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Mr. Merchant, why r.ot place an
announcement; in the Gazette and
f. : . '?
invite the newcomers to Alexandria
to visit your store and inspect your
?oods? _?];??
tht: weather >
i\;r this section?Fair today and
tomorrow;' temperature about
! freezing ionic: hi.
VOL. CXXXIV- No. 75.
One White Man and Three Negroes
Brought Before the Police Court
Last Night For Bringing Liquor
Into the State.
Prohibition Inspector W. E. Payne
about eight o'clock last night arrested
William .Wetmore, white, of North
Carolina, and Samuel Fisher, and Wil
liam Baford. of Monroe. Va., and
Wylie Keenan, colore:!, of South Caro
lina. on the charge of transporting
whisky into ihe state. Wetmcnre had
ten quarts and one pint in a suit case;
Fisher and Burord thirty-nine pints,
and Keenan, it is alleged, had three
pints in his possession, which he man
aged to make way with before he was
formally placed under arrest.
'J hey were later arraigned in the Po
lice Court to answer the charge, and
the thyee first-named were held for
the action of the grand jury. Kcen
an's case was continued until this
morning, when he was released. The
men were taken from southbound
Southern Railway train No. 31.
Twenty-three persons have been ar
rested and sent on since the grand
jury of the Corporation Court con
vened two weeks ago.
There was one case on the^docket
of the Police Court this? morning. E.
F. Maupin, colored, had been arrested
by Officer Nevett on Ihe charge of
reckless handling of an auto truck.
Man pin's machine had collided with
and damaged two vehicles. He was
fined $5.
German Food Supply Is Known to Be
Short of Actual Needs.
Washington, P. C., March ? 27.? j
Germany's desperate gamble on the i
west front is actuated in part by the j
grim fact that her industrial struc-1
ture?as well as her food supply?is !
running down. Official information i
in possession of this government j
proves this and indicates that she i.* j
making her offensive now in the hope I
of a victory before America's human I
and economic power is finally must. I
The reports show that Germany is
running short of coal; having; serious
transportation difficulties; about out of
cotton and has a had situation as to
clothing:; lacking in leather, fats and
oils. Outstanding among Germany's
trouble is the coal shortage. Many
works have been stopped by lack of
fuel, due chiefly to transportation diffi
culties. The shortage is developing
into positive famine, official advices
declare. Reopening of schools has
been postponed in certain sections. In
Mannheim every day is heat less day.
Theaters, churches, movies and halls
are forbidden coal.
Shortage is hampering war work
throughout the upper Rhine districts.
In Austria conditions are even worse.
Reserves of fuel are being exhausted.
Consignments are being confiscated in
I the south German market to keep os
sential war work running. Rhenish
, "Westphalia, the seat of many of Gcr
* many's biggest war industries, suffers
from fuel shortage. Lack of certain
metals is forcing drastic action. Banks
are ordered not to reissue ni,-kel coins
and all ten and five pfenning pieces
are being called in to increase the
supply of nickel. Coinage has been
stopped. Church bells have been requi
sitioned in places to be melted up for
gun castings
Soldiers going home on leave arc
forbidden to riile on fast trains. Em
bargoes and ruthless slashing of the
list of preferred consumers have been
ordered to lighten the burden of the
overtaxed rail system, once the pride
of Germany. Leather shortage is mak
ing difficult repairs of shoes and use
of certain grades in shoe making Is
prohibited. Fats and oils are low.
Soap powder rations have been cut in
I half. The clothing scarcity has sent
out squads of rag pickers xo como
ery alleyway. Police are ordered to
revent civilians wearing- clothing of
ilitary materials. Restricted dis
ibution of textiles among the poor
sses is sharply reduced.
tomorrow will be fish day and we J
?Minve for sale larse roc shad at;
(1 $1.50 each; buck shad ati
15 cents: Potomac bass 25c
argre and medium rockfish
md: Potomac hcrrinp, five
:h; salt- water croakers ll!
pound: Norfolk oysters, 40
art; cherrystone clams. 23c
unitary Fish Market, Stall .2 j
kefc. Phone 735. Open until!
