr direction of the. Anti-Tuberculosis
Society. According to the reports of
he society the nurse made 073 visks
?p to April 30, 1917.
The resolution to employ Henry
hisey for the uvrntiv of December at
'45 to paint fire hvdrni.is and -:o
*hcr work, was referred to a com
President Smith informed the cot/n
il that he had received +he resigr.a
ion of George H. Evans, member
rrom the First ward, now serving in
??he army. The resign.avion of Rob
?rt E. Gvonau a.- chief of the fire
! :epartment was received and accept
i -><1 with regret, and a communication
Vom Columbia fire compr.nv was
also read favoring the appointment'
"i Kenneth AV. Ogden a? the new
thief of the department..
The -sum of S1G9 was appropriate-'
for work and lumber for use at the
-kv almshouse, and a petition asking
that the policemen be paid $10 mo;
o?rr month each was sent to the com
mittee on finance and police.
The council concurred in a similar
action taken by the board c-f alder
men and adjourned until the .?ccr '
Tueviay tn now year. January S,
Alexandria City and Suburbs
1 lie fviKWal "!' Mis. .\lai\ J--.
W Llwai'tl took place this morning
i o'clock from St. Mary'.-; Catholic
("/inch. The Rev. Louis Sinet offic
iated, and in torment was in Mount
fOlivri cemetery in Washington.
in accordance with e.-taUlisheil
custom, member.- of Alexandria
'Washington Masonic Lodge will to
iimrrow place n memorial wreath on
Washington'-; tomb at M"unt Vernon
in commemoration of the lbsth anni
vvi>:ir\ of Washington's death. A
vp-ath will aiso be placed on the
u nib by Fredericksburg l odge of
Masons. I
Quite a large number of Alexan
drians have taken the opportunity
ivhiie in ilie city of Washington dur
ing the past thro:- lays to pay a visi'
to tin; Corcoran Ait Callory for the
of seeing the portrait u'
President Wilson, painted by Mr
lohn Singer Sargent for the Nation
al Art (lalle.ry at Dublin Ireland
which was plated on exhibition or.
Monday. The portrait was painted a'
the White House during the past fall
t: is stated that the late Sir Hugh
Lain- of Luc-land paid the- sum of
-nO.oOO fin- the picture. He was one
>, the I.usitania victims.
SAVI-; AND serve.
Ui v War Stamps anil Thus Help
Yourself and Your Country at
Same Time.
"Save and serve." These throi
,'ords tell why every man. worn at
ml child, both white and coloivs
!" ;i!..i invest in T!.ri''t .Stamps atr
\'ar Savings Stamji.-*. The individua*
r.ves by purchasing stamps and hi
lso serves at the same time bccsni-Sf
i lends bis money t > Uncle Sam
h - IraJi. i'dual's saving, capacity it
iHTOn.-i -d 'lk-cau.se I Jncle Sam pays
it-r .a tit interest, compounded nnnric-r
. for every dollar lent him. whio1
iiC.i.us every dollar invested in Thrif
i!<??? ??-??- V- i it? v - ";h
tatin reason why everyone should bu'
gamps. Every penny which ever*
?orenn save nr.d lend nw-.k-d tr
i l l. clothe, arm and equip soldier
-aiiors of America to win :V'
rhtoau:-: war in ilefc-.u.-.- of Ameriear
nor and the cause of democracy
I'Ugiioat Da- work:.
If Americans aiv to win. this war [
y must do it as a united p? <ple
,(? savings- of all are necessary i
- victorious ending of the- world, con
cl is to lie hastened. War saver*
(? life savers: A country wort!
?litin - fur is a. country worth saving
r: To save nvmey is to save life
l'.uv 'War Savings Stamp- at post
fices, banks, trvst companies, o?
1" r authorized agencies, and strike
blow A.;- America.
Hettie ('. Walthall Dies Front
a juries When Dress Catches Fire
"roni Stove.
