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Oldest. Daily Newspaper in tlje
Hated 'States anil Best Advertis
i Medium in Xorthftfn Virginia.
VOL. CXXXV? No. 121
Err this section?Unsettled and
somewhat ecioH*'; tcniglit; to
iruirrcw pr<ibnly fair. , j
ESDAY, MAY 21, 1919. ... PRICE ONE CENT.
1100,000 BONOS
Ordinance Presented to
Common Council Last
Night and Referred
Many Increases in License Tax?Final
Action of This Bill Tonight at Ad
journed Meeting.
An ordinance to provide for the is
suing of $10b,000 bonds to be known
as school and improvement bonds and
for creating a sinking fund commis
sion to look after the same was in
troduced at a special meeting of the
cormnoni council last night and refer
red to the finance committee.
The ordinance provides that bids
be advertised for and that the bonds
be issued in denominations of $1,000
each bearing date of July 1, 1919, anld
bear interest lat the rate of five and
one- quarter or five and one-half per
cent, the rate of interesit to be deter
mined by the finance committee; it
also is provided thpt the successful
bidder for the bends shall bear the
ccst of engraving the same; that
the bonds shafl be paid off at the rats
of $3,000 a year beginning with 1922.
[Funds from the sale of the bonds
are to be used for the erection of a
sehbol building for colored school
children and also to meet other tem
porary obligations.
Sweeping increases were made by
common council in the annual license
for the fiscal year.
Oomimencirtg June 1, 1919 and end
ing May 31, 1920.
n. some instances 100. per cent in
creases are noted. Almost all lists
of business are affected. Each sec
tion was taken up and acted on in
dependently by council. The new lic
ense for moving picture houses is
based on the seating capacity of the
theaters as follows:
$5 a week for those with 3C0 to
500 capacity; $8 a week for those
with from 50 Oto 700; $10 a wee!; for
those with from TOO to 1,000. Th.' old
rate was $4 ^ week regardless of
seating capacity.
Other changes noted are: Barber
shteps $15 flat with $2.50 for each
chair in1 excess of one, and $5 for each
bait h or shower operated in a barber
ship; blcwling alleys and biHard
rooms $25; public dance halls. S5 a
night; nickel in the slio't or penny in
the slot and picture machines, $5 to
$10 for each machine; shoe shine par
lore or street stands for that pur
pose, $10 to $15; pressing and clean
ing establishments, other than mer
chant tailors, from $10 to $15; ban-1
ing money on household chatties, |
wages, salary etc.. from $100 to $200 J
anmuiaUy; contractors increased from
$5 to $25 and $5 for each $5,000 ad
ditional business done in excess of
$10,000; architects from $5 to $25;
tombstone dealers irom $15 to $20;
Plunnbres and gas fitters from $15 to
$25; fruit dealers from $15 to $25;
printers and bookbinders from $10 to
$20; photograph galleries from $15
to $25; operating steam laundries
fom $25 to $50; hand laundries from
$10 to $25; agents for laundries from
$15 to $25; storage and empounding
from $10 to $25; keeping a hack for
hire, either one or two horse, from
$5 to $10; horse and wagon for hire,
from $3 to $5 and horse and cart,
double team, from $5 to $8; bakery
from $25 to $50; aud $5 for all ve
hicles in excess cf one; selling coal
oil from wagons in excess of four
gallons from $2.r> to $100 and less than
four gallons reduced from $10 to $15;
etieh ice wagon $10 and each icin
station $10; oyster dealers from $5
to $S. A number of other minor
changes allso were made in the license
bill. ?" ' '
Resolution appropriating: $1,400 for
sewer on Wjthe street west of Al
fred to Patrick'street was referred to
the joint committee on streets and
At a late hour common-council had
not completed the li<?en^e'Ordinance
and another meeting "of- common
council"^ 11 be held' feriij^Ht to com
plete tfts &s?;r.: y
The aldermert will me?t at $ o'clock
Friday night to' act on the foregoing.
