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Uxorvt ShiuIm.v. '
BS" The Alexandria Gazette t.oi poi.ilion
317 King Street, Alexaridria. Ya.
HOWARD W. SOTM?"- Pci.Hi.U-Mt un.l
WILLIAM A. SMOOT-...Vice-President
KIC^AKL T. DWVKU V v ? Editor
JAXE8 F? PKYTON. .r?usimaw Manager
Entered at the"i'ostoflfce at Alexan
dria, V'rginia, as Second class matter
The Corpovatiori Court yesterday
'considered the case of a nct*io nu.r
derer which resulFed in the jury re
turning a verdict of murder in the
first degree with, the penalty oi
death. -The court has- three ottiei
murder cases-on its docket, the cii
cumstances in which are similar" ti
that disposed of yesterday.
It was far into the nijjht before the
jury returned its verdict, and wfcilt
waiting for it the tribunal becaxm
justly indignant at the paucity o1
light furnished in the court room. 11
was with difficulty that those present
could see each otSier. and Judge Bar
ley eventually seiit for the members
of the light committee of the Cit\
^ Council in order that they might real
ise existing conditions, in Alexandria
The attempts to light the chambei
of the Board of Aldermen have foi
months been ineffectual. Apart fron.
a drop lyght upon the clerk s desk
there is virtually no light in tin
room. ^
Suggestions have from time to tim?
been made that the public offices Ik
lighted with electricity, but, so tai
110 steps looking to such a changc
have been taken. >v
Many reasons are urged as ihc
cause of the .unsatisfactory gas now
furnished this community. Cooking
^ by gas has long since beome a tan
talizing p/ocedure. General!) sickly
flames appear on gas stoves, and
these have to be watched cont;nua;iy,
as they show a readiness to cease
burning and leave gas or air escaping,
all of which has to be paid lor at" .??<?
end of the month or quarter.
The cry for better gas or a strong
er pressure is becoming louder every
day, and long-suffering consumers
' hope proper-measures may lie taken
immediately to remedy whatever de
fects exist.
President Wilson's address to ( on
gress yesterday was one of the long
est he has delivered. It is divided,
roughly speaking, into three sections
?a brief description of the part
played by this country 111 the great
war and a tribute to those who
fought and worked to bring the war
to a successful conclusion, a state
ment concerning readjustment prob
lems and some recommendations :n
that- connection and an explanation,
also brief, of the reasons which con
trolled the President in his determi
nation t(> go to the Peace Conference.
Those reasons as several rep
resentative journals observe are
quite convincing. Despite the im
portance of the problems which
a?(i pressing for solution in I 'lis
C an try at this time, there :s
nothing measurably so important, to
this nation as well as to all the na
tions of the w. rld, as the consumma
tion of a peace settlement ;n line
with the Ideals of all the liberty-lcv
ing peoples of the world. As tn?
' President says, there is no business
or ;nterest which should take prtfeed
ev.ee of- that.
This being the case, the President
is entitled to the united support
which he asks of Congress and the
peop'e. Partisanship should cease at
going to Europe as the representative
of the whole American people. He
is going there wirk for vital
American interests. He will, as he
says, have delicate tasks to perform.
If he fails. America will fail.
We must- back him up because he
is our President and because he will
be working for America at the peace
table, because he goes there to help
in carrying into effect the ideals of
the gallant American soldiers and
seamen who have fought so bravely
and, in many cases, laid down then
lives in this war.
Kingdoms rise and flourish, then
' they fade and fall,
Empires take the ?unshine, gleam
ing bright and ga>,
?Time upon his mountain stands and
givej the call,
And the empires vanish?all must
pas-; away.
Emperor William scorned the Bel
gian King as wholly incapable of op
posing successfully the will of the
mighty German Empire. He bade
Albert stand aside or he would torce
' his way through his little kingdom.
This threat he carried out to the ac
' compamment of blo?d and lust and
' cruel oppression. But back <>1 tne
kingdom "of Belgium was the kingdom
' 0f God; and what is the position of
the two men today'.' Albert re-enteis
his beautiful capital, while Belgium
' is crowned- with undying fame as
; having done a "bigger thing than
' Thermopylae." The ex-Emperor is a
fugitive on the face of the earth. A>
'' Theodore Marbury in; "The Outlook
' aks, "Is there in the whole of history
' a more convincing example: of the
? power of right?