Vitally niime.i when .her clothing
ight at stove by which she was
tiding, .Mrs. Bctlie C. Walthall, of
?!>]YK?n-l. age sevent y years, died ir
1 Retreat for the Fid; early Turns
No one was wiin the aged
iman at. the time the aceKlent oc- j
rre1, and she strove to beat out the
tin-s herself. Before assistance 1
me. .-lie was frightfully humed over
entire body.
Mrs:. Walthall was the widow of
n.les F. Walthall, and had been a
sidcr.r of the South Side for a num
r of years.
ialtimore plants close.
rtagc of Coal Causes Great In
mvenieiWe in .Monumental City,
he coal shortage reached an
ie stage in Baltimore yesterday
lore than a score of th0 largest
istrial plants were notified by the
soliiiated Gas F.loctric Light a no
vcr Company that power could
1k- furnished them during the
t of the day.
Entertainment and Dance.
n entei-toinment. followed by a
a*, will be given on the evening
he 17th at the Elks* Auditorium,
the benefit of the Children's Home
- - ? ? i~??i
he neneui. vi wn. v....-? -
vhich some of the bc<t local
vmcn sviut ...
:t will be assisted by Washing
soloists. Miss Hubbard, who is
rably known h-wo as an elocu
ist. will r?crte, Miss Lucy Graves
?iliss Estelle Murray will dc
?d in vocal selections and Miss
!a Schneider will rendo? a piano
. The rraragemont hope to have
mge attendsr^o to assist in thla
thv cause. Tickota are now on
- for twanty-tive conw 297-ifc
The usual prayer services at Anne
Lee Memorial will be- held tomorrow
afternoon at 3 oelcek.
Tlie number of person.- who have
j i aid capitation taxes to City Trcas
' urt.r Robinson thus far is 15G0, which
id an increase of about -100 over the
number paid last year.
Coal dealers state that there is no
improvement in the local situation so [
far as getting supplies are concerned.
A representative of the Gazette was
informed this morning that a man
living: in the northern part of the
ritv was compelled to hum some 01
the inside blinds to his house last
night in order to make his home suf
ficiently comfortable for his ehil
lrcn. The statement was made by a
gentleman whoso word cannot be
]Uestioned and illustrates the serious
ness of what has boon a l.<id situa
tion in the city for several days. A
aicsman for oi>o of the coal dealei s
this morning said that in his opin
?? n ali the anthracite coal in the city
could be distributed by tonight or
tomorrow. At this rate wood of at
no.-t any kind will be at a premium
n the near future, unless the coal
blockade is lifted.
Bavarians. Fearing he Would Lark,
in Iter!in. Sent Edibles.
Amsterdam. Doc. 13.?-According
o the Munich Post, a number of1
T-u nds and admirers erf Count Geo.
r. IT-ortHn.gr- the imperial German
fmincellor, have been sending him
"oods tuffs since he left Bavaria to?
Berlin to take up the chancellorship,
'earing: he might ? ? nd difficulty -n
rotting food Iti :ho German
As the sending -of foodstuffs irotn
Bavaria to Prussia is against the
-e. ttlaticns. ill.- packages were seized
mi! the senders arrested. Count 1
'Tertting has telegraphed the'Be.va-j
?ian authorities, rc-qaositng the tv-.
-r tU*v tn:-i ^ '
hi packages be forwarded to Mm,,
Hiding. "They wilt be gratefully n-.-j
'opted." |
lead of P. E. Diocese of Crab
Chained With Disloyalty.
St. Louis, Ma. D--c. 13.?Bisnopj
?aul Jones, 'M the diocese of Utah,}
,f the Protestant Episcopal Chunm.j
-ester, lay appeared before a cori"j
nittoc of three bishops, which me> j
lf.yo to consider charges of d:sloy-j
dtv that have been made agnir.sti
The committee is composed v
iLhop Tut tie, of Missouri; Bishop
jingsolviwr, of Texas, and Bishop
'ood.iutor I.onploy, of Iowa.
The charge against Bishop .T-'nc
? based, on statements be is alleged
o have made with reference to the.
_ ]
Fires Gun at Austriuns.
