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Oldest Daily Newspaper in the
United States sni! Best Advertis
ing Medium in Northern Virginia.
tTaT~tTt'tA' 16. 1919. . ? pRICE
For this section?Faijr tonight and.
tomorrow; cooler tonight.
i S ; . I
Extjra Motor Hose Wagon
Skids Enroute to
Fire '
n 1
Fire of Incendiary Origin Partially
Destroys Two Frame Houses 311
313 South Royal Street.
Six volunteer fire mem had a nar
row escape. from being billed when
the extik motor fire hose' car of the
Reliance fire engine company skid
ded on tlhe wet itoet as the vehicle
ttfrned the corner of King and Rcy^
street seast on ? K>jng stree-t enroute
to an alarm of fire at 11:50 o'clock
laslfc night.
Just as the turn wa's matte by the
dtfve'r the ifiront tire of the left
wheel ible'w out and the driver by
prompt action 'staved the 'apparatus'
from overturning. The1 machine,
However, swung around with great
forae biitting into tlhe curbing on
thie east side of R'oya-l istreet jus?b
souWh of King street.
In less time1 than it takes to tell
the (firemen jumped from the appa
In a few minuite's the machines
w&s rigp-ved by the driver and the
fireim.?n a^'airi focforded the machine
and prowe'ded to the fire.
Tlhe fire "Was i*n trwo unoccupied'
houses 311 and 313 South Royal
tltreet, (frame j^tiructures.
According to tlhe firemen the blaze
originated in house 311 and this
house was principally damaged, ail
though considerable damage was
done to' the adjoining hou-s*? by wa
The fire is believed by the fire
?ufKho-i-Hics to frav.q been of incendi
ary origin.
Prompt action of the firemen save
the buildings from destruction.
Ddeds. ef Transfer Ror Thrtte HtAuse's
I)r. Arthur Snowden has pur
chased from Mrg.'Mary E. Alexan
der. the.:house and lot at the south
west corner' of Alfred and Cameron
streets,': whicfa is.; 122 Noj-th Alfred
tftrecK.): ;
Harry B.'Caton has sold to Mrs.
E. ; Alexander tihe two^story brick
dwelling house 803 ;Cameron streeft.
'Mrfe.'.'Tdh ' E. ' Beacl\' Was\soM. to
Mns. Charles A.>iHo.wai'd. the two
story brick ? dwelling' house 409
North Columbus street. . . . '
iDeedis for tall of .the foregoing
pieces of property wei'e placed on
record tin.. the' office of the clerk of
There will be a class in,games and
pageant work at the War Camp Com
munity Service Hall tomorrow morn
ing at 10.30 o'clock. This course will
be given free of charge and is o;">en
to altl yourtg ladies of this city.
' Those, interested who cannot attend
the opening meeting are insvited to at
tend later meetings which are to be
held in the .evening.
Daylight Bill td be tytvsiddiled To- I
day by Full-Committee
Washington, July 16.?Repeal. of
the eiaylight saving: few, believed
setMed by th House Monday in sus
taining the President's veto of re
peal legislation^- was reopened yes
terday at a conference between,
leaders of the Senate and House
Agriculture Committees.
Senate leaders isvsisHed on another
vote by the House on the rider of
the agricultural bill to repeal the
daylight saving act. The matter
will be considered tomorrow by the
full House Agriculture Committee.
Senate leaders'at their conference
today with Chairman' Haugen, tof
the House Commvitltee. declared that
the effort -on the floor yesterday to
I^ass the biM over the President's
evto was ha If-hearted, and that
these in charge of tt'he measure had!
failed-to point oui the insitftetat de
mand from farmers for elimination
of the summer time schedule.
boat taken off
Steamer Lord Baltimore is Taken
From Pfer?Ptnn.is Still in
Operation \
? ' i
Announcement was made yester
day by officials of the Washington
; and Southern Navigation Company,
operatling a steamship line between
this city and Norfolk, of an import
ant change in stfoedule, necessitated
by the withdrawal of one of its
boats from service.
Hereafter departures will be
made from tihe wharf on Tuesdays,
Thursdays and Saturdays, only, in
stead of daily, as heretofore, while
tiriips will be made from Norfolk on
Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.