Please order early so promp*
may be made. 75-lt
j Meetings to Be Held on Monday,
! Tuesday and Wednesday Nights to
| Get Ready for Work.
i The bureaus of the Chamber of
Commerce will be formally organized
next Monday, Tuesday and Wednes
day nights at the Chamber of Com
merce rooms. Special notices will be
mailed out tonight by the organiza
tion giving the time o. the various
I meetings. The officers believe that
a sufficient time has now been given
for the new members to designate
the bureaus in which they wish to be
enrolled, those who have not yet made
their choice may attend the meet-injrs
and enroll at that time.
With the organization of the bu
reaus the. new Chamber of Commerce
will be in running order ami will take
up the various problems now confront
ing the city. The official notice is as
i Important Meetings for the Organiza
tion of the Bureaus.
The first meetings of the proposed
Bureaus of the Chamber of Commerce
will be held next week at the Cham
ber of Commerce rooms, and it is re
j quested that every -member who has
| signed up f?v ?> bureau, or intends to
I do so. bt on hand rt those meetings
j in which he i? interested. .
Monday?Civic Bureau, Monday,
April 1st.. 8 p. m., Traffic and Trans
portation Bureau, Monday, April 1st.,
at R::;0 p. m.
Tuesday?Retail Merchants Buieau,
Tuesday, April 2nd., at 8 p. m.. Con
vention and Publicity Bureau, Tues
day, April 2nd., at 8:30 p. m.
Wednesday ? Manufacturers and
Jobbers Bureau, Wednesday, April
3rd., at 8 p. m.. Agricultural Bureau,
Wednesday, April 3rd.. 8:30 p. m.
Huns Driven Hack Across The Ancre
hy Counter Attack.
London, March 28.?The British
front is standing; firm aion.tr the whole
line, which appears to be the strong
est it has occupied since the battle
began, says Reuter's correspondent
with the British headquarter? in
France. Even at points where the
line is not strong, the correspond
ent adds, it is being held in very or
derly array, alike of men an;i guns,
and nowhere is showing any si-rns of
enforced retirement.
The enemy, say? {he correspondent,
attacked at various points yesterday,
but from all reports these efforts
made no progress. British airmen re
port the whole of the enemy front
areas to be black with troops.
London, March 2S.?The British rle
livere.i a counter-attack ye-terday
between the angle o.' the Ancre and
the Somme and recaptured Morlun
court and Chipilly, the War Office an
An enemy attack in Vie neighbor
hood of Bucqucy has thus far made
no impression upon the British line.
A number of other heavy attacks, botn
north and south of the Somme, were
repulsed, with heavy loss to the Gcr-?
The enemy troops are in Albert.
The Germans cro-sei the Ancre
Tuesday afternoon, but were counter
attacked and driven back across the
i river.
Concentration of Troops with Many
?Gunx Point to Drive in Italy.
Rome, March 28.?An Austrian
offensive on the Italian front is ex
pected at any moment. No effort is
being made to conceal the concentra
tion of enemy troops, while the num
ber of heavy p;:ns has been increased
New aviation fields have been added
by the foe and additional war ma
terials are beins: accumulated be
hind the lines whence the noncomba
tants have been withdrawn.
Notice to Stockholders.
Notice is hereby given that the an
nual meeting of the stockholders of
the Washington Sanitary Improve
ment Company will be held at the office
of James R. Caton. Esq., No. Ill
South Fairfax street, Alexandria, Va.,
on Tuesday, April 2nd, 1918, at 2
o'clock p. m.
Geo. S. Wilson, Secretary.