Italian Army Headquarters m
forthem Italy. Tuesday. December
j The first American shot against
.ustria was fired by Representative
'ink-ham. of Boston, on the lower
?i:ive, when Mr. Tinkham pulled a
trine: firing a large 149 mihmcsrc
run sending a --hell hurtling across!
he Piave to the Austrian positions j
it Gonfa.
Notice.' i
Having qualified .a, *?cuu-ix cfj
the estate Mrs. Louisa M. Pull in,
?lesire to notify ;nU persons navmg,
claims against said estate to pres-,
ent same for (settlement. All owmgj
mid estate are requested to make;
orompt settlement. '
Miss Ola Pull in. Executrix, j
297-10t. i
Anti-Freeze for Radiators.
A large shipment of Anti-Em re
ist received. It ie guaranteed to
prevent freezing of radiators.
P.emschel Auto and Sales Co..
"117 north Fairfax PL
The Entire Social club of Wash
>gton wishes to announce that they
-ill give regular Friday night dances
n the Elks Auditorium, beginning J
Yiday, December 14. Ladies free,,
:entlemon 50 cents. 29fi-3t. !
Fish Day 'rwmorrow. 1
Poooanac base, reck fish, largo yel
low perch, steak pollock. Jersey trout,
lake trout Large oy?*rb and a row
i select terrapin*. Sanitary Fhh Mark
6? Stall No 2, bene 7739 Open till
aV ?- ' -*7-lt
i'hore wcTjv uu oiiscs for trim ;ri
t lie* I'olicc Court this mi online.
Word lias been received of the
ideath of Rev. .J. Thompson Cole, at
[ Ogontz, Pa.. Ili.s ..lontli occurred on
Tuvsduy night. The interment will
be made in Culpopcr, \'a.
Mrs. W. Me Sau-sure Trowholn,
oi N'ew York, was the guest this
week of .Mrs. Frederick P. Kus-soli,
at her home in the Fairfax apart
The tVuicial of Charles Parke Cu.s
tis Tirnbornian a as hcM at the home
oJ his brother, J. !.. W. Tirnberman.
this aftcmuon at o'clock. Rev. F.
V. RChester officiating. Intenne.-it
v.M - in RetJiel ecrneterv.
't hose desiring tu j..in the mw mili
tary organization in this city ofi
which Or. T. P?. Cochran is captain.j
will have to Jo s>> by tomorrow asi
teat is the last day upon which m?ni
en r be taken into the ci.mpany
i hr.se in this vicinity subject to bo
called by draft will Jo well to act
quickly .f they wish to act in with 'lie
home boys, othenvi--;- they will '?.?
\er.v likely to no among strango-;
inter i-n.
1 ailurc of Gas Supply Causes Cum
berland Jail to be Cleared.
Cumberland, Md.. Dec. 11;.?Little j
improvement in the extreme cold in
this section occurred yesterday. At,
Ih/>mas, M. \n., *.h?- thermometer
stood at It) below an-.: at Aluimoit?,j
Garrett county, two betow. The drop
:n Garrett at places was a- low as,
1-1 dejrivs. .Many roatP in V, irrctti
are r?.-p.>rt<.'. to be blocked snow- i
c-r rt-;. Trie rural de-livery has been!
much imcriVnv-i. with. Trains are
"id rcnnin.tr late on all lines, J.taJti
::svv and Ohio trains b Mag a- rnwh
"" :x hours behind.
1 he ?n }*>;.* :-w- s>.
the police station a.-, t'r <. result of th. l
failure <c' natural gas with b tb.-l
?uiidinsr had been hoat-.d. that Chief!
'I Pchee Eyi -;n;ut four: i it n?v?*ssary
irev all prisoners. In tr. mem- f
::r-' apis burners are iH'ing removed}
srd coal grates put in the furnace.}
\lother of Five PiV> Amid Squalor;
Alter Aiding Husband Who I)e-|
verts lfcr.
Winchester, Va., Dec. 13.? I
Stricken with pneumonia, while strut:-1
'(ling to provide for her five child-j
r>.r., the yoamg?--t of whom is* 'ess!
then a year old, Mrs. Mary Catlettj
l.Vi Tuesday amid s< junior and;
Destitution, the city's charity
:jtir her too late.