Stops will .bo made at the intermed
iate points of Calonilal Beach, Va.,
and Piney Point, Md., but arrange
ments <?an no longer be made for re
turn the same way, it was stated.
iThe steamer Lord Baltimore is
the boat withdrawn, leaving 'only
the steamer Penn, a craft capable
of an average speed of twenty
ntfles an houir and one of the fast
est passenger boats on the river.
It is thought t!hat this abridge
ment in service will be but tempor
ary, as arrangements are . being!
nilade t'o acquire, a larger and more
sumptuously equipped vessel than
the Lord Baltimore.
Accused of Slaying Chauffeur and
Stealing Automobile
Baltimore, July 16.?A Baltimore
detective went to Atlantic City yes
terday to further investigate recent
movements thc-re of Clarence and
Grace Cothron, who were arrested
Monday in- Palatka, Florida, for the
BafltiirJore authorities on the chirge
of killing Homer Jones, a chauffeur.
Cottoixm is a native of Eau Gaflie,
Fla., a small fishing town on the ca?t
coast, 150 mile ssauth of Jacksonville
His wife, whom he met several years
agib' at Miami, is s'aid to be daugh
ter of Mrs. Ed'rth Stewart, of Atlantic
Gity. For several days after the crime
was discovered detectivcs searched
Atlantic City and Newark, and one
tit:p by automobile led them to the
mountains of West Virginia.
Additional surprises were furnish
ed yesterday morning1 by Police Com
oilssioner Edward F. Burke, who ?tat- I
ed that the couple is beMeyed to be
respqjTsfibie for -1 murder in New Jer
sey, committed in almost exactly the
same, way as the Jones crime.
Police say they will try, to fasten
the folio ww nig-? crimes on-the pair:
? The mi?der of Homer Jones on the.
n^orning ,of June 11.
The theft of the $1000 .automobile
which. Jcjtcs. was,driving' when, shot.
The kidnaping of nine-year-cM Ma
rie Gresscup, 614 Wyeth street
The'h-old-up in the Martinique Hotel
Atlantic City and the theft of $300
from the cashier.
The perpetration of the '"badger"
jrame on a Congressman, frcm whom '
they are said to have obtained a large j
3um of mbney.
The murder of a negro chauffeur in
Atlantic .City after the Jones crime..
The theft otf the high-powered auto
mobile which the New ,/rsey negro
was driving at the time of the homi
The attack on Elmer Swann, of
West Baltimore street, a chauffeur,
wh'o'.lrove two men to the home of a
man near Seven Mile lane and was
then bound and gagged and left tied
to a rafter in an outhouse on March
The hold-up committed the follow
ing Saturday, in which a Washington
chauffeur Was hired to bring two
men to this city and in a desolate j
spot near Glenburnie was pounced up |
on, bound and pa pre? .d
York, Pa., July ltf.?Taking advan
tage of a thunderstorm, a thief hurl
ed a brick through a bip plate-glass
window of a local pewelry store early
yesterday morning and got away v;ith
three revolvers worth about $35 each.
The arrival of two patrolmen prob
ably prevented more articles from
being stolen. The window smasher
was chased by the officers but es
London, July 16.?The British air
shijv NS-11. which left Pulham Mon
day night on a 48-hour flight, is be
lieved to have been struck by lightn
ing and the crew of 12 lost. The NS
11 was engaged in mineswesping
Law to Take Away Privilege
to Have Ardent Spirits
In Cellar
Many 'Conservative Drys Declare
Mrtve Will Serve to Divide Ranks
of Prohibition.
' Flushed with their sweeping: vic
tory over the "liberals" Monday,
Vsome of the "bone dry" members of.
Ithe House yesterday determined
\upon a plan to make the Volstead'
(prohibition enforcement biH even
\more drastic than it now stands.
This plan is aimc-d at tlje elemsnt
I that laid in a supply of liquors bs
Afore the war prohibition act be
came opera live, July 1. Notics to
this effcct was served at a meeting;
?cif the Judiciary Committee.
f Whcr consideration of the bill is
kcsnimrxl an amendment will be of
fered to eliminate the provision leg
alizing the possession of intoxicants
'in residences. The reiterated charges
Wi'at many members of Congress
'and wealthy citizens have stored up
;in their cellars larf> quantities of
?.vines, whisk and beer, the "bone i
?.dry" advocates declare, make it nec
V^ary to insert in the enforcement
^legislation a prohibition against the
?possession of liquors regardless of
?when purchased.
