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If yon Trartt fo reach ffta f}
people in f he homes in Alexan- f
rfria and ifa snhnrhs pin re i
ynrcr announcements in the
Gmctte, If y.**uF goods and ;j
prices are right you critl get jj
the cnfitomcm. ;i
Till-- WFATKEft. r"'
For tiuh section cloudy and un*
settled tonight and Friday.
Court. Decrees Received Last Night and Placed on Rec
ord by Clerk of Corporation Today ? Attorneys
State That the. American Shipbuilding Corporation
May Now Proceed to Establish its Plant on Site
Wanted in Alexandria?News Causes General Re
joicing Throughout the City.
Perhaps no announcement which the Gazette has ever carried Into
:ne homes of this old city during the century and over in. which >t has
been published, has brought, greater happiness to Alexandrians thai
the news it will take to them this nttcrnoon, which is summed up in the
following words: Alexandria will have the Shipbuilding Industry.
Since the formal announcement, made by Representative Charles C
Carlin at the public meeting held in the Opera House here on the night
of December 12th last, concerning the locating of the shipbuilding plant
in this city, it has formed the chief topic of conversation among Iik*?
^"interested in the best welfare of Alexandria. Difficulties in the way o;
securing the property required for the site of the proposed shipyard,
which have arisen since that time, have caused many to fear that some
thing might happen to prevent the gmntic industry from being located here
after all. Rumors circulated one day brought clouds of disappoint men'
which, in turn, were blown away tlv. following day by statements of ..
more rosy hue.
Papers Filed Last Night ut Eight O'clock.
Last night,-however, Hon. Jame t R. On ton, one of the attorneys in
terested in-the- case, had the satisfaction of turning over to Clerk N veil
S. Gveenavvay of .the Corporation' C ourt, tin? necessary papers in tin
transaction. all properly signed and bearing the legal endorsement o:
Judge- Thornton of the Circuii Court, clearing up the entire matter and
certifying to the sale- of the desired property for the shipyard site.
The sum involved in the transaction, is in round figures about SS '<
000. Mr. Caton informed a representative of the Gazette thai he has the
necessary checks in his hands, and has had them for the past ten days,
and will pay the same over to the !> roper parties as soon as he can do so
?Mr; Caton stated that everything had been cleared up and that notn
iug now stood in the way of proceeding with the work of establishing
the shipbuilding plant here as soon as the men and material could be got
ten here.
Somo six decrees in all were included in toe papers tiled with Clerk
Grcenaway confirming the sale of the land wanted for the site ano
which were today place on record. i>eeds for the property will be drawn
up at onee which, will also be passed to the owners and recorded promptly.
What The Shipbuilding Plant Should Mean to Alexandria.
In the course of his speech at 'he Opera House on the ntght of Dee.
32th, Mr. Carlin said concerning the Shipbuilding industry which will bo
located litre:
"In the next twelve months twelve ships must be built. That wii!
menu at least $7,500,000 will be turned loose in Alexandria. How much <>
that sum will remain here I eannc tell, but. I cannot imagine of anj
concern/-from thd bootblack tip, that will not be very materially iiolpe.l.
The shipyard must T>o finished in 1 ree months, upon which from -c':
500,000 to- $2,500,000, will be spent!''
Charles W. Morse, the head of the United .States Shipbuilding Com
pany, who will bo the real head of the American Shipbuilding Corpora
tion which will operate the Alexandria plant, also made the follow'na
statement iti his speech at the same meeting:
"Mr. Chairman, ladies and Gentlemen: Wlieu I was invued to com'
here I said that I would rather build a ship than make a speech. A boa
a pionth ago I received a telegram that I was wanted here on a very
important matter and asking if f would come. As a result, we sha'i
build twelve ships here. I can see nc reason why our industry here shouii
not be permanent and no reason why Alexandria should not be equally a.-,
good a place m which to build snips as any point on the Atlantic se-;
board. My three sons will, be here uith you. I am sorry they could net
be here tonight. We want you to reel that we arc only the servants
tho government. I believe.that I can safely say that within the ticx:
fifty years the United States will control the commerce of the sen*
which will mean that it will control the commerce of the world."
