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Exccpt Sunday
By the Alexandria Gazette Corporation
317 King Street, Alexandria, Va.
HOWARD W. SMITH, President ami
WILLIAM A. SMOOT ... Vlce-Prenldent
Entered at the Postoliice at Alexan
dria, Virginia, as seeond class matter.
Wrthin less than a ^month Inde
pendence Day will be agan upon us.
As has been the case for a quarter j
of a century, the authorities of the
larger cities have been attempting
to curb, if not eliminate, many dan
gerous practices indulged in by
thoughtless men and boys on this
great national holiday. Alexandria
was one of the first cities to take
measures looking to the suppression
of the use of explosives on such oc
cascr.s, and attempts were made t"
enforce laws made by our grand
fathers which not only forbids the
use but the sale of explosives in
this city. During late years Mayor
Fisher has issued orders to the po
lice to give this matter their undi
vided attention. The officers previ
ous to'the Fourth of July notify all
dealers in devices which tend to
make the holiday odious to refrain
from selling the same . On some oc
casions, and attempts were made to
to defy the law, and they were haled
into the Police Court where they
were made to pay fines.
Mayor" Fisher has again directed
the members of the police force to
see that the law is obeyed.
The people of Baltmore are
working earnestly to make the com
ng Fourth safe and sane. Geenral
Pershing has sent the folowir.g let
ter to the authorites of the Monu
mental city:
"1 beg to acknowledge-your.letter
of Apnil 20, asking for my indorse
ment of safe and sane July
celebrations. The object of your
celebration must 'have the sup
pert of every intelligent American
people gain a wholesome and deep
rooted rerpect for law and order and
realisation of^the necessity for pio
tecting private property, the princi
ples of the Declaration of Independ
ence. which are celcbratc-d on July
4. with be defeated. Your efforts
to restrict the reckless and ignorant
use of fireworks in celebrating the
Fourth of July will meet with the
. approval of those who care for
children, who have been the chief
sufferers in this respect in our cel
ebrations in the past. 1 iirmK be
lievu that one of the great lessons
that the soldiers of the American
Expeditionary Forces will biing
home with them is a wholesome res
pcct for the law and order, and the
?danger that comes from reckless
and ignorant use of explosives."
. ''The love, of lying is so deeply ;
embedded in human nature today j
that, a man cannot hene to be con- i
side red either a gentleman, a relit:-i
ious man. a good business man oi a ;
statesman if he speaks the tru^n. ,
says Jr.rncs M. Kilgour, of Round j
Hill. Loudoun County, in a commun
ication to a Baltimore paper. Ihe !
Special Notice: Dr. Frederick
Jaccbson says that phosphates are j
just as essential to any woman who
tires easily, is nervous or irritated, j
worn out or looks haggard and pale, i
to make a strong, robust, vigorous!
heathy body, as they are to make > j
Qr wheat or any \eget-.*-*Ie plant ;
grow strong and healthy. The luck of !
phosphates is the cause of all enemic
conditions and the administration of!
5-grain Argo-Phosphate Tablets will
increase the strength and endurance!
500 per cent in a few weeks time in
r.?any instances. Dispensed by Richard ^
Gil son and The Rexall Store. i<
child is carefully educated in this j
art from its earliest infancy, when 1
in order to inculcate moral lessons,
it is taught a series of fables, which
it .learns, as its faculties develop,'
are false, but which he excuses as a
necessity when he learns the who.fi
social fabric is founded upon false
Bullwer founded one of h;s short
stories on the experiences of a man
who undertook on a wager, to speak
the aboslute truth for a single day.
By noon he had lost his position in a
dry goods store; he had been ejected
from his bearding house and dis
carded by his sweetheart. By nigH
he was in the hands of the polio?
on the 'charge of insanity, the w.t
nesses against him being the di.
goods boss, the sweetheart, the
boarding house keeper and his own
"The Encylopeda Britannica, at
tributes the invention of wine
Noah. Now, there are but two tYng
iiK-crdcd of Noah in the Bible
he was the only religious mar of
hi* time in the whole world, and that
Ve was in the habit cf tting
drunk. The presumption is that all
l.\?t vast host that was swept/ ofF
he face of the wyi by the (1 od
a sober crowd and that so'inot
had so entirely underminded tin if
moral nature that they were no 1- n<r
or fit to love and propagate then
kind. A new order of things had
he started, or the experiment :rai
started with Adam ar.d Eve wvilil
hav j to be abandoned.
