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CXXXV- No. 91.
Daily Newspaper in the
States and Best Advertis
in Northern Virginia. j
staxSuoo j*
For this section?Rain to
night; tomorrow generally fair
and somewhat colder.
y, APRIL 16, 1919. I PRICE, ONE CEN1
Council Manager is Plan foi
- New Form of City
Executive Committee Will Circulate
Petitions Among Voters Calling For
Election oa Proposition.
The executive ?committee appointed
nd empowered to present a plan for
change in the form of city govern
ment and to circulate petitions to
all an election held a meeting la?t
ag]it ir. the rooms of the Chamber of
wmmerce and considered plans for
?fcrk. The committee throughly dis
ussed the commission and council
ipnager plans.
yVfter a thorough -consideration of
\q plans the council manager plan
'as, in the opinion of the committee,
eclared the bv-'t and most ? feasible
Jan to submit to the electorate of
le city for its consideration. This
Ian it.Avas dcclai id will meet theiu
lre needs of the city and the com
ittee unanimously decided to recom
end the council manager plan to the
tizens of Alexandria. ?
A sub com:mitee was appointed tc
:aw up the detail?, of the plan and
?epare petitions to secure signatures
' qualified voters asking for an elec
)n on the proposition.
It is to be regretted that the in -1
emencyof the weather Friday night
?evented more of the citizens frorr
rter.dilng the mass meeting in the
>era house when the merits of thi
irious system? were discussed ov
ree experienfeed men.
The committee, however, feels thai
: soon as. they present to the pub
: their reasons for recommending
is plan the public will be convinced
the wisdom in selecting ?uch.
A cub committee wns named te
?aft- the details of the plan. Wher
is is completed the; advantages of
e plan will be presented the pub
3 for its consideration. This will
i followed by circulating petitions.
Members of the ccmmttee are of j
>:nion that full publicity of the mat- j
r will be all that is necessary in ds- |
rmining whether the citizens arr
ady for a change to a business forrr
government or whether they are
tisfied with the present system.
ppropriate $7,500 for Purchase of
Lot for School and $4,000 for
Moving Ashes and Cleaning
Ait a called meeting of the board
aldermen held last night tho ai
rmen concurred in the action of the
humon council at it- meeting las!
lesday night appropriating $7,.">00
r the purchase of a lot for the cre:
>n* of a school ixiil.tir.g for colored
aldermen also concurrcd in the
tion of common council in appro
bating S4.000 to make up the de
it foi- cleaning streets ar.d remov
g ashes fcr 101S and 1919.
; Montgomery Alabama, April 13th.
LOW. eldest daughter of the late
James Green of this city, and widow
of the late Rev. Horace Stringfel
[ow, D. D., of Montgomery, Alaba
ma, Interment at Ivy Hill cemetery,
this city, Thursday, April 17th, at
11 o'clock. 91-lt.
Rids for furnishing: coal fcr the
y schools will received by the
rk of city school heard up to 13
lock noon -April .",0, 1910. Coal to
delivered at the various school
uses within sixty days from date,
Is to be based cn ?J.OOO pounds to
; ten. Two hundred tons R. O.
bituminous and twenty tons an
racitc will he required.
The right to reject any and all
(!s is reserved.
A called meeting of ML Vernon
iapter No. 14 will be held in the
aronic Temple tomorrow evening
ednesday. April IB at 7.30 p. m.
Work. Mark and Past Decrees,
le and wed. F. W. Latham, Secy.
E. L. Kimberly, Newcastle, Pa.
Stricken While Near Camp
Elmer Lanterman Kimberly, fifty
three years eld, a retired business
man of Newcastle, Pa., died .while
drivir.g his automobile en route to
this city at 10:30 o'clock last night.
Mr. Kimberly accompanied by his
wife, three scr.s and a niece were in
the car en route from Florida where
they had spent the winter and were
homeward bound. When near Camp
Humphreys he was stricken with an
attack of heart trouble and died be
fore his son drove the car to the
base hospital at Camp Humphreys,
which they were near at the time.
