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VOL. GXXXIII-Nu. :!()!
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Alexandria Ladies Making an L'ariie-t
Effort tv? Secure Apportionment oi
Three Thousand for Tliis City,
So far as cart be ascertained one
thousand new members have been ad
ded to the Alexandria branch of the
Rod Cross during1 the campaign which
?began in. this city on Mont lay last.
Every effort is being made bv tbo
various committees to bring the \o
tal number of new members up ;o
three thousand before tho campaign
closes i.n the two days yet remain,
Over one hundred members have
boon secured at the Potomac railroad j
yards and some forty-five or more
at the Class Company's works, but!
the committees foel that, there are
many more who ought tn become in
terested in the work.
As American troops go abroad :n
(increasing numbers, the folks at hon c
become naturally more, and more co.-,
corned about every phase of the iifei
and adventure that lies ahead of
them. One of the many questions of'
great interest and concern is the
treatment by Cor many of prisoner?.,
It is taken for granted that largej
numbers of American soldiers will}
ultimately find themselves in Gor-!
man prison camps, and among many j
other activities of various agendo?,
the work of the Rod Cross in this:
"field is attracting much interest.
A report recently 'received from
Washington hears in a timely way
on this subject. Copies of it arc %fl
ing sent to those who make inquiry
of the Council. It shows not oniy
what has been done up to recent dace,'
but gives an idea of what may be
expected of tbo Red Cross In this
?way in the future, when the need
will be greater.
Soldiers and sailors captured by}
the central powers are not provided
by their captors with sufficient food
to keep them in good health, nor with'
sufficient clothing, so these neces
sities must be provided from home,
and in view of this condition the
American Red Cross and the United
States Government are preparing to
fowl all Ann riom soldiers ami San
til's who may >0 taken prisoners >y
Germany during the war. A com
plete scheme for sustaining prisoners (
is now being worked out jointly by
the War and Navy Departments :vtKt
the American Red Cross, which will
bo the,"agency through which the:
American prisoners \v:s! be roaciiol.,
?Under the proposed plan of feed
ing American prisoners in Germany ^
each prisoner is to receive, in the,
course of every two weeks, three 7.0
pQumi package-*, containing proper
? . ?-i. ? ~ - aim in I
and sufficient rations to kec-p him in:
good health l'or I kit length of time. I
It is expected that sufficient, food to j
sustain a considerable number of,
men for several months will have been1
accumulated in Rome, Switzerland,,
before, the American troops begin'
active 'service on the fighting front,
Already the Navy Department has:
shipped 1(MJ outfits of clothing fvu
the hitexricd seamen in Germany, aim
?thi Quartejcmastcr General's Depart
inent', So cases of clothing . for sol- (
diors and interned civilians. Food-1
stuffs so far provided have * 'en pur-!
chased by the Anu-rrcan Red Cross,
but the furnishing of necessary ra
tions is to be attended to by the Gov
ernment as soon as detailed plans for
prison-relief work are perfect est.
Ccrmuu I'ope Says Food Department
System lias ('cHaosed.
Amsterdam, Dec. 21.?That Ger
many's food department system has j
collapsed and that an insufficient j
amount of food is on hand for muni- j
tion workers is the story carried byj
the Socialist paper Vorwaerts. Six!
columns are devoted to the food;
?shortage, which the paper claims is'
greater titan at any time since the.
beginning of the war. Vigorous pro- 1
test against the publication has been I
made by the food dictator. Yon Wai
Many municipalities have boon,
fore Oil to take ever all available
food and ration, not ? only munition j
workers, but the civilian population
as well. Itt some cases owners of
munition plant shave prchased food!
for their workers and retailed it to
them at a profit, 'lite smaller plants
are also aiooting this illegal prac
tice, it is "reported.
Pocunu tils Jruli?*:i(?- New Shipbuilding
1'lftfll in Alexandria Will In* Opera
tod in I'art l?y (Jrolon Iron Works.
'1 he necessary papers wore f'leJ
with Mr. Novell S. Greenaway,
Clerk of the Corporation Court in this
city yesterday, by which the live
squares of land en the water front
in Alexandria, located I* ! ween Gib
bon and South streets, recently taken
over bv the American Shipbuilding
Corporation, has been leased, by the
(i rot on Iron W"rks. The lease is for
the period of five years, ending in
IleeemJif-r, 1U22, at an annual rental
of .$-l,2od. willi an optioiP i<> purchase j
".lie said laud for $70,','1'0 at any time
within the period of the lease.
Mr. H. A. Morse, son of. Mr. j
Charles W Morse, is the president;
of the Grot-on Iron Works company.
The latitl compromises about forty
six acre-, more or less, which will
i?e used for the purpose of buildingj
ships for the Unite.] States, thej
papers state.
The documents bear the signatures!
uf the .Secretary of War, Newton H.;
Dakor. Chavies W. Morse, oi' the
United States Shipbuilding- Company,
Stuart (J. (iibboney. general counsel
for that company, E. A. Morse and
various others interested.
Although not so stated, it is pre
sumed that the building of the shins
it Alexandria will be constructed i?y
he said Groton Iron Works company.1
It is not definitely known in AJcx
intlria as to just when active opor>
ions will be started hero in the w;.v
>f construction of the shiypard, but
Vom present appearances it would
eein tliat there will be no unneeef:
mry delay and that the work will be
mder way within a very short time.
tcpori Start Will He Made Monday.'
It is stated tlir.t a force of en
ciue.cc> v.sU begin laying out life
rrounds on Monday next for the new
diipbuilding plant.
line IVrsons l-'ail to Appear When
Their Names Were Called and For
feited Their Collateral.
li. tut.k abemi. ten second this morn-'
ig to convene and adjourn the- Pu
ce Court. Seven white men had luvn.
rrestcd on trie charge of gambling,'
nu of the accused being the pV'
rietor of a house in the' western see
on of the city. Chief Goods,
ear.t Wilkinson and Officers Cnnvp-j
ell and Thompson ?na<le a descent:
pon the place at 12:110 o'clock this'
lomiug and took the proprietor audi
is guests in custody. The officers cap-'
Litcd a number of packs of cards..
Jpon reaching the station bouse it
; thought they gave fictitious name?,
ut the- prisoners left collateral fori
heir appearance at nine o'clock ihP
At tha-t hour Chief Goods called
re names the parties had given, bntj
icy wore. in court parlance, non ;
vent us. and. forfeited their collar-'
The names of a man and woman i
ere also called to answer the charge
.' being drunk in the. street. They,
io, failed to respond, and forfeited
icir deposits. They had been arrest
:i by the Officers Miller, Campbell
nd Thompson.
-Sixty dollars were gathered up by
te court and placed in the cl'v's ec.t
Loss of From SlOO.DOO to $:1(H).000 in
Freight Fire
Eric, Fa.. Dec. til.?Fire of an
unkno\m origin, either spontaneous
combustion <?r incendiary, started in
a long string of freight curs standing
near the Philadelphia and Erie
freight house, at 6:30 o'clock Tues
day night, and before it could be
got under control, over a score of
cars, with their contents and the en
tire freight house, a solid block long,
with the exception of the office at the
west end. had gone up in flames.
The loss is at. least $100,000 and
may run over a half a million. A
number of freight cars were filled
with potatoes and other food stuffs,
while there were several tank cars
! filled with oil in the string, thut
made the blase most spectacular.
The freight house wa^ filled to the
ceiling with Christmas packages, and
they all went up rn the flames.
Alexandria City and Suburbs
Mr. .John F. Miller, of Brooklyn,
, N. V., \vln> has been the uncst of
I his sister, Mrs, R. W. Herfurth, of
! Duke street, will return 10 his home
j today.
Corporal Harry ('. .Mankin, who
I. ft Alexandria on June 2Kth as a
elerlc in the .Medical department of
the United States army, has hem j
promoted to the position of Surjjcant.
and is now stationed at one of the.
base supply camps somewhere in
The Seventh Day Adventi.st church i
will liold its services at. Od! Fellows
Hall ori North Columbus street Sat-;
r.rday afternoon from t.vo to four'
o'clock. Alt at'? cordially Invited to;
attend. The pastor, Elder F. K. Gib-j
.:on, states that he will have some in-j
terestine tilings to tell about his late'
trip. .
The United States Civil Service
Commission announces an open com
petitive examination for clerk, for.
both. men. and women, on January f>.
lOJ.x. at Alexandria. Vacancies in the!
Departmental Service, "Washington ;
will be tilled from this examination.
The usual entrance salary for this
position is $00l> or $1,000 a year, out;
tin- War Department hits adopted'
for use during the continuance
the war $1,100 a year as the en-,
trance rate of pay for clerks and.
:tates thar it will he the policy of the.
department to promote to $1,200 n
year all clerks who after three months i
of service are reported by bureau;
chiefs as being 'well qualified and in;
every way worthy of promotion.
When a department so requests, cer
tification will lie made in their or
der of those with rating's of as much
as 7." and with as much r.s one year's J
oil; o experience.
British frontier Says Nothing Sort of;
Destruction of Prussian Militarism
Will Suffice..
London, Doe. 21.?Premier Lloyd J
George's statement of Great Brit- :
ain's war aims and the definite as-'
set Lion that nothing- short, of the;
trashing of Prussian militarism *.v;ll ?'
satisfy the allies, is meeting with!
whole-hearted indorsement in all'
There is no mistaking his declara
tion that complete restoration of the;
territories taken by the enemy, tn-i
get her with compensation, will he:
"We <lit! not enter this war to ar.-i
nex a single yard of territory," he
declared. addressing the House of
Commons. "We entered the'.war k? j
cause we believed that the honor of;
Britain was involved in --landing by'
her word."
Jerusalem will never be restored 'o!
the Turks, he said. The British sue.;
cesses in Palestine, he declared ;
would have a permanent olfect on tlie
historv of the world.
Makes Bequest to People of 'he South
The unusual conditions prevailing
iii regard to traveling on the railroads
is shown, by the appeal made by the
.Southern Railway Company issued
today, in which it says the normal;
railway travel is greatly increased!
during the holiday season; this year
it will be swelled by the return to
their homes for Christmas of a large
number of the troops now 1 ir camp
i.n tiie South. Furthermore, an ex
traordinary traffic in military sup
plies. fuel and necessary commer
? ekil freight may be expected during
the holidays to limit our ability to
provide comfortable passenger trans
; pcrtat'.on. In view of these condi
1 tions the Southern Railway Company
, earnestly appeal- to the traveling
J public not to attempt trips during
I the Christmas holidays except there
j be urgent necessity.
Woman Recants,
j Montrose, Colo., Deb. 21.?After
i telling the county authorities thai
? she had slain her son and made away
with his body by boiling it in lye,
: Mrs. .J. H. Bush has now taken the
' position that she is innocent of the
j crime, declaring that her. son John 0.
i Bush, has gone to the mountains and
' will return in a few days.
She confessed early in the week
that she killed the son because he
i had killed his own eleven-year-o'.d
? son and forced her to aid him in hid
1 ing the crime by boiling the boy's
j body in lye. In her original conies
?' sion she said sho sought to aveng;
I the death of her grandson.
According; to the calendar today,
December 21, is the shortest day of
? the year ahd the real betrinnin;: of
?' winter.
The Red Cross Refreshment Corps
planning: to hold a card party in
: the Elks' Hall on Now Year's after
noon t" obtain funds to assist in de
1 raying the expenses incurred in send-!
ir.jt ihe Christmas packages to the
Choir directors of the various j
churches in the city will confer a
favor upon the Gazette if they will j
have their programs for the Christ- i
mas music to be rendered on Sunday
sent to the Gazette office by nine)
(?'clock tomorrow morning, if they ;
desire it to appear in tomorrow's!
Among the contributors to the!
Christmas fund to provide gifts for '
the Alexandria Light Infantry boys;
wore the following: Mr. and Mrs..
'V. n. Smoot, Mrs. Prank Harper,;'
Mrs. Carrol I'icrcc, Mrs. Harry!
Cr.ton. Mrs. I"). Herri-Jon, Miss Kate*
Stuart, Mrs. Minnie Meyers, Mrs.'
K. 11. Kernpor. Mr. Robert Jones,
Miss Collins Jones, Mr. 1.. liuben,?
Mr . C. II. Callahan, Mrs. Fawcctt.!
Mrs. D. J. Howell, Mr. and Mrs.'
Robert Payne. Miss Margaret Smith,
M. George Uhler, Mrs. Lioness,
Miss Cora L. Cochran. Dr. T. R. ;
Cochran, Red. Cross Dance Committee,'
Mrs. E. C. Dunn, Miss C. Hush.:
Mr. and Mrs. Taylor R.urke, Mr?s
Erther Hurkc, Mrs. J. T. Rurke, Sr.,j
.Mrs. Ada V. White. An individauli
package was sent to each Alexandria:
mart at Camp Lee. that ccul'i be Jo-!
cated. A committee of colored re si -.
dents supplied a package ."or each:
?drafted colored man from both city
and countv.
Sold Them Revolvers .and .Demon-?
sfrated Loading?The; Then Open-{
ed Frre ?Death Instantaneous.
Norfolk, Va.. Dee. 21.?George V.
Dashicll aged thirty-six years, prop-j
rieter of a sporting goods store or. j
Union Street, was shot to death.
Wednesday night in his place uf
business by two unknown negroes.'
lloth made their escape.
The two negroes entered the store,/
inspected Dashjell's stock of rcvoi-'
vers, selected two. bought cartridges'
::r.d asked that they be instructed hctv J
to load thorn. Doshiell complied with!
the request, and when he handed over;
the two revolvers, expecting to be;
paid,.they opened lire. Throe bullets\
penetrated the base of DashieTsi
brain. Death was instantaneous.
??? i
Winchester Girl Rons Away, Rut is
Taken in Charge by Baltimore;
1 )eaconess.
Winchester, Va.. 1 tec. 'J1. ?Mi.-s j
Julia McNulrv. young and pretty,;
who suddenly disappeared from the.;
home of he.- mother last Friday, is in
charge of an Episcopal church dea
coness in Baltimore, it'-is learned, amU
iter mother, Mrs. Sadie Dunlop Me-J
N\ Ity, formerly of Philadelphia, has '
| gone to bring her home.
| The deaconess found the girl in
! Camden station. She is said*to have,
' started oyt. to become a movie star. '
Growth of U. S. Navy.
At the beginning of the fiscal year,
j lfilT, the monthly expenditures for
i all naval purposes were about SS.
?000,000; they are now about $60,
j 000,000. On January 1. 1017, there
j were .'100 naval vessels of nil kinds
j in commission; today there are many
; rr.ore than a thousand. These typical
' figures sufficiently indicate the task
! the Navy has had to accomplish 1o
i date in the way of expansion."
"The VoR'e of Conscience."
: Over two hundred Georgia "darlt
! ics" pickng cotton in the fields on a
plantation will be seen in "The Voice
\ of Conscience," a Metro wonderphv,
I co-starring Francis X. Bushman and
Beverly Bayno, which will be shown
at the Richmond Theatre tonight.
Eiwin Caiw-we, director, took his
. company of leading players to the
?j vicinity cf Savannah, Georgia, for the
! staging of these plantation scenes.
With the exception of three prin
! cipal characters, who were obliged to
i show marked dramatic ability, all the
f colored people shown in the scenes
jv;ere secured in the immediate vicin
t itv.
i -
Governor Stuart has appointed Miss
; Mary E. Williamson a notary pubU?
for the city of Alexandria.
The Alexandria Automobile Asso
ciation has been making- an earnest
cf.ort to have the license tags for
tuitornobiles in this vicinity distribu
led to them from Alexandria. Owners
of machines will be interested in
learning that five hundred license
tags have been received at the police,
headquarters here where they can be
obtained without sending to the o.'ry
1.1 Richmond for them.
Alexandria Council Order Frater-;
nai Americans held an interesting
meeting last evening. Three appli
cants were elected to membership,
two received the first degree, and
three received the second degree.
Three applications for membership
were received. An encouraging repot t
from a special committee planning
for a big meeting of the Order for
January 17th, was made. At that
time the Council will have present
a large number of State and National
Officers. The sc-mi-annual eJeetion of
of.ic-ers was held an I they will be
installed on January 3rd. They are
as follows: president, F.. R. Clark;
vice president, Mitchell Watkins,
recording secretary. J. R. Mansfield:
assistant recording secretary, F. S.
Lucas; financial secretary, F. W. E'b
hardt; treasurer. 0. If. Daniels;
marshal, Geo. E. Pettitt; warden,,
.lamer. T. Lloyd; inner guard, Geo.?
Smith!; outer guard. Thomas Sim])*
son: chaplain. J. II. Mansfield; trus
tee for ?, years, George W. Petti1;
representative to grand council, J.
If. Mansfield; alternate to grand
council. Geo. W. Peftit; degree mas
ter. W. D. Zimmerman.
Some of the Things That Will be
Done to Make the Roys Happy.
Christmas is going to come not cn'y
to every soldier in an encampment or
cantonment in the United States, and *
lo every sail on shipboard or in port,
but also to every man in a prison
camp, and to every man in uniform,
scmcwhere in France, or any were else
in the service. They will all cele
brate Christmas, through the effolds
of the V. M. C. A., in cooperation
with other organisations. N'nr one
will be left out on Christmas.
There will be Christmas trees, j. ?t
only in every V. M. C. A .building in
the United Slates where men in uni-:
form come, but in the base camps
in the training zone in France, and
even behind the trenches, where tnj
improvised angels or the top boughs
shake with the reverberations of the
German guns, and carols arc sung
to thu accompaniment of exploding'
she-lies'. The re "will be gifts, wrapped j
as daintily as if they wore intended
for somebody's best girl, for many
of the" men who haven't gotten any
from home, when they come into the
V. M. C. A. huts on Christmas Day.
And men-coming wet and cold from
the trenches will warm themselves
around real Yuletidc logs in the fire
places in the Red Triangle huts.
Scrubby Christmas trees with
carefully-saved bits of tallow candles
as their only decoration will bring
the holiday spirit for a time even lo
the prison-camps in Siberia, where
the Rethlehem story will be read in
Y. M. C. A. huts, and an orchestra
made up of the prisoners of war wilt
play "Holy Night" on instruments
of their own making. Secretaries will
greet men who speak no English with
"Merry Christmas!" and they will
understand. No children in the United
States are more excited over their
Chrismas preparations than the
prisoners of war over theirs.
Christmas is made up as much of
giving as of (jetting, and the various
Y. M. C. A. buildings at the encamp
ments lately have been the scenes
of feverishly busy bundle wrapping.
Paper and twine have been furnished
by the Association, and the men have
been encouraged in every way pos
sibly to remember the folks at home.
Card of Thanks.
ie Soldiers Relief and Citizens
mittce wishes to thank the pub
of the Reception at Odd Fellows
of the Beceptio nat Odd Fellows
for Xznaa remembrances for the
red drafted men of Alexandria
and founty at amp I.ee, Vlr
Argentina .\boul '<? Wreak vv,lh ('01'*
manv and Allijm With Pan-Ameri
The ?lie has been cast in Argen
tina. The richest and most impor
tant. the prouicst and the most demo
cratic of the South American re
publics is momentarily expected to
break with Berlin. A declaration of
war will follow immediately it is cx
I.ectci liere.
The decision of the Argentine gov
ernment to align itself with pan
America and the forces of democracy
against Germany was marked by the
publication in Buenos Aires oj forty
telegrams between the Berlin for
eign office and ' ount l-uxouig. ' ?''
man minister to Argentina.
So revolting i> the duplicity re
vealed, so insulting the contempt for
Argentina displayed th..t diplmiat
;.nd officials here last night arc
unanimous in predicting the break.
It may be stated further on ..in
highest "official authority that the.
Argentine foreign office, in arrang
ing for the publication of these di>
pntches, has tactily agreed that no
other course than a rupture is now:
/pea. .
The following arc subst.mtta.lv'
what Lu.xburg sent to Berlin:
Information as to movement- ef
American naval squa iron in Sout..
American waters after United Star. :
rt.tcrs war.
Names, description and time <<?
lepartjve of ten Brazilian merch; it
:hip> bound for the war /.one.
Information that United States was,
?tinging pressure on Argentina to
?bar.don South American proneutral-;
itv conference. I
Complaints of having his tele- j
raphic communication with Moxien
tirelv interrupted." I
Says "a friendly minister i prob
ity Swedish) fears that secret wire
jay be compromised."
Assurances that. Ptesifient Ai- .
rntina wa- pro-German; tnnt the
nreign minister and minister ot ma
im- were probably c ubed; and that .
he people were "Indians with a sliunt
Tips <>ii secret. German ??agent.<
rriving at Buenos Aire.-.
Instructions to inform Argentine
r comment, that Argentine ships,
lying war zone under certainl;con :i
ii ns, will be spared; but, "very se i
ret. .cr vour personal inform**.<>n
ells' Luxburg quite imp^ssinK; m
motive to' guarantee - pledge . ?
Urges that pledge lie*, kept see ret a.
t would ciirclose that Germany's
...[?marine war is not based on mter
tional law.
Congratulations on how Germany,
indies "Chiie, saying that so long a?
-ile remains neutral Germany aftei
ic war can pursue her South Airu-n
,n policy as well or better with "m-'
tuated and misguided Argentina'
- her foe.
worid) kV.stouk i"/.ah
rn\an> Expect to Use all Uussiaa
?nvver Against Allies.
.on.hu, Dec. 21.-The Morning,
st of yesterday printed a long
patch from Petrograd. dated Tues
y, which elaborates on the recent
jnrt that the llussian throne is to
reestablished. Ire
licle i- that Germany is .dctermm-d
restore the throne and place N'ich
4, Romanoff, or annther member
the Romanpff family on it
an autocrat.
The newspaper says it is eonn
ntlv expected that a German
mnccment announcing this will is
sued shortly in Petrograd, where
ie arrival of a body of Germans t<>
egotiate future arrangement J ?*
The writer perdiets that Germany
i the future will control all <"??[ Ra
ja and oppose the vast power thus
cquired against the demo-rneies
he west..
Death Notice.
>1ED, at his residence. -??- North
i-al Street, at 1:1'' p- M < .or;
irrsday, December 2b, 1017, JOHN
lRI/)W, aged 78 years. I-unera.
m his late residence, on Saturday,
comber 22nd. at 0:20 A.M.. thence
St. Mary's church. Intcrnwnr
ivate. Kindly omit flowers.
l.STED?An assistant bookkeeper,
'aairf lady preforred. State c:-;
erience, if any. Address m your
,xvn handwriting. Box u? Gazette
Kaiser's Peace Whine ^ ulctidr Gif:
to Hi* People llu> Disappointed
London. L>e<-. 21.?Premier Lloy?
George gave in the House of Com
mons yesterday afternoon Groat Brit
ain's ami the allies' irreducible min:
m u m com I it ion for peace. Briefly it
There can he no lasting peace ufl
ic.-s Gem -my give security that the
world will he safe hereafter from
German aggression.
There can he no such security un
less Prussian militarism is forever
destroyed and unless the German gov
ernment is democratized.
Supposing, for the sake of discus
sing details, that these two funda
mental conditions were fulfilled, whii a
they are not; then, to obtain pe."u ?
the lirst ami foremost tiling Ger
many must do is
To restore practically all invaded
territories and to make lull com -
London. P<*c. 21. I he German
Emperor's promise <?f peace by
Christmas i> being fulfilled, but in
i more ghastly manner than ti.o
Kaiser anticipated. Germany's Chrls'
mas offering of peace was to-?be based
jn the solid foundation of an lt.uy
ueaten and bleeding in the Italian
I lain.- beyon i the Piave. "I an ex
hausted France cripllod and cowed L}
:he fire of the German machine gun.
of a once proud Britain trampicd
i tuler the force of a Teton West
fi-ont ilriv
Instead, the Kaiser's \uleitie gut
:c his exhau-teJ subjects is the awh
vf.nl, but unmistakable, peace
whine of a beaten nation. The Ger
man high command has played its
biggest card?and lost. Behind ev
ery Teuton movement for the mat
'wo months has been the well ground
ed fear that the enemy might no:,
perhaps, lie so tired and worn as .?
listen attentively to the German
whine for peace.
This same fear has been answered
today in eloquent words bv the Br:'.
?sh premier, who pledges the allies
to light on tili the complete resCora
tion of the territories taken b> eter
nally, together m i?h compensation,
is accomplished in such a mature,
us to establish beyond ? shauow or
;t doubt that the world's peace w i!l
not again be 'disturbed'by the un
principled, unbridled Teuton militar
ism. Germany has made be: pe.u?*
bid and the'words'have scarcely r?eon
uttered before the allies have an
-wered with the same unswerv.ng
conviction that the war must go on
until the thing despised by all the
ir.i-ce- in humanity is crushed.
The same hideous diplomacy wnicn
made secret war in neutral countrl-v
like America and attempted by -ne
m0st dastardly of methods disclor.
,.,i in all the history of the work!
to divide a peaceful household against
itself, banked heavily on the Rus
-i:,n treason, and. as in previous m
? tjuices, suffered defeat. Germany s
purpose in her dealings w.tn
sin is now disclosed. The ; Lenme
Trotz.kv government wa.- a no
?> be used to secure a genera, pea- c
with the allies. 1: was an attemo
to fulfill Germany's promise ro lie.
people that the world would be at
peace i?y Christmas.
' Washington. l'-c. 21. Germany
i eaec maneuvers at t'nri tinm wi
; JJ The United States will "stand
pat" on its own war aim- : Aimed
by President Wilson.
"That wa> the firm answer or high
Government authorities today m
view of Teuton peace feelers on
"Christmas offer. Moreover.
j, some prospect that Russia wi.l
awaken before it is too late and quit
her peace negotiating with the Goi
mans. according to report.- v a>,
which indicated a hitch in
Crornian peace negct.alions.
Klected Officers Last Night
Anrirevv'.lackson Masonic Lodge 1 us.
right elected officers as here give
for the coming year: R. S. Luckoa
worshipful master; II. B. Richard.-.
,enicr warden; Elliott Y. Hoffman
junior warden ; William L. AlW.
treasurer; J. K. Alexander, score
tary; F. M. Pcnn, senior deacon; (.
C. Batch el ler, junior deacon; George
C. Colo and John L- feed, shards.
Rev. Ldgar Carc-ptit^, chaplain; Geo
I W. Zacbary, tiler. The officers: W
| installed by fast Wor-hiprid Mwn
? c. E. Out cab

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