: T
Cardinal Gibbons Urges Spread of
Citizenship Training.
?New York, May 21.?Formation of
Catholic Boy Scout units in answer
to President Wilson's call to spread
the movement, was crged by Cardi
nal Gibbons in a letter read here
at a dinner to Lieut. Gen. Sir Robert
S. S. Baden-Powell, chief scout and
founder of the British Boy Scouts,
and Lady Baden-Powell, chief of the
British Girl Guides.
Religion is the true basis of citi
zenship, Cardinal Gibbons wrote, and
the Boy Scout organization builds
upc'i* the faith of the boy, exacting
of him the faithful observance of all
his religious duties.
Naval Torpedo Assembling
Concern Nearing
Now is the Time to Build?Predicted
Coming of Plant Will Mark Big
Building Era.
Through reliable information re
ceived by the Chamber of Com
merce the plans of those in charge
tof the Naval Torpedo Assembling
Plant in this city, call for having
?two hundred skilled mechanics em
ployed at this plant by July 1 and
(for the addition of 100 skilled me
chanics per month until the numiber
?reaches 1,200.
That building in Alexandria is a
safe and logical investment of cap
ital has already been evidenced by
the breaking of ground for twenty -
four new houses in North RossmOnt
and the substantial growth of Alex- j
an'diia's industries will doubtless in- :
?vite (both local and outside capital to ;
building in Alexandria.
It is predicted that we are just
entering; a period that will mark the
?most vvcndenfufl building t*ra in the
history of our city.
Unsettled conditions due to read
jiistment sim*e the armistice was
signed havo delayed the starting of
?buildin'g project's that have long been
under consideration, but now that
conditions are more settled it is be
lieved that many new building pro
jects (will be started in Alexandria in
the vety near future.
Decree Awarded From Prominent
Auto Man in Fairfax Court.
By a decree granted yesterday by
Judge Samuel G. Brent in the circuit
court for Fairfax county, Mrs. Alyce
S. Moore was granted a divorce from
her husband Lester D. Moore.
The case was handled in the Fair
fax court by Attorneys C. Vernon
Ford, of Virginia, and Wilton J. Lam
bert, of Washington, for Mrs. Moore,
and Attorneys Walter C. Balderstor
of Washington, and Wilson Farr. of
Virginia, represented Mr. Moore. Th:
decree entered by the court was final
in its character.
Meeting to Discuss Illuminating
King Street Friday
The committee cn the White Way,
composed of merchants on King
street, appointed by the Civic Bu
reau of the Chamber of Commerce,
has arranged a conference in this
city for next Friday afternoon at 4
o'clock, between representatives of
the different publicj utilities having
pole lines on King street to discuss
definite plans for carrying out this
All the public utilities involved
have signified their willingness to
co-operate in any way with the citi
zens toward getting an up to date
street lighting system on King
street and at the meeting to be held
on Friday it is hoped that details
for carrying out the project will be
definitely decided' ufpen.-.
iv ? . : ?
[;>Ux NOTICE "
will not be responsible for '.any
debts contracted by any one other
than myself. *
119-3p. V. E. Byrne.
Arrival of, Virginia Soldiers
Gala Occasion at New
port News
Men Declare Capes Seemingly Ex
tended Their Arms to Welcome
Home Boys of the Old Dominion.
Newport News, Va., May 21.?
Virginia's own, the One Hundred and
Sixteenth Infantry, in which there
are scores of Alexandrians, arrived:
yesterday morning, and was accord
ed the gratest welcome in the his
tory of the city. Last night they
were.resting at Camp Stuart. Today
they took possession of the city.
Thursday they will be the guest.* of
Newport Ncavs at a great street
Carnival, and Saturday morning they
will leave for Richmond for a regi
mental parade before going to Camp
Lee to be mustered out of the ser
Virginians on the Matsonia, on
which the troops came back, declare
that the aim's of land at the Vir
ginia capes reached out into the
occr-n as if to embrace them when
they sighted America early yester
day morning.