"Long before the United States .en
tered the war some of us ventured to
1 express the fact that, while wrong of
' ten triumphs^ locally. wrong univer
' sally recognised as such could 11 t
triumph; that to dcubt it was to de
1 :>y that reason ordered the uni\eJ>-.
' Was there -ever a more striking in
? stance of this truth than in the per
sons of two men?the ex-Emperor of
(ierman> a id King Albert.
There will i;e. no popular demon
stration at the pier when the Presi
dent's ships nut out to sea. 1 here is
no particular reason why there shHiM
be. for there will be tumult and
shcutinir enough at the other end of
the journey to make up for any de
ficiency here. It will bo shouting and
tumult, too. of a different sort from
much r-f that which would din the
ears of the distinguished adventurer
if all those who have been murmur
ing and muttering against his going
were to he present, when the ship
draws awav from the dock.
It is just as well that he should
leave ?s in this quiet fashion, for he
will have trumpeting and salvos
enough in the weeks he is away: and
this peaceful departure will be a con
trast to remember in the midst of
what- is sure to be a triumphant and
jubilant homecoming. Let the grumb
lers. then .absent themselves from
the pier and, nursing their shins ?y
the five, vent their feelings in letters
to their favorite papers. They will
be the better for it. and so will he.
We can understand the yapping cf
the President's critics, for he rs a
public figure, and the opposition is
purely partisan. In this category
must be included the last-hour p "sup
pic of the Rev. Dr. ConweU. lie de
mands the recall of President Wilson,
who is "too theoretical." r.r.d the ap*
"pointment of a high commission on
peace problems. - and he nominates
"ar admirable combination for t e
high commission." Here they are:
"Theodore Roosevelt, Senator Hiram
Johnson, fritter President Taft. for
mer Justice Hughes and Vice Presi
dent Marshall." There's a beautifully
balanced unpartisair "bunch for you,
to make the world safe for democ
racy!?! Philadelphia Record.?
Betray No Interest Whatever as
American Soldiers March Into
Country !
No de.ncnstruf'ons. either friendly
') ? hostile, marked the entry of Major ,
General Dickman's army into Ger- j
r.iany yesterday. Tne frontier was ,
c rossed early in the day, and by night <
fill th' American* had moved for
ivard 12 miles, reaching Radgen, o r.
ihe left, and Saarholzbach, ? on thtr >?
right. T'i? line extended along-the:
Saar River, and through Saarburg and
'The reception given the Americans
differed from that encountered in Lux
emburg and parts cf Belgium and
France. There they were welcomed as
deliverers by almjst all of the popula
tion. The attitud-i of the population of
Rhenish I russia was different. Not a
single act of ope:i antagonism was r
ported, but it was evident that even
the children had been schooled care
fully in the role they must play.
Officer-; and men were not surprise
by the l'tck of display of flags and i
absence of the cheering crowds t:
which they had been accustomed; bu
they did not expcct the calm silenec
with which the advance patrol^ ar
'lie columns of marchers were receiv
On the Luxemburg side of th?
.Moselle River the streets of the vil
lages were filled with those out to so
good-bye to the departing troops or 1
those who paused to or from church.
Across-the Motielle the streets of tho
villages were almost deserted. Per
haps 80 per cent, of the population
remained within their homes, and in
a majority of cases the blinds were
(!<awn. Here and there a German
stood in the doorway, watching the
tvoops pass, and occasionally groups
assemble 1 at street corners, but there
were no signs :>f either pleasure or
Attacked, Brutally Beaten and Rob
bed By Negro.
West Chester. Pa., Dec. '}.?M:*?
Sarah James, IS year old daughter of
Jefferson James, living on the Rake
st. aw farm, near Willywdyle, this
county is in a serious coM'4i-'?i at
her home from injuries w~.?r. she w^s
'assaulted, late Saturday night, near
her hJirve., bv a negro. The assault
was the fourth committed in the
same locality within a shoi*t time, all
"f them failed to make complaint.