Virpinin Writes Letter to Depart
ment Asking Reimbursement
Postmaster General Burleson's
staff of inspectors is endeavoring to
discover some loop-hole in the law
to reimburse Frank H. Chambers, jr.,
fourth-class postmaster at Feather
stone, Va., who lost a third of his
monthly pay $6.23?when a sheet of
2-cent stamps slipped from his fin
gers and alighted', sticky-side cbwr.,
on a sheet of fly paper.
Chambers wrote the following let
ter to the Postoflice Department:
"While I am a first-class postmas
ter, my office is only a fourth-class
postoffiee and my average pay is r.nJy
$6.23 a month.
. Today as I took from my safs" a
sheet of 2-cent stamps, I unfor
tunately let it slip, and it fell stitky
side down, on a sheet of sticky fly
"This, sir, is a catastrophe. One
third of my earnings for the mr,th
of July is lost.
"Should not the government bo re
quire.! to make good to me this I s.-:?
And if the government does rot,
would not this be a suitable case for
the league of nations to discuss?''
Washington, July 16.?Resumption J
of mail service between the Unite I
States and Germany, effective ;m
mediately, was provided in an order
signed late yesterday by Postmaster
General Burleson.
New York. July 16.?The Western
Union Telegraph Company announced
yesterday that business cable mes
sages now can be accepted for Ger
many, but must be written in !\n<r
lish or French.
British Steamer Roseleaf is Blown
Up At Cardiff
Cardiff, Wales, July 16.?-Twenty
six persons are reported to have been
killed yesterday in an explosion
aboard the British tank steamer Rose
The' Health Department wishes to
announce that all persons desiring
to be inoculated against typhoid fe
ver will receive this treatment free
of charge at the Health Office, City
Hall, on Mondays, Wednesdays, anil
Fridays, from 1 to 5 p. m.
The Department urges that all
persons who have not received such
iuoculation, take advantage of this
Dr. James J. Garvey.
166-6c. Acting Health Officer.
Mrs. Mary .C. Pearce Also Alleges
Xonsupport Against Chauffeur
Alleging desertion arid nonsupport,
.Mrs. Miary C. Peaice sued her hus
band, McCord Pt'arce, yesterday for
.1 limited divorce and alimony. They
J.vr.re married in 19-13, at Alexan
dria, Va? and have one child, Annie
Laurie Peaice, whose custody the
Mother asks. Pearce fe alleged to
have deserted his family m 1915.
hnd gone to Wilmington, Del., but
recently returned to Washington
ind new is employed as a chauffeur
by his mother, Mrs. Annie Pc/aroe
1725 Connecticut Avenue north
Ive^t. ;
It is alleged by his wife that
Ptaice was indicted by t'.ye grand
gury on March 9, 1017, for non-sup
port, and on his plea of guilty was
wjven a suspended sentence and
traced on parole, conditional that he
pay her a small weekly amount,
which she says is insufficient.
Address by Dr. T. E. G^en Feature
of Chautauqua Tonight
Polly paid us a visit last night.
Polly, the Parson, Toby, the circus
down, Big Bill the showman and all.
Imagine a vacant lot, then a big tent
crected thereon with seating capacity
for twelve-hundred people, a stage,
curtain, scenery, every equipment,
just like a regular theatre?and a
r?guiar play, "Polly of this Circus.
This was the Chautauqua offering
f-.r last Wight and the production va-s
a complete sucess. There are r.ine
characters required in the play and
they were all excellently cast, e-ich
one interpreting his or her part in a
finished manner.
Judging from the attendance a!
?b:'.ih matinee and night performa-nc
so far, it locks very much as if Chau-1
tauqua had imbedded :tself in the \
hearts of the Alexandria people and
that Chautauqua would be an annual
happening in this city hereafter.
