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.? j \ J ^ ^
Open 10.00 a. in. to 6.00 p. m.
A. Varied Assortment of
??Deserving special attention arc new flower hat:--turbans of velvet with
Power brims. The velvet is in brown, purple, blue ai:d black, with the
flowers in different color.
?Others are of black velvet in large :>?:.! small shapes, With facings of
velvet in bright colors; others all bl ick with small bright-hued velvet
flowers, and still others with ostrich fcithcr Trimmings. These are of
Lyons velvet (domestic manufacture) and paime v( Ivet.
?One of the best and largest assortments of trimmed hats to be found at
toe price in this city.
Kann's?Second Floor.
$M$mJM^Jv ?*?>???????<?
The PERCOLATOR makes Delicious Coffee in 10 Hinutss
Come In and See This Combination
Alexandria County
Ught&g Company
624 King Street Pban* 193
. .
You are Cordially invited to Purchase Your Allotment of
i "\ I
War -Saving Stamps I
at Iks _ j
< Corner Kin^ and St. Asaph Streets,
Deal v,i:'i Pr-c tall Bank on the corr.or of Kin# and
Royal Stress.
All Iran-sad ions from the smallest to the greatest re
ceive careful personal attention.
1 Heme people and strangers welcome.
u VEli CLilsT i'Ali) ox SAVLNG3.
uSSmwJ -
j General Diaz Sends lerins,of Aimis
tice?Captures Nearly 70,000 1 ris
oners Capitulation looked for at
Any Time.
London, Nov 2?The next move is
Gen. Dxz yesterday sent the Aus
trian white flag messenger Sack to
Hie Austrian a- Ji>y command with ;i
note containing the terms on which
the request ior on armistice will he
These terms originate from tl.e
Versailles Supreme Council, wheie
they were approved by all power:;.
They will be made public today.
It is eiti'ely pos ible that Aus
tria by this t.nie has accepted tlu
t(.rms. Austria's choice is betw'cen
immediate acceptance and military
Diaz's drive ?arly yesterday wr.s
still in full swintj The total of prison
ers had risen to nearly 70,000, that
of guns to more than 700. At hut
reports the .tustruuis had neon
thrown back to. and even across the
All that th?; Austro-Hungarian
army has been fighting for or
thought it was fighting for?is no
n.c-re. The "empire" Austria is a re
public and .-;o is the^ "kingdom of
Hungary. The E:-. peror kin;;, to whom
tl.e troopj have sworn their allegi
ance, is a fugitive.
The red fhu; of revolution flits
over the parliament building at
Vienna, and another from the top of
live Hungarian Diet building at Buda
pest. The hyphen between Austria
r.ml Hungary i j a mockery of by
gone days. The peoples have cut it.
Blood flows finely in street battles
the two capital; and in many othi
Washington, Nov. ?Austria's
cnniUrb.ticn U expecte duionientari!"'
!.y officials V.-'v.
While the ??ctn-it that tin- allies ha!
srbmitted tc::;.; of an armistice to
the remnant.* o_ the dual monarchy
la'kcd o(fici:;l a-ifirmation last nigh?.
every one believes th: - to be the ne\?
lr;gi;al step 'i ihe isolation o! Gei -
ivany. I'rseedsni has already been es
tablished. it "'s 5 I. by the manner
which the u'l'ief trente 1 simPar rc -
(pests fro:1! Uub'aria aad Turkey.
There is evefv indication here ti ?.
tic Unit^.l Status an I the a;.
i;i camplr-te un!'\ i?n every step, ar. ;
;-;>-o that the war is about t'> end.
'Prince liolrm'.ohc. the German Am
bassaridr -it Vieui.a, and hi ' staff ha !
j' st time to get out of the city, home
ward bound, bel'ere the riots slartc ?.
The '?'alliance" i r. lhir.tr of the pa.
?a (1 with its |<a?sir.',' the -diplomat1 ?
pillars have berames joi'iess.
Copies of Ludcis'Jorff's Appeals 1 in':;?
On I risoners.
At t!i-' Uritia!> Front. Nov. U~On
? f Gefi. ji'i! - last official com
i unieal.;.>ns to tin. (?<??:rraiti array it
f;>re he was foiced out for t>\:y:: ??
j-Jitics r_*ad:
"We are back ac"on . n;r ;
a pve-ar"antied plan, f>;r our <r. .
;cl Fatherland :.s in and i
expect every n:i*n to do his duty."