The body was brought here and
taken to Demaine's mortuary chapel
ana shipped this afte'.nocn to his
his home in Newcastle for burial.
| Mrs. Mary Muir Stringfellow, eld
est daughter of the late James Green
this city, and widow of Rev. Horace
Stringfellow, D. D., Montgomery,
Ala., died Sunday -at her residence in
Montgomery, Ala., at an advanced
age. The body will be brought here
tonight and taken to the re idence of
her nieces, Misses Green, 212 South
Fairfax street. Her funeral will take
place at 11. o'clock tomorrow and ser
vices will be conducted by Rev. Dr.
P. P. Phillips, rector of St. Paul's
P. E. Church. Interment will be i:
Ivy Hill cemetery.
Supervisors From Eighth
District Hear Report
of Committee
Three Representatives Will investi
gate and Report In Accordance With
As state,I in the Gazette yesterday
afternoon a meeting- of representa
tives from the boards of supervisors
of the Eighth Congressional distri.t
together with representatives from
this city was held yesterday in the
rucms cf the Chamber of Commerce to
consider the feasibility of the estab
lishment of a district home for pau
pers, Representatives from most of
:he counties were present and George
F. Harrison of Fairfax was chosen
permanent chairman and W. C. Eibo.
Lou;-a, secretary.
A committee was appointed to form
ulate a plan of action, ar.d submitted
the following report:
Counties and city :n district?Alex
andria county, Alexandria city, Staf
ford, Loudoun, Fauquier, Prince Wil
liam, CuJpeper. Orange, Louisa, Kin;
George, Fairfax.
Counties and City present?Alexan
dria county, Alexandria city, Loudoun
Fauquier, Prince William, Orange.
Lcuisa, Fairfax.
Counties not represented?Stafford
King George Culpeper.
First?An expression of opinion
from ea. h representative, as to whe
ther or not their counties will favor
the establishment of a district home
as a basic proposition.
Second?That a committee of not
more than three lie appointed to make
investigation of the following matter?
and things:
a?The population according to the
last census of each county and city ir
I the Eight Congressional District, anri
the proportions such population? heai
to the whole.
b.?The present costs per capita of
the main.tenar.ee of each pauper in
each of the rounties and City.
e.?The avera.ee number of paupers
maintained per annum by each of the
counties and city in the District for
the past three years.
(1.?The approximate value of the
poor house properties and equipment
of each county and city in the Dis
c.?The approximate cots of a farm
of suitable size, and the equipment
(Continued or. Page Three)
State examination for teachers will
be held at Lee School builuincr Prince
and Patri.k street? May 2 and 3,
|91-2ta\v Superintendent of Schools
, Industries in Limerick and Cork AI
Standstill. "
Limerick, Ireland, April lfi.?All
factotries and stores in Limerick were
closed yesterday except provision and
bread shops.
During the nieht the military force
which are enforcing martial law in
thi- rggion erected barriers across all
the roads entering the city anil no per
sons except those with military per
mits are allowed to pass. All bridges
>ver the River Shannon and other
strategic points are being guardgd
heavily by the soldiers, while pi keif,
are on the alert, throughout the dis
The strike notices given bv the rail
read men expire/.!- at midnight to
night. Efforts are being made to bring
cut the employes on all Irish rail
roads. The length of the Limerick
strike, it is believed, depends on the
success, of this- movement. No disor
ders have been reported.
Cork, April 16.?The workingmeTT ir.
Cork were idle yesterd'ay as the re
sult of a proclamation of a strike
by the trade unionists as a protest
against martial law. Electric and ga>
suplies of the city have been cut of
and traffic is at a standstill. A work-,
ers' committee is issuing permits foi
the sale cf provisions at reasonable
Gasoline to be used by Major Wooc
in his flight from Limerick across
the Atlantic is lying in a warehouse
here and cannot be shipped to Limer
ick on account of the strike.