We will have on ?ale tomorrow and
the balance of this week, large rock
fish, white perch, large roe and buck
shad, salt water croakers and larpre
Potomac herring. Price & Cook. City
! Market. 75-11
Plant ^ Victory Garden this Spring.
Alexandria City and Suburbs
The board of directors of the Cham
ber of Commerce will hold a meet
in? this evening at S o'clock to receive
the reports of the committees ap
pointed to recommend a business man
ager for the new organization; also
for the securing of a new home for it.
Mr. and Mrs. Morris L. Horner
have moved from their recent resi
dence at 120 Walnut street, Rose
mont, to i!01 Duke street,, the former
home of the late Drs. William S. Gib
son an:l Thomas S. Gibson, which they
purchased and remodeled during the
pa?t year.
The wedding of Miss Enid Sipe.
daughter of 'Mr. George S. Sipe, of
the firm of Sipe & Harris, Harrison
burg, Virginia, and George W. Brent,
second lieutenant Coast- Artillery
Corps,, U. S. A., stationed at Fort
Monroe, will take place Saturday af
ternoon. March .10th, at 4:30 o'clock,
in Harrisonburg. Lieutenant Brent
is the son oi Corporation Attorney
Sr.muel G. Brent, of Alexandria.
Funeral services were held Wednes
day morning at 11 o'tlock for the
hi-; Charles Wesley Howell, from his
late residence 109 South Royal street,
and were conducted by the Rev. Dr.
.Tchn Lee Allison, pastor of the Sec
ond Presbyterian church, assisted by
the Rev. Dr. Eldridge V. Regester.
pastor of the Southern Methodist
church. The pallbearers were: Messrs.
William H. Melchoir, Herman Freid
1 under, Daniel R. Stansburv, Frank C.
C'reighton, Preston 0. Cockey and
Benoit Baer. Interment was private
and was in the Union cemetery. The
burial was in charge of Potomac
Lodge of Odd Fellows, the members
of which attended in a body. Mr.
Howell was one of the most popular I
merchants in the city and as an un
usual mark of respect to his memo
ry the business houses in the city
close:! fcr the hour of the funeral.
Owing to an open date the citizens
>f Alexandria will have an opportun
ity of heading the Paulist choir or
Chicago, the world's greatest singing
organization, at the Richmond Thea
ter. Sunday afternoon, April 7, at A
o'clock. This choir will give a sacred
concert in St. Mary's church that
evening at S:.'10 o'clock under.
the direction of Rev. \V.
/?'inn. This choir is composed
of 100 male voices, most of whom are
boys. They are touring America for
stricken France, and are in the iourth
month of their efforts. They go from1
bee through the South to Havana.
Cuba, and then through Texas and up
the Pacific coast to Vancouver, return
ing to Chicago by July 1. The citi
zens of Alexandria should not fail to,
hear this world-famous choir, and in
cidentally, they will be helping a most,
worthy cause. This will be the first
time in the history of Alexandria such
an organization has made its appear
ance here. and. as stated above, it is
because of an open date that the choir
will be here.
Exports Figure Kaiser Hopes for Mili
tary Advantage to Press Cause?
America to Answer with Sword.
New pence proposals have been pre
pared by the German government. to
be put forth in the wake f the pre
sent offensive.
This is the expectation widely held
in official and diplomatic quarters
here, based on advice* from neutral
countries in Europe.
How such proposals are likly to be
received is indicated in the determined
efforts of the administration to quick
en tfie movement of men and supplies
to France.
Pro-Germans Forced to Kiss Flag in
Illinois Town.
Duquoin. Til., March 28.?Erroneous
reports of a great American victory
in France, resulting in the capture of
80.000 Germans, led Monday to a rati
fication meeting, which developed in^o
a "loyalty" demonstration. Three al
leged pro-Germans were forced to kiss
the flag.
Reports of'the victory spread among
the coal miners here last night an 1
today they were idle in celebration."
riant a Victory Garden this Spring.
