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: i"oiecfcion Furnished by Cyclotte Cel
,s Jar^Keeps Down Injured List
[,'?} Omali'a, Neb., April 3.?Twenty per
ins were injured and property dam
_es(timated yesterday at $250,000,
li.done by a tornado which struck
l t v.
Lie western portion of Omaha late
> undSay. Francis MicTclen, G, whoso
ick was broken was the only one
]>rious!Ly -injured.
> About sixty houses in the path
f~the storm were damaged and sev
v?al. were completely destroyed.
The twister struck three blocks
jtom where the disastrous tornado
t 1913 started. General construction
I ^cyclone cellars following the 1913
(7w, is beflieved to have saved many
^ Advertise your wants in the Ga
te Classified column.
IFor Sale
upc 131 and 133 South Fairfax
tjv street, These two brick houses
c<' 7 rooms each, water in kitchen
immediate possession of one.
I*. Price for two . $3,000
423 North Columbus Street,
xvur * large brick house, S rooms
* and bath, hot water, gas, coal
fa1 and gas ran tee. Price.. $4,000
^ Large bri'jk house, 10 rooms and
jj(i bath, steam heat, electric
light, gas range, large back
yard, very attractice price.
wit 7 room frame house with bath,
L electric light, garage and shed
Geo* large lot.
peace, ?
late yesS L. Horner
prime m\
make a f\612 KTSG STREET
ally. ? f
i r , '('!;<. ?
Recruited for March on' the * Capitol
in Washington-?-W ants
Bryan on Staff.
New York, April S.?The "i and 11
army" is being recruited for a
march on Washington. The object
tive is not the capture of the Na
tional Capital and neither is it de
signed to enforce reparation, terri
torial guarantees, sphres of influence
or mandatory selections. Its big
goal is popular government?self
determination as it were.
The army will compose legions
advocating the initiative and refer
endum as a part of the Federal coi
stitution. Gen. Jacob Sechler Coxey,
of Masillon, Ohio?the same Gen.
Coxey who led the Commonweal
army of unemployed to Washington
in 1S94 and was told to "keep off
the grass"?is the C. O. and gen
eral staff all rolled into one.
Gen. Coxey is not concerned with
the prohibition amendment primar
ily but the method by which it was
tacked onto the Federal Constitution
is one of the signs of the times that
has stirred him to renewed action
after twenty-five years of philosoph
ical contemplation of passing events, j
"What I do care about," he said
today, ''is the principal of popular
government. I don't care a hang
what happens to the dry amend
, ment. But it was not enacted by the
wish of the majority of the people;
it was railroaded through. Now let
us have the initiative anfl referen
dum, and if the majority of the peo
ple cf the country really want liq
uor, they can petition for having
the dry amendment submitted to a
popular vot. If the amendment is
sustained that is the last of liquor
in this country.
Gen. Coxey plans to enlist William
Jennings Bryan as a member of his
general staff.
j Advertise Your Wants in tho Ga>
zette Want Column
"The sit]
fercr.co is
pencl on thj
of the wo J
days of j
P:<ily Ej|
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Conquer this enemy and you rout a whole army
of physical foes, including indigestion, biliousness,
sick headache, sleeplessness and nervous dyspep
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laxative for over sixty years. They go straight to
the cause of many ills and remove it. They act
promptly, pleasantly and surely. Contain no
habit-forming drug. These time-tested pills
strengthen the stomach, stimulate the liver and
Directions of Special Vniuc to Women are with Every Box.
Sold by druggists throughout the world. In boxes, 10c.r 25c.
bilu * SS Pawl
"Start Washday
WitH Smiles"
r^etsiCKiSKBs.. v * . .
Own A
Phone 193
While fori" Mri'> prohibition -,r
ents 'tito i>i jsvl. !???'^i"g *i
befoi'fe a gnnd fury follow1ig
death 6f n pan* o' alleged bo^rleg
gers at Wood<lock last "RCf/k, h
road between B;iif'm*>re >vd .Rich
mond is an e:ullers' chain of **hisky
laden auto?. Infovma'iov < fiveil
from a reliable "omitf: yesterday
was to the r.fiVof that ih* iiii*fit. the
agents were fonfined in >be court
house at Woods?0'"k numerous au
tomobiles, from limousines )o "Liz
zie?" were seen to pass on the high
way usually guarded by the agents.