Her husband, Henry Gatlett, was
-er.t to the convict road fr. ve resellCy
tor viu- beating, but cs raped, mul i:
.aicl to he living tinder an assume i;
tif.ii.e ntar IVrke.'ey Springs, YV. Va.
When he escaped, he made hi.- way j
bark home* and was secreted front of-?
fivers by his v. ife, who had just re
iji v. red from hi.- hushes. She gave;
him food and clothing and. in return 1
for he- loyalty, he again l-eMTtcdJ
Death of Rev. Dr. Graham
Winchester. Va.. Dec. Id.?Thei
ce.ith at Charlotte, X. C., of the Rev. j
J;r. Alfred Thurston Graham, until:
recently paston of the Pre.-bytcriauj
Church at Lexington, Va'., is an-j
noiunce-.l in a message to relative?
here. He -.signed tiie Lexington
pastorate .sworn! months ago on ac-j
:ount of failing health. He was j
jorn here about ?J'J yea:- ago, a son;
?f the late Rev. Dr. Jame
N 01 ice,
Tne Alexandria Medical Society an-:
nounces that on and after Jnn. 1, i
1016, the following fees will foe the
mrnrmum charges roa.de by its mem
Office visits $1.00 to ?10.00; house
visits ?2.00; night visits $5.00; Con
snltatior.s $5.00; obstetrics $25.00;
extra for each mile bevond citv limits
?1.00. 29 7-lot.
Tukc Your Feet to Gaines.
If you arc having any trouble with
those two feet of yours take thc-rr.
to Gaines' store, 422 King street, to
morrow or next day, and let the
specialist whom he *Aili have there
shew %vc how to bo comfortable. Hi
will do so free of charge. If you
Kara a com, bunion, or even til at
rlrcd feeling, take it *n Gaines5 and
be happy.
m\ j^i nnno nwv
j Methodist Episcopal t hit nil South
in This Cil) Scone oi Pre II v Wed
?? inir Tuesday Evening
One oi the iu<>.-t attractive Wed- ,
[dings oi* the lease 's took place 'J'ues-;
1 viay night at eight o'clock in the M. |
E. Church South in this city, when j
Mi.-s liai t icit kodgeis Poiiard, daugh- ?
j tor of .Mr. am! Mrs. F. -J. Pollard.
became the bride of .Mr. William
! Edward Dunn. Wilmington, D ?!-?
' aware. The brbfc, v.ho v.*as given
in marriage by her father, ./as gmvn
e. iii white cn-pe-de-ehine, combim
'with, gv-rgetu* crepe, embroidered in
I .-i.'ver. Her tulle veil was eaugh .
i !>y a coronet of orange al'V-cms. an.'
?he carried it -hower bouuue* of
bride's io~vs.
.Miss Reheeca (,iretror\ l.e.nnon, ut
Wn-hington. was the maid of hoii"r.
ili-e eov n was white lif ica led crejie- ;
de-rhino, <i:*ap? d in rose georgette j
It*)' f 111weiwere Kiliat ttet rose.-.
The matron* o. honor were M s. i
Thomas a. Hulfish, of Roseinont j
si.-ter of the bride. who wori canary
satin combine! with silver ]aee at:.'
carried marguerite-: Mrs. Artiiiu
!'. Crane, of WasBins* >af fcister '
the bride, who wa- y.iwr.'M hi pmti''
!>U" .-atiu tit: 1 silver here, and crrrit ? >
sweet pear-; Mrs. William T. Pollard."
?a Washington, who w'shell pinh :
satin and silver lace, and earrie t pjr.r ?
sv..???t p., as: M. Frank D. Foliar I
of Washington. who were violet saiir
:.r..! silver lace. Her flower> were j
< iidet SWeet !X\*I .
The cefernoiiy wa.- perform'-. ?.\ :
tile per. K. V. Uegester, v. istor of
the church. while the wedding music ; .
v.r..- played by Mrs. Oorge F.. War-'.
Raymond E. C?irtv!!. of V.'F , b t
i elaware.