The transport steamed on in,
Chesapeake Bay and thence into
Hampton Roads. There the men
were officially greeted by Govemo;
Westmoreland Davis. Mayor Air.sine,
of Richmond, Mayors of other Vir
ginia cities and welcoming delega
tions from all over the State. These
delegations went out early yesterday
morning on submarine chasers and
Flying machines and balloons from
the Hampton Roads naval base cir
cled over the homing ship. The tugs
and launches went as near as they
dared. Oranges and cigarettes'
hurtled through the air. Mothers
exchanged greetings \v!lh their sons,
and fierce rebel yell's rent the air.
Few people were allowed on tha
dock, the amy authorities exclud
ing all rather than be charged with
favoritism. One bv one the Virginia
veterans, tried and true, filed down
glmaplanks and look their places on
ithe dock. Bands played and wives
of some of the men who were cn the
pier snatched a brief kiss as their
.ioved one passed the space roped off
ifor them.
The troops were preceded by aa
automobile truck laden with high
roses. Little girls strewed the streets
with these, the men crushing them
?into the pavement with their hob
mailed shoes.
Thousands of school children, bank
ed on a bluff overlooking the lir.e of
march, had formed the word ''Wel
come," and each wore a dog.vo?d
iblossom. ihe official flower of Vir
ginia. The effect was a beautiful
one, but disappeared as if by magic
when the first of the troops appear
The children, despite the efforts
of their toachors, leaped to their
feet and yelled like mad, waving
arms and flags.
Charlottesville, Va., May 21.?-W.
Hunter Bragg, who sustained a frac
tured skull from jumping off a mov
ing train at Union Station last week,
died from his injuries at a local hos
pital and tfie funeral was hekl at
noon Monday. He is survived by
bis parents, Mr. and Mrs. Z. T.
Bragg, of Covesville; one brother, E.
W. Bragg, of Alexandria, and six
sisters?Mrs. L?ttie Gregory, of
Richmond; Mrs. Lila Witt, of New
York city; Mrs. Florence Allen, of
Crozet; Mrs. Rearl Hall, of Atlanta;
Mrs. Blanche Grinstead, of Rich
mond, and Mrs. Fannie Readdy," of
Clifton Forge.
"The Birth of a Nation", D. W.
Griffith's great 12 reel production,
Richmond, Monday, May 26.
' ? ?
Miss Virginia 'Macon Rice will be
available 'in? Alexandria as -? pi.'.iio
teacher. For terms and particulars
?ddress 814 North Caroline Avenue,;
Southeast, Washing^., D
Il9-4p. '
: 1 - i
Girls Engaged in Task For Salvation
Army Drive.
Put the dough in doughnuts.
This is the slogan of a committee
of high schtool girl& who started out
this afternoon soliciting contributions
for the Salvation army home service
These young women are making a
house to house canvass with real
doughnuts, and are selling them for
whatever is given in the interest of
the nation wide campaign to raise
$13,000,000 to help the Salvatior.
Army. \
They will contin-ue their work un
til the close of the week. It is also
proposed to have a committee at the
launching of the Betsy Bell at the
plant of the Virginia Shipbuilding
Corporation Saturday afternoon with
doughnuts for sale.
The business men's committee is still
actively at work in the canvass. The
total figures of the subscriptions rc
received thus far have not yet been
compiled. However, Alexandria hopes
to raise, at least, $5,000 by the close
of the campaign which will be Satur
day night.
Big Krause Carnival Here For Week
Beginning Monday?Prizes to
be Given.
Plans for the coming of the big
Krause Greater Shows, which will bi
shown in this city the week begin
ning Monday next, are rapufly being
completed by Frank Marshall, ad
vance agent for the big carnival, who
has been in Alexandria for some time
past making all arrangements.
As heretofore stated the Gazette,
these big shows will exhibit at thr
head of King street under the aus
pices of the I. B. of B. I. S- B. and H
of A.