It was the habit of the anient
Germans never to decide "non an
important State policy until it had
been debated twice. The first time
all } ands would be sober, the next
all hands drunk. The sect.rd debate
would lvcontrovertiibly show who had
been lying in the first.
"It would be some sport if by some
means Cur leading prohibition oia
tc-rs, could be induced to start on a
speaking tour with a gallon of goou
whisky in their grips?to hear them
speak the truth for ones in th?ir
lives. To he;.r them make confessons
of what they hope to accomplish and
the way they hope to do it, would be
so illuminating that from the sanhc
t drCm of angtls would ccme the cry.
This is an event upon which Heaven
itself lcoks down.'
Career Starts in Barcelona in 1893
When Mission of Death was
Hurled Into a Crowd.
Throwing of bombs and planting in
fernal machines, any anarchist will
tall you, is the "propaganda of the
For a thousand years anarchism
was propagated by peaceful methods,
by word of mouth and by writing.
Then Mikhail Bakunin, Russiar.
agitator, founded militant anarchism
in 1869. He was the father of the pres
ent-day bomb hurler and manufactu
rer of infernal machines.
Washington, D. C.
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Y ard
40-inch all silk Crepe de Chine |
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Any wanted colors are included
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$3.50 White and Ivory
Bridal Satin, Yard $2.98
40-in. white or ivory fabric,
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I launder perfectly.
$2.00 Chiffon Dress | j
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j-ich, lustrous/finish and c!osc
satin face. Navy, African, copcn
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^ . =='??
His followers pi'eached assassina
tion. The first attempt" was" "made
upon the life of Emperor Wilhelm I
of Germany in 1878. Two attempts
were made to kill the king of Spain.
The "propaganda of the deed" was'
adopted- by the French anarchists
four years late, and for the first time j
dynamite was used.
In the following ten years the;
niar.ufacture cf bombs by anarchistic ;
societies progressed. At first many !
anarchists were blown up making
them. They became affept in their
manufacture. .
Anarchy's bomb career really stilt
ed September 23, 1893, at Barcelona.
Spain, when an anarchist hurled a
bomb into a crewd at a military pa
rade, Six anarchists were executed
A bomb was .thrown into the pit of a
Barcelona theater, killing thirty and
wounding eighty?anarchy s largest
single bomb crop. A month latei a
bomb was thrown from the gallery
3f the Chamber of Deputies in Paris
"Vive Panachie!" cried the bomb
hurler just before the guillotine s
'tlade severed his head from his body.
By next summer Italian anarch
ists were bomb mad. Over 2,000 oi
thorn were arrested. Anarchism
5?)rtrad throughout Italy, Spain ami
France. It extended deeply into Aus
tria, Germany and Russia. On May
1. 1SSG, the first anarchistic outbreak
"ime in the Un;ted States. A bomo
vas thrown when policemen attemptes
;o disperse a gathering of working'
men at the Haymarket, Chicago
's even persons were killed and sixty
A suitcase bomb was exploded in a
n-owd watching the "preparedness
??arade" at San Francisco, July 22.
'919(>, when ten were KlTIed, and forty
wounded. Tom Mooney, accused of
irlping to plant this bomb, was cotj
,'icted and now is in prison.
Anarchistic elements in the United
States are largely represented in the
industrial Workers of World. The I.
W. W. says.
"We accept that portion cf 21
irchist action that, is of value.
"The I. W. W. opposes the insti
tution of the state. It holds that
state or government control would
merely introduce another form cf
"Justice, liberty, rights, etc.. arc
It isn't ace, Jl's care!??.. ?!rirs that
puts men "down f.?u out."
internal organs; J" cndr.ana
you xrill alwr.ys be ? tit.
The kidneys i"e t ovor
worked organs i . fl-3 -mtnra ocay-.