Miss James, employed in a store
at Kennett Square, took the last trol
ley car for her home Saturday lrght.
She left the car at a lane and tsart
ed for her home, a short drtunec
away, but luul gone but a few yanls
when a negro appeared from a hedge
and assaulted her. She was badiy
beaten, choked and a handkerchief
forced into her nH'uth to still her
cries. The negro, frightened by the
approach of Mr. James, who had gone
to meet his daughter, fled, taking
along a handbag containing $7 be
longing to the girl. Miss James is
in a serious condition from ?h/c!c
and injuries.
A posse sought the man Sunday
night without avail and officials are
still seefcinu him. Miss James says
she could identify the negro if he is
found and that'he >s a man who had
been in the st"re where she was em
ployed early Saturday evening.
Four Men Fail in Effort to Uncover
Lad in Time to Save Him.
Petersburg. Va.. Dec. '?).?Linwnod
Pulley, thirteen years old. son of
Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Pulley, of Byrns
street, was accidentally killed Sun
day afternoon by the caving in of a
sandbank. With some companions in
a sand pit '.n the rear of Rogers &
Plummers' peanut faotorv, when a
part- of til., 'ynbankment caved in. He
was dead by suffocation before his
body could be extricated. Three col
ored men and a white man, who were
nearby, worked hard to rescue . the
little fellow, but failed to save him.
-This is the second fatal accident that
has occurred at this pit.
Suffolk Officer Dies of Wound Inflict
ed by Nejjro Bootlepcer Saturday
Suffolk, Va., Dec. :j.?William E.
Brinkley, chief of police of this city
and one j>f the best known officers
in the State, died yesterday from
wounds indicted Saturday niy:ht by a
negro bootlegger. Chief Brinkley
headed a squad who met an incoming
train and attempted to arrest James
Bowser. He opened fire on the offi
cers, shooting down Brinkley. The
negro was wounded and captured la
On the 7th day of December 1918.
at ten o'clock A. M., I will offer for
?alc at public auction on the premises,
K04 Cameron Street, one new hot.
vater heating plant, consisting of
?ernace i nd nine radiators. This is a
f.w plant and has never been put up
>! used., Terms of sale CASH.
R-. H. COX,
? :T Sergeant,
. A<1,11 \ of estatefof Amanda Gray.
!S6, 4t. : ' ' .
President Throws Amateur Gram
marian's Into Spasm.
Washington, D. C., Dec. y.?What
sver else he may have done in his
address to Congress, President Wil
son certainly sent amateur grammar
ians into a spasm. This is how he
did it:
"They have been directed by men
which represented the permanent de
partmnts of Govrnment."
Recourse to the dictionary, in this
case a new Century edition, based on
the unabridged of Noah Webster,
who ought t(> know, shows "which-'
is a ''pronoun, a word of interroga
tion in all genders; the relative ser
ving as the neutor of 'who.' "
There is a vague feeling that th-J
President may be correct in referring
to men as "which," but the aforesaid
amaetur grammarians would like tc
sec the authority for it.
fiis Chauffeur Runs Down Child One
Day??? Servants Injuredrffcnother
Tarrvtown, Nf Y., Dec. 3.?John D.
Rockfeller's hard luck continue-. On
F.ida'y ;rght his chauffeur ran down
n (i-year-cld bov and fractured his
skull, and Sunday one of his cars up
set and threw iive of his employes
cut, two of whom are in the hospital,
^The employes were driving to Tarry
t:.wn an J the driver turned too shorl
irto the BedforJ road, Edward Wh.i
len, a butler, and one of the womer
seivants were so badly hurt thai
they wor 2 taken to the hospital.
The other three, although bruiseci
were able to go back to the state.
I'nion Carpenters Employed b.v Emer
gency Fleet Corporation De
mand "Closed Shop."
Newport .News. Va., Dec. 3.?Fo;js
hundred union carpenters, chiefh
er/.plcyed on war activities work am
house construct'on f"r the Emsr
gency Fleet Corporation, went or
strike here yesterday, demanding n
"closed shop."