' Don't lo.-'c your heads in case of
cv.piurc. !>i<n'i ;rive up any i::/or;. :
tion, as u wiil benefit the enemy"
A copy o'" t.i.i--. appeal '.'.'as f >ui:
in tiic Lvf .vn of .4H. J.cger
Jt is learned I '.i.t alter the ivver.H -
"? the lat fuw days -.lie Germa;;.-,
Iwe been q;iv:ji to uuilersians th.r
ilie whole of /ie'ejum is to be evacuat
ST1 l>y Nuvi. nl) "? 10.
Kvi ! i; c. -.hat the German nr.y\
;i:orale is sivauijy declining is fouu
en all s: i'.-s. Iii S'imc ijia r.<. :s :
even bjieved that if th<; all'ict
' pressure "ontiiiuLx ami an arn:i-iie?
is n'H iiu.r.eiI ? .$<?n the German \va
u.- ichinc nr.iv t:: ck like th;- Russian
Even t *e 'ifj-nsan airmen a:".- !?.
i:i;r their old-tbr.-' cocksurcin.
A sijjT? found in ??t abandoned hah-'
j^ar in Belgium suit!:
''Welcome, M> ler Tommy, ban. j .ur
'vKssleurs les ' Fianctises. Don't
Shoot i's any mere than you have t,,
Wc are tir?cl -a." war. Vive !a J'nix."
While* these : :<I similar : i^i:s of
the enemy's Weakening < ..i.mue to
pour in almost oourly, further Iran -
lations of caplarcd documents rc
??*an!imr the ?trua'.meat <>f < Mans in
th( cri'iini'"! t';V f'>ry fve iji<- |j( {n
I't.-rliu's jllrrial denials of 'in* ia't
few day s.
One document, dated h'cpte:. i??_*r -W).
sijrned by a district comnmnd&ht
"I find '"rem personal experience to
day thai in sor-**? .quarters there -:ili
i> uncertainty a? io whe-her- rcstins
J-oops may clai.'o rooms ami beds } .0
1< v,:rin:r *0 LI' Jm; -,nt^ r fliei:
Lruupo! exclusive '--.v. The :?n>vver k
Is AO the New Shades and Shapes.
a complete afl-vmative. Bed> wher
ever found are to be taken unhesi
iatimrly f'om trie inhabitants for use
;n billets Further, all livir?_r rooms
: re at the dL'.uosal of the bilieted
foops The inhabitants arc tu be re
heated to the floor."
".mai) 10 i.\ gei:.\i..\:ny."
When William e.ieu rated thai
His neivhbors he could lick,
because Uiey were nut wat.-'iin;? for
Ilis low down dirty trick.
\ l.iir mistake was "made in (i -miany.'
\V!v. n William >. dculnted that
The Belgians nit no ice,
And th.'.t th^'r ! ttla army was
A harmless ne-t of mice,
iii';- mistake w..& 'made in Germany.'
?Yhen William calculated that
.? hn Dull wa.; an old man,
Ar.d that he 1\ vivh remembered 11 1
Ivipoleon and Joan, ?
iii^T mistake wa >'made i:i Germany.'
Yhen William ealcuiai-nl that
The h?.\i Kun
Uefore yoi'r Unci" Sam could trrind
Mis s\v>rd or lead his .trim,
a 1 ?iir mrstake 'ma.'e in Germany."
I.'ut wait "intii he Yanks arrive
Aral old Berlin they take?
!*'or then/.h* liun~ will realize
The ;i '.o of heir mist-.ike.
"i d iiiiT 'niitake was 'made in Ger
?Baltimore Sun.
Wife. He'd I'j>r Kcloninus Assault.
Tills Reaixn icr Shoul'nt;.
New Vor :. Xov. 2?"This *ra;:edy
i : result of t n. uniin^ passions ih-: t
|.rd both my husband and my
if," aid Mrs. Maude Scutt. of '?)(]"}
\V st 1! 7th si vet. after she huii been
held in S't.uHO !;:;p Thursday !<>?? a
hearinjr ye-' tv 'ay She is held for fe
lonious assault, chargcd with having
.hot her hst:;unci, Howard B. Scut:.,
while driviy? Thursday.
"I l.vcd h;::?;<?veu him madly. Tie
i hut 1 !''? ? -lis invention. He
v;:i> wrapt);'! ii; in the invent:"!'."
Mrs. Scutt ?! I'li-e-l her h
had .-'.ink over s:ii his iaventi n
and said the !v."i: b.-lcn^ed to In r
rrother and h
"1 vent to Seatile las' Jun ? when
he told me had si;Ter<d busmess re
verse;-, an*! I 'lie ?" sv iport myself.