It ?s certainly to bo hoped so for
{luring ite stay iVr the- city almost
every minute is consumed by the
CHautauquan trained attaches in of
fering music, entertainment and.
educational instruction to young and ;
old. Each mornirg at nine o'clock j
t-he children of the city up to tihe age
of fourteen assemble at the big. ?
roc my tent and (under the direction j
of M?ss Watt, who acts as a "City j
Manager," an eloction- wtos held and j
?a Mayor, City'Council and other;
?civic officers elected, tho-aisles bp-;
?ing the streets and the c'hairs ar- i
?Tanged to.- represent the < houses., j
Besidd t'hfe there are games for the ;
girls Exclusively, -games- for the
boys and gamles for girls." and boys
?toge'ther.' Then for the older folk?
and children too?lectures, plays
anTl concents, and everything con
ducted on the highest moral plans,
?.0 (hat there is not the leai't fear
of m'an, wo man or child meeting
antybing bvft these of the highest
?and purest .standard at Chaultauqua.
?We are gliad it came and hope it has
come to stay. The entire mlanage
?mer.it us under the very able super
intcndency of Dr..I. A. Downey who
knows his work thoroughly and.
proves it at all times and by his
trood generalship the contract for
the coming of Chautauqua next yeai
already >ha<s been signed by quite a
number of leading citizens, patriotic
j ho the -uplifting influences of our
I .city and .by tonight there' is no
l;loubt but that the full quota of
j -fifty guarantors 'will have beAi sc
! cured. This afternoon and tonight
tihe 1019 Revue Company will give
I excellent musical programs. An
| othAr of the fine, instructive lectures
'by Dr. Downey will constitute a
part of this afternoon progTam and
'a lAiture, a rare treat, "The Salt of
; 'the Earth" will be presented to
night by Dr. Thomas E. Green.
I In connection with the completion
j of the Filtration Plant of this Com
pany, and the extension of the 20 inch
effluent main> from the Fibers intc
the Reservoirs, it is necessary to draw
I down the water level in the Reservoirs
j about six feet which will reduce the
. pressure over the city about 2.5 lbs
This work is in progress this week.
Until it is completed and the higl"
| water again restored in the recer
) voirs, constrmtTs on the higher levels
i of the system may experience some
j temporary inconvenience, whcch we
j regret, but which is unavoidable. Wf
I will restore original conditions at
: the earnest possible moment.
Alexandria Water Company,
j lW^c.
tie m
Two Strangers Throw Sus
picious Package Under
a Window
I Police Department Notified, and Of
ficer Durrer Arrives on the Scone
And Makes Investigation.
Some exert cm erit was causcd at
the KWus Throwing: Co., shortly be
fore nocn tcdlay by two strange
nun "who appeared on the s"!d?
walk of the factory and cast a
package under a window. Pas
st'rsiby as well as operatives
s-utepected the bundle contain
ed a borrib, .and were afraid to go
near it. A telephone call was sent
to jhe istation house and in a short
time Officr Durrer arrived an'd he
had the nerve to open the package,
which was held together by wire.
AJter removing ithe wire and paper
he came ito u'hat appeared to be a
"cake of compressed particles of
cork about .twice the size of an ordij
nary brick. It w'as ^moulded square.
The' cffcer took the precaution to
p''ace the isa^picious devi<e in water
to soak, where it will remain until he
is satisfied Vt is .safe to pry into the
Nd one Was able to give the po
lice an accurate description of the
tw'o individuals wvho carried the
The proprietors of the1 silk mill
have had no friction vith thoir ope
ratives, and Hhc' affair is as myster
iouis to thdm as to anybody else.
The incident prodiced cons'idet'
jihie excitement in the neighbor
hood, and many persons gathered
?aboiit 'the mill. The employees are
are mostly young vomen, and the
ruggiestncn that aa attempt was
made to dynamite :he plant natur
ally rendered them anxioils.
900 Shares of Washington-Virginia
Railway to go Under Hammer
July 29
The trustee's sale o_f 5,000 shares of
common and-. 000 shares of preferred
Railway Company, Tvhich was to hsive
been heild yesterdiy by the Con
tinental Trust Company, has. been
pqstponed'until July 29, it was stated
This action, was tajcen upon request
of .the'Washington banks holding,the
$68,000 of notes cf the Washington
Utilities Corporation which are secur
ed by tlu> 'stock in question. The notes
ure held by three Washington banks
,'.n.l one bank in Alexandria.