Fire yeste'day damaged the Bar
rett ex-winery at Norfolk to the ex
tent of $100,Ono. Jhf building is
used by the Imperial Tobacco Co.,
as a warehouse and wa* filled with
tobacco in bulk.
Jack Martin, the F. year old son
of Frank Martin, v.-as removed tc
the hospital in Danville Tuesday
evening, suffering fr<.m a mangled
leg. The boy, with other play
mates, was swinging onto a wagon
| driven by a man whose identity hai.
not been learned, ivhen Martin acci
dentally put his foot through thi
rear wheel'. The limb was severely
torn, anil it is was feared that i
would have to be amputated. Doc
tors now say the\ can save thi
The attempt to shift responsibil
ity for three pints of whisky to a
crowd of joy riding sailors failed in
the Supreme Court of Appeals
Thursday, when Nat Tir.e. who war,
found guilty in the Corporation
Court of the City of Norfolk o?
having the liquor in bis automobile
and given thirty days in jail, with
a fine of ?200, was refused a re
view of the case. Distinction was
drawn by Fine's attorney between
an automobile and a home, so far
as responsibility for their content
is concerned. He argued that the
mere fact that goods are found in
a car, which is a certain man's >
personal property, does not definite
ly fix their ownership, whereas a
householder may always be held re
sponsible for what is in his house,
sacred to himself and his family.
Ensigns A. A. Pullian and B.
Thomas, connected with Navy Air
Station at Hampton Roads, miracu
lously escaped death when the big
hydroplane in which they were rid
ing fell GOO feet to the lawn in fron,
of the Chamberlain llotel yesterday
Demanding an increase in wajre.
and declaring that appeals for con
sideraton had been ignored, 1)00 stev
I cdores handling freight on the rail
road adminstration controlled
wharves and ships at Norfolk walked
out yesterday. Coastwise shipping
is almost completley tied up by the
. action of the men and truck ship
pers are reported liable to sustain
heavy losses. Bunkering and for
eign shipping will not be. interrupt
William Beverly, or Broad Run,
Fauquiqr county, says he has be civ
keeping a diary since 1878 and April
1st was the coldest morning this late
in the season we have had during
that time. The thermometer stood
22 degrees at To'clock, with snoiv
three inches deep. We had a sno}v
on April 12 last 14 inches deep, but
the thermometer did not go lowdv
than 30 degrees. This must be tljo
coldest weather for April on 'rccorjl.
William Parker Murders Spouse An:!
is Killed by Her Father.
Anniston, Ala., April 8.?Informa
tion was received yesterday mornin r
of a double tragedy at Fruithurs./
Clobume County. William Parker,
merchant, the report says shot, and
killed his wife and was in turn killed
by Richard Hooper, father of Mrsi
Parker. ;
I The shooting occurred in front o
the postoffice in Fruit hurst. Mrs
I Parker and her baby, in company wirtj
her father, drove up to the postoffice
and were met by Parker, who took the
baby from the buggy into his store,5
then returned and shot and killed his
Hooper then leaped from the buggy
with a knife in hi> hand and, seizing
Parjcer around the neck, cut his throat
severing the jugglar vein. Parker, it ,
is said, staggered into his store and: ,
dropped dead. I ,
The Parkers had been separated, it ,
is said, because of Parker's alleged; <
cruel treatment of his wife. <
i <
Mrs. J- T. Collins, wife of the for- <
mer sheriff of Blytheville, Ark., was <
accidentally shot and killed yester- <
day afternoon when a rifle was i
jarred from the kitchen cabinet in <
her home by a closing door. The bali <
entered her heart. i
. |<
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i iwttvwv. ni' ?
i -
!r>Uyni fo Mvk- (???r'On> ^(niu^
iifftr w,r. f'.Mirin iliM'Olit
i A. c >????-*.i ? ?}!???'??%; 'v* (' } t
U 't' i of V'. iMi'O Lv nnv
les k - ?]>;?? I 'Hilary e:.per*>
Wr.s' wc in ,.t:i'en'fnis ai"-on l
ou' i>,T'i iv J? y ihf- Siale JJepart
? ^1: i.if oOi' ifllo made plihlir ?u;ws
frr> T'c't'icc'i 1 ^ is* FeHngior? to
tl'c :? fCc? l; '.bat the ."Bolsbcviki are
co~<i??Hv^(ii?$- 'H-. *'irp'ip tran'spoi-ta
fcior m h iftvpo scale" and that they
wero. ?joueentraling ;il>o nil an jn
crea~?% in ti'o j'aetnries for ihe n>an
jufacture of munitions of war.