The schools of the city closed this
afternoon for Good Friday and Eas
ter Monday holidays, and will reopen
Tuesday, April 2nd.
The body of Mrs. Ellen Southern,
who died in Washington on Tuesday,
was brought to' this city for inter
ment this afternoon.
The a.-lult Bible class of the Metho
dist Church South has unanimously
adopted a resolution endorsing Judge
Louis C. Barley's action in regard to
enforcing the Sunday law in this city.
The Southern Methodist church will
''follow the flap: and the clock" and
hold services at that church begin
ning on Sunday next in conformity
with the change in time, by setting
its clock one hour ahead.
The prayer meeting to be held to
morrow afternoon at '?) o'clock in the
Anne Lee Memorial Home tor the
Aged, North Fairfax street, will be
led by the Rev. Owen P. Lloyd, pastor
of the Second Baptist church, assist
ed by the Berge Sisters.
The board of police commissioners
held a special meeting last night at
which Frederick Kauss, Jr., and Har
ry K. Massie were elected members
of the police force to fill vacancies
caused by the resignation of Roy P.
Henderson and Charles E. Mundy.
There were live applicants for the po
sitions. *
The funeral of Mrs. David A.
Studds, who died on Tuesday, was
held this afternoon at 2 o'clock from
the family home, 22 Cedar street,
Rosemont. Rev. S. A. Wallis, of the
Episcopal Theological Seminary, and
Rev. Wm. J. Morton, rector of Christ
church, were the officiating clergy
men. The interment was in Ivy Hill
News ha^ been received here of the
death yesterday morning of Mr. Frank
T. Davidson, sr., nt the home of his ,
son, Mr. William A. Davidson, Pine
crest, Lynchburg, Va. Mr. Davidson
was a resident of Washington until
about two years ago. when the fam
ily moved to Lynchburg to make their
home with their son. The deceased
is survived by a widow, three daugh
ters, Mrs. Alexander Suter and Miss
Elizabeth Davidson, of Rosemont, and
Miss Susanne Davidson, and two sons.
William A. and Frank T. Davidson,
jr.. of Lynchburg.
Last night witnessed the- large.-t
congregation in attendance at the re
vival being held in the Second Baptist
church. The singing by the Berge Sis
ters was unusually good. There was
a very interesting consecration ser
vice in which nearly every church
member present indicated a willing
ness to live closer to God and do more
for His Kingdom in the world. Rev.
Gerald Payne, of Vinton. Virginia, de
livered a message on "Excuses." He
said a valid reason was not an excuse,
that excuses were lies and there could
be no \?alid excuse for not being a
Christian. The service tonight will
be at the u*;ial hour, T:4o o'clock.
Scottish Kite Xotice.
On Monday evening, March 25, th ? j
fourteenth and fifteenth decrees will j
be conferred. Tuesday, March 26. the I
eighteenth decree. Wednesday even-!
incr. March 27, the thirtieth degree., j
and on Thursday evening; March 2S, I
the thirty-first degree. After the)
(.?lose of.the work of the thirty-firs',
degree the Maundy Thursday banquet
will be held and the mystic lights ex
tinguished. All members and visiting
brethren of the Rite are earnestly re
quested to be present at these meet
F. W. LATHAM, K. C. C. H.,
69-tf Secretary.
Notice to Taxpayers.
Due notice is hereby given to all
taxpayers who have not listed their
personal property and incomes for the
year 1918 to do so at as early date
as possible, and as the commissioner
is making his annual rounds on days
favorable for outside work the offici;
j will be open from 7 to 9 p'clock in the
evenings (Saturday and Sunday ex
cepted) to receive an assess those
whose engagements prevent their at
tending to this matter during the day.
Cameron street entrance to City Hall
Mrs. Robert Striblltig, of Mark
ham, Fauquier county, is the guest of
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Cochran, at
their home on South St. Asaph street.