TShe affair will be form'ally opener:
with a big street parade Monday
night. The parade will start promptly
at 2:15 o'clock from the corner of
King and Lee streets and march.t
the show grounds. At! business met
in the city are invited to participatt
and th'ose desiring floats, it is an
nounced, may enter the parade.
The management of these show,
has arranged for a contest during th'
week of its appearance here. It is pro
posed to award a diamond run# to th
most popular woman in the city am
the one receiving the next highes.
number of votes will be awarded :
gold watch. Interest in this contesl
is already aroused and many have
signified their intention of enterin;
the contest.
The management of these show,
has submitted the following namet
of proposed entrants for the honors'
Miss E. Burke, 415 South Le
street; Mrs. L. Huntt, 415 South Pit:
street; Miss L. Bartleltt, Wilkes stree
Miss M. McCarthy. 405 South St
Asaph street; Miss N. S. Bowen, Eas'.
Rosemont; Miss Ruith E. Ballenger.
Patrick and Cameron streets; Miss K.
Williams, 521 South Alfred street:
Miss J. Cooke, 209 Royal streets.
Farmer Bristol Bank Cashier Sen{
to Prison for Term of Six
Bristol, Va., May 21.?Former As
sistant Cashier J. Cabel Scott, con
fessed embezzler of approximately
$50,000 of the funds of the First
National Bank, of Bristol, Tonn.
was yesterday sentenced in the Uni
ted States District Court at Green
ville, Tenn., to serve a term of six
years in the Federal prison at At
lanta, Ga.
New London, Conn., May 2l.r~
Three mail cars of train No. 5, from
Boston to New London, went off the
Shore Line tracks of the New Ha
ven road and down a bank near
Mystic th'is morning.
According to a statement of rail
road officials, no one was hurt.
?i- DIED
McCUEN-?On-.Tuesday, May 20,191i
at 12:45 p. m., at the Alexandria
Hospital-, MARY E. McCUEN wif
of John McCuen; 61 years old. Furw
ral Thursday afternoon- set 4 o'clock
from W5ieatidy's mortuary dhdpel
?'"/Relatives and friends invited-to-at
?."T-tend (_* 121-lc
?T .
"The "Birth of - a Nation", D. W
Griffith's 'great' 12 -reel production,
Richmond, Monday, May 26- : ?V.
Meeting Tomorrow Mom
ing at 11 o'clock at Cham
ber of Commerce
Every Organization Asked to Send
Representatives to Complete Plans
For Big Event.
The meeting which has been called
i by Carroll Pierce, president of the
Chamber of Commerce, of the repre
sentatives of all organizations in the
city cf Alexandria, will be held to
morrow morning at II o'clock at the
Chamber of Commerce.
News has already been received in
this city of the safe arrival at New
port News of the llGth Infantry to
which the Alexandria National Guard
belongs and it is expected that a large
and enthoiastic meeting will be held
tomorrow morning to make definite
plans for an appropriate welcome to
our returning boys. Every oganization
in the city is invited to send repre
sentatives to this meeting.
The following letter received to
day by Carroll Pierce, chairman of
the local committee of arrangements,
from E. H. Allen, Accotink shows th:*
interest already being aroused in the
home coming of our soldiers from cur
neighbor in Accotink.
Accotink, V'a. (Newington P. 0
May 20th, 1919.
Mr. Carroll Pierce,
President Chamber of Commerce.
Alexandria, Va.
Dear Sir:
f note that you have called a meet
ing 11 a. in. Thursday, May 22nd.
to arrange for a suitable welcome to
be accorded the soldier boys on their
return. As the Daddy of one of these
boys (H. O. AH en, A. L. I.) I sincere
ly thank you for your effort in this
crrection, and realizing that there will
be some expense connected with th;
affair I am permitting myself th?
pleasure of enclosing my check for $10
which I hope you will use as you may
see fit.
^ Were it not that I expect to be in
Newport News this date I would at
tend this meeting and offer my ser
vices in any manner you could use me.
Since a number of the boys of the A.