; .According to t.be opinion of the.
InilitHry men. if; is a very ominous
fact that the British Ambassador at
?Washington said that Great Britain
,was not offering to recognize the
?Soviet government. Jf Great Britain
does not rccognize it, there is not
the slightest chance that either
France or Italy will, so that the ad
vance of the Bolsheviki on their
spring offensive will ho substantially
a drive to undo all the work of the !
Peace Conference.
The outbreak of the Bolshevik
war 041 Central and Western Europe,
they say, may, as a matter of fact,
have to he dealt with before the
Peace Conference adjourns.
Army men look on the prospect as
something too real and too enor
mous to be dealt with by any other
force than the armies of the allies.
Demented Man, Who Claims Mind is
Clear, Ties up Traffic.
Butler, Pa., April 8.?Traffic 011 the
Bessemer and Lake Erie Railroad in
terurban and street, car lines was para
lyzed for eight hours early yester
day and the city was in darkness fast
night because Givona Bolanola, -10, of
Pittsburgh, went on a rampage and
with, his ''little wire clippers," as he
sailed iiiem, gave the police and a
iqund of win; repairmen a busy time.
According w> the police, Bolinola is
demented, bu,t he maintains his "mind
is dear'*" and thai he was detailed to
cut every wire in Butler. He nearly
had succeeded in attaining his object
when he was captured by police short
ly after midnight while climbing a
flag pule on the roof of the municipal
I'lf/VfNS uMy sf i'W
ShC'i:i^*1 ut i'up! Makes Va.vt-jiuij
T'itficui' in Vitriina *??>d '
< <>>| >S5lll)
vit'i?.a. \j-ri' 8.?The train sevvica
is exceedingly slow, owing to lack
of coal, and the trains in either ?Ii
rection are r>y no * means crowded.
Fewer people are escaping: from \ i
cnna, though ic is possible Lo leave
ihe city if jir- is a Me w pay .>500
secretly for a pass.
The foreign correspondents and lo
cal newspaper men have been classi
fied as first *rrade workers. Tho
work of requisitioning clothes
and furniture is tfo:ng on anion,'* the
homes nf tho people. The men take
their Toss indifferently, but the wo
men a 1 tearful at Io>inp: their be
loved possessions.
Wiener Neustadt, an industrial
center, is reported to he under con
trol of the Soviet.
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kRTIT3ST r\f I
r>iM<'ou- Mnd t'<di?< b.fi. Money Piled j
I i) "n Sidewalk
Atlaitta. (Jd-., April 8.?Military po
iic" and o'ty detectives found them
seives "iii the wrong pew" Sunday
afternoon when they raided what ap
peared to be a ?*r:ips era me in fid! tilt
oi a si; re ft corner in the negro ;oo
tion i.f the city
L'hey saw a group o? negroes in a
ciixle about a pile of money on vhe
sidi-.valk. Wholesale art 'sts followed.
Then cne ntp'o ocplhined that th?y
were all dcacons ot' the church' and
were checking up the day's "collec
tion fo do army ob de Law!." Proof
being forthcoming1, they were- re
leased .
The War Department, in conjura
tion with British military authori
ties. i- formulating plan.? for re
moval of American troops in North
ern Riiasin.
cu: t.:o r<prcness aiKi paw. ? .
??'iEustenHe is a cic-tri,
! ?.:?%} wiikdtF of mustitnd 'i '*? ir*
! ti'.&Ji relief from t\;ve ? "
[ icV;3i!iLis, croup, -itiff neck
z-.-'ijin, headache, coiige?tH'?n o
I rheumatism, lumbago, rjauj- -nn ???
, lha back or joints, spj ami. -iOic" >iMvr<*
; I. raises, chilblains, fn-Mt-u
i "he chast (it otter* pi events. *?*>.? ?.?.
j i'lcihin^ like Mustcrole rot >?'
I dren. Keep it hand? t-n u\st u ' u> - _
3'Jc and ';0c jrr.s. bosw*'? -*u
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New .Orleans Molasses, gal.
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A Breath From the Historic Far West, V
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I - ? ?'"- -3^ '1?"'>?f A~ .?ZX$~}?f - * * *"' '
:# tK '?? "?' ?? "' v"-.Tvi'.'. ? '?? v ?
'? ".'' - . ?-? - -?f ? *. ' *"* '?-*

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