Richmond, Va.. April 16.?Wher
Governor DaxTs' attention was call
ed this morning to an article ap
pearing in a mornir.g paper, which,
stated that members of the legisla
ture were not signing the printed
blanks which had been furnished by
members cf the Virginia Good Road;
Association which purposed the call
cf the legislature into extra session
because they feared that when sr
eenvened the Governor would nega
tive bv veto their action, h? said:
"While I have not concluded a?
yet to the course that I shall pur
sue as to calling an extra session of
the General Assembly, I am frank tr
say. that 1 have no desire what eve:
to antagonize any movement to se
cure a meeting of the General As
sembly by the individual action of
its members. Members cf the leg
islature are strictly within ther
constitutional rights when they call
a meeting: of the General Assembly.
Should they in their wisdom so con
vene in extraordinary session, 1
would aid in every way within my
power in securing for Virginia by
legislation a sound road building
program. No member of the Gene
ral Assembly should refuse to joir
the movement to have the member;
convene the legislature in extraordi
nary session, for the sole reasor
that ho fears that if so convened !
ivculd not be in entire sympathy
with such a road building program."
In ioving memory of our little priri
us five years ago today, April 1G.
Guarded and kept by the Savior
Vicltory ov'r death and the grave
We know she is sweetly sleeping,
In Jesus the mighty to save.
Come to me my little girl,
Wrap ycur wirgs around me tight
Honey ask God to convfoit
My aching1 heart tonight.
There will be a meeting of the
city Democratic Committee at the
office of Howard W. Smith, 107
North Fairfax street . at 8 p. m.,
Wednesday, April lfith, to arrange
for congressional primary.
90-2t R. T. Cook. Secretary.
Germany left ? 1.600,000,000 in
Gc.man mcney in Belgium and, as
the German government is so stable
these days, of course that money is
a great help to the suffering Bel
Don't forget the Democratic pri
mary next Tuesday the 22 of April
and vote for R. Walton Moore for
Congress. 91-5t..
Treaty Will be Handed Ger
mans on April
Case of Ex-Kaiser and His Accom
plices Will be Determined at Plenary
Session Next Week.
Paris, April 10.?The peace pro
gram was authoritatively outlined
iast night as follows: ^
? The treaty wiil be handed fo the
Germans April 25. If the German?
have plenary powers it will 'bg- sign
ad almost immediately; otherwise it
will first be submitted to ijKe -Ger
man government at Weimaf. . ~
Separate treaties wiirbe-pfreSGntfed
;o Austria. Turkey arid \ Bulgaria
within a few days after the* Germans
arrive at Versailles. ?
As soon as all treaties .are' signed
a period of twenty to thirty days
will be permitted for ratification by
the allied governments.. -
W'hen two-thirds of the .Govern
ments have ratified the treaties "they
be:ome effective. ... *
President Wilson is expected to call
a special session of Congress for this
purpose not later t]jan Juhe 1.
The German peace delegation will
number about 200 persons and will be
well located at Villas in Versailles,
where the conferences will take place.
Experts are arranging the text of
the treaty under instructions' from
:he "Bijr Four". As soon as- this has
been accomplished the document will
be translated into German for Uie
benefit of the German (Telejrates.
This plan naturally will be altered
If the German delegates "have plenary
powers, as they will then be able to
sign five treaty without leaving Ver
sailles. k
The waterways provision includes
socialization cf the Rhine, Elbe and
Odsr rivers. The Kiel Canal will be
left in Germany's pos-ession, but will
be open to passage of all ships in
pcace-time and its forts will be dis
The reparations section of the
treaty will be based on a provisional
ti:*l installment, of $5,000,000,000,
The permanent reparations commit
ter' will be expel, ted to prct as much
m:i-e as Germany's financial and eco
irmic condition permits after the ini
tial installment of $25,000,000,000.
which will be paid within two years.
The general belief is that Franco will
crs t about 55 per cent of the total
mounts of indemnities.