He premised tc jeir. me in ?i:< weeks,
lie did !v>'. ra.me. i eturiie 1 to X:w
V'M-k, but he refi: -"! !o become recor.
eiled, saying he was absorbed in the
.nvention <f " i?; ;'irn :tic tire.
i'or ?r 'J' v "'ion. t :?
e-a:--; war w> i; ?. 31:;-'! ' -ett!"d
and reliable. Apply at .">0-j Cameron
!?' r mi story front
room on :v?i:it Hot v/atur
ht, Prefer to rent to
r-.vo or i!i' jriialemen. A poly Ga
zette <>nicc. 2'iI-Tt.
J'lrr UciU I ha." ft f'?r
i !I"".U (?!<??'! '"!?.* I:trhl: nea :? i-ritli.
!. iijif or riar: ? i! rfitipl;-. Rffi-r?*r: ??m
T'Mjirh*'1. (a:1 f''.t C, p. in. a!
aoarli!' n" I North Royal
.street. U(>l-lt.
oms Warned?'1 wo furnished rooms
for lipit hi)ii?'-!:copincr wanted by
man. wife and '"id of eleven. Patty
need !?"'t fiinu^h linen o~ fonki'i
ul<?usi!r- iddi.Mr.s, r,ipv"c!'.
Cumim-Tci: Strerl.
October. 1818, has been fraught
wiih sail 11 ess btcaui>e so many homes
have been made desolate by the
terrible scourgfc which has visited
is. Emer-on said, "Nature always
voars the color of the spirit." All
Nature has l:rreii calling to us to come
Li.> God's "real outdoors and those who
Id obey her \oice have been bene
fited thereby.
It was my privilege ta take a long
ilrive through thi country about the
r.::i He cf Octobi:. when the trees had
} ut their "?lory on. It was the most
?.adiant iline?.'t1.-1 before the leave*
We saw such variety of trees, the
lighty oak. th* tall pine, the frag
rant cedar, the ? ve:*y beach, the yel
i: i \ v hickory, the rim so r. dogwood, the
i-rtlliant sweet gum, so many tints.
[?; iir.-5'i'n *.tr:rl ???( id, ru-sot and brown.
? \li color te siiir.g yet all colors blent"
A ? if to compensate the somber pines
; bcM^r~ini i crcepair had decked them
!'h the must n "vi.I crimson, .vhieh
contrasts so bea?Jiifully with the dark
,-cen of the plres. On the roadside
>ve saw the golden rod, the purple
a. ters and the bright sumac with
:ne gav ercp'.r.y of trees, blending ir.
hues which ma.ee the forest glad with
t! c!r sunny colo: 1 foliage.
'?Earth's eveatest painters never could
."or p. jt in inspred mood?
imagine aught i'ke this."
The day was perfect, the air just
(? :sp cno!:,'r:i *o make it a delight to
!?C out of doors A purple haze was
over all the iancs-ape.
LcWcll . "What is so tare as a
day in June?" I answer, "Naught that
I know a day in Octohcr."
? ()<? and kies and clouds of June
A: i fluywivtaf -'una together.
cannot rival for. one hour
October's brg&t elae weather."
Eva E. Cowiing.
Reopening of Public
The Pu'i-ic S_?!? - *?! of the city wi!!
be re-npem-d on Monday, November
W. H. SWEENEY, Sup?rinteade,it.
]?"<>,? Rent- Eight room cottage, elec
tricity, watar turn ace, garage, etc.,
on macadam read 1 l-'J miles west
of Alex irifh ia. Possession ut one?'.
A. Willis, itoute Alexandria,
1'or-v Wanted -?*'our large hoyv;/
draft horses. Will be purchased sub
ject to inspect n. Notify us where
horses may be inspected, or if you
can arrange to do so bring them to
our works, noiirying Mr. R. L. Lake,
manag-r of Purchases and Traffic,
Virginia Shi; building Corporation,
Alexanlna, Va 2^0-St
|,i. t i'l' vani will !??? paid f?,r the iv
(urn "f M'?st.on bid I pup dis
appeared fruiii HOT ,S"t?'.h Wadii'ig
t?n street. I'hone .J.
Lest?0n Wednesday, October
Pocketbook con'-amin^ a fj Liberty
Bond ard about $lo in one dollar
?bills, automobile license card and
classification ?v. rd. Liberal reward
if retwijeil "<> Horace \V. W???df,
Urudduek Illjf-j't.