L. I., came from this neighborhood
v;e feel very much interested in this
affacT and I as President of our Civic
League offer the services of this com
munity to make it a succcss. We h.av
the most sincere reasons to lie grate
ful to these boys and now let us show
it, and don't forget that this meeting
will permit the Mamas, Daddys etc.,
of these boys to forget the long lon'^
days of anxious waiting. Here is to
sending this affair over the top. W?
folks down this way shared in the |
rears now let us share in the yells |
?nd if this old $10 don't make noise j
enough let me know and I will be g!a'|j
to yell again.
Yours very truly,
H. E. Campbell who has been
pleasing the automobile public of
Alexandria with his snappy service
an'd excellent tire repair work, has
served his connections with Jester's
Auto Supply Company, and has as
sociated himself with the Alexandria
Auto. Supply Company, located at
the southeast corner of Washington
and King streets, where he will be
found in the future ready to give
his many friends the same old
snappy service and courteous treat
ment as before.
"The Birth of a Nation", D. W.
Griffith's great 12 reel production,
Richmond, Monday, May 26.
The Belvoir Hotel
?i Alexandria, Virginia
^ow under management of G. B.
Ashby, formerly with "The Raleigh
and The Powh-atan, Washington, D. C.
?will inaugurate at an early date Sup
per dances,'9 to 12 p^.-m., Watch this
paper for opening night. l20-4c
British Dreadnoughts Shell Bolshe
vik Positions in Crimea.
Copenhagen, May;* 21.?Lettish
guards have. captured Riga and
Dvinsk. the British bureau here an
nounces. All Bolshevik commissar
ies in those cities were said to have
been shot.
London, May 21.?"British dread
noughts bombarded "ur positions at
Kerch, 'in eastr.rn Crimea," an official
wireless dispatch from Moscow re
Kerch is an important arihvay
town about ten miles inland from
the straits of that name, connecting
the sea oi Azof and the Mediterran
ean. ft is 1(50 miles east of Sebas
IP 111
Betsy Bell Will Glide Off
Ways Promptly at
2 p. m.
Mrs. C. H. Livingstone Will Christen
Ship?Luncheon After Launching
?Trial Trip of Gunston Hall
The Betsy Bell, the second of th
freight ships built by the Virginr.
Shipbuilding Corporation, will leave
the ways in the yards in this city :vt 1
o'clock Saturday afternoon.
An elaborate program has bee:,
prepared for the launching. Secretary
Daniels will make an address. Th
freighter will be christened by Mr?.
Colin H. Livinlgstone, wife of ti.
president of the Virginia Shipbuiki
in? Corporation. Prominent grsstc
among them Governor Davis of Vir
ginia, have, been invited.
Luncheon will be served in the com
missary for the guests at the launch
ing next Saturday.
On the salme day the Gunston Hal
th-i first ship built by the corporator
and the first large ship to be bur. he
l'n the Potomac since the day- ?
George Washington, will make iL
dcck trial. The Gunston Ilall ws
christened', by Mrs. Woodrow W!V
and launched on February 27, la; ;.
The Gunston Hall will make h':
first trial trip down ihe Potomiu* c:
Monday. .
The Bwtsy Bell has dead
tonnage of 0,-100 tons and will male
a speed of ten and half knots v.hl
The Betsy Boll rs more nearly com
pleted than the Gunston HaF. wa :?
whsn it was launched, so she \v:i! b:
in the Potomac for outfitting a e om
paratively short time before sa'lir.r
to join the great American freight
carrying fleet.
The Gunston Ilall, which is no v.* al
most ready to sail the seas, has '?ecr.
assigned to the Barber Stean-.:hin
Company, with Captain Hart as he:
. The laying of the keel of the B:-ts..
Bell was not marked by any sp cis*
ceremony, but work on it progri ;sc'
rapidiy, and it will be ready fc;
launching next Saturday.