In answer to questions asked him by Mr. Carlin, Mr. Morse stale :
that it would bo necessary for his company to expend from a million
and one-half to two million and one-half of dollars to build and equip tnc
shipyard to bo established in Alexandria.
Will Bring From 2,500 to 4,000 Workmen.
Mr. Colin II. Livingstone, of Washington; the president of the com
fcpanv, said, in his remarks at tho meeting in this city:
"W?? are going to do tilings here, and it will not be many months la
fore you will all be cheering the launching of some of the big ships whi ;;
will be turned out from the Alexandria ship yards. We arc going to bring
from 2,500 to 4.000 mon here. And Iwant you to treat thc-m as you would
wish to be treated. Don't try to get all their money away from them.
Help them in every way that you cao, to get homes and make themselves
comfortable, and thoy will bo tho means of helping you. In other word:;
T want you all to stand right by us.''
From the above it will be seen that the new industry should be of
great benefit to the entire city. Alexandria will undoubtedly take on a now
life and will enter upon a new existence?in other words,will take a place
upon the the commercial map of tho country which it has never before
occupied. It will bring new people hero who will need new homes which
will mean commercial growth and prosperity on every hand.
To all those who have been instrumental in making these things pos
sible, the Gazette heartily joins wlf- all residents of the city in tender
ing its heartiest congratulations.
Boundaries of the New Shipyard, i shipbuilderg plant will require abou
The orso necoswy for the new I five ejty squgjes the rive
Alexandria City and Suburbs
Mrs. Edward Pcnu Juts rcturjui
in her home m Richmond after being
i tlip guest of Mrs. John Clapdore for
i two weeks.
The many friends cf .Mr. Paul
Nngel, formerly a resident of this
1 city, l>ut now living in Iktllimore,
7*1:1.f will 'he pleased in learn of his
enlistment in the Aviation Corps.
Mr. X'agcl left for a western training
camp December 11th.
F-trv.fjve \oars and one week ago
todav?December Hi. 1S<;2?occurred
? " I
Ihirnsides' defeat at the first battle:
of Fivtlt-i iksbtira1. The Alexandria
regiment, the Seventeenth of Virginia,1
: was not. engaged in the acla.nl battle, j
although it was not far away. .Mr. j
Edgar Warfield. Sr., of this city, who!
was with the Alexandria regiment at!
, the time, says that the ground in|
i that vicinity was covered with snow!
an.! severe cold weather was being
experienced by the boys in the army,
i Among the other "boys'* from horej
? Mm were also in the x Seventeenth J
i regiment at the time were 0. 11. An- j
i pkn, J. R. Zimmerman, Frank J.
Davidson, ("leorge Wise, Col. Arthur:
Herbert, Clins. 0. Sipple, W. J.!
Hall. Lieut. \V. T. MeKnight.'
Thomas Kelly. .M. 1!. Underwood,!
f*. A. Howell. Thomas W While!
ai'-i ?? C. White.
Ausiria-lfutiK.'iry l aiuioi Maintain i
Disinterested Aims if Roomie*
Continue War.
Amsterdam, Doe. l'u.?Austria
Hungary approves a general peace;
"Without annexation.', territorial or'
economic. hut cannot maintain such
disinterested war aims as long uxj
her enemies continue the war. ' Cuvit i
Oemiti. Austrian. foreign minister,!
ledaml hi a speech lie fore t p:r--.
Knnu'iu. t
1 >i?pniches from Vienna today sail
he made reply to interpellations and
approved the Russian pea o move-!
it. Srartiug with the presentj
shipyard pioperty at the foot of*'
Gibbon street, the plant will extend!
'o and take in most oi .1 ones's F>??int.?
.ee.vng only the enclosure upon which!
lit" lighthouse is situated and which!
' clones to the government. This ?
i leans Gibbon, Franklin. Jefferson,;
Greene, Church and South streets, I
the latter being the northern shore of:
Hunting < 'reek. It i - also hinto i that;
pari of the. creek will lie reclaimed j
that eventually the steamship
plant or other enterprises will form j
:m L-shaped manufacturing tract
bordering on the Potomac river nad
Hunting I roe'-; a:.>! for some ?iisi:inc2:
Officers of the Alexandria Company.