A Bluebird first run feature entitled
Also the wonderful mystery picture
"HeHand of feasance"
ill plenty of excitement. A regular knock out of a bill
Admission, 15 cents _
F r Sale?A good number 4 Under
wood typcv. viler cheap. Either phone
478-W-5 or address Gazette Oflicv.
Help Wanted?Girls wanted to work
un sewing1 machines. Steady work;
best wages; pay while learning. Ap
ply at Pants Factory, ~nd floor Ga
zette, ill King street.
.Salesmen Wanted?Calendars for
.,rJ20, Advertising Fans, Pencils,
.-'igns and Specialties. Season smarts
Fan. 1st. Oui line strongest. Suc
cessful Salesmen apply quick for
;? real money making proposition.
' So red tape. Torre Haute Adver
tising Co., Torre Iia-i.r:, Ind. "2(?l-lt.
Wanted?Kitchen man, Si-" a wvek.
Women for kit.'hen v. .rk. Also ex
perienced waitresses. Apply Mon
ti v. olio Cafe.
- - r.:.~=^z- ?: : : - "
Wanted?-Colored maids and porter.
Address B. II. Gazette Office.
Wanted - Woman f:>r telephone
operator and ^'tieral office work;
permanent position. Address, G. F.
'I asset'- ? Office.
W??? !jv d A c:jp;)h!'- .stenographer r,,r
commercial work, permarj&frt posi
tion. C-'ve ivferen* e and state o::
pericnce. Ad.iress A. Gazette
WA NTED- Laborers, white arid col
c.r-'fJ. Hi-.'h-'-t wage:;. Kith"r day
,*i:rht work. App'y In Virginia
Shipbuilding Corporation's Uepre
0. S. Employment Serv
ice, Post OiTi ifP;iiding, Ai?.\an
' dr;;<. ^rirginia. 214-tf
? ?
COOK wanted? rnaie or female; goo'J
wage?. Apply New ,Southhn?.
!'ot?!, Alexandria, Va. "()."> -A
WANTJ2I)?First class firr-men, beh
est v;ag--* paid. See .M". Wicker.
Alexandria County Lighting Com
pany Plant foot of Wolff: street.
MANAGER wanted for lunchroom;
jrood wages paid to rij^ht party. Ap
)? y New Southlnml Hotel, Alexan
dria. Va. Z')b- a
Are you van down?
Tired out?
Nerves un tea.Jy.'
Do you feel .ihaky all over?
Are you weal:?
Do you lack ambition and energy?
Do you have that "all gone" feel
when you get up the morning?
Do you get vp depressed, low-spir
!*:?'!. out of sorts ?
Do ynu r/ct exhausted and "played
t- it"' ;ifier verj little effort?
Are y.ju rroubled with hcadache,
:;i uralgiu, j>;iin.-, in the joints and
Do you have dyspepsia, heartburn,
belching, tfa; in the bowels, sour
.stomach ?
Do you suffer from Rheumatism,
Catarrh, kidney trouble. Bilious at
* .w.1- V
L'-.-iv.-r .
An: y.-ui subj(:';t to colds?
iiave you lost hope of regaining
your o!'i time strength and health?
"Do you kmov. that all these ills
come from one ci.use?
Do you. know that the only way to
????rmar.r.r.Uy rid yourself of these
l: lubies is 11 eliminate the cause?
Don't t: ke nieJicines. Medicines and
?:,,"gs suppress ."-ynintoms ^ivc re
lief but cannot remove the cause of
the I'omplaii't.
Njtu'?(: .t clismce, assist her in
riifht v.-jv, and Nature will .sure
ly restore you. ?
V';ur '.use is no wor.-c-cannot be
v.-./1* -tlrnn h'v.drods of others that
aave come to u.- and regained Health
a.d Sirertrth through our Natural
Kealt!: Sy-.tern v'lhout Drugs or Merli
,')!> you wirh to know the cause
of your Doui.le ;?rrl how to cJLminate /x
if ??>, e-rtSI :?:u! consult
f)r, BcuchScr,
Mon.. Wid., l 'ri, Hours 1 to 4 p. m.
! 72 i King at. Alexandria, Va.
I have two Ford trucks for hire.
Will haul or carry passengers any
where and at all times'at reasonable
; prices. Special attention given to
out of town trips. Call me when ever
. veil u?.rd inc. D. CJlassmarrr Bell
rhuuc uu J. -M-BL

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