Some contractors already have
agreed t? the demands, but ethers
are hiring nonunion men and p";;ceed
ing with their work, although great
ly handicaped. An attempt is bcini;
made to have an amicable settlement
of the. trouble.
Ailtntowij Council Brings Scrici:*;
Charge Against Pussy.
Allentown, Pa.. Dec. -'5.?In an ar
gument before Council, resulting in
an order for placarding homes whers
influenza exists, Councilman John
Allen insisted^that all the doctors ar ?
wrong in their theories as to thc
spread of influenza and insists that
the discasv is carried around the
earth by degs and cats. Hence lie
proposed that all do<?? and cats ho
Harry vtrum. the bi^eriologist.
has beer ordered to capture a cat in
a family whe.e influena exists an 1
examine the a nmai fo" influenza
germs.-.Tn this way Mr. A!'ei\ expects
to prove.the correctness of h'* con
tention that aj] nets should be hu
manely killed. Under Mr. Allen's
proposition, however, there is on"
chance for puss v. He is convinced
that cats carry the germs in their
fur, and agrees that in cases of valu
able and much beloved family cars
removal of the fur with a clipper ivil!
be sufficient to re move, the danger of
Merchant Twice Wounded by Alien he
Gave Lift in Truck.
Wilkes-Barre, pa.. Dec. .1.?1 s^irl u*
Levine, a merchant, escaped dea'.h
hut received bullet wounds in th ?
ripht arm and yesterday, and
then disarmed Sar>. Srott, an alien,
who tried t.o sh~rt him a? they w-e
riding on the seat of an aut'1 tr.' ?'*.
Levine knows no reason for th-1
shooting, he says, Scott, a customer,
asked him for a ride. When Levine
attempted to take a course different
fro mthat desired hv Scott, the lat
ter slipped a hand into his pocket
and drew a pistol. Levine saw him
and in the tussle the revolver wys
discharged twice. When Levine hnn
wrested the revolver from his assail
ant he fell unconscious and Scott es
Furnished apartment, wanted or
roomr:with; or w^hout;hoaH for mar
ried couple. Address P. 0. P'ov Sr.".,
Alexandria Va. 255-lit
?A-- ,
"TM? St?r? of Greater a?rvio"
Washinjftcc, -0. C.
A whole department filled with
items to makfe the Christmas
season moic jo>ful.
35.'c Each
Wbit2 25-inch rounds, 45-incn
scarfs. pillow tops, etc., em
broidered in rose, blue and yel
low At 39c.
<j9c Each
DesK bets m-ule ot art cret
consisting of pad blotter
pen wiper, Just the thing for
school giris, at 69c.
50c Pair
Large assortn:ents of bag haii':!^">
in a variety of styles. In amber,
sheil, tortoise or colors. Pair, 50c
25c to $1.50
Lovely line of tassels for all kinds
of s-rt work, curtain and la*:-v
pulls and ba:?s. 25c to $1.50
Do your Christmas Shopping
early by request of the gov-j
ernment i
Norfolk Electricians Demand $1 an
Hour For Eight-Hour Day.
Norfolk, Va., Dec. 3.?Between
three and four hundred electricians
employed on government and com
mercial jebs in the Norfolk district
went out on strike yes tenia v. They
demanded $1 an hour fcr an eight
hour day.
Typewriter, Underwood, for sal-.*.
Perfect condition, ?35. "CI. S." Ga
zette Office.
Fcr I touring car, five na-s
with cioctrlc starter, 1918 model,
new tires, ail in first class c n:li
tion. Edward Maupin, 1312 King
F:r Sale?Holstein cows, some fresh,
sCme springers. See Callander
'Conrad Co., Alexandria, Va., Route
No-. 1.
For Sal??Two wood beds, complete
springs and mattresses, nearly new.
apply, 220 South Lee Street. 285-2t.
For Sain?A goo 1 horse- cheap. C?:n
be seen at Wi'iiam Roger's fan. .
Telegraph road, Fairfax county.
Va. ^5-St.
One buffet, $25; 1 parlor suit, $35;
1 dining room table and chairs, $10;
1 sewing machine. Inquire at No.