As has been previously nnncuto
cc.', the officers ami directors of the
American Shipbuilding Corporation,
the subsidiary company .>f the United'
States .Shipbuilding Contapny. which;
will operate the shipyard in Alexan
dria. are as follows, the charter
having already been filed in the cor-j
pornii-.ni clerk's office in this city:!
Officers: Colin II. Livingstone, of!
Washington, president; B. W. .Horse,
of New York, vice-president; B. C. j
! liirlcy, of New York, vice-president |
! an i secretary; If. P. Morse. of
New York, treasurer. < j
there are Id directors: Davis EJ
? kins. Washing-ten; Win. Guggenheim,
? N'ew d 01 *; Ro|>ert Jackson, Concord,
: N. II.; I.'. (J. Higley, N'ew .York;
? Geo. W. Loft, Now York; Colin II.
Livingstone, Washington; 0. W.
? Morse, Now York; B. W. .Morse, Now
i York: E. A. Morse. New York; T.
A. Shoreham, New York; R. Lan
caster Williams, Baltimore.
The minimum capital of the com
pany is given as $1.000,00ft. and the
I maximum, Si0.000,000.
Sacrifice Candy.
Wheeling, W. Va., Dec. 20.?Sun
day school children of West Virginia
j will sacrifice their Christmas candy
j this year and send the money thai
: would be spent for sweets to the
American committee for Armernar
i and Syrian relief iu New York city
Death Notice.
DIED, at his residence, 202 North
j Royal St., at 1:45 P. M.. on Thursday
1 December 20, 1917, JOHN HARLOW
U agea 7S year?. Notice of tuttera
-[ hereafter
Mrs. .1. M. Dickcrxon has re
turned to her home in Uoyal street
after a visit to Richmond frientls.
I 'J'he regular {Haver meeting will
: lie hehi at three o'clock tomorrow af
' ternoon at the Anne f.ee Mernori:<1
| IlOfT.t .
There was no meeting held of the
hoard of police commissioners last
night owing to the fact that there
was not enough of the members pres
ent to constitute a quorum.
While driving an automobile upi
Johnson's hill, a few miles from this!
city, J. B. Cnruse of Washington was
thrown from the machine on account
of its skidding to one sid0 of the road.
His head was cut and right shoulderj
considerably bruised. He was brough'
to the Alexandria hospital where his
injuries were given attention by Dr.
K. A. Gorman.
I.ocal Union No. 10.78, Brothorho. ;1
of Painters, Decorators and Paper
Hangers elected the following named
officers at their meeting last night: |
Taylor Rudti. president; .Tames I?.;
Qua .vie, vice-president; James S
Deeton. recording secret.tr- ; Frank
Hall, financial secretary; Frank W
Deeton, preceptor and treasurer; A.
Warren, conductor and' dames II. Wil-(
lianas, warden.
Proposals May be Framed to Trick
German Peoples?Some. However
Believe Kaiser is Sincere.
Washington, Pec. 20. ? What pur
das to bo an outline of the kaiser';,
m h-advertise i "Christmas peace
? m.-" ha- reached here through the
me neutral diplomatic channels
Inch earlier in :1a \veoV Vc-' i*. Co A
('??nnation to support intimation
om abroad that a new peace oft'ci
as coming.
In the main, the term.-, as described
?llow the lines of those .-ai.i to have
>(?11 written by Foreign Minister vcr
uhlmnnn last summer. At that
inc they were denounced as having
T'l'ii written purely for political pur
"he so-called terms, which must be
irnised only at their face value,
said to include the following:
fo leave the -disposition of Alsnce
rralne to a plebiscite of inhabi
nglaiul to pay Germany ior hei
African colonies and the m"nc\
be used for the rehabilitation of'
rium, Serbia, Rumania. and north
brssian provinces bordering the
tic, the Black sea and Prussia tr
orne independent vrrier a Germ.inj
iland to lie called an independent
plunder Austrian suzerainty,
isarmament, freedom of the seas
commerce to be left to the peace
umania, Serbia and Montenegro to
li.'i their original boundaries, with
right of access to the sea being
nted to Serbia.
'urkey to remain intact.