While the responsibilities commit
tee has agreed on indictment and trial
(Continued on Page Three)
Chicago,, .April 10.?Brooding over
thj verdict of a physician who had
to'id him that his wife had but sixty
lays to live, William Marwitz, assist
ant postmaster of Hinsdale, a suburb
y< sterday shot and killed his wife, fa
tally wounded hi* two-year-old son
and six- year-old daughter and then
committed suicide.
There will be a called cmmunica
tion of Alexandria Washington
Lodge No. 22, A. F. & A. M., held
in the Masonic Temple on Wednes
day evening. April 16th, at 7:30
o'clock, for work: By order of the
Worshipfui Master.
C. PAGE WALLER, Secretary.
There will be a special called
meeting tonight of Pest "F." T. P.
A., at eight o'clock at. the Chamber
of Commerce to decide upon the
Convention program. All members
are urged to be present, especially
committee chairmen.
J. H. TRIMYER, Secty.
Members of the Fraternal Order of
Eajries are requested to attend
important meeting of Alva Aerie
Xo. S71, tonight (Wednesday), at
S o'clock sharp, in Pythian Hall,
319 Cameron street. Business:
? Queston of increasing sick benefits
I to he decided. Smoker and refresh
" ments :<fter meeting.
Easter time is here, the heart turn?
, to God in gratitude for the promise
of the spring.
The,war is won, a glorious victory
for the principles of justice and right
Prayers from millions of hearts go up
in thanksgiving for their loved ones
spared to them, for the end of the
period of greatest anguish the world
has ever known. Mghtsi that were
spent in watching, and days in wait
ing for news, news that one prayed
might never come, are over.
"Why seek ye the living among the
dead?" the "Easter angels --ing. Your
loved ones are coming back to_you,
whole and stronger for the experience.
"Is it nothing to you, all ye that
pass by?" thjs greatest gift with
which the Father could bless you, the
saving of your bey's life? There is no
adequate way in which gratitude for
this greatest of all blessings can ho
shown, but there is one way in whi.h
^thankfulness may be expressed. It i
helping to insure the victory already
won, by making it so secure that there
will never again be the necessity for
This can be done through the whole
hearted support of the nation's ideal
and principles. Through the prompt
and hearty response of the whob
country to the needs of the govern
ment true praise may be demonstrat
ed, and the key-stone to the arch of
Victory scit, making the structure
firm for all time to come.
Many of the boys arc already back,
other- are coming every day and per
haps the last will be home during tho
summer. Shall we let them come back
while the victory they won is still un
paid for, before the key-stone is set ?
Easter time?peace time?promise
time. Fulfill the promise, keep it or.
earth forever."
Banners Distributed and Other Plans
Banners have been stretched across
King street at various points bearing
the letter "V" for the coming Victory
Liberty Lean Bonds. The local com
mittee in charge is making active pre
parations for the drive for this loan.
Hand-ome lithographs also have b?on
distributed in the committee. The
most attractive of all is the or.e bear
ing the letter V in blue and surround
ed by red an 1 white colors.
The local committee of which R.
S. Jonrs is chairman, is actively at
Mrs. Fannie A. Steiner. widow of
James B. Steiner. died shortly be-fore
5 o'clock this morning: at the resi
dence of her daughter, Mrs. Carter
II. Smith, 40(1 North Alfred street.
The deceased has been iii abcut tv/r
weeks. Besides her daughter, Mrs.
Smith, she is survived by two sons.
Frank E. and Henry \i. Steiner.
In loving remembrance of our
dear children, Albert E. Laycock
who departed this life 12 years
ago today, April l<'>, and .Madeline
Laycock Butcher and Edward
Laycock, October 23. and 27. lit IS,
Earth has lost its look of gladness,
Heaven seems to us more bright.
Since the spirit of our dear ones
Took *heir happy homeward flight.
And we Ion:: to cross that river,
There to see and know and love
Lonir to rest upon that shore,
With the Savior evermore.
The vacant place, the vacant chairs,
We sec them day by day.