102""South Alfred street. 283-4t.
For Sale?Handsome residence, home
of the late Park Agnew, 14 rooms;
hot water, heat, bath, spacious
grounds, running through from
I'itt t? Royal streets, beautiful
shade. Large two-s.-?ry brick ga
rage.Price $10,00i?. Terms one
third cash, balance 1, 2 and 3 years.
M. B. Harlow, Trustee. 274-tf.
Home, on Brad dock Heights, with
garage. !)?-? vn etc., and about one acre
of beautiful grounds. Immediate pos
A country piacc. five.acres, with
large dwelling, two baths, furnace
heat, electric lights, etc., and also a
modern cottage, garage, barn, and
other out buildin g. The tree-, shr b
l.ory and view to;; :ther with the neigh
borhood make this ;-iace especially at
tractive. Immediate possession.
Several smaller placcs in the vi
Modern ten-room brick house in
Rosemr.ru, built 'by tha owner; excep- j
tionally good condition; fine lawn and
grounds; a very attractive home; im- j
mediate possession.
A frame stucco eight-room house, j
bath, hot water heat, etc., fir.e view
and location. Possession in thirty tr?
sixty days.
Other attractive city, suburban and ?.
corr.trv 1 aires. j
12 Kinir Street,
Alexandria- Virginia.
One new town car body; 2 second
hand runabout bodies; ! Ford touring g
cnupcict ;md delivery cars.
28l-3t 117 \\ Fairfax St.
WOOD- Sea-oned oak and fine corrl
?ood s.Vvcd any length; price $14
cord, delivered.
CORN?Nice large, white corn;
n-ice $7 per barrel. Phone Falls
church 5:?-C.
Ii. Ay. 3, Alexandria, Va.
Ready for the Holiday
Trade. .
We are better prepared this season than ever
for Handling the usual Holiday Trade. With
improved facilities and the Men's Departments
and the Women's Coat ar.d Suit Departments
enlarged, combined with broad aisles, a well
ventilated, light store and courteous well-trained
sales people to serve you, we believe your shop
ping here will be both pleasant and profitable.
We direct special attention to the large variety
of useful and practical Xmas Gifts for Mer
. Women and Children.
Do Your Christmas Shopping Early and
Avoid the Usual Rush Later On.
??iz.d a present that will grace t.'ie
throat or the hand of a Queen. No
matter what pattern you may choose
from our line, you are sure of getting
excellent workmanship and stem* of
dependable quality, in addition to
original designs of the highest order.
unders & Son
4To Get
f a
r Dress
? j
g _ ?
y We are ransisg a sale al! this week, & nice line of
Men's Suits and Overcoats
g>ti sale
Everything is reduced and still you can
have it charged.
Open Ever/ Might Till 9 0'Clock
@21!s! Klrag Street.
The Only Credit Store in the City at Cash Prices x
On and after December 9,
1918, business hours of this
Company will be from 9 a.m.
"o 3 p. m., except Saturdays
3 a. m. to 1 p. m.
ce man on track at Transfer Station for
particulars, or write
Callender Joiirad Co.
R. F. D. ?"'>? 1.
ounrl?At New Alexandria, one i.*or
gray rnnle. Owner can obtain same
by* applyin.tr to Robert Arnold a i !
paying damans. 2S5-JI.
J.arge r.icciy furnish'::; ro in, .s'-cn i
floor, next to bath; men only.
fax Apartment X '. I.
Rooms Wanted ?Three rooms and
bal'h or :i snvl! house in respect
able reiKiiborhood. Address, E. f.
Wess, 1211 Oronoco street. 285-31.
Tiirce-room furnished apartment in
Alexandria^. C. W. Ware, Clarendon,
Va. 283-0t
Ro'.ni and board wanted l?y l\v'>
yf.'u;?jr men. Address I). II., Care
? Gazette Oflicc.
Three unfurnished rooms near Pat
rick and Kin? Street?. Apply box
Gazette Office. 28o-0t.
Heated garage wanted for winter or
' will sell my 4-passenger roadster
for lass than half price. Address
Hugh P. Caherty, Linden Avenue,
Cottage Park. v

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