()l<l and Wcll-Known Resident Passes
| Away at His Home on North Royal
j Street Early This Afternoon
I John Harlow, who had hem confined
j for several months to hi- home, 202
! north Royal street, by infix posit ion.
died early litis afternoon. The de
ceased was 78 years old. lie is sur
vived by his widow and six children?
George, John and Edward Harlow,
and Mrs. M. P. Greene, Mrs. Rich
ard Hartigan and Miss Mary V. Har
The deceased was a son of the late
Michael Harlow. He was bom ir
Ireland, hut came to Alexandria whor
a boy and had since "resided here. F:.i
n any years Mr. Harlow was aetivoh
engaged in business in Alexandria,
in recent years, however, failing
, i faith forced him :o '."bnqui-h all
j it pat ion.
He was a brother of M. B. Har
| low, Mrs. Phillip Roche and Mis;
! Mary Harlow.
'! Norfolk Oysters, Hampton Bur
1 j and Potomac RIvct J. Rrt
' No. 2 Sing street
The steamer Fonnimoro, said 10
be owned by C. W. Morse of New
York, the well known ship builder,
passed up the Potomac river this af
Icrnoon shortly after tVvelvc o'clock
toward Washington.
George Smith and James I'iggs.
both colored, forfeited S10 collateral
by failing to appear in the Policf
Court this niornin.tr to answer tin
rMarge of lisoi lerly conduct and as-!
stuilt last night. This was the only
cr.se on the docket.
.Miss Mac Wood and Mr. George |
Hardy of this city were married ye:--!
teniay afternoon, at four o'clock !?? j
the Rev. P. P. Phillips of St. Paul's
Kp'scopal church. Among those pres
2111 at the ceremony "were Mrs. Vic
tor Gauzza, and Miss Edna Clark, oi
Washington; Mrs. C!nudc Violet ant
.\Tr. and Mrs. George Wood, of th'i
city. Shortly after the wedding; the
bride and groom loft for Washington
where they were tendered a dinnci i
by Mr. and Mrs. Victor Gauzz.i
brother-in-law and sister of the bride f
From there they were to go on r.
honeymoon trip to Norfolk and la lei
will return to reside in Alexandria.
Red Cross Committees llusy in a: j
Purls of the Country Securing Nea j
Washington, Dec. M.?fhe Re." I
Jross Christmas Drive is now in I'm! |
wing; this time the Red Cross i: f
dter members not money. The Rc: j
ir^is needs workers-legions of work
?rs. Its activities arc boundless an
v-r spreading. If you want to
aifiVring humanity?if you want U
10!j? our soldiers and sailors and tnei j
'amides in the simplest and most of.
Votive way, join the Red Cross; ;
lolinr does it?and a heart!
The Red Cross is not only th (
greatest charitable institution evci j
)rg..i;ized?it is a business enter-1
wAt* of the fii-st magnitude?it is ad
umistered by men of great ability
nany of whom serve for nothing am'
ill of- whom serve with their whob
leart?it is an adjunct of our gov ,
nmmcnt without politics?it is a par I
>1' our army without weapons o (
loath?it is helping to "win the war j
jy saving life, not destroying it. T ,
enroll 10,000,000 members in on- j
week's time seems a mighty tas' !
>ut if the beneficent work of the Per j
Cross were known as it should V j
known?if that membership rioilfr
ion Id be seen and followed on j Is e. j
-and of mercy?if people realize {
that in joining the Red Cross the; i
?veri responding to the call of the! j
country in its hour of need?the |
10.000,000 names in a week would hf j
but the beginning of an enrolimcn j
that would soon include every man j
woman and child in this fair Ian'
nosscssed of a dollar?and a heat t j
i Girl Faces Years in Jail, But f.Vt
Revenge on a Man.
New York, Dec. 20. ? .Marv Ca
j tone's story of the events which le
; her to drown eight-year-old .Mar;
Rose in the Passaic River resulted 5r.
the conviction in Pate ?/sen. X. J.
yesterday of the child's father, ('has
Rose, of i'aterson. Rose was trie
en an indictment based upon Man
( atone*.- story as she tMd it at he
own trial for murder of the child
He will he sentence 1 Friday.