Although there have been no bids
for the stocks of the Washington
Virginia Company on the local stock
exchange for several years, and no
dividend is now being paid on either
the preferred or common, consider
able interest attaches to the sale of
the stock at auction since it is un
derstood that certain interests hope
through its purchase to acquire con
trol of the road.
Electrocuted Leaning Aga'inst a Tel
egraph Pclle
CoateteviM, Pa.', July 16.?Leaning
against! a telegraph pole, a white
man, identity unknown, was electro
cuted here yesterday. Tn h?s pock
et w\as found a letter addressed
to George Berkie. He was about
55 years old.
Previous to his death Policeman
Smith reported an electric light
wire which had fallen. The wire
proved to .be that of a guy line and
it fell across some high tension
wires and hung down thro'ugh the
j branches of a tree, Some say 'that,
! the etibngcr caught hold 'of the end
I of the wire. He did before a phy
I sicr'an arrjved.
i Potomac Fish Company will hr.ve
on sale tomorrow and balance of
vicc-k: Jersey ercakcrs, butter fish,
white perch, large 'and small rock,
catfish, also have fine crab meat.
75 cent? quart, white flake 60 a
1 quart. cTam meat. 50 a quart, fresh
'? every (lay. Also have fine water
melons at reasonable prices. C. H.
Zimmerman, Proprietor. Phone 108.
Senator .Lodge Wanks President tc.
Furnish Information Concern
ing Shantung
Without a record vote, the Sen
j ate late ysterday adopted Senator
i Ledge's resolution asking the Presi
der..t for information as to an al
I legc-d treaty infoirr.'ation as ig an
j alleged fcraty negotiated between
! J .-.pan ar.d Germany in 1018. The
j Senate t'h'e .adjournttf until Thurs
Senator Lodge charged during de
bate cn the Peace Treaty that the
Shantung settlement was "a price ;
paid" for Japan's signature to the j
League of Nation's with the robbing ;
of China as the consideration.
"Shantung was a jrriqe raid and
all t!.e world knpws it," Mr. Ledge
s-iid. ''There is no s:-rute of !im-.
.tat"or.c that ruiij against a great
j wrong like that."
Senator Underwood Urges Acceptance ;
of Covenant Without Reserve
Washington, July 15.?Characteriz
ing the League of Nations as a prac
tical step toward world peace involv
ing no sacrifice of national sovereign
ty, Senator Underwood, Democrat, of
Alabama, urged in the Senate yester
day acceptance of the League cove
nant without amendment or reserva
tion. A.
"The great causes of war," he raid
"may be paraphrased in two words.
'National selfishness.' Until the civili
zation of the world is prepared to de
throne its own rights of other peoples
the inherents causers cf war must
continue to exist.
"I am not prepared t.o say that the
adoption of the present treaty carries
within itself the elimination of these
causes of war, or that in the end tlierc
will be no more wars, but I do say
that, within the folrfc of this treaty,
we find an agreement between the
great nations of the worl'd that prob
ably will in the future carry th<
questions of national dispute to :
court of final arbitration and in many
if not in most instances, avoid th:
horrors and injustices of war."
80 Quarts Removed From Richnrme
Storage Room
Richmond, Va., July 1(5.?It leakec."
nut yesterday that thieves .pained en
trance to the storage ro-om of th
State Prohibition Department or.
night last.week and made away wit'
the .entire , supply of contraband!
whisky then on hand, amounting t'
SO quarts. Several days elapsed, :t i?
sai(i. before Commissioner Peters dis
covered the theft, as it is not his cits
tom'to. pay daily visits to the.room ir.
which the liquor, was stored. He np- |
pears to have been advised of the |
robbery from outside sources.
The robbers, it develops, phce i
skids from a vehicle in Seventh streel |
just outside the prohibition headq:::u
terr. building, at the window opening
from the room in which the
was stored. The rest was apparerth
easy sailing.
This room is just in the rear of the
private office occupied by Dr. Petors.
lie was not in his office yester lay
when efforts were made to get n ore
light on the robbery. It was said that
he was out of the city.
Man Can Wed Dead Wife's Sister.