And 0'n. it fills our hearts with care
Since our. loved ones went away.
By their parents.
On Wednesday, April 1G, 1010, at the
residence of her daughter. Mrs. Car
ter H. Smith. JOG North Al
fred Street. MRS. FANNIE A.
STEINER. widow of James B
Steiner. P'imeral Friday. April IS
at >3 p- m., from the residence of
her daughter Mrs. Carter II. .Smith.
Friends invited. Interment private.
Country butter, lb. 55c; fresh eggs,
dozen 50c; Quaker Oats, pkg. 10; all
groceries at reasonable prices. J. E.
PURCELL, 117 South Henry St. Phone
5C7w. 00-3t.
Under Auspiccs of Victory Liberljy
Lean Committee
The Victory Liberty Loan Cor
mittee announced today that all
showings of the "Price of Peace?'
will have to be on Stmday. that
when application was made to thl*
Central Committee for this picture
it was found impossible to secure it
for thi ? city for use on any other
day. The picture is -o intnesely inj
tcrcsiing a.' copies of it will be irj
ure every day during thu entinj
Victory Liberty Loan Campaign. It
will atfc:d every spectator ar. onj
pert unity t'? .'ce reproductions c?
great grins throwing gas bombs, se-i
the explosion and the clouds of ga?j
clinging: low to the gram! and lin
ing the dugouts. Vou see the Amer-j
can soldiers adjusting the ga.-j
masks and treating ready to savc-j
their lives against destruction by thrJ
poisonous conceived and usee'
so extensively bv th:? Germans. Vou
will see the irreat concrete empiaee-!
mrnits fcr the mammoth guns uso<'j
in the war.
An intensely interesting scene i
the American engaged in oattle in(
Argonne sector. These picture?
made to preserve the work of th<
American army in France are re
leased at this time to give to tin
public an opportunity to see the su
perb valor which won peace for th<
world and saved civilization from
The hour for the showing of thr
"Prfiee of Peace," will he announ
ced later in the Gazette. There wil'
be no admission charged and th<
music will be finished by th;? Uni- f
ted States Government.
Excellent Rendition of Geth
semane to Golgotha at
St. Paul's Church
A Credit to the Participants-?Was l'n
dor Direction of Sherman B. Fowler
?Hope Expressed it .May he
Those who attended the sendee*
last night of Sr. Paul's P. E. Churel
heard the composition of Edmon
Turner's 'Gethscmane to Golgotha' a
rendered by the choir of that churci
had an opportunity of receiving an in
ip.ration from the Pa-sion of On
Lord and Savior .Jesus Christ whic!
is impossible t<> describe. and a scr
mon in so>:g of the ? ne Great an
Divine sacrifice of God's own Son t>
the world from -f:i and to redesn
mankind, that will be a pleasant me
in; ry of a lifetime to music lovers.
Never before has such a renditlo*
?ven offered in Alexandria and all t<
-he credit ? f oar local talent.
To Sherman B. Fowler are praise:'
rltiii under whose direction it war
d"cn and who has done so much i?
th" past to develop the mu-ieal ta
le?i! of our city, and t.o bring to ou
citizens th?- most beautiful of sacre<
With a chorus of about ??0 voice
un icr perfect control and well balanc
ed this masterpiece was produced.
The solo parts were all m?-t beau
tiiully rendered ami impressively
presented, and many of the congrega
ticn found their eyes wet with tear:
of sympathetic gratitude and religi
ous devotion,
The tenor sel s rendered bv Ken
ne:h W. Ogden, especially the one "Ti
the Beloved Disciple" was most
mast: l'ful.
Wi'.mer J. Waller's fine bass ha
never appeared to such good advan
tage as in his solos "My God, My God
Why haft T^hou Forsaken Me" and 'I*
is Fini-hed. Father into Thy Hands 1
Commend ?>Iy Spirit."