Rose helped Mary Catone to a good
job in a mill where he held a re span
sible position, the girl said, and later
assaulted her. She'brooded over the
attack a couple of days and' ther
lured Mary Rose to the Passaic Rive
and drowned her. She tried to take
her own life, but was rescued. She
; was held for attempted suicide, bu*
! officials did not believe her hysterical
j story ?f the murder.
! Then Mary Rose was reported
' missing and Mary Catone was con
| victed cf murder in the second de
cree. She is waiting sentence. Rose
| stoutly denied tho giri's story
; Geo. E. Price and Company -will
j have for ?ale for the balance of the.
*! week halibut, Spanish Mackerel, hue
iljter fish, Jersey "trout and lake trout.
i City Market
Twenty Thousand .More Nijrsos Will
Fir Needed if War Continues An
other Year Say The Authorities.
Richmond. Dec. 20.?Miss Doro E.
Thompson, superintendent of the
Army Nurse Corps. Mills Building,
Washington, in a statement which the
Council of Defense has just received,
corrects art impression that has
gained -ante publicity to the effect
that the army is "fed up" with nurses.
How such "impressions'' gain cur
rency is stil! a mystery, though not
such a mystery as formerly.
Miss Thompson emphasizes Cue
need of more graduate nurses fur
service both at hom(. and over seas
.She says:
"In the course of the next year,
.vith a continuation of the war, at
.east 20.000 nurses will be requires j
.n army hospitals at home and'
tbroad. Of the total number of grad
uate nurses of the country, appro::i
nately SO,000. only .'>,">00 have so fa:
occn assigned to duty in the army
service, and oj this number 1.500 art
in France.
"It is because the need is not an
Jerstood by the nurses of the coun
.ry that the Army Nurse Corps IacKt
i proper nursing force today. Patriot
c devotion runs high in the proles-}
don and we have many letters froa. i
turses of all parts of the country
leehuing their intention and willing
less to serve the Army, but th-3t
vomen do not appear to understanc
hat the need is real at the preser.: jf
ime. The actual need of the Army $
Nursc Corps today is 175 nurses anc '
his number is needed for immediate ;
ei vice. Therefore, we are urgently
?equosting that nurses wlio have ile
ennined to do war service no Tongoi
lost pone making application but .'.n
nediately. by telegraph or by letter
ippiv with' the idea of immediate
issignment. ?
"Any nurse who is qualified V>i:
:er\ice. no matter whore she may ru ?
n this country, should not hcsilatr |
o make her application, her purview 1
ire. or presently will be needed rot jj
"rip: army."
A nurse traveling under orders j
riven a first-class ticket, Pullman eui j
iccomr.iodations, and is reimbursed -
'or incidental traveling expenses not \
?xceeding -M.-'O per day. Nurses m ?
.lot required to purchase new un!
'orms. but may use any white un?
lorms they may have.
? Application for apopi'Uinent i.'ii
nade to the Army Nurse Corps I
ilanks being furnished, and the M' |
llicant must mcti the following re-J
She must be between 21 and '??"
?ears of age and unmarried. Previous
v the age specifications were 2o tc
i years.
Her physical fitness for service i:
if established by a medical office?
) !>C in.....
f the Army at his proper station
is animations arc con.fi icnt.'al. T'j
void iong journeys the physical ex-!
mination of the applicant may be
nade by her family physician. Ar.'
rmy nurse must be a graduate of a!
raining school for nurses and must j
lave served for two years in a hos
jital. To meet the present emergency'
state registration will be waived
appointments arc made under, :.n
Agreement to serve for the period "f
he emergency only, if the nurses do
not desire to serve for the us.;a*
hrce-years period.
Annv nurses designed to duty at
military hospitals at home or abroad
ire provided with quarters and sub
'.istauce and are paid $50 per month,
vith <10 additional for foreign ser
The Red Cross nursing service con
Litutcs the reserve of the Army
,*urse Corps and enrollment may b?
iirough that body or directly through
he Superintendent of the United
tales Army Nursc Corps at Wash
Read These Price.-.
IV. tapsco I lour, >11.7 :"> ba rrol.
Twelve pound sack, 75c. Star hams,
32 cents. Country butter, .'0 cents.
Six packages spaghetti 25 cents.
?J. E. Pa reel 1. 117 South Henry
street, Alexandria. Phone 507 W.
WANTED?An assistant bookkeeper.