Ship No. 3 the Vanada, corporatior
official said today, will be ready fc:
launching in about, three W3eks
and ship No. 4, the Chan'ccok, wii*
follcw about three weeks or a month
after that. All ships built by th
corporation are of the same freight!
type. 1
At present ten ships in all arc be
ing constructed by the corporation
Four are on the ways, one, the Gun
ton Hall, is at the outfitting r.wk
and five are on the skids.
DRIVE ON kolchak
Paris, May 21.?The Bolshevik;
are concentrating the major portion
of their military force against Ad
miral Kolchak, and a great battle is
in progress east of Koiga, according
to a wireless message sent out by
the Bolshevik foreign office.
The Bolsheviki admit retirements
'Jn the Archangel, Murmansk, and
Daras fronts in a wireless dispatch
to Bela Kun, Hungarian Soviet lead
er, but add that "a counter-offen
| sive has now begun with favorable
I results.
Mrs. Annie Ratcliffe is visiting her
daughter-in-law in Winchester, Va.
Mrs. William Roland and daugh
ter are visiting Mrs. Roland's
mother in Winchester, Va.
There will be a caller! meeting of
the Columbia Steam Fire Engine Com
pany tonight at 8 o'clock. All mem
bers are requested to attend.
James A. Lamm who has been
with the A. E. F., for the past nine
months, has arrived safely on this
side and is now at Cape May, N. J.,
waiting to be mustered out.
Elliott Hoffman, who recently re
turned from overseas, will at 8
o'clock tonight relate some of his
experiences on the battlefield at the
prayer meeting of the First Baptist
Mess Sergt. W. C. Robinson has
arrived from overseas and is now at
?Camp Stuart according to a tele
gram received today by his brother,
?J. Harvey Robinson. Sergt. Robin
sen has been overseas since last
The Willard W. C. T. U., will ob*
serve flower mission day tomorrow
at Trinity M. E. Church. Members
and friends are urged to be present
at that church at 10:30 o'clock and
till who can are requested to bring
Miss Kate E. Burke, a former
resddent of this city, died at her res
idence in Washington, D. C., early
yesterday morning. The body will
be brought here tomorrow and in
terment will be in St. Mary's cem
Samuel Bernard DeVaughan, son of
| -Mr. and Mrs. Samuel B. DeVauprhan,
a memlber of the 29th Division,
?lKJth Infantry, who for the past
J eighteen months has been overseas,
j has arrived at Camp Stuart and ex
I pects to be mustered out shortly.
Miss Nellie Gheen, of 212 Queen
street, while roller skating yesterday
afternoon on lower Queen street was
j kriocked down by a bier auto delivery
truck and had both feet badly mash
ed. She was rushed to the Alexandria
Hospital and treated by Dr. M. D.
D. E. Bayliss, contractor, has just
installed a typhoon cooling system in.
the Grand Theater on the roof of that
establishment. The system consists of
a six foot electric fan with two and
one-half horsepower motor. This will
be used in cooling this theatre through
out the summer months.
Mrs. James E. Nagel of 417 South
Lee street received word yesterday
that her husband Corp. Nagel had ar
rived at Newport News. Corp. Nagel
has been in France for the past
eleven months with the 110th Infan
try. He is n?w at Camp Stuart and
is expected home shortly.
Corporal T. RutTedge Webster, son
of Mr. and Mrs. L. T. Webster, 122(3
Prince street, has arrived safely from
overseas and is now at Camp Stuart,
Newport News. He expects to be
mustered out of service shortly. His
mother has ju^t received a telegram
from her son notifying of her of his
In sad but loving remembrance of
dear mother. MRS. KATHERINE
BRADLEY, who departed this life
one year ago today, May 21, 1918.
Dear mother no one knows how we
missed you
Since you wont away,
Though you are gone,
You are not forgotten,
And your place can never be filled,
For we will keep your memory
Until our hearts in death are stilled.
By her devoted family.
I will no fcbe responsible for any .
debts contracted in my name or by
any person other than myself.
I21-3p. Samuel E. Wade.
V. .
S ?

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