WLen they brca* ui.w-i vxdc:; tho
strain and t!>^ f.ciu
cumulate:] txiiCi cry si:: II iool: out;
These sharp cr., 5U:!c nrri
t'ac delicate urinary cfcaaieu ccusms
czcuciating p:nu ut. si v. " lrnta.
tions which ssay cot:?:-. _rrcn:::*;ire
generation and oft r. uo .nio
deadly BricLt'r: Biseasj. _
One oil war:;:?-3 o? sins
cisa kidney action i'J pain or r.pur.oss
in the sruad of lLo br.v.%. lAss 0; -?f?c~
iit?. indirection or r.b? rjni.-itiem..
Do iiot wait until to ? r ;s upon
you. At the iirst tedleanoi' of trouble
ko after the cause at: oaco.__^ct a tri*.
box of GOLD MED.-.n ties Oil
Capsules, importhrec from u-w
laboratories in ^ S?
almost immediate "? -
cause the" slioma ? ? no* c. -
be refunded. But b, ou. ; ^ oOi?
ILEDAi/. Noes ctc.y 6v?i
sealed bosc9, tarce
but empty words,' and power alone
is' real."-?----- -?
"The question of 'right' and
'wrong' does not -concern us."
Anarchism has x> binding pro
gram. Each member is allowed to do
what he pleases-*-in anarchistic cir
cles. Usually they band together in
little grcup3, with a more or less
connecting (underground) chain be
tween each group. Their meetings are
secret, and so is the membership.
The most experienced bomb makers
among the anarchists are guarded.
They never dispose of the bombs.
These are given to other members ot
the society, leaders, who in turn, pass
them on to still others, who do the
hurling or planting.
Winnipeg General Strike Worse as'
Rumors of Settlement Grow
Winnipeg, Manitoba, June 5.?A
milk and bread famine was declared
in prospect here yesterday, follow
ing peremptory notice by the central
strike committee that milk and
bread workers ar :l handlers would
quit work before nv^rnirg. >
The notice served on munici
pal authorities, unaccompanied by
any txplanaton. Heretofore these
wmkers have operated under per
mission of the central committee.
Mayor Gray said plans were
being made to till the places of the
men called out by the order.
Insistent rumors were current yes
terday that settlement of the gene
ral strike will be affected' within a
few adys. Talk of amicable settle
ment persisted in spite 'of martial
law alarms of the past forty-eight
Mayor Charles F. Gray,- Premier
Norn's, R. S. Russell, leading figure
among the strikers, and the railroad
brotherhoods' mediation committee
appeared cptimistic.
The mediation committee an
nounced satisfactory progress in
the discussion with representatives
of the metal trades workers and the
iron masters.
Garner Wants Each Advanced
$5 00C to Buy Farm
Washington, June 5.?Straight
loans to soldiers and sailors of not
to exceed ?5,0C0 for the purchase of
farms was proposed to the House
Public Lands Committee by Repre
sentative Garner, of Texas, as a sub
stitute for Secretary Lane's object
for fn*-,r.s fcr service men.
While he favored generally the
| Lane plan, Mr. Garner said he re
! yarded it as an attempt to deceive
, the soldier by offering him scme
! thing tf-Tiich was simply a reclama
tion scneme. lie gave notice that he
wculd offer his plan as an amend
ment in the House.
Now Is the Time to
BViLTrnnwg??? inu^pr?gii ????.iwibthi ????? i i ?? i i
crease your space.
Bring your plans to a head and start
advertising immediately.
Advertising began as an afterthought
of business, but became the fore
thought. Just as it was a part of the
forethought of war that insured vic
tory, so advertising must; become the
forethought of peace to insure pros
Advertising Anticipates; Advertis
ing Discounts; Advertising Compels. *
Advertising is the surest, quickest, and
most economical selling force known to
industry to-day.
The power of an idea multiplied in
millions of minds moves governments
?or goods?as the case may be.
The Department of Labor urges
more advertising by merchants and
manufacturers to insure the present
prosperity of the Nation.
W. B. WILSON. Secretary
i)irector (icncral, Information and Kducation Service.
xf"1 1 HI&T?
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