The Interdenominational Laymen's
League will hold a meeting in the
Young1 People's building on Washing
ton street tomorrow night at 8 o'clock
at which important matters in rela
tion to ihe city will be discussed.
A charter has been issued by the
State Corporation Commission to the
Leadbeater-Brahler Sales Corporation, i
Alexandria. Capital stock, $25,000. j
Object, merchandise brokerage busi- !
ness. Gustave W. Brahler, president,'
Washington, P. C.; C. C. l.eadbeater, |
se.retary, Alexandria. Also an ,
amendmen to the charter of National ?
Capital Hotel Corporation, Alexandria, j
Seventy-five little girls dressed in J
white and wearing white flowers in ,
their hair today participated :n the ;
I annual Holy Thursday procession of j
the blessed sacrament held at St. j
! Mary's church. In addition there were j
i about 25 acolytes. Miss Mary Lennon j
jled the procession carrying a large
j floral cross. The procession will be
repeated at the services tomorrow
morning at 8 o'clock in observance of
Good Friday.
' Washington Memorial Lodge of ;
I Perfection No. 7. Scottish Kite Ma- j
? sons, will confer the thirty-first de
' gree of that order this evening in j
| the Masonic Temple. A' the conclu-j
| sion of the work the Maundy lhuis?- j
I dav banquet will be held and tne mys- j
tic lights extinguished. The banquet j
will be of a very modest character,;
strictly in conformity with the ritual
1 istic rules and there will be no speech j
! making. 1
! ?
The members of the Refreshment!
itCorps of the local Red Cross Chap-1
ter have issued invitations to an in
formal reception, from 8 to 0 o'clock,
to he followed by a dance, for the
members of the Virginia Shipbuilding
Corporation, on Thursday evening .
next. April 4, in the auditorium of the .
Elks' Home, on Prince street. A num- :
her of representative citizens of the
. city, officers from Camp A. A. Flum
iphrey. Belvoir. and representatives of
the Briggs Aeroplane Company have
i been invited, and a reception commit
? tec will see that all of these residents
i of the city meet and endeavor i" that
| way make their new home more at
! tractive to them. There is a no more
| forlorn feeling than to have to live
| in a town, while engaged ir. a wori<
I important to the entire country, ami
walk the streets without being able to
I speak to those met daily. The new
I Chamber of Commerce will supply this
I need of human companionship in a
business way, and it * hoped tons
! affair will give the social touch needed
bv both old and new residents. Al
most the entire social life of the coun
try is now being given over in the
|form of Red Cross or some other patri
otic benefits, and this entertainment
will be doing a patriotic work in every
! sense.
Dudley W. Mallory. Prominent litisi
! ness Man. Is Victim of Railway
| Richmond. March 28.?Dudley W.
I Mallory, president of the Mallory Coa!
Company and a prominent business
man of Richmond, was killed yester-1
day evening at Ellett's Crossing. Va., |
when struck by a train. Mr. Mallory '
was 44 years old. Tie had gone to I
Ellett's Crossing t<> visit his mother, j
Mr. Mallory had been in failing
health for several weeks and had gone
to the country for a rest. Ho war
standing1 at the crossing and wa*
watching the movement of freight and
apparently did not hear the approach
ing train when he stepped upon the
'"Woman and Wife."
The photodrama under the above
title will be seen at the Richmond
Theater tonight, featuring Alice
Brady. In her sympathetic delineation
of the much-suffering heroine, Miss
Brady rises to a high rank a? one of
our leading emotional actresses. Jane
Eyre is a poor girl who travels over
a long rocky road before she finally
wins her haven of happiness. Miss
Brady takes the part most creditably.
Plant a Victory Garden this Spring.
Repealed Hun Assaults?British Cap
j lure Prisoners and Machine Guns.