The ushers we-v Mr. Williaa *!'
f'm'ard, and Mr. Frank D. Pollard
.???.,'ber:' <>f tin- brine, Mr. Ti otntc- A
V. 'fish ?md Or. Ariuhr T?. Crane. ?
ir.itv ii.-.ndv after the ceivmoJt;. a. .
.a., . ec?;n.Lent at 'lit .
of the- "'veto's parent-, l.ater'
if. the evening the bride and groom
: i
northern trip, the i?ru:?
?.'v. ring a tailored iit. of grr-n ' !
.i :-loth with hat t> nviteh. Mr. {
.p 1 .Mrs. 0 nr. ?:i! he at home after t
.ia' i.'.ry 1. at .TOO W-. i'-'.r-l street !'
Wdniin,-: ton, P davrnre.
Among the out-of-town guests-ji*
w?;e Mr. William P<dht?l, uncle of; I
the hn-ie. of W.vark, N'tv ders.-y- v
.M> - Pet tie Pollard, bride's aunt of i
W..-dv".y'?r>, D. Mrs. Goodson,' j
brill's aunt "f Wa-biinirton. .r>. C.tj
Mi . an.i Mnrshall Smith, of
Philadelphia. Pa..; Miss liussell. of
Tlemdon, Va.: Airs. I.. MefY.y,,
.f \orfotk, Va.; Mr. Rohett Pom
veil, or Wilmington, and Tfrs. U. P
f: an i Mrs. Thomas M- l'i
Plain field, N*. -f
Red Cross Christmas Seals Oriei
nated in Nor way?Movement Starl
i it in "Fiiis Country li\' a Woman.
P. may not bo generally knovvr.
that th" Rod Cross Seal onTii.aU'i '
in Xorvay and was brought to the;,
attention of an American woman ,:i
nint. years ay from an article ' y
Jacob Riis, in which he describe 1 h'e.v
tin- Xorwe^'ian -' used the stamps ir.
their fiirht against tuiierculosis.
She launched the movement in this i
country at Christmas, and that year"
thousands of packages went out
bearing the gov little seal. Tne sec-,1
on*' year she appealed *o the R.d
Cross to'take over the venture on a
vast scale and that year. 190R.
000 worth of seals were sold. Th:
Ciiristrnmas seal then became a .vi
tiona! institution and each yea-" sft-.ce
the sales have increased by leaps1
and bounds. The total sales' for t. ??
nine years are ? 1.S00.0OP
This year the Red Cross and 'in
Society for the prevention of tuber
culosis hope to rai.-e too ercord
"oreaking fund of .f3.0d0.0u0. P ty
these cheerful little seals and put
then; on all your letters ar.d nark
??gos. They are on .-ale at Alexnr '
An oyster supper under the aus?
oices of the Parents Teacher's As.-o
-iati. r. v/iil be given Thitrsday. Doc
nmber 13, If'1", from 5 to 0 o'clock;
{'"n Lec Can*.] Hall Ticketf 3-v
ANTED?Az a^siitant bookkeeper.
VcL-ng lady preferred. Scat^ ex
perience, if any. Address ir. your
err. handwriting. G^fTte
off 7-Ar.
f?in Kllorl to lit* Made to Sriiu-r fiicre
thousand .\]i>mbc-r> in Alexandria
'I liis Month.
' lk-n:\ I'. ; eiiairuuiii 01
?the lied Cross War Council, ha* .-< n
out l lie suggestion that on >undViy,
Deo. !?.!. there shall >.? nrnirigeio
itiion meetings in churches or au
ditoriums in f:o mteic.-u 01 thi
Rt?i Cross L iir:-:'it;; membership
drive. beginning December 17. arc
ending I'hristnuis I-Ivo.
Ministers of a!! ?lenoniiiiation- r.rc
t-ked to preach Red Cross sermons
on Sunday morning. December I",
-i rot to hold Sunday school ami
i'oung People's services in tho i'
cernoon of that day. in addition re
.In.a* services. Mr. Davison suggests
that eveiting meetings 1 held m
.?hurdles or auditoriums whore |> o
p!e of all faiths may un-ite in testi
to their /.oal for the Red Oroa.-i
) helping in its amnaiyri < >.
jO.OuO.UOU new Monibe! s.