Young- lady preferred. State ex
perience, if any. Address In yorn
! own lirjridwriHnq:. Hov Gaxartx
office. 79 7-31
! B?,lsJio\iKi. Under Pretext of Suppres
| sing Rioting. Believed Preparing
City tor Defense.
i London, Dec. JO.?The Russian up
| rising' against the Bolsheviki had
' apparently reached even into Potr>
j S'*ati, stronghold uf the Trotzky
Leuiue government, according to diu
patches today. Under excuse of re
storing disorder due to robbery oi
stores and residences, the Bolsheviki,
through the executive council of lb*
workmen's and soldiers' delegate?,
have declared a "state of siege."
.According to belief here, the Bol
sheviki are carefully concealing whit
must be considerable disorder in the
city, possibly organized rebel': or.
against the Maximalist rule. AJLJ
other Russian factions, according v>
at est information, have joined in op
posing the Bolsheviki for their sup
pression of the constituent assembly.
The excuse given for the declare -
:ioi: of martial law in PetrograU v.*.u
the disorder arising from tile loot -
ing of wine cellars by the lawless
element, but advices' received -hero
today said that trenches were bela^
Jug several miles from the outskirts
of the city, and that artillery was be-,
ing mounted where it rouid sweep
;he main approaches.
The fact that strong forces -of
Ukrainian troops have re-enforced wv?i
Uossacks is apparently causing the
3olsheviki regime considerable con
So far as known here there are. r.o
mti-Bolsheviki troops near Petrogra-I
iespite the recent report that Keren
sky was approaching Petrograa with
several thousand armed men. bfo'.b
ng more has been heard of the re
jort, and it is now considered ve.-p
loubtful that Keren sky is wen ?r
the Held.
Odessa. Dec. '-'u.?-Fighting U~
?\veen The Bolsheviki and Ukrainians
was halted today.
Bod; sidos agreed u? mixed paired
hroughout the o.ty to maintain
Scone-' <>f shops and residences hw-tx;
)cen pillaged. T'nt. fighting of amte^
"nrccs had Ixn-n seized upon by BanJ
'ts ,-is a pretext for wholesale rob
TJu* Netherlands Preparing for Aa*'
The Hague, Netherlands,. Dec. iC
?Only some two days march north
>f the battle arena, in Flanders .sttvadLs
i formidable army, intact, fresh ami
. ignrous, that has n< t yet flrtxi a who'
n the great war. Ir is the army. -?
.he Netherlands.
That army is ever growing, fie
.vork of training began kevvrishly
xtck in August, 191-1, and it has been
rarried on without a break ever sin re
n all parts of the country. A spc
; rinl law was passed some two years
I ;in.e, greatly widening the circle -ti
; hose liable to service, with the re
{?ult that all the men under arms cf?
' August 1, 191 -I. now have been re
| lieved by newly-trained men and sent
i home,though they can be recalled U3
I he colors immediately should occu
; 3ion arise.
j That the country's military lead
j ers have no intention to rest on their
oars after the achievement is shown
| by a bill that has just reached Par
i iament providing for a re-examine
?' '??ion of all men of the Landsiruw
j born since 1885,- who had been re
! iected for one reason or another. Thk
| measure is expected to yield a very
| substantial amount of fresh hum mi
j material. It is believed that Holland
| '"ui place half a million men in the
j field.
j Serious efforts are being exerted tv
j improve Holland's aerial nervioe. A
reorganization is contemplated thai
:s estimated to cost between $7?00+
%0 and $7,800,000. The new ocherah
provides for 15 airplane dtvisfoflt
comprising 58 battle planer arid fif.
scouting planes.
Notice of Annual Meeting.
? The annual meeting of the d;
; rectors of the Alexandria. Iron Wort+?'
j will be held at the office, corner Roya'"
{and Wilkes street, Alexandria, Va.
i or. Monday, December 31. at 0 a ffi
? By order of President.
A. S. Mankin, Secreting
! 302-10:.
Fish day tomorrow. Jersey tiroil
butttr ??h, ?t*ak tilo, yellow perry
lake trout, also Hampton Ear Oys
Sanitary Fish Market, 6ts.Il &
S. Phone 785, Opea until 2 p. rx.

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