But Woman Hasn't Similar Right
As Eng!:;?h law now stands, a mar
may marry his dead wife's sister, but
a wsman cannot wed her dead hus
band's brother.
The point was made clear by the
presiding judge at the Northampton
Assizes in the cases of two women
who went through th? marriage ser
vice with brothers of their dead hus
.bands. Both were held fyr trial.
Many suicides are being commit
ted in Pctcograd because of the
reign cf terror there, according to
Swedish press reports received a!
the State Department yesterday.
Peters, in charge of the Bolshevik
regime of Petrograd, has forbidJe-n
the sending cf any letter out of
Petrograd except by regular mails.
it was stated.
? ' [
Open evenings and Sundays, Alex
andria Auto Supply, 1C4 South
Washington street. . 140-tf
Mr. W. A. Harming, jr. of' 411 Duke
: street, is spending his vacation at At
, lantic City.
Miss Maria Ha-rman, of 1.23 King
street is spending the sunnier at
Rectcrtown, Va.
Mrs. B. A. Barnett and children are
visaing Mr. and Mrs. P. B Parks near
Th? Plains, Va.
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick M. Penn,
of 52-1 NorltJh Washington street,
have as their guesit, Mrs. Penn's sis
ter and brother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs.
?Beverley Traylor Hummer.
Sergt. Robert L. Myers, Jr., and
Corporal Charles W. Myers, sons of
Mr. ar.d Mrs. Rcll'it L. Myers, have
arrived heme from Franco where
they spent the past year.
Mrs. L. A. Walters, formerly of
this city, but now of Washington,
is seriously ill at tlhe Georgetown
University Hospital, following an
Mr. W. A. Barnett after having
spent the past two days at his place
of business 'has returned to Bluemcnt
where he has a cottage for the sum
In the corporation court, judge L.
C. Barley presiding, a finail degree for
divorce was granted in the case of
Mabel W. Hoban from Frederick H.
Hoban, jr.
Miss? Ann Lewis Jones, daughter
of Dr. and Mrs. T. M. Junes, of this,
city, wlso has ben dn service i'n1 the
Rid Ci'os's Hospital 45 in Finance
nearly a year, is in New York on
her way 'home. Her parents re
ceived a letter -from her today.
Practicably all of the retail stores
of the city closed at 1 o'clock this af
ternoon for the remainder of the day
in order to {jive their employees a half
holiday. This is the second Wednes
day that they have closed. This sche
dule will be maintained during the
month of July and August.
Mr. James G. Peveri.ll and w'/e,
who have been spending the past week
with relatives in Branchville. S. C.,
have returned home.- Their daughter.
Miss Laura May Peverill, who ac
companied them, will spend the re
mainder of her vacation visiting
I friends in. Orange, and Spartansb-Jrg,
S. C. " '
Mrs. Homer-.II. Van Wie and-son'
Homer Daniel are visiting Mr. Van
Wie. executive secretary of the' War
Camp Corn-unity Sery.ice,; and during
the absence of .Mr1, and- Mrs; Harry
Wade who are spending a vacation
on C'ihet&peake Bay, they have taken
their residence at 303 South Wash
ington street.
Mr. and Mrs. Hammersley an
nounce the marriage of their daugh
ter . Mrs. Laura Virginia Murphy to
Mr. D. Walter Horgari, on Wednes-i
day, July the lfith. Aft'er a brief'
visit north thr; cOupl'p will reside ati
ff20 Kirng street. The ceremony was
performed bv Rev. Dr. E. V. Rieges
te'r pa'stor of the M. E. Church.
Opcin Mcjeting and Smoker Friday
Niffht at Opera House
An open meeting of the employes
of the Virginia Shipbuilding Corpo
? ration will be held at 8 o'clock Fri
j day night in t'he Opera House. The
affair will take the form of a
smoker an'd will be under the aus
pices of Local No. 369, Iron Ship
A number of prominent officers cf
the International Association are
expected here. General Organizer
McGowan iviH preside. All mem
bers are invited to attend.
The power of General Pershing
to inflict the death penalty was?
taken away- yesterday by an order
ed the Secretary-of War. ?
This is another indication tfoafc the
country h rftornmg to a* peace faa
11 site -without any formal declaration"':
'?{ of the ?'end of the emergency.'?

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