Concerning the work another writ.-*
;;iys: In this pre at crisis in the hi
:ory of the progress of trie humr.i
r.ee and whor. tin* :eals of deaio
?racy are being put to the eruciai
.est it is the duty of every man ur.d
?very woman regardless ?.f his >?
ier station in life t?? :v?i>i>im g< n -
jtisly ami enthusiastically to ev?_??;
.?a'1 that is made for servo,-. ,?r
lev that oh iii at i a ??: ;? pro
a ' Vt*d and the n i;.ee .lafocnej
nay i;e fnrev* r u na v. !.
Many of o.tr people are denied the
?ippnrumity of bearing arms, hut
ate is denied the opportunity of
ng hb country ami anno' litre
deals, lie coniriliu'es in ? very pe
bble v. iv t" the success ot tho-i
no a aunts v.-hicit support an t sn?
airi our soldiers ami sail"'- a tut
vhieh relieve the distress and doa
itution of the dependents of t'lO.-v
have gone t ? i'.? 'met to J*
"eu'l with their very lives the prim
?iplm; upoti which our eotmtry
"otsl'.be i.
I in Red Cress will make a special
?Kort :o enr*!! i?f<? ?? fhri.-rmn? i
ni'dien additional uemhe!>. Dot
oak Mitt "hat thi effort will
TOWncd with success. I: is believed
h ? ( the wage-earning ruen nr. i w
nen of our eottr.fry veil! lie fmi" *
? moo.:.- the first to "? -pond to l?ic
nayr. ill cent work which the Rf '
'roes is: doing and wvuen ?: must
inue to do.
?Nl.iST W I I II YOl'K I It! KM^
?r he Drafted. Which Will M?t:
Choose? Voii Have Oro Mor.
< liance.
Jfniist with your friends ot -??
rafted, which \v ?' y u ''noose . Ca
er the regulations, all men witfciv
lie draft aye, with i <? 'r
? Cv s. will '? ca 'eii first. > in?' <????
rict niust call nearly all of the min
ers of this class to get its ououi
n?re are so few in this class to
. so.
Y'-u have oik more enatu'e <?- ei.h>
>e ?vit'i men from your home towv.
'iie third Virginia rerimerit is ?.c
;<?'e'Lr.iu.y.e . Ai' ? tnc.ra. .'.a.a?
company in tiiat regiment and
r.ist have one hundred men wno caa
ass the physical exniniruition ha
?>rc we. can organize.
Thoussuids of men are eiiiisting m
io National guard to be with thch
?iftitls. Why nor you
I;. all probab'ity w>- will live in
ivn homes, all winter, while all arc
?aining .and being equipped for ser
Men, yo.i are gamuhng again.-',
eavy odds hy taking the char, .s *
d being drafted. You single men
ho are in the last group, accordi ig
, th< first draft will be pusht ,1 for
?T'l and necessarily wil! iave ?. ?
ith '-.ne first fpiota
It is imperative that yoj come .
^ v.e mast positively know ?
e can get the required one hundred
en 'hat wc may n*<'eiv?* 1'cui-r ..
? 1*0 crn' t ? < >r* ? ? y ?? n 1 or row n i / h v.
Men, you have got to go so v.hj
it. with your friends ra'h> ' thas
Come to the armory on scatn Itoya."
reel tonightf 1 hum-day) befw??etj
? hours of 7 :.'lo and nine o'clock and
ne Captain C'.chrati explain it */.>
iii. If you car.'t come, sen Capt
x hrnr at his offitf; 722 King street
Im not miss this opportunity as i*
vou- las: oefore oomg drafted
M'ashington Mcmoriai L-vigc oj
irfection No. 7 will hold its rc-gu
r meeting. Friday, December 14
17. at 7:30. All members .er.d ri#i
tp are tnvftec to pre* int.
Norfolk O^t^rs. Hampton $arv
and po+omac Rivor f,,4T* ?'
Vn. ? ftrST-/.

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