London, March -S.?''Repeated ene
I my attacks in the Serine valley, also
'? in the neighborhood cf Beaumont
Hainel. Puesileix and Monteville, were
! repulsed," Meld Marshal 11 :ii?r re
j ported this morning. "We captured
prisoners and machine gur.s. Fierce
fighting is under way on ijoth banks
of the Somme. Heavy !)om'oardment
east of Arras this morning. An at
tack is developing.''
After taking over part of the Brit
ish line, the French are solidly holding
the left bank of rhe Oise between
Tergnier and Xoyoii, commanding the
bridge,* and fighting with a spirit un
unequaled since the battle of the
Ma rne.
Nowhere in the entire war i- calm
er confidence seen. The poilus, con
vinced the German? are playing their
last card, are performing individual
A French battery facing Xoyon
fought 'nr. e days and three nitrhts
without food. After being completely :
surrounded by Germans, the gunnera
fought their way out. saving their
guns and carrying off their dead and
The captain of a French machine ;
gun company said he went into ac- !
lion with 00.000 rounds, which were !
exhausted against the.solid mass of;
the enemy. He declared he could
have easily fired ii0,0"(i rounds.
Meantime hundreds upon hundreds '
of man-killing "soixante quhizes"
(ssventv-fives) are performing to the ;
utmost the rule for which thev were
created, namely the mowing down of
London. March 2S ? Prussian '
guardsmen and Bran.ienburger:', j
known as "The Flower of the German j
Army," have been flung into the fore- ?
front of the fighting in the bat He o:
Picardv, and have been used as leaders 1
in the most important attacks, ac- i
cording to information from the front f
today. They were reckle-sly sacri-;
ficed, whole regimen'':' being wipcii
out by the British and French fire.
News Inspires Hope That Great Na
tion May Come Rack.
London, March 2S.?Odessa ha.
been recaptured ??y the soviet and
Ukrainian troop? after a bloody bat
tle in which naval forces?look part,
according to a Moscow dispatch from
the semiofficial Russian new.- atretic"
.Mcscow. AI?!'.;h "is.?Official re-'i,i*fe"
say that "Xikolayev. Kherson and
Znamenka. all southern Ukrainian
cities. have been recaptured fr<>m the
Austrian.; by red jruards and armed
Demand* not set forth by the Her
mans in the peace treaty with
Ukraine are creating disordv there.
The latest of these demand- is tlu't
Ukraine surrender >?" per cent of its
artuin and its su?far from 11 -1 refiner
ies, except that: needed for local < ;>n
?umpticn. ."he Ukrainian rada has;
protested that this is not in the terms 1
of the peace treaty.
The German commander at Kief re-!
quested the bankers there to float a j
loan of 10,000,(JHM rubles on st-curi- i
ty provided by German financial in
stitutions. The bankers declined to
rlo so.
German troops are constantly mov
inir eastward through Kief. Hrea ?
stuffs are beinjr exported from Kiel'
in larire quantities, and consequent-!
ly there is an acute shortage. The j
municipal officials clashed with the,
rada j.iitliorities over the food si>"ua-j
tion and the mayor resigned.
Peasants at Xeve!, 54 miles north
I of Vitebsk, organized to resist th"
(German :ooi requisitions. They ?r
reported to have killed German
Moscow, Monday.yMarch 'JS.?The
bolshevik Ukrainian rada. which fled
from Keif to Kharkov be?' re the Ger
mans, is now at Ekaterinoslav. wh?r<
it has adopted resolutions refusing1
to endorse the peace treaty between
Germany aivl th?' Ukraine unles- the
central pmvers withdraw all troops
from the Ukraine. The rada decided
to oppose the ? central powers !iv
rhean.- of armed forcer,, strikes and
The Potomac Eish Company will
have on -ale tomorrow and the rest
of the week, roe and buck shad, white
perch, salt water croakers, catfish and
salt water oysters. C. II. Zimmer
man, Proprietor. 75-It
Thrilling Story of Naval Victory Off
Dunkirk?Four Enemy Shifts Sunk.