Mrs. flnrrie White rewlere i wit?
appealing sweetness and expressior
"0 Son. My Son Who Hangest There'
nr. I to J. Harris Franklin fittingly
rendered the solo. "Whomsoever 1
Shail Kiss, That Same is He.*'
Excellent, indeed, was the support
rendered by the able chorus of both
th men's ar.! women's voices whi h
all went to produce the greatest musi
cal rendition Alexandria has had for
mr.ny years.
It is ncpe l that this choir may re
peat at an early date this beautiful
music so that those who were so un
fortunate as not to be present; last
night will have an opportunity to
hear this wonderful production.
?' * '
Mary Stokes, of Charleston, S. C.,
died Monday at her home in this
Lenten services in Grace Church
:onight at S o'clock. Rev. Dr. Wal
l's. of the Seminary, will preach the
.Mrs. I>. \V. Sublett and Mrs. D.
V*. Sublett have returned to their
acme on North Fayette street after
i very pleasant visit to Shipman,
John J. Nugent and ethers have
old to Robert L. Kane and others
.ht? let and building on the east side
if Pitt between Wilkes and Gibbon
Mass at St. Mary's Catholic
"hurch will be celebrated at S o'clock
omorrow morning and will be fol
lowed by the annual Holy Thursday
The Young Women's Association
;f the First Baptist Church will
erve Fuhrman's demonstration sup
u r at o'clock tomorrow even
ntr at Odd Fellows' Flail.
The ar.nval meeting of the 17th
v'a.. Chapter. U. 1). C.. will be held
? t Lee Camp Hall on Thursday
?vening. April 17th. 1910, at 7:.'50
.'clock, when officers will be elected.
A special meeting of Post F.
Yavclers' protective Association will
?e held at S o'clock tonight in the
ooms of the Chamber of Commerce
vhen the convention procrram for
he annual State Convention which
.ill meet here May and 10 will bo
'.'.H-ided iinen.
Mr. II. Fricdlander, who was ap
uinted a member of a committee
amcd by the Retail Merchants' Rii
e:.u of the Chamber <:f Commerce
3 appear b' fore city council an i
??go a higher tax nn circuses and
arnivals, state ! tr;:!ay to a repre
'?ntative of the Gazette that tlu1
ppointment was made without his
e: mission or consent. Mr. Fried
ir.der says he is not opposed to
uch attractions.
'econd Costly Blaze Within Month
In Petersburg.
Petersburg. Va.. April 1<>.?For the
econd time within a month another
structive fire occurred here short
y after Monday midnight, seriously
urninir the Chesterfield Hotel, a four
tery hriek builtlin# on North Syca
more street. The lire originated in the
'rent part of the ba.-ement. The first
'oor was occupied by Lester Simmons
, s a soda water fountain stand and
igar store with pool room in the rear.
The buildinur is owned by John M.
lanrahan, of Petersburg. The loss?
o the hotel with fixtures is estimated
t $7"?.n00. with insurance of ?42,090
"he Palace Restaurant, owned by
Jeorge Ni hols, adjoining the hotel,
'/as damaged by smoke and water, the
-?ss beimr estimated at Sl.-iOO, fully
?nvcred by insurance.
The hotel was well filled with
ruests, but all escaped uninjured. A
Tin and his wife, who were on the
hivd floor, and whose escape by the
tairs was cut off. escaped by a lad
der. The local fire department was
?ssisted by a detachment from Camp
Mrnroe District in Terror of Edgar
> Charlottesville, Va., April lit.?
Soard of Supervisors of Green Coun
y has offered a reward of StfoO for
he capture of Edgar Morris the man
.vh > shot antl killed Magistrate Blu
ford Sullivan in the Courthouse at
Stanardsville several weeks ago
luring a hearing.
Word comes from Stanardsville by
reliable citizens of Monroe district
that an intolerable situation exists
there and will continue until Morris is
captured. A great many persons are
afraid of him. Their state of mind now
is said to border on terror.
Don't forget the Democratic pri
mary next Tuesday the 22 of April
and vote for R. Walton Moore for
Congress. 91-5t..

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