| London, March 28.?In the engage
j mer.t between allie! ami enemy de
? strover squadrons oil" Dunkirk last
Thursday the British destnoyer Botha
? cut a German warship in half and
; took a leading part in the light, al
I though her main steampipc had been
[ severed by a stray shell. Early last
' Thursday morning the British de
i st r yc-rs Botha an: Moiris. and the
r'nneh destroyers Cantainc Mehl,
1 Magon and Bouclier were patrolling
t.'v.* eastern waters of the English
Channel. v.h -n they heard enemy ships
bombarding the coast of Dunkirk.
They fired star shells, which had the
< flV-. t of silencing the bombardment
an ! scattering the enemy.
The destroyers started in pursuit
of the ? )i rmans* iti a northwestorly
direction, and discovered eventually
that the enemy ships were making for
their l.ase. A grim fight ensued, ac
cowliig to stories of eye-witnesses.
X ne of the German torpedoes
fn;ind a m.ck, 1.t:t" the .Morris, emerg
ing from an enemy smoke screen, cut
r.fV a German destroyer of a large
typo and torpedoed her a; a range of
500 yaris. There was an explosion
in the .enemy vessel, and she sank
Meanwhile, th? Botha had been crip
ple.!, and she began to lose her way.
The crew determined to do what dam
age they could and tired both their
torpedoes at the two leading enemy
beats. Then, her helm having nut
har'1 ove?\ the Botha rammed another
boat cleanly amidships, -cutting the
enemy vessel in half.
Swinging around, the Botha at
tempted tn repeat the ramming man
euver on the next German astern. The
enemy craft, however, eluded the ei
fort of the crippled Britisher, but only
to fall a victim to the French destroy
ers Ablaze, the German boat hr,
di-abled while the Frenchmen pounu
ed her with torpedoes and gunfire.
Ihc Morris lost the rest of the
<ur.v rv in the mist, and took the lame
Botha in tow, while- the French de
stroyers circled around, picking up
prisoners. From the statements of
prisoners, i? apnea's that- eighteen
German craft participated in the raid,
and when ?hey lied from 'he French
co::-t, leaving three of their number
behind, they were attacked by a Brit
i-h naval air snua iron, which pelted
th; m with bombs awl, scattered them
in di.-order. in all directions.
Decrease In Size Attributed to I'nder
X til rit ion.
The babies now being born in Ger
many are two c-ntimeters smaller
thar. the average normal baby born
in peace times. This is due to the
decrease both in quality and quantity
(i the food mow available in Germany.
German medical reviev. s and ma^i
zines, which have just reached Paris,
dwell at length upon the fact that the
latest, development of this under-nutri
tlon of the German population is to
verai-il the growth and development of
babies both before and after birth.
As early as in ll'lfi. Dr. Sehlcising
er. of Strasbourg, was able to estab'
lish that the rationing of the German
, population had resulted in a decrease
! in the weight of babies at their birth.
In the Deutsch Medizinische Wo
i chenschrift of December 1M, 1!U7. he
: (jives statistics showing that the lack
of nutrition of the mother ha< now
resulted in retarding the growth an'J
| development of the babies as well as
i reducing the weight.
j Steamship Etonian Sunk by Subma
rine Off Irish Coast.
Boston, March 28.?The steamship
Etonian of the Leyland I.ine. which
left Liverpool a few days ago for this
port, has been torpedoed and sunk by
a German submarine off the Irish
coast. A cablegram announces the de
struction of the vessel but gave no
information regarding the fate of th-j
crew, which numbered about GO men,
Old Dominion Cominandry.
There will be a called Concave on
Friday night, March 20. to confer all
I of the degrees on a companion in the
service, at the request of Cyrene Com
mandrv, No. 21, of Norton, Ya. Please
appear in full Templar uniform ai:
7:30 o'clock.
Chas. E. Outcalt,